politijohn · a day ago
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tadviv · 2 days ago
President Biden signed Executive Order 14067, officially titled Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets. Today’s guest explains this executive order is very different from “online banking,” and it has nothing to do with crypto, but would possibly give the government the ability to punish citizens for any contribution, purchase, or even social media comment they don’t like.
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sbrown82 · a day ago
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captain-gee · 2 days ago
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macleod · 2 months ago
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When public services are affordable and convenient, people will always choose those resources. They are not supposed to be a capitalistic profit-seeking initiative, they are developed for the benefit of the people, for a better life, just as government resources should be used. (tweet)
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mywitchcultblr · a month ago
I just dealing with censorship in my country and fuck now there's a threat of censorship in AO3 from Tiffany G. I'm a Muslim but this shit makes me saying Jesus fucking Christ. Look, perhaps some westerners cannot comprehend it... Because you never really experience hard censorship. But you wouldn't want it... You don't want censorship. Do not vote Tiffany G
She's not your savior... She's NOT and she sounds like a politician from my country
Edit: Tiffany apparently working as a technical support for government organization
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betterpatroclus · 2 months ago
Id like to officially welcome the UK into the “our government is falling apart” gang. There is no catering but someone did start a bonfire in the corner.
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writingraven · 3 months ago
World Building
Types of Government
⤷ anarchy
➝ society without enforced government
⤷ aristocracy
➝ small, elite ruling class holds power over lower socioeconomic strata ; members chosen based on wealth
⤷ autocracy
➝ controlled by one singular person of power without restraints
⤷ communism
➝ state owns and operates industry on behalf of the people ; citizens are apart of a classless society that distributes goods & services as needed
⤷ democracy
➝ power held by the people through voting in order to ensure fair representation and prevention of abuse of power
⤷ dictatorship
➝ power held by one person or a group of people who control the masses
⤷ fascism
➝ control of the people by promoting ancestral/cultural values & eradicating foreign influences
⤷ federalism
➝ union of smaller states which are self-governed yet united under a central government
⤷ junta
➝ militaristic rule after taking over by force
⤷ monarchy
➝ authority is vested in a single figure for life and passed down hereditarily ; level of power may vary from absolution to nonexistent
➝ constitutional monarchy: limited power as outlined in a constitution // absolute monarchy: unlimited power
⤷ oligarchy
➝ authoritative power rests with a small faction of people or families who are deemed worthy due to wealth, education, and/or family history
⤷ plutocracy
➝ ruled by the wealthy
⤷ republic
➝ democratic model in which the people elect representatives
⤷ socialism
➝ collective and cooperative ownership of production, opposed to private
⤷ stratocracy
➝ ruled by the military following wars and expansion
⤷ technocracy
➝ scientists are decision makers ; rulers are chosen based on experience/knowledge/skill
⤷ theocracy
➝ power rests with religious figures ; scriptural laws and legal codes are coincided
⤷ totalitarian
➝ total control by government including the prohibition of opposition & extreme regulation of public/private life
⤷ tyranny
➝ absolute control by ruler with an oppressive power
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nudityandnerdery · 6 months ago
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Hey, y'all, remember when defunding ICE was really important and it was absolutely a thing that needed to be done and we weren't going to forget it just because the Democrats won the election?
Yeah, how did that turn out? Can we get that going again?
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one-time-i-dreamt · a month ago
The government sent a bunch of teens into space for an experiment. A Twitter account was ran by some officials for updates on it but after a while the teens hacked into it and started shitposting on the Twitter account and most of the time it was just Among Us stuff.
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eclipseofthoughts · 2 months ago
Just when I thought it couldn't get any better
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Hugh, the nation applauds you. Truly the only viable candidate for pm
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senseioftheinternet · 22 days ago
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captain-gee · 12 days ago
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morning-and-good-night · 3 months ago
Reforming the human rights act
The UK is planning on reforming the human rights act.
If it wasn't shitty enough for them to try and go against BASIC human rights to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda, they're now planning on making it legal for it to happen.
This is going to affect immigrants, refugees, criminals, disabled people and asylum seekers.
If the human rights act does get reformed, this is going to make it easier to deport people and reduce the government's responsibility to uphold human rights.
It's the government's way of cleaning their hands by pretending nothing has happened
Please please sign the petition so it will at least get debated in Parliament. Only UK residents and British citizens can sign it, but please please please reblog this to protect human rights
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queerism1969 · 5 days ago
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didanawisgi · 2 months ago
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