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sparky ballerina lady
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Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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dont mind me i just wanna ramble
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was working on my style savvy trendsetters OC Alucard and somewhere along the line I decided she’s an android but specifically she is an animatronic from an amusement park vampire pirate themed haunted house ride who is Weirdly Autonomous and self aware so she just. left one day and started doing fashion instead
the twist could be that she was built for other purposes and just ended up in a themepark somehow but also the twist could be that a genius inventor who’s figured out the secret of artificial intelligence decided to only use that knowledge for park rides
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propheticfire · a year ago
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Went for a walk today and it was so pretty!
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askyuuandco · a month ago
Did the guys have nicknames for Yuu? You know since they have made nicknames you guys?
Deuce: I mean we do have nicknames for Yuu. :>
Epel: Some ruder than others... Ace >.>
Ace: What she called me Bitchtrappole! D:<
Jack: everyone calls you that =-=
Ace: WHAT?! D:<
Deuce: anyways our nicknames for her :P
Ace: chihuahua, the devil in disguise, the nerd, the fat b**** >w>
Deuce; she's gonna smack the crap out of you =-=
Ace: bet!
Yuu: *smacks the s*** out of him*
Deuce: ...told you =-=
Ace: shut it =-=
Deuce: anyway...My nickname for her is Chief or Captain because she's kind of like the Freshman leader of our friend group and she sets us straight when we do something wrong or encourages us so yeah <:>
Yuu: aw <:D
Jack: My nicknames for her are Tifa and Gadget. Tifa because she reminds me a little bit like that girl I saw Idia was playing at one point a woman that doesn't take any nonsense from anyone especially when people destroy or hurt things or people she cares about. And Gadget was because she's good at making things. Before her incident, she was really good at metal work it was something she was good at crafting. I remember her making a fencing sword out of a rusted metal pipe and turned into something brand new. and I think that's really cool <:D
Yuu: Jack...deuce...your gonna make me cry stop ;v;
Deuce & Jack: sorry <:L
Epel: My nickname for her is Litwick because I caught her messing with candle wax :<
Yuu: What! I'm not allowed to touch metal anymore I have to have some hobby making candles was the only thing >:(
Epel: plus I call you that because you look like the pokemon thing you showed me :P.
Yuu: ...you get a pass...your lucky that pokemon is cute =-=
Sebek: ...
Yuu: ...well...
Sebek: well what?
Yuu: don't you have a nickname for me?
Sebek: no human. don't have a nickname for you. =-=
Yuu: hmm...I'll take Human as the nickname then :D
Sebek: I-WHAT?!
Orthro: Big Sister or Yu-Chan or Daredevil because she does things I wouldn't expect her to do like summersault into a pool
Yuu; hehe <:D
Yuu: anywho next person! RIDDLE!!!
Riddle: huh?!
Yuu: do you have a nickname for me?!
Riddle: ummm i don't think so.
Yuu: Then think of one!
Riddle: ummm plum? :>
Yuu: why plum
Riddle: cuz you look like one I guess?
Yuu: I'll take it!
Riddle: *in his mind* phew <:/
Ruggie: Mine is Frosty mint or Snowy
Yuu: eh? why?
Ruggie: Because you at all my mints >:(
Yuu: opps sorry:>
Ruggie: and I saw your Ice sculpture for art class during the winter :>
Yuu: ah.
Jade: Icy hot. Cool 1 minute and then on fire the next
Yuu: heeeyyyy >:(
Jade: see provide my point UuU
Yuu: ugh...
Floyd: easy Shirmpy \^u^/
Azul: Queen of Beast. The amount of creatures she attracts is just not normal. I found a raccoon in her house that wasn't even Grim. Then she told me his name is Larry as if she kept him as a pet!
Yuu: he's not a pet...he's a roommate =-=
Azul: sure he is =-=
Kalim: I call her Luna or Moon. She kind of reminds me of it too :D
Yuu: ;v; aaaawwwww
Jamil: Poppy
Yuu: huh????
Jamil: Don't question it
Yuu: fine.
Silver: I guess songbird or Lullaby...she's good at singing
Yuu: aw well that's really nice of y-
Silver: *fell asleep*
Yuu: and he's knocked out cold <:L
Trey: I guess little assistant because she always helps me with baking
Yuu: anytime :D
Cater: bendy or Yu-chan as well because I had no idea she can stretch her body at all so when she did it for the first time I was like dumbfounded
Yuu: I was shocked too ._.'///
Leona: Chatterbox or alarm clock or Nyaners or Herbivore=-=
Yuu: Hey I'm not that bad! and I eat meat too D':<
Leona: yes you are and you don't eat enough =A=
Vil: Sweet Potato or Tulip because let's be real the other freshman except Jack and Mary annoy me
Yuu: yeah :D
Vil: don't push it =-=
Yuu: aw :(
Rook: Trickster
Yuu: why >:(
Rook: my lips are sealed =u=
Yuu: hmmm =-=
Idia: Player 4
Yuu: wait who's number 2?!
Idia: *points at Orthro*
Yuu: then who's number 3?! D:<
Idia: *points at his other sibling (my fc)*
Yuu: ;-;
Malleus: Child of Man or Treasure UuU
Yuu: aw...wait wh- :3
Malleus: No reason :)
Lilia: Little Bat, My gaming buddy, cooing buddy, little niecey
Yuu: hehe >w<
Grim: Bossy, Henchmen >:P
Yuu: Bossy yes Henchmen I never agreed to >:(
Grim: >:P
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lovesickletters · 3 months ago
💜Cookie Run Yandere Alphabet💜
I asked my friends to randomise some yandere alphabet prompts for some random cookie run characters <3
Tumblr media
Affection | Frost Queen
How do they show their love and affection? How intense would it get?
To put it bluntly, not at all. She would act frosty cold to her darling, she’s not really one for acts of affection. With the exception of an icy kiss to the forehead once every blue moon.
Blood | Raspberry Cookie
How messy are they willing to get when it comes to their darling?
Raspberry Cookie is no stranger to bloodshed, while she may grieve for that spilled of her compatriots, when it comes to her darling anyone is an enemy. She is not afraid to draw her sword, whether challenging someone to a blatantly unfair show of swordsmanship at dawn or ending their life in the moment in an alleyway away from prying eyes.
Darling | Red Velvet Cookie
Aside from abduction, would they do anything against their darling’s will?
Red Velvet would try his best to refrain from making his darling do anything they didn’t wish to, but if push came to shove he would not be afraid to resort to less savoury methods to make them do something against their will.
Jealousy | Dark Choco Cookie
Do they get jealous? Do they lash out or find a way to cope?
He tries not to show it but he does, quite a bit in fact. He is of the mindset that his darling is so much better and purer than him, so he has no right to be up in their face all the time, but the least he can do for them is protect them from any possible threats, the raw intimidation of his latched line of sight as he grips his sword is enough to send any friendly cookie looking to have a conversation with you running!
Love Letters | Kumiho Cookie
How would they go about courting or approaching their darling?
Kumiho is excellently trained at the art of charisma, and has no trouble sidling up to her darling and striking up a conversation even if she’s a stranger to them. With flirtatious words and devilishly charming actions she’s confident she can charm her way into their heart.
Mask | Affogato Cookie
Are their true colors drastically different from the way they act around everyone else?
Affogato’s mannerisms are so incomprehensible nobody can truly tell what he’s thinking, and he’s not afraid of other people noticing his affection for his darling. If anything, he capitalises off of it.
Oppression | Parfait Cookie
How many rights would they take away from their darling?
None at all!!!! She prizes being pure and honest above all things, she would encourage truthfulness from her darling and build absolute trust between you two, gifting you things and writing you songs with the utmost earnestness! Your happiness is her priority, how could she help that if she took things away from you?? That simply wouldn’t do!
Regret | Twizzly Gummy Cookie
Would they ever feel guilty about abducting their darling? Would they ever let their darling go?
Absolutely not, Twizzly doesn’t have a remorseful bone in her body. She would find glee in her darling’s captivity if anything, and would never ever let them go. Not without multiple trackers, just for the thrill of the hunt of course! They’d never actually get anywhere but their fear makes her excited! Regret is for people who go soft and mushy, and she is nothing if not sharp and dangerous.
Unique | Espresso Cookie
Would they do anything different from the classic yandere?
Precise temperature, precise quantity, precisely perfect darling. Espresso is a perfectionist in every manner of the word and this carries over to his beloved. They must be perfect, no matter what. No order ignored, no feature flawed, no mistake overlooked. If they’re not, he’ll shape them into his image of perfection with an outlook similar to that he uses when teaching, the carrot and the stick. No matter what, he wants his darling to be impeccable.
Vice | Blackberry Cookie
What weakness can their darling exploit in order to escape?
It would be very hard to escape the careful and calculating Blackberry Cookie, but if it came to it, her attachment issues relating to Adventure Cookie and her duty-bound outlook on life. If you brought up Adventurer Cookie there would likely be some old wounds you would be pouring salt on, enough so to put her into a right state. If you used her selfless outlook against her by requesting something, she would do her best to comply if she thought it wasn’t dangerous.
Wit’s End | Madeleine Cookie
Would they ever hurt their darling?
By the light no! He’s honestly too dense to be worked to the end of his tether, if you insult him or push away his affections he’s likely laugh it off and pull you into an embrace regardless. Not to mention the thought of anything harming his darling would send a chill up his spine. He’s here to protect you!
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trickster-showe · 4 months ago
What if each cultivator had his own lantern?It's like when they cultivate the body and soul are separated, the body is like a vessel, a separate shell, but the soul is eternal, and so that it does not suffer they are placed it in special lanterns.
The lamp is unique to each person.
From the shape to the patterns on the shutters or glass. Most often they were used to determine what kind of life the cultivator lived. Whether he was righteous or apostate.The same technique was used at the trial, for a vessel for the soul cannot lie. ( No lamp was used on Shen Ju at the trial, although it was against the protocol)
The lamps were often hidden so that enemies could not find such intimate and vulnerable places.
Even though the construction was tight, but as with finding the soul in the native body, there were disadvantages.
Qinghua also has his own lamp, but unlike the others it was as if it did not belong to him. Its entire frame was adorned with the Legends of Creation and a map of the luminaries of the firmament. It looked like the most beautiful work of art on its own.
No one in the world should have such a lamp.
That is why the former Lord of An Ding Peak cautioned Qinghua not to show it to others.The elder lord knew that this event was no mere coincidence and a possible omen of the coming chaos.
Evil men could take advantage of his innocent apprentice by making his unusual vessel look not in the kindest of light.
Since then, one little future lord has been carefully trying to hide his soul.
Unfortunately, it was not enough, the piki was not as well protected as he would have liked, and realizing this, Qinghua decided to take the risk. No matter how scared he was, no matter how much he convinced himself that hiding such a precious object in the eternal winter realm of his future executioner was not the best idea, but the realization that the ice fortress was one of the most protected places (after Lo Binghe's future palace) overcame him.
Knowing every nook and cranny of the place that he himself had created and designed, the senior apprentice at the time cautiously made his way into one of the palace's most remote and secret corners. The place where Mobei Jun's mother once lived.
Yes, he may not have been original in hiding his soul in his ideal man's mother's room, but at least he remembered for sure that no one had ever snuck into that room.
His soul is kept there, perfectly safe, allowing his body to feel the slight chill of the frosty morning of the demon kingdom on particularly hot summer days
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shadowbender19 · 2 months ago
So, a new Heartless video just dropped. I had a notes doc open and recorded basically every thought that I had during the video. Some of these are vibes only, but I hope that someone finds this enjoyable.
This art style is truely stunning
Eira’s little ghosty boy? I love him
Alchemy’s Team Rocket vibes? chefs kiss
I love Alchemy so much, very gender (though so are all of them lol)
Variant outfits? Nice
Yo, the music that played at the beginning of Flint's section hit different
Flint's D&D vibes are immaculate
The way Alex does action is immaculate
Eira my beloved. My boy is back
“Snow Smith” gives me big Gray from Fairy Tail vibes
Is Eira going to build himself a forge?
I was wrong, but this is so much better. They were roommates!
I want to say that the fan fiction writes itself, but sadly it does not
Doppel and Glass having slightly different powers would be very cool
Doppel’s sketch reminds me of Ben 10 and I love it
Ah, nods so they’re artificers
Angst, I love it
River content lets go
River and Alchemy having matter vs energy powers (an oversimplification I know) could lead to some mad physic related bs
Powers developing and evolving is always amazing
Brooke is the name for guard girl
River’s logic and science based reasoning sounds like an incredible character point
New brush for the hair
River hitting mute on Lorelei is so funny
River’s eyes are iconic
New desktop background just dropped
Milk away, I love this stuff Ok, so I didn’t keep track of thoughts for the first two, so I’m going back to do Heartless
The quirk style names of each character’s powers spark joy
Grave robber is a sick name for a power, hope he finds a way to reuse it if this ever becomes a bigger thing
All I can think of is hungry hungry hippos, vibes are correct tbh
I love the balance created by the ghouls, great way to balance mimicry magic
Frosty boi Final thoughts
Not really relevant but before he colours in the eyes, this art style is very reminiscent of Ben 10 omniverse which I absolutely adore
The focus on change and evolution of their magic, especially as the narrative evolves is beautiful and makes me really want to see this as an extended story.
This art style sparks joy. The dynamic poses, the way that the clothes move with the action, the way that intangible magic is so clearly on display. I don’t know if this is just the way that Alex draws action, or if his art style has evolved once again, but it is so nice to look at.
Basically, I’m back on my Heartless BS. This is my formal apology to my followers who don’t know what that is, as well as an even more formal request of whoever the hell runs the discord server. Please add me, I wish to be a part of whatever the hell goes on there that I keep hearing about.
Finally, thank you @abd-illustrates, this was incredible And that’s about it. Thanks, for reading my rambling, I’ll probably be posting more about this over the next week or so, so stay tuned.
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wondero28 · 3 months ago
Robaire’s & Jesse’s fav parts of their S/Os
- Robaire is a hopeless romantic, he adores all of you! But his favorite? Definitely your eyes and mouth
- It doesn’t really matter if these pieces of you are perfect or particularly pretty- he just loves them. He enjoys seeing your eyes because he thinks they’re the best fucking thing in the world to see. Whether they’re chestnut brown, a dark coal, a frosty blue, a greyish mix of colors, a green or hazel mix- he just loves them. He loves staring into them & delivering kisses to your eyelids & brows when you’re tired. Its his way of showing appreciation for these pieces of you
- He says he just like em cause he thinks your eyes a pretty (which he does), but really he likes them so much because he swears every time you look at him that you can see right through all his bullshit. That when you look at him & he meets your eyes- that you just have this magic ability to undo him. You rip him out of his stress and you help him live in the moment
- And he likes your mouth cause 1. Thats where the best kisses happen & 2. Because your mouth has your smile & your smile has his heart 🥺
- Robaire is a huge fucking simp for your smile and laugh & he will very much keep any video or photo he has of you smiling/laughing. He’s had the guys tease him because sometimes on tour if he’s stressed he just watches videos of you or looks at pictures of you where you’re happy & it helps him be happy
- Jesse is also hopeless romantic & a flirt- so naturally one would assume he’d pick something cliche. Something like your eyes or your smile- but nooooo. Jesse is an ARTIST before all else
- So his favorite part of you is your body
- Okay so maybe that sounds pervy & it’s technically not a single small part- BUT LET ME EXPLAIN
- He loves your body because of its quirks and inherent beauty. Regardless of your body type or your size- Jesse absolutely adores every little part of your body. Any Freckles & beauty marks? He wants to memorize them. Any stretch marks or scars? He wants to trace and touch them. Any asymmetry, birthmarks, or just literally anything??? Jesse adores. He LOVES your body because it is a part of you & he loves to show appreciation for your body with oddly placed kisses & gentle touches
- He ESPECIALLY loves how your body fits in his arms, like how you feel against him & what not. He loves it. He loves you. He’s a total simp & enjoys skin on skin contact of any time. Please just hold his hand & let him admire your knuckles or your palm. He enjoys being able to remember every little piece of you
- Your just body makes Jesse melt. Its not in a sexual way either, he just adores every bit of you & your body is his favorite thing because it gives him a place to put his kisses. He, despite his skill, cannot capture all of his love in words or art. So he needs to show you how much he loves you through physical touch
Just a little drabble for brain fish food
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eternalstargazer · 9 months ago
Christmas is almost here! If it's frosty in your corner of the world, here's some official holiday-themed Pokémon Journeys art to warm the heart (you could drink some hot cocoa too... better yet, why not enjoy both?)! 💗
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Okay, okay... the last image technically isn't Christmas-themed, but... c'mon, a snow Eevee. A snow Eevee!
First image comes from the Japanese Pokémon Calendar (released in 2020 for the 2021 calendar year).
Second image comes from the anipoke_PR Twitter account.
Third image comes from the January 2021 issue of Animedia.
Any thoughts on what Ash and Goh might give each other for Christmas? Y'know, besides a kiss or two under the mistletoe? Courtesy of Chloe of course because we all know that girl totally ships these two all day, all night.
Goh tends to be the more pragmatic of the two (though Ash has rubbed off on the boy just a bit!), so he could go for the more practical gift and surprise Ash with a pair of pants... this way the next time the boys journey to some place cold (like Snowpoint City), this doesn't happen:
Tumblr media
'Course Goh loves every part of Ash (and that includes his legs) so while a warm pair of pants might make Ash happy, I'm not sure the same could be said for Goh.
Ash isn't good with technology (... how many times does Goh have to get on him for not answering his phone??) so I doubt Goh would gift him any of the various Pokégear devices (the Pokétch watch might look snazzy on Ash, but he'd probably forget he was wearing it... like, all the time).
Goh just needs to order a certain delicacy from the Galar region and he'll make Ash a happy boy on Christmas. It's really not that complicated!
Tumblr media
As for Ash's gift to Goh? Half(?) the time he thinks with his stomach, so... a box of Pokémon cookies (at least one being in the shape of Mew, of course!) with red/green holiday sprinkles and frosting (Mew can be pink... 'cause a red/green Mew just wouldn't look right!)? Goh liked (maybe an understatement...) Ash's cake topped with delicious cream, so maybe if he made the cookies himself, he'd get a similar reaction from Goh...
Tumblr media
Are they really just gonna give each other food for Christmas, though? I mean yeah, they both love to eat (it's one of the many passions they share) and Ash apparently loves feeding Goh (who has no objections, by the way) if the magazine art is any indication, but still...
Tumblr media
We know Ash has been to Goh's apartment at least once and probably slept in Goh's room (just as Goh slept in Ash's in episode 30). Maybe Ash took notice of what he had (and didn't have) in his room...
Tumblr media
How does this boy not have a Mew plushie prominently on display?? Yeah, he has a pink Pokémon plushie... but that's not Mew, and if you're gonna only allow yourself one pink plushie (though... why would you??) why a Jigglypuff? Not hating on the 'Puff or anything, but Jigglypuff isn't at the heart of Goh's goal.
Ash could remedy that. Ash should remedy that. Though Goh might prefer cuddling with the Mew plushie over him so maybe nix that idea.
Journeys has a few Christmassy shots and I'll toss those in here:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
However you choose to celebrate this holiday season, may it bring you good cheer and your days be merry and bright! 💖
Ash can have my figgy pudding, though. I'll pass. 😂
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frostynovaprime · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Momm- er, I mean Khora Prime
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frosty-chiion · 3 months ago
stained glass art of two ocs ( the mirror doesn’t even look like a mirror 😭 )
Tumblr media
apologies for not being active on tumblr
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thalfox · 9 months ago
honestly yeah seeing her being a potential jerk slightly put me off since i was way too excited for hwr entrance. rly hope it's a misdirect. there's almost everyone simping over her i guess it's because they don't wanna give up on her yet. i dont either. hope she's a friend. solmare alr does a shitty job with female/non male characters gosh.
A friend of mine suggested they're maybe doing a frosty initial approach with the new characters, much like Season 1 did with the demon brothers themselves - and I'd kind of forgotten about that, that initially the demons are all, "ugh, a human."
The problem being that back then, the demon brothers were the sole main members of the cast, so we got lots of time to quickly see that the frostiness was very much just a reflex reflection and notjinf personal towards MC - it was pretty evident early on that Mammon had a big soft spot for MC, that Satan wasn't as scary as Lucifer suggested, that Beel was a big ol' labrador of a demon etc.
When we had the Undateables move to the main cast, they had already been well established in the background - even if we didn't know much about them as people, they at least knew MC and were welcoming to them.
Introducing three new characters now, they have the drawback of being side characters to 12 existing characters, and that adds up to not a lot of screen time!
Additionally, the three have zero time spent with MC previous to this, and all come with vague yet negative backstories that we know of:
Raphael bullied Beel, and stood against the brothers when they tried to save Lilith. He's described as a hard ass with no sense of humour, and he was on the side that wanted Lilith to die - an outcome that would mean MC never existed.
Mephistopheles is a troublemaker who previously was implied to be like Mammon - a loveable rogue. However his intro card reveals a more snobby demon who looks down upon the fallen angels. The likelihood is that humans rank even lower for him.
Thirteen is the reaper who nearly killed Beel, and has an antagonistic or frenemy relationship with Solomon.
All of these backstories may be proven to be other than they appear - perhaps Raphael did not fight for Lilith to die, perhaps Mephisto is anti-angel rather than a demon snob, perhaps Thirteen had no control over Beel's candle and Solomon is a menace.
Given that we don't yet know anything to change how these backstories appear, giving the characters an initially cold and frosty manner does very little to endear them to the audience.
An audience that is already concetned about the game struggling to cope with 7 characters let alone 12 characters let alone now 15 characters.
And the fandom has had a... unpleasant reaction to the mere silhouette(!!) of Thirteen, with whitewashed art of Raphael and Mephistopheles already appearing :/
So on the one hand, yes, Solmare does not have a good track record with women and non-binary characters in its other games.
But a lot of why this frosty approach isn't working is down to a) the game struggling to balance so many characters, and b) an antagonistic/bigoted reaction by a vocal minority of fans.
That's primarily why I hope that when the new characters do appear in stories (and/or events and devilgrams!), we will quickly see beyond the frostiness to the character underneath.
As a player I am quite happy to wait! And I'm excited to see greater diversity and new characters ^-^
But as a fan, I dread what the fandom might conjure in the meantime :/
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attollogame · 11 months ago
Happy Birthday, Pariah
Tumblr media
It’s unconventionally cold today, far below what the average predicts. Frost kisses the tips of the grass and the trees that they walk by, and blankets itself across the rooftops of the neighborhood houses like a shield from the light. They hadn’t bothered to check the weather before they went out last night—instead choosing to do their usual approach of winging it or dying trying—and it seems like the ‘dying trying’ option is what they ultimately got.
It’s hard to focus on surveillance when you’re shivering like a leaf.
Are you ready to call it a night, yet? We haven’t seen anything this entire time—and you look close to hypothermic. Deadlock’s voice carries like a whisper in their mind, causing a shiver not produced by the cold to run through their body again. Years and years of knowing him, and yet they still can’t fathom how he’s able to connect with them at such long distances. He’s still in The Juniper Bond; they’re twenty minutes away.
Pariah clicks their tongue in response as they tug the leather jacket tighter around their body. They can still feel Deadlock’s presence in their mind—poking, prodding, and in every sense of the word, bullying them into an answer—and they know that Helios is probably egging him on.
Pariah. Deadlock’s voice returns, far sterner than the easy-going tone that it was moments before. Pariah tips their head back to stare at the bleak gray sky above. Then they hear the sound of a screen door opening and slamming shut, forcing their attention back to the house in front of them. They feel Deadlock’s presence grow stronger in their mind and they know that he’s now paying attention as well—they all are.
They sink back into the shadows of the car they’ve been posted behind for the majority of the evening, watching as he approaches the vehicle without a single ounce of awareness. Pariah feels their lips curling into a grin—a predatory smile if one might—as Wallace fumbles for the keys in his back pocket. Before he has a chance to pull them out, Deadlock leaves Pariah’s mind with one final whispered remark—don’t be gentle.
Pariah watches as a man half-stumbles his way out of the house and down the steps and they can practically hear their blood rushing through their veins at the sight of him.
Wallace Carperton, a 52-year-old finance manager at the Casallah Bank. He enjoys social drinking, art galleries, and selling individuals to the highest bidder in his free time. Right now he’s riding down a night of binge drinking and drugs with people who are definitely not at the age to be doing such things—and in about two minutes, he’s going to be welcoming this frosty morning with Pariah's foot shoved down his throat.
Naturally, they won’t be.
It’s only when the police finally come to pick Wallace up does Pariah bother to check the time. They tug their phone out of their back pocket as an officer hauls Wallace—nose fractured and blubbery apologies spilling from his lips—off of the asphalt and into a waiting car. Pariah grimaces as they adjust their helmet. The fact that these individuals think a few tears and half-assed apologies are enough to excuse their actions is something that’s always put Pariah in the worst of moods—it’d be better if they just admit that they did what they did and make the process easier for everyone involved.
Regardless, Wallace will be torn apart—metaphorically, and perhaps literally—by Suha and the Crowes within a day. When it comes to anything with the selling of people, they don’t wait around too long.
With this in mind, Pariah clicks on their phone and scans over the notifications coming in. Most are from the Triumvirate chat—Deadlock and Helios have some errands to run—a few are from the police lines and news accounts on Chirp, and one is a calendar notification that causes Pariah’s mood to darken even further—
The date on the phone doesn’t lie, either. October 27th, 7:31 am. It’s still about four hours until the time they were actually born, but it is the day, and they shove their phone back into their pocket in a bid to ignore it.
What a shitty start.
They’re met with silence when they re-enter the headquarters after giving the police the evidence that they had acquired on Wallace. The lights are off and they don’t hear anything from Deadlock’s room; considering that he always has the radio playing—the only way he can drown out the sound of people, in his words—this is unusual. But he did say he has errands to run today. Pariah tugs off their helmet and squints at the door before moving to their own room, desperate for the more comforting silence it’ll bring.
When they get inside, they set their helmet down on the nearby table before immediately falling back on their bed. Their room is rather befitting of who they are, as is the case with a lot of the member's rooms. Helios’ room is decked out in polaroids of her and Abyssal, her and her siblings, her and a reluctant Pariah, and so forth. Deadlock’s room is filled to the brim with architectural drawings, paint supplies, canvases, and numerous records.
Pariah’s room...is scarce. There’s a dresser, a king-sized bed, a desk for work, and a closet where their spare clothes are haphazardly shoved inside. Nothing decorates the walls or the ceiling, they have no fancy carpets or blinds, and there aren't any extras besides a bedside lamp and an alarm clock. It’s an incredibly minimal room and it’s precisely how they like it.
Save, that is, for the box shoved underneath the bed. The box, which they now roll over and pull out. With some apprehension, they remove the top to peer inside. It’s in here that their personal assets from their former life remain—photos of them standing beside a woman with curly hair and a smile far too bright for a city like this, numerous letters written in messy handwriting, post-it notes telling them to have a good day at school, and at the very bottom of it all—
A birthday card.
Happy Birthday, Dorian!
They remove the card and stare at it for a moment. A part of them is saying to put it back, to ignore it all, to let it rest. Next year, this part says, next year you can do this—there’s no reason to hurt today.
And yet the other part, the louder part, already has them flipping the card open before they have an opportunity to stop themself. There’s a small block of text written in the same messy handwriting as the letters, and they find themselves reading it over and over as if by order of something other than them;
I’m sorry I have to work today so I can’t be here when you open this, but I want you to know that I’m so proud of you, and I hope you have the most amazing day today <3 I’ll see you for dinner tonight!! We’re having take-out and cake—I promise I’ll get it from an actual bakery this time.
Love you lots!!—Gabby.
They bite the inside of their cheek as they slide the card shut, staring at the giraffe holding a 1 and a 7 on the front cover. It’s a stupid box office card that they know Gabriella picked up in a rush last minute, per usual, but the words ‘i’m proud of you' are the only reason why they haven’t burned it like most of the other items yet—it isn’t that Gabriella never told them this, it’s just that this was the last time she ever did. She died not too soon after.
With a low sigh, they roll onto their back and stare at the ceiling above them. Exhaustion from the long night they just had is now creeping into their mind, and they find themselves closing their eyes before they even realize it—
Card in hand, and the bedroom door still unlocked.
The first thing they’re aware of when they come through is the feeling of someone prodding their face. Muffled voices can be heard from somewhere within the room, and Pariah does their best to focus on the tone and sound, to place who they belong to. Their body is already kickstarting back into the red area of stress—where they’re overly aware of what’s happening and ready to react—when suddenly a sharp stinging sensation burns across their cheek.
“Fuck?” The word slips out of their mouth in a snarl as their eyes snap open and they grab the hand of whoever just had the bright idea of slapping them awake. When their gaze locks onto a familiar green-eyed one, this anger boils down to nothing but utter annoyance.
“Evening, sleeping beauty.” Deadlock’s voice drips with sarcasm as he jerks his wrist free from Pariah's grip. To his right is Helios, who’s lounging across Pariah’s bed with a disapproving look on her face.
“Did you really spend your entire birthday sleeping? What kind of party is that?” She lets out a groan as she rolls onto her back, effectively rolling right onto Pariah, and stretches upwards to prod Pariah’s cheek with her hand. “You’re in your twenties, not your fifties. You don’t need to follow the retirement schedule yet.”
“I was out the entire night working, remember?” Pariah leans back and swats her hand away, still nursing the burning aftermath of Deadlock’s wakeup strategy. “And you of all people should know that I’m not really into the ‘party' scene anyway. I’d rather just treat this as another day.”
Deadlock lets out a small, bitter hiss as he scoots himself to the edge of the bed. “Yeah, we know that already. But unfortunately, you’re also friends with the two of us,” he pauses and points at Helios, who gives a cheery grin in response, “and we can’t let this day pass without at least a little celebration. So!”
He reaches down and picks up a small white box from the floor. Pariah doesn’t need to look at it for more than a second before they’re already trying to shove Helios off of them to get up.
“No, you did not do this to me!” Helios lets out a cackle before scrambling to drop her full weight on Pariah, effectively trapping the latter down. Deadlock’s doing his best to keep back as the two of them struggle—one to escape, and one to prevent this from occurring,
“Please just look at it! Do you know how long it took for me to convince Operator to do this shit? I literally had to stand behind the man and loiter in his office before he finally relented.” Helios lets out a huff of breath as she wraps her arms around Pariah’s form. “He says happy birthday, by the way.”
“He absolutely did not say that. He said, and I quote, ‘Helios, I did what you asked for, please let me and my cat go’. It felt far more like a hostage situation than a request if you ask me.” Deadlock shakes his head with a huff as he flips the top of the box open. Pariah, realizing that Helios’ bear-hug is something that they won’t be breaking from any time soon, finally relents and peers down at the cake within.
Well, it could certainly belong in some part of an art gallery.
The icing is sloppily applied, a ‘Happy Birthday, Pariah!’ is written in shaky red writing, and Pariah thinks there’s supposed to be a dog drawn in the corner, but it looks more like a to-be-identified alien species instead. Helios props her chin on Pariah’s shoulder, still grinning.
“Deadlock and I decorated it—can you tell?”
“Well I did the writing, Helios did the dog in the corner. You can clearly tell based on what’s before you who should be the lead decorator for the birthday cakes from now on.” Deadlock tips his chin up with a smug grin as he sets the box down on the bed, earning him a bitter look from Helios.
“Bullshit, we had to redo the icing four times because the writing ‘wasn’t up to your standards'. It took us an hour to do what could’ve been done in ten minutes if you weren’t such a hardass for decorating.”
“You switched from cat, to cow, to horse, to giraffe, and then to dog because you’re so indecisive—”
“I’m indecisive? Sir, you simply could not commit to one style of handwriting—”
Helios and Deadlock rapidly dissolve into a series of banter about who is more responsible for the hour-long process it took to create this true homage to Jackson Pollock that Pariah has before them. They take a moment to look at their companions—Helios, with her glimmer of amusement in her eyes, and Deadlock, who’s fighting back a grin as he valiantly defends his handwriting—before looking down at the cake again with their own faint, yet genuine, smile.
Maybe, just maybe, they can enjoy their birthday this year.
But first, they should stop Helios from burning Deadlock to a crisp.
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grewlikefancyflowers · 8 months ago
ok after seeing that aristocats post this morning i couldn't get the idea of wwx making flowers rain down on lwj out of my head. soooo, cloud recesses study arc, 800 words of some silly little teenage wx fluff
Just as Wei Wuxian is about to head back up the path to the Cloud Recesses, he sees someone a little way in the distance. Though the disciple wears the same plain white robes as everyone else, from his cold and indifferent expression, Wei Wuxian knows without a doubt that this is Lan Wangji!!
Quickly, he steps back behind a tree, and after a moment of thought, climbs right up it. He's had plenty of experience in the art of tree climbing; it's a matter of seconds before he's perched neatly on a branch, not a single leaf rustled or twig snapped in the process. Out of sight, this is the perfect vantage point to play a trick on Lan Zhan!!
Wei Wuxian runs through his options. He could leap down right in front of Lan Wangji as he walks by to make him jump. Or, it might be fun to call out to him from his hiding spot, see if he could recognise his voice from only a few words. If he did, then it was a great thing to tease him about! And if he didn't, then Wei Wuxian could call out all sorts of silly things, soften his voice and pretend to be a shy maiden bestowing praise upon her crush. He muffles his laughter into his arm.
But, as Lan Wangji gets closer, Wei Wuxian's laughter catches in his throat.
The branch he rests atop is dusted with small, pink plum blossoms, fanning out across the path. Peeping through them, he leans forward to get a better look. Rather than his usual frosty disposition, right now there's something delicately peaceful about Lan Wangji. His robes, bright as moonlight, flutter slightly in the breeze, as does his ribbon, dancing down his gleaming black hair. Without the usual cold glare directed at him, he looks as pretty as a scene painted on silk. Wei Wuxian can only think that it's a shame he must look from all the way up here, twisting branches blocking his view.
For a moment, the breeze picks up, making the branch shiver. One of its blooms quivers on its bud, until the breeze carries it away.
Wei Wuxian watches it with mischief in his heart. He rocks on his branch, shaking it until it begins to let loose it's petals and flowers.
Lan Wangji's steps do not falter as a few plum blossoms float by him, but as the pink flowers begin to snow down, he pauses, eyes narrowing.
"Wei Ying."
Grinning, Wei Wuxian hops down in front of him, giving one final kick to the branch as he goes. The flowers continue to float down, and Wei Wuxian only thinks the sight is even more splendid to behold from the ground. Lan Wangji, however, looks starkly disapproving, brushing the petals off his shoulder with an irritated flick of his hand.
Wei Wuxian is unable to contain his laughter. His shoulder shake as he tries to rein it in, composing himself and brushing his hair out his face. He twirls a strand around his finger. "How did you know it was me?"
Lan Wangji's tone is indifferent, "Who else?"
Wei Wuxian pokes his tongue out, "Right, who else would do such a frivolous thing?"
Lan Wangji turns his sight away from Wei Wuxian, as if he cannot bear to look upon such a silly expression. After a moment, he continues walking, saying, "You should not climb trees."
Wei Wuxian skips after him, "Why not? I have never seen 'do not climb trees' on the wall of rules."
"Improper behaviour. If you fell, you could be hurt."
Wei Wuxian snorts before he can stop himself. Yet, he also feels a slight pang of regret. Instead of deftly jumping out the tree, he should have pretended to fall. Then he could have whined that he was terribly injured and trick Lan Zhan into carrying him back!!! Only so that he could laugh at the face Lan Wangji would make when he would leap out his arms at the entrance, clearly unhurt and able to walk. He smiles at the thought, but hides it when Lan Wangji shoots him a suspicious look.
Suddenly, a spot of pink catches his sight, a flower still clinging to Lan Wangji's hair. Without thinking twice, he reaches up to grab it. But before his fingertips can touch its delicate petals, he's stopped short by a cold iron grip around his wrist.
He puts on an innocent expression, "Lan Zhan, why are you walking around with a flower stuck in your hair? How silly, let me get it out for you."
Lan Wangji glowers at his nonsense words, taking a step away as he catches the flower between his own fingers, taking it out himself.
They walk together back to the Cloud Recesses, Wei Wuxian's unrestrained laughter filling the air. Preoccupied with his own amusement, he does not notice a thing as Lan Wangji quietly tucks the plum blossom safely away inside his sleeve.
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dreamkidddream · a year ago
Summer is right around the corner so.. how about some beach headcanons :D with Ango, Ranpo, and Junichiro with gender neutral s/o ! It can include things such as them and their s/o making sandcastles, picking beachwear, swimming etc. Anything that you see fits the beach topic :] again i hope you're doing well <33
Thank you and I’m good! Hope you’re doing well and staying stress free 💖 WHEW it’s been a while, but I’m excited about my official post post-hiatus and this request just reminded me of how ready I was for summer so I hope I did it justice! Also if you haven’t looked at the official beach art PLEASE DO your eyes will be ✨blessed✨ Reader is gender neutral!
CW: suggestive/spicy content but no NSFW/nothing graphic
Beach Headcanons with: Ango, Ranpo, and Junichiro
So you two were both excited about today
You were beyond ready to feel the sun on your skin, the sand between your toes, and for all the activities you guys can do together!
He was relieved to finally spend some time with you and possibly get some work done in peace without being disturbed
Wasn’t getting into the water, sadly. He did want to get some things done, and he can’t work if he’s soaking wet. You were a bit disappointed, but you understood and he promised that he would give you his full and undivided attention right after he’s done typing this last report
Although you have threatened to throw his laptop and himself into the water if he does one more report-
Shopping was fun surprisingly, and you can only laugh at how meticulous he can be with everything, even with something relaxing as this
You had a feeling that you guys may have overpacked a bit, but you can never be too prepared (or atleast in his eyes)
Ango is perfectly fine with just resting underneath the shade and getting some work done while you go enjoy yourself. He’s content with just seeing you having fun, that’s more than enough for him- but you refuse to leave him be
But he couldn’t even pretend to be upset with you. You even dragged him off of his folding chair and demanded begged that he joins you. What kind of man would he be if he didn’t grant your requests?
(Honestly he couldn’t say no to you, especially when you get that specific pout on your face. It’s a weakness of his)
Your jaw dropped at his sand castles. Seriously, you would have never thought sand castle designs can be so intricate
“(Y/N), it’s not that impressive nor is it difficult. If you want, I can show you exactly how I did it. Here-”
Cue Ango being unintentionally romantic by coming behind you and placing his arms right onto of yours to guide you
Seeing you happy makes him happy, and it puts a smile on his own face
And he couldn’t stop blushing at the swim wear you picked out. You always look so stunning, but the way that the sunlight is making you glow is just making his heart beat faster than usual, and it’s kinda making him lose his focus to finish this report…
He’s not complaining though
This beach day was much needed, and he’s glad that he was able to spend it with you. And he actually had fun, and it wasn’t as pointless as he thought beforehand. Dare he say he would do it again, and without his laptop next time
He needs to make more time for you in general, but he’s also planning some surprise beach days in advance. Maybe looking into going to a private resort. A very private resort where he can show you just how much he truly appreciates you, just the two of you
But really it’s just Ranpo screaming for ice cream. And he’s not screaming, but he is whining to the point that you’re about to really start screaming if he whines for ice cream one more time-
When I say Ranpo is a man child omg
The only way to convince him to deal with the heat for today was the promise of the frosty treats which you would give him as long as he doesn’t complain so much
(Really he was still coming with you either way but he wanted to guarantee that he was getting a lot of sweets today)
But anyways, you guys definitely share ice cream together even if it’s messy on your end
He may or may not have offered to lick it off of you
Shopping for bathing suits were a hassle, only because Ranpo can be so picky. You don’t know how long you guys spent in there going back and forth, but the shop owner was ready to kick you out at some point
But hey, you guys got some cute swimwear out of it! Even if Ranpo wasn’t planning on swimming (which kinda bummed you out but you weren’t super surprised)
He still looking good tho
He doesn’t want to be in the sun (he honestly believes that he’s gonna melt like his ice cream), but the umbrellas big enough to make sand castles underneath it, so prepared to be amazed!
Just kidding, halfway through he fell asleep, and on you no less! But you’re not really mad
Ranpo is lazy, but he does like to talk and people watch. Prepare for speculated stories about random strangers, which are surprisingly entertaining and actually making you laugh out loud. The made up “deductions” about these people are so ridiculous that you can’t stop laughing, and Ranpo can’t hide his smile so much because of you
You did however had to stop him from throwing hands with the seagulls because they kept trying to steal his snacks, which made you laugh harder
He loves being the main reason that you’re happy, and this is stroking his ego right now (while also making him love you even more if that’s possible)
He sticks to his word and isn’t swimming, but he is floating in a tube which gives you a devious idea
He already knows something is up when you waddle up to him and ask to float with him in it. “Nope! You just want me to get wet. If you’re trying to prank me, you’re gonna have to try harder than that.”
“Ugh fine. Can you atleast hold my hand then, party pooper?”
He pretends to think about it, but he guesses that he doesn’t mind holding your hand if you’re that desperate-
You ended up “slipping” and took him down into the water with you. When he did sit back up, spitting water out, popsicle off the stick and floating beside him, you should have took that time to run
You definitely should have ran when his eyes opened fully, then darkened, but it was too late
You couldn’t swim fast enough before he grabbed you. For onlookers, you looked like a sweet couple just spending quality time floating in the water together, but you knew just what kind of danger you gotten yourself into now
“I think we need to have a chat somewhere more private.”
It led to an all out war, which lead you to being held and tickled until you could spit out some type of apology, and even then he wasn’t letting you go
After your ultimate defeat, you both laid out underneath your umbrella, stuff already packed and ready to go, reflecting on the day. You’re shocked to hear him suggest that you guys come here more on your day off (or just come here more despite work. He solves cases so fast that he can take a day of not working to come here with you)
Ranpo knew what your little plan was from the jump, but he decided to indulge you anyway (even if it meant losing his popsicle, rip). He got his treats, he got to spend the whole day with you uninterrupted, and he had fun. Today was a success, but he can’t wait to get home
You still had to make up for your little trick, and his offer is still available from earlier~
You guys are both so pumped for the beach! It’s like a well deserved family day
You guys packed pretty well too: popsicles, water, extra towels, umbrella, beach ball- pretty much more than enough to entertain yourselves for the day
You definitely snuck in water guns too, but he didn’t need to know that until later
He’s down for pretty much anything too. Beach volleyball, building sand castles, playing Marco Polo and getting splashed everywhere- there’s never a dull moment with you guys together!
Matching themes for swimwear! It doesn’t matter what type you got, you got matching prints
You guys were THAT couple lmao
After another game of volleyball, you guys decided to get ice cream. This man was confused when you just got one, and his ears were turning red when you said that you can share
He was even more flustered when you started to eat it, your tongue sticking out to lap up the melting drops escaping from your lips
He knows that you’re his partner but still! It just feels so intimate
You bout to make him act up
Splash wars! And y’all do not hold back
Okay he still does because he doesn’t want to hurt you
You two did have a water gun war though, and he didn’t hold back on that
Even though he cheated by using his ability
You guys did everything and anything that you could think of, and right when you were about to start packing, he handed you a flyer. The beach was doing a special fireworks show, and he wanted to know if you wanted to stay and watch, which DUH, of course you wanted to stay!
While the fireworks lit up the sky, you told him that you have to come back ASAP, and he just chuckled at you. He was already planning another beach day as a surprise for you, but he didn’t want to spoil anything just yet
Junichiro loves spending time with you, and this is one of the best opportunities to do so. It’s a chance for you both to just have fun, to see you stress free, care-free, and to see you genuinely happy. Why would he want to miss out on something like that? He would be dumb if he didn’t schedule another beach day
Hearing you talk about going to the beach more together means that you still see him being in your future, and it brings him relief to hear that. That means that you’re both on the same page, and he’s reassured that he’s not alone
He couldn’t see his future without you in it anyway
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