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Lion tattoo Ideas and Meaning
Lion tattoo Ideas and Meaning
Wildcats are a very popular motif, which is why we would like to introduce you to the attractive lion tattoo in this article. With the help of a tattoo, you can not only flaunt certain messages or preferences, but also incorporate your very own personal style. Tattoos can be classic, modern or minimalistic, represent a simple 2D image or impress with a 3D effect, be black and white or colorful,…
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I just found your Tumblr and I love your content of W40K
Can I request the primarchs getting tattoos?
Primarch, but they are getting tattoo
Fulgrim: canonically love that shit. He gets normal ones that are "temporary" due to primarch healing, because he just can't CHOOSE just one design!!!
Ferrus: probably get a few small meaningfull tattoo on his chest, all done personally by Fulgrim. Things like name and place, pretty boring to look at.
Lorgar: .... Do I need to say anything lol??
Vulkan: not into tattoo, but LOVE scarifications!! Has some beautiful pattern on his skin! Especially a dragon across his hips.
Magnus: mf can just CHOOSE to have one some days or not. Lucky Asshole. Change idea as much as Fulgrim,
Perturabo: that involve getting out of armour and have someone touch him. Disgusting. He would probably like one to remind him of Calliphone.
Sanguinius: Get a matching one with Horus, because he's a romantic like that, it's probably a dual symbol, like an union of their insignia or a winged wolf. Get it covered during the Heresy with something baal themed, maybe that great leopard.
Horus: matching tattoo with Sanguinius, and a few more that remind him of his sons. Probably even has a bunch of shitty tribal he got as a kid on his arms.
Rogal: crest of the Dorn family, on his back. He also has that infamous Imperial fist brand lol.
Konrad: That involve people touching him. Bad. Would doodle on his arms lil bats and dead things with sharpies. He's a terrible artist.
Corvus: She has quite a few aesthetic tattoo, think goth style and line work, all in black ink, no colors. Very pleasing to look at. Probably has lil black wings on her shoulder blades, because she's a dork.
Angron: he has his own form of ritual scarification. Would not sit still enough to be tattooed.
Mortarion: No one is touching him. Would probably like watercolor tattoo.
Alpharius Omegon: no one is sure what tattoo they have, it always seem to change. They actually apply Fulgrim technique and just go with temporary stuff.
Lion: has rather beautiful tattoo of the beasts of Caliban.
Leman: his tattoo may look like shit and the kind of stuff you find on asshole frat bro, but they are VERY meaningful to him. Has the names of his og wolf family tattooed in runic on himself.
Jaghatai: So. Much. Tattoo. Lot's of geometric forms and patterns, that actually are an elaborate visual language that tell the story of his home and legion. They go up to his knuckles and finger and look very good as he move them around.
Roboute: He got the cliche mom tattoo in a heart. Probably never really thought about him, but got a few after waking up. Things that reminded him of his life, 10 000 years ago, and that he did not want to forget.
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Hailee’s Tattoos Prompts
A/N: Holy shit guys we made it to another follower milestone!!! 😲😲
I had this idea and Cass said I should so here it is! :)
Send me a prompt and a man and I will write something for you to celebrate!! (I only write for Poe, Din, Cassian, Ezra, Javi P. and Marcus M. right now!)
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Deconstructed Compass - “Do you trust me?”
Geometric Lion -  "Does that feel good?”
Simplistic Mountains - “You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”
Smiley Face -”I’m not joking.”
Kiwi Doodle- “I’m into it.”
Squiggly Horse - “I want you with me.”
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Best Tattoo Ideas For fellas in 2021
Obtaining a tattoo is ending up being progressively mainstream. We see an increasing number of men and women with remarkable body art, as well as we can not help it yet obtain a minor impulse to go to a tattoo store ourselves.
Prior to we head out to a tattoo store, there are really 5 actions we need to care for very first.
Step 1: Come up with a significant tattoo concept
Action 2: Present the idea to a tattoo artist
Action 3: Collaborate with a tattoo musician on getting it designed distinctively for us
Tip 4: Locate a tattoo store
Step 5: Schedule a consultation to obtain tattooed
In this blog post, we will try to help you with the very first step-- where to discover incredible tattoo concepts for guys that will certainly assist you change your suggestion right into a workable style.
Listed below you will certainly discover more than 100 tattoo suggestions for men-- do not hesitate to leap right to the tattoo designs.
Background of Tattoos for Guys
Tattoos have in fact been around for thousands of years-- with tattooed mommies prepared to indicate!
However, it did take a while until the tattoos became mainstream in the world as we know it today.
Generally, till mid 20th century, tattooing was intermittently done by endure people such as John O'Reily and also Emma Burgh.
Among the tattoo styles that we understand today, which was originally popularized for males was Sailor Jerry tattoo style.
Around 50s, tattoos were taken into consideration an indicator of masculinity, and mostly related to the underground world of troublemakers as well as criminals.
By the 70s, tattoo stores became increasingly preferred as well as gradually tattoo art was no longer reserved for the society's castaways.
Tumblr media
Historically, men tattoos were done as a rite of passage in lots of societies-- going from young boys to guys with a special and also significant design for the man in question.
In the West, with the uprising of Sailor Jerry and also Navy tattoos, various type of tattoo designs for guys were popularized. There are also enjoyable tattoo suggestions that are a preferred theme.
To name a few, purposeful tattoo layouts for men include:
Family members tattoos-- a tattoo that will certainly depict the infinite bond a male feels to his family, partner, and also parents.
Animal tattoos-- preferred animal tattoos for men consist of pets like lions, bears, ravens, serpents as well as wolves with strong symbolism of toughness, getting over obstacles and endurance like phoenix metros, or perhaps just animalistic items, such as plume tattoos.
Tribal tattoos-- visually pleasing with a solid message of perseverance, masculinity, toughness, and also endurance, tribal tattoos have emerged from far societies right into the Western mainstream, and also with a great reason-- they are a problem on their own, with their meaning primarily hidden for everyone but the individual using it.
Geometric tattoos-- lines and forms lug a lot of significance, even though they would certainly look abstract to the remainder of the world.
Practical tattoos-- depictions of nature like moons, watches, roses, compasses, women figures and fictional personalities prevail in sensible sleeve designs for men.
Conventional tattoos-- from Seafarer Jerry to neo-traditional tattoo styles, the unique aesthetic of conventional tattoos are particularly pleasing to men, with their definitions ranging from fun and also eccentric to deep meanings such as tattoos devoted to mommies.
Flower tattoos-- either making use of a details flower (a fave of your mom) like a cherry bloom tattoo, or with something dainty like a daisy tattoo, you can likewise go with your mommy's birth blossom to consist of in your tattoo.
Heritage tattoos-- a tattoo devoted to recognizing one's origins as well as culture, these tattoos can be combined with modern-day signs to produce significant tattoo layouts, such as Irish as well as Celtic tattoos, or Indigenous American tattoos, for example
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Minimalist mountain tattoo ideas
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If you are a travel lover, and you are also a tattoo lover. This galaxy tattoo also incorporates some flowers, so the feminine temperament is also added to it. If you want a more realistic mountain tattoo you may get the natural-looking image of the mountain you like most of all. Stunning appearance, purple ink makes this design dreamy and beautiful. At least to the person who chose the unique. No tattoo design is meaningless or ugly because there's always something bigger behind it. Plus they’re just plain cool-looking Check out this amazing tattoo from an Instagram feed. Mountains represent stability, which can be seen as an equilibrium between chaos and order in this crazy world we live in now. The greatest combinations for mountain tattoos are the sun, the moon, forests, trees, waterfalls, animals and rivers. Getting some body art inked is, probably, one of the best ways for self-expression - be it a drawing in remembrance of your past beliefs or shenanigans, or be it a minimal tattoo filled with deep meanings. Minimalist Rocky Mountain Tattoo A mountain tattoo is a perfect choice for those who love nature and travel. It may speak about your strong character it may show your authority or may just represent your love towards nature. These tattoos can symbolize different things which mostly vary from person to person. Traditional tattoo art lovers may like black shaped and bold tattoos which have a kind of power and mysticism in them. line, minimal side ink, minimalistic tattoos, mountain tattoo, simple. If you like you can get a colorful tattoo using the watercolor style. You can get a small simple image of a mountain or a more complicated design in a large size. Although this penguin tattoo only uses thin lines to design the outline, it still looks cute and vivid. Not only this, mountain lions are considered an emblem of nobility, strength, self-assurance, leadership, patience, and guardianship. The tattoo is inked with solar and sun vibrancy and symbolizes cougars and panthers. These tattoos can be worn in various sizes. The minimalist style can be used to design almost any element, such as the sun, moon, flowers, animals, etc., and they perform very well. Mountain Lion Tattoo The tattoo design may seem peculiar to you, but it has a great symbolic association. In most cases they are depicted in geometric shapes as their sharp forms allow tattoo artists create perfect geometrical design that bring out the image of a mountain. As today landscape tattoos are becoming more and more popular people wear different kinds of nature tattoos including forests, sunset or sunrise and mountain tattoos make a separate category where you can see very spiffy ideas for a mountain tattoo. The most breathtaking thing about mountains is that they are too powerful, always high and proud of being so strong elements of nature. Tattoos of bicep mountains are great tattoo options for guys There is a minimalist mountain tattoo as well as a largely used mountain tattoo. If you feel as if the breathe and the height of mountains are the things you need most of all in your life, then wear an unrepeatable mountain tattoo on your skin. If nature can inspire artists so much that they create awesome tattoos with natural motifs then mountain tattoos are not only good ideas but also have peaceful charm in them.
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Lion Chest Tattoo Ideas Symbols of masculinity, strength, courage, loyalty and loyalty are all perfectly suited for chest tattoos on men.
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Hand Tattoo Designs For Guys
The best ideas for hand tattoos for boys and girls. Whether you want artwork on top of the hand or drawings that extend from the hand to the wrist and up your arm, check out the pictures below to find some sick hand tattoos you’ll love for a lifetime!
Tumblr media
Hand Tattoos For Men Suits And Tattoos Hand Tattoos Tattoos
You can also wrap the entire plant around your wrist and up your arm, with the thorns enveloping your fingers.
Tumblr media
Hand tattoo designs for guys. Otherwise, there are some badass hand tattoo designs. Inner arm tattoos for men; Tattoos | tattoo friday | tattoo art | tattoo design | hand tattoo designs for guys | hand tattoos pictures | hand tattoos small | simple hand tattoos | hand… more 119 pins
The traditional style rose is one of the most beautiful and elegant tattoos that women can get. With bright and vivid colors making up the majority of the tattoo, this tattoo can look incredibly. Beautiful zebra pattern red rose design tattoo for men.
Once connected with hoodlums and groups, hand tattoos today address intense, solid, and manly characters. Tattoos by staff august 8, 2017. You also can try a straightforward geometric hand tattoo design or pattern on the back of.
38 best hand tattoos for men: For hand tattoos, a rose tattoo is one of the best ideas because it is one of the more complex flowers. Here are 50 hand tattoos for both sexes below.
Many guys like to have scary tattoos on their body and there is a devil tattoo on the hand of this boy. But more and more men get small and minimal tattoos. For this reason a lot of people, including celebrities, opt for hand tattoos that everyone will be able to see.
Hand tattoos are like your hood ornaments, and they are the first thing people notice, so get a classy design. We’re always making an impression with our hands, whether it’s with a handshake or the gestures we use while speaking. Check out these awesome designs if you want to see the best finger tattoos for men.
Tiny half moon hand tattoo design for girls. Lower back tattoos for men; Whatever your reason for getting inked, our gallery is a collection of awesome hand tattoos.
As a beautiful addition to your body, this intricate piece represents new beginnings, promise, and hope. Cool traditional man woman design both hand tattoo idea for men. But not so much for detailed designs like animal heads and flowers.
The next photos can play the role of inspiration for you if you’re still looking for a good idea for a hand tattoo. Butterfly tattoo designs for women. Read the meaning of each carefully.
That is on the grounds that tattoos on your hand normally can’t be hidden by undergarments. Most of these work well regardless of finger sizes. Skeleton tattoo design look cool and amazing for men.
While women prefer more delicate and elegant tattoos, men like to get more difficult tats. Traditional rose hand tattoo for guys. Traditional watch flower hand tattoo for men.
Instead, a man might opt for a small tattoo to accent the rugged features of his hands, using the design to highlight strong fingers, or callouses that reveal interesting hobbies. Most common hand tattoo designs for men are skulls and other traditional styles. Types of hand tattoos & designs for men and women both.
When we are talking about hand tattoo designs, there are lots of tattoo designs available like small hand tattoo designs, buddhist hand tattoos, praying hand tattoo, rose tattoos on hands, skull tattoos on hand, flower tattoos, skeleton, rosary, star tattoos, butterfly, lion, tiger, joker,. Men making the leap into highly visible tattoos don’t have to get huge pictures drawn on their backs like paintings, or designs covering a leg. For example, hand tattoo designs are sometimes single dotted lines, some shapes, or symbols.
30+ attractive arm band/ hand band tattoos for men 2021 | best arm band tattoos. As a season brings a lot of occasions to celebrate, every day nowadays going to introduce its magnificent collaboration with fashion and style. Cool tattoo designs ideas for your hand.
See more ideas about hand tattoos, tattoos, tattoos for guys. Colored traditional butterfly full hand tattoo design for men. Show off your nationality, or your love for the us, with an american flag tattoo.
Whether in full color or black and white, american flag tattoo designs are instantly recognizable and will mark you as a true patriot. The most common and popular hand tattoos for men are roses , cross , skull, lion , and small meaningful symbols. You can also have a tattoo of your spirit animal on your hand and the very best design would be of animals like a lion or tiger.
But others are only recommended for people with large hands and fingers. Mandala hand tattoos for women. You can have anything from a huge flag covering your whole back to a smaller flag on your arm or leg.
See more ideas about hand tattoos, tattoos, hand tattoos for guys. Hand band tattoo for men on arm at aliens tattoo india. However, many cool hand tattoos for guys are also motivational or inspirational in some way.
If you find yourself convinced that you need to get a good hand tattoo, well then here are some hand tattoo ideas that you can try out for yourself. The dagger on the left hand also looks beautiful. Nevertheless, sometimes guys just want to display really great artwork.
Spiked mace tattoo on the hand. Tiger designs are the symbols for bravery so one who is brave enough or wants to show their bravery to others without doing anything by showing this kind of tattoo design. Dotwork mandala tattoo on the right hand.
Tumblr media
Top 87 Demon Tattoo Ideas 2021 Inspiration Guide Satanic Tattoos Tattoos For Guys Demon Tattoo
Tumblr media
Joker Tattoo On Hand Small - Best Tattoo Ideas In 2021 Joker Tattoo Hand Tattoos Joker Tattoo Design
Tumblr media
Top 71 Simple Hand Tattoo Ideas - 2021 Inspiration Guide Hand Tattoos For Guys Tattoo Designs Men Simple Hand Tattoos
Tumblr media
45 Fabulous Hand Tattoos For Men - Tattoos - Fabulous For Handtat - Art - Art Fabulous Skull Hand Tattoo Hand Tattoos For Guys Skull Tattoo Design
Tumblr media
Sparrow Tattoos For Men Hand Tattoos For Guys Hand Tattoos Tattoos For Guys
Tumblr media
Hand Tattoos World Tattoo Gallery Hand Tattoos For Guys Tattoos For Guys Arm Tattoos For Guys
Tumblr media
Pin On Tattoo
Tumblr media
Top 51 Realistic Lion Tattoo Ideas - 2021 Inspiration Guide Lion Hand Tattoo Men Hand Tattoos Lion Tattoo
Tumblr media
Pin On Hand Tattoos For Men
Tumblr media
Pin On Tatoo
Tumblr media
Redirecting Hand Tattoos For Guys Best Sleeve Tattoos Sleeve Tattoos
Tumblr media
Most Stunning Hand Tattoos Skull Hand Tattoo Wrist Tattoos For Guys Hand Tattoos For Guys
Tumblr media
Thumb Tattoos Designs Men - Cerca Con Google Hand Tattoos For Guys Thumb Tattoos Tattoos For Guys
Tumblr media
30 Patience Tattoo Designs For Men - Word Ink Ideas Patience Tattoo Hand Tattoos For Guys Small Hand Tattoos
Tumblr media
101 Cool Tattoos For Men Best Tattoo Ideas Designs For Guys 2021 Cool Tattoos For Guys Tattoos For Guys Hand Tattoos For Guys
Tumblr media
Half Sleeve Tattoos For Men Forearm Clock Hands Arm Tattoos For Guys Tattoo Sleeve Men Half Sleeve Tattoos Drawings
Tumblr media
101 Best Hand Tattoos For Men Cool Design Ideas 2021 Guide Hand Tattoos For Guys Hand Tattoos For Women Hand Tattoos
Tumblr media
50 Unbelievable Tattoos For Men - Inconceivable Ink Design Ideas Hand Tattoos For Guys Skull Hand Tattoo Tattoo Designs Men
Tumblr media
50 Kleine Schaedel Tattoos Fuer Maenner Mortality Design-ideen - Mann Stil Tattoo Skull Tattoos Small Skull Tattoo Tattoos For Guys
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Wolf Sketch
Tumblr media
Check out our wolf sketch art selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.
Wolves have a very characteristic silhouette that can be drawn in a simplified way, without paying too much attention to the anatomy. Start with a long, rounded rectangle for the body. Then elongate its front to create a thick, fluffy neck. Don’t draw its tip too high over the body!
SketchBook Original: How to Draw Wolves General Wolf Anatomy. Let’s take a look at a simplified skeleton of the wolf first. It defines proportions of the parts. Wolf Expressions. Wolves are social animals, and they have developed a variety of facial expressions to let their.
Want to discover art related to wolf? Check out amazing wolf artwork on DeviantArt. Get inspired by our community of talented artists.
Pencil Drawings Of Wolves
Wolf Sketch Tattoo
Learning how to draw a wolf can be fun and you will be excited about what you can do after you check the tutorials, we prepared for you. But before that here are some facts that will make you even more curious.
Find the perfect wolf picture from over 2,000 of the best wolf images. Free to download. All high-quality images. Plenty to choose from.
They always hunt in packs, rarely wolves have been spotted hunting alone
Packs can start from just two wolves and go up to thirty
They live on average 6-8 years old
They can sense another animal from up to a mile away
Although they don’t like it, they can also swim
Their top speed when running is around 40 miles per hour
The howling they do is actually a way of communication with each other, communicating if they are ready to hunt or stay away from danger
Wolves are some of the most known animals in an artist’s world because you can do so many things with them. You can draw characters, build stories and really get the attention of people. Wolves are well-known that they hunt in packs and they support each other. They have an interesting system of teamwork and each of them has a precise role in the pack.
Tutorials on how to draw a wolf
How to Draw a Wolf Step by Step
Do you want to learn to draw a wolf? This tutorial shows it step by step the entire process. You will understand how to create the pose, the body, and the right proportions. It’s really a cool tutorial that offers all the info you need to draw a wolf.
How to Draw a Running Wolf
Wolves are for sure big members of the dog family. They are loyal and powerful animals. In this guide, you will learn how to draw a wolf step by step just using a pencil and some paper.
How to Draw a Wolf’s Face & Head Step by Step
The challenging part of understanding how to draw a wolf it’s when you reach his head. This tutorial shows you how to do it from the front view and gives examples for every step. It will take some time to complete it because it is a long tutorial but even a beginner can learn from it with some practice and patience.
How to draw a wolf
Check this tutorial if you were searching for a video format that helps you learn how to draw a wolf. It begins with some easy wolf drawings that focus on the shape and body and ends with the details part. It’s a real complete tutorial that shows everything you need to know in order to start your wolf drawing.
Pencil Drawings Of Wolves
How to Draw a Fluffy Crested Wolf
All the instructions in this guide were made to help any artist that wants to understand better how to draw wolves and can get you closer to that.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Maned Wolf
This wolf looks similar to a red fox, but its true name is actually a canid. They live in South America. Follow this tutorial step-by-step to see how you can draw your own.
How to Draw a Majestic Wolf
Drawing a realistic wolf takes a lot of skill and practice. This tutorial was made to help artists discover how to draw a wolf in a pro way. It gives tips on proportions, shading and much more. Have a look!
How to Draw Cartoon Wolves from the Word Wolf Easy Steps Drawing Tutorial
Learn to draw this cartoon wolf and show it to your artist’s friends once you know it. They will be impressed, and you might find yourself in the teacher position showing them how to do it. It is perfect for both pro and beginner artists.
Step by Step Drawing tutorial on drawing a Wolf
This tutorial has around 9 steps that can be done using just geometric shapes like circles, squares and lines!
How to Draw a Baby Wolf
Maybe a good idea is that before you start learning how to draw a wolf in its adult size the baby version can be a better foundation. This tutorial has all the steps that you need to understand and draw that.
How to Draw a Wolf
Wolf Sketch Tattoo
Curious to learn how to draw a wolf? If the answer is yes, go ahead and check this guide that will offer the steps you need. Grab a piece of paper, an eraser and start drawing with your pencil. If you want to have fun and also color it, get some colored pencils and complete your wolf.
Drawing A Wolf in 5-steps
This guide has 5 easy steps that can be followed by kids and beginner artists to create their first wolf drawing.
How to Draw Wolf O’Donnell from the Star Wolf Team with Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial
If you heard of the Star Wolf Team before chances are quite big that you will enjoy this tutorial. Learn how to draw Wolf O’Donnell and enjoy yourself while doing this.
How to Draw Cartoon Vicious Wolves in Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial
Vicious wolves sound exciting. If you get these illustrated steps with some time you will understand how to draw them, and the tutorial will also be useful for future vicious references. Just try and see if it works for you.
How to Draw Wolf Pup
Tumblr media
Wolves have been a top predator in nature for a long period of time. In this tutorial, you understand their strength and how you can draw them in your art ideas. Draw your own wolf pup together with the rest of the pack and understand all the rules behind them.
In conclusion, discovering how to draw a wolf can be a cool experience if you give it some time and practice. The tutorials for sure can help you get what you need so it’s just a matter of choosing the ones that will work for you.
If you enjoyed reading this article about drawing wolves, you should read these as well:
How to draw a lion face and body (Tutorials for beginners)
How to draw a monkey: Easy step by step tutorials
Download these Paint Tool SAI Brushes with a few simple clicks
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11 Best Ideas Of Space Tattoo Designs
Space is a fascinating mystery to which many people are trying to find an answer. Pictures with planets, starry sky are a stylish decor, a spectacular screensaver on your phone and PC, as well as a good solution for creating an original picture on your body. Space tattoo design is a set of ideas that can be translated into reality - to fill a real canvas with celestial bodies and planets or an elegant chain with stars.  Space in all its infinity and its splendor has always fascinated the minds of mankind. Cold endless emptiness with myriads of stars and planets, the limits of which the human brain is unable to recognize.
The Meaning of Space Tattoo Designs
Each space tattoo designs, regardless of whether there is text or not, has a polysemantic, complex meaning. Depending on the color scale, the choice of celestial bodies, the image can be interpreted as power, peace, infinity, and boundlessness. Space tattoo designs are the choice of creative, comprehensively developed personalities. In addition, color space tattoo design with constellations have their own interpretation:
constellation of twins - contradiction, duality;
Sagittarius - wisdom, philosophical beginning; scales - harmony, moderation;
lion - courage, fire;
cancer - fruitfulness;
adherence to tradition.
Tumblr media
Space tattoo design of @tatuajera.art via Instagram
Interesting Fact About Space Tattoo Design
A space tattoo design with stars is a symbol of love, luck, and the Moon and Earth mean feminine strength. The sun is a symbol of courage. To attract good luck, you should come up with a sketch with one or more stars. Space sketches for tattoos are often chosen by true dreamers who secretly think about our Universe and want to see it at least once outside of pictures. Such people are attracted by the unknown and tempted by the cosmic expanses. As a subject for a space tattoo design, space can mean the versatility and mystery of a person who decides on such a tattoo. The meaning of such global motives is always ambiguous. Someone admires the beauty and perfection of geometric abstractions, someone is fascinated by the mystery of the possible presence of other civilizations and forms of life - the scope for fantasies in the subject of "space" is also endless.
Tumblr media
Space tattoo design @dementetattoos via Instagram
Suitable Places On The Body For A Tattoo With Space
Small space tattoo designs look beautiful and harmonious on the wrists, neck, ankles. If the tattoo has a larger area, then it can be placed on the thigh, forearm, back, or sides. The calf area on the leg is great for drawing the image of the planet. The choice of the location of the tattoo depends on several parameters, including the shape, size, detailing features, and the way the drawing is implemented.
Tumblr media
Space tattoo design @art.cork via Instagram
More Details About Space Tattoo Designs
Space Tattoo Design With The Sun- it always means power, strength, light, enlightenment. The sun is considered a masculine symbol. It carries the strongest energy of both creation and destruction, and the balance of forces is always important;
Tumblr media
Space tattoo design [email protected] seafarer via Instagram
Space Tattoo Design With The Moon- Itis a female symbol. She is mysterious and duality, like any representative of the beautiful half of humanity;
Tumblr media
Space tattoo design @tattooist_sigak via Instagram
Space Tattoo Design With The Sun And The Moon- on the image they can be side by side, merge to form a certain symbol, or be located on different hands. In any case, the meaning is the unity of two opposites, day and night, light and shadow, warmth and cold, good and evil, male and female energy. A peculiar interpretation of the eastern Yin-Yang symbol;
Tumblr media
Space tattoo design [email protected] via Instagram
Space Tattoo Design With The Star- another bright symbol of space tattoos. The general plan of the starry sky can speak of the strength and power of its owner, his lofty goals, and striving for the stars. The choice of a particular constellation can mean the sign of the zodiac under which a person was born, in this case, the tattoo emphasizes the character traits inherent in this sign.
Tumblr media
Space tattoo design of @marianaga92 via Instagram
Example For Space Tattoo Designs
1. Space Tattoo Designs On The Back
It allows you to bring to life any plot. It can be the solar system, colorful galaxies, or a fantastic alien battle. There is enough space for any painting. But you have to be patient. It will take several sessions to create such a masterpiece.
Tumblr media
Space tattoo design of @maddie_doodles via Instagram
2. Space Tattoo Designs On The Hand
You can make a small space tattoo design on your wrist. It will not attract attention, but it will retain its meaning and influence on a person. And lovers of large-scale paintings can choose a sleeve tattoo space . Planets, stellar expanses and constellations will look great here.
Tumblr media
Space tattoo design of @svorenikova via Instagram
3. Space Tattoo Designs On The Shoulder
Here you can play with the philosophical theme that the whole Universe is hidden inside each person. The idea of a space tattoo design is that through a cut on the skin one can see the cosmic spaces. It looks not trivial and has a deep meaning.
Tumblr media
Space tattoo design of @tattooist_sigak via Instagram
4. Space Tattoo Designs On The Leg
It looks most impressive when the entire leg is covered with drawings of space themes. Although it is more common to see medium-sized space tattoo designs on the thighs or calves.
Tumblr media
Space tattoo design of @alienwata via Instagram
Do not forget - the correct choice of the master is the key to success. Poor quality work will require tattoo restoration. This is a painstaking and lengthy process. In some cases, you cannot do without prior tattoo removal. Hope you got your own space tattoo design in this article.
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bagels-and-seagulls · 3 years
does badboy Matteo paint his nails? (for some reason I’ve been imagining him with black nails every time I read your hcs)
i’ve been thinking about this for a while, just like his appearance in general beyond the nails thing, and i have some ideas but i feel like it’s split between bb!matteo with bb!david and bb! with hj!david. so here are both!
bad boy matteo and bad boy david
-matteo once had an occasional client that was a piercing apprentice at a tattoo shop that couldn’t always front the bill for adderall pills that matteo sold her for half the price of her doctor’s office, so sometimes she would front the bill by offering a piercing and a drink to matteo with a smile that said she knew she was pushing her luck. matteo ends up getting an orbital piercing when he’s just a little bit drunk, two helixes in his other ear when he’s cross-faded, and the left side of his nose pierced when he’s black out. he wakes up the next morning each time with a piece of paper neatly folded into his pocket of the jacket he’s still wearing about how to take care of each one of them, and he keeps up with it fairly well, all things considered. he puts a silver hoop in his nose, and hans is the only that says anything about it, calls it cute and pinches his cheek like he was a baby. 
-the boys, after their first year at university, feeling a little bit nostalgic and a little bit melancholic for something that they couldn’t quite put their fingers on, all decide to get matching tattoos with a sudden burst of confidence and boldness. then they figure out how much good tattoos actually cost and end up looking up how to do stick and poke tattoos while in the bathroom of hanna’s new apartment after smoking a bowl like they were still all seventeen and knew what they were doing. they end up as garbled messes that no one can really make sense of, and no one agrees on what they’re supposed to be. jonas says it was a blunt, because that’s how they all became friends, and carlos always buts in to say that it was a beer bottle. abdi is confident that what he drew was a lion’s head, and that just confuses everyone, because why would they decide to get a lion’s head together? and matteo, well, he was really along for the ride anyways. now he just has a black mess on the the soft spot of his ankle that has a semi-funny story to go along with it. 
-hans would cut matteo’s hair for him for the low price of one dinner hand-made by matteo himself, and it’s nice because keeping up with an undercut takes a diligence that matteo did not realize the first time he let some girl shave the back of his head at some party ages ago. after a while, hans gets crafty with it and can cut little designs into it made with geometric lines.
-one day, matteo and david are in bed, and david is running his fingers through david’s hair. it’s getting long back here, david says, not meaning anything by it really, just wanting to say something because the way matteo was looking at him like he was something to be admired and hung up in a museum was making him a little overwhelmed. and matteo purses his lips up, like he has something to say but thinks better of it at the last second. what? david asks, with his interest peaked. you wanna do it? matteo asks, and david agrees easily enough because it can’t be that hard. 
-having matteo sit on the floor in the bathroom in front of him while he cards his fingers over his scalp to brush off tuffs of hair feels like a religious experience every time.
-david learns that hans can do designs with the razor and makes it a personal mission to be better at it for some reason. matteo doesn’t really care, doesn’t see the point of the effort when it’s just going to grow out in a couple weeks anyways, but he likes the way that david’s fingers feel gentle around his ears and on his neck. so he sits quietly for as long as david wants him to. 
-matteo colors his nails in with markers and pens and sometimes pencils when he’s in class because the teacher drones on sometimes, and drawing tiny little trees on his thumbnail seems far more exciting at the moment. one day when he’s at david’s apartment, poking around the living room while david is on the phone with laura, talking about what they had in the fridge for groceries, matteo finds a bottle of black nail polish that matteo picks up to spin around in his hands, and the urge to open it and use it on his thumbnail is so strong, that he ends up doing it without even realizing. are you going to do the rest of them? david asks from the doorway, and matteo looks up like he just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. sorry, he says and goes to put it down because he always had a problem with touching things that weren’t his. no, no, it’s okay, david says quickly. you can do the rest if you want. laura won’t mind. i probably use the black more than she does. and matteo stares down at the bottle and then looks up to david and sees that he’s serious, that he doesn’t care if matteo wants to do this or not. i don’t think i would be very good at it, matteo says, and david smiles and walks in the room and says, i can help. 
-matteo starts painting his nails off and on, without any conviction either way. he does it when he thinks about it and the option is there, and let’s it peel off and flake away completely before he does it again. david buys him his own bottle of jet black and puts it on his desk without him even noticing. 
bad boy matteo + hot jock david
-matteo has unruly and floppy hair that mia cuts for him once a month when he remembers to ask her. she doesn’t do anything too special, and he doesn’t ask for anything more complicated than off his neck and shorter around his ears. she always smiles at him when she’s done and ruffles his hair to get the last couple of strands out, and he smiles back and tells her that he’ll buy her a round the next time they’re out together.
-it’s getting kind of long, isn’t it? david asks one night when matteo is over, and he’s tried to push his hair out of his face at least six times since he started doing his homework. david tugs on one of the strands that fell in between matteo’s eyes, and matteo bats him away. mia’s been busy. i didn’t want to bother her, he says and goes back to his book, pushing the hair back like it’s muscle memory. i could ask laura if you want. she cuts some of her friends’ hair sometimes, david hums, and cards his fingers through the the hair at the back of matteo’s neck. i don’t want to bother, matteo says again, and david says that it’s nonsense and rolls out of bed right then to go and see what laura is doing. matteo trails after him and says that it isn’t a big deal, but his whispers are stopped short when they’re standing in front of laura on the couch, scrolling through her phone. would you mind cutting teo’s hair? david asks, and tugs on matteo’s arm until he’s standing in front of him, his hands on his matteo’s hips to keep him standing right there. laura doesn’t even stop looking at her phone when she answers, sure, right now? and matteo ends up sitting on a stool in the middle of their bathroom with laura cutting his hair with a pair of scissors that look like it was actually made to do that. and she’s chatting with david casually where he’s sitting on the counter, and matteo is just sitting between them, caught up with nerves about something he can’t quite place, feeling a little like he was going to throw up and gripping onto david’s ankle, trying not to move at all. 
-laura ends up cutting matteo’s hair once a month in a way that makes him look like he actually takes care of his it, and matteo doesn’t know how to repay her, offers to buy her dinner or something each time. and she always laughs a little bit at him and says that his company is payment enough, that she enjoys the little moment they get together. but matteo still always brings over her favorite type of cookies the next time he’s over anyways. 
-matteo has the right side of his nose pierced and a frontal helix on his left ear. david asks when he got them at one point, and matteo says that he doesn’t remember, that he went out one night, trying to sell some joints, and came back home later with a text from a number he didn’t recognize and two piercings that he only noticed because they hurt the next day still. he texts the number asking if they knew anything about the piercings, and never gets a response. he looks up how to take care of piercings online and ends up putting a silver stud in his nose. 
-matteo has two tattoos. one is a stick and poke on the inside of the his right ring finger that’s supposed to be the two dipper constellations together, but it’s so light, that it kind of just looks like a series of freckles. it takes david about a month of them hanging out for him to even notice it. he was playing with matteo’s fingers when they were sitting out on a balcony somewhere together and ran his finger over the dots, just to have matteo laugh and tell him it tickled. the other tattoo is a crescent moon on his left thumb. he gets that one done legit, from the same girl who does the stick and poke. she does it for a couple of euros for letting him practice on him unofficially when she was trying to get the gig she has now, and he tells her to call him when she gets a little bit better because he might have some ideas in the works. 
-matteo ends up walking in on david hanging out with sara and leonie at his apartment. he apologizes in the doorway and says that he must have gotten the time wrong, that he can come back later if they want. and they all tell him that it’s fine, and he should join them. david pulls him onto the living room floor to sit up close to him before he goes back to painting sara’s fingesr a bright blue while leonie is doing hers a deep red. did you want to join? leonie asks when she sees the way that matteo is eyeing her drying fingers. no, it’s alright, matteo says and shakes his head. you sure? leonie asks. it’ll be cute. you could do a blue or a red, and i think it would look really good with your skin tone. oh, maybe a green, she says and starts holding up some bottles near matteo’s hand, and he eventually agrees to let her try because she just seems so enthusiastic about it all of a sudden. and matteo hasn’t been able to get a read on if david’s friends liked him or not, even though he so desperately wants them to like him. david curls in close once he’s done with sara’s hands and wraps his arms around matteo’s stomach, who’s trying not to knock leonie’s work. he kisses matteo’s shoulder and murmurs, that’s a good color, into the fabric of his sweater. 
-leonie ends up painting matteo’s nails every time he ends up interrupting their little hang out, and matteo gets a little bit sad every time they end up chipping off within a week, not that he tells anyone that, not that david didn’t notice anyways. 
-i can get you some, if you want, david says to him one day with his hands on his face and his lips on his forehead. i’ll get you every color in the rainbow. you can paint them a different color every day if you wanted to. a different color for each finger, even. and matteo just shoves his face into david’s chest, feeling found out for some reason, and just goes, yeah, okay. 
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