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⁂~Falling for you, literally~⁂
Tumblr media
Summary -> You have fainting spell(s).
Note -> I think I read something that also involved fainting spells a while back. I got this idea since I felt really dizzy today (I'm sick after all). I didn't faint and have never fainted before - only almost fainting - so anyone who actually has fainting spells can correct me!
Featuring -> Xiao, Diluc
Genre -> Fluff
Tumblr media
"Hello, anyone still here?" You push the door open, being careful not to slam it. Examining the inside of the tavern, you notice spilled drinks, empty cups left behind on tables, and Diluc cleaning up.
"Your grace? I'm sorry, but the tavern is closed." Diluc drops the rag he used to clean the table aside, bowing slightly to you and walking behind the bar, "But, I don't mind making a quick drink for you,"
You smile at his offer, politely declining it though.
"Oh, okay then, is there anything else I can help you with?" Diluc peers behind you, making sure that no one is following you, holding the door open in case you decide to leave.
You pull up your sleeves and stroll over to the place where he left the rag, picking it up, "Oh, it's nothing. I just wanted to help clean up."
Diluc gently shuts the door, furrowing his eyebrows, "You really don't need to, your grace. I couldn't possibly make you clean." He offers his hand to you, seating you down close to the bar, "Please relax, I can do it."
"You can do it, yes," You stand up persistently, "but I'm sure it would be easier with an extra pair of hands."
You creep past him, grabbing back the rag with a cheeky smile. Diluc sighs, it seems like he can't convince you. He often checks up on you while you clean, always offering to continue himself if you feel tired.
"No, I'm fine. Just a little lightheaded. I haven't cleaned in a long time, so this is kind of refreshing!" You optimistically say, thinking back to all of the times you would clean while calling your friends back on Earth. All of the servants in your abode have been taking care of everything, which leaves you empty-handed.
You feel Diluc's palm press against your forehead. While he always did frown, he seemed to be frowning even more. He couldn't shake off that comment, even if you were only feeling a little lightheaded.
"Are you sure?" Diluc firmly asks.
You hesitate a bit, biting your lip. Before he could assume your answer was a 'no', you turn your head back to him, nodding.
Despite Diluc being so close to you, you feel like he still looks a bit... blurry. You stare at him in silence for a bit, rubbing your eyes, awkwardness slowly seeping into the conversation.
Then, you black out, your legs giving up on you.
Diluc catches you before you could fall, clutching onto your shoulders firmly. It was as if he had expected you to faint, though he would be lying if he said he didn't panic.
He used to have a maid who had fainting spells before, so Diluc knows how to handle to situation. However, his heart still raced after seeing you unconscious. Were you feeling stressed or anything?
He immediately picks you up into his arms, pulling you in closer to his chest. He rests you on the floor, your back against the wall. He continually checks on your condition, often shaking you delicately and trying to call you awake.
After a minute or so of calling you, you wake up. Blinking repeatedly, you stare around at realize that you're still in the tavern after blacking out. Gathering back the little bits of your composure left, you see Diluc heave an audible sigh of relief.
His clammy hands hold onto yours, "Do you still feel dizzy? Lightheaded?"
You take a deep breath, shaking your head. "I'm sorry to worry you like this, I have fainting spells once in a while, so don't worry." Diluc slowly lets go of your fists.
You could sense the anxiousness in him and staying around any longer would only make him worry even more. "I... think I should head home soon."
Diluc helps you up to your feet, a hand resting on your waist to make sure that you don't fall. "Alright, don't worry about the tavern. I'll clean it up by myself."
It felt... admittedly disheartening to not be of help, even with the fact that you were so stubborn about it. Nevertheless, you could already see the scenario of him insisting you return to your place playing in your head if continued to help out.
As you take a step out of the tavern, you hear his voice again. "Wait," a jacket drapes over your shoulders, "It's cold tonight. I'll walk you back."
You grip the jacket on your shoulders, only just realizing how freezing cold it was, "What about the tavern?"
"I would worry all night whether you got home safely or not, so it's better to make sure myself. Plus, your grace is always a top priority." He closes the door to the tavern behind him.
You huddle closer to the jacket, laughing, "Thanks a lot."
You notice him snap his head away from you once you properly put on the jacket, his flushed cheeks hidden by the palm of his hand.
Tumblr media
Xiao has the habit of checking up on you once in a while. Sometimes, it would be in the middle of the night, the blood of demons still staining his palms. Other times, it's when the sun is high in the sky, during the times you're strolling around nations or having a satisfying meal.
You told him about how he should be spending his time resting instead of always making sure you're alright. It was nice of him, but the servants around would think that he was breaking into your abode - especially since many have not seen the actual Adeptus in person.
Whether it was how he wanted to make sure you aren't in danger or how he secretly missed seeing you deep down, he had a reason in mind whenever he teleported to your side.
Imagine the dread that coursed through his body once he saw your unconscious body right next to your bed. His heart dropped and it felt like he didn't have any time to think.
Jumping into action, he hurriedly carried you in his embrace, pulling you closer so that you wouldn't fall out of his arms. Perspiration trickled down his forehead, his instinct telling him to bring you to Zhongli - or even anyone close by.
Xiao practically kicks down the door, rushing through the hallways to see if he can spot anyone he recognizes and - most importantly - can trust.
You finally wake up, registering the whole situation. He still hadn't realized that you were awake in his daze, shoulders tense and hands squeezing your arm.
You try to call out to him, even tugging his shirt, but no response.
"Xiao!" You grab onto his shoulders, shaking him violently until he finally looks at your clearly awake figure, "I'm okay,"
He blinks at you, tears almost welling up in him. His shoulders drop, and a slow smile forms on his face. His mouth agape, unsure of what to say, how does he even begin?
Once you try to get off, he doesn't let his iron grip go no matter how much you squirm and struggle. Xiao teleports the both of you to your room, slowly letting you down onto the comfort of your bed.
He falls to his knees, his body is slumped and his heavy breathing has slowed. Xiao glances at you once more, looking up at you, "You're okay..."
You slowly caress his face, your thumb wiping away the beads of sweat running down his face - or were those water droplets tears of relief?
"You're okay." He picks himself up sloppily and regains his balance, hugging you tightly, almost scared of letting you go. You slowly wrap your arms around him, allowing him to take his time. He seemed like he really needed it.
It felt so, so warm in your embrace. It was like an escape from all of his karmic debt. Xiao wouldn't know what to do if, by any chance, the reason why you got hurt was that he had passed on his karmic debt to you.
He didn't know how to stop his karmic debt, but he would always resiliently fight against its corruption - and one of his top reasons would always be you. Xiao wanted to wake up another day and see you, he wanted to be able to protect you from the things that threatened your safety, he wanted your praise.
He wanted to be strong for you.
If he had ever succumbed to it, the last thing he'd want is for you to be affected in any way, shape, or form. In vulnerable moments, he would only let you around.
Xiao steps back, taking a final look at you to ease his mind. "Your grace..."
"I'll be fine," You firmly convince him. Nonetheless, Xiao is always vigilant no matter the circumstance, he wouldn't leave your side anytime soon. "But, I wouldn't mind some company."
You pat the spot on the bed next to you, grinning at him.
Tumblr media
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⋆꙳•̩̩͙❅*̩̩͙‧͙ Day 5: Winter Walk ‧͙*̩̩͙❆ ͙͛ ˚₊⋆
Tumblr media
“Xiao, look!” you gasped, excitedly holding out your hand to capture the first falling snowflakes.
Xiao and you had been strolling around Guili Plains, enjoying the stillness and peace of the crisp winter air, far from the prying eyes of others. The two of you were either engaging in idle chatter or walking in comfortable silence as you admired the changing of the seasons. 
When you looked over at Xiao, beaming as the crystals settled on your glove, you found his amber eyes were already fixed on you. There was a soft smile playing around his lips as he studied your expression, committing all of it to memory as if he hadn’t done so thousands of times.
With a position and duty as his, it was easy to lose sight of life’s small joys, the little things that made life worth living. But as you invited him into your life, he suddenly found himself confronted with a huge number of them, almost overwhelmingly so. It took the adeptus quite some time to shift his perception of the world but as he did, Xiao finally understood why his former friends longed for this mundane existence.
“It’s snowing,” he said, mentally kicking himself for not coming up with something more profound to remark. The sound of your genuine laugh he had grown so fond of, remedied his anguish as soon as it had befallen him. 
“Look at this one.” Holding out your hand to him, he carefully held it between his and examined the snowflake on your index finger. Once more, he was struck with the realisation that he had never even bothered to look at the sparkling snow up close, taking in the tiny structures making it up. “They say that no two snowflakes are ever completely the same. It’s really cool when you think about it. I can’t wait ‘til more of them fall, it bet Liyue will look super pretty.”
“It will,” Xiao reassured you before stepping closer, softly wrapping your scarf tighter around you. “Do you want to head back to Wangshu Inn? We’ve been out here for a while and I don’t want you to catch a cold.”
“It’s just a bit of snow, I’ll be fine.” As you gazed into striking gold, your gloved fingers wrapped around his wrists and guided his palms to cup your cheeks. “Besides, I want to watch more of the snowfall.”
 “Hmm, you could see a lot farther from the top of the Inn though,” Xiao reasoned, “and we can come back tomorrow when more of it has fallen.”
“You’ve got a point. Alright, let’s call it a day.”
Leaning in, Xiao pressed a tender kiss to your forehead, his lips lingering on your skin just a little longer than usually. In the silent winter landscape, no other sound besides your breathing could be heard, a moment as delicate as a frozen bubble on water and you never wanted it to end.
“I love you, (y/n).” Before he could stop himself, the words had escaped him without any sense of where he was going with them or where the urgent need to confess them came. 
But you, beautiful you, only graced him with a knowing smile, quietly repeating them back to him, as if you were sharing a secret meant for only the two of you. Xiao still didn’t understand how you did it, how you reawakened the long forgotten side of him that looked upon the world with curiosity and wonder.
And maybe, he didn’t have to understand. Maybe, he could just indulge and open himself up to that feeling; to you.
“(Y/n),” Xiao called, intertwining his hands with yours as you hummed, “can you explain more of those mortal traditions to me?”
Tumblr media
⋆꙳•̩̩͙❅*̩̩͙‧͙  holly's 2022 advent calendar  ‧͙*̩̩͙❆ ͙͛ ˚₊⋆
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© 𝐬𝐜𝐚𝐫𝟒𝐝𝐨𝐥𝐥.
sub!xiao x dom!gn!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
first pic credit to xiaopicbot on twitter !
Tumblr media
You had wanted to try something new with Xiao , something exciting. You had convinced him to just let you take care of him after a stressful day , and after a long time he finally gave in. He panted as you went down on him. Giving him the best (and probably only) head he could ever have. “H-hahh.. Y/N..” He choked out. You hummed and gripped onto his thighs tightly. He whimpered and his legs shook from the amount of pleasure he was receiving from you.
You slid your hand up to his nipples and toyed with them , pinching and pulling on them as he winced and whined. “Y/N..~” He softly whined. You cocked your head and tweaked his nipple with your fingers. He kicked his feet and gripped onto the material below him. Tears welled up in his eyes as he felt himself coming closer and closer to cumming. “Fa-faster.. please faster..”
You teased him a little and slowed down. He groaned and pushed your head down on his cock. Your eyes widened as you gagged. He grabbed onto your hair and pushed your head down roughly. “Mmm… Y/N.. please..mph~~..” He moaned out. Feeling himself getting closer to cumming , he thrusted into your mouth one more time before cunning in your mouth. You popped off his cock and wiped your mouth. Xiao panted and wiped the sweat off his forehead and rested his eyes. You rested your head on his thigh and stroked his hand softly.
“Can..can we do that again?”
Tumblr media
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Summary: Moving in was a tough task, thankfully someone will be accompanying you, I wonder what what they’re like?
A collection of my personal headcanons and short scenarios regarding how my favourite genshin boys will be like as roommates! Mainly Platonic and Romantic (depends how you want to interpret it) fluff with some crack!
Characters: Zhongli, Xiao, Wanderer. (I will do a part 2, planning to include: Albedo, Kazuha, Rosaria, Heizou, Childe.)
Tumblr media
• Extremely Organised, from when you first entered the dormitory, the senior student had already expected your arrival and was courteous enough to prepare your wardrobe and sleeping quarters. There was no denial that you were pleasantly surprised.
•Even his section of the accommodation was tidy and orderly, various folders stacked into a neat divider, a selection of stationary and a rather comfortable chair parallel to the desk, decorated with a beige throw blanket.
•He greeted you with such formalities you began to question if he was secretly a professor instead of a student. Your visible confusion mixed with delight painted your face unusually, exerting a light, mellow chuckle from Zhongli. God, He already seemed so amiable, precious indeed.
•Over the first couple of days, you could say you adjusted perfectly to his schedule, taking your individual responsibilities up whilst still maintaining a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Often times when you both sauntered around the campus after your lessons had finished, you would arrive at the dorm and Zhongli would immediately brew any sort of tea.
• Emphasis on Often, He had a huge luxury stash of the finest teas and even coffees, though he didn’t particularly like the former. Spectrums of caffeinated beverages from iced peach tea, to oolong and even osmanthus..? Though you weren’t familiar with the last. Zhongli was quite proud of his collection, understandably. He had told you of his trips to China, expressing his love for his nation, and how he would constantly buy out the stocks of drinks they had.
•This leads you onto your next discovery, it seemed as if Zhongli had not learnt of money management as well as you had expected him to, for instance, you had to pry him away from his observations of new purchasable books at your local stationery shop, pleading how he would go into debt, though that was more for dramatic effect. He would admire the new pens with intense observation, i mean, new stationery right, who wouldn’t? Though you had to remind him of the abundance on his table, overflowing out of his already oversized pencilcase. My, Is he even a real economy student?
•Your slightly different personalities attached you two together like glue, it would be rare for somebody to see one without the other. Like recently, when Hu Tao’s eyebrows rocketed when she saw you alone in the library, bombarding you with questions. ‘Oh my, did the poor guy already pass on? Where is he?’ Was an example, let’s just say that an unimpressed student had his arms folded tightly with an eyebrow raised heard that, initially intending to give the younger girl the caramel waffle he bought. Welp, guess who had two?
•Archons, Your roommate was an outstanding chef, where the hell did he get all these culinary skills? Such delicacies laid upon the table, a surprise given to you from him for excelling your exams, you had to press a hand against your mouth not to shriek with excitement at that instant. Zhongli laughed in appreciation at your unspoken compliment, which were the arms wrapped around his neck, an affectionate embrace.
Tumblr media
•Xiao couldn’t deny that ever since a notice letter had been left on his doorstep from the institute, which had detailed that he was going to have company in his dorm, he felt nervous.
•Since then, Xiao had attempted to make the accommodation as comfortable and hygienic as possible, which wasn’t a strenuous task as he already kept up to these standards previously. He was even able to replenish the house with consumables, despite the fact he didn’t eat much himself.
•The day you arrived at the college, you made your way to the room number mentioned on your welcome letter, knocking on the door lightly. A student with the most gorgeous aureate eyes opened the door for you, returning your soft gaze with a light smile, gesturing you inside.
•Well, grateful you were seeing how you had been rewarded with an orderly roommate, the space he had arranged for you was embellished with neutral tones, most likely as he didn’t know what colours you preferred. A comforting atmosphere indeed.
•Due to sharing the same course, you had grown closer to him as he warmed up to you. His usual stoic attitude had adapted into one of care and even a hint of sarcasm, to your surprise. Often times, he’d find you in the kitchen before your lecture with the end of a pen tapping against your chin, searching the cabinets.
•’We are a bit low on food, Xiao, why don’t we go shopping after?’ You requested, watching him pack a bottle into his bag for the both of you. He sighed quietly, ‘Your obsession with purchasing reminds me of someone’ He side-eyed you, who was dramatically clasping your hands together in pleads for him to accompany you. Xiao exhaled softly, ‘Okay, though you’re paying this time.’
•So you did as you said, waiting outside Xiao’s lecture hall with two breakfast bars in your hands, grinning to yourself at the thought of him browsing aisles with a basket upon his forearm, scrunching his eyebrows together in confusion. When he had finally finished, Xiao gratefully accepted the snack, rather hungrily tearing the pack open before leaving the building with you closely by his side.
•The grocery shop across the campus was well favoured by all students, large ranges of deserts to instant foods available. You held Xiao’s hand gently, pulling him into the brightly lit store, giving him a basket of his own, challenging him to see what he would purchase for you and vice versa.
•By the end of your shopping, you had met him back at the front of the self-checkout, his basket half-full of his favourite desert, piles of almond tofu, the rest with snacks he knew you enjoyed. You fawned over the kind action, which you returned with other goods you thought he would like, such as cold noodles and some jasmine tea. ‘Thank you..’ Xiao acknowledged, rubbing your cheek lightly with thumb.
•You infact, did not pay this time, as you had claimed to have ‘forgot’ your card at home, sheepishly scratching the back of your head and averting his critical stare, muttering a ‘You’re impossible.’ Although he didn’t mind paying, you’ve helped him so much without even knowing so. Xiao now found it easier to engage with others, especially when around you. It’s like you pulled out the treasure hidden in the depths of his heart.
•Shopping meant stocking the cupboards, your least favourite part, as the college decided to make them the smallest size as inconveniently possible, which either caused items topple onto you when opening cupboards, or to fall onto Xiao, which he usually caught with his swifter reflexes, How does he sense them? Was a question you found yourself asking.
•You lived a very relaxed life with Xiao, and he felt your arrival changed him for the better.
Tumblr media
•Kunikuzushi jolted from his sleep when he heard the familiar sound of knocking on his dormitory door, he hit his head and groaned irritably at himself for forgetting such a thing. He was expecting a roommate and he fell asleep?
•He groggily approached the entrance, combing his navy hair with his fingers to look ever more slightly presentable, before hesitantly clutching the handle and greeting you. You couldn’t help but giggle at the state your new roommate was in, his half lidded eyes looking up at you, he donned an oversized inky shirt accompanied with teal shorts and sandals, which were the wrong way round.
•’Don’t laugh, you’re lucky i even let you inside at such an early hour!’ He berated, opening the door fully and letting you in. Apparently, 12 pm was still morning in this guy’s schedule. He was grateful for the darker surroundings, if not, you could of seen how his face burned in embarrassment.
•Kunikuzushi flipped the dim lights on, treading towards the bathroom as he left you to your own devices in the main area. ‘I won’t be long, organise the room as you wish.’ He dismissed with a wave of his hand, slamming the door shut. Despite his quite disoriented impression, he had basic decency to at least make space for your possessions and provide you with some extra snacks in a mini-fridge on your side of the room.
•Kuni may of seemed rude and eccentric, but in reality, he had a playful soft heart, though often shadowed. Over the following weeks, he would give you some of his notes so you could catch up with the content, and in return you would give him random things you bought. Sometimes it would be as simple as a drink, other times a new notebook. You gave him a plush penguin once, to which he insisted he didn’t need and you could keep it, then the following night you saw him hugging it gently in his slumber. Definitely took a picture of that as blackmail material.
•Around a couple of days ago, you had planned to visit the library to revise for your upcoming exam, which went successful until you walked outside and noticed the ridiculous downpour of rain, comparable to a typhoon. Smacking your hand against your forehead, you called Kunikuzushi, begging him to come and give you your umbrella which you had unfortunately left back on campus. His response? ‘No can do.’ Even though this was over mobile, you could see the conceited smirk plastered on his face, as he cut the call abruptly.
•Sighing deeply, you decided to just wait for the rain to pass, sitting down on a nearby bench under a canopy whilst entertaining yourself with your phone. Little did you know, Kuni was already standing a few feet behind you, his arms crossed impatiently. Your device buzzed, signalling a notification. ‘Look behind you, dumbass’ And you did, sheepishly grinning at him, who sarcastically huffed as if he had anything else to do, another floral umbrella in his hand as he held up his own.
• The rain had calmed down in intensity as you continued walking, the ripples upon puddles grew less frequent and more so of a dripping faucet instead of a running waterfall. You lowered your umbrella and kept it to your side, glancing at Kuni to see he did the same. He reciprocated your look, a small smile present as he faced forward again. Why is he smiling?
•You received the answer to that as you tripped over something, upon falling to the ground, you noticed the retracted umbrella which grazed the concrete you once stepped on. Breathless deriding chortles were heard above you, Kunikuzushi hunched over in fits of laughter, covering his mouth. You pouted in irritation, yet you couldn’t deny his joyfulness made your heart flutter, the purity of one’s happiness.
•Once his laughter had subsided slightly, he extended his arm in an attempt to help you up from the floor. Perfect chance, it seemed as though he didn’t doubt you one bit. With all the force you could, you tugged his arm and brought Kuni tumbling to the ground with a yelp, just as you did. Although this didn’t end up as you thought. His hands were either side of your body, knee braced to the cement in-between your own, hovering above you, your faces directly in-front of another. Your own exploded in a furious blush, whilst his only wore a sly smirk, shaking his head lightly.
•’If you were this desperate, you could of just said so.’ He complacently advocated, remaining in said position whilst you sputtered out denials of all sorts, playfully shoving him away from yourself.
•Honestly, he was too much work, but that was a responsibility and chance you were willing to take. <3
Tumblr media
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iveriiii · 15 hours
Who r u again? ♡32. we're over, fr this time
Tumblr media
It was finally time to leave. Scaramouche picked you up and you two headed toward Aether's dorm.
"Let's get through the plan once more, when the movie ends and people start drinking, you'll pull me into the kitchen and tell me that you're breaking up with me."
"And then you'll go all mental and dramatically run out of the apartment. Yeah, name we got through this a million times, I know what I need to do. Don't worry."
"Okay, okay, you're right. Also here's the money." you handed him the envelope and he gladly accepted it. He then slid it into his backpack. You grabbed his hand and started smiling stupidly. Everything is ready.
He was already there. He was talking to some random girl. Well, not so random. It was the same girl from that gas station. So you were right, there was something between them. Your smile slowly faded. "What am I doing..." you whispered to yourself. This isn't right. Are you seriously trying to make a man jealous by dating another dude? Man, you're so pathetic. He won't care if he's not interested. Which btw he isn't.
You took a deep breath and brought that stupid smile back on your face as the movie started. Scara had his hand around your hips and your head was resting on his shoulder. It almost felt real. Almost. You kept glancing at xiao but he didn't notice. At least you thought so.
Xiao was sitting on the floor next to the sofa (bc the sofa was like too uh idk man there was no place left on it). The girl he was here with, Kai, returned from the kitchen with two glasses of cheap alcohol from the local grocery shop. She sat down next to him. She sat next to him really really close. They kept giggling about something and it was bothering you. Like a lot.
When the movie finally ended you were going insane. Why was that girl so touchy? He said that they were just friends. Please, please let it be true.
2:24 am. It happened. "Name I, I don't think this is working out, I think maybe we should you know, break up?" "What?" "Can you be reasonable at the moment like this? I need you to be serious right now.." "Kuni you can't do this to me, you're the only thing I have left and you're just gonna leave like that? Without a reason?" "Name, I'm sorry it's just, I can't be in a relationship and deal with schoolwork at the same time, please be understandable," "I can't believe this, I hate you." you pushed him away and wiped the forced tear off your cheek. You headed towards the doors, fake tears still forming. You side-eyed xiao who was looking straight at you. But his gaze was unusual. He was staring at you softly. Like he was sorry. Well, that was unfortunate, cus he had a whole girl next to him. She was wrapping her arms around his neck and slowly swinging in sync with the music. Her eyes focused on him. That should've been you not her.
That's it. You fucked up. He moved on. When you left Aether's building you broke down. Actual tears replaced the fake ones. You were wiping them away rapidly but you couldn't stop it. They completely ruined your makeup. Eyeliner ran down your cheeks and that feeling was back. The one when you two said goodbye at the airport.
You were standing at the bus station. It was late and the last bus should be coming in the span of the next few minutes. You were heading to that diner. The one where he took you for your first date. Before you realized you were already there. The same parking lot where he held your hand for the very first time. You didn't care anymore. You threw yourself on the hard concrete floor and cried. The alcohol you drank during the movie had a bit of an impact on you so the feelings hit harder than they normally would.
You closed your eyes. Memories running through your mind. Why did you do that? Why couldn't you wait for him? You're an awful person (at this point you looked worse than the author after she watched the notebook).
You suddenly heard a car engine stop ten meters away from you. Footsteps were now approaching you. A familiar voice spoke right next to you.
"My god, Name what happened to you?" you smiled with your eyes still shut "You know, life," "Did that breakup hurt that bad? Weren't you two together for only like two weeks?" "It's not that xiao," "Then what it is?" "I'm a terrible person," "No you aren't, what are you saying? You're the most wonderful person I've ever met," "you don't mean that," he was now lying next to you. He handed you the bottle of that cheap vodka from the party. It tasted so bad but you still drank it. It doesn't matter anymore
"You know xiao, I never stopped liking you, I made a lot of mistakes and I know I've been toxic and shit but bro I like you so bad I started dating Scara only to see if you'd care. But I guess I was too late," you wiped the new set of tears away "What?" "Oh don't act so clueless xiao you probably knew all along," "Name you're way too drunk for this conversation, come on I'll take you home," "But you handed me the alcohol? Bro, what's your problem? Why can't I stop crying?" "I thought you needed it you know as everyone does at some point because you just got out of a reltionship, I didn't know you'll start confessing all of the sudden..." "I know we have no future together, I just wanted you to know. You moved on, you have Kai now, and I respect that. I missed my chance. Bro I get it, okay I just wanted to tell you this. Can you take me home?" "Again, Kai is not my girlfriend," "Oh please," "We're having this conversation once you sober up name. Now get in the car I can't trust you to be alone," "Why do you care xiao, we have no future together," "who said anything about our future?" "You're too good for me and I should've accepted that in the very beginning you deserve someone so much better than me and you, I don't deserve you," "Name-" " Bro I wish I didn't do any of this. It's a bunch of bullshit. Why would you be jealous? You're too good anyway-" "shut up" "What I'm not shutting up what do you mean?!" he then pulled you closer and kissed you.
"I, what was that for?" he smiled and held your face: "you're so drunk you won't remember anything in the morning (why did this sound so creepy bro)"Okay but what if I want to remember it?" "We can talk about it once youre not this drunk"
Tumblr media
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a/n: TW extreme cringe 😘 ALSO I WROTE THIS EXTREMLY LATE (its unedited) SO IM REALLY SORRY FOR ANY SPELLING MISTAKES OR WHATEVER. listened to corrine while writing this, recomending it frfr
sumarry: i'm giving up
taglist is open!!
taglist: @mangobee @kazekonbini @cherbyti @minkoy @plinkuro @bubblyclouds @asmodeuswritesblog @lazy-sanns @lucid404 @sukunasrealgf @venus-is-incorrect @wonderland-fan @dainsleif-when-playable @pooonyo @milza123 @stanshizuki @scaranaris-lil-niko @cotton-eee @roguebox @shirmxie @layla240 @lez-zuha @zannivrs @sashiette @itsyourgirlria @skimm0nzz @dazaisfavgf @cocaine-milkshake-666 @blackrabb1t @cridtiins @c0nn0rv8 @r4yyyyy @elixirthe3rd @prakra @lunastarjay @casualwh0re @scaraapologist @succutie @vvyeislazzy @r0ttenhearts @kunikuzushi-mybbg @itztaki @sunsethw4 @lunavixia @clovers-anxiety
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abyssals-prince · 3 days
I Wish I Were Heather..
Tumblr media
♡ — Pairing : Xiao x GN!Reader
♡ — Characters : Xiao, Gender Neutral Reader, vague mentions of Zhongli at the end.
♡ — Summary : It's 3rd of December, and you return back to your homeland to celebrate the incoming winter.
♡ — Warnings : N/A!
♡ — Notes : I was supposed to post this on December 3rd, but couldn't get around to finish it. The fic's unpolished, I wrote this for fun and on a whim, so there's bound to be mistakes or things that don't sound right! Eitherway, this is the first part of my silly Xiao series, so I hope you'll stick around for the second part!! Much love <3
♡ — Links : The Post That Started It All. Next.
Tags for this Series : #heather - xiao
Tumblr media
".. It's you."
"Ah, Xiao!" You gasp, then brightly smile, "I never thought I'd catch you here tonight. Well, it's not the first time, really.."
Xiao silently eyes your figure that stands by the doorway of his room, but eventually — reluctantly — pulls his gaze away. To you, it looked like he's scrutinizing you - but far from it is the truth. "What brings you here?" He asks gruffly, and silently, it's your cue to invite yourself in.
You take the chance to join his side by the window, and together, the both of you survey the landscape beyond Wangshu Inn. On nights like this when the moon is high, it's hard to find the adeptus lingering close to the inn, let alone find him mellowing in his special room. In fact - you don't think he's ever used this particular room, until you came.
A tiny part of you flutters at the thought; oh, you should really try to persuade him to be kinder to himself. The inn is really trying to look out for him, with how they cater to him, you almost feel bad for how hard they're trying.
"Well.. it's around the start of December. Some nations are near celebrating their seasonal festivities," you explain, averting your gaze from the sky to his eyes -- only to find that he had already been staring. When you realize that he has literally been staring at you — posture relaxed, eyes inquisitive and an eyebrow raised at your sudden pause — your smile wobbles, doubtful and flustered.
You clear your throat, and Xiao moves his head to look elsewhere, ceasing his study. Maybe he had found the topic to be boring? Oh- you sincerely prayed that's not the case.
"Ahem- so, like I was saying.."
Xiao cuts you off, "you're referring to the Snezhnayan holidays, I assume?" Crap- you thought he had lost his interest when he looked away! It causes you to blink owlishly, and stutter. Thankfully, it doesn't take you long to recover and reply, if not enthusiastically.
"Yes! Ah- you know about that, too?" You inquire, and Xiao playfully scoffs - something tells you that he doesn't really find your question absurd.
"Mortal customs and celebrations don't interest me in the slightest," Xiao crosses his arms — defensive, you note — but his gaze softens and you don't have the heart to tease, "but mortals and their childish concepts have long since existed before my time. It would be much stranger if I was not aware of its existence, at least."
Unbeknownst to you, he only knew of this when Verr Goldet had told her husband excitedly about your return to Wangshu Inn. He assumes you only came back because Liyue is your home, and that the holiday of your kin is simply a concept of returning to your homeland.
You shrug, a casual motion, "okay, you're not wrong there.. but it's still a surprise! C'mon, I thought you genuinely couldn't find the means to keep track of that kind of stuff."
But Xiao doesn't reply anymore to that, so you awkwardly let the topic go. 
Xiao, however, peeks at you from the corner of his eye, finds you scratching at your neck like you're nervous - and he can't help the next few words that tumble out of his mouth.
"Have you encountered a problem when you arrived here?"
What Xiao thought was your hesitance in asking for his help, is actually your nervousness in this silly little matter in your head. You sincerely look a little puzzled at his concern - but it's not hard to figure him out when you know him so well.
To avoid any more misunderstandings, you hastily raise your hands, "oh, no no no! It's nothing like that, c'mon." Ah, maybe you should really watch what you're doing around him; he's observant, but he's helplessly clueless, and you don't know what action would be best.. because you find yourself helplessly falling in love deeper!
His stare — glare, you gulp — is not helping your case.
"Okay, I admit, I didn't just come here to have a chat with you." You sigh, defeated by his gaze, and lean your head against the wall. Xiao still looks as protective as ever, so you need to quickly continue. "This celebration thing... There's a little concept of giving gifts to your loved ones, and, well, I've given all my presents to everyone in the harbor.."
You couldn’t find it in you to be a bit more courageous about your desire, so as soon as you fall silent, Xiao's shoulders slump, "I see."
It's hushed again. Xiao picks up from where he left off, "so are there any issues? If you seek advice, I suggest Cloud Retainer as your mentor." You think that's his own little way of saying he's not familiar with this act of gift-giving. It's a little funny, to be honest, when the reality of this situation is..
"Pft- Xiao," you laugh, and you pull out a whole sweater from thin air, "I don't need much advice, thank you. And, actually, this is for you."
Xiao stills, "what?"
You continue with a bright grin on your face - Xiao thinks it rivals the moon's elegant glow. "Have a look! I wasn't sure what would go best with your attire, but the color doesn't matter to you, does it? And- well, Liyue will get colder at this time of the year... Not that I'm doubting your resistance to the cold, I just-!"
You hardly hear Xiao calling your name until you feel each of his hands on yours, and the both of you clung onto the sweater you made. It's the first time he's ever stared at you with this.. how could you explain the way he gazes at you? Admiration? Or is it something past that formality?
You, of course, quiet yourself. Your heartbeat quickens with every second that silently goes, and once again, Xiao's staring did not help at all.
"Is it too much for you? The sweater? I know you're not that much of a fan of gifts, so if it's too much to accept, I could really just-"
"Thank you."
The silence returns, but it's not for long when Xiao starts to talk again. You don't realize how talkative he's been tonight.
"Mortal customs... Mortal traditions... These are not what I am made for, and yet, if it's you.." Xiao looks up at you, and his fingers curl around your hands, "I will accept this." Reluctantly, and painfully slow, Xiao trails his hands from your own pair to your hand-knitted sweater, and tugs. You don't know what comes over you — maybe it's the way you both tiptoe on the line, or it's the fact that the adeptus is just so hard to resist — but for once, and for all..
Only the moon bears witness to a bold human’s act upon the youngest yaksha – underneath its ethereal glow, with the faintest tunes of a familiar Dihua flute, your lips meet Xiao’s, pressed together like a couple of inexperienced kissers. The moment passes too quickly, and both of you pull away to catch your breaths. 
Xiao’s pupils are positively dilated, the golden in his eyes twinkling and shimmering like stars in the sky. You don’t think you’ve ever seen him so enamored by something as small as a kiss.. but who are you to judge when your heart feels like it might as well jump out of your chest? And speaking of your poor, fragile heart…
Needing something to quickly cover up Xiao’s pinning stare, that sweater in your hands is now being pulled on, and he flinches from the sudden movement (and limited sight). It slips on his figure nicely — a little bigger, considering you didn’t have any references for his size —  and he looks at you quizzically, as if to ask ‘Why did you feel the need to do that?’
You exhale, something akin to pride bubbles in your chest. “It definitely looks better on you than it did me.” You say, recalling how the piece of clothing article didn’t look right on you. Perhaps because it was made specifically for only one person, or because you much preferred Xiao modeling your fashion work than yourself. Either way, he simply looks cozy, and warm, in the jacket you made for him, and that couldn’t have made you happier than you ever were. “..You look good.”
Might you add that he also looks a little bit red in the face, too.. but you’ll keep that one to yourself, lest he gets too embarrassed to stay or show up next time.
He looks away, of course, shy and uncertain of what’s next. “You are insufferable… But I will honor your gift.” A pause, then quietly he adds, “thank you.”
A hopeless and giddy grin stretches past your lips. In your moment of joy, you circle your arms around the stern, stern adeptus, and wonder just how is it that a human like you got lucky enough to be so close to someone as otherworldly as he... And on the 3rd of December, you lean in once more to steal another kiss from him.
Maybe there was good in listening to that man from the funeral parlor.. you should thank him someday.
Tumblr media
✧ We are done, done! Thank you for your time, bubs! Stay tuned for the next, teehee <3
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dark-night-hero · 2 days
Imagine being Xiao's significant other. (twt ver)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[ⓒdark-night-hero] 2022°
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veliverns · 3 days
can be seen as either platonic or romantic, if i used any gender/pronouns please do lmk! I try to keep most of my work gender neutral but once in a while i’ll still make some mistakes!!
characters included: Amber, Cyno, Diluc, Ganyu, Heizou, Xiao,
warnings: passing out/fainting, overworked reader, poor mental and physical health for xiao’s.
Tumblr media
Oh she’s the sweetest of them all
Would try to catch you before you fall
Takes you back to the Knights or Barbara for help
Amber was busy talking with some of the Mondstadt citizens she didn’t realise the way you swayed a little on your feet. You’ve been feeling unwell since last night but you didn’t want to let Amber know, she had been so excited to be partnered up with you for the mission there was no way you could break her heart!
“…Amber,” your voice called out weakly, the ground started spinning, black spots appearing in your vision.
Hearing your somewhat pained voice, the outrider immediately turned her attention to you, she was quick enough to catch you before your head hit the ground.
“ah! oh no, i’m so sorry!!” Amber panicked for a while before reminding herself that the two of you were in Mondstadt and not some place far away with danger lurking right at the corner.
Breathing out a soft sigh, she would excuse herself and take you to Barbara for a check up.
If you were expecting him to just drag you to ghandharva vile for Tighnari then you guessed right.
Except not the part where he drags you though.
Being Cyno’s assistant was a tough job, especially when you haven’t even graduated yet. It just happened all of a sudden, you only remember him asking you to follow him… and ‘till now you’re still following him.
Dashing through the streets of Sumeru city, you finally made it to the place you had agreed to meet your mentor with. You had stayed up until early morning studying for your upcoming exam, you couldn’t fail, not when Cyno put so much faith and trust in you. Your stomach growled hungrily, perhaps you should have grabbed something to eat…
“You’re here, let’s go.” The two of you set out immediately, after all it would be an extremely busy day today.
You had just finished taking out a group of fatui when a wave of dizziness washed over you. Leaning down, you gripped onto the wooden boxes for support.
ah no, this can’t be happening now…
Amidst your pain, you failed to notice the way Cyno came over to you full of concern. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder, trying to get you to look at him.
“…what’s wrong?” His voice is a lot more gentle now compared to his usual tone.
“Cyno, i’m sorry- I don’t think I can…” Your sentence was cut short as you whimpered at the pain.
Cyno had no idea how you ended up in this situation, you had looked completely fine this morning… albeit you did look a little tired. Pulling you into his lap, the two of you sat together.
Occasionally a hand would come up to play with your hair or rub circles on your back. You would stay like that, against Cyno’s chest until you felt well enough to walk.
He would bring you to Tighnari, often stopping to give you a rest and some time to catch your breath.
Now unlike the previous two, you actually passed out from getting drunk.
Diluc would 100% find a way to blame Kaeya for getting you tipsy, even if he had completely nothing to do with
Carries you bridal style, places a kiss on your forehead and pills for when you wake up on the bedside table.
This was… the fifth? no, sixth- actually it could be the seventh glass of dandelion wine you had.
Before coming to the tavern you had promised Diluc you wouldn’t get wasted… well—
You were laughing your head off while saying some incoherent words. Diluc looked at you, a part of him was concerned and the other part just wanted to strangle you to death.
“Charles, i’ll leave the rest to you.”
A pair of warm hands pulled you out of the Angels Share. Making sure you were close to him at all time, the two of you walked to Dawn Winery.
Stumbling on your own feet, you fell face first onto the ground before bursting out in a fit of laughter. Diluc rushed to check you for injuries. Not finding any, he could only smile softly at your beautiful laughter.
“We’re almost there, can you still walk?” Diluc helped you get into a sitting position.
Seeing that you were completely wasted, he had no choice but to pick you up. The rest of the journey back was full of your drunken jokes.
After sometime of walking, Diluc realised you were sound asleep.
Tucking you under the sheets, he placed a cup of water and hangover pills on the bedside table for when you’d wake.
Just before he left, he brushed your hair out of your face, giving your forehead a gentle peck.
This girl’s overworked herself
If you passed out she’d probably lie next to you and fall asleep.
Either that or bring you back to your house.
“And we’re done!” You announced after finishing the traveler’s third commission.
“Last one is… quite some distance away.” Ganyu pointed out.
The traveler was busy attending to things in Mondstadt, leaving you and Ganyu with the task of completing her dailies. And due to her absence it seems you will no longer be able to use the teleport waypoints.
ah, what a hassle
You could have sworn you sleepwalked a bit, your legs felt heavy as you yawned again. The both of you had been walking for almost an hour, you just wanted to sleep.
As if on cue, your body decides to let you. Instantly, your limp body fell onto the grass, asleep.
“oh, ah… I guess you’re asleep.” After some contemplation, Ganyu laid down next to you.
The two of you soon fell asleep side by side… in the middle of Liyue.
Keqing eventually found the both of you though.
Tries to shake you awake
Stays with you until you wake up
Would 100% take leave and care for you if needed
Heizou pulled his hair in frustration, this was by far one of the most complex cases he had received. Not only did the both of you spend restless nights going through the case but the fact that it had been almost two weeks since he first received the commission got you two on the edge of your toes.
“No, we’ve already tried this. C’mon, what are we missing?” You muttered out, clearly irritated.
Digging through the pile of papers in front of you, your eyes landed on the building in which the case occurred.
but i’ve already checked that place with detective Heizou at least five times before…
Resting your head in your hands, you felt hopeless. How could this be? You’ve never gone this long without a breakthrough before. Never.
Some time passed before you packed your bag and decided to go back to the abandoned building to take another look.
After all, some secrets only reveal themself in the darkness of the night.
The floorboards creaked beneath you, retracing your steps, you couldn’t help but feel like something was different.
There was a plastic file sitting atop a stack of books you were sure weren’t there the last few times you came by.
Did someone just put it here? It seems relatively clean compared to the rest of the house.
Carefully you skimmed through the pages, using your kamera to take pictures of them.
So this is why we were deadlocked for so long…
Sitting down on the old couch, you took your time in reading and reviewing all the new information. Undoubtedly, time passed really fast when you were engrossed in the papers.
“Ah there you are!” Your partner’s voice snapped you out of your reverie.
“heh had a feeling i’d find you here, so what did ya find?” Squeezing himself next to you, he flipped through each and every page thoroughly.
Now that the only thing keeping you awake was out of your grasp, the restlessness of staying up all night finally took a toll on your body.
As you started to drift off to sleep, your head lay limp on Heizou’s shoulder.
A shocked expression came across the detectives face, although that soon turned into a sly smirk. Gently, he moved your head from his shoulder to his lap.
That’s better.
XIAO f!reader
Tries to stay calm but probably ends up freaking out.
Gets Ver to help, or Zhongli.
He will 100% stay by your side and look after you a lot more once you wake up.
Since the death of your parents, you had been spiraling in and out of depression. You’ve been cooped up in your room all day, only eating when someone reminds you.
The last time you had stepped out into the sun was… some months ago. Anyone who looked at you could see how pale and skinny you were. Almost like a zombie(no offence to Qiqi).
Some of your friends came to visit but after a while they eventually left you there in your room, all alone.
A flash of green behind you told you that Xiao had come back. “It’s almost the lantern rite… come watch it with me.”
Xiao looked at your almost lifeless body, he had turned down the traveler’s offer, hoping you’d go with him instead.
“…no thank you…” Your voice trembled a bit as tears rolled down your cheeks. It seems that someone does remember you after all.
Before you knew it, Xiao had appeared in front of you with a cup of water and a bowl of soup. After helping you into a sitting position, he slowly spoon fed you the food.
He couldn’t stand the way your happy and adventurous self was now gone, leaving you a weak and helpless mortal. To live and get by on your own wouldn’t be easy, he made sure to check on you every few days but this time…
Zhongli had asked a very important task from him, one that he could not turn down. He had no idea it would take him an entire week to complete it.
An expression of guilt appeared on his face, if he had focused more on the task, maybe he would have been able to see you, check on you. Then your health wouldn’t have deteriorated to this state.
After some persuading from Xiao you finally agreed to go see the lanterns with him, but only if he stayed with you the entire time.
Leaving your room, he let you change and get ready. A sense of fear and dread crept up his spine, was this what’s best for you? Could he be asking too much?
His train of thoughts was soon interrupted by you opening the door. You wore a long white dress, much like a hospital gown. There were eminent dark circles under your eyes.
Xiao grimaced at the sight of your frail body. Taking your hand in his, he teleported the both of you atop Yujing Terrace.
the fireworks are beautiful
A ghost of a smile could be seen on your seemingly monotone face.
Once the show was over, Xiao suggested taking a walk around the harbour. After all, it’s been so long since you last saw Liyue if not the four walls of your house.
A hand in his, you struggled to keep up with his pace, even though he was walking exceedingly slow.
my body just isn’t used to so much exercise
You consoled yourself, it was nothing much to worry about.
Barely a few steps later, you could feel the way your heart pounded loudly in your ears. Your steps getting sloppier and your vision becoming limited.
It doesn’t matter how many times you tried blinking the ‘fatigue’ away.
Soon, your frail body couldn’t handle it anymore. Without warning, you collapsed to the ground in a heap. Breathing erratic and laboured.
Xiao immediately knelt down next to you, shaking your limp body. It felt like all eyes were on him, soon enough a mass of people surrounded the two.
zhongli will know what to do, he has to
Picking you up, he teleported to the Wangsheng funeral parlour.
“Oh! vigilant yaksha, what brings y- !!” The ferry lady saw your trembling body in his hands and made a move to get acloser look at the hat had happened.
“No! Stay away from her!” A dark aura surrounded him.
Backing away, she immediately went to find Zhongli.
“Here, eat this…” Not long after you woke up, Xiao already started formulating a plan to help you get better.
He even went as far as asking Ganyu and the traveler to keep you company while he was busy. Suffice to say, you rarely even went a day without Xiao by your side.
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mestiako · 1 day
Hello 🌸🌸
I would like to see Xiao with L, M, W and Z if it's possible, thank you very much 💜
warnings ; none - complete fluff. again.
a/n ; it is very possible! sorry this was kind of late i was playing stardew valley all weekend💔
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
L ovesick - is it obvious to everyone how much of a fool they are for you?
xiao has to be one of the easiest people to tell. xiao has a habit of pushing everyone away, and you were no exception to this at first, either. he'd constantly tell you to leave him alone and other times just randomly teleport away.
over time, knowing that you simply refused to leave him be, he accepted the (at the time) sad truth. but slowly he got to know you, and as much as he hated it he fell in love.
its easy to tell because you have to be the only person in this whole world who's presence he doesn't mind.
Tumblr media
M arriage - do they think of getting married with you? would you have kids?
the idea, naturally, did not cross his mind at all. xiao never thought himself capable to be married, and frankly, thought it was an idea unfit for the adepti. he claimed it was simply a mortal practice.
though if you wanted to get married, xiao wouldn't necessarily be against the idea. it'll probably just take him some time to find the courage to propose.
xiao is probably afraid to have a kid, worrying that his karmic debt will pass down to them (if that's possible?) also, the idea of getting that intimate with a mortal sends shivers down his spine.
Tumblr media
W edding - what would your wedding be like?
xiao much prefers solitude over a big crowd, so you would have a quiet wedding. all of xiaos family is dead, so the only people I think he'd invite are zhongli and ganyu.
he doesn't care if you invite your family, but please don't invite too much people. xiao would get embarrassed. not of you, of course, but just showcasing his relationship with a lot of people. xiao prefers to keep your relationship behind closes doors, and family members do tend to gossip. the fact that he's the only yaksha left either doesn't help.
Tumblr media
Z eal - what are they willing to do for the relationship?
xiao is willing to go to the moon and back for you, but he himself has his limits. if anything you request is beyond his ability or completely cruel, xiao would not do it.
anyway, xiao would do anything for you, as long as it doesn't go against his morals. call his name, he'll be there in less then a second -- xiao has trained himself to keep an ear out for your voice. through all his hard work, he managed to make it so that your voice is louder then all the others.
Tumblr media
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ilumiword · 2 days
Loser's Quarrel
chapter 21 - AND SO
a xiao smau
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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taglist: open
this chap is a lil early bc yall deserve it. i am genuinely SO sorry, i meant to wrap this up before classes got wild and um clearly i didnt?? anyways, i've been cramming all my final projects and failing some classes, but we're gucci and slaying and all that bs.
tags : @k4miyato @one-offmind @g6nyyyu @ilove-xiao-ayaka @archangel1206 @veyu002 @kiyowoir @ceylestia @baxndaid @plinkuro @nejibot @ferumie @lacy-lady @isimploll @slvdsjjkk @themusingsofmanyy @aromaticism @missingnpc @meowlumi @hiqhkey @scaranaris-lil-niko @dainsleif-when-playable @sweet-almonds @zannivrs @shizunxiee
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croissantis · 18 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ㅤㅤㅤ𓋺   ᜔ ⛥ ࣪ 𝅼 ﹙𝗆𝗈𝗇𝖺𝗅𝗂𝗌𝖺'𝗌 𝗌𝗆𝗂𝗅𝖾﹚ นางฟ้า ! 𔘓
Tumblr media Tumblr media
headers by me.
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moonpetrichors-blog · 7 hours
Who is He?
Tags: QuietNerd!Xiao x Cheerleader!Reader, Highschool AU, Enemies To Lovers Lowkey, Except It’s Just One Sided, Take Same Bus Together, Headcanons, Relationship Headcanons, Tutor Xiao, Xiao Tutors Reader, Minor Footballer!Itto x Reader, Itto Makes Minor Appearance
Warnings: None
You take the same bus as him every morning. You’re a popular cheerleader, and he’s the quiet, studious boy in your class who doesn’t talk to anyone. You think he’s pretty cute, but he never notices you like everyone else does. What if he’s made to, after he has to tutor your failing ass?
* ˚ ✦ Read below the cut
15 - One of the few angel numbers known to symbolize love. If you haven't experienced being with someone for quite a while, you will soon come to experience feeling loved.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
╭┈─────── ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ-╰┈➤ ❝ [07/12/22] ❞  
Xiao takes bus 015 every morning.
You know this, because everyday you take the same one.
It’s usually very busy on the way to the school you attend, so you often struggled finding a seat.
When you’re taking the same bus everyday, you obviously start to notice commonplace things about it.
For example, you quickly picked up on the fact that the seat next to Xiao was always empty, even when the bus was practically about to burst.
You realized it wasn’t because no one wanted to sit there, but rather, nobody wanted to sit next to him.
He’s never been seen without earphones in, nor talking to somebody.
You’ve heard what your friends, and everyone else, says about him. That he’s unapproachable and rude, and is always studying.
Anyone that has ever even attempted to be his friend, or even rarer, date him, have been met with bitter rejection. He just likes being alone.
You, however, think he’s quite cute.
Of course, you thought he was kind of mean and standoffish the first time you ever had to interact with him, but a lot of bus rides ogling at him changes a person.
Like severely.
You always catch yourself daydreaming in the middle of cheer practice about him.
Like, what music is he listening to every morning? How does his hair remain oh-so utterly perfectly styled?
Your friends pick up on this behavior of yours very fast. They giggle behind your back, whispering about how you must’ve grown a crush on someone from the football team.
Itto, perhaps? You’re always partying and chatting with him.
They have absolutely no idea how wrong they are.
One day, when you were putting books into your locker, a teacher walked over to you and told you to go in the principal’s office.
Confused, you did as told, and sat down absolutely puzzled.
“Y/N, your grades are starting to suffer. If you can’t pass your upcoming exam, then you will fail this semester.”
You were stupefied. You knew all that partying and cheerleading left no time for school, but your grades couldn’t have been that bad, could they?
Alas, they were. But not to worry! Your principal had a solution.
“Xiao will tutor you.”
He walked into the room, muttered something under his breath, and looked at you with a sharp expression. He did not look happy.
What was his problem? Was tutoring you really going to be that bad?
Xiao clearly thought it was; it was written all over his face.
The thing is, he’s noticed for awhile now how you stare at him on the bus every morning. But what he hasn’t exactly realized is that you’re not doing it to make fun of him, but because you like him.
Why do you think he wears earphones all the time? To block out your staring!
So, he’s grown to somewhat dislike you, because you’re a popular cheerleader that probably talks behind his back for just existing, and he’s the reserved guy who always has an empty seat next to him on the bus.
Well, that seat wasn’t empty for long.
After your tutoring sessions began, you started to fill that seat out, and talked to him every morning. Well, attempted to.
He was like talking to a succulent.
Weird analogy, but it was literally like that. You try and shower it in all your love, but it doesn’t talk back. Like at all. You know it can hear you though
Overtime, you wear him down, and he finally starts having conversations with you on the way to school.
He would never admit it, but he actually enjoys your company.
He may have not liked you very much at first, but during your tutoring sessions he could see why you were so well-liked.
After spending so much time with you in preparation for your exams, he would pick up on little things about you.
For example, the way you bit your lip when thinking of an answer to a question, or how you often fidgeted with your pen when anxious or lost in thought.
He also noticed that he had started to like you.
At first, he tried to deny this to himself, because seriously? He doesn’t think he has a chance with you.
He’s not stupid. Nobody may talk to him, but they sure talk loud as hell.
He knows that you and Itto supposedly have something going on, and he would never dare try and compete with someone like him.
He doesn’t want to feel the shame and embarrassment of being rejected by you, especially when he knows there are people out there more... accepted.
He laughs to himself at this, because it’s usually him rejecting others. He dug his own grave for not being able to fit in, he thinks.
One day when he was teaching you about fancy math stuff, you zoned out and started paying more attention to his (pretty) face.
Absentmindedly, you reached out to play with a strand of his dyed hair, because how is it so healthy? You’ll never know.
He felt you stroking his hair, and immediately malfunctioned. What was he supposed to do? Brush you off?
No, instead, he buried his face in his hands, cheeks burning bright red. Even if he hid his face, you could clearly see the pink tint to the tips of his ears.
Oh, you were going to have fun with this.
The closer you got to Xiao, the more touchy you would be with him. It still took him awhile to get used to it. Scratch that, to control his reactions. His heart always beats like a galloping horse when you’re anywhere near him 💀
At this point, you consider each other friends. He comes to watch your cheer practices, and after they’re over, you take the bus back together.
When exam time finally rolled around, you bit down on your nail nervously waiting for the results.
Once it was your turn to get called up and collect your paper, you nearly screamed.
You got an A!
Unable to contain your excitement, you ran out the exam room, and found Xiao waiting at a bench.
He took his earphones out to address your running form, but was absolutely baffled when you jumped into his arms.
Awkwardly wrapping his around you, you squealed about how he was a genius, and because of him you would pass.
You could almost kiss him.
Actually, you did.
As soon as your lips met his, Xiao was stunned. Was he dreaming?
As soon as you pulled away, you laughed at the incredulous expression on his face. He almost looked like a broken cat, with half his face in a smile, and the other in disbelief.
Xiao had to bite the inside of his cheek to avoid grinning so hard. This was not very ‘cool lonely bad boy’ of him
He coughed into his fist, and mumbled about how that was nice.
Since then, Xiao has never had an empty seat next to him ever again.
By the way, your friends saw the whole thing.
They had chased after you because they thought something was wrong.
Their jaws were dislocated straight into hell when they saw that kiss.
Guess you didn’t like Itto?
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to-draw-time · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Nothing bad happened in the new event, Xiao just made a ton of friends 🥲🥲🥲
(I also didn’t have the strength to draw Xiao’s tattoo)
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alatusprinz · 3 months
cute things they do + how they show their love
Tumblr media
featuring : aether , albedo , itto , diluc , gorou , kazuha , kaeya , heizou , tighnari , xiao
Aether unconsciously stares at you with heart in his eyes. He never knows he's staring, and even he did it's not like he can control it. After all, how could he not when you're this... mesmerizing? His gaze would make you feel so loved, treasured and god, he adores you more than anything. He's never felt this way before, not when he experienced the birth and demise of countless stars, not when he first happened to fall upon this curious world full of adventures he never explicitly asked for. But good heavens, was it all damn worth it since amongst all the frenzy, he met you. His honey eyes glistened with a swirling sense of comfort, delight and appreciation every time you graced his sight with your beauty.
Albedo becomes clueless, for once. He's been called genius, brilliant and all that meaningless adjectives before, sure. But Albedo has never felt this clueless about anything until the met you. The oh-so-wise alchemist has no idea what to do when he starts unconsciously searching for your figure every corner he turns, chasing your shadows in the corners of his dreams. Every whim, every thought is suddenly laced with your scent- hypnotizing, pulling him deeper into your sweet allure. He notices small things about you, how you prefer your tea/coffee in the daytime, how you stare up to the ceiling when you're trying to remember something, even have a guess on what mood you're in from how you walk into his alchemy camp, looking even more divine than the last time he saw you. He swears he feels like he's losing control over his composure, yet he didn't know what to do for once. Except falling in love hopelessly with you, of course. Little did he know, you were aware of his feelings. How could you not be when his normally stoic face softens and quite majestically glows with fondness and adore whenever he saw you?
Itto wishes to include you in everything he does. Now, basic things like Onikabuto-picking or Arataki gang "conferences" aside, Itto wants to make you feel welcomed, included, most importantly wanted in everything his life has to offer. Your presence is enough to make this man happy, he would happily agree + confidently declare that bring the moon to you if that's what you desire. Even in mundane things in life like walking with you to your workplace in the morning or helping you pick out what clothes to wear today, Itto wants both himself and you to get used to being in each other's life. After all no matter what anyone says, he'll stay forever with you if you'd like. Forever and even longer, his "buddy, comrade, partner" and ... "only-his-dude"- as he called you.
Diluc's love is... surprisingly cute and respectful. Devotion, loyalty and commitment is to be expected to the highest spectrum and beyond, of course. But you may have underestimated how utterly lovably this man would behave when he's in love. He may struggle with verbal expression in romance, but he made his love crystal clear with how he prepares the tea just like how you like it ( to perfection ) every morning with utmost concentration and effort. His love is evident in the way he never lets go of your hand even when the crowd isn't that large because "you may get separated", thumb tenderly caressing the back of your hand. His love is heartwarming when he listens to everything you have to say and hold you in higher regard against anyone and everything. His uttermost respect, admiration and love directed to you would make you feel on the top of the world.
Gorou may act all tough and mighty around his troops for the sake of his heavy title "general", but when you tickle his heartstrings so playfully and lovingly, he turns into the cutest doggy you may ever see. Not to mention he has absolutely no control over how his ears perk up and tail wagging uncontrollably, and he wants attention so much to the point he's embarrassed about his neediness. His pride is high, but his need for you is much higher and it's evident from the way he can't help but cling onto you from the moment you come home, slightly whining if you don't give him headpats and kisses on his cheek as you always do. He wraps his tail around you protectively, leaning into your neck and tickling you with his fluffy ears. He may not say directly but every time you cuddle, you couldn't help but adore the needy look in his eyes, pushing his tail closer to you to make you cuddle his tail as well.
Kazuha ever the poet, just can't stay for one minute without complimenting or admiring you. For better or for worse you couldn't tell, he meant every single word no matter how exaggerated his compliments were. He meant them to the core. You could simply be enjoying the fragrant aroma of the afternoon tea he brought for you in peaceful silence, until he breaks it with his honey-laced voice full of admiration- "You look more beautiful than any goddess that have walked this world, my dove." It never fails to catch you off guard with his extravagant and frankly a-bit-too-cheesy compliments, and he is unfortunately very-acutely-aware from how his pretty scarlet eyes flash with mischievous satisfaction when he sees the slightest bit embarrassment show on your features no matter how you try to hide it. "I cannot imagine ever being happier than this moment with you, my beloved." "Your beauty puts the sun and stars to shame, love." P.s: If you decide one day to fire back with another equally-cheesy compliment about him, you may discover the wandering samurai a lot quieter, stumbling over his words with a lot-rosier cheeks than you remembered him having.
Kaeya is vulnerable around you. Scratch that, he allows himself to be vulnerable around you. This speaks so much volumes from who he truly is inside in comparison to his oh-so-mighty facade he keeps in his daily life. Kaeya prides himself on his sharp intuition and this fated encounter with you confirmed his accuracy further. You may suspect him for charming you like he always did when he mentioned how he "just knew you were the one immediately when he laid his eyes on your heavenly figure."- his words not yours. But in the end, you knew he was speaking the truth from how his gaze found yours with the mellow look you were familiar with, holding onto your hands with a featherlight grip like the one he held on your heart. He never lied to you, didn't hide his identity nor his purpose to you. He trusted you more than himself or anything else. Kaeya was no fool, he knew the dangers of sharing his truth. But he trusted his intuition and insight on this one- to trust you. Plus, you would stand against the world with him if need be, what more would Kaeya desire? The confident cavalry captain that everyone knows- he melts away in your presence, instead turning into a simple guy hopelessly in love, willing to spend every moment possible with you as long as heavens allow it. Nevermind, as long as you allowed him to. He wouldn't let even the heavens stand between the two of you for as long as you desired him the way he did for you.
Heizou's cheerfulness skyrockets from the moment you accepted his confession, if it was even possible. He was already happy-go-lucky to the point it was problematic to his surroundings- you might feel a bit remorse for others in his presence thanks to you fueling his fire. He sings at the top of his lungs whenever he hears love songs with absolutely no regards to where you two were, he would randomly hug and shower you with kisses on your cheek, forehead and nose even in front of that Tengu general from his workplace. He shows you off to everyone, and on top of that he can't keep his hands to himself even if it would cost him his life. He can't help it, he wants to be close to you! He loves holding you against him, hugging you tightly until both of you are almost out of breath and giggling uncontrollably. He pulls the adorably annoying "password?" when you're in bed cuddling and want to go somewhere, not letting you out of his embrace if you don't magically guess whatever password he's thinking of. On top of that he makes you guess the password by making it to a riddle on spot, so good luck with that. Whenever he happens to pass by a flower market, he'd pick one flower to "represent your beauty" for the day, making you scoff and accept his cute gift with a smile on your face. Despite his aloof behavior, it doesn't take much to notice that he's thinking of you every moment of the day and shows it to you through his various ways including but not exclusive to: physical touch and cute gifts.
Tighnari is well... a fox. That is to say, his sneakiness grows each moment he spends with you. He'd fill your daily life with traces of him so you are reminded of him and as reminder that he missed you dearly when he's away. He giggled to himself in endearment when he imagined you pouting slightly at his absence of presence, then a warm smile blooming on your face when you find that plate of berries he picked for you with a "good morning, dear. have a nice day, love you. -tg." note next to it. He "accidentally" leaves his sweater in your room when he's away for a particularly long time due to forest research so you'd have it to cuddle when you get lonely. You'd hug that sweater when you miss his again the next day, looking at that small pot of flower he brought for you on your birthday. And finally on the day he was to return home, you'd greet him wearing that sweater. It was an "accident", all of it- he told you with a sneaky smirk (even though he imagined you greeting him like this the entire trip but you didn't need to know that.). Alas, both of you knew that it was just one of his sneaky tricks to keep him in your mind as much as possible while soothing your sadness in the too-quiet serene nights he unfortunately made you spend alone. His plan ends by making you forget your lonely nights completely when you finally find home in between his arms. What sneaky tricks would he try tomorrow? I guess you'll find out soon enough.
Xiao makes promises to you. He knew some mortals may break promises but to Alatus, he makes promises he knows he will keep. He lives to honor his oath, whatever he may have vowed to you he will be sure to keep. It brought so much comfort to you when he made his first ever promise to you under the subtle glimmer of the night sky- "I'll stay by your side." Before Xiao has ever said he loved you, he's promised... himself to you, that he'd remain by you. For someone like him who holds the weight of verbal momentous oaths in respect beyond imagination, it was often what you needed when he gazed into your eyes with certainty and provided solace to your state of mind with his words. You laced your fingers with his, slightly tilting your head and smiled at him comfortingly when he seemed like he wanted to say something- your way of showing him that you're listening to whatever he had to say. With your accepting gesture, he relaxed and to your surprise, made another promise. One you'd never forget- "I love you." Your eyes slightly widened at his declaration. He tightened his grip on your hands and pulled you closer to him, faces barely an inch away from one another. Slowly, he placed your one hand on his shoulder and wrapped his free hand around your waist, still embracing your body in his warmth. "...Please stay with me." Xiao's expression was complex, millions of emotions flooding his senses. He'd never been like this before, and he was certain he never would with anyone else. Slight frustration also clouded his mind, he had so, so much more he wanted to say to you but failed to properly convey in words. Fondly beaming at your vigilant yaksha, you glanced into his eyes, glowing with nothing but devotion and faithfulness for you. You weren't sure if he was aware, but his gaze silently promised you one more- eternal love- lovers' oath. You smiled and nodded your head, caressing his neck gently. "You know, after such lovers' oath, us mortals seal the vow with a physical-." Xiao wasted no time and pressed his lips onto yours, making you sigh into the passionate kiss. With how he held your body close, lips moving in perfect sync, you two were reminded once again that your love was written in the stars, simply meant to be.
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whoistartaglia · 4 months
you ask him to open a jar that you superglued shut.
includes: xiao, zhongli, ayato, thoma, and itto.
warnings: gender neutral reader, fluff.
notes: please this is the favorite thing i've written so far.
xiao prided himself on always being available when you needed help. so when you called him and presented him with a tightly shut jar, xiao was more than accepting to help you open it. 
except that he couldn’t.
xiao frowned when the lid didn’t budge. he tried again, repositioning his hands on jar, but still the lid refused to moved. and then again. and again.
it was only when you let out a quiet wheeze did xiao stop. he looked up and saw you, your face flushed from trying to hold back your laughter, tears almost coming your eyes. 
“what?” he asked, slightly defensive. “what are you laughing at?”
“you,” you got out between laughs. prephaps not the best way to put it. at that, xiao raised flushed in embarassment, and you rushed to catch your breath and explain. 
xiao couldn’t believe he’d been had. especially by you. he threatened to never come to your aid again, especially not for such another “stupid” request. when you pointed out that was an empty threat, xiao only stalked off, not saying another word. 
poor xiao. all he wanted to do was help you. now all he could do was sulk in the corner like a scolded puppy, a perpetual frown on his face for the rest of the day. 
you better apologize. 
zhongli had faced many hardships and challenges in his few thousand years of life, but the small jar in front of him was proving to be one of the toughest yet. 
he underestimated its potential when you handed it to him with what he thought was a simple request. zhongli might have even laughed if he got it on the first try after your futile attempts. but he had lost count of how many times he tried to failed to unscrew the lid, and he no longer felt like laughing now. 
“it’s like,” he said as he tried yet again, “you superglued it shut.”
“no, i didn’t.” your answer, too quick. too defensive. too prepared. 
zhongli paused mid attempt. he glanced up at you, and you saw the realization slowly dawn on him. “you did superglue it shut.”
you shook your head and said again, “what? no, i wouldn’t have, i swear it.” 
your smile was nervous and forced and completely guilty. it faltered as zhongli put the jar down, crossed his arms, and gave you a disapproving look. “was this really the best prank you could come up with?”
“i’d like to see you do anything better.”
“is that a challenge?” zhongli asked. he didn’t let you answer. “if so, then i gladly accept. just be warned, [you]. i won’t be holding back.”
his eyes twinkled with all things mischievous. although you might have won this round, you suspected that zhongli would have the last laugh after all. 
ayato, ever the intellectual, didn’t at first try to unscrew the jar. instead, he immediately began to run it under warm water. then, very unceremoniously, ayato whacked the jar against the countertop. after a few hard strikes, he then attempted to unscrew the lid. 
imagine his surprise when his methods of loosening the jar didn’t work. he tried again to the same result. 
you should have stopped him then. told him it was a prank, had your laugh, and rested on your laurels. 
but no, you decided to wait and prolong the humorous display before you. you watched as ayato moved around the kitchen, grabbing anything and everything that could aid him in his quest to open your jar. a spoon to wedge open the lid. a paper towel to wrap around the base. a bottle opener to try and break the seal. 
every single method that could have been found on a random blog was now being done in your kitchen. when, at last, ayato exhausted all his various items after failed attempt after failed attempt, you expected him to give up. 
but his face somehow began more determined. you were about to admit to your prank when he cautioned, “stay back.”
you were about to ask why when the flash of ayato’s vision and the quick movements of a hydro sword stopped you. it was over in an instant, and in its wake your jar—
your eyes widened. it was cut cleanly in half. 
“well, that certainly did the trick,” ayato said, quite proud of himself.
you stuttered out a string of incomprehensible noises, unable to fully process what just happened.
“although, i might have gone a little too far.” it was only then did you realize that ayato had not only sliced the jar in half, but the entire countertop, too. cleanly down the middle. ayato shrugged. “oh, well.”
you really should have stopped him earlier.
how could you do this to poor, sweet thoma? your boyfriend trusted you entirely and genuinely thought you just needed help opening a particularly stubborn jar. 
now he only felt bad that he couldn’t. and you didn’t have the heart to admit it was a prank, not after he called ayato and ayaka for advice on how to help you. not after he watched several youtube videos on how to open it. not after he consulted google for the better part of an hour. 
you knew that you had to eventually, but as of right now, you were in too deep. prephaps if you got him to stop trying and told him later, it would soften the blow. 
“it’s okay,” you said to thoma as he tried yet again. “it’s really fine. i didn’t really need it opened.”
but thoma would not listen. he steeled himself to try again and—
nothing. the lid didn’t budge. the jar remained perfectly shut. 
and then your worst fears were realized to be true when thoma put his head down and started to sob. you opened you mouth as he practically shook from crying so violently. the frustration had finally got to him.
“no, thoma, please stop!” you said frantically, immediately pushing the cursed jar away from him. 
“if i can’t do this for you, what can i do?”
“don’t say that!” you insisted. and then, without thinking, “it’s just a prank! i glued it shut—“
“so you admit to it?” thoma looked up. no tears stained his cheeks. his voice was completely normal. a hint of a smile even laced his lips. “you admit to pranking me?”
you blinked in surprise. you were played.
thoma trusted you entirely, and he knew you even better. the way you handed him that jar with an innocent little smile… he knew. he knew before you even opened your mouth.
thoma, one. you, zero.
the first time it wasn’t a prank. when you needed help the previous night to open a subborn jar, you asked itto because you genuinely couldn’t do it yourself. 
“that was nothing!” he boasted after opening the jar with ease. “i could do that blindfolded and upside down, [you]. are you sure you just didn’t want to see how awesome i am?”
“i loosened it,” you protested.
“yeah, yeah,” he dismissed you. itto continued in a carefree tone, “listen! it’s fine. i don’t mind help you out. i can open any jar you give me, i promise.”
you raised an eyebrow at that last part. and now, standing before itto once again, a jar you superglued shut the night before in your hands, you decided to see if itto could really make good on his promise. either that, or recieve a rude awakening. 
as judging by the amount of glue you used, it was going to be the latter. 
“can you please help me with this one?” you asked. your blinked your eyes up at him in a show of innocence. your smug smile was hidden underneath a small pout as you pretended the jar had gotten the best of you. 
“another one?” itto asked in mock exasperation. he grabbed the jar from you and said, “watch and learn.”
itto twisted, and—
it opened. the jar opened. itto had opened the jar as if you hadn’t poured an entire bottle of superglue on the lid and rim. 
your mouth dropped open. itto offered it back to you and asked, “why do you look so surprised?”
“i…” your voice trailed off. telling itto would only further fuel his ego. and you really didn’t want to deal with him talking about it the rest of the night. “i’m not surpised. thanks for… yeah. thanks.”
itto gaze you a puzzled look. then he shrugged and said, “what’d i tell you? i told you i could open any jar.”
you could only nod in agreement. itto had no idea just how correct that statement was.
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calligraphii · 6 months
Tumblr media
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