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Motorized license plate bracket for cars and motorcycles. Real carbon fiber construction. Dual motor for durable long life! Check out: 👉 www.007Plate.com 👈
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5 Futuristic Inventions You Won’t Believe Actually Exist https://ift.tt/7tfgvmz
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fantasy multi-tool gadget has got to be a favorite trope for me
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Everything’s gonna be okay.
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Si AliExpress fuera una casa:
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I have this retro calendar thing on my desk
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I have to turn it manually each night
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There's something about marking of each day as it finished
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| Go Go Gadget Fanart! 🔍|
School is boring parte 2
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tastesoftamriel · 27 days
I’m not much of a cook, but I am an aficionado of food *gadgets.* What are some unique or semi-unique devices to each culture for their own cultural cuisines?
Optional: those Dwemer had so many devices, has anyone found anything confirmed to be for food prep?
What's a kitchen without a few doodads with very specific uses? While nobody is quite as advanced as the Dwemer (some scholars dispute the discovery of a soul gem-powered contraption that could be a head massager or an egg beater), here are a few kitchen gadgets that might make your cooking experience a little easier. Warning: magicka not included.
From fish knives to snail forks, there is no end to the High Elf cutlery drawer. Of course, the one utensil nobody asked for yet we somehow got anyway is the kelp spiraler. Semi-dried sheets of kelp are inserted, and noodly kelp bits come out the other end. These noodle alternatives are nice enough, but kind of chewy and very specific to a small number of Altmeri dishes. Very niche.
Coconut graters are essentially large boards with nails on them. It's that simple, but therefore a little dangerous, so watch out for your fingers! Grated coconut meat is used in all sorts of Argonian cooking, and is also pressed to make coconut milk.
Milk frothers are a very specific tool that the Bosmer love using to froth their milk and cream for drinks and soups. They are generally in the form of enchanted rods that simultaneously heat and bubble the milk, which is much easier than the old fashioned technique of blowing a straw into a heated cup of milk while whisking.
There's something delightful in the simplicity of a cheese wire cutter, a tool popular among High Rock's delis, cheesemongers, and particularly cheese-enamoured homes. It's the perfect slicer for any type of cheese, both soft and hard.
Tea filter pots are definitely a Dunmer thing, and are used for distilling tea and tisanes while cooling them down to the perfect temperature for drinking or icing. Simply pop your tea into the upper chamber, add hot water, and wait for it to trickle down into the bottom pot.
Speaking of cheese slicers, the Imperials have one of the most important kitchen tools in my opinion. The humble cheese planer is a handheld tool that slices firm cheeses into precise, thin slices. Made of metal, these slicers are mandatory when slicing off any block of cheese respectfully.
There's a rolling pin for every occasion in Elsweyr. Whether it's for imprinting dough with beautiful patterns or rolling it thin and perforated for crispbread, you can bet there's a specialised rolling pin out there for every baking need.
Everyone has heard of Chef Donolon's legendary enchanted mixing bowl, created in 2E. The famous Nord pastry chef attributed his legendary bakes to his magical bowl, and while it is possible to follow his recipes, they just don't have the oomph reported by patrons of the time. I refuse to discuss the success of a heist concerning said enchanted mixing bowl, and attribute my particularly excellent baking to time and skill.
There's nothing quite like a mortar and pestle to smoosh, crush, and blend! Generally made from solid granite, the favoured Orcish kitchen tool is useful, versatile, and a must in every kitchen. From herbs and leaves to meat for patties, the humble mortar and pestle is the quintessential Orcish kitchen tool.
Coffee kettles are a necessary part of Hammerfell life, and are said to have Dwemer origins. These ingenious little kettles prepare the perfect amount of coffee, of a high quality, every time. Simply fill one chamber with coffee grounds and the other with water, leave on the fire for a couple of minutes, and when it starts to whistle you have coffee! The resulting brew is always rich and flavourful, and never burnt or watery.
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I’m sorry I know it’s peak consumerism (bad Odin, bad!) but I am completely mesmerized with all these useless gadgets
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Gabe Newell says brain-computer interface tech will allow video games far beyond what human 'meat peripherals' can comprehend https://ift.tt/3sQ8vQS
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