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if a computergirl was transgender would she go on CRT
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
鈥淚t takes years of study to understand the language of the elementals. To actually speak their language requires a lifetime of devoted effort. Now, if you'll excuse me...鈥
Rasmodius taking some field notes from the local merfolk hehe, wanted to do a piece of these two for awhile
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Tumblr media
聽"i hated being a girl/boy growing up and i bet now i would've been put on hormones!" you can still do that! you don't have to hate yourself and you definitely don't need to take it out on those who are actually living their lives! :) - transmonstera
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dwellordream 1 day
鈥榮ansa represents wicked false femininity with cosmetics and pageantry and vanity. arya represents pure righteous femininity with her love of nature and her fresh-faced beauty. grrm is trying to tell us what a REAL woman acts like.鈥櫬
you absolute fucking fools.聽
any reasonable asoiaf stan knows that there are multiple girl genders in westeros, ranging from wylla manderly (green hair. patriotic. accessory to murder.) to teora toland (ginger. addicted to sweets. prophesying the deaths of thousands in the coming civil war between dany and aegon vi).
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Tumblr media
陹班 Voixeur 喹ш挶
喱( 嘟 . 岬 )鉅锞 A Gender connected to having a Black Void in place of your Eyes and Mouth, and giving off an Unsettling Feeling ... This gender is typically Creepy in its nature饟垝
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A leading European human rights professor has disputed claims that self-ID in Scotland will have 鈥済lobal significance鈥.
Dr Pieter Cannoot, from Human Rights Centre at the University of Ghent, said cases of abuse of the system 鈥渉aven鈥檛 occurred鈥 in Belgium or other countries where the policy is already in place.
There are eighteen countries where self-determination, the removal of the medical requirement and psychiatric diagnosis to acquire a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) to legally change gender, is in place across the world.
Denmark, Malta, Ireland, Norway, Luxembourg, Portugal, Iceland and Switzerland, are other European countries who already have self ID, while Argentina introduced the policy in 2012.
Cannoot, professor of law and diversity who has written extensively on self-ID and trans rights, said that there had been absolutely no evidence of this coming to fruition since the country reformed its process for transgender people in 2018.
He said: 鈥淲e have not seen any situation of fraud and the situation of a trans person being included in a certain segregated space and leading to violation of privacy or even sexual violence or something like that.
鈥淭he cases haven't occurred in Belgium.
鈥淚t's my understanding that they haven't occurred in any country where there has been this framework of gender recognition.鈥
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gender is such a strange thing i dont want it
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hadeantaiga 2 days
Your post about how cis people actually like their assigned genders reminds me of a similar phenomenon on the flip side. Like, I've encountered a number of "men" who sure seem to hate living as men, but they assume all men feel the same. You see this with radfem allies who are disgusted at manhood but interpret that disgust as objective truth instead of dysphoria and don't realize they have other options, and with reactionaries who see manhood as a constant struggle against inner "weakness" but consider persisting in that struggle to be nobler than jumping ship. I myself still find it unintuitive that anyone would want to be a man, so I admire trans men for making it work when I never could.
Yeah, definitely!! I think if more people talked about their gender and explored it, we'd all be happier.
I think there are a lot of AFAB people who genuinely aren't women - and a lot of AMAB people who genuinely aren't men - but they just go with those labels because we equate man with male and woman with female.
"No woman feels like a woman!" - But they do. A lot of women feel like women. Both cis women and trans women can feel like women. If you don't feel like a woman but still identify as female that's a valid identity
That's MY identity!!! I'm not a woman, but I'm definitely female! And I'm on HRT and I like presenting as masc, etc etc. For me, that means the trans experience is closer to how I feel about myself than the cis experience.
I really think we need to talk more about folks who feel "I am the sex I was assigned at birth but not the gender I was assigned at birth, BUT I'm also not trans, I'm a 3rd, neutral thing".
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queerism1969 2 days
Medical stuff I wish cisgender people knew
Medical transition does not make someone a man or a woman. A trans woman is a woman, and a trans man is a man, regardless of what medical treatment they have or have not had. Medical treatment just makes life a hell of a lot easier for a lot of people
It is not true that 40% of trans people commit suicide. The infamous 40% statistic refers specifically to rates of suicide attempts which occur before transition. Most of these attempts fail and the person survives.
Transition vastly reduces risk of suicide attempts from 40% down to around the national average, while dramatically improving mental health, social functionality, and quality of life for those who need it.
Being trans is not classified as a mental illness by either the American Psychological Association or the World Health Organization. Gender dysphoria (in the DSM) or incongruence (in the ICD) is recognized by both as a medical condition, and transition is the only treatment recognized as effective and appropriate medical response to this condition
When able to transition young, with access to appropriate medical care, and spared abuse and discrimination, trans people are as psychologically healthy as the general public
Transition-related medical treatment is not new or experimental; it has existed for over a century
Transition-related medical care is recognized as necessary, frequently life saving medical treatment by every major US and world medical authority
Transition is the only treatment for dysphoria that has proven to be effective. Attempts to "cure" trans people, alleviating dysphoria by changing the patient victims' gender identity to match their appearance at birth (aka "conversion therapy" or "gender identity change efforts"), are such utterly worthless and actively destructive train wrecks that this "therapy" is condemned as pseudo-scientific abuse by all major medical authorities
Transition is a very individual process; not everyone needs or wants the same things
"Regret" rates among trans surgical patients are vanishingly rare, consistently found to be about 1% and falling. This 1% includes people who are very happy they transitioned, and often are still glad they got reconstructive surgery, but regret only that medical error or shitty luck led to sub-optimal surgical results. That's a risk in any medical treatment, and a success rate of about 99% is astonishingly good. And only about 6% of trans people have had reconstructive surgery, so rates of surgical regret among trans people as a whole are about 0.06%.
Transition "regret" is vanishingly rare. Of everyone who starts even the preliminary steps of transition, like trying a new name or pronouns socially, only about 0.4% eventually realize it is not right for them (see p108-111). Most realize this soon after starting transition, when physical changes are minimal or nonexistent. Many do not regret exploring transition as an option, even if ultimately it wasn't what they needed.
Hormone therapy is pretty cheap, is generally the first line of treatment most trans people get, and dramatically impacts one's appearance
Most trans people socially transition long before they get reconstructive genital surgery, if they ever get it at all. Not everyone needs or wants surgery, and even those who do need it are often unable to afford it. Genital surgery for trans women costs tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket. Surgery for trans men can cost between tens of thousands to over $100k, depending on the procedure one is getting.
25 US states currently have laws prohibiting health insurance companies from having "trans exclusion" policies, where they categorically refuse to cover medically necessary transition-related treatment. This means that a small but growing number of people are able to get treatment, including surgery, covered by insurance
When a child or adolescent transitions that does not mean they are being rushed into irreversible surgery
Transition for predolescent children is 100% social; changing hair, clothes, name, pronouns, and/or the gender they are recognized as by their family and community. No medical treatment is necessary or provided before the start of puberty
The first line of medical care for trans adolescence is puberty-delaying treatment. It is gentle, fully reversible, and has been used for decades to delay puberty in kids who would otherwise have started it too young. It does nothing but buy time, and has no long term effects
Transition-related hormone supplements do not cause serious long term health problems
Reconstructive genital surgery for both trans women and trans men can provide excellent results
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his/hers stuff that says 'artificially intelligent' and 'organically stupid'
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Tumblr media
[ID: a rectangular flag with 5 horizontal stripes. stripe size as follows, medium, thin, thick, thin, medium, and colors in this order, brown, tan, dark brown, tan, brown. End ID]
Inviboylikercat: a gender that is the image below:
Tumblr media
[ID: a image of a black cat with large round eyes. about the cat is text that reads: 'me when ummm ummm men men boys I like boys I'm a boy liker I like kissing men on the lips' /End ID]
Etymology: 鈥渋nvi鈥 a prefix for inviane genders, boy liker cat
Pronounced: in-vee boy like-er cat (invi boy liker cat)
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mv-damn 3 days
Transfem Egg Akarsha x Comphet Noelle
been thinking about this one pretty much since I started thinking about transfem akarsha. it became super obvious supper quickly. you have akarsha, nominally a boy, and noelle, nominally straight. things happen.
anyway aside from any more like. fic-specific, contrived ways (like the Fake Dating idea I mentioned in the transfem akarsha post) I think this relationship could begin on three footings (or a mix of some/all):
A) mutual eggishness/unconscious bearding. i.e. "I'm definitely straight/a boy and I'm entering into this relationship as a way to confirm/convince myself/others of that." this differs importantly from the next option in that the *who* is ultimately not the point, so much as the fact of *being in the relationship.*
B) queer magnetism/"you feel different from all the others"/"the gay in me speaks to the gay in you." they get into the relationship because - though they don't realize it - some part of themselves recognize themselves in each other.
C) nothing special, they literally just like each other. they stumble into it working out well in the long-term.
and I think the relationship could continue in a couple different ways as well:
1) the relationship fails relatively early on. they both have too much going on in their own heads to truly commit to the relationship, or be as vulnerable as you have to be for this sort of thing to really work. they part on relatively good terms, but things are Weird between them for a while.
2) the relationship fails, and ends in flames and blame. they barely see each other throughout the rest of high school. perhaps they meet again later, as adults, fully themselves, and old feelings bloom again.
3) the relationship fails, and they gratefully go back to being just friends. it is a weight off both of their shoulders. they actually grow closer.
4) the relationship works, with a deal of work on both of their parts. they both Realize, but stay in the closet, too afraid of losing what they have. one day, it bursts out of them, and they have a nice mutual "oh!" moment.
5) the relationship works, and Akarsha comes out before Noelle has Realized. she commits to her now girlfriend - her feelings haven't changed, and who would she be if she abandoned Akarsha at this moment? - but Noelle eventually becomes more and more aware that Akarsha is not, in fact, an exception, and that Noelle is actually Quite Gay. could do something with the relationship going on "pause", and Noelle seeing Akarsha truly begin her transition, and falling for her even harder. like
Noelle had always thought that Akarsha was handsome, if in a slightly unconventional way. But now, seeing her like this - smiling at her reflection, standing up straight and being truly confident in herself, putting real effort into her outfits and enjoying it - she was beautiful. Noelle had never been so blinded by Akarsha's grins, and certainly not so often, but she couldn't be happier.
wow this got long quickly. holy shit. anyway this has been sitting in my drafts for too long so. yeet.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
陹班 Puellsomnieur 喹ш挶
喱( 嘟 . 岬 ) 锞 A Gender connected to being a Young Girl who likes to Daydream 锞 Feeling as though one is Living within a Daydream饟垝 This gender may also be connected to Sleeping, feeling Sleepy, and Elegant Femininity饟垝 This gender is inherently feminine in it's nature饟垝
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Tumblr media
I鈥檓 currently girl who is a boy
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