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pridoo · 4 months ago
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My bestman and his husband got me these figures as a birthday gift, and I was totally surprised - my fiancé had the same idea and I told him not to bother because I would just do DinLuke fam photoshoots with them,,and look what happened immediately ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
birthday sale is still on! all my SW comics are 30% off for the weekend!
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theslimeologist · a year ago
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A compilation of all the slimes I drew tonight :)
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paradife-loft · 7 months ago
Things we learn about JGY in MDZS, in chronological order
I mentioned at one point a while back, that when the official English volumes of MDZS came out and I started doing a reread, I wanted to make a chronological catalogue of information we learn about Jin Guangyao.
I wanted to do this both for reference purposes, but also for bringing a quality of deliberation to the experience, trying to look more cleanly at how MXTX’s presentation of him unfolds throughout the novel if you aren’t coming into it already knowing a majority of his story. In particular, I think it’s very relevant to look at that presentation when coming, as I do, from a background of having watched CQL first, because the difference in story ordering (present day with integrated flashbacks, versus mostly linear and chronological) makes a big difference in what and how we learn things about him in, in what order, and therefore how his entire character comes across. (I mean, it does that for probably everybody to greater or lesser degrees, but it’s me, so my main concern is Jin Guangyao.)
So this here is the first part of that reference catalogue! It covers material found in volume 1 of the official published English translation by Seven Seas, which is also what the page numbers refer to.
He is the only one of Jin Guangshan’s many illegitimate children to be “outstanding enough” to be recognized and taken back into the family. He is the current head of the Lanling Jin clan in the present day. (page 72)
He is close personal friends with Zewu-jun, Lan Xichen, and as a result of that friendship, the Lan and Jin clans are politically close. (page 82)
His title is Lianfang-zun. He hosts Lan Xichen at Jinlintai regularly. He was the (younger) half-brother of Jin Ling’s father, and the elder half-brother of Mo Xuanyu. He sits on the “highest seat of the cultivation world” and is very politically and personally powerful - entirely unlike Mo Xuanyu. He and Lan Xichen are not simply good friends, but also sworn brothers. (page 124)
He’s the one who gave Fairy to Jin Ling as a gift. (page 222)
He and Lan Xichen had also been sworn brothers with the previous leader of the Nie clan, Nie Mingjue. The two of them now often help his younger brother, Nie Huaisang, with the many difficulties he has running his clan. (pages 225-226)
He is considered “smooth and resourceful, sharp-witted and intelligent.” His oath of brotherhood with LXC and NMJ took place during the Sunshot Campaign, when they each did praiseworthy deeds that later got them the moniker of the Venerated Triad*. (page 270) (*yes, I’m cleaning up/swapping that translation for a different one, because the official one on-page is ridiculous.)
Nie Mingjue “viciously berated” him and ordered him to leave when he stepped in to try and smooth over a diplomatic solution between him and Jin Guangshan over the matter of Xue Yang killing the Chang Clan. He ended up too terrified to say anything more, and hid behind Lan Xichen. (page 308)
Jin Guangyao inherited control of the Lanling Jin clan after his father’s death (a few years after the siege of the Burial Mounds), as well as his position of Cultivation Chief. He ushered in a new regime compared to that of his father, offering many restorative measures to their reputation, including “getting rid” of Xue Yang and any talk of remaking the Yin Tiger Seal. (page 314)
He’s the most popular character for kids to play in “Sunshot Campaign” games! (adorable <3) His background - which we don’t know yet beyond simply his being an illegitimate child - is considered “too embarrassing to speak of”, but that only helps endear him to the common people in the context of his admirable rise to power. During the Sunshot Campaign, he worked as an incredibly effective spy within the Qishan Wen clan; afterwards, he “curried favor by every means possible,” using intelligence and quick wits in all sorts of ways eventually reach his current position as Cultivation Chief. On the other hand, it seems widely-enough known as a part of his reputation that he was regularly scared of Nie Mingjue, that even the kids playing Sunshot games were well aware of it. (page 344-345)
And that’s it! A few additional observations of these, taken as a whole:
The strong focus here, presumably in his reputation as narrator!Wei Wuxian is relating it to us, on extraordinary merit as the reason for everything about his ascension.
A strong five out of nine of these passages mentioning him either include, emphasise, or are directly about, his relationship with Lan Xichen. (And one of those remaining four is literally just “he gave Jin Ling a dog”.) - And not only is it a consistent through-line: it’s the literal second thing we learn about him.
Up through the point where Wangxian have retrieved their dismembered corpse friend’s torso from the Chang clan cemetery, we still haven’t heard any mention of Meng Shi’s occupation. The closest we get is the last section, where his background is mentioned as being very embarrassing - but it still doesn’t specify. Even in the very first mention of him, where we learn he’s an illegitimate child, and that Jin Guangshan was an infamous womanizer, nobody here and now is commenting about “son of a prostitute”. Reputation may certainly be fickle - but it’s also very clearly not worth nothing.
(For comparison, in his first couple appearances in CQL, we get, roughly in order: retainer of the Nie clan who Huaisang relies on; son of a prostitute (gossiped about); mutual heart-eyes with Lan Xichen; extremely competent and politically shrewd. Possibly also murders people and lies about it (??), but also jumps in front of a sword for Nie Mingjue.)
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spookyscarytomlinson · 6 months ago
i just think that one direction
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scroldie · 7 months ago
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ur favs are t4t and in love
self insert uses ae/they/hy+ and haida uses he/they!!
taglist: @lovealamode @aeliusinclairs @moonlight-shipz @raihan-of-sunshine @leorugiens @void-kissed @camellias-and-coriander @derelicthereticshipping @glitched-ships @luvzhongli @sparrows-wren @ode-to-joie @pandapup @dragonsmooch @eeveeships @void-selfships
let me know if you wanna be added/removed <33
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k1nn0 · a day ago
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selenealwayscries · 5 months ago
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@digdeepergravedigger09 's art knocked me out cold and when I woke up a pencil was in my hand and this was sitting on my desk
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anyhao · 2 months ago
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ONF SPECIAL ALBUM  [STORAGE OF ONF] album details DIARY VER. (page 1 through 3) PLATFORM VER. (page 4) KIT VER. (page 5) coming soon 08.16.2022
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rockleeamadeus · a year ago
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Emperor Lelouch | Kaiser Okita de Sade Sougo III
happy birthday, @dadbodgintoki <3
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lordbelacqua · a year ago
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I'm the best weapon you'll ever have.
MARISA COULTER (His Dark Materials, 2019-) | insp.
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imsorryimlate · a month ago
captain hook gets interdimensionally transported to gotham city and meets killer croc which scares the shit out of him. they fuck later though
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piierrote · 5 days ago
bought some t shirts since top surgery, got very dramatic about them not fitting, tried them on a second time and realised they fit fine
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pendraegon · 3 months ago
↖️ just a midwesterner with some good old fashioned midwestern charm
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buttonedupwithstars · 3 days ago
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television + sam’s most relatable blorbos
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maladaptivedaydreamsx · a month ago
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👑 As You Please - Chevalier Michel 1/2
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hyyhs · a year ago
so does anyone actually enjoy the frequency of kpop comebacks or are we all just collectively overwhelmed with the constant releases and pressure to keep up with them
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optimistpax · 11 months ago
Every day i think about how RID15 had so much wasted potential and i cry about it
Anyways please consider RID15 + RBA and Bee team just being an upper year class at the academy
Whirl and Strongarm can team up for some fun detective-ing
Fixit and Hoist causing even more problems with their inventions
Sideswipe getting into extreme amounts of trouble with Wedge and Hotshot
Wedge and Drift and Sideswipe and Strongarm bonding over being ex-decepticons
Medix and Strongarm teaming up to try and get everyone to Actually Read Their Textbooks
Windblade teaming up with Blades to teach Excellent flying lessons
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