starsinursa · 1 day
browsing my local humane society's adoption page and suddenly
Tumblr media
what the hell guys
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goncharoffs · 2 days
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pscentral event 09: comfort | comfort movie. ❤️
— dir. Martin Scorsese.
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reallyndacarter · 2 days
Fun Goncharov fact:
When I was originally cast in Goncharov, everyone thought it was spelled Goncharof.
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trufflesmushroom · 2 days
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anyway i got interviewed for vice about gonchposting
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secondbeatsongs · 1 day
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everyone always forgets the licensed board game :(
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c-53 · 2 days
The worst part of the goncharov trend is how often im forced to read tryhard deep quotes that sound like a taylor swift lyric
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ko-rka · 2 days
a stop motion animation remake of my favorite scene from goncharov
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raiain · 2 days
Tumblr media
so i know it was literally just a bg set piece but i cant stop thinking about sophia, katya and this fucking painting godbless
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one-time-i-dreamt · 2 days
I was working for a eastern European dictator named Goncharev (no relation to Goncharov) in makeup manufacturing, and we were discussing a shade called Altidentical Flower in their testing store.
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nega-torie · 18 hours
Honestly can't believe they're making a Christmas movie called the Grincharov. They should just leave classics alone
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playa-pariah · 2 days
Tumblr media
Goncharov (1973)
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manny-jacinto · 3 days
martin scorsese:
dissed the mcu so hard that the mcu stans proclaim he never did a good movie once in his life 
made the masterpiece goncharov 
watched derry girls
king shit
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camelotsheart · 3 days
my dad just asked "have you seen this?" while showing me the poster for goncharov and i literally looked at him like
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galacticsabc · 2 days
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adam-bitcholtz · 3 days
Tumblr media
This sentence slaps harder now that Goncharov is a thing
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writergeekrhw · 2 days
Are you enjoying tumblr so far? Have you seen Goncharov?
I enjoy Tumblr.
As to Goncharov, I actually prefer the TV series version HBO did in the early 2000s. I know it was just two seasons and people are divided about Sean Pean as Goncharov, but I thought it was really great.
I was actually up for season three. I wish it had happened! But I totally understand why Sean Penn chose to do relief work in New Orleans instead.
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