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arandomthot · 2 years
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They might be onto something here
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odetolove95 · 8 months
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Will Graham + funny text posts
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shiftythrifting · 9 months
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Beet poot adjacent pineapple? It’s lips really sold it
A daunting cabinet I was too concerned to open..
Glorious man vase is exactly what I want to keep my flowers in
This little dragon who sat in a cup of tea is the cutest thing I’d ever seen. If it hadn’t been so much I would have brought him home
The first Halloween decoration I’ve ever seen that is genuinely scary.. her fingers are just too long
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I'm kinda like Laetitia from lobcorp but instead of giving unpaid employees flesh parasites I give cute girls STDs
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yanderepuck · 9 months
Me: *has a baby*
Nurse: Congrats! It's a baby girl. Do you know what you're going to name her?
Me: Wait. *grabs phone and opened up Fantasy Name Generator*
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bunny-pastel · 21 days
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camps willows peak finished I was also messing around with the text since they're so cool to download @campwillowpeak​
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funtimefriendo · 8 months
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Cosimo: You’re too good for me
Contessina: I know
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dqrkncss666 · 10 months
If Undertaker had YouTube...
*R/Ciel in a coffin*
Undertaker: Hello, I am #136649 the necromancer, and tonight we are doing unboxing!!!
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twinkdrama · 7 months
I am gonna go to the park and sit on the swings for SO long. as a treat
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belach · 4 months
sleep paralysis hits different once you become a monsterfucker ngl
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arandomthot · 1 year
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Spilling tea has gone on for centuries in a variety of ways
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end-hyphen · 1 month
Jungwon: yes sir, I'm WON of a kind
Enha: ONE
Jungwon: that's what I said. WON
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Mikey: Ken-chin my back hurts!!
Draken: Whats wrong did you fall or something?
Mikey: No...it hurts from carrying this relationship
Draken: I can't fucking stand you 😒
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You can say all the wild shit you want online, but not even L corp would hire your goffy ass 😂
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rhosegold · 2 years
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