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anastasiareyreed · 2 days
Mickey waits for Ian walk into the prison cell to dramatically walk in after him:
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fionnagallagher · 20 hours
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grumpymickmilk · 2 days
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chomping is a love language.
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gallavichgeek · 1 day
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Two Tops Don’t Make it Right
S07E07 Rewrite
Theday Ian goes dildo shopping with Trevor, he meets a shit-talking store clerk with piercing blue eyes, a cocky smile, and the promise to fuck him better than any dildo in the store ever could.
Read it here.
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silvanshadow · 3 days
My first drabble attempt. Thank you to @galladrabbles and @takeyourpillsbitchh . The prompt is "collide"
Ian hums along to the tune of “Haste to the Wedding”. His feet moving in intricate figures.
“Dance with me, Mick,” Ian holds out a hand.
“Fuck off! Don’t know that Irish shit.”
Ian laughs, “And I do? Come on! Please?”
“Fucking fine,” Mickey relents, tossing their cigarette.
To Mickey’s surprise, he isn’t pulled into a jig but into dizzying circles. They spin until they crash into a row of hedges.
Hands frame Mickey’s upturned face as the fiddle music continues. “I’m going to marry you someday,” Ian whispers in the space between them.
In the streetlight, their lips collide.
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gallavich-headcanon · 22 hours
No but the fact that Ian’s hand covers a third of Mickey’s torso? I’m feral
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mmmichyyy · 1 hour
🖤gallavich fic rec list🖤
i combed through my ao3 bookmarks and tumblr archive so here are some (but not all!) of my fave one-shots, wips, completed fics and tumblr ficlets i read & reread this year, ranging from newer fics to ones published in the past years ✨ there's almost 50 (!!) recs here so hopefully you'll find something new to read 🖤
check out the fic rec list i compiled last year!
(i didn't include the fics i've already mentioned in the last list plus the endless fics posted this year to avoid making this list longer than it already is, but if i had infinite time & space i'd include them all 🥰 onwards!)
seal my fate by allyasavedtheday (s2 canon divergence)
fix me up by biblionerd07 (Mickey has a lot of scars. Ian has a lot of feelings about those scars.)
shut the door and let go by @tellmegoodbye (s3 sleepover re-write)
these days, life is better by biblionerd07 (Ian realizes Mickey is the most romantic guy on Earth.)
in the romance section by kissteethstainred (When Ian moves to a new area, he starts to frequent the local bookstore. Eventually he begins to visit the bookstore for the owner more than the books themselves.)
icarus is online by @mishervellous (AnonMate is all everyone is talking about. Ian wants in on it.)
beginners by @bravemikhailo (Ian and Mickey meet the day they graduate college and all they've got is one night together.)
start again by allyasavedtheday (A little look at how Ian (and Mickey) comes to terms with his bipolar disorder.)
falling for you without a second look by xylodemon (s3 roadtrip)
for his honey by @squidyyy23 (ian’s impressed when his husband’s business savvy helps them expand their farm. and he's going to make sure he knows it.)
'tis the damn season by @sweetcresta (Ian comes home for Christmas and old habits die hard.)
sneaking in by @ianandmickeygallavich (Sneaking into a movie feels different. It shouldn’t, friends go to the movies, families go to the movies. But….Ian can’t help thinking about the fact that it’s a classic choice for a date.)
eighty-four by kissteethstainred (college/time-travel au)
if you love me, won't you let me know? by kissteethstainred (college au)
five times mickey wears ian's clothes and one time ian wears mickey's by @teatimeallovertown (A brief look at the journey of Mickey and Ian through the clothes they share.)
i'd follow your love down a dead end street by zoeplacid (Ian Gallagher wishes his soul mate was Mickey Milkovich, but the universe seems to have other ideas.)
wildfire by ilostyournumber (Ian is a bipolar stripper and Mickey is deep in the closet and they try not to tear each other apart.)
'til our compass stands still by biblionerd07 (Mickey just assumed they'd have smooth sailing from here on out. It never occurred to him being in prison together might be the easiest part of their relationship.)
sweetpea by @whatthebodygraspsnot (shapeshifter!cat!mickey! 🐈‍⬛)
reckoner by @thisdivorce (Ian Gallagher is married, stable, happy working as a Paramedic and trying to start a family, but a chance encounter with the foul-mouthed father of one of his patients—who has more ties to Ian than either of them know—threatens to blow it all up.)
selfless acts of the illegal variety by @abundanceofnots (The last thing Ian Gallagher thought he'd be at 19 is married—and to a grumpy Ukrainian bouncer called Mickey who's barely said ten words to him since they first met, no less. But when a rare chance at love knocks on your door, you don't just send the cute guy in dire need of a green card back to his homophobic father in Kyiv, right?)
your question has been received by @celestialmickey (a tumblr AU with a bit of a twist)
change like shifting shadows by @thisdivorce (priest!ian)
bound & free by @sunoficarus (magic/fantasy + marriage of convenience au)
a beginner's mind by @spoonfulstar (a collection of stories that take place after the events of ch. 27 of you'll never see us again)
the fine art of falling for you by @goodkwuestion (Teaching the Arts is hard enough, but mastering the art of falling in love might just prove downright impossible.)
paragraphs by @palepinkgoat (Ian has an opportunity to be a reading tutor for ex-convicts. He meets one in particular that catches his eye.)
things beyond mistake by @gallavichy (Ian, a high school teacher in need of a fresh start, returns to his childhood home after nearly 20 years to find himself once more sharing a lonely dirt road with Mickey, the boy he once knew and the man he's desperate to get to know.)
rebuilding (series) by freespiritedone (After almost 6 years in prison during which he was simultaneously built up and torn down, Mickey is free and embarking on a brand new life in New York City. Everything is different and yet some things never change - even if he wishes they would. Coming to terms with a new life while contending with the old is harder than anything he could have imagined. *long, slow burn)
technically by @annatrow (Ian Gallagher has grown up in the foster care system for most of his life, and he’s pretty sure he’s got his future figured out. That is until he falls for the bad kid who is about to change the entire course of his life.)
please don't say i'm going alone by biblionerd07 (Ian shows up at Mickey's wedding and asks him to run away together. Somehow, Mickey finds himself stupid enough to say yes.)
geometric progression (series) by romanticalgirl (angsty s4 au) *sidenote: i reread this all the time when i feel down just to feel even more depressed :')
these foolish games by @suzy-queued (A workplace rivalry becomes a love quadrangle. With laser tag.)
through the dawn (series) by spock (a semi-au set in a universe where mickey and ian didn't grow up in the same neighbourhood.)
SLOML (series) by @good-then-dont (short fics exploring Ian and Mickey’s own exploration of their relationship in a world where 3x6 never happens.)
ian the friendly ghost by @sunoficarus (ghosts au where Mickey thinks the house he moved in is haunted because the doors seem to close on their own and his shit somehow gets neat and tidy and Ian's just a very polite ghost who's got a bit of a crush on the adorable grumpy guy who's just moved in)
the little things give you away by kissteethstainred (When Ian first sees them, he thinks they’re twins. They both have similar looks, with pale skin, dark hair, and blue eyes. They act similar too—both of them are quiet, they fidget in the same way, and they make some of the same facial expressions. Ian wants to know them.)
my nine lovers by @annatrow (Secret Agents Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich find themselves working together multiple times over the course of ten years.)
mickey mantle vs. the t-rex by zoeplacid (angsty alternate s5)
broad-shouldered beasts by biblionerd07 (Six years after Mickey goes to jail, he's released on parole. He does his best to build a "normal" life and a relationship with his son while juggling the scars of his past.)
OSHA compliant by romanticalgirl (It's been two years since they broke up. And Mickey's got his life together. Which means it's about time for something to come along and screw it up.)
you make me feel human by dragona (In which Ian is a cold-blooded serial killer with a soft spot for a certain South Side asshole.)
tumblr ficlets:
fiction in the archives by @gardenerian (ficlets and 5+1 prompts)
what we talk about when we talk about love by @bravemikhailo (a collection of one-shots, ficlets and prompt-fillers originally posted to tumblr)
tumblr fics ✨ by @gallawitchxx (collection of ficlets, 5+1 prompts, scene fillers)
who's more cold & happy husband weight gain by @iansfreckles (& all their drabbles!)
time travel au part one / two / three / four / five by @whatthebodygraspsnot (s1 ian & mickey meet their s11 selves)
magic au & migraine ficlet by @arrowflier
& of course, check out @galladrabbles for a wide range of 100 word ficlets written by our talented community & @gallavichfanficlibrary for more specific rec lists ✨
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goodkwuestion · 1 day
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@shamelesscreatorsnetwork November theme: Music 🎶
Season 9 Episode 6
Just the same way you showed me, showed me
You showed me love, Glory from above...
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sweetbee78 · 1 day
100 for @galladrabbles prompt COLLIDE given by @takeyourpillsbitchh
It didn't seem right to leave until he knew the man was ok. 
As he rounded the corner; his body collided with another.
“Shit! So sorry!” A man with dirty-blonde hair raised his hands in apology.
Ian smiled. “No. It’s fine.”
The man shuffled away awkwardly.
Ian sat in the ER when he was approached by the same man.
“You the one who saved my bro?”
Ian nodded.
He’s askin’ for you, Red.”
Ian stood by the bed.
Their eyes met; a smile of relief formed on the brunette’s face.
“Red, you’re here.” He reached up and held Ian’s wrist.
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anastasiareyreed · 1 day
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well... who can blame Ian
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doodlevich · 2 days
Tumblr media
hi my friends, it's that time of year!
In order to help pay some bills and bring some holiday cheer, I'm going to be offering a few commission spots at a reduced price! I'll be offering the following:
Includes 2 figures, extra $5 CAD for each additional figure!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Includes 2 figures, extra $5 CAD for each additional figure!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Includes 2 figures, extra $5 CAD for each additional figure!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I am willing to take on NSFW (18+) pieces, as well as pieces from outside of the Gallavich/Shameless fandom (or fandom mashups if that's your thing)
All commission prices are in Canadian dollars, and I accept payment through Paypal and/or e-transfer if you live in Canada!
I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I am uncomfortable with the subject matter (but it would take a lot to shock me at this point haha)
Please reach out to by DM or email ([email protected]) if you're interested or have questions! I'll be accepting requests up to Dec 22nd!
If you aren't interested, but know someone who would be, please share this post :)
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Good morning Ray! Just popping by to let you know I am thoroughly (re)enjoying your kinktober posts! The perfect nightcap! Thank you so much for those!
And now a question that I have been dying to ask!
Mickey and Ian are making really good money with their business. They have enough to live a very comfortable life. What are the first things they buy that would be considered indulgences, both together and separately?
first of all anna let's pretend this isn't like a month late mmkay? 🥲
indulgences! okay, honestly i think it starts off with food? like that's the first opportunity where they actually realize they can splurge and not worry about deals/trying to cut down the bill? it dawns on them as they're putting in an online delivery order that they can afford to get that appetizer, and actually they can get another one, and what the fuck, they might as well get enough to eat for tomorrow too! food security was a big thing for both of them growing up, so i think this would be a Moment where they rightfully go overboard and treat themselves, before realizing they can spend it on Things now too.
now, individually. for mickey, i'd love to see him buy some really nice pencils and drawing paper, or however he's continuing his art. maybe he even invests in a wacom and dicks around with digital? grumbling about how hard it is, a little cartoony sizzle of smoke from his head as he tries to figure out line weights. he also puts a lot of money into finding his fashion sense and it pays off big time.
for ian, maybe he gets back into video games and feels the euphoria of not having to save up for new releases. he can just buy that shit. mickey will play with him, or draw in the same room as him while he plays. OH my god could you imagine franny buys him those headphones with cat ears on it for christmas. iconique.
TOGETHER they buy a really good roomba because fuck cleaning. ian keeps referring to it as Mickey and finally mickey is like "why the fuck you callin it my name" and ian just says "cause it's good at sucking"
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mikhailoisbaby · 2 days
Tag by my love @surviving-maybe for this Picrew
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Season one Ian and Mickey In Picrew !!
Shy Tagging : @creepkinginc @vintagelacerosette @energievie @look-i-love-u @francesrose3 @depressedstressedlemonzest
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