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Fem Presenting Loki 馃槴馃槴馃槴
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found this on instagram
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Genderfluid pride with Loki
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loki icons
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iseathegalaxy a year ago
"have you met a female loki?" "no, she sounds terrifying"
my dudes, what. you're all female sometimes, what are you talking about? where did y'all's genderfluidity go? genderfluid doesn't mean that somewhere in the vast multiverse there's a version of you that's not your same gender but that your gender as a specific individual is fluid.
if the loki variants had been like "we're all female sometimes, right?" and loki had answered "yeah, but a loki that's female presenting the majority of time" or something along those lines that would've been way better.
i feel as if they just used loki's genderfluidity to introduce a female variant so they could pair them up and then absolutely forgot about it.
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artist-from-outersp-ace 3 months ago
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Lady Loki/ androgynous Loki/ genderfluid Loki for all you little gay people in my phone
+ bonus sketches:
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michelleleewise 3 months ago
Okay, here goes nothing...
If you have time and if you like it, could you make a genderfluid Loki x bi/pan fem reader, please?
I have this idea living rent free in my head : Loki and reader were "kinda" together but they kept arguing, breaking up and getting back together, both teasing the other but sometimes the teasing would turn into bad fights. To the point where their friends never know if they're together or not 馃槄
After a break up, they don't talk for a long time, both being too proud to go back, and reader goes to a bar after some time to try and think about something else, and she meets a beautiful girl with whom she has a lot in common. There's clearly a thing between them...
You chose when and how she discovers that her new crush/girlfriend is Loki and how she reacts to the news...
Thank you for your stories, hope you're having a great day, may the gods look after you 馃挌
Hiiiii!!! I'm so sorry this took me ages to get to!!! Life was being life....but I'm here and I got this!! I hope I did this justice for you!! Thank you so much for sending it to me!!!! And may the gods look after you as well 馃挌馃挌馃挌馃挌
All of You...
Pairing: Genderfluid Loki 脳 Bi/Pan reader
Warnings: yelling, swearing, angst, breakups, mentions of alcohol, mentions of cheating, crying
Summary: you had dated Loki on and off for awhile, until one day you can't take it anymore...
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"You know what Loki, why don't you go to hell." You yelled, storming out of his room towards the elevator "it appears I'm already there.....dear." he snided following behind you. You came to a dead stop in the hall, making him almost run into you. "What, your tiny brain forget how to walk?" He snarked behind you. You closed your eyes sighing, slowly turning to meet his cold gaze. "I...I can't do this anymore." You breathed watching his eyes soften slightly. "You'll be back, you always are." He smirked proudly. "No, I won't. This is over Loki." You said not breaking from his gaze. "Hm.. we shall see." He huffed, retreating to his room slamming the door.
You walked to the elevator, pressing the button trying not to let your face betray you. "Y/n, are you alright? I heard the commotion." You heard Thor, you turned your head slightly, keeping your eyes down "yeah, I'm fine. Just had a disagreement with Loki." You sighed. "Oh, I didn't know you two were back together." He smiled "we aren't, not anymore." You said as the elevator opened. "See ya later sparkles." You said pushing the button as the doors closed. You leaned on the wall, thinking back to the last six months. The countless fights, the yelling, the crying. And for what?
You walked into your apartment, suddenly overwhelmed by the silence. Making your way to the kitchen you set the kettle on the stove, Loki had introduced you to the world of tea and now you had to have it. You sat at the table, staring at the empty chair in front of you, thinking about all the times Loki sat there, apologizing for what he said, saying it wouldn't happen again, but it always did. You would fight, break up and one of you would crawl back to the other, begging for forgiveness and the others body. It was toxic, all consuming, and had become a vicious cycle of hate sex and makeup sex. The problem, you wanted something beyond physical, he didn't want to tie himself to anyone. Remembering the argument from earlier when you asked him if he was sleeping with anyone else, his answer "should it matter?" Making you decide once and for all, that you were done.
Months had gone by as you tried to adjust to the God missing from your life. It took everything in you not to text him, to run to the tower and beg him to slam you against a wall and take you. But you knew this was for the best, especially since he hadn't reached out either. You finally had a Friday night off so you decided to go out, get your mind off of everything. You got dressed up, putting your hair up and headed to the nearest bar. You sat on a stool, ordering a jack and coke, looking around seeing everyone having a good time, when you eyes landed on a woman across the bar from you. She was alone, her long hair tied back in a ponytail, her hand over her face. As she put it down you felt butterflies in your stomach, she was stunning.
Her skin seemed to glow in the light of the bar, her lips were full, plump. You wondered if they were as soft as they looked. You scanned up seeing her eyes, you could see the dark circles and bags present under them. They seemed puffy and bloodshot, had she been crying? You weren't one to walk up to strangers but if you could help her feel better, you were going to do it. You grabbed your drink, downing it as you got up, making your way towards her. You contemplated what you would say "hi, I'm y/n, need a hug?" You laughed nervously at the idea, your palms sweating as you rubbed them on your pants. You walked up behind her, seeing her long hair went to her mid back, it looked like silk in the light. You cleared your throat as you came up next to her.
"H..hi, is this seat taken?" You asked as her round eyes landed on you, she was even more beautiful up close. "Umm....no, no it's not." She said staring at you. "May i?" You asked as she nodded. You sat, ordering another drink as she looked down at hers, her finger circling the top of the glass. "I'm y/n by the way." You said holding your hand out "I'm L...Lucy.." She stuttered, she smiled grabbing your hand, God her hands were soft. "Well hello Lucy, what brings you here?" You ask trying to break the ice. You heard her sigh "well, if I'm being honest, trying to drown my sorrows, you?" She asked looking at you "same, trying to clear my head." You said looking down.
You sat talking for hours, telling you about her annoying coworkers, and her idiot brother. You couldn't help feel something familiar when you looked at her, like you've known her forever. She was telling you about something she had done the other day when your eyes began to roam, taking in her supple breasts, her smooth skin that peeked from under her shirt, her long legs that you wanted to be tangled in. "Y/n, you ok?" She asked snapping you back to reality "yes, sorry. You were saying?" You blushed. "Can I walk you home?" She asked again "umm sure yeah." You said standing up.
She got up, brushing her chest to yours as she slid in front of you, making your face heat up. "Lead the way darling" She purred slipping her coat on. You furrowed your eyebrows looking at her, there was definitely something off about her. She looked at you wide eyed as you turned heading out the door. You kept sneaking glances at her as you walked. She was slightly taller then you, and she seemed to almost strutt as she walked. "So tell me Lucy, what really brought you to the bar tonight?" You asked putting your hands I'm your pockets "truly, I was trying to forget. Awhile ago, I met an amazing wonderful woman, she was everything I ever dreamed of..kind, compassionate, loving." She said looking down.
"So what happened?" You asked looking at her "i...I took her for granted. Assumed she would always be there. But after what I said to her, I don't blame her." She said clearing her throat. "What did you say?" You asked "it doesn't matter, my stupidity ran my mouth and I lost the best thing in my life." She said. "Have you tried telling her that?" You asked "no, I'm afraid she won't speak to me." She said. The more she talked the more and more realization dawned on you, so you kept going.
"Well, do you love her?" You asked as her eyes shot to yours "love, love is complicated for me." She said "not really, does she make you happy? Do you smile when you think about her?" You asked, seeing a smile spread across her face "Absolutely." She said "can you picture the rest of your life without her?" You asked as she looked at you "no, I can't." She said "does she occupy your dreams, your thoughts, does she almost haunt you?" You asked. "You seem to know alot about this." She said laughing "Well, I love my ex too." You said looking down. "You do?" She asked looking at you "Yes, but I never had a chance to tell him. We got into a fight, my insecurities got the better of me and I accused him of things." You said as she nodded.
"Well, this is me?" You said stopping in front of the door. "Then I will take my leave." She said smiling. "You could come up, if you want to of course." You smiled "umm..sure. I'd love to." She said following you inside, you had a theory and you needed to test it. "Want something to drink?" You asked, motioning to the couch "um, sure. Thank you." She smiled sitting down. You made Loki's favorite tea, exactly like he liked it, smiling as you handed it to Lucy. "Mm this is amazing, thank you." She smiled sitting back. You sat your cup down, turning to face her "so, what do you want to do?" You asked smirking as she turned to you. "Oh, I don't know, whatever you would like." She smiled.
You scooted closer to her, you had one more test. "You have beautiful hair." You said running your hands through her ponytail. "T..thank you." She smiled looking down. You put a finger under her chin, lifting her head as you steadily pressed your lips to hers, wrapping a hand in her hair you ran your tongue across her lips tugging lightly making her lips part in a moan as you tongue dove past her plump lips, they really were as soft as they looked. You felt her hand go to her back of your head as you explored eachother, tasting, nipping, you wanted to melt into her. You pulled back, nipping her bottom lip placing your forehead on hers as you looked into her eyes.
"Your an amazing kisser...Loki." you panted as she pulled back wide eyed. You saw her begin to panic as you grabbed her arm "hey, it's ok." You said getting her attention. "I..I don't know what I was thinking, I just missed you so much and I thought..." She said looking down. "Loki, it's ok. Hey look at me." You said as you lifted her head "did you mean it? What you said. You love me?" You asked cupping her cheek "yes darling, I meant every word. I'm so sorry for how I've treated you. I was scared and I didn't know how to handle what I was feeling." She said watching you. "I love you too Loki, but I can't keep doing what we were, I need more then that." You said.
"W..would you be willing to start over, Allow me to court you properly?" She asked watching you. "I may be able to do that." You smirked seeing her smile. "So, I've never seen Lucy before." You said looking her up and down. "I wasn't sure how you would feel about it, it has put people off before. But she's part of who I am." She said "Loki, you know I would never judge you or make you feel less then, and I love you for you not what anatomy you have." You smiled. "C..can I ask you something?" You asked as she scooted closer "of course." She smiled "Can i...maybe touch them?" You asked staring at her. "Touch what darling?" She asked.
You leaned close to her ear "can I touch your perfect, plump breasts...Loki?" You whispered, pulling back seeing her face red. She cleared her throat, leaning forward pulling her shirt off leaving her in her bra. "You are so beautiful." You whispered, you hand ghosting over her breast as she closed her eyes. "How long has it been since you've been taken like this?" You asked, gliding your palm over her nipple hearing her moan "a..about a hundred years give or take." She panted as you massaged her breast, leaning her head back on the couch. "Well, I think it's time we change that." You breathed, latching onto her neck biting down, earning a moan.
You didn't know if things would work this time, but you knew one thing, you were absolutely in love with the God on your couch....
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nightmareinfloral 5 months ago
disney: here鈥檚 your representation. loki is going to be going to be genderfluid in the show just like in the comics!
the 鈥渞epresentation鈥: a tiny word on a paper that doesn鈥檛 even appear in the show and uses the incorrect terminology
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orayasan a year ago
....Anyway I love the fact that it doesn鈥檛 change much Tom Hiddleston's face features when you try to switch it 馃槍馃槍
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magpie-murder 8 months ago
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twinsies 馃帀
did you know that december seventeenth is the cusp of sagittarius and (the widely rejected/unrecognized thirteenth sign) ophiuchus? ophiuchus is the serpent bearer, insightful, a seeker of knowledge, and restless. if you know anything about norse myth, you鈥檒l notice a lot of parallels between sagittarius symbolism and the character of loki. the centaur, the archer, the free spirit.
i always wonder whether his birthday was chose like this intentionally. i like to think it was; the idea that his birthday, which matches mine, was a purposeful choice validates the connection i鈥檝e had to this character since i was a little kid in a way i can鈥檛 describe. god i love him :(
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littleavengerfics 6 months ago
Mommy day
Warnings: age regression, genderfluid Loki, female loki, accidental misgendering
Y/n: hey daddy!
*you see loki frown slightly but try and hide it*
Loki: hi little one
y/n: you otays?
Loki: mhm thank you for asking me though you are too sweet.
y/n: i love you daddy
*you notice loki frown more and realise*
y/n: oh it鈥檚 not a daddy day today, im sowwy
Loki: hey its alright, I should have said something, y/n how would you feel about a mommy and y/n day?
Y/n: ya I like mommy days jus as much as daddy鈥檚. *loki smiles and pulls you into her lap*
y/n: lu you mommy
Loki: I love you more little one, thank you.
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incorrect-assvengers 10 months ago
Loki: My dad would wake up early just to cut the crust off my sandwiches for lunch.
Loki: He knew the crust was my favourite part.
Loki: He hated me so much.
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