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i heart them ;///;
i will have these as mini prints and large prints at anime frontier this weekend !
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Fruits Basket | Furuba – Volume 7, Official Art
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I love how Fruits Basket 2019 shows Yuki doing his rat thing all menacing and shit like the show is gonna have a big supernatural horror arc and then it's actually just 3 seasons of the Sohma family being therapy'd by a 16 year old girl they found in the woods
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Some of the many ways Kyo looks at Tohru.
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Lee!kyo and ler!tohru from fruits basket if its alright with you?
It's more than alright with me! As of the time of writing this, I've just finished watching Fruits Basket Prelude and I'm in such a mood for it! :D I've gotcha covered anon!
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“Teach me!”
“Absolutely not.” Kyo replied automatically, shaping the rice balls one by one. “You’ll only end up getting hurt.”
Tohru mock pouted beside him, her own rice ball taking shape as they worked side by side, preparing lunch. “I won’t if it’s you teaching me though. You’re such a good instructor, Kyo! If I am to ever learn how to defend myself, I’d prefer someone like you to do it.”
“Flattery will get you nowhere.” Kyo gruffed, even as a blush climbed his neck. “Besides- I’ve already taught you how to defend yourself. You still have your keychain?” The keychain was a small collection of self defense items; pepper spray, a stabby thing Kyo couldn’t remember the name of, a whistle with a pitch so high the one time Tohru blew it for practice Yuki accidently sent the milk flying (That was a funny day, he couldn’t deny) along with other things.
“Always.” Tohru nodded, easing his worry. “Still- I want to learn at least one martial arts trick- something I can use as a last ditch effort.”
“What’s this really about, Tohru?” Kyo turned to her properly with a raised brow. “You’ve never been that interested in learning before; why the sudden request?”
He expected her to argue with him, claiming that she was definitely interested. Instead she blushed, looking at her hands with the cutest shy smile he’d seen ever. 
“Well…me and Kisa were watching this new anime and…”
“Knew it.” Kyo sighed, earning a light swat from her hand towel. “You two and your anime shows.”
“Hush! It was a good move too! The main character was like- whoop and swish! The main bad guy went- zoom! It was really cool!” She was so animated, her hands in fists as she remembered the show. Kyo had to fight down the laughs as she looked up at him with sparkling eyes. “I know I can’t do anything like that, but just having the ability to do something similar…that would be amazing! So could you teach me, Kyo? Please?”
He really should say no, stand by his original answer. This could only end in disaster. Yet looking into those big brown eyes, he felt any resistance melt away.
“Alright.” He gave in, smiling when she whooped, hugging him in glee. “But just so you know- I’m not gonna go easy on you.”
That was a lie and they both knew it.
“I’m ready! What are we learning first, Kyo?” Tohru asked, eyes bright with excitement. They decided to keep things casual- wearing simple clothes over Gi. It was more a necessity than choice- the legs and sleeves were far too long for his wife, tripping her.
“The first thing we’re doing is a test.” Kyo nodded, standing tall before his ‘student.’ “I need to see where you’re at before I show you a move. The goal is to take me down. Are you ready?”
Tohru nodded, eyes bright. “Ready as I’ll ever be!”
“Right. Show me what you can do. Ready? Go!” Kyo nodded, standing firm. His wife let out a battle cry before running up to him, taking a swing-
And missing entirely. Kyo didn’t even need to step out of the way.
“I completely missed!” She yelped.
“So I saw.” He nodded, fighting down a grin. “Come on, don’t give up now.”
Tohru nodded, trying again. Another battle cry, another run and swing, another miss. This time Kyo had to step aside. “You’re closer. Come on- don’t hold back on me, Honda!”
“Oh, you’re gonna get it now!” She nodded, shaking off the miss. Instead of charging forward this time, she watched him, considering. Then she smiled, getting ready to strike once more. “Here I come!” She cried as she ran forward.
“Announcing your move isn’t gonna help in the long run.” He sidestepped, evading her attack. “You gotta be more subtle- whoa!”
Arms came around his neck from behind as Tohru jumped on his back, wrapping her legs around his torso. “Gotcha!” She cheered through her giggles, pride in her voice.
“Heh, sure did.” Kyo couldn’t hold back the grin as he hoisted her legs, supporting her. “Now, what are you going to do-ahehehe! Heehhehy, hahahahng on!” His voice broke into laughter when her fingers found his sides, wiggling gently. “Thihhiihs isn’t part of the trahhahaining!”
“Sure it is! The goal is to take you down, right?” She giggled against his neck, hanging on when he tried to gently pry her off. “This seems to be working quite well!”
“Ahehhehhee! Yohohoohohu snehehahahahak! This is chehahahhahahating!” Kyo jerked when her fingers wormed into his armpits, nearly taking a fall as new waves of ticklishness spread along his nerves. Shaking her off did nothing, and trying to squeeze her hands out was only in vain. He could only shuffle run about, unable to stay still. “Tohohohoohoohruhuhuhuhuhu!”
“Hehe, you’re so cute, Kyo!” She leaned in and pressed a kiss against his cheek before her hands shot down to his belly, making him squeak. “Take that!”
“AHHH AHEHHAHAHHAHAHAHA!” Kyo collapsed to his knees, all fight drained from him as his worst spot was tickled. “NOOHOHOHOHOHO! TOOHOHOOHOHRUUHUHUHU PLEHHAHHAHAHAHSE!”
“Please what?” She teased, climbing off his back but staying close as her fingers scribbled along his belly. “Please keep tickling you?”
“Hm…” She hummed in thought.
“Hehe, okay okay.” She giggled, finally pulling back her hands and watching Kyo collapse, gasping for air. “Did I pass?”
“Eheh…hehehe…hehe…” Kyo groaned, giving her a halfhearted glare that dissolved into a weary smile upon seeing her face. “Fine, fine…you pass.”
“Yay!” Tohru cheered, doing a little happy dance while clapping. Kyo chuckled at the sight, his heart filling with love for her all over. “I knew I could do it!”
“Sure, but see…there’s one thing you forgot about, Tohru.” Kyo leaned up watching her expression grow curious. “When you take someone down, you better be ready to run!” Without any warning, he wrapped his arms around her, bringing his wife into his chest as he ran his fingers up and down her ribs, earning a variety of adorable squeaks and squeals.
“AH! Ahehahahahhahhahaha! Khehehehehehyohohohohohou!”
“This is still part of training! Now you know how to take someone down.” Kyo grinned, relishing in her pretty laughter. “Show me what you’re gonna do when the tickle monster takes you hostage!”
I hope this was good!
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"your honour, i love them" i say about a character i would fistfight in real life
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it's nice to have a friend 💜
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One of my fav drawings <3
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luftballons99 · 2 months
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the saga of yuki’s gay ear piercing continues
(also i technically headcanon him as bi so im using gay as an umbrella term here <3)
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                Kyo and Tohru ❖ Fruits Basket -prelude- ♡
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Tohru & Kyo - New Year Dance🎍✨
My head canon is that although Kyo was never invited to the jyuunishi New Years celebration he was always in fact an amazing dancer. Now he and Tohru are married and they get to perform the New Years dance together for the Sohma family 🐱🍙🥺💕
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Fruits Basket | Furuba – Chapter 73
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jazzymarie1006 · 2 days
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The evolution & development of Tohru and Kyo's close up hand holding. We LOVE to see it!
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furuba · 5 months
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sapphicpumpkin · 10 months
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hadnt drawn these guys in a while.. can’t wait to see their new stuff in the prelude :’)
(💙 EDIT: if you'd like an A3 print of this, check out my etsy :D )
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