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inmydeepestdreams · 3 months ago
The air seemed to swirl and sparkle around her as Tara became aware of her surroundings.
She was in a class. Lecture Hall 2 of Harris Building, she had a class in there this semester.
Everything was kind of blurry, she was in the last row. The front of the room was partially obscured by a blonde head, the boy in the class who always raises his hand. What’s his name?
The professor, Dr. Handsome, was lecturing. No, that’s not his real name. That’s just what her friend Sandy calls him. What’s his real name?
Tara tried to get up from her chair but found she could not. This did not concern her and she turned her attention against to her surroundings.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARA! Was written on a big card on the professor’s desk.
My birthday is Tuesday. She thought. Oh, I guess it’s Tuesday.
Accepting that it was Tuesday was easy. But then Dr. Handsome was looking at her expectedly, but every time he spoke it sounded like he was underwater. Tara focused all her attention on trying to remember his name, but switched it to translating his merman talk.
“Take off your blouse for the demonstration, Tara.”
Suddenly, Tara was standing in front of the class. Everyone was looking at her expectantly. Her friend sandy was at her seat in the front row, head propped up on her hand.
“What?” Her voice echoed in her ears, but then she heard rumbling laughter pass by her ears, and she looked down to see her shirt was off.
“Bra too.” She didn’t move, she just looked confused at the black lacy bra she was wearing. She only ever put that on when she knew she was going to fuck someone, like her boyfriend ken. Oh, is ken here?
Tara scanned the audience.
Ken was not there.
“You forgot?” Dr. Handsome looked amused, his dark eyes twinkled. “I’ll help, don’t worry.”
Tara felt his rough hands on her shoulders adjust her so her back was to him. Her eyes widened, she liked the roughness of the movement.
Tara felt her bra unclasp. It disappeared before it hit the ground. She liked that bra.
“Nice tits!” A guy yelled from somewhere in the back row. She looked down at her exposed chest.
Dr. Handsome was speaking again, lecturing she guessed. He once again sounded like he was speaking another language. She tried hard to listen but couldn’t.
Suddenly Sandy was in front of her. She kissed Tara lightly on the mouth. It was sweet, sugary, like candy. Then Sandy was back in her chair.
Tara looked back to Dr. Handsome as he positioned her so her side was to the class, they could see her breasts from the side. He had both his hands on her shoulders again and was looking down at her as if she were stupid.
“What?” The word made no noise, but he seemed to understand.
Dr. Handsome reached out and lightly smacked one of her tits, they both watched it bounce. Then he did it to the other one. They made eye contact and he smirked at her.
He took a step back and wrote something on the wall, she couldn’t read it.
Suddenly there was a line in front of her, the fifteen classmates she saw everyday. Some of their faces were blurry, some where clear. The each mimicked his action, smacking each of her breasts and watching it bounce.
She felt shame when her friend Sandy stepped up to touch her, but she didn’t tell her not to. Tara just knew she blushing down to her nipples.
Sandy giggled and winked and went back to her seat.
Dr. Handsome was in front of her again. He began sucking her neck, manhandling her to get the best angle to suck on her chest too. She heard her whimpers and moans amplified. It never felt this good before, she felt like every graze of his teeth lit a fire on her skin. She thought it must be what god feels like all the time.
Then he was gone, and there once again was a line.
The blonde know-it-all was extra rough, drawing a bit of blood on her left breast. He smiled at her as he finished. Sandy was tender, delicate and it made her shiver. She didn’t know which technique she preferred, but when Dr. Handsome asked, she said Sandy.
So that’s what was happening. Right? That’s it?
She looked down at her chest, devoid of bruises and blood that should be there and saw she wasn’t wearing her jeans anymore but a short, breezing red skirt. The one she thought she gave to goodwill last week. She also had no shoes on. How did that happen?
She felt Dr. Handsome’s hands on her neck, her back, spinning her around until she was pressed against his desk. She was seeing herself out of her body while feeling it. The wood teased her nipples deliciously. It’s as if Dr. Handsome used those strong arms to build the desk from a tree he also chopped down. She pushed herself against it.
He was saying something, all she heard was slut and virgin, she didn’t know the context as she was neither of those things.
He felt her move her panties away, that’s when she realized how slippery she was. It had spread down to her legs and they were sliding against each other.
His fingers were fast inside her, pumping in and out. Out of her body she watched her professor show the class her wetness clung to his hand, someone took a photo with flash. Her out of body self began to touch her pussy.
He let go of her but she did not move. He slowly undid his belt and she watched it drop to the floor.
His cock was very different from his fingers. That did not start rough, but I didn’t take long. The stretch was strange and she realized he was unnaturally big. She felt and watched him grab her hair and pull it as he fucked her. She was completely full of him and it began to hurt, she begged him to move faster. Someone in the class cheered.
She felt his come fill her up. It also seemed like there was an unnatural amount of that as well.
Before she knew it the class was lining up. She was sore from maintaining the position.
Some guys were small, some just used fingers. Sandy touched her clit while she she used three fingers inside her. She was so full of other peoples come at that point nothing hurt, but Sandy made it feel good. Tara felt her orgasm build and she wanted to hump the desk along with Sandy’s hard work, but she maintained the position.
Her body split in half from her pussy, it was a cold orgasm that washed over her and made her feel clean. Every part of her body tingled as she ascended.
The class clapped, and Sandy stepped away. Next there were three more guys, one of them the rude blonde. He did like Dr. Handsome and pulled her hair while he fucked her.
He made her feel good too, his cock was perfectly normal but she felt tingly as he fucked her.
When they were done, she slid onto the floor, unable to use any of her bones. Dr. Handsome was lecturing again, pointing at her sitting in a puddle of the class’s and her juices. She watched that puddle spread and she realized she was peeing, unable to feel her bladder anymore. She watched it spread to Sandy’s shoes.
The mean blonde pointed and laughed as it came out of her.
“It’s not her fault, she’s had a busy day, haven’t you?” Dr. Handsome pulled Tara off the floor and handed her box of tissues. “Go clean up at your seat.”
She wanted to ask to use a bathroom, she wanted to ask for her bra and blouse back, but they were both gone. Tara went back to her seat and spread her legs, cleaning herself up while those around her looked on.
Tara woke up, shooting out of bed partially. The room was still dark. Her clock read 4:09.
Next to her, her boyfriend Ken was snoring.
It didn’t take her long for her senses to come to her, but she was losing the dream. All she knew was that it was dirty and wrong, and her pussy was throbbing.
Dr. Richards, he was in it. He, oh. Tara reached between her knees, she was soaking. She was naked, having fallen asleep after sex with Ken. Her fingers slipped around her clit while visions of her economics professor danced in her head.
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lchan3706 · a year ago
Hey Lucy! Would love to join the Discord, But i don't have a Tumblr 🥺 But, I will definitely make one to receive the Link, Thank you Love. 🥰
Hi, anon! I’d love for you to join our Discord! We’re a small group but what we lack in quantity, we definitely make up in quality 💪. If you don't want to make an account on here, you can write to me on AO3 or find me under LChan3706 on Discord and I can add you to the group. Whatever’s easier for you 😊! I’m always thrilled to meet others who have an appreciation for JokeSaku 🤡🌸💖
Tumblr media
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roundaboutsystem · a year ago
Intro and Important Stuff
Hello, we are the Roundabout System. This post is for mobile and those on dash view who cannot see our links. So:
Do Not Interact
Blacklisted Tags
Common Tags
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skxllqwxxn · 7 months ago
sorting out this farce of a fleet bank 🤦‍♀️
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chaos-burst · 6 months ago
I’m declaring D&D to be the sixth official love language and I won’t be taking criticism at this time
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twstedforyou · 5 months ago
Your first meeting with your familiars, written entirely as dialogue. Don’t you want to take a peek at your future together with them, from the start of it all?
(under the cut: dialogue from all the groups, upon their first time meeting you in person. short, as it’s from the discord server!)
"You're kidding me. You've got to be kidding me, are you serious?! Grim--I thought this was your Master, not... not mine! I... I... Uh, it's... nice to meet you. I'm Ace... Your, uh, other familiar. If you'll have me."
"Ow ow ow ow... Ah--!! Um, I-I'm Deuce! It's my pleasure--it's nice to--I'm honored to be--UH--THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR BEING MY MASTER! ...Ace! Shut up! Stop laughing at me!!"
"...Huh. You really do... exist. ...Oh! I'm Cater, it's super cool to finally meet you, Master! I'm an old fox, but I've got nine tails, so I'll definitely make you happy~! ..Really, I'm so happy to meet you!"
"...Sorry, I was staring, wasn't I? I'm Trey, a tengu. You must have walked all the way here, right? Come in, the temple's always stocked with refreshments and snacks for any surprise guests. I'd like to know your preferences, if that's alright? We'll be together in the long run, after all."
"--Welcome, do make yourself at home, Master. It's my honor to be your familiar--I'm Riddle, the head of the Heartslabyul Temple. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about anything, but first... well, could I ask you to tie my rope for me first, please?"
"...So this is... I'm Jack. My name... it's Jack. To think I'd meet you in a place like this... My luck is really awful. Still... No matter the location, no matter the reason... It's my honor to finally be your familiar, Master. I'll serve you with my everything, just give me the order."
"O-oh, you're... haha, you're my, my master... No, no, I'm okay, I'm sorry for suddenly... it's just... I wanted to meet you for so long, and I thought maybe even if I did, you wouldn't want me, and... I'm sorry, the tears just won't stop, I'm so.. I'm so happy... I-I'm Ruggie, and I'm yours. I'm yours, Master, so I'm begging you, won't you take me in..?"
"...Well, this complicates things. Now that we've met, I'll have to hand down the Savanaclaw group to someone other than my top two candidates. Really, what is my life, that even my Master would be extraordinary..? Heh, no, it's fine. From now on, we're family. I, Leona, will protect you with my life, Master. Of course, you'll accept my vow, won't you?"
"Aha--! So you're my Master? You look so weak~! Mm... Humans are so terrible at taking care of themselves. Are you eating right? Humans have really specific needs with nutrients and stuff, right? How 'bout exercise? Wah... you don't look like you'll last a day outside... But that's alright. That's what relying on us is for, right? Hm, me? I'm Floyd. You're my whole life now, so don't get angry at me for getting into your business, okay, Master~?"
"I was informed beforehand, but you do seem worryingly brittle. Ah, have no fear, we're well-educated on the requirements for a human to achieve a healthy state, so you may leave it all up to us... Or perhaps, you're the sort who cares nothing for such things? Then you wouldn't be averse to being locked up inside all the time..? --It was a joke, Master. This Jade wouldn't do such a thing... without your consent. Let's get along from here on out, yes?"
"Welcome, welcome, my dearest Master! I, Azul, of the Octavinelle Information Brokers, have been long awaiting your arrival..! To best fit your human lifestyle, I've been intensely studying human behavior all this time, just to be of service to you! Please, feel free to ask me anything you want to know, about anyone at all! I guarantee you, I'll have the information delivered to you within the day--! Ah, no, this is a personal conversation... I am Azul, and I'm delighted to be your familiar at last, Master!"
"Oh, I'm so, so sorry..!! That must have been really scary, right? I just--I saw you from afar and I got so excited 'cause it's so difficult for youkai from the Scarabia area, that is, my area, to meet their Masters, so I thought I absolutely couldn't miss this chance, but the entire trip here must've been really scary, right..? I'm sorry, I'll make it up to you..! What do you want?! Despite my looks, I'm really good at making things, you know! You can ask for clothes, or small items.. --I can make weapons too, so--!! Oh! I haven't introduced myself! I'm Kalim! Nice to meet you, Master!"
"...Sorry, Kalim dragging you here is partially my fault too. I riled him up too much on how this might be the only chance he gets, and he just sped off when I wasn't looking... You're not injured, are you? ...That's good. I'm Jamil. You really didn't have to follow Kalim into a place as dark and heavy as this, but.. I'm glad you're that kind of foolish human, honestly. I didn't think about revealing myself to you, but my hand has been forced, so... Won't you accept me, as grotesque as I might be, into your service, Master?"
"Hah? Huh? Master? You? No, I'm not--dissatisfied, or nothing, it's just... This feels like it's happening way too fast, so I don't know how to react at all... Uh, I'm Epel, and I'm wonderin' why you're wanderin' around a place like this..? Ah, you got in trouble with the Queen of the Cliff, right? Right? Can't be helped... Don't worry, Master, I'll come with you and smack some sense into him. I've got a whole list of things I wanna throw into his face anyways! Let's make a scene, yeah?!"
"I heard about your little plan to overthrow that lonely Queen, and I must say, your courage is absolutely commendable! Humans don't wander into that area in fear of their lives, yet here you are, throwing yourself headfirst into danger! You must have heard the tales, no doubt? As brave as you are, I'm afraid as your loyal familiar, I simply cannot let you wander into such treacherous territory alone..! I implore you, won't you utilize the powers I, Rook, possess? I'll ensure every plan of yours is a success worthy of a standing ovation, Master, all you have to do is take my hand!"
"..! You're..! You have some nerve, taking this long to find me..! What? No! I'm not going to fight you now! It's canceled, canceled, I say! I will not have my Master participating in a fight involving this many high-power youkai, even if they're all your familiars..! Ugh, listen here, Master dear... You're the master of the Queen of the Cliff, Vil of the Pomefiore folk. Stand tall, for I hold you in the highest regard! I won't stand for you to be slighted in even the smallest of matters! I'll make this world positively beautiful, all for you, so accept my promise here and now!"
"Hello, Master! I'm Ortho! Please tie my rope! Oh... you seem very startled. Ah, of course! It's because the ritual isn't finished yet, and something has already appeared, right? Don't worry! This is part of the normal process! I'm a good sign that you're almost there! Please do not give up now, for there's one more person you have to meet! Actually, me appearing isn't a normal thing, but I couldn't stop myself from wanting to meet you in person as soon as I could... Don't lose steam now, Master, I'll help you with the final part, so let's call him together, and be a big, happy family together!"
"...I was wondering what kind of dumb group would manage to summon me after all this time, and it ended up being my Master and Ortho... Ugh, there's no way this is happening, are you kidding me... I spent this long not being in service anywhere and just existing as I pleased, and now it's all over... I'm not upset, Ortho, I'm just mourning my former lifestyle for a bit, okay? Okay. Al--right, I'm done moping. ..Hello, Master, I'm Idia, the amalgamation of the Ignihyde phenomenon. Mm... this might be fun. Use me as you please, it's more exciting that way, Master..."
"I'm... I can't apologize enough! I am aware that a simple glimpse of someone's face causing a stranger to burst into tears must be very off-putting--!! It's just--!! I am beyond honored and delighted to finally meet you, Master! I am Sebek, and I work for the Diasomnia Shrine! --Wait! Now that I have a Master, do I just resign from the shrine now?! Can I just leave without informing them--?! Err, Master, I understand it's incredibly rude of me to request something of you all of a sudden, but could you possibly accompany me back to the shrine so I can hand in my formal resignation..?! I want to be by your side for the rest of my life, so even one moment away from you is just..! Impossible for me!"
"I heard Sebek shouting from the other side of the shrine, so I thought he was dying and came to look, but... This is a far more welcome big incident. It's a pleasure to formally meet you, Master. I'm Silver, one of the guards for the Diasomnia Shrine. You'll have to hand in Sebek and mine's resignation to Lilia specifically since we're both under his care... He's hard to pin down though, so I'll tag along with you. ...You don't mind me being around, do you? I don't think I'll be able to leave you even if you asked, right now... Truth be told, I'm so happy I wouldn't mind dying at this moment. So.. let me stay by your side, please?"
"You found me! Congratulations, little human! I've been waiting for you to notice me this entire time! Now, this is where things will finally get exciting..! I was pondering on what I'd do if you never found me this time, but I see my boys have resolved my worries in a flash. Indeed, I am Lilia of the Diasomnia Shrine and a very, very good friend of that cat of yours. We used to travel all over the world together, making preparations for your birth... I'm glad it was all worth it. Master, don't die anytime soon, okay? ...Don't be scared. There's just one more little pet of yours you must meet, after all!"
"..Finally, finally, at long, long last... You've come for me, Master. All these millenniums I've spent waiting, the misery of being alone, the yearning for your person to enter my sight... How I wished you'd appear in front of me, so many times in my long lifetime, that I've completely lost count of the prayers I sent to the stars... Everything vanished in an instant, the moment you walked into my shrine. All the agony, the pain, the sadness... At long last, you're here. I am indescribably grateful to the fate that bound us together, that brought you to me.
Now, Master, please accept the solemn vow of this unworthy dragon revered as a god by the human masses, yet fails to even be enough to deliver all that you deserve in this world... I am Malleus, the dragon god of the Diasomnia Shrine, and your most loyal and eager servant. With this vow, may the world crumble to its knees and beg for your mercy, may all life depend on your kindness to survive, may my humble life be dictated by you alone, and may everything end with your final breath.
From here on, let's make a forever to fester this love, Master. I'm looking forward to it."
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bugslap · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mister Franky, ex train engineer turned farrier and horse breeder. unfortunately he names both his trains and his horses after the Battle Frankies line…you kind of have to figure out which is which
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allurared · 5 months ago
hey we saw you across the road and we really dig your vibe
Tumblr media
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rainbowrenjun · 14 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
↳ cr: 풀썬데이
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langernameohnebedeutung · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
They found out 👀
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cdelphiki · 6 months ago
AU where the Justice League are all friends in their civilian identities and openly do stuff together as such. How are these seemingly completely random people connected? Like how on earth does billionaire Bruce Wayne know a combat pilot? Or a forensic scientist from Central City? Or a reporter from Metropolis? And why are there people of all ages in this friend group (along with the guardians of the minors, obviously)?
Tumblr media
“Uh the internet?”
They all make a discord server and keep up conversations going in there about their everyday, mundane lives, without a single mention of super heroing anywhere. They encourage each other and vent to one another about overbearing bosses or the fact their kid dumped an entire gallon of milk on the floor this morning and do you know how long that took to clean up?? It got under the OVEN.
They stream movies together every once in a while, or hop on steam together to play whatever latest fad game Barry or Billy or whoever is begging everyone to try. Not everyone participates every time, and a few people almost never log in and talk, but they plan out trips together and just generally use the server to connect themselves to each other. Ostensively, it started when a few of them all met each other in an online game and it spread to friends of friends as they continued to invite cool folks they thought fit well into the friend group.
Obviously, in reality they all met because they’re Super Heroes, but this is the cover. It also gives them excuses to get together for Thanksgiving or go camping together, publicly as themselves.
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paunchsalazar · 12 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
my best friends...
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roundaboutsystem · 10 months ago
Hi please remember to read our DNI before following we will block if you violate the DNI /nm 
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closet-keys · a year ago
I feel like folks need to understand what umbrella terms actually mean before using them, cause sometimes you just mean one specific group, not the whole umbrella term. like sometimes you’re not talking about “LGBTQ” people, you’re talking about trans people. sometimes you’re not talking about “PoC” you’re talking about Black people. sometimes you’re not talking about “disabled” people, you’re talking about people who use wheelchairs. like it’s okay to be specific, not everything is about everyone, and centering the people whose issues you’re actually talking about is a good thing
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funkbun · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i literally never draw this guy sorry
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jooniebeom · a year ago
I act like I'm fine but I miss got7 so much man 😢
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interrupting my normal meme night posting to bring some very important news.
on Wednesday, a feminist/pro-choice group marched on the streets of Mexico, vandalizing churches and basically being aggressive.
unfortunately in Guadalajara, these women attacked catholic women and men who assisted to pray and defend the churches, they did so with sulphuric acid leaving a lot of people wounded, they also crushed a baseball bat on a man who tried to take away the acid, from what i know he's now in the hospital.
it would be very nice if you could offer even a small prayer for the people who got hurt and for the offenses committed on this day.
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