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alitheakorogane · 2 days
Venti: *tries to hit the Imposter(Reader) with his arrows using his weird style of aiming*
*arrows suddenly went out of bounds*
Venti: *released his Elemental Burst (Wind's Grand Ode)*
*the 'black hole' suddenly hits on a nearby singular hilichurl instead on the Reader's direction*
Venti: *confused Pikachu face*
Reader: Man, you really suck at it.
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queen-of-scissors · 3 days
Okay so how about the reader coming home after an exhausting day basically dead on their feet only to fine the acolytes in their house
This is a good one i like 👌🤌
İ think i read something like this before, time to make my own version!
(also would be so cool if you asked me on what characters you want me to add next time so i can make it even better for you :D)
More under the cut!
The whole day you were thinking about going home, getting a nice, warm bath, and going to sleep after all the work that you have done.
You were so exhausted that even getting your shoes off and opening the door felt like a chore. So you took your time, its not like it was due anytime haha.
While you get your keys out, you realised a sweet aroma filling the air, maybe one of your neighbors is making food, which made you realise you are actually hungry.
The smell was so out of this world that you would kill to get a piece of whatever they were making, but your exhaustion didn't make you even move. So you decided to ask for the recipe tommorrow.
You finally opened the door and draged yourself inside. The smell getting stronger but you opened the windows before leaving so you brushed it off as the neighbor profably has as well.
You open the door of your room, passed some group of people that made noise and fall on top of your bed. Slowly dosing off.
.....wait a second.
You wake up and stand back up the second you realise what the hell is happening.
"Your Grace!! We can explain!"
"GET OUT GET OUT!" you grab the nearest thing you can use as a weapon.
suprisingly, that scares them?
You throw your weapon at them and grab something else.
They slowly take a step back, "just don't be scared ok?"
Now that you regained most of your senses because of their calmer voice and further distance, you can analyse the situation.
These people, who are in a very cool cosplay of genshin impact, came in your house, and acted like you are the Queen of england for some reason??
İf you weren't scared out of your mind, you would be pretty goddamn impressed by all the cosplays.
Albedou's face looks like it's handmade made from chalk, Al haitham was super tall and well built, Like straight out of a Wattpad story. YELAN LOOKED SO HOT?!?! The only meh cosplay was Kujou Sara's cosplay. The material looked pretty hard.
Venti's outfit was unlike any cosplays you ever seen, it had crazy amount of detail. Nahida's hair looked so real that you bet it glows too! Even Ei and zhongli's eyes have a little glow on them.
".....why are you in cosplay..."
"Cos.... Play?"
"Perhaps it is better that i explain" Albedou's mouth moved, you kind of got scared as it looked like it can break any second.
"Perhaps you don't recocnise us, but we are your followers."
"This is so weird...."
He continued without paying you any mind. "İ recently came across a knowledge that we can contact you without breaking the holy scripture.
So naturally, i experimented on it. And i managed to open up a portal that leads us to your world."
"Ok now you are talking nonsense."
"Quite the contrary, its only science"
"With that said" Kujou Sara spoke "we weren't sure if it was concidered a sin in your eyes." She fall to her knees, the other imitiating her. "We are ready to take our punishment you deem necessary."
You just... Stared at them...
"Yeah im not calling the cops. İm gonna call an ambulance"
Before you manage to take your phone and dial in numbers, Albedo asked you "uh, your highness...?"
"İt seems that i forgot to take out the food from the fire. Could i go and make sure it isn't burned?"
"...the smell was your cooking?"
"Forgive me, i was looking through the devices in your world and got carried away, i wasnt sure on the purpose of the device, and decided to Cook something."
Your stomack rumbles at that, you aren't sure if you should eat anything an insane person does but you were too tired to think anyway.
"....could i taste it..?"
His eyes go wide "...realy?"
"İm... A bit hungry, i didnt have time to eat today."
"Of course! İll go grab you a plate!"
The others also raise their head "Can we do anything else?!"
"Uhhh???" You weren't sure, would they go aggresive if you don't let them? They might have actuall mental illness afterall...
"You guys can sit down in the living room, that would help!"
Al haitham looked at you "help with...?"
"Uhh, me to gather my toughts?"
"Of course! Take your time." Zhongli sais. And then adds "...sorry to disturb you but... Where is the living room?"
"Where television is?" You decide to test them
"Uhhh, huh... Vision.... Where vision is...."
"Oh boy just follow me."
You ate your food. İt was so good! But you kind of wished you didn't wish for tasting the food before coming inside the home and wish for something else. Like all your work going away.
You joined them in the living room. Ei and Sara looks were sitting on the ground, in front of the coffee table. They all turned at you when you walk in.
"Feeling better?" Nahida asked "your face gained its color back!"
"...yeah, thank you for the food."
"Will you hear us out now?" Al haitham spoke up, he was getting tired himself.
"How did you come here?" You decide to ask. Maybe getting some clues on who they actually are and help the cops, who are on their way.
"We opened a portal from our world to your world." Albedo explained again.
"Right, right, but i meant how did you come inside my house?"
"We fell"
"We were thrown out of some strange device."
"Device... You mean my computer?"
"Com.. comput-er?"
You decide to check on it, praying that they didn't break it....
İt was there! Safe! Not a single scratch! You thank whatever god that came to mind for it.
Then you Heard a strange noise coming from your computer. İt never made that noise before.
You opened your computer.
As soon as you do, wind pics up and sucks everything that is not supported by something heavy inside the computer.
The screen looks like a small version of the abyss, and you see your work papers/notes fly inside the screen.
You immediatly close the computer.
Yeah you are halucinating from working too much. When you wake up, everything will be back to normal.
No more maddness. Just sleep.
And with that you fall back on your bed.
After a dreamless slumber, you wake up to knocking on the door.
"Police! There has been a notice about 8 people forcefully getting inside the house, we are armed and will shoot if you ressist!"
"Your grace..?"
Uh-oh it wasnt a dream.
You quickly got up from your bed and opened the front door.
"Ah im sorry im the one who sent that. My friends were just playing a prank on me and i didn't realise it was them. İm sorry for disturbing you."
The cops just said something about fake notice and left.
"How did you call them here?"
"Nevermind that... God i need a break..."
"Will you listen to us for Real this time?" Nahida asked, actually worried about you.
You droped your head. You know what you saw. But you are still not sure if you should belive them. But at this point, what can you even do?
"Fine, please tell me from the start."
You denied their request. You can't leave your own world, at least not yet.
But they weren't going to give up on you that easily. So they weren't leaving anytime soon either.
Yeah you aren't going to be able to open your computer for a while.
Well at least they are the best room buddies you can ever hope for.
Zhongli is confused about money situation but got the hang of it pretty quickly.
Yelan, Nahida, albedo and al haitham all tried to convince you into visiting Tevat.
"Man this house chores are pain"
"İt wouldnt be if you were in tevat smh" Yelan said.
Venti bought wine with your money. (They be expensive) but apologised with a song he made for you!
Ei acts like a guard dog for you. Not sleeping at all and keeping an eye on you (apperantly she stoped a criminal and is a Superhero now)
So its pretty caotic untill you decide to leave this world and go back home.
Where you belong :)
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baxndaid · 19 hours
Tumblr media
( possessive venti x nun reader )
notes/warnings : first chapter,, hopefully i dont quit this halfway xoxox feel free to send asks to be added onto a tag list LMFAOO I MADE THIS AGED AGO AND JUST. NEVER POSTED IT ??? do u wamt part 2 or no lmk 😘😘😭🙏
Tumblr media
his fingers slowly, yet harshly, strummed the lyre in his pale hands; his legs hung over the wooden railing, his eyes lazily wondering around the street below him, his ears perked in order to hear one specific voice amongst the loud chatter of mondstat's citizens. he shut his eyes and huffed, getting up from his spot and climbed down from the balcony of the jewellers he normally performed on. once on the solid ground, he looked to his left, and then to his right and soon sighed again. he flicked his lyre away, golden dust particles soon replacing his holy instrument. he put his hands on the back of his head and began to walk towards the centre of mondstat, humming a tune to himself.
the wind seemed rather sharp this night, it wasnt anything strong enough to blow you away, but it was strong and cold enough to feel like a slap in the face. you groaned. did the weather have to be so vile today? you were running a few errands for the church as you did everyday as the role of a nun for the church of favonius. you made your way to marjorie's souvenir shop to request a few more trinkets and candles for the upcoming windblume festival that was coming up later. the church wanted to do something special to contribute to the holy event, and thus, youre here. once you finished commissioning a few things from marjorie, a familiar sound reached your ears. the soft thrum of a certain lyre not so far away from you. you internally groaned swiftly looked at the area around you, more specifically, the people around you. you sighed for what it felt like the hundredth time today, but in relief. you didnt see a hint of green around, so he mustve been near enough for you to hear his lyre, but far enough to not be in his line of view. if he did see you, barbados forbid, you wouldnt be able to get rid of him.
venti, to say the least, was clingy as all hell. he would latch onto you like a starved leech and accompany you while you finished off a few odd jobs around the church. whether it was buying a few things, cleaning the outside area of the church, or shooing albert with rosaria by your side, he always insisted in tagging along. and of course, leeches always manage to suck the life out of you in a short period of time. not only would he make these jobs harder to endure, but he would make them challenging too. he would tug you to his side when you were very clearly occupied with something, or would butt in and annoyingly open his big mouth to give his much unneeded opinion whenever you had a conversation with somebody that wasnt him. to say the least, it slowed you down. he slowed you down.
"whats with that ponderous look on your face?" you practically jumped out of your own skin as a high-pitched voice accompanied by a head popping out of one of the alleyways you were about to pass revealed itself, or rather, himself, to you.
"ah, im just thinking is all, venti." you tried to muster up a small smile, but you were so tired from work that it mustve come off as forced, which it was, but you like to think of yourself as a pretty good actor.
the wind had calmed down, but the coldness was still there.
"oh? thinking? hehe, about what?" he fully came out of the alleyway and crossed his arms playfully, "i bet it was about me, right?"
you hated how he wasnt even fully incorrect about that. you didnt want to be rude to venti by pushing him away, and being a massive bitch to one of mondstats prized bards would be terrible due to your status as a nun. so, you decided to just suck it up and pray to barbatos that the green goblin would stop pestering you.
"my my! look at all those bags youre holding!" he put his hand on his mouth dramatically, "a darling such as yourself shouldnt pressure yourself so much! please allow me to hel-" just as he reached over to your bags of supplies, you twitched your hand back. "im fine, thank you."
"oh? but surely you-"
"once again, im fine. thank you." he gave you a sad frown but dropped his arms to his side again, giving up. before he could open his mouth to speak once again, you rushed off, not feeling too in-the-mood to talk to the energetic bard tonight.
all you wanted was to finish work, and go home to rest.
forcing your key out of the door, you shut it closed and threw your held items onto the sofa. marching over to the kitchen, you boiled water to get a bath going for yourself, a well deserved one at that.
after a long bath, you picked out your pyjamas and practically dropped onto your bed. you sunk into the silk fabric and hugged your pillow, draping the sheets over your body. the window next to you whistled as the wind graced its rusted hinges. you liked having the window open at night, the night-time breeze always comforted you after a long day at work, even if it was a bit cold. it was soothing, and you always felt a bit less lonely when the wind whistled at night, like it was conversing with you. watching you. keeping you safe.
you exhaled into your pillow before finally drifting off to sleep.
series navigation <- chapter 1 (here) -> chapter 2
Tumblr media
NAVIGATION ♡ <- genshin masterlist
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I'm just gonna drop some of my fave pics from my fave spot (except Lisa's that was taken somewhere else xD) from the photo event :3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sustineree · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just normal night in Angel’s Share
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relxion-kunp · 5 months
Tumblr media
Archons Reunion.❤️
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cactachu · 5 months
Tumblr media
archons fr
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scaranya · 6 days
When you're clingy
(ft. Albedo, Itto, Kazuha, Scaramouche, Xiao, Venti)
Tumblr media
Venti - he doesn't even notice! He's very affectionate himself so he takes it as something normal. But mind you he very much enjoys it and it makes him feel so loved, he's like a sponge for your physical contact. Hug him, smother him, kiss him, hold his hand, he loves it all. He's clinging to your side himself anyway and there's no force in the world that could separate him from you.
Xiao - it makes him unbelievably flustered. Why are you clinging to him like this, why are you so close, don't you know about his bad karma that could harm you-. Tries to distance himself from you at first but when you become sad from it, he reluctantly relents. Doesn't know where to put his hands, opting to lay them on your hips or your back when you choose to express yourself by hugging him. Likes it when you hold his hand. It's such an innocent getsure that makes his heart race. It makes him forget that he's just a weapon made to kill.
Scaramouche - secretly loves it. He will always scoff at you for showing him your affection but inside, he couldn't be happier. It's such an ego boost when you willingly cling to him, intertwining your hands while looking at him so cutely, unsure if he's okay with it. Your touch makes him feel wanted and he really enjoys and seeks out that feeling. Doesn't care if you do it in private or publicly. Either he can enjoy these feelings you make him experience in peace or he can show you off to others and make anyone bold enough to approach you change their minds. Sometimes, when you hug him, he pulls you even closer and you can hear his sharp intake of breath as he buries his face into your neck.
Kazuha - couldn't be happier about it. He's quite clingy himself, seeking your presence whenever he can. To know that you feel the same way reminds him that you love him as passionately as he loves you. When you give him cheek kisses, he melts and stares at you lovingly. When you hold his hand, he can't help himself but to kiss the top of your hand while looking into your eyes. He's all smiles when you're around him, connected to him in whichever way you prefer.
Itto - are you challenging him in who's more clingy? Challenge accepted! But seriously, he loves physical touch (especially the one that's coming from you). He loves to give you bear hugs himself and anyone who sees you two together usually sees you connected to him in one way or another. Itto is always radiating positive energy when you freely cling to his hand, he's so proud of you as his partner.
Albedo - unsure at first what to make of it. Tries to analyse why you're doing it but in the end, he comes to understand you just care about him that much and you express it in this way. It makes his heart skip when you cling to him, the feeling foreign but not unwelcome. Likes how warm you are whenever you press yourself to his side, seeking the comfort of his touch - and he cannot refuse you, loving the way your face lights up with the simplicity of his touch on your body.
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ragdoline · 7 days
Tumblr media
Just Venti being a not-so-silent supporter of his children.
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starcrystalrose · 1 month
Tumblr media
Another Venti hehe <3 I bet he gives the best hugs 😔 💚
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fandangotales · 2 months
Who tries to watch/is around you when you sleep Cult AU
Characters: Xiao, Heizou, Venti
Warnings: Yandere content, Mature content, Sexual content (Xiao’s part), stalking, angst (Venti’s part)<3
Reader is GN!
You randomly woke up one night, seeing a soft golden glow coming from the corner of your room. You looked over in it’s direction. The glow appeared to be 2 orbs, slightly illuminating the corner, showing the slight outline of a… person?
Somebody was staring at you from the darkness. You screamed, because that’s creepy, and obviously not something normal to see when you wake up. Especially if you are unaware of somebody being in your room.
“Are… you alright?” A familiar voice trailed, coming from the corner.
It was Xiao.
After a very long rant from you of why you found his behavior creepy, he seemed to understand. Since then you haven’t physically seen him in your room. However, you can always feel his presence, or rather his surveying gaze, the very second you enter your room, at nearly any time of the day.
You were a bit hesitant about changing your clothes in your room because of this, but you eventually decided that Xiao would have the decency not to look.
Unless you decided to open your window, you would remain blissfully unaware of the breathy moans echoing atop your roof.
You didn’t need to know about how he touched himself as he watched you, or how he secretly wanted you to open that window.
You didn’t need to know about how he desperately stroked his cock, imagining his hands as yours.
You didn’t need to know about the hot tears that leaked from his eyes from the sheer pleasure.
Would you call him disgusting? Would you be furious? Or… would you like what he was doing?
Xiao’s getting a little too worked up just thinking about the possibilities.
Much similar to Xiao, Heizou is the type to watch you.
Xiao had found him writing in a notebook atop your roof, talking to himself about Archons know what, and just how lovely you looked when you were asleep.
He was brought inside your room, casually standing before you. Heizou did’t even try to deny that he was watching you. He even insisted that it was strictly for security reasons. However, given how exited he looked to finally be inside of your room, you are highly doubtful of his true motives.
Due to you being half asleep, you didn’t register how his eyes flicked over your decorations, random belongings of yours, and your bed. At one point he mumbled something about finding a better vantage point, before he was promptly picked up like a sack of potatoes, and carried out of your room by the yaksha. You could hear him trying to reason with Xiao, to no avail.
“C’mon, put me down! Shockingly, I can walk by myself.”
The adeptus didn’t respond.
“Man alive, you are the worst!” He pouted, as the rest of their one-sided conversation was tuned out of your ears.
You yawned, deciding to deal with him tomorrow.
Tomorrow, however, is when you started to notice that things got a little off.
Random items were slightly out of place of where you had previously placed them, and there was an unknown journal on your desk. You opened the front page, quickly retracting your hands as you saw it’s contents.
The pages were covered in dried up… liquid? You shut down that thought, not even wanting to know what it was. The ink on the pages was smudged and barely legible, except for two very clear paragraphs that covered a whole page.
“I love them I love them I love them…”
Another section featured a detailed description of how had you slept the previous night. For some reason your heart rate was on the page too, along with a little note:
“An ordinary rate for a resting person, I’m glad that I didn’t wake them up!”
This meant that he was in your room at one point the night before, or even earlier than that. You didn’t want the answer.
You shakily closed the book, disturbed by it’s contents. Your face blanched when you saw the name written on the bottom of the cover.
Instead of directly watching you sleep, Venti instead makes an effort to sleep with you at night. (Not anything gross, but if you wanted that, he certainly wouldn’t mind)
He claims that people sleep better in the company of others, which is why he comes to your room nearly every night.
When you are in bed together, he seems to establish as much skin to skin contact as possible. It’s not uncommon to feel his whole torso pressed against your back, while his legs are entwined with yours, and his arms are tightly wrapped around your midsection. This position makes it almost impossible for you to move, but you don’t mind.
If anything, you felt comforted by his hold. You could even say that you enjoyed the evenings that he stayed over.
One night though, you heard Venti talking to himself as he was cuddling with you. His head was in the crook of your neck, and you could feel hot puffs of air from his breathing on your throat. Most of his ramblings were inaudible, but one thing stood out to you in particular.
“H-hah… Your Grace. I-I just want to crawl inside of you~” he whispered, slightly giggling.
His hold on your body tightened, as his nails pressed into the flesh on your sides. It felt as if they were drawing blood.
“You’ll stay with me forever, right?” He panted, as his breathing became uneven. His words reached you with a hint of desperation.
“You wouldn’t leave me like h-he did, would you, Your G-Grace?” He choked, as you felt warm tears sliding onto your throat.
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alitheakorogane · 3 days
What would happen if Venti got the same treatment as the Reader in those angsty SAGAU fics?
Imagine the situation:
Venti had underestimated the perceptive gaze of Mondstadt’s citizens, especially those who had read the history books of the olden days.
The first time he stepped to his beloved city for the first time in a hundred years, someone is perceptive enough to point out how similar the newcomer is to their Anemo Archon, and it causes a chain reaction that caused trouble between everyone involved.
Blinded by their cultish devotion to the missing god and utter desperation against Dvalin/Stormterror's reign of terror, some citizens tried to capture the confused bard and put him in trial for just looking like the Anemo Archon. 
The knights was skeptical over the matter, but when they looked at the face of the newly arrived bard, they were shocked to see his similarities between him and their missing Archon. They tried to question the bard, but as they do corner him, Venti was gone like he was nothing there at the first place... like he was just the playful wind that blows and disappears in a blink.
Some people, especially cultish devotees of the Anemo Archon are very adamant that they could sacrifice poor Venti to Celestia so they could appease Lord Barbatos or his spirit to come back, and to calm Stormterror at the same time. Some believe that the bard was really the Vessel of Lord Barbatos, but majority of them just assumed that Venti is a heretic who steals the Archon’s form to fool anyone and decided to execute the bard.
When asked why, those who are very religious in an obsessive manner will definitely say that it's their freedom to sacrifice an (innocent) imposter to appease the missing god, some even thinking that the heretic is the reason why Lord Barbatos was not present in the modern days and why Stormterror is currently attacking Mondstadt, but some just don’t care. 
“This is a city of freedom, after all. No one should bother a person just because they look like someone with a bigshot identity.”
They really thought that they are going to appease his anger of the Anemo Archon by executing a poor bard who is as clueless as fuck, who was currently questioning why he was pursued by the angry citizens of his nation after being awakened due to their desperate prayers.
Unfortunately for the people, he still had his Gnosis.
But Venti couldn’t bear to see his people hurt because of him, so he just let them wonder about his presence. But since he is known as a playful and mischievious bard, he usually play some entertaining hide-and-seek with his pursuers. As time went on, they got tired of chasing him, so they just let him do his thing in Mondstadt. For now.
Until they found out he loves to drink wine in excessive amounts, likes to glide around the place illegally like he owned the city (he literally considered the owner) and let out some blasphemy about the Anemo Archon through his songs... chaos breaks loose once again in Mondstadt.
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queen-of-scissors · 2 months
After they realise the truth, it was too late.
You look back at them from the portal that just opened. İt is over. You can go back to your own world.
Your followers beg you not to go, that they are sorry that they mistook you as a traitor while they were worshiping one. But its over right? They can make it up for it surely?
They are willing to multiply their offerings and prayers, so please just dont leave! Any punishment but that! Dont leave them craving for your divine gaze again!
You kept your silance.
This is the only thing they remember, after you left to your own world for good.
.....untill the sumeru update.
...wait remember what happened last time, you fell asleep playing and then woke up in the world.
How AWKWARD would it be if you just re-appeared after 1 month (in your world) just because of a hot characte-
Well.... You're here.
You thought you at least would be able to play the game without shifting but no <3
And like it wasnt enough emberrasmant, you woke up in the middle of a ritual that they were doing just for your forgiveness and arrival.
Well theres no way you're gonna belive them when they say theyre changed after they tried to kill you. But you came prepared.
You thank markiplier for this idea internally.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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orbitsab · 4 months
Tumblr media
"Fly, fly away, Like a bird in the sky.
See the world on my behalf,
To the heavens may you fly."
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lotus-pear · 8 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
custody battle over scaramouche after sumeru archon quest—spoiler venti wins 👀
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sustineree · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Zhongli couldn't remain worse and found team L within 15 minutes
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