#fuck the supreme court
mini-wrants · 3 months ago
Losing Miranda Rights protections wasn’t on my 2022 bingo card yet here we are….
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hornykylo · 3 months ago
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pinktwingirl · 3 months ago
One of the most common reasons I hear for people being against abortion is because “life is sacred.”
Really? Since when? When has life ever been sacred in this country?
If life is sacred, how come we don’t have universal healthcare?
If life is sacred, how come we don’t pass comprehensive gun laws so first graders don’t get gunned down in their classrooms?
If life is sacred, why don’t we offer paid maternal leave so mothers can actually take care of the babies that you are now forcing them to have?
If life is sacred, how come we don’t bat an eye when the police murder black kids?
If life is sacred, why do we have the highest maternal death rate in the developed world, which is only going to increase now that women are being forced to give birth?
If life is sacred, why is the death penalty even still a thing?
If life is sacred, why are we still encouraging violence against the LGBTQ+ community?
Life has literally never been sacred in this country. Maybe anti-choicers like to pretend that it is because it makes them feel righteous when in reality, they’re just misogynistic pieces of shit, but it’s not. And as long as psychotic, reactionary morons continue to steal power undemocratically and make decisions that the majority of us do not want, it never will be.
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artisan-is-bored · 3 months ago
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daily reminder that two random guys on the internet who helped save the lives of hundreds of ppl (including myself) through creating content and raising money for charity are morally better than the fucking supreme court.
fuck the US bby <3
quick edit as of 6/27/22: let it be known, i am NOT making this post about some random cisgender men. i am simply pointing out that it’s depressing that these two guys that happen to be popular are actually more intelligent than the people who make nationwide decisions in the US. do not make this about them. do not praise mark and jack for being decent humans. you can thank them, but do not treat them like they’re saints.
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genderqueerpositivity · 3 months ago
Guides to self-managed abortion:
Resources for medication:
Abortion fund and provider resources:
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karlton-margus · 2 months ago
Exactly what I expected from dumb republicans
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crypticasthemoon · 3 months ago
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Fuck the Supreme Court!!!!!!!
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theshoesofatiredman · 2 months ago
I used to be very prolife since I used to be very evangelical. I don't know when I changed my mind exactly, but I do know that arguments that took the life of the fetus seriously and framed it as an issue of bodily autonomy helped me change my mind. I know that hearing the stories of children who "should've been aborted" and the shroud of grief and pain they grew up inside radically altered my perspective. The realization that no law could truly account for pregnant rape victims, because the legal system would never convict a rapist in time (if at all), forced me to see that we wouldn't be able to enable the exceptions with restrictive abortion laws. The notion that "when life begins" is an unanswerable philosophical question in the sense that it is resolved different ways by different people and cultures whose moral autonomy should be respected helped frame the issue for me in a way I needed. I was already breaking the chains of Christian dominionism in other areas of my life and this pluralistic reframing of the issue was very helpful. Before I was pro choice, I was ideologically pulled into the grey area that my evangelical upbringing had indoctrinated out of existence.
No single argument or conversation is going to change a person's mind. But it is not a hopeless effort to pull people towards nuance, to pull them up and out of the black and white world they live in. People do change and they change incrementally, even when they don't notice it.
Anyways, fuck the supreme court and anti-choice movement. Abortion is healthcare and the fact that our government fails to recognize this and give people with uteruses equal rights is disgusting.
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bitchin-beskar · 3 months ago
welcome to the united states of america! we care about our citizens*!
*except for the ones who are women, who are BIPOC, who are LGBTQIA+, who are poor, who are children, who are first generation americans, who are homeless, who are orphans, who are victims of assault, who are mentally ill, who are disabled, who are anything other than a cis, able-bodied, straight, white male.
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dollwithkaleidoscopeeyes · 3 months ago
Actual Picture of the Repubs on the Supreme Court
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greentea-mp3 · 3 months ago
This is no longer a democracy or even a republic. This is an oligarchy at BEST. It's on It's way to becoming a theocracy. I want to leave so bad. I hate america.
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polirambles · 3 months ago
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And there it is.
And we’re supposed to just keep going as if nothings wrong
As if rights aren’t being ripped away by right wing nuts
I hate it here
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highkeyfire · 3 months ago
"Abortion kills children!" Unrestricted access to guns kills children. Lack of social services kills children. Monopolizing the access to food, shelter, healthcare and education kills children. Emotional and physical abuse, racism, ableism, sexism, transphobia and queerphobia kills children. Police brutality and ineptitude kills children. Genocide kills children. Advocating for forced pregnancy kills children. Nine people having the power to determine the fate of this country kills children.
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droneglow · 3 months ago
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artisan-is-bored · 3 months ago
in light of recent events in the US and the UK, i will be saying the wise words of wilbur soot:
“respect authority unless they challenge your rights. in that case, brick a windshield :)”
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beatricexbenedick · 3 months ago
in light of some recent supreme court decisions i made a carrd about miranda rights, and how to exercise them! everybody should know their rights, and everyone should be aware of the "proper" way to exercise in order to best protect themselves. please consider reaching out to your local libraries and asking if they would be willing to have classes on citizens' rights and spreading this information <3
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webkinzpossum · 4 months ago
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real real tired of dealing w US bullshit y’all
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