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feeling corporeal
(dtiys info below!)
Tumblr media
idk what else to say. ‘dtiys info below. the info is that its a dtiys. tag it with #feelingcorporealdtiys ‘ THATS IT THATS ALL GOODBYE MWAH
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honeyblockm · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
dtiys hell yeah. go look at the original drawing bc its so fucking pretty
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ghostburgay · a day ago
Tumblr media
it was extremely fun doing this! i have absolutely no idea how to draw grass properly so this was a fun challenge.
good luck to everyone else doing the dtiys!
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its-elvie-innit · 9 hours ago
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i missed ghostbur so much and no way i was passing up on a chance to draw him happy and warm and comfortable
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calmthefuckdownalright · a day ago
Hi! Can I request headcanons for a few different Wilbur versions (do whichever ones you’d like, please include Ghostbur tho) with a reader who likes to steal their sweaters/uniforms? Thank you!
A/N: We love some cute Fluff pieces 😁. I'm gonna do scenarios with HC bits under them instead of the usual HC format bc its just easier and more fun
"Y/N Darling have you seen my-" Ghostbur spots you on one of the counters of his brewery snuggled up with your knees to your chest and covered by a way oversized yellow sweater that obviously belongs to him.
"Oh hey Love." You wave at him with a sleeve covered palm. Your hand is no where to be seen under the yellow fabric and on top your knees, again completely covered by the sweater, is a book. A book stained with blue on the cover and scribble handwriting for the title.
"What're you doing down here?" Ghostbur smiled and stepped over a puddle to your side.
"Reading your potions recipes." You responded and tucked your chin under the sunshine colored wool.
"Are you cold?" He asked with a smile and you nodded. Ghostbur tucked a piece of hair behind your ear and moved an empty brewing stand so he could sit beside you and read out what words you couldn't read due to a smudge of blue dye or slip of his handwriting.
"Y/N?" Ghostbur poked his head into your room after you responded he could come in.
"Just back here Ghostbur." You called out and he followed your voice. You were sorting something and as he approached he recognized SEVERAL of his own clothes. Sweaters of differing shades of yellow and cool tans alone with a few sky blue ones he hardly wore.
"Is this where they've all gone?!" Ghostbur exclaimed with a bright smile. He slipped his arms around your waist from behind and hovered up to put his chin on your head.
"What? Your sweaters?" You smiled mischievously. "Yeah, I get cold at night so I stole a few and then a few turned into a few more."
"You could've come found me." Ghostbur pouted a little and you turned around and pulled him down to your level, giving him a kiss to the cheek.
"I know but you wander sometimes and come back smelling like the sewer. These sweaters always smell like you." You protested.
"Well if you're going to keep stealing them I'm gonna have tio ask you to let me see how you look in them." Ghostbur begged and tickled you until you gave in and gave him a front row seat to your own fashion show.
All the same pants but several upon several oversized sweaters with blue stains down the middle and flowers seemingly sprouting from some.
Ghostbur loves it when you wear his clothes in other words. He likes how you look so swallowed by them and how warm you seem. How happy.
He tries to stop wandering and smelling like the sewer when he comes back so that you snuggle him instead of stealing his clothes.
Don't get him wrong, he loves seeing you just walking around in one of his sweaters but the guy has to wear something.
Deep down I think he feels like you going in public in his sweaters is kind of like a mark of him. Like everyone knows your his now. Deep down I think Ghostbur likes that aspect as a reminder that he still is a fragment of Alivebur.
Speaking of....
Alivebur (Pogtopia Era)
Wilbur hung his head where he stood in front the Nether portal and sighed heavily. It was pointless to try and win L'manberg back. They were tied and doubts were creeping in. Poor Tommy. Wilbur thought of Tommy now and how crushed he would be if they lost their nation to Dream and Schlatt.
"Would that really be so bad?" Wilbur thought and surprised himself. L'manberg was his melody. His symphonic masterpiece.
"Wil? You alright in there?" Your voice snapped him back to the living world and he turned around to see you. His sweet Melody. You were his anchor. If not fight for Tommy or L'manberg then you.
"Woah Darling what're you wearing?" Wilbur chuckled as he spotted your attire. A black and orange jacket that engulfed your arms and bore the logo of what looked like a gas station pump.
"I found this in a chest and thought it looked warm. The draft was getting to me." You explained and held our your arms to reveal the sleeves much too long. "But I think it's a little big."
"Well obviously. Could you not tell it was mine?" Wilbur lifted the hanging sleeve and found your hand under the fabric. He made quick work to shoving his hand down the sleeve and intertwining it with your fingers. A chill ran across his own and he realized just how cold you were.
"Really? It is?" Wilbur examined the old thing and felt nostalgic of L'manberg and his first moments in this new place so far from his desert homeland. Of course he hadn't told you about Utah yet and didn't plan on it either.
"Yeah. Its got my initials on the tag and everything." Wilbur pointed our and pulled you close to him. "Though you can keep it. Old thing needs a new home anyway." Wilbur smiled and kissed you softly. Your free hand came and cupped his cheek with the sleeve limp against his face as well.
This made him smile. His beautiful Song engulfed in his jacket. A perfect picture untouched by the madness that crept in his heart.
"Darling why are you wearing that?" Wilbur asked with a sharp edge taking his voice to a lower level. You stood before him wearing his trench coat and a beanie the color of fresh blood over your ears and framing your face rather beautifully. Wilbur couldn't deny even now in his foul mood that you looked pretty.
"It's cold and my coat practically falls off my shoulders. Techno's potatoes aren't exactly the most filling thing." You responded and curled beside him under the oak tree he sat against.
It was raining and Wilbur was brooding. The ravine echoed horribly like a train was rumbling above them when it rained and it often conflicted with the rebellion leader's thoughts. (How ironic for the state of his future.)
"I'm sorry." Wilbur muttered and kissed your head absently.
"Do you mind me wearing your clothes?" You asked him shakily and Wilbur realized how pissed he must've sounded.
"Oh no! Not at all. As long as you're comfortable my love." Wilbur thought of his plan. His promise to Tommy if they lost and what would happen to him, to you both, after it was done. "I was just irritated at myself, I'm sorry for my tone."
"I know this is stressful Wil. Don't worry, we'll get L'manberg back." You said and rested your head against his shoulder.
"Promise me Darling that whatever happens to me you'll stay this optimistic." Wilbur laughed and you smiled faintly, sleep already taking you from his words.
Pog!Alivebur really doesn't mind. As long as you're safe and warm he doesn't care and actually encourages it. I don't have a lot else to say really.
He knows what's going to happen soon and just wants your last moments with him to be happy ones. Even if he is a brooding emo villain boy at the time.
Alivebur (L'manberg Era)
Wilbur crept through your cottage carefully. The night chirped with his footsteps as he avoided the creaky planks from the poor architecture. Once L'manberg was finally at peace he'd build you a real house with a cellar to keep all your fancy wines, or whatever you collected, and a shed out back for storage, and a porch that you could watch the sunset on next to him. For now though he had to focus on not waking you.
Wilbur poked his head into your room slowly and nearly tripped over himself as he stood up straight in the doorway. You didn't have any blankets and only one pillow that was bent to rest under your head and be held by your soft hands close to your chest.
For warmth you were snuggled under what appeared in the moonlit room as his uniform coat. The startling blue fabric encompassed you completely and Wilbur couldn't help but stare.
"Wil?" You muttered and only then did Wilbur realize he had walked over and was caressing your cheek gently as if it were porcelain.
"Y/N? Is that you?" Wilbur rubbed at his eyes and shuffled over the grass to your side. It was late and you couldn't sleep.
Ever since the war had been declared you hadn't felt safe going home so you were living in the van with your general boyfriend and his forever cooking potions.
"Did I wake you?" You clutched the coat that swallowed your body closely against the bitter night wind.
"No of course not. I just got colder than usual. " Wilbur kissed your temple and put his head on your shoulder. "Are you wearing my coat?" He asked.
"Oh yeah, I thought it would be chilly out here so I grabbed it. Do you want it back?" You begin to shrug off the blue fabric but a hand stops you abruptly.
"No No, you keep it. It's about time Dream sees who's side you're on." Wilbur smiles.
"Only yours Wilbur."
"That's just what I wanted to hear Darling."
He melts honestly. Ugh and when you take it off and it smells like you? Instant joy.
Wilbur is a man of passion and to see one of the things he's passionate about sporting one of his jackets or sweaters or whatever it just destroys him.
You've tried wearing his glasses a few times but that doesn't always work out bc he ends up not being able to see you all that well.
Wilbur didn't pay attention to his clothes a lot so you thought it'd be fine if you took one of his spare sweaters. Just one from the stash he kept at your apartment. Nothing serious and it wasn't like you were going to steal it forever, you were just cold and lonely now.
"Y/n, why are you wearing that?" A growl responded to the jump of your body to the sound of a creaking door.
Turns out his lack of attention to such objects does not decline their attachment value.
"I got cold. Sorry, you weren't home and I needed to work in the garden so a sweater seemed more practical than a blanket-"
"Why are you still talking? Of course it's fine, but if you're going to wear my clothes go out in them." Wilbur was clingy when he was home and was practically rubbing on you like a cat. "Show the world that you're mine." He uttered in your ear and a chill ran along your arms.
"Are you still cold? Why don't we go to bed early, or take a hot shower. It's been a long day darling, lets just spend the night together. You can wear my jumper and boxers if you'd like." Wilbur nuzzled your neck and you chuckled.
Wilbur was sweet like that. You'd do something you'd never done before and he'd basically get right on board with it like now.
"Wil you're gonna smother me!"
Simpbur is very encouraging about this kind of stuff. He adores you in his clothes and just wants to show the world that you're his for sure in such a way.
Might seem a little angry at first but really he's just kicking himself for not thinking of such a scenario in his head already, like damn. He's a creative musician madly in love and he didn't think of the most cliche couple thing ever? Ugh.
Revivebur wasnt exactly the most attentive partner after his second chance and for a while he wasn't around at all and you didn't so much as see a glimpse of his shadow around the SMP. Then one day when you're curled up in an old sweater you found laying around he barges back into your life like he hadn't just ignored you for half a year.
"Darling darling I am so so sorry I've been away, I've had to see everything since my revival and I just-" He stops dead in his theatrics and pauses on the moth bitten item of clothing you wear.
"What is that?" He asks. You look down at the fabric, analyzing the deep blue stain running down the middle and droplets of the same color right along the collar.
"An old sweater of yours. From when you were first here." You mutter and pull the sleeves over your hands in melancholy contentment.
"Take it off." Wilbur's voice demanded.
"Excuse me? You hardly have any authority to tell me what to do right now and much less to tell me, no to demand, that I remove a SINGLE article of clothing when you've hardly as much as looked my way since you earned your 'new lease on life!'" You were in Wilbur's face before you knew it and an incredulous look was on his own. A response quick on his tongue as he hissed.
"Darling, I know I've done you wrong but if you're going to wear my clothes its not going to be remnants of a weak and pitiful man that has been dead for nearly fifteen years." Wilbur was quiet in his words and his hands made quick work of keeping you close to his chest, his lips a ghost over the shell of your ear.
"There'll be plenty of time for the 'removing of clothing' as you put it, after we talk like civilized people."
"I loved that 'weak and pitiful man' and the ghost that replaced him. You are hardly a shell of what they were." You shit back. You thought Wilbur would be the same when you got the news of his new life. You should've read the clues of the ones who told you. The grave faces and sunken eyes, the grief and fear that laced their words like drugs in candy at a college party.
"You take that back." Wilbur growled and you pulled away from his tight grip.
"I'm going to talk to you Wilbur but I will not apologize until you prove yourself worthy of the same love I gave to Alivebur and Ghostbur." You stated and clung to the stained sweater. It didn't matter if the stain was the blood of the man before you or the one that died November 16th, this was Wilbur's sweater and it was all you had right now.
This was the only scenario I could really think of for Revivbur bc I've only been able to imagine him as very possessive and dismissed of his past selves, so yeah. Very aggressive and kind of *ahem* needy when he finally says hello to you.
I know I know its not exactly "Stealing Clothing HC's" or whatever but I thought it was cute and fit the request. If you would like me to do it again but in a different way you're welcome to request that. I'm also not opposed to doing a specific HC bit for just one of the Bursonas if that is what some of you would enjoy as well.
Anyway, hope you all liked it. I know I said it would've been out yesterday but an emergency came up considering my Thanksgiving celebration and had to be addressed by moi.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone and see you all very soon 💛💙
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Ghostbur ... I miss you
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I think they found our ghost friend :)
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sternenwaisin · 4 months ago
I love to believe that Ghostbur and Friend are still together since both are gone.🌱
Tumblr media
I really love how it turned out.
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Get one >>here<< :D:D:D
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It's never my time to die.
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deleted scene from the wilbur dsmp finale. really happy to have been involved in something so big <3
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achievement made! -> lamenting your hope 
(REBLOGGG!!!! If u only like ill cry a lot)
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Obsessed with the doesthedogdie's page for the dreamsmp
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a train station full of shadows
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connor's going to plop friend into ghostbur's arms and b like here's ur boyfriend ig and then sit down in his shitass beanbag chair and force everyone to play mario kart with him. MD chooses princess peach, ghostbur gets toad. they play rainbow road first and schlatt almost breaks the tv. rtgames is there for some reason and he's kicking their asses
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