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nandorfucks · a day ago
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l0verseyes · a day ago
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illust i did for @nandermozine  🫶
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nerdybitchsworld · a day ago
do y'all think Guillermo enjoyed the new interview with the vampire because i sure as fuck think he did
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shamebats · 22 hours ago
Seriously tho Nandor's gonna be such a husband guy. Guillermo will go on a killing spree, once again reducing the local vampire population by like 30%, and when confronted about it, Nandor will go "well, if my dear Guillermo saw fit to murder all your loved ones, he obviously had a good reason, maybe think about what you did to provoke him instead of complaining to me, I'm not the complaints department!"
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beansprean · 22 hours ago
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[ID: Reskinned Baron Afanas hugs Vampire Guillermo tightly, smiling over his shoulder with his eyes closed as he announces, "I'm so proud of you, my big strong boy."]
Sexy Papa Afanas is here to support your species change
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beetlejuicesgraveyardrevue · 10 hours ago
thoughts and prayers to guillermo de la cruz you know he watched the first episode of interview with the vampire and absolutely lost it, that man was gripping his tablet so tightly it broke
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lauzeart · 2 days ago
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a procreate sketch dump
my instagram
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1im-perfect1 · 2 days ago
The continuous misunderstanding of Freddie as an episode and the finale confuses me, the Freddie fiasco was a “sleep in the coffin in the basement because you slept with Lilith", "you're a naughty bloody boy for shipping me off to go to the vampiric council alone", a "you're really leaving me and finding other clubs with Colin", the fandom was a lot more mad at the 2 Freddie situation (than Guillermo was, it was a lot more about him feeling like Nandor didn’t take him seriously and overstepping a boundary than actually being mad that Nandor fucked up THE best relationship of his life), Guillermo doesn't even blame Nandor for what happened after, he just doesn't want to be a familiar to Nandor or ever be perceived as one (it’s clearly not about whatever he has affection for him anymore he so clearly does, I don’t see how people interpret a clearly very emotional “I just don’t know how to quit you” as him moving on, S4 in some way was his version of S3 Nandor, desperate to seem detached and trying to be fulfilled by a relationship with another person).
The realization of the season is to put himself first, that he can't keep waiting for Nandor to decide what's gonna be of their relationship, like my man said “What’s next?” to him, he was genuinely waiting for his and Nandor’s next adventure (what made him decide that he wasn’t gonna wait was Nandor saying “idk lol”) but this time he’s the one choosing what’s next for them, that he can be in control of what’s gonna happen; THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT HE’S NOT TIRED OF HIM. HE’S TIRED OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP BEING CONTROLLED ONE-SIDEDLY BY NANDOR FROM A FAMILIAR TO A BODYGUARD TO A BEST MAN IT WAS ALWAYS NANDOR’S DECISION EVEN HOW AND WHEN HE WAS GONNA MAKE HIM A VAMPIRE. HE’S CHOOSING TO CHANGE BECAUSE HE WANTS CHANGE AND WANTS TO BE THE REASON THINGS DO CHANGE 
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harveyguillensource · a day ago
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Video of Harvey’s Behind the Shadows interview with The Sklar Brothers is up!
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inkgoblinz · a day ago
“I need you to stay and do something very important for me…”
omg i actually finished an animatic look at me go
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bookstoreblossom · 21 hours ago
Normal people: wwdits means what we do in the shadows
Me: *nods* what we edits
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the-fucking-cannibal · 2 days ago
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Wedding portrait ♡
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thebennsofdallas · a day ago
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Like an old Dutch painting, it is.
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shamebats · 2 days ago
Do you think Guillermo steals his holy water for fighting vampires from those little basins catholic churches have at the entrance to dip your germy fingers in
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Diversity win! The guy about to feed you to vampires is gay
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veryintricaterituals · 6 hours ago
I'm going insane, I'm fully going insane, I know I'm late to the party but I finally watched the first episode of Interview With the Vampire, and holy shit. They really went there, they finally did it: Louis and Lestat went canon.
The blueprint for the original toxic, codependent, covered in blood, "let's go and kill together, my love", gay vampires and murder husbands are back, and they went all in.
And I got to watch it? No take backs? No it's up for interpretations? No will they won't theys? No their relationship transcends the physical? No Vampires don't have sex and therefore cannot really be gay arguments?
This feels like a big fat fuck you to all the half assed going canon scenes we've had in other shows before. They did it on the first episode and went all in.
I don't know if you guys understand what I mean when I say the went canon. I'm not talking about a confession that they can easily cut out. Oh no, the show is clearly all about their relationship, just like the book was. But they lay it all out. I've never seen a show go out like this.
Like they really said: so I've heard you enjoy the fucked up, toxic and decadent Louis and Lestat relationship? So how about I give you levitating gay vampire sex? Some kissing while covered in blood inside a church? Would you like a scene of Lestat killing two priests, denouncing god and telling a repressed gay Louis he loves him and he deserves to be loved so come and be his eternal gay vampire serial killer husband?
And that was only episode one.
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1im-perfect1 · a day ago
Guillermo "letting the sun shine on Nandor's coffin" "I keep stakes and holy water in my minifridge if I ever feel disrespected" "I'm faking being trapped in a cage and using what I hear Nandor say to convince him to not kill me and also lying about being hypnotized" "escaping from a room where I could take a well deserved nap to use the cloak of duplication to talk to some random woman and calling Nandor my best friend after being locked up by him twice" "forcing Nandor to come home from the Wellness center even if at that point it was delusional not harmful" "fighting him because he wants to leave me and I have to show that he would be nothing without me" "enabling him to pursue a clearly flawed process of getting a lover and standing by him morphing Marwa into someone else and only getting mad when he interferes with my relationship" "calling the vampires my family after all the mistreatment I suffered and the innumerable deaths and agony I witnessed in the last decade and wanting to be exactly like them" de la Cruz isn't as much of a victim as people make him out to be, he literally quits being familiar adjacent at the end of season 4 because he’s BORED, my man is a menace he's a cold blooded serial killer that would sell out anyone anytime, that after being accepted by his biological family of vampire hunters for being gay and after Nadja contemplates killing them he still chooses the vampires over them, he's insane, he knows his situation and how bad it looks and he doesn’t care because he’s being himself in the most truthful way. this is who he is.
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