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gardensluggie201 · 2 months ago
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ritual sacrifice
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ask-pvz-bfn · 5 months ago
Haven't drawn these loonies in a while
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fluffyglass · a month ago
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Looks like someone's on the wrong side of the playground.
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yijhyijho · a month ago
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sunko-bunko · 3 months ago
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that dummy flyin!
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trinkaysdrawings · 28 days ago
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My gamer brain could only think truths at the garden center today.
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zombtropolis-central · 3 months ago
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alt3rn7 · 9 months ago
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araccoonthatlikesmurder · 7 months ago
New class for PvZ: Battle For Neighborville:
Just because the game isn’t getting anymore updates doesn’t mean I can’t create ideas! I’m gonna be abbreviating the Cabbage-pult to Cab for the post, so be aware. Anyways, let’s go!
The main attack
The main attack is a head of cabbage that is launched at around the range of Snapdragon’s flame breath and is fired at an arc
It deals 25 damage and has 8 shots before reloading
There’s a red line in the air indicating the arc and a red circle on the ground that tells you were your shot will land so you can actually aim
It deals 12 splash damage to anyone within a small radius
If you hold the fire button, it charges
The charge shot goes farther and deals 40 damage while costing 2 ammo
Ability 1: Cab-boom!
10 cabbages shoot out of Cab’s head in a circle around it, dealing 30 damage each to anyone it hits
There’s splash damage, dealing 20 damage
It recharges in 15 seconds
Ability 2: The Big One
Supercharges the next shot Cab does, making it deal 80 damage with 30 splash
It does 100 damage to shields
Recharge time is 30 seconds
Ability 3: Leaf Armor
Cab adds 30 additional health points to a teammate
There’s a red mark that appears on the player you’ll give health to
Those health points are green so you know what they are
Cab can use it 3 times before it has to recharge
You can’t be overhealed if you have leaf armor
If you get healed to full health while you got that leaf armor on, the armor stays on like overhealth
1 use takes 10 seconds to recharge
Other important factors
It has 125 health
Around as fast as the Sunflower
Reblogs >>>>>>>>>>>>> likes
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computerdudde · a month ago
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mothxart · 3 months ago
My boi , one of my Ocs of Pvz ! His name is Ludo. I’m too lazy to do a character sheet, for now.
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gardensluggie201 · a month ago
PLEASE send me your garden warfare thoughts/headcanons. Please please pretty please PLEZ
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ask-pvz-bfn · 4 months ago
The Suburban Almanac: Scientist
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The Zombie team's guardian a̶n̶g̶e̶l̶ devil! Bio: The 2nd soldier to be deployed since the beginning of the war. Scientist is the most respected zombie on his team, for his incredible intelligence, gentleman behavior, (at least compared to the rest) and life-saving inventions. Despite being calm and clean most of the time, he certainly has a crazy side. Nobody loves laughing maniacally while brewing up incredibly dangerous potions more than him. And if given the chance, he could absolutely take down the entire plant team on his own if he goes full cookoo mode. Close relationships: -Foot Soldier- To put it short, they have known each other the longest out of every other zombie and have been best friends for years now. Soldier helps keep him from snapping, and Sci helps him out with his poor math skills (been trying to figure out 5+5 for decades now). One cant imagine life without the other. -All Star and Engie- Foot Soldier is his #1, and these 2 are his #1A. They have spent years together now. They like talking about the good old days of the war when it was just them, him and Foot. -Slide- After making the gadgets that helped cure her injuries, She became his trusy and clumsy lab assistant. Theyre close friends behind the lab business, and enjoy each others company well. He gets pretty protective of her too. -Imp- They understand each other on a crazy level. When these 2 are alone together, expect something to blow up. Final fun facts: -He created a lot of the weaponry that his teammates use (Space Cadet's pod, all of Slide's electro blasters + her rocket skates, All-Star's forcefield dummy etc.) -He does his absolute best to impress Zomboss, in hopes of getting promoted. (Never gonna happen, but he wont stop trying) -Hates rose more than any other plant.
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sarrowfore · 8 months ago
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I like them
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gritosdrawzone · a year ago
Plants vs zombies emotes!
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I really enjoy drawing pvz things, take more!
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If a sunflower is following you and out of reach to heal you, slow down !! We’re just trying to heal you !! We don’t care if you’re at full health !!
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mysticwayfinder · 12 months ago
I think Crazy Dave might be a war criminal.
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