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evilwriter37 · 2 months ago
Screw pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies for making chronically ill people on meds frequently go through withdrawals, and sometimes dangerous ones.
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ede917 · 2 months ago
This . . .
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This is why I don't swim in the ocean anymore.
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majoryam · 3 months ago
Is ao3 down ? What the fuck am I suppose to do now? Live my life ?
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ichigokeks · a month ago
Jian Yi getting beaten to death but Brother Qiu is still stuck here apparently
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catboy-von-seckendorff · 3 months ago
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Over the course of 12 episodes and 1 movie these two really said "You own my heart and soul and I love you with everything I am" and tbh? Good for them.
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somespicyshrimp · 4 months ago
fucking pisses me off how literally everything to do with the misogynistic treatment of women (all. women.) has to be qualified for anyone to actually give a shit about it. “ah, you might think this women’s rights issue is unimportant, but listen: it affects trans women/low income women/black women/____ women!!” "don’t worry, this women’s rights issue doesn’t just impact women, it impacts Real Oppressed People” as if overturning roe vs. wade would be no biggie if it just applied to wealthy cishet white women. of course other axes of oppression compound sexism, of course certain women have privileges over other women, of course the specific suffering of trans women/low income women/black women matters, but holy shit, i’m so tired of having to convince everyone (even the liberalest of liberals) that misogyny fundamentally matters too!!! resisting misogyny is important for the sake of all women, not just the most otherwise oppressed of us!! and i’m so so so sick of everyone grasping at any and every other category of marginalization to justify caring about the despicable bullshit happening in the united states right now, because surprise surprise, no one actually gives a shit about women!!
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faggy--butch · 4 months ago
Forever angry that you can buy estrogen over the internet, but you need 2 doctors notes, five horses, and a barn cat to get testosterone
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nibeul · 3 months ago
cannot stand harry styles, especially the way white people hold his racist ass up as the epitome of fighting gender norms as if young thug, jackie chan, billy porter, lil nas x, etc have not been doing the same thing but 10x better for years. yeah he's fighting gender norms and they're beating his fucking ass, that shoot with the pink suspenders and green outfit that made him look like the grinch should've been the end of his career. I pray on his downfall every day.
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sweetcherrychampagne · a month ago
no, y’all don’t understand…
if Stancy has a million haters, i am one of them. if Stancy has ten haters, i am one of them. if Stancy has one hater, i am that person. if Stancy has zero haters, i am no longer on this planet. if the world is with Stancy, i am against the world.
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every-dayiwakeup · 3 days ago
ST has a kidnapper, literal aliens, two child abusers, a groomer, Russian and American agents who tortured and most likely killed people, the two bullies who tried to kill Mike and threatened to cut out Dustin's teeth (held a knife to his neck), an infant Republican with a gun and a cultlike influence, and the lovechild of Freddy Krueger + Pennywise... and yet a teenage abuse victim is the worst character to come out of the show?
And another thing: Dr. Brenner gets attacked by a Demogorgon and survives, but Bob Newby doesn't?
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sobernatural · 2 months ago
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and then they went 'lol let's make billie the bad guy and let god live :p'
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rkrispyt · a month ago
I have lots of thoughts on this episode, good and bad, but I’ll just say this:
I do not believe that the couple we’ve seen built through season two and realized in this season so far, would break up over this. This is a speed bump for that couple. They may initially react like we’ve seen (well, in some ways we saw in this episode), but when it comes down to it they would care enough about one another to fight for their relationship, talk, work through this, and grow from it.
But this show is clearly going to break them up instead.
And I call bullshit.
Bullshit because this is so shamelessly being done to move into Ricky & Gina instead.
I will die on this hill.
Also can they PLEASE stop putting more huge issues and setbacks and responsibilities on EJ EVERY - SINGLE - EPISODE and then make him out to be the bad guy for not knowing how to handle all of this? I beg of you, writers.
Justice for EJ Caswell.
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princessesfanarts · a year ago
Me : I hate this new trend in Disney Movies where they make self referential humor to mock the earnestness of the old disney movies. It’s getting annoying. 
The literal first sentence of Raya and the last dragon : “I know what you’re thinking : a lone rider, a dystopian world...” 
Can’t they just let us get immersed in the universe without having those “We know it’s cliché *wink wink*” that adds nothing to the movie 
This is so boooooring
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keepyourmoney-seeyouinhell · 2 months ago
"guys ur overanalysing and will get dissapointed" speak for urself if byler isnt canon in s5 i will simply continue to watch the better version of the show that byler tumblr collectively makes up in our hivemind
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thesuperheroesnetwork · 9 months ago
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sashasienna · 3 months ago
I'm so bored of being told I'm valid, I don't want to be valid I want to be adored.
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fallingnives · a year ago
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... anyway
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