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‘Goodnight World’ P2
Tumblr media
Summary: After the Aranara brings Aether to the World he finds out that The Creator is unable to wake up.
Note: Not proofread!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Aether stands in front of The Creator who remains peacefully asleep on top of the white stone plateau. The vines that keep the small area hidden from the outside start to bloom small glowing flowers, illuminating the inside and casting a golden glow onto The Creator.
A zephyr moves against Aether’s back, urging him closer.
The Aranara who stood on the stone next to The Creator lifts its small hands into the air.
“World says they’ve been waiting many moons for golden nara.”
It lowers its arms and turns its body around to face The Creator.
“World seems sad.”
The Aranara places it’s arm against The Creator. Almost simultaneously as he does so, crystalflies start to form, probably an after-effect of The Creator being a great source of elemental power.
Because of this, Aether is now able to pin point why he felt such strong forces of energy when he first walked in. It’s similar to the first time he touched a statue of the Seven, yet so much stronger.
The pixie next to the traveller moves closer to the stone plateau to get a better look of both The Creator and the Aranara.
She seems hesitant as she does so.
“Paimon is unsure… But that can’t be The Creator, right?”
She turns her head around to Aether who seems equally as confused. Ever since he woke up separated from his sister he’d met many people and archons, all who spoke highly of the same person who now appeared to be in eternal sleep.
Was he supposed to help The Creator?
The Aranara seems to be able to communicate with The Creator, so why can’t he?
The same energy he felt before surrounds him and he steps forward.
“White nara is correct. World is Creator.”
“Why are they asleep?” Aether asks immediately after the Aranara finishes.
“World says they’re stuck.”
‘stuck.’ – does it have anything to do with the withering?
Aether wonders if he should ask Nahida for help. It had been a while since Irminsul had been cleansed, but when he visited Tighnari, there’d been still many withering zones.
“Oooh.” Paimon gasps as if she found something exciting. “Paimon wonders if the ‘World’ knows more about your sister.”
Aether looks up at the pixie. The god of Wisdom had already given him more information than any others. The journey to Sumeru seemed to be worth it, but does The Creator have more information? Irminsul did have information on his sister, but not on himself. Would The Creator know more about this?
“Can we help The Creator?” he asks.
The Aranara turns from Aether to The Creator.
It rests its arm once more on The Creator and Aether wonders why it does so. It had been able to talk without putting its arm on it before, so why do it now?
“World says, yes.”
Paimon looks at Aether before she talks,
“How? Does Paimon need to talk with Nahi- ahem, Kusanali? Wait. Does she even know The Creator is here?”
Aether shrugs and he looks back down towards the Aranara. It seems distressed.
“Too many questions. Golden nara and white nara need to be patient. World still tired.”
“How can we help?” Aether asks.
The Aranara takes a moment to communicate with The Creator once more. After a minute of silence Paimon coughs into her hand to get its attention.
“World is gone. Golden nara not patient enough”
Paimon and Aether look at each other, both alarmed and confused.
“What do you mean gone?” She cries out, “Paimon can’t believe they died right when we came.”
“Not gone, gone.” The Aranara walks to the stair and climbs down. “World sleeping.”
“Wait, how is Paimon supposed to know how we need to help the World then?” She puffs her lips together and stomps her feet in the air.
The Aranara seems confused.
“We can ask Nahida about it.” Aether offers as he looks at Paimon.
“That’s a good idea! I bet Nahida knows what to do!”
Aether takes a last glance towards The Creator who remains blissfully asleep. Their face is relaxed, a small smile is visible and their body radiates a while glow.
There’s no mistake.
This is The Creator that seemingly vanished from Teyvat 500 years ago.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Early morning kisses
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Warning! Genshin Impact Anime Thread photo!
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Part1/? !
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Introducing Genius Invokation TCG, the card game that's been taking Teyvat by storm!
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Tumblr media
“hey teyvat! looking for a way to contact us fast for a helping hand? here’s a way you can ask me and paimon questions directly, without having to wait for me to wander into your town. go ahead, ask away!”
[ NEW ASK BLOG for AETHER FROM GENSHIN IMPACT!! feel free to start sending in questions (linked to ask box), and thanks for your interest!! ]
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Tumblr media
irodori festival made impossible and combined all my favorite genshin characters in one place even little angry hat man my beloved and Albedo with Venti and Kazuha
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Tumblr media
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hellooo!! ☆(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ* is it okay if i request 5WIRL (seperate) x fem reader headcanons where they get a glimpse up her skirt while she's fighting enemies with them? if you take this request, tysm!! <3333
A teensy bit of glimpse
Ft. 5WIRL.
Contains; NSFW read at your own risk. Suggestive. Not proofread. Unestablished relationship.
Tumblr media
In the middle of fighting monsters that bothered your trials with him, you decided to fight them off rather than running away. With your swift movements, and with the wind blowing, it cause your skirt to fly up without you noticing it yourself. What do they do?
Who gets a little caught off guard, and stops fighting for a while because of what he saw. Your underwear. This caused him to get hit by an hillichurl, but luckily it didn't took much damage, and that you were there to fend it off for him.
"Are you hurt?" You asked with a fully concerned face, His red face made you very worried. He replies that it was just a small damage, and there's no need for you to worry that much.
But what was really damaged in him was his brain. A sight to be hold? More like a sight to be held or touched. He suddenly has a growing urge to grab your ass or thighs, but controlled himself not to. Keep it for tonight, he told himself.
Kept on giving small glances at your skirt, hoping he'd get another chance to see what he saw earlier. "Let's go home." He says, but you will never know what's happening inside his mind. Like fucking you in your skirt when you go back.
This man is a pervert.
But of course, when it's just the two of you. He'll finish throwing punches at the samurais first before letting his lewdness kick in. What do you say, safety first.
Who would've thought he'll be blessed this way? By you? He'll thank the archons for real.
"I might've caught a small glimpse of heaven." He smirks at you when you finally finish clearing up your side of enemies and that smirk he had confused you.
He kept on giving hints but you still wouldn't get what he was trying to point out, so he gave up and kept it to himself as his little secret for today.
"you never fail to seduce me with what you're wearing." He holds your shoulders while bitting his lower lip. Ask him about what he means, he'll gesture downwards using his eyeballs.
"let's go back, the fun awaits. Let's continue our investigation tomorrow. If you're able to walk, that is." He'd love to see how you open your legs wide open for him while your in that skirt of yours.
Kazuha will be humble still.
"Dove, why don't you wear shorts under your skirt from now on?" He'll tell in a way he is certain you'll catch up quickly. And you did, which made you feel embarrassed to face him, he chuckled at you for that.
"Now, now. No need to be all shy. It's just me. Actually, it made me hope for this day to end faster. Why don't we finish your commissions quickly, so that we can head home now?"
On your way to your next commission, you noticed that he got slightly touchy, and kept a hand in your hip.
Maybe he'll fuck while you're still in your panties. He might get too excited to even bother slipping them away from your legs. He's quiet, you'll never know what he might do.
The sight if it made him all giggling to himself for real. It made you doubt if he was in a good state, or secretly drunk.
"Brace yourself." "Let's play!" He forgot to say those lines, because of what he saw. He only had this smug smirk plastered on his face while the two fought monsters.
"Venti-, are you sure you're okay? You're acting weird." The fact that you didn't notice that your skirt was lifted up by the wind got him giggling more, and made you more concerned.
"I'm just having fun today. Are we going back now? I kind of have something important to do, with you."
"With me?" You asked. "With you." He repeated.
On your way back, he kept on blowing wind on your skirt, low-key teasing himself. To be honest, he can fuck you right now behind a tree somewhere. He just needs to see how your panties fall lose on your thighs as he pounds on you.
(idk if venti can control the wind but it gave me an idea because yk, he's the anemo archon. Bare with me. 🧑‍🦯)
When he did that plunge thing (when he uses his burst yk?) to kill the hillichurls, the strong impact of his plunging on the ground made your skirt float. Before he could stand properly, he caught a glimpse of your panties and ass.
The pain of his karmic debt went gone, or rather felt numb because of your sight. (+ Points to you ig.)
Now he wants to grab the flesh if your soft ass until you groan out his name.
Carries you bridal style so that he can feel your skin on his forearm, on your way back to Wangshu Inn.
"We'll go back to the Inn, where else?" His reply to you when you ask him where you're heading. He said, he'll do your commissions later when you two finish. Finish what? He won't tell you.
Just get ready to get railed by him, at the rooftop at night. He won't leave any clothes on your lower body.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ladies and Gentlemen : Childe
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holding on and surviving through doodles
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Tumblr media
pspspspsps ive got angst pspsppss
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.”
i wanted to post them together :]
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‘Goodnight World’
Tumblr media
Summary: After Aether saves the forest, the Aranara’s take him to ‘The World’, but what does that mean? // The Aranara’s are protectors of Nature, and when the Creator descends onto Teyvat the Aranara hide them in a safe place until they wake up.
A/N: I was never going to finish this, so I decided to push this out of my drafts! Because it’s originally intended to be longer, the pacing might be a bit strange here and there. Not proofread
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The cave seemed to change. Walls on either side of Aether started to glow and shimmer, almost like fireflies had been trapped behind them. A soft breeze in the back guides Aether forward.
At the end of the cave there’s light. It shines brighter than the walls and it almost blinds Aether as he continues down the path.
It seems to be an opening to the outside world.
When Aether walks forward into the light. He is temporarily stumped when he realizes he’s still in the cave.
Flowers grow as far as the soil can reach, and a huge tree in the middle of the area makes the place feel alive. The trunk is arched forward, and from the tree branches vines flow down and stop right before hitting the ground.
It seems to be hiding something, and while the gentle breeze shakes the vines back and forward, Aether is unable to fully capture what’s behind them.
The cave opening creates a dome-like shape. On the walls there’s still that same glow he can’t quite place; 
‘Where did I see this before?’ 
Aether thinks of the night sky. The walls shimmer the same way stars would fill the dark night. But still, walls are still walls, and Aether does realize he’s still underground.
On his side he hears Paimon. Just like himself, she’d been in awe. When Aether turns his head he sees her look around with her mouth agape.
“Nara, careful. World is sleeping.” The Aranara that’s been guiding the two hops onto the stone platform carefully. Aether looks ahead. There’s a stone path between the flowers. He must’ve looked over it before.
Paimon floats over to the Aranara. “Y’know, this is great and all, but Paimon still doesn’t get why you brought us here.”
Aether follows the two from behind. He watches the small Aranara hop from stone to stone, carefully evading the flowers that grow between them.
“Aranara protected The World for many moons now. Like Nara Varuna, Golden Nara protected Varanara, so too – The World. World always protect us from afar.”
Aether repeats the words in his head. The Aranara’s had their own way of talking and it always takes him a second to decode their words.
From what he understands, the Aranara’s are showing him and Paimon ‘the world’ – which might be some form of treasure with the way they address it. He assumes that ‘the world’ is hidden behind the vines – or maybe it’s the tree itself.
“Gah, Paimon doesn’t understand a single thing.” She stomps her feet in the air. “What is this world anyways?”
The Aranara hops on another platform. “Nara must be patient.” It hops on yet another platform, “Almost at The World.”
As the two approach the tree, Aether could feel energy start flowing through his body. It’s stronger than before – closer, perhaps.
When the Aranara disappears behind the vines, Paimon and Aether take a moment to look at each other.
“Paimon doesn’t want to go in there first.” She hides behind Aether,
“You’re scared?”
Aether looks over his shoulder to Paimon. He raises his eyebrows teasingly.
Paimon responds, “Okay, maybe a little. Just go in there first!”
Aether moves the vines out of the way and he feels Paimon’s lightly push him forward. As he enters the area hidden behind the vines he sees someone familiar.
In the middle of the hidden area there’s a white stone that reaches his waist. It doesn’t seem comfortable and Aether wonders how the figure remains peacefully asleep.
It takes a moment for their chest to rise and fall, but they’re certainly alive. The energy flowing through Aether’s body is enough proof for him.
The Aranara climbs up the stone with a small ladder that’s been placed on one side and walks over to the left side.
“The World is asleep but says welcome to Nara.”
Aether approaches the stone with Paimon at his side. He’s unfamiliar with Teyvat but he’s seen this person many times before.
The Creator.
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Tumblr media
Shrine Maiden Aether and Demon Xiao AU
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majubengel · 4 months
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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yumenosakiacademy · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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omi-anime · 4 months
Imagine ayato, kaeya, childe, thoma and aether with Cheshire cat reader, like from the live action one. I feel like the characters would be on a walk or a small break and the reader kinda appears out of nowhere on a tree branch while in their cat form? You can write it how you want if ur comfortable with the idea, if not that's totally fine, also for the sake of a possible romantic relationship, the reader does have a human form but will have their ears and tail, kinda like diona. Anyway, I hope u have a good day/night ^v^
Ayato, Childe, Kaeya, Thoma, and Aether with Cheshire cat like s/o (part 1)
Author notes: Omg plz- I love the cheshire cat. You have my heart anon. ❤
Part 2 here.
Part 3 here.
Tumblr media
He was out for a walk to distress from the clan and all its problems as of right now. When he heard a sound up to the left and then saw a cat in a tree staring at him.
Definitely didn't think anything of it till the cat did a big creepy/weird smile, then spoke?!
"What is someone like you out here for?"
He thought he was going crazy 100%. I mean it's not every day a cat can talk. Before he could ask or answer it disappeared into mist/smoke.
Only for a noise behind him and see a person with cat ears and a tail?
After getting to know you sees you're very mischievous personality and that you seem to find amusement and a lot more things people don't.
Asked you about it and only got "I'm not crazy my reality is just different from others".
Will pet you to calm calm down when stressed. His favorite is when you're in your cat form and you can chill on his desk.
Will prank you back if you prank him. You just started an ultimate prank war #1 but won't be to extreme.
Will like cuddling with you when you start purring, or even just petting you anytime.
Was out on a walk during his break and saw a cat in a tree. Immediately thought the cat was stuck going to help it out.
When attempting to get the cat to come closer to him he got a "I'm fine here thanks". It was also paired with a creepy smile.
Didn't know if he was hearing things or the cat just spoke and gave him a evil smile.
Once he gets to know you doesn't understand my people don't like you as much/fear you. Believes it's probably due to you being able to appear and disappear or the evil pranks you play on them.
Will ask you to help him with his chores by reaching high up places. Don't break anything though or you're going to be sitting in a timeout.
Find your pranks amusing as long as they're not harmful. But we'll try and stop you from pranking people too much.
Definitely asked if you can communicate with animals and will ask on what they think of him if you can.
Definitely give you a scolding when you pranked anyone who was not so nice to him/said mean stuff about him.
Did find it sweet though that you cared. Expect a couple of head pads as he scold you.
Definitely likes putting things on your hair/ears especially when it tickles your ears and they twitch.
Walking in the his homeland where it was cold, and heard something thinking it was a monster wanting to fight got his weapons at the ready.
Didn't expect to see nothing only to hear something and see a cat in a snowy tree...? Asked you "hey, what are you doing in this cold weather".
"watching the snow of course, what else would there be?" Paired with a smile that was a little sadistic/creepy.
Once getting to know you, you both pulled so many pranks on people. Would definitely act obvious well you made objects float behind him.
All the fatui harbingers definitely hate you. Well the lower ranks fear you.
Introduced you to his family, ended up with all his siblings wanting to pet you. Definitely found that amusing while you attempted to avoid them.
Started to prank on each other #2. Except unlike Ayato won't hold back and will prank you extremely.
Definitely finds it funny that people fear you and we'll use it to his advantage.
If needs to interrogate someone we'll have you in your cat form to creep them out and make them spill everything.
Will put Snow on your hair to watch you shake it off only to disappear. You repeatedly throw snowballs at him well he can't find you.
Was out, skip work again, heard a weird laugh?
Want to go see what it was only to see someone sitting in a tree with cat ears and a tail. When you turn to look at him gave him a creepy smile.
" why hello little knight," still paired with the same smile.
Probably heard of you from some drunkards when they say they're wine was floating. That or heard of you through his brother that a feline liked causing him trouble.
After getting to know you realizes you're not that bad and people mistake you for some evil villain. You just like to prank people and seem to be different from most.
Will have you sit in his lap in cat form while you give a creepy smile to scare treasure hoarders in interrogations.( basically those scenes where the villain has a cat in there lap).
Definitely had you prank Diluc though I believe he has his suspicions on what chaotic duo caused it.
Does prank wars with you #3. Similar to Ayato will do pranks not too extreme or mean.
Probably found people's fearing you amusing and interesting. Will use it to his advantage if someone clearly did a crime and won't admit to it.
Likes petting your ears well he uses cryo on his hands to scare you as a prank. It ended up with you just disappearing and him falling face first in the ground.
I see him meeting you through Piamon, smelling something good and disappearing for the woods. Only to come across you and not Paimon.
"Looking for something are you?" With your classic smile. Probably at first thought you did something with Paimon till she came with some overly sweet sweetflowers in hand.
Probably also was scared of you a little especially since you could disappear and reappear. But quickly learned you just like pulling pranks on people.
Will pet your ears to calm himself down, or to distract you from pranking someone. Uses it when you attempt to prank someone for using advantage of him.
You scare away anyone who attempts to use his kindness to their advantage. He still doesn't know why they run away scared when he says sure...?
Will get mad at you if you steal his sword when he needs it. He also doesn't want you to get hurt accidentally when using it to make him chase you.
Doesn't like your pranks too much but depending on how extreme they are will depend on if he finds it funny or not.
Has you prank Paimon when she attempts to eat all their food. He can't count how many times you stopped her from devouring all the food, before anyone else gets any.
Overall a pretty sweet relationship, with him stopping you from pranking people, and you stopping people from taking advantage of him.
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