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playa-pariah · 2 days
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Goncharov (1973)
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galacticsabc · 2 days
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artemis-pendragon · 24 hours
I wish I was still in college just so I could go around asking all the annoying film bros their thoughts on clock imagery and themes of the fleeting futility of building a legacy vs living a life in Scorsese's Goncharov (1973)
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agir1ukn0w · 2 days
so…..who do we think we have to thank/blame for goncharov: crowley or aziraphale?
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You know that writing prompt I had about Tim and Danny doing a film project together.
We now know what film they made
Goncharov 1973
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that-wildwolf · 2 days
where did you come from where did you go where did you come from ice pick joe
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hussyknee · 2 days
For my next trick, I will make a timeline of the Goncharov Tumblr wank. Not the fake discourse LARPing, the real classic Tumblr Bullshit ft. self-inflicted queerbaiting, Soviet stanning, self-congratulatory posts about how good and inclusive we are unlike Twitter or pre-Porn Ban Tumblr, neurodivergent people being like we're what now???, mixed messages about what to tag, people giving up and tagging everything "#unreality", psychotic people even more confused now, people who didn't need the tags in the first place yelling about being condescended to, "Trust Me I Have A Psychology Degree", people who logged in on Day 2 being like Donald Glover if the pizza box also blew up in his face and tried to eat him, people fleeing to Twitter because their dashes had become unusuable, Gonchposters getting way to many notes and freaking out after being contacted by BuzzFeed, "are y'all seriously going to romanticise Russia in the middle of the Ukraine War?" "Fuck you, Goncharov is Estonian!" "Wtf is an Estonian?", indignant new Tumblr users wanting to know why people can't just blacklist "Goncharov" and curate their own online experience like they've been told to do, Tumblr users trying to explain that a functional filtering system was a myth this whole time and also people can't blacklist when they don't know wtf it is, "Hey, have we always had this many Tankies?", Where Have All The Patronymics Gone, Neil Gaiman memes, everybody's parasocial relationship with Lynda Carter getting worse, Teen Vogue Thinkpiece: Did People Of Colour Not Exist In 1973?, Wikipedia editors asking Tumblr to please stop trying to vandalize legitimate information sites, covid truthers and Tankies getting riled up about Wikipedia being called a legit information site, "WHY AREN'T YOU TAGGING THIS SHIT UNREALITY??" "Stfu that's not even what the unreality tag is for!", Calling Goncharov Gaslighting Is Ableist Actually, covid truthers maintaining that Goncharov isn't disinformation because that's what the govt does, Tankies agreeing, SCORCESE ADMITTED IT! IT'S NOT DISINFORMATION NOW!, "No wait it's not real!" "It's not??" "Well, Francesca Scorcese is real–" "–someone hallucinated Francesca Scorcese–??", #meme-is-real-movie-is-fake "oh okay see? That works", #factual-information-about-a-fake-movie-we're-doing-for-a-joke "oh god no", "I see your psychotic person who needs tags and raise you my psychotic person who's triggered by them!", "SEE? IT'S ALL PERFORMATIVE BULLSHIT!" "OMG JUST SAY YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT DISABLED PEOPLE AND GO!", "Hold up there's more than 30k notes on this post now. Where's our movie, bitch?" "It's been TWO DAYS" "Yeah and? Ya wanna sleep with the fishes?", "STOP HARRASSING NEIL GAIMAN!", #factual-information-about-a-fake-movie-we're-doing-for-a-joke, "JUST TAG IT UNREALITY!" I hate this hellsiteasdfghjkhjhhjjjjj
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vergilbergart · 2 days
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goncharov is good actually
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kvskiii · 1 day
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I've just rewatched Goncharov and oh my God this scene... how could we forgotten such masterpiece
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uhhh-ghouls007 · 8 hours
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I drew this for my 2D studio art class but my friend said it looked like a Goncharov poster. So here we are.
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fllnorder · 2 days
goncharov is just the goldfinch if it was not in theo’s first person point of view?
the quotes i’ve seen are all devastatingly reminiscent of the goldfinch. specifically boris and theo’s relationship. you would only need to make the slightest alterations and bam. these are all actual quotes from the goldfinch.
- “you’ve wasted time you didn’t have”
- “what is marriage but a way to escape our fathers names”
- “if you really loved me, you wouldn’t have missed”
- “but the whole world is against you.” “are you against me.” “never.” “then the world is not against me”
- “you one have one mother, father, brother. but you could trace a path from naples to our childhood house in moscow with the blood of all the men who’ll tell you they love you.”
-“no matter what name you would say, i’d know it to be mine from the way you said it”
-“god will forgive you, andrey. it is you who must forgive yourself.”
(also where can i “see” goncharov i don’t know much about it and i don’t know where to start atp)
(and this is based on the idea that goncharov is a real piece of media and not some social media mandala effect)
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injuries-in-dust · 3 days
Controversial opinion, but I prefer the theatrical cut of Goncharov to the director's cut.
I think it just flows better.
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kushwizardry · 2 days
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she wore those blue shadows like nobody else, holy shit🥵🥵🥵
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themostfangtastic · 3 days
i feel like noel gruber would enjoy goncharov (1973)
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vraik · 3 days
She gonches on my rov til I become a metaphor for the false promises of patriarchal violence and machismo that consume not just its victims but their ability to meaningfully connect with others
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m-e-w-666 · 2 days
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Goncharov and Andrey The Kiss
(no smoke version under cut)
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