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Desire — Kaz Brekker
Tumblr media
(Photo not mine)
Requests: “Hello there! I've been around this blog for a bit now and you are an amazing writer! I was wondering if you would be ok with doing something with 21 28 & 29 from the smut prompts and kaz brekker? If you are uncomfortable please just ignore this!”
“Kaz brekker Smut prompts 28 66?? Love you💖!!”
“I can request Kaz smut prompts 29?❤️”
Smut prompts:
21. “Look at you, I’ve only started using my fingers and you’re already shaking.”
28. “Such a needy little thing, aren’t you?”
29. “I didn’t know you were so sensitive.”
66. “You know I don’t like to be teased.”
Couple: Kaz Brekker/ Fem!Reader
Warnings: swearing, mention of shot, mention of desire, desire, mention of smut, explicit smut, NSFW.
Word count: 3k
A/N: All smut requests for Kaz must follow these rules.
I hope you like💕 English is not my first language, so I so sorry if have a mistake.
Requests are open. Love you ❤️
— — — —
There was something about you. Something impossible to decipher, with a glow hovering around you like a electrical energy. Wrapping your whole body in a cloak of magnetism. There was something about the way you spoke, walked, laugh. Something about what it was like to be you, in your beauty and mysteries like a sphinx.
Something that made Kaz Brekker completely furious.
You couldn't be more distorted from the image, in Kaz's mind, than what was to be a peaceful woman. Calm, controled, with steel emotions and wit in eyes. Someone who, like him, knew how to dance the waltz of negotiation, manipulation, who could blend in with the shadows and know the best time to listen more than speak.
You were not like Inej, you were not like Jesper. Hell, you were like nobody Kaz has known in all of his 28 years.
Nothing reminiscent of calm and control would be used to describe what it meant to be you.
Your soul are stormy, loud, obstinate, too stubborn and too talkative. You needed to speak loudly, laugh, move, expose your opinions to the seven winds and to whoever listened the most. You needed to question, inquire, doubt and test the limits of any situation. A direct order for you would be an affront to your free and independent spirit. A command that would curtail your freedom or tame your strong genius was almost like an invitation for you to do exactly the opposite of what they had ordered you to do.
So, for a man of trained reasoning, subtly balanced world, and who was used to his every command being followed vehemently and promptly in blind obedience, such a personality like you was like introducing a disturbing factor capable of shaking all his judgments. Sand in a watch, or stone in a shoe, would be no more a nuisance than a strong nature like your.
The extraordinary stubbornness and mania to counter his orders - when, in your words, they were unreasonable - had made you different from all the women Brekker had ever met. Kaz liked challenges and responsibilities, a good puzzle, but you were on a level far beyond that.
You were a danger to his peace of mind. And you knew that. All his aversion to your indomitable spirit only served as fuel for your own mission in to piss him off. Few men were like Kaz Brekker, you knew that, with a strength of character too powerful to be ignored. He was not just comfortable in his position of authority as he was obviously unable to act in any other way than as a leader. His stoic figure and always so contained in a wall of indifference made you want to ruffle his hair to see if you could remove any emotion. And being a girl who hasn't always liked leaders, Kaz Brekker was a huge temptation. Few moments had been better than those that you managed to piss him off beyond what he could handle.
However, all the reasons why the two of you were so exasperating for each other, did not explain why the air crackled in ambiguity when your eyes met. The hemisphere was adorned in a thought-provoking, poignant veil, like a warm honey flowing down its throat, and there was something else in the way blood flowed like flames of fire through veins of you two.
Jesper said that the sexual tension between you was so tangible that it could be cut by one of Inej's knives, but you refused to think of Kaz that way. At least until that moment.
Not pure images of what the infamous Brekker could do to you between four walls swept you like the strong Arabian wind. Making you be surprisingly breathless. Kaz was not a man whose private life was exposed, nor was he involved with many women, but you have heard two or three of them when they were drunk saying that Kaz Brekker in the room could be incendiary.
Everyone knew that his touch reserve didn't limit him to anything, but that his job was at the top of the priority list and that sexual encounters were almost never on that list.
"It was not my fault!” Jesper defended himself one night, slightly drunk, sitting at the club's round table next to the other crows “I didn't know he was married to another man! That damn pretty face seduced me!”
"Did he seduce you?" You asked, skeptical and playful.
"I swear to God! And it had been a long time since I had sex with anyone, and I went… ”
“But you did sex last week." Inej laughed, chocked.
"Exactly!" Jesper said, as if he were obvious.
You laughed with your beer glass in your hand, taking another sip.
“Is a week a long time to not sleep with anyone?" Matthias retorted, trying not to laugh.
“Are you going to tell me that is not?” Jesper and Nina spoke at the same time.
“If a man has time for sex more than once a week, he clearly doesn't have much to do. And I'm sure I gave Jesper a lot of tasks that would keep him busy.” Kaz narrowed his eyes at his friend, and Jesper hid his guilt behind the rim of his beer glass, looking to the side.
"So you are saying that you are a very busy man?" You teased, trying not to laugh at the scathing look Kaz sent you.
"I disagree. The values ​​of hard work and discipline cannot match the hot body of a woman in bed.” Matthias said, exchanging a brief conspiratorial look with Nina, who winked at him.
"There are more important things." Said Kaz.
"Like what?" You rested your chin on the back of the hand whose elbow was on the table, the playful look of a rebellious student.
"Progress." Kaz held your gaze.
He wasn't going to take your bait. But you didn't give up easy.
"Tell me, if God gave you a deal: all the hunger in the world would be extinguished in exchange for you never being able to have sex again, what would you choose?" your eyes had a teasing feline glow.
At that moment, Kaz felt a shiver up the back of his neck, like a warm breath of autumn. Something crawled, like a snake, across his rib cage and down to his groin, pumping blood like fire through his veins.
He held your gaze, but the feline glow in your eyes promised to contain the most ardent sins. Suddenly, Kaz's mind was flooded by the wave of obscene images of you, on his bed; moaning, squirming, shouting his name and being very obedient with every order he gave you.
He would make you such a good girl...
"I don't believe in God." He replied succinctly, the predator's eyes still in your eyes audacious feline's.
A big, satisfied smile spread across your face, and you said: "As I thought. Bad luck for hungry people.”
Realizing that he had fallen right into your cunning trap, Kaz got rid of your diabolical magnetism and cursed.
“I didn't say…” he stopped, impatient “It doesn't matter. I have more important things to do than waste time here.”
But the smile you hid behind the glass was noticeable to Kaz.
After that night, the crackling, gasping flame that circled the two of you intensified to alarming levels. Kaz could feel you holding your breath when he was too close, and you could see him squeezing his cane harder when you sweetened your voice for him.
However, regardless of Kaz's wanted to fold you at a table and put an end to your brat girl pose, enjoying the groans he was sure you would let out, the two of you still fought like dog and cat.
Just as it was now.
“What do you mean, I'm not going?!” You looked at Kaz, amazed, when he told you that you would not participate in the robbery that week “I know that security system like the back of my hand!”
It was true, what you had of stubbornness, you had of technological intelligence. There was no computer that you would not hack, a program that you would not hack, and a system that you would not unlock. Your genius with technology made up for all your lack of obedience.
But Kaz ignored. “I've already told you. It's a more dangerous mission than you're used to and we don't have time for the plans you come up with right away.” He needled you.
“Are you referring to Switzerland?” You were never anything short of direct and inquiring. It was logical that you would question every orden. “But I already told you that when the alarm went off your plan didn't work anymore! I was more useful inside to deactivate the alarm than waiting outside.”
And stubborn. Holy God, how stubborn you were!
"And it cost you to get shot."
"But it was just a shot!"
Kaz looked at you, puzzled. “Just?! And wasn't it enough ?! You put the whole team at risk!”
“But if I hadn't deactivated the alarm, we would all be arrested! And only I knew how to do that!”
"My fucking God, isn't there a speck of common sense in you?!"
But you answered boldly: "Not when you impose clueless plans on me."
Mortified would be an understatement to describe how he was now. What an unbearable creature! Kaz felt the anger spread from his neck to his face, igniting his breath and squinting his eyes in annoyance.
Why was it so difficult for you to follow a simple goddamn rule?!
“Besides, your initial plan was flawed and there was no reason for me to be out when it was necessary inside and...” And you kept talking!
If you had noticed Kaz's completely enraged state in front of you, you would have been scared, shut up and ran. But, truth be told, Kaz suspected that even if you knew how to read the murderous humor in his eyes, you wouldn't have left that office. Much less be afraid. You could argue with the demon. And you would probably beat him out of tiredness.
However, regardless of the desire to shake you up, to see if that put any good sense in you, in that second, watching you gesture with your hands, defending your point of view as if it were the england queen's crown, something swept Kaz's body from the top of his head with dark hair to the tips of his illustrated boots.
The sound of the world was drowned out by the flow of blood itself in his veins. His heart hammered hard in his chest and, in that instant, a sharp sting in his groin and the pit of his stomach set him on fire.
His gaze went down to your mouth, which kept moving. And when it came up to your eyes, your stubborn and defiant gaze sent Kaz's rationality into space. He dropped the cane abruptly, which toppled to the floor with a hollow crack, and advanced towards you in firm and determined steps.
Gluing his gloved hands to your face, Kaz silenced all your protests with a strong kiss. Hot, fiery, domineering. The kind of kiss that held years of camouflaged desire, years of irritability, years of an unnerving desire to make you shut up with all the perverse forms that existed.
You weren't afraid of him. But you should. You should if you knew everything he wanted to do with you.
However, as if you have been burning in the same desire for years, you responded to that kiss with the same urgency. The same hunger. Kaz slipped his hands into your hair, closing his fingers there and deepening the kiss with ferocity. He felt beside himself, like a hungry wild animal that had been denied food for years and that only now had its teeth set on its prey. You moaned against his lips, bringing your hands to his lean, strong biceps, squeezing your fingers there.
You both needed air, but neither seemed to give a damn about that. Misted of desire that burned like a fire in their bodies, Kaz pushed the two of you backwards, slamming your back against the wall and swinging a frame beside. You gasped, and the gesture made it possible for Kaz to invade your mouth with his tongue, hunting every piece of hot meat. You two fought the same battle in that kiss: invade, dominate, conquer.
They both wanted to take the waltz, but Kaz would never let you conduct the show.
He pulled your wrists up, pinning them with one hand against the wall, leaving you immobile while sinking his mouth further into yours. Kaz felt you try to get rid of his tight grip, but he was stronger than you. And much more when he have a objective.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you." He murmured against your mouth, the tip of his tongue playing with your bottom lip. “You know I don’t like to be teased.”
Was impossible for you to control the loud moan that escaped. Your body trembling with desire, your legs wobbly, your wet core vibrating with his words. Kaz Brekker was a fallen angel. With a beauty and charm you've never been immune to.
How can you think you'd win the dominance game with him?
And, like the fallen angel he was, his smug and arrogant smile painted the corner of his lips when he saw what his lines did to you.
“I didn’t know you were so sensitive.” Kaz mocked “If I knew it was only necessary to do this for you to shut up...” he brought his lips closer, his voice hitting yours “I would have fucked you like the naughty brat you have been a long time.”
If his caustic and maddening kisses hadn't been enough to break you in half, that statement would have done all the work.
In that second, you hoisted your white flag, biting your lip in a needy moan and closing your eyes for a second by the overwhelming vibration of your core. God, you needed more. Whatever he gave you. Anything he wanted to give you. You just needed more.
"Are you going to be good?" He played with the dough you were in his hands, his devilish mouth going down your neck, leaving a trail of fire and debris wherever he went.
You agreed, desperately. “Yes, Sir."
That title seemed to do things with Kaz. Because in the next second, his mouth was back on your. More urgent, more needy, more dominating. You shifted your hips for more friction with his, and Kaz rewarded your obedience by pulling one of your thighs forward, making your skirt go up, aligning your thigh on his hips and giving access for his member to fit perfectly against your pulsating core.
You moaned louder this time. Fingers clenching, heart pumping frantically. Kaz pulled his lips away from you for a second, taking his hand off your thigh and bringing it to your mouth.
“Pull.” He ordered, referring to the glove.
You murmured a low, excited moan, bringing your mouth to the glove and clenching your teeth on the cloth at the top of his middle finger. Satisfied, Kaz pulled his hand back, watching the alabaster skin peel away from the leather fabric. As soon as he was free, he removed the glove from your mouth, replacing it with his own and stealing all your breath in that fiery kiss.
His free hand wandered over your thigh, touching you for the first time with a touch that promised to show you all the most delicious and secret sins in the world. His tongue wrapped around your again, and the moan you let out was even greater when his long fingers brushed against your wet, throbbing core.
"S-sir!" You sobbed, your hips rocking against his hand, desperate for more.
"Look at you." His fire voice beat against your lips, the tightness against your wrists getting stronger, more possessive "I’ ve only started using my fingers and you ’re already shaking"
Your body cried out in unbridled desire, sobs mingling with loud moans and heavy sighs as Kaz tormented you with his fingers. He touched you, slid, opened and sank, increasing the volume of your pleas.
“P-please" You begged, the body in need, the urge too urgent.
Kaz looked you in the eye, a dark, malicious gleam burning in his Egyptian blue irises. "Such a needy little thing, aren't you?" He teased you.
But you no longer cared about his teasing. With your lips swollen and red, your heart racing and the core pulsing in despair on his experienced fingers, you were already surrendered.
"Please. I n-need." You mumbled submissively, rummaging your hips in his hand.
"I bet if I wanted to fuck you against my desk, here and now, you would be very happy to do it, wouldn't you?"
He was foisting all of his dominance on you, bending you to your knees for him. And you knew that. You knew he was taking years of anger out on you. But you couldn't care less. You wanted him. Ardently. Desperately. And if it was a good girl Kaz wanted, damn it, you would be a good girl for him.
You readily agreed, your eyes shining in supplication.
“Good.” Kaz pulled you brutally off the wall, turning you over to the table and pushing your chest against the icy wood, pulling your hips at him. “Because that's exactly what is going to happen.”
Suddenly, desire and hunger roared like a wild beast. Kaz watched you, bent over his desk, obedient, surrendered, offering every inch of your body to him.
His breath was burning in his throat and it was no longer possible to order his thoughts, contain his euphoria. He would fuck you so hard that it would make that memory the only thought when you remembered him. When you dare to rebut his orders.
Kaz pulled you skirt up and your panties down, letting out a groan that sounded more like a growl as he saw your wet core. Pulsing and desperate for him. For anything he wanted to give you. It sparked a fervent desire that Brekker had never felt in his life, devastating any possibility of thinking about anything other than fucking you.
Playing with your fingers in your slick, wet folds, you whimpered again, the core pulsing whenever he teased you inside, pressing his fingertips there but never entering.
"Do you want me to fuck you?" His voice came over the top of your shoulder, hoarse, animalistic, full of profane desires.
"Please." You were quick to beg “I do what you want! But just...please, please… ”
You already felt your eyes watering from over-stimulation, your heart burning so hard it was beating, your core aching from emptiness.
You sealed the end of the game between you. Kaz had won. In a triumphant checkmate.
And you didn't have to beg again. Barely seeing when he unbuttoned his pants, you just reasoned his hard, hot, pulsating member by opening your from the inside. Claiming everything that was yours as his in a strong, desperate, hungry lunge.
"S-sir!" You screamed, your nails scraping the wood from the table, the core pulsing overwhelmingly around his rigid member.
In a more badly lunge, Kaz sank completely into you, moaning loudly as he hit rock bottom. The gloved hand slid over your shoulder, propelled you to him while the bare hand tightened on your waist, hitting you at a steady, raw, animalistic rhythm.
The sounds were pornographic, dirty and loud, echoing off the walls. The air was hot like molten lava, pungent and muffled, driving you two lost breath. Their bodies clashed as if the world was going to end tomorrow, in aggressive, rough thrusts. These were thrusts that made half of his things on the table fall to the floor, mixing in a mess that would serve as a reminder later about the sinful activities you two did.
You screamed when Kaz took on more force, his fingers squeezing you so hard that they would leave you with marks on your shoulder and waist the next day.
"Fucking hell!" Kaz snarled between his teeth, feeling your flesh throb around him, squeezing he with such desperation that he knew you were close.
You sobbed, tears streaming down the corners of your eyes as you pushed your ass towards him, trying to bring him as deep as possible, as deep inside you as possible. But every time his pelvis smashed into your ass, a loud moan and the feeling of being completely full drowned you.
You begged, pleaded, for something you didn't know. But Kaz seemed to know. Taking both hands to your hips, your pace became even more unperturbed, pushing you to the limit until you cum in a scream in his name, your lungs on fire. Kaz came close behind, sinking as deep as possible and pouring all the hot liquid into you. Almost like a brand.
The air was filled with sex, lust and desire, filled only by the sound of their ragged breaths that struggled to stabilize.
You were still panting when Kaz's voice came after you: "Whatever I want, don't I?"
A deal with the devil.
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superliz6 · 5 months
-78 for Toph and Lin
-5 for Toph
-95 for Lin and Kaz
78. Before the story starts, what are the last ten items in their Google search history? Did they clear that search history?
Ok obviously not time-period accurate here but this is fun so-
Toph's Google Searches:
Back hurts loud popping
best happy hour gaoling
toph beifong
fight club for seniors
can you smoke mushrooms
who invented metalbending
Republic City news
Zaofu Gazette
wire transfer 10 million yuans without causing a scene
Councilman Sokka audio clips
And no, she would not clear her search history.
Lin's Google Searches:
best sleep aids
sleep hacks that work
herbal teas that are best for sleep
can lack of sleep cause crying
republic city crime statistics year over year
drawer organizers
toph beifong sightings
steamship tickets republic city to fire nation
calcium supplements
goodreads best books of the year list
And yes, Lin does clear her search history and cookies, empties her desktop trash, and does all her computer updates weekly on Fridays.
5. If they talked in their sleep, what weird jumble of words would come out?
"Come at me again, Frogman."
95. Under what circumstances would they hug a complete stranger?
Oh boy- Kazuo is a politician who has to campaign on a fairly regular basis so he is free and easy when it comes to hugging strangers.
Lin is the exact opposite- I am honestly wracking my brain about a circumstance in which she would do this, but even upon delivering news that someone has died I can't imagine her hugging the person she's talking to. I guess the only situation I can see this is if she has to put her arms around someone in order to swing them to safety out of a collapsing building or something lol.
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book2sims · 11 months
TS4 Bookish Club Ideas
Tumblr media
Current count: 47
I never cared about clubs other than my own (for hacks in skill building and challenges) but ever since I added these, I had fun seeing the clubs hanging out whenever I go to community lots, or marrying a townie and then finding out they’re a Poisoner (thanks MCCC. if you follow my story acct on ig, it’s griffin!). 
So, here goes the list I use in my base save, but a few warnings, if you put mischief, they will cause chaos and can be annoying. If you put "Cast Spells”, you’ll see some overcharged spellcasters. 
These are just suggestions and mostly stereotypes. Feel free to tweak it to your own preference. You can also add club perks and vibes to your own liking. If I didn’t add a specific hangout, feel free to add one so they’ll end up automatically gathering when you load in a lot. No hangout in my list means I had a hard time trying to match it in the books.
Suggestions and feedback are welcome. I’d love to hear if you put bookish clubs in your games too.
Bookish Holiday Ideas here.
More club icons mod by Zerbu here (optional).
Child, Teen ✔️ Be Friendly, Play Physical Games, Be Mischievous, Scare, Tell Jokes ❌ - 🏠 Any Park 📚 book inspo: Percy Jackson BONUS: Dress up in orange shirts and bead necklace
Child, Teen ✔️ Be Friendly, Play Physical Games, Be Mischievous, Scare, Tell Jokes ❌ - 🏠 Any Park 📚 book inspo: Heroes of Olympus BONUS: Dress up in purple shirts *You can also do Hotel Valhalla and Brooklyn House 21st Nome with mostly the same activities.
!! Long post warning, but keep reading if you’re interested.
Teen, Male, Active ✔️ Workout, Play Physical Games, Scare ❌ Play Video Games, Browse the Web, Watch TV 🏠 Britechester commons 📚 book inspo: An Ember in the Ashes 
Male, Military ✔️ Workout, Play Physical Games, Be Mean ❌ Play Video Games, Browse the Web, Watch TV 🏠 Any Gym 📚 book inspo:  An Ember in the Ashes
Spellcaster ✔️ Cast Spells, Drink Bar Drinks*, Workout, Fabricate Objects, Swim 📚 book inspo: Shadow and Bone, Six of Crows *pretend you’re drinking kvas ;)
Male ✔️ Workout, Winter Activities, Care for Animals, Be Mean to Grishas of Ravka 🏠 Any lot in Yukimatsu in Mt. Komorebi 📚 book inspo: Shadow and Bone, Six of Crows
Teen, YA, Adult ✔️ Be Mean to Dime Lions of Ketterdam, Play Cards, Sabotage Objects, Swipe Objects, Eat* 🏠 Any Lounge 📚 book inspo: Six of Crows *pretend we have waffles in ts4 T_T
Teen, YA, Adult ✔️ Be Mean to Dregs of Ketterdam, Play Cards, Sabotage Objects, Play Pub Games, Fight 🏠 Any Lounge 📚 book inspo: Six of Crows
Self-Assured, Spellcaster (optional, I didn’t add it to mine because I want to see my normal sims get sorted) ✔️ Be Mean to Slytherin, Play Physical Games, Hangout by Fire, Be Mischievous, Wander the Maze ❌ Be Mean to Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw 📚 book inspo: Harry Potter
Snob, Spellcaster (optional) ✔️ Be Mean to Gryffindor, Be Mischievous, Sabotage Objects, Use Cauldron ❌ Be Friendly to Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, & Slytherin, Read 📚 book inspo: Harry Potter
Foodie, Spellcaster (optional) ✔️ Do Yoga, Garden, Use Bubble Blower, Be Friendly, Find Frogs ❌ Be Mean, Fight 🏠 Any Café 📚 book inspo: Harry Potter
Genius, Spellcaster (optional) ✔️ Do Research, Read Books, Play Chess, Use Science Objects, Debate ❌ Play Video Games, Sabotage Objects 🏠 Any Library 📚 book inspo: Harry Potter
YA, Adult, Elder, Evil, Spellcaster ✔️ Cast Spells, Sabotage Objects, Swipe Objects, Be Mean, Scare ❌ Be Friendly 🏠 A Graveyard Lot if you have one 📚 book inspo: Harry Potter
Athlete ✔️ Work Out, Play Physical Games, Play Foosball  🏠 Any Gym or Any Bar for the Foosball 📚 book inspo: Harry Potter
Wealthy, Snob ✔️ Eat, Watch Live Entertainment, Watch Movies, Try On Outfits, Be Mean to District 12 ❌ Read, Work Out, Clean, Fix Objects 📚 book inspo: The Hunger Games BONUS: don’t edit their randomly generated outfits!
Poor ✔️ Excavate, Fish, Go Hiking, Hangout by Fire, Look for Frogs ❌ Browse the Web 🏠 Any Community Space 📚 book inspo: The Hunger Games
Adventurous ✔️ Be Mischievous, Use the Jump Platform, Dive in the Ocean, Go Skiing/Snowboarding/Rock Climbing 📚 book inspo: Divergent *Sorry I didn’t make the other factions. Amity is just like Hufflepuff and Erudite is Ravenclaw. I didn’t know how to do Abnegation and Candor.
Vampire ✔️ Use Vampire Powers, Play Pipe Organ, Meditate, Scare, Be Mean ❌ Drink Plasma, Be Funny, Tell Jokes 📚 book inspo: Twilight
Teen, YA, Not Married, Female ✔️ Dance, Read, Paint, View Art, Try On Outfits ❌ Clean, Fix Objects 📚 book inspo: The Selection
Female, Secret Agent ✔️ Hack, Swipe Objects, Use Science Objects, Use Miscroscope, Use Telescope 📚 book inspo: I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You (Gallagher Girls)
Female, Spellcaster, Not Married ✔️ Be Mean to Crochan Witches, Work Out, Go Rock Climbing, Play Physical Games, Scare ❌ Be Funny 📚 book inspo: Throne of Glass *You can also rename it to “The Thirteen” and replace one of the activities to Care for Animals
Female, Spellcaster ✔️ Be Mean to Ironteeth Witches, Use Cauldron, Hangout by Fire, Tend Garden, Look for Frogs 📚 book inspo: Throne of Glass
Doctor ✔️ Do Yoga, Meditate, Read, Use Hot Tub 🏠 Any Spa 📚 book inspo: Throne of Glass
Male ✔️ Workout, WooHoo, Fight (or Go Rock Climbing), Drink Bar Drinks, Play Physical Games ❌ Browse the Web, Watch TV 📚 book inspo: A Court of Thorns and Roses
Child, Teen, Erratic ✔️ Do Homework, Play On Playground Equipment, Play With Toys, Perform Puppet Shows, Play in Park Fountains 🏠 Any Park, or an Orphanage Lot 📚 book inspo: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Child of the Ocean ✔️ Be Mean to Poisoners of Prynn, Be Friendly to Naturalists of Wolf Spring, Meditate, Winter Activites, Summer Activities ❌ Spring Activities, Use Cauldron, Tend Garden, Make Juice Fizzing Products 📚 book inspo: Three Dark Crowns
Self-Assured ✔️ Be Mean to Elementals of Rolanth & Naturalists of Wolf Spring, Use Cauldron, Make Juice Fizzing Products, Eat, Drink Bar Drinks ❌ Winter Activities, Summer Activities, Tend Garden 🏠 Any Lounge 📚 book inspo: Three Dark Crowns
Vegetarian ✔️ Be Friendly to Elementals of Rolanth, Be Mean to Poisoners of Prynn, Care for Animals, Spring Activities, Hangout by Fire ❌ Winter Activities, Summer Activities, Use Cauldron, Make Juice Fizzing Products 🏠 Any Park 📚 book inspo: Three Dark Crowns
Geek ✔️ Try On Outfits, Browse the Web, Watch Live Entertainment, Watch TV, Watch Movies 🏠 Any Café 📚 book inspo: Geekerella (Once Upon A Con)
Geek ✔️ Play Video Games, Play Arcade Machine, Be Mean to IOI Sixers, Watch Movies ❌ Play Physical Games, Watch Live Entertainment 🏠 Any Museum 📚 book inspo: Ready Player One
Business Career ✔️ Be Mean to OASIS Gunters, Play Video Games, Hack ❌ Play Physical Games, Watch Live Entertainment 📚 book inspo: Ready Player One
Noncommittal, Not Married ✔️ Scare, Write, Fight ❌ Be Romantic, Kiss, Woohoo 📚 book inspo: Arc of a Scythe BONUS: If a Scythes of Midmerica member wins a fight against a non-member, the loser must die.
Detective ✔️ Read, Hack, Excavate, Use Telescope, Drink Coffee 📚 book inspo: Truly Devious
Female, Style Influencer ✔️ Knitting, View Art, Do Spa Activities, Try On Outfits, Tend Garden 🏠 Any Spa 📚 book inspo: The Belles
Teen, Male ✔️ Be Mean to WCKD is Good, Wander Maze, Be Friendly to The Gladers ❌ Be Friendly to WCKD is Good 🏠 Von Haunt Estate 📚 book inspo: Maze Runner
Mean, Scientist ✔️ Be Mean to The Gladers, Use Science Objects, Program 🏠 Von Haunt Estate 📚 book inspo: Maze Runner
Alien ✔️* Work Out, Play Violin, Drink Coffee, Acting Routines, Go Bowling ❌Browse the Web 🏠 A bowling lot 📚 book inspo: The Umbrella Academy *You can also have them be mean to “The Seven by Vought” to make them rivals.
Alien ✔️* Acting Routines, Work Out, Use Alien Powers, Give Speech 🏠 Any Nightclub 📚 book inspo: The Boys *You can also have them be mean to “The Umbrella Academy” to make them rivals.
Teen, Evil ✔️ Hack, Sabotage Objects, Swipe Objects, Wander Maze, Scare 📚 book inspo: Pretty Little Liars 🏠 The RV lot in Strangerville or a graveyard lot BONUS: Dress up in either black hoodies or red coats or both.
THE 100
Teen ✔️ Rocket Science!, Use Telescope, Debate, Go Hiking, Fight 📚 book inspo: The 100 BONUS: Change it to Skaikru if you’re a fan of the tv show, then add Grounders, Mt. Weather & Primes clubs
✔️ Hack, Program, Play Video Games 📚 book inspo: Warcross
✔️ Be Mean to Silvers, Give Speech, Workout, Swipe Objects 📚 book inspo: Red Queen
Spellcaster ✔️ Be Mean to The Scarlet Guard, Cast Spells, Fight, Watch Live Entertainment  ❌Be Funny to The Scarlet Guard 📚 book inspo: Red Queen
Alien ✔️ Rocket Science!, Use Telescope, Use Alien Powers, Be Mean 📚 book inspo: Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles)
Wealthy ✔️ Try On Outfits, View Art, Hug, Do Spa Activities, Drink Bar Drinks ❌ Cook, Clean, Fix Objects, Grill 🏠 Any Retail 📚 book inspo: Crazy Rich Asians
Teen ✔️ Fall Activities, Wander Maze, Bake, Drink Coffee 📚 book inspo: Pumpkinheads *Only do a club gathering during fall
Teen ✔️ Listen to Music, Produce New Track, Be Friendly to Perks of Being A Wallflower, Watch Live Entertainment, Sing 📚 book inspo: Perks of Being A Wallflower
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mafiaaubts · 1 year
BTS Mafia Profiles📁
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon- The Leader
* The Leader
* Was born into the Mafia.
* Always the smartest man in the room.
* Multilingual.
* Always has a plan.
* No one he trust more than his 6 brothers so he is very protective over them.
* Not really type to go on missions or meetings. Just doesn’t like the idea of people seeing his face unless it’s the last face they’ll see.
* HOWEVER when he does need to go on missions they normally end up bloodily. And meetings end earlier with them getting more than expected.
* He’s more of a Bring a gun to a knife fight just cause he has other shit to do.
* He’s the leader of 6 crazy mfs so he build he’s patient up high. He tries to not to get mad or starts fights but just as fast has one can start he can end it even faster. It’ll be a full on yelling match just for it to end up with him telling you what was done wrong.
* However this is a humble man so if he’s wrong he’ll own up to it but that’s rarely cause he’s never wrong.
* He drives himself.
* If he lives the expensive life style so does his brothers.
* Always checking on his brothers around him and making sure they have everything they need.
* In the life of a Mafia leader trusting people come rarely so he’s going to keep the people trust the most safe and comfy.
* And those people are his brothers.
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin
* The Hacker/Doctor/Lawyer
* Oldest in the mafia gang.
* Namjoon second right hand man, handles all the Legal activities/papers.
* Steps in for Namjoon at times, goes to all the meetings for him, meets all potential partners, handles anything Joon hands him and never fails.
* Given that Jin is the face everyone meets first he is dressed to impress 24/7.
* He willing to do just about anything to protect his younger ones.
* He learn the Law and then went to Medical school. He can at least keep them out of jail ~mainly keep the the younger, more reckless members from being dead on the floor.
* His main skill/job is being a damn good hacker. Can get into anything.
* Given that he’s been the oldest brother to 6 others his patient is high so he doesn’t get mad easily. It would take a lot to make him mad something like a death threat made to his brothers.
* He’s the type of mad that he doesn’t need to fight or yell to prove his point he’s death glares are enough.
* On his bad side, he’ll make anyone life a living hell. From draining their bank accounts to just making their whole identity disappear from the world.
* Seokjin is the one of the members that doesn’t mask his personality. He’s charming personality always leads him to get what he wants.
* He enjoys cooking for his brothers.
* If he isn’t cooking he taking everyone to a new 5 start restaurant every week just to try the food with them.
Tumblr media
* The Drug Dealer
* He isn’t just a drug dealer he does all kinds of jobs the only thing is it’s always done at night.
* This man can deal anything from guns to people.
* He is more of a shoot first ask later. It makes Hobi mad sometimes cause when he wanted to get information out of them Yoongi would have already had a bullet in their head.
* DOES NOT like messy scenes but when he having a weird combination of being tired and aggravated he’s patience no longer exist. If someone so much as breathe too loud he’ll pull his gun out and ready to drop him.
* Messy scenes like has happen enough time for Namjoon to always check on Yoongi before going to the mission or out on a deal; the brother learn to pick up the bloodlust that Yoongi radiate so they tend to stand behind him or just walk far enough to give him space but stay close enough to help if he needs it.
* Just like Joon getting in a fight with him is a yelling match but he’s not a clear headed fighter so he says off the wall shit.
* Gun collection is at a minimum. He’ll test and go through a lot of guns just to fine the perfect one that work for him. So it’ll be more of a personal collection that’s no one is allowed to touch.
* He is tired 24/7. He lives off energy drinks, coffee, and only fruits.
* The boys know when he is sleep to just let him have the 14 hour nap that’s about to happen. Waking him up would be as deadly as fighting with Joon.
* He doesn’t so much as mask his personality, it’s just no one stay around him long enough to see how he really is. RBF
* His brothers know who he is and on the rare occasion he is up and happy they’ll see that secret gummy smile he has. And they love it.
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok(Hobi)
* The Interrogator/Tracker
* Walking lie detector, knows when someone is lying through their teeth.
* He can’t stand liars. It drives him crazy; if he hears even a tiny lie he’ll go insane and loses it.
* For this rare skill Namjoon sends him to the meetings with Jin with the rule of he doesn’t kill anyone.
* When he needs to get information out of someone he can find creative ways to get what he needs.
* Picked up skill is learning to properly locate someone.
* He can find anyone, anywhere. Not a soul on Earth can hide from him. If Joon gives him a name, you’ll see him soon.
* photographic memory
* He knows every corner of any street. It’ll only takes him a second to memorize the whole grid system of a map
* He also is what you would call a clean up crew for more sensitive jobs.
* Doesn’t leave a trace of EVIDENCE when he’s leading the clean up.
* Also another brother who does mask his personality. Tries to be the happy go to person, but can easy get depressed.
* Likes kids and has a very soft protect feeling for them.
Tumblr media
Park Jimin
* The Assassin.
* The face of an Angel but the mind working like the Devil.
* This man is so beautiful and he KNOWS it; uses it to his advantage.
* Gets whatever he wants without hesitation.
* Beloved by everyone, home boy even stopped TRAFFIC once.
* When he’s walking in the club men and women want him. Send him drinks or bottles, HELL even gifts.
* The fact that he can win over anyone: take them home is the reason why if Namjoon needs an important figure blackmailed or just killed he’ll give Jimin a photo and send him on his way.
* Jimin would be more of a knife man. Really he like to poison his targets just so he can have full control over them.
* He’ll play any game for them but the second that poison touches their lips they are his and they are dead.
* The thing about Jimin is that he’ll go off on a trip for days. No one but Namjoon would hear from him. He just loves to travel and be free: always bring his brothers back something he thinks they’ll like.
* The most caring person with his brothers but when they are out and about he’s a MASTER manipulator.
* He has the shortest temper among the brother, which leads him into a lot of later night bar fights or overkill on a target.
* However all the brothers know the real Jimin. The man who hates his own face because it’s the only thing anyone cares about.
* So they extra care of him when they feel like he isn’t at his best.
* They love taking care him.
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung(V)
* The Gunmen.
* This is Bangtan personal sniper.
* Can shoot any target from any destines. He prefer long distance; doesn’t like being to close to the messes he makes.
* He was trained to go days without food or sleep just to have complete focus on who he is shooting.
* Just like his Hyungs, V mask to hid his true personality. However because of his killing preference no one ever really see/meets him.
* The day anyone ever gets a chance to meet him face to face is only because Namjoon told his him needs to kill them.
* He has a very small fondness for making bombs. So when the boys need a bomb he’ll cook one up for them to try out. Always going for the biggest fire.
* He’s a thief.
* He’s lived in the dark for so long he’s master art of stealing shit without getting caught.
* Looks up to his older member so it’s only natural that when it’s just the 7 of them V can be himself, and every time it throws the older ones back.
* Has a love for art, always looking at art or making art himself.
* The members love his art work and always talks about it.
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook(Kookie/JK)
The Golden Maknae.
Bangtan youngest most skilled member.
Was trained by each other member themselves so that he could be the best.
Learned how to mask his true self while also being charming and social.
Learned how to do basic level hacking without a trace.Can name every poison and drug on the street and black market.
Can hear lies coming from the person’s mouth before they even speak it.
In a gun fight this man would win on every level. He skilled in everything.
Knows a few tricks with some knifes as well.
Needless to say he loves his job because he’s on every job.
But his favorite thing to do is execute the raids where there is always tragedy.
He loves tragedy.
Where Namjoon needs him to go, he’ll go and get the job done.
Has no intention to be a new leader or any high role in the gang. More focus of being the perfect member for his hyungs.
With his hyungs he is not longer the golden gang member but the silliest member that picks child like fights with the other two youngest.
In his brother’s eyes he’s just a child.
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natromanxoff · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Record Mirror (July 14, 1979): 119/?
WITHOUT DOUBT Queen are among that elite number of bands universally hated by the rock press.
The rancour is, make no mistake, mutual which is understandable. If you find yourself on the receiving end of an inveterate dislike at the outset of your career and watch it being nurtured and carefully cultivated over the next six years you’re bound to retaliate.
Queen’s hatred manifests itself by their continued habit of ignoring the music press i.e. refusing to give interviews. There is the occasional token “chat”, pointless as it is innocuous, but in the main it amounts to a blanket “No.”
One of the last interviews Freddie Mercury gave was the last nail in the perspex coffin. Under a headline which boldly asked ‘Is This Man A Prat?’ the king of the leotards was demolished by one of the old school Queen haters and Freddie obviously came to the conclusion, in its wake, that interviews in future would be both superfluous (he was popular enough) and detrimental.
The curtain, velvet naturally, closed.
Roger Taylor, a little wary, a little weary, sits stiffly in an armchair. The juggernauts rattling the Chelsea Street outside create a sonorous buzz bomb hum in the room.
You expect a member of Queen to look elegant. In fact Roger is only wearing a wine colour mohair jacket, black shirt and blue jeans.
He apologises for being a little late and explains how he went to the wrong address. Roger seems to be the only member of Queen left who is prepared, albeit rarely, to open his mouth in the presence of a hack. A question springs to mind . . . why?
“We all sat around a table before I flew over from Munich to discuss the press situation and we agreed I should be the one to represent the band. Freddie is very uncompromising and refuses to have much to do with journalists.
“Obviously, he’s had a few raw deals with them in the past,” observes Taylor.
Roger himself has a rather low view of the music press.
“Most of it is rubbish. There was something I liked recently, a piece on Malcolm McLaren, but in the main I think I’m the only one of Queen to actually read the music papers.”
Why does he think the band are systemically slagged?
“I think it’s because Queen have always come across as being a rather confident band. We seemed, to other people at least, to be very sure of ourselves. I think the press may have misconstrued the confidence, mistaking it for a form of arrogance. Hence they became wary of our motives which bred a dislike for our music.”
Now that’s what I call a neat conclusion.
At the risk of being sent to Coventry by my colleagues I’d like, if I may, to come clean. I love Queen (you’re fired, Ed).
I think it all began with a simple pre-packed but indisposable line – “Dynamite with a laser beam” and has continued uninterrupted (despite the occasional flaw) right through to ‘Queen Live Killers’.
A combination of reasons, Freddie Mercury’s lascivious lisp – the most attractive intonation known to man . . . Brian May’s reel ‘em off rococo riffs that would, in his capable hands, transform the theme music for ‘Waggoners’ Walk’ into a meisterwork . . . John Deacon’s almost stoic stance, incongruous yet integral . . . Roger Taylor’s intense power, so unexpected from one so slight . . . the ability to go over the top without failing into the trap of caricature . . . a desire to give the punters what they want without pandering . . . that cast iron confidence . . . those nine glorious winter weeks of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ which kept the cold away from my soul . . .
Yes, I love Queen.
Roger explains the story behind ‘Killers’ which features just about every Queen classic which ever found its way into a silk lined memory bank.
“We always knew that one day we would make a live album. I think it was well planned. About 90 per cent of our last European tour was recorded on a mobile unit and we then spent weeks sitting through the songs in the studio.
“The result is a 100 per cent LIVE album. Nothing has been touched up in the process of selection, I think that’s pretty rare these days. Many ‘live’ albums are tampered with.”
The choice of single is unusual – ‘Love Of My Life’. “It’s not so unusual when you hear the way it came out. The song seems to have such a wide appeal. Everywhere we go the reaction to it is the same. The audience are just bursting to sing along.”
The result is Queen’s best single since ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ (that was their LAST one crawler, ED)
As I mentioned earlier the band are currently residing in Munich where they are “experimenting” in the studio.
“We are recording in a totally different way for us,” says Roger who speaks with a delicate London accent only typical of cockneys with dramatic training and David Essex.
“Every time we entered a studio in the past we had a good idea of what we were going to do. This time we started from scratch and the result is amazing. The music is nothing like anything we’ve done before, I guess you could say it’s much simpler.”
And this novel approach to their music also extends to their shows. On their next British tour – in the late Autumn – the band will be playing much smaller venues than they are accustomed to.
“In London for example we went to play to audiences of about two or three thousand in different areas. I think it’s much fairer to the fans.”
But won’t this affect their stage show which is after all a crucial factor for any powerpomp outfit?
“Not really. We will just scale down the show accordingly. Besides,” he says taking another bite out of the biscuit, “we haven’t used dry ice in years.”
The monkey on Queen’s back, as corpulent and cantankerous as ever, has been put there by those who firmly believe the band can never emulate past achievements. Roger is cognizant of its presence but refuses to unpeel its bananas.
“That all began after ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. When it stayed at number one all those weeks we were kindly informed that we would never be able to make another single to rival it both artistically and from the point of view of sales.
“Yet ‘We Are The Champions’ sold a great deal more and has since become the biggest selling single in the entire history of Elektra Asylum – our label in the States.
“We don’t do the amazingly complex things any more because we’ve moved on from that. We concentrate on the music we are doing now and we intend to do it the best we can, it’s ridiculous looking behind and and what you’ve done.
“There’s nothing like going back on the road to re-unite the bond between the four personalities and strengthening our belief in the band. We are a real working unit and, in my experience of the music business, one of the most democratic bands around today.”
A statement like that cries out to be expounded.
“People think every member of all the bands, not naming any names, are treated equally that is get the same money as their colleagues. That’s rubbish. In many bands there are a couple of guys that get all the money. The rest are on wages. Queen share the profits equally.”
And they don’t have a manager taking his cut either, John Reid departed a couple of years back and now the band themselves make all the major policy decisions. Why did they decide to dispense with the services of a manager?
“Basically because we were fed up with giving other people money. Y’know it never ceases to amaze me how naive those guys are in bands who have just had their first hit. After all this time I’ve forgotten just how naive we must have been at the beginning.
“I mean, everything seems so great when you get into the charts for the first time. You’re living on cloud nine and nothing else matters. But in truth that hit means absolutely nothing. So few people achieve any amount of financial success in this business.
“Oh, you think, you’re really living . . . for a while. Somebody gets you a flat in Chelsea and it’s all free. But one day the rent stops being paid for you and you realise you’re skint.
“Since John Reid has gone the four of us have always made a point of discussing everything together. We have various people working for us but all the important decisions are made by us alone. That way we get freedom of choice – and financial independence.”
My attention is suddenly diverted.
“FORTY-LOVE!” Wimbledon, the Persil White opiate for the hoi polloi squashed in a strawberry crush wrings out its perspiring petticoats on the TV in the next room.  Roger’s girlfriend, an extremely attractive French girl called Dominique, is engrossed. The couple have lived together for two years. Crippled old marriage questions permeate the air.
“I don’t believe in marriage,” says Roger. “It’s simply a contract and the fewer contracts I enter into the better. If you get on well with someone then there isn’t any harm in living with that person – but marriage is something else again.”
They live in a six bedroomed Victorian house just outside London, which is set in 20 acres. Roger has a “tiny” town house in Barnes as well. What’s it like having a bank full of money at the age of 29?
“I don’t hide away from life. Queen have never been one of those ‘being grabbed in the street’ type bands. It may happen when the four of us are together – but when we are out alone we are seldom bothered. That gives me the opportunity to enjoy myself. I go to clubs a lot. I like having a good time. I don’t think you could describe any of the band as leading sheltered lives.
“But I have completely lost touch with how much things cost. When you find yourself living in hotels for so long you never really deal in money as such. Everything is available whenever you want it – but you never see the cash actually being handed over.
“I’ve forgotten what it was like to be penniless which Queen were for years. I guess that must happen to many successful rock bands.”
Another thing that happens to many successful rock bands – they quit the country. But not Queen it appears.
“We have always based ourselves in England and I see no reason why we shouldn’t continue to do so. We could leave at any time but we choose to stay. People believe we are tax exiles because we spend a lot of the time out of the country recording in studios all over Europe and touring.”
And what will happen when the band finally trudge wearily down the road leading to that  ivory strewn elephants’ graveyard . . . ?
“I know it’s bound to happen one day. I suppose I’d take a long, long holiday . . . and then make a solo album.”
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agencyfree · 2 months
Pokemon shiny gold gba rom zip
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thank you for all of your support throughout the years - CoolROM will continue strong. We feel we have reached this goal and helped cure more cases of nostalgia than we could have ever imagined. From the very beginning, our goal was to allow users to re-live classic moments from video games that they have lost and cannot purchase anymore. We are very grateful to have served the emulation community for so many years and to have CoolROM still exist today. The summer of 2017 is coming here.This page has been removed due to a request from Nintendo of America Inc. Pokemon Shiny Gold GBA ROM freeload. Wij werken met een team van mensen aan en proberen alle data zo compleet mogelijk te maken. Faciliteiten van Camping Norcenni Girasole Club. Read all informations about this ROM Hack at this.
Pokemon Mutatipo Pokemon Mutatipo is a hot game for you to play. Pokemon Shiny Gold X is a harder version of Pokemon Shiny Gold.
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Tumblr media
Long long ago, there was a great region called Baradar. This time, we will come to the battle between two clans: Clan Dark and Clan Light.
Pokemon Black Dark Pokemon Black Dark is a hack of Pokemon FireRed.
Nobody knows where and when was it formed, also with the ones who created it for Posted in GBA ROM Hacks Long long ago, there was a newly formed region named Iris.
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The main language in the game is Spanish.
Pokemon Nemesis Pokemon Nemesis is a good Pokemon game that I want to present to you today.
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Pokemon Team Rocket Jessie & James Edition Pokemon Team Rocket Jessie & James Edition is a special Pokemon Fire Red Hack and unlike any other hacks that you have played.
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Pokemon Viajes Con Celebi Pokemon Viajes Con Celebi is a Pokemon FireRed hack.
You are a 17 years old boy who is living in the Brisa Town with your family.
Pokemon Memory Times Pokemon Memory Times is a Spanish hack of Pokemon FireRed.
Tumblr media
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hacked-by-jake · 2 years
Was that Jake there 2
Part 1
Pairing: JakexMc
Words: 4,2k
A/N: So, a few days ago I got an absolutely sweet comment from @captainwanderlust78❤️
Tumblr media
Really, you made my last week. And then unfortunately the news came from Everbyte that EP 7 will come later. And actually, there wasn’t a second part planned for this story, but since you wanted one so much, here we are. This is my second attempt, because I wrote a part that I didn’t like. I tried to keep the story a little more quiet this time. Anyway, I hope you like it and apologize for possible mistakes. Oh and Merry Christmas. 🌲❤️
"Ready little ones?" Dan asks you and pokes you with his elbow.
"Yes, I’m ready," you answer and look at the big clock in the motel lobby.
Point 12 at midday.
"I’ll be gone," you say goodbye to the others.
"Take care of yourself and call me if you need anything," Richy informs you.
"Yeah, or if he attacks you," hiss Dan.
"Dan" hisses Jessy and steps on his foot.
"Ouch" growls Dan and looks at her accusingly.
Jessy is just ignoring this and calls after you, "See you later".
Slowly but with firm steps you make your way to the elevator.
Immediately the doors open and you get in and press the button for floor three.
The place the place where you meet is going to be a motel room that can’t be used because of renovation.
This is the perfect place to meet Jake.
He will come over the fire escape behind the motel to the third floor and there you meet in the room.
Deciding how and when the meeting will take place was quite awkward.
Yesterday after you guys finished partying at the club, you and Jessy called a cab as planned to take you home to Jessy. Fortunately, everything worked out, until the taxi driver drove to the roadside in the middle of the drive and simply switched off the engine.
Immediately all the alarms were on in your head, and you were ready to get out of the car if necessary.
He turned to you in the back and silently held a note to you.
The paper was folded very small, you opened it and saw many ones and zeros.
0100100001100101011011000110110001101111 010011010110001100001010
Grinning, you rolled your eyes.
"What’s that supposed to mean?" Jessy wonders.
"This is a binary code," you explain to her and pull your phone out of your pocket.
"Ah now I know what that is, of course," she grumbles ironically.
"This is computer language"
You search the Internet for a code translator.
You took a picture of the notes, the translator took the numbers and translated them directly.
"Hello Mc" you read, "Is this serious?".
The driver silently held out a note to you.
You also open this note and moan desperately.
"Can’t he just write normal letters?" you mumble and take a deep breath.
"He’s a computer nerd, they’re all weird," answers the man who was supposed to be just a taxi driver.
01010100 01101111 01101101 01101111 01110010 01110010 01101111 01110111
00001010 01000100 01101111 01101111 01110010 01100010 01100101 01101100 01101100 00001010 01010000 01101100 01100001 01101110
01100110 01101111 01110010
01100111 01110101 01111001
"Tomorrow morning, doorbell, plan for guy" is the translation.
"Huh?" makes Jessy next to you.
"I’ve got another one," the guy calls again.
"One more? Why not write everything on a piece of paper?"
"Clay said it was too confusing"
"Oh, Jake, excuse me" he grins and holds out the third note.
01001101 01100101 01100101 01110100 00001010 00110001 00110010
12 o'clock
"Okay, so, there’s a man ringing in the morning and he wants me to tell him the plan but the meeting has to be at 12:00," you put it all together.
"Right" the man agrees with you and starts the car again.
"Wait, You knew what that meant?"
"Yes, but we should talk as little as possible, that’s why the notes" he explains to you.
"But I said it out loud"
"Yes, right"
After that, he didn’t speak, but at least you didn’t have to pay.
Well, and then 20 minutes later, you and Jessy took the next taxi back to Roger’s garage, and there you all met again to work out the plan.
Lilly told Mrs Walter she didn’t have to work today. Lilly would take her shift and the owner should have a nice day with Alfie.
After a little persuasion it worked and Lilly is the only one who has to work.
There are only 13 rooms occupied in the entire motel, and only two of them are on the third floor, so the room with the renovation fits best.
This morning at 7 o'clock, a flower messenger rang at Jessy’s house, and you stared at the roses and then at the man.
"Gohstbusters" he said and you understood what to do.
You gave him a note stating the plan for the meeting.
However, written in hieroglyphs.
But there is also a translator on the Internet.
The elevator doors open and you look around.
No one is to be seen so you make yourself on the way to the room which is at the very end of the corridor.
With the key card you got from Lilly, you can open the door, hold the card against the sensor and the door cracks quietly. You press the door inwards and notice that there’s light on.
However, of course you did not expect that a man sitting in the room on the desk chair.
"Oh, God," you jump back a step.
The man looks up and immediately looks worried.
"Oh my God," you murmur as you realizes it’s just Jake.
Completely out of breath, you lean with your hands on your knees and breathe deeply.
"Oh shit, MC, I didn’t mean to." He murmurs and comes up to you.
You laugh in agony and grin forced.
"Ha uhm already okay, all right, I was not scared".
A small but quiet laugh comes from Jake’s mouth.
He’s going to the side so you can come in. He locks the door behind you.
"How did you get in here?" You ask and try to calm your heart that feels like it’s jumping out of your chest.
"The doors are not safe for hackers," he explains, sitting back on the chair.
"You hacked a motel door?" you ask amused.
"Yes, you weren’t there yet, but I couldn’t stay in front of the door. That would have been more than conspicuous," he argues.
You just shake your head and let yourself fall on the bed. For a moment it is quiet, only the ticking of the clock can be heard.
"Thank you for coming," you speak in silence.
"Hm yes" is the answer.
"You’re still against it, aren’t you?" you ask unsure.
"MC, please don’t think I wouldn’t want to see you too, but I won’t be reassured until you’re safe again," he explains.
"How are you?" you change the subject.
"I am fine, and you?"
You roll your eyes, "Don’t tell me everything at once," you say ironically.
A smile appears on his face.
"Honestly not so good" he admits.
"Do you want to talk about it?"
"No, it’s okay" he declines. You pull up an eyebrow and you look at him in a challenging way, "Okay, then in a different way. Tell me what’s going on," you challenge him and leave no room for a negative answer.
You point to the bed next to you and signal him to sit next to you.
He thinks briefly but then does what you want
"Well, it’s all pretty stressful right now," he starts.
"Okay good, and keep going" attentively you look at him.
He finally surrenders and begins to report.
"There were some problems that we didn’t expect, they almost caught us. We could only cross a border with a lot of luck and help, but that took us quite some time. And then I made a stupid mistake, the pursuers were able to intercept our signal. As a result, I had to burn my laptop and cell phone so that nothing could be found.
That took us some time too. The agents are much better than I thought, they are much too fast and much too good and that makes it really hard for me. And for the others, too. And what’s even harder is, that I can’t write to you anymore. I dont know how far along you are, or if you have new clues, new key results, how far along you are with Hannah, but even worse, I don’t know how you’re doing. How you feel or if you have problems, and that makes my head full all day with questions that revolve around you. Sometimes we manage to access the Internet for a short time through public computers in libraries or cafes. But contacting you would be too dangerous. I can delete a lot of data from the system but as I said, the agents are better than I thought and unfortunately we do not know exactly how well and how much they can get back. I would have to take every computer with me and burn it down, but that would be even worse if computers were suddenly missing everywhere. It’s shitty MC, I’m honest, I hate this situation, but it’s my own fault"
exhausted, he rubs his face.
Wow okay, that was very honest.
Worried you look at him.
You could say things like "everything’s gonna be okay" or "it’s not your fault." But let’s face it, it’s not helping anyone. So the only logical way is to just hug him tight, and that’s exactly what you’re doing.
You slide a little closer to him and wrap your arms around his upper body and lean your head against his shoulder. Unlike yesterday, he does not tense himself but also gently lays his arms around your body. Immediately, its smell rises in your nose and tingles through your body. You notice how relief spreads in your body. Relief that he’s doing reasonably well, that he’s still free, that he’s here with you, that he’s hugging you, too. But above all, relief because it feels like every pressure is dropping from you, all the pressure of the last few weeks. The pressure because of Hannah, the pressure because of the man without a face, and of course the pressure that something might have happened to Jake. At least for a brief moment, everything is fine, and that makes you happy. And if you think about he’s gonna have to leave soon, you’re gonna get sick. But you don’t want to think about the negative things now, you just want to enjoy the moment, just a brief moment of rest.
You have closed your eyes and hear Jake’s heart beat rhythmically, which also calms you down. You remove an arm from his body and place your hand on his left chest. You can feel his heart just coming out of rhythm and then beating a little faster than before. This also makes your heart beat a little faster.
"You Jake?" you whisper softly.
"Mhh?" he makes a questioning sound.
"Who are the others?"
"They’re familiar to me. The three were also involved in the government project and now they are also in danger," he says briefly.
"Okay?" your voice sounds questioning.
"We know each other from different chat portals for hackers"
Thus, all your questions were answered. For this moment.
Slowly you break away from each other, even if you don’t want to, but it’s no use.
"I still have to thank Lilly and you" he addresses your #IamJake action.
"You don’t have to thank either of us, Lilly owed it to both of us, and I do it because I want,"  you assure him.
"But still, it’s not understandable, I hope it will help us. The idea was really good. The others were quite fascinated when they saw this, "he praises you and his half-sister.
"You deserve it, too, Jake," you reaffirm your action even more.
Ironically he laughs, "with what?"
"In which you are, and also do everything to find Hannah, even if she doesn’t know you’re her half-brother. And Lilly also understood that we both just wanted to help."
"That might have been a little selfish of me. I just wanted you guys to make up because I don’t know where this is going with the two of us. And I wanted to take the opportunity early" he confesses.
"I can live with that" a little smile is on your face.
He doesn’t know where this is going with us, and he wanted you and his half-sister to make up.
"I’m sorry, MC but -" he starts.
You sigh, "but we still have something to discuss," you finish his sentence.
"I’m sorry, but we only charged three hours at the most, then I have to go "he looks at you apologetically.
"It’s okay, let’s not talk about it now".
You really don’t want to talk about it right now. The conversation will come soon enough. Jake gets his backpack on the desk and takes out his laptop.
Then he sits down next to you again and asks you to give him your phone.
Quickly, a connection is established and the screen of your phone is displayed on the laptop.
And so you begin to discuss everything that’s happened since he was gone.
By now you had arrived at Lilly’s and your chat.
"You really called her Duskwood’s worst legend?" Jake asks a little overwhelmed if he can laugh about it.
"Um, I was a little mad," you smile innocently at him.
"Remind me not to argue with you" he looks at you briefly from the side and grins crooked.
"I like to argue sometimes" challenging, you look at him.
"Yes, I noticed that, so we prefer not to"
Quietly, he continues to read the chat while you wait to see if he has any questions.
From the side you see his eyes suddenly get a little bigger and he swallows.
"Everything okay?" you ask him immediately.
"So we’re in love?" he asks teasingly.
It takes a short time to remember the message, immediately you get warm and your cheeks turn red.
Then you laugh a little hysterical.
"Um, haha that- that, uhm yes..." you stutter.
Jake raises an eyebrow.
"Um, yeah, I can explain that," nervously you start playing with your hands and scratching your neck in turns.
"Uhm, so - on that point I didn’t know, uhm, what relationship you and Lilly have. So this - I didn’t know you both were siblings, and then I kind of wanted to piss them off. Well, I- I thought it might upset Lilly or something".
You don’t even know if that’s true, you just said it without thinking. Maybe it’s true, but he doesn’t want anyone know it, or it‘s just going too fast for him.
You wish for nothing more than for the floor to swallow you.
"I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have written that. I hope I didn’t make you feel stupid or anything, that’s the last thing I want, can we just forget about it?" you murmur in shame.
You look at the tips of your shoes so you don’t have to look at Jake.
"Lilly was right," Jake murmurs into the unpleasant silence.
"I didn’t like that they voted against you in the vote. They treated you unfairly, I didn’t like that at all," he admits, "I felt the need to at least scare the others. Which was not quite okay, but I couldn’t watch them treat you like this".
You’re looking at him.
"It was for Hannah, because you will be the key, but I could have just written a message, but that was not enough for me".
You can’t hold back a slight grin.
"Thank you" is all you can say.
"Is it true?" he harks curiously.
"Huh? What?" you act like you didn’t understand his question
"Well, what you wrote to Lilly"
"You know I like you," you confirm.
In response, you get just another big smile from Jake as he just keeps looking at the screen.
However, he omits the end of the chat, at the point where you got the video.
He knows probably after that it’s about his family.
"I’m very proud of you MC" he starts to talk, "you two worked really well together and I’m amazed how well you were able to solve the puzzles".
A little shy about his praise, you just thanked him.
Exhausted, you fall back on the bed.
Jake closes his laptop, puts it back in his pocket and then slowly lies down next to you.
"I haven’t asked you how you are actually doing" he notes a little depressed.
"At least better than in the last few weeks. It’s all very exhausting, but I can do it" you mumble and turn your head to the left so you can look at him.
His page profile is really beautiful.
"We met at a very strange time," Jake mutters, and he also turns his head in your direction.
For a moment, you look at each other silently.
"You are so wonderful and especially MC, do you know that?" he breathes.
"I don’t know, is that me?" you ask quietly.
"So wonderful that I don’t understand why you’re lying here with me"
"Maybe because you’re special, too, Jake. And even more wonderful than all the people I’ve met so far" you reciprocate his sweet compliment and mean every word seriously.
"Are you sure about this?"
"To 100 percent"
"You deserve someone better than me," he sighs.
"Stop lying," you grinned.
Now you both look at each other silently again, only the second hand and the birds from outside can be heard.
Slowly Jake raises a  hand and wipes a strand of hair from your face.
You take his hand in yours and you cross your fingers with each other.
Jake looks thoughtfully at your hands.
"It’s dangerous what we’re doing here," he mutters.
"You can take that little break, Jake. That's okay," you calm him down.
"Maybe, but it’s dangerous to be here with you. You get such big problems if the persecutors find out you know me," he easily squeezes your hand.
"Jake, don’t worry about it. I know who I’m dealing with and I know it can end badly. But that’s why I don’t care, if we don’t risk it now, it may be too late. And then we’ll never know if it would’ve worked.
At the moment everything is going crazy, so why not at least do what you want for a short time?"
"You should become a motivational trainer" he suggests for fun.
"Do you think? Did my speech help?"
"I agree with your words, but I have so much more to lose. My freedom and looking for Hannah, but those are just the little things. The biggest problem is that I could never live with myself if you got problems just because I was selfish. Against these problems the man without face is nothing, MC. If you go to jail because of me, I could never forgive myself, you understand. And that’s my problem, I don’t know if I can risk it, I don’t want to ruin your whole life.
You made new friends here, when Hannah gets back, you’ll be completely happy, but then there’s me. The guy who runs from the government, that’s not what you deserve", he tries desperately to explain.
"That’s also why I don’t tell you what exactly I did, why I tell you as little as possible. You can’t say anything if you know nothing no matter what they do, you don’t know it. If the agents find you, they definitely do a lie-detector test with you, and hopefully, they won’t do any more than that. But if you don’t know anything, you’re not in danger either."
"I understand your point, I understand your worries and your fear, but, Jake, I’m aware of all of this. I know what happens if you and I can be connected, but I accept it for you and for Hannah."
"But that’s the thing, you shouldn’t put yourself in danger for this, not even for Hannah. And you being in Duskwood is dangerous enough, which is why I’m here with you, because it’s too dangerous."
You pull up an eyebrow and look skeptical.
"You don’t have to take care of me.What   should happen to me? I won’t be alone.One of the others will always be with me. The man without a face can’t do anything to me, "you calm him down.
"I know, I know, but I’m still worried about you"
"But there’s nothing you can do about it, Jake. And the rest of the time we have left, we shouldn’t discuss things we can’t influence. None of us can change the situation"
"I don’t like that you’re right again" he grumbles what makes you smile.
"Do you know I’m happy right now?" you tell him softly, "because of you."
"Because I know you’re doing reasonably well, and because you’re here with me.
And you’re risking your freedom right now because I wished for this meeting. Then how could I not trust you, Jake? You deserve me to be here with you. And that’s also one reason why I don’t care if they get me, you confided in me even though you’re in a difficult time. You trusted me and that’s why I trust you" to support your words, you put his hand on your lips and breathe a short kiss on the back of his hand.
Like he’s petrified, he’s watching you.
"I think I’m really in love," he whispers.
"And I think I’m in love with you too" you giggle softly.
Minimally you slide closer to him and lean slightly with your elbow on the bed to push you a bit upwards.
As if he were considering whether this is a good idea, he eventually slips closer to you, but a lot more than you.
He also leans on the bed to be back on your height, your hands remain united all the time.
His thumb gently caresses the back of your hand.
Not ten centimeters separates your faces from each other.
Jake takes the initiative and leans even further up so that your faces almost touches. You feel his breath on your skin and your body is flooded with excitement. It’s like they just touched by accident.
Slowly, your faces move towards each other until your lips gently touch. But it’s enough to light a fire in you and get Jake to press his lips on yours.
Immediately you close your eyes and return the kiss with as much feeling as he did. You can’t control yourself and grin into the kiss, which also makes Jake smile.
Jake pulls you up to you and pushes you slightly on the bed so you can use your hands more.
But just as quickly the kiss becomes passionate again. A thousand different feelings are buzzing in your head. Despair, fear, happiness, contentment. And that is reflected in your kiss.
Now your two hands separate from each other and Jake wraps both arms around your upper body. You feel a little dizzy and feel like everything is spinning even if you have your eyes closed. Your body tries to cope with all the feelings of happiness and seems to be overwhelmed. Actually, it’s no wonder. You’ve never longed so much for closeness but with Jake now, it’s very different. The kiss last night,
it was beautiful. But that was a very different situation than it is now.you were overwhelmed and a little drunk. First the warm air in the club, then Phil, then suddenly Jake, a kiss, a deal, and then a weird cab driver. All quite a lot at once, but now you can enjoy the kiss, and it’s a very different one from yesterday. This is a relief for both of you, and the beginning of something greater, but also the beginning of an even more stressful time than before. 'Cause how you’re supposed to let Jake go right now, you absolutely don’t know.
You feel like your eyes are filling with tears because of the emotional overload that is currently running through your body. And unfortunately, you two seem to be really starting to have trouble breathing, so you’re must breaking up with each other with a heavy heart. Absolutely out of breath, Jake leans his forehead against yours.
"If the persecutors find me, beat me, okay?" he breathes hard. "Okay, but why?" you giggle.
"Because then I screwed up to be able to kiss you all the time."
In response, you laugh and give him another kiss. You could lie there forever like right now, but Jake’s phone suddenly starts ringing. Annoyed, he rolls his eyes but then stands up from the bed.He gets his cell phone out of his pocket and accepts the call. Instantly you assume the worst. The others are calling to tell him they have to leave. You don’t know how to react and your hands start to shake. His answers leave no room to speculate about what it’s all about, and his facial expressions and posture remain neutral. Shortly after he finishes the phone call, he blows out air and turns to you. You’re already struggling with the tears in your eyes as Jake starts smiling." Well, I think we need to rent a room at the motel."
Confused you look at him, "W-what do you mean?"
"We’ll be safe for the next few days, someone pretending to be me tried to hack the CIA. They think they’ve arrested me"
extra material:
"That’s her," he says in a much too high tone. "It’s an honor to finally meet you, I feel like I know you better than Jake knows you. Can you actually scan my personality? Jake always tells me that you are really good at seeing through people and assess" he babbles.
"Oh, is he telling you this?" you ask and grin at Jake.
"Oh yes, if you knew, When he can’t sleep, he tells a lot about you. He doesn’t usually talk that much in a year," giggles Jake’s buddy.
"Max" hisses Jake and looks at him hard.
"And he’s always telling you how impressive you are, and that he’s amazed you don’t have a problem with him being a hacker. And how sweet you are."
"Okay, that’s enough" growls Jake and pushes him. The pushed one begins to laugh and raises his hands up defensively.
"Do you tell such things?" you look amused at him.  "Forget that, please," he grumbles.  "Oh, I’ll never be able to forget that, but to be fair, I’m thrilled with you, too. And you don’t look bad either." You grin cheekily at him.
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fateandphantasms · 1 year
Fate and Phantasms #193
Tumblr media
Today on Fate and Phantasms we’re building the new guy everyone knows and loves, Prince Nezha! They’re an Ascendant Dragon Monk for their fire wheels and spear skills, as well as a Strength Cleric to pick up all those sacred treasures they get while still being the stabby stabby bot we all adore.
(I’ll be perfectly upfront right now; we did not have the time to read through Investiture of the Gods and Journey to the West to make one character, so they’ll be getting all the sacred treasures that we found while binging OSP’s videos on the latter. Also, lots of anti-demon stuff. You don’t need first-hand knowledge of a series to know that the “Demon-Hacking Blade” probably has some anti-demon features in it.)
Anyways, check out their build breakdown below the cut, or their character sheet over here!
Next up: The Mysterious Miss Moolah!
Race and background
Nezha’s more clay than metal, but they’re still hanging out in an artificial body, that’s a Warforged. They get +2 Constitution and +1 to any stat, so +1 Wisdom, as well as Constructed Resilience, so you don’t have to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep, don’t get sick, and have advantage and resistance to poison effects. Instead of sleeping, you take a Sentry’s Rest, spending 6 hours awake but not moving. You also get Integrated Protection for +1 AC. There’s more to it, but you’re a monk, you don’t use armor anyway. Finally, your Specialized Design gives you proficiency in one skill, I picked Animal Handling for the same reason I grabbed it for Nero. If you can “handle” the king of the monkeys, the rest should fall in line.
I meant beating him up, don’t be gross.
You respect your coworkers, which means to mortals you’d probably be an Acolyte, which gives you proficiency with Insight and Religion.
Ability Scores
Wisdom comes from making mistakes, and dear god have you made some doozies, so make that number one. Second highest should be Dexterity, you can fly, but only by balancing on wheels. That’s a high-stakes highwire act. Your Strength is next- going toe-to-toe with the monkey king requires a lot of it. Your Constitution is also above average, the zhenren sages don’t skimp on their designs. This means your Intelligence will be a bit low since we don’t need it for the build, but we’re dumping Charisma. There’s a bit of a disconnect between you and others, and also you have a lot of self-loathing issues to work through, which just makes hanging out a bit awkward.
Class Levels
Monk 1: Starting off as a monk gives you plenty of goodies, like proficiency in Strength and Dexterity saves, Acrobatics for balance, and History. I cannot emphasize enough about how all these servant builds should probably just get free history proficiency. You also get Unarmored Defense, which adds to your Integrated Protection for a total AC of 11+ your dex mod + your wisdom modifier. That brings your current AC up to 16 for a start, not bad. You also get Martial Arts so your monk attacks deal at least 1d4 (which grows as you level up), can use your dexterity instead of strength, and if you make one of those attacks as your action you can make another attack as a bonus action. Spears are simple weapons and versatile, not two-handed, so you’re in the clear.
Cleric 1: We’re gonna bounce over to cleric right away to become a worshiper of Strength. When you become an Acolyte of Strength, you learn one Druid cantrip, and gain proficiency with another skill- in this case, Athletics. For your free cantrip, grab Shillelagh. I know it says club or quarterstaff, but just hold the spear backwards. If gives you a d8 for damage, turns the weapon magical, and you can use Wisdom to attack with it instead of dexterity or strength. While we’re on the topic, you also get Spells now that use your Wisdom to cast and prepare. That means you don’t have a hard and fast spell list, but you can switch things up each long rest. For cantrips, Spare the Dying gives you beans of immortality that you can pop into a creature’s mouth as an action to stabilize them. You also get Sacred Flame for sacred flames, and Thaumaturgy to show off your celestial origins. As a strength cleric you’ll always have Divine Favor and Shield of Faith on tap, but you can also use Detect Evil and Good and Protection from Evil and Good for demon fighting.
Monk 2: We’re not going to focus on cleric too much though, we have martial arts to learn. At second level, you get Ki points equal to your monk level each short rest, letting you attack twice, dodge, disengage, or dash as a bonus action. You also get Unarmored Movement, adding to your speed as you level up.
Monk 3: At third level you can finally set down the Way of the Ascendant Dragon, making your fists a lot more fiery. You’re now a Draconic Disciple as well as a cleric, so when you hit a creature with your fists or feet you can deal bludgeoning damage as normal, or acid, cold, fire, lightning, or poison. Obviously fire is the most in character, but there’s probably a baobei that works for the other elements if you really want them. You can also spend your reaction to re-roll a failed intimidation or persuasion check, succeeding once per long rest. I guess Nezha can be kind of scary when they want to be. You can also use the Breath of the Dragon, replacing one of your normal attacks with a cone or line of acid, cold, fire, lighting, or poison damage, forcing a dexterity save against your ki save (DC 8 + proficiency + wisdom modifier), taking 2 rolls of your martial arts die on a failure, or half as much on a success. If that monkey king’s modern iteration can get beam weapons so can you. You get Proficiency free uses per long rest, but you can use it more by spending 1 ki point per use. Finally, you can react to someone shooting you with an arrow to Deflect Missiles, reducing the damage, If it’s reduced to 0, you can spend a ki point to launch it back at them.
Cleric 2: Back into cleric for a hot second. Second level clerics can Channel Divinity in one of two ways per short rest. Turn Undead makes nearby undead run if they fail a wisdom save, but you can also use a Feat of Strength to add +10 to an attack roll or strength check/save. The Zhenren really don’t mess around.
Monk 4: Fourth level monks get their first Ability Score Improvement, so improve that Wisdom for a higher AC, better shillelagh attacks, and stronger fire powers. You also learn how to Slow Fall as a reaction so falling off your wheels isn’t quite as big an issue.
Monk 5: Fifth level monks get an Extra Attack per attack action, bringing your total in a turn up to two with just an action, three with your martial arts bonus action, or four with flurry of blows. You can also turn those attacks into Stunning Strikes by spending ki. This forces a constitution save on the creature you just hit, stunning them if they fail until the end of your next turn.
Monk 6: Sixth level monks get Ki-Empowered Strikes for magical unarmed attacks. If you’re fighting a triply immortal monkey it’s best to prep as much as possible. You also get the reason we’re here in the first place, Wings Unfurled. Now when you use your ki points to dash as a bonus action you get dragon wings for a turn, giving you a flying speed equal to your walking speed until the end of your turn. If you’re in the air, you will fall, but to be fair Nezha mostly uses this to go like, 20 feet up and divebomb someone, so it’s not a huge restriction. You can fly Proficiency times per long rest, or by spending a ki point each extra time you use it.
Monk 7: Our final level of monk gets you Evasion for better dexterity saves. You probably know the drill by now- failures are now as good as most people’s successes, and successes negate all damage. You also get a Stillness of Mind, letting you end a charming or frightening effect as a bonus action. Just hit ctrl alt delete on BeScared.exe, not hard.
Cleric 3: Now that your training is complete, it’s time to quest for all those sacred treasures. Starting off strong at third level, you get second level cleric spells, including the freebies Enhance Ability and Protection from Poison. You can also make a Spiritual Weapon to summon whatever demon-slaying tool you might need, creating a floating weapon as a bonus action that’ll move around and deal force damage if you use it each bonus action for up to 1 minute. Alternatively, you can use Hold Person to summon the Diamond Snare/Wukong’s headband/The five Golden Rings (there’s a lot of sacred treasures that focus on immobilization) to force a wisdom save on one humanoid. If they fail, they’re paralyzed for a while, or until they succeed on a save. Paralysis is nasty too, it gives attacks advantage to hit plus guaranteed crits when they do.
Cleric 4: Use this ASI to bump up your Dexterity for better unarmed strikes and a better AC. You also get the Light cantrip to use your fire constructively.
Cleric 5: Fifth level clerics get a boost to Turn Undead, “turn”ing it into Destroy Undead instead. If a creature of CR 1/2 or lower gets caught in it, it’s just gone. You also get third level spells like Haste and Protection From Energy. Either get out of the way of the beam weapons, or shield yourself from them. Alternatively, grab spells like Spirit Shroud for a more heavenly aura, or Speak with Dead. You can literally just go to the afterlife to talk to them, what like it’s hard?
Cleric 6: You can now Channel Divinity twice per short rest, and you can also use that divinity to give out Rhonas’ Blessing! It’s like feat of strength, but it has a range of 30′ instead of self. You’re not the kind of person to hang out with weaklings.
Cleric 7: Seventh level clerics get fourth level spells. Dominate Beast is Wukong’s headband but for all sorts of creatures, and Stoneskin... yeah. You can also use Death Ward for an actual immortality bean that prevents one case of koing, Guardian of Faith to call in a favor from another celestial, or Banishment to make Lao Tzu take his goddamn pets back. If the target isn’t from another plane, they’re just gone for about a minute.
Cleric 8: Eighth level clerics get another ASI to max out your Wisdom for the best attacks, good defense, and stronger spells. Destroy Undead bumps up to CR 1, and you get a Divine Strike once per turn, adding 1d8 of an existing damage type to your weapon attack. They don’t call you “lancer” for nothing. Actually they do, you should be called “spear-er”, I guess.
Cleric 9: You get fifth level spells! Your freebies are Destructive Wave and Insect Plague, which aren’t super in character, but they do sound like something a sacred treasure could do. You can also call down a Flame Strike for some real fire power, turn your spear into a Holy Weapon for even more damage, Dispel Evil and Good to roll protection from E&G and a faster banishment into a single spell, or you can Summon Celestial to call down a coworker to help out. You get either an Avenger or a Defender, the former dealing more damage and the latter giving allies temporary HP.
Cleric 10: At tenth level you finally get a direct line back home, letting you call them up for some Divine Intervention. It’s a percent chance based on your cleric level, but if you succeed it’s basically up to the DM how much help you get. You can do this once per day, or after a week when it works. You also get the Resistance cantrip. You’re tough, it tracks.
Cleric 11: Destroy Undead hits CR 2, and you get sixth level spells. Planar Ally summons a celestial coworker for as long as you can pay them, but be prepared, it can be steep. You can also use Sunbeam for more fire.
Cleric 12: Use your last ASI to bump up Dexterity again. You know the drill, more AC, better unarmed attacks, the works.
Cleric 13: Your final level gets you seventh level spells, letting you Conjure Celestial for a much cheaper celestial companion that’ll stick with you for up to 1 hour. You can also Plane Shift to visit the heavens for yourself.
Pros and Cons
Flight is always good to have, event if it’s a limited trial version like yours. Hop over to where you should be, and keep out of range of anyone you don’t feel like fighting.
Strength Clerics are basically war clerics but better, and Feat of Strength will make it really easy for you to grapple, lift, push, or just be the powerhouse of the team.
Clerics are really versatile casters, getting healing, buffs, utility, and damaging spells, so your spell list will always be handy. On top of that, your dragon fists let you pick your element when you hit people, so you won’t be completely hosed by fire resistant enemies.
You have limited resources for your best abilities, with only 7 ki points and 2 channel divinities per short rest. Wings Unfurled might let you instant transmission, but you won’t be able to spam it like they do on Dragon Ball Z, sorry.
For a strength-focused subclass, your strength score is pretty underwhelming. Sure, you can use Feat of Strength to power yourself up, but odds are there’s someone else who could put Rhonas’ Blessing to better use. Learn to share, it’ll help.
You also have a really low charisma, so don’t be surprised if you get into fights more often than you’d think. Also, it’s a good thing you got plane shift at level 20, because you might get banished a lot.
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Part Two
Prev Part
Okay, I found out that @majorgodcomplex has already started a wonderful project feat. Sun Summoner Kaz on Ao3, so it’s not as out of the blue as I thought… and I’m pretty far behind :xx Hopefully I can catch up! Check out their fic, it’s ongoing and brilliant!! Variety is the spice of life, after all.
Now, how are the two Crows doing back home…
Jesper threw an impressive shaft of polished wood into the air, striking a pose of brusque authority. Instead of a deft swipe, it missed his hand on the way down and clattered to the floor, leaving him in a fumble to scoop it back up.
He pretended nothing happened, leaning proudly on the enameled handle. The Wraith was examining the lone office around them, her footsteps barely sifting particles of gathered dust.
“So,” he prodded. “Who wears the hat and cane now?”
He palmed the flawless staff. “This one’s got nothing on the real deal, but,” a soft tut, “Neither do we.”
Inej - who defied his expectations along with gravity - took the sudden departure of their boss with a surprisingly level head, a quiet resignation. She reached out and pushed a stack of books farther to the center from their precarious seat. Her palm rested on the top volume, staring out the window as moonbeams slit the dark.
“And gloves.” She finally spoke. The hat, the cane, the gloves.
“Right.” Jesper drummed his foot on the carpet. “Which means…”
“Kaz did anything as long as it paid. That’s why his name was-” she caught herself, “is Dirtyhands. People say he’s hiding claws, blood that never washed out, hellfire, scars from countless killings.”
“‘Your pick of the litter’,” Jesper smiled a little. “That’s what he told me.”
“It doesn’t matter if he gets paid now.” She looked at him, coppery skin almost shining where old tear tracks stood. Jesper stood corrected. But had she cried in pain, or reverence? “They’ll drag him back for as long as it takes. No one else can do a job like that. No one.”
“He’ll try his damndest to come home. He knows he’s got promises to make good on. People to spite.” Jesper was dancing around the real words, and Inej was clever enough to hear them: he won’t let you go back. Trust him. “For now, we stick to our own turf. We can float just fine without Boss, at least for a couple months.”
“You’re not hearing me.” There was a soreness in her voice, and she was right. Jesper wasn’t a believer, and yet, the world was about to be rewritten. Inej knew her faith, and she knew it better than anyone. “Kaz’s single goal will be returning to Ketterdam. Where he’s in control, where he’s free to chase… I can’t tell if it’s power or revenge. Maybe both.
“The world needs him. He’s only ever needed himself. I want to do everything I can to help, but laying low won’t help him at all.” Inej balled her hands, striding to the window as Jesper grappled to understand - better yet, dissuade her. It was a scheming face written across her reflection in the smudged glass, and the sharpshooter couldn’t say it wasn’t... uncanny.
“I need to do his dirty work for him, Jesper. Get our hands filthier than his. Bloodier than his.” Her eyes flashed, a voice that whistled like soft wind whistling like the arc of a knife. “His goal has to be helping the world heal. Ending a war and spreading hope like a wildfire, because his gift is a miracle, and Ketterdam is… it can’t be his home when the sun is his…”
Inej swallowed around a knot. Seemed they were digesting what happened, one hard pill after another; everyone was. Then she finished:
“I’m going to destroy Pekka Rollins. I’ll leave the killing blow for Kaz. The rest is mine to burn.”
The cane turned to lead in his grip. No, not literally - Jesper had better control (and far less skill) than that. He found himself puffing his chest, cautious of getting in the Wraith’s way, and in half-seriousness demanding “Well, w-wait now - who went and made you the face of the Crow Club without some promotion or letter or, something…?”
“You mean this?” Inej held up a slip of paper between two dextrous fingers. Marked with the seal of the Barrel’s finest Bastard, the inked crow was so hastily stamped that the bird’s teardrop ran down the paper. A hint of amusement teased her lip.
Jesper nearly hacked. He could only watch like he’d been clubbed over the head or like his pulse was in a Heartrender’s clasp as Inej sidled up next to him - took the cane - struck the floor using the end with a thump.
“If our efforts are conducive to success, and Kerch territory is… rearranged,” she eyed him pointedly, “I’ll burn down the Menagerie with Tante Heleen inside it. A horrible accident, of course. No other casualties involved.”
The Zemini felt relish. Somewhere underneath, a million voices were screaming in disquiet. Too much fire. Too much fire. No amount of fun he’d encountered wasn’t worth its weight in trouble. “‘Course... Boss.”
All in the name of faith.
A ridiculously dangerous notion.
He was dragged through spangled halls - separated by arched doors at ceiling height - that would fool a man fresh out of thirty years in prison from realizing he’d entered another one. Kaz clung to one name.
“The Black General.” His limp was jagged, pronounced. “He promised me an advance, he said to-”
“Walk.” And the end of a spear would trot him forward like a show horse.
Worse, the crow head grew slack in his hands; the wrought gates and silver fountains of the Little Palace caused his mouth to slip almost ajar.
Painting his own dwarfment over his face like a child at carnival brought to mind the doe-eyed tourists that flocked to Ketterdam: goggling, out of place, hoodwinked of wallets, watches, and good reason. In a land where he was the disparaged peasant who would be Saint, Kaz was not inclined to misstep. Demands came later - if he bristled, they might come soon.
Or else he should tally the attempts on his life to come.
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dianaburnwood · 2 years
HITMAN 3: First Impressions
Tumblr media
This post is full of SPOILERS. Also, it is LONG, so.... yeah. Be prepared lol 
HITMAN 3. Also known as: Diana’s Game. 
Dear GOD I am in love. 
I’m going to do my best to make this coherent. But. I am still freaking out. And I have SO much more to explore!!!! This won’t be very in-depth because I played each map exactly once so far. There’s so much left to see, conversations to overhear, opportunities to exploit - but, I DO have some first impressions, oh hell yes. 
That menu music!!! I was not expecting that at all. It was a mix of choral and classical with previous themes intertwined, and it reminded me of Blood Money. Speaking of Blood Money, this game is Blood Money. 
Very, very beautiful. Kinda thought Grey made it all about himself lol of course he wanted to say “in your face” to the partners, but it was like 47 was just there to pull the trigger, like he’d not been hurt by them too. But, I really liked it. Trapping them in a room and watching them freak while Grey watched me kill them?? Helloo??? Popping off HARD from the start and I love it.
So - here’s the thing. I don’t get the timing. Diana tells them then that Edwards escaped. Did he escape just before the boys got to Dubai? Or were they unavailable to reach until then? It seems that the message Grey got at the end of HAVEN was after Olivia hacked the HAVEN servers, and then the boys were out of reach so after Diana discovered Edwards was gone, she couldn’t tell them until Dubai? And it was shown to us in a different order to leave us hanging? I dunno. Maybe? It seems weird. 
THE CUTSCENE here omg - once again establishing that 47 and Diana are ride or die. “Diana will make it right, she always does” - BABE. BABE. SWEET BOY. His little face when Grey doesn’t trust Diana. OMGGG.
I went the murder mystery route, of course. I figured it was Emma from her conversation with her husband, but I got all the clues after just to be sure. Can’t believe Carlisle just handed 47 the file on Edwards and then went out alone on the balcony like I wasn’t gonna kill her??? Bitch????? do you forget who i am?????? Anyway, the murder mystery was SO much fun, but I can’t wait to infiltrate this manor in other ways. Lots of Beldingford vibes here.
THE CUTSCENE bdsfgafhlsjfah WAHT????? Ok so HOW did Edwards know where they were? And - ok, so it made for an amazing scene, but Grey is a badass. He is a mercenary genius that duped the ICA and brought Providence to its knees. How did he get himself surrounded in the woods by CICADA? But he did, and it was beautiful, and he literally only shot himself to save 47, and the LOOK in 47′s eyes on his balaclava face - I just bfjKSFasad. I can’t believe he died so early tho. I was very sure he’d die somehow, but SO early. WOW. 
fucking hell. Berlin. fuck. fucckkkk. 
I wanna shout out to Mini (not gonna tag you in case you’re avoiding spoilers) but hot damn girl if you’re reading you were BANG ON about 47 wearing Grey’s coat. I really didn’t think it was his. It was. It is such a beautiful way for 47 to express his emotions about this death without actually saying anything. Omg. It was perfection. I’m crying thinking about it.
BERLIN was where this game really upped its... game. Like WOW. 5 targets, and it’s the ICA. Clearly Edwards went to the ICA board at this stage and was like uhhhh so you need to take these ppl out. HOWEVER I am amazed that the ICA is like “oh, ok”. DO you not remember what happened in SOUTH DAKOTA. 
But going after the ICA is a fucking trip and I love it. I love how 47 says each agent’s name to himself. I love how he listens in and the team handler realises it. I love how she pulls the rest of her team out once you get 5. I love that the ICA agents use disguises too!!! This is truly APEX PREDATOR and I love that they named it that. Y’all think you have the balls to go up against 47??? bitch?????
But the fact that you have to find the targets and none of them are marked is so fantastic. I found 6, but I have no idea how many are actually available - but I’m gonna find out!!! The club is HUGE as well, and lots of throwbacks to Contracts, especially with the biker gang. Amazing. Amazing level. I’m so excited to replay it. 
Also they really addressed the elephant in the room with the ICA agents describing 47 as a caucasian male, bald, average height and ppl being like uh that’s every man here, and then he said yeah but he’s got this big tattoo lmao 
ok this is where I started to think this game was my fanfiction. Inside the ICA? Showing off how truly international it is, and high tech. Hidden in plain sight. Ready to dismantle in 12 hours if needed. SO perfect. This lore builds on Absolution and Blood Money ICA lore in wonderful ways. 
Also, I don’t know why the IOI and DK of the logo looked different in the trailer, they must have been just hard to make out. Cos in the game, the ICA logo is the same as all previous games. 
Also, analysts do client vetting? Intrigue. Always assumed that was part of the handlers’ job. I take it all back Diana, you have never done anything wrong in your life, ever 
I killed Royce by firing the ppl she recommended so she’d get trapped in the data core cleaning. I killed Hush (what a name I love it) as his patient. 
Working with Olivia is really fun. I missed Diana, but Olivia brought a whole fresh perspective. I also really like how neither Grey nor Olivia are as good as Diana - they both fucked up while guiding 47 at least once. 
47 saying “...I will leave you to prepare” to Olivia, I yelled fdagsfa
Also I love how 47 decided to expose the ICA exactly like Diana did in Absolution. Those two. One of a kind. My heart. And his desire to protect her. I love that the files showed their start together. Olivia saying “I can see why you...” and then she stopped herself. We all KNOW what she was gonna say. 
the cutscene - I screamed
“47 has one weakness. Me.” 
I swear to fucking GOD, IO has seen into my soul. I’ve said all along that Diana is 47′s weakness, and he is hers. But to hear it said, aloud, by my girl? WHAT???!!!!!
Ok. OK. OKKKKKK. OK. I can’t even write about this one. This was where I was pretty sure I was hallucinating the entire level. This is my Diana and 47 dreams come true. This is insane. This is EVERYTHING.
So we have OUR MOMENT IN THE SUN. She puts her HAND on HIS HAND and he looks in fucking wonderment at it. ahugarhiewEG;FEJGHEFlejlhsgfes;gjrsgt. I can’t. I can barely get through writing about this. 
Diana - the dress, the Jolie thigh slit, the jewellery, the hair (they finally fixed her fucking hair), SASS. “I have tango fever” omg. 
How do these ppl not have a pic of 47 by now lol 
I followed Diana and Vidal around cos I was entranced by my girl. Diana was fucking amazing each time. So much sass. Little did I know I interrupted them enough times for Vidal to say “ok son let’s talk”. I saw the tango and I was like omg imagine if I could dance with Diana. 
Anyway, got to kill Vidal via her own setup for me, and that was amazing. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I snuck into the house to kill Yates, and overheard him calling Edwards’ voicemail. Also, it is April 2021?? So, yeah. My previous dates were way wrong lol. 
And then, ALL MY DREAMS CAME TRUE. Diana and 47 fucking dancing the tango? I was pissed that I was in a security guard outfit, next time I play he will be in his tuxedo baby. 
Diana’s comments to 47 when he’s in disguise tho, I was freaking. As security “you look like a true professional. I feel so much safer with you gentlemen around” aaahhhh
I am so glad I was right about my baby girl tho. She even told him “you didn’t have a choice” about her parents. Good. I’m so glad I was right about that. But omg it broke my heart to have 47 so, SO, SOOO sure of Diana all along, defending her to Grey and Olivia, knowing, KNOWING that she was on his side, and then, he eventually started to doubt it. 
I was screaming at my screen - this is BLOOD MONEY! SHe is doing what she did in BLOOD MONEY!!!!
But, for a second, 47 wasn’t sure anymore. And Diana played her part well. 
Carpathian Mountains
Ok, what I love most about Contracts was how it gave us an insight into 47′s psyche, and this game upped that tenfold. Him seeing all his targets surround him? Him imagining Diana and the Constant dancing together? Him imagining her say terrible things about him, things he’s thought about himself deep down, always, omg, but he finally snapped out of it. Ironic that thinking about Grey snapped him out of it, when in life Grey had not trusted Diana. But 47 came to the realisation on his own. Diana would never betray him. 
opening that door and finding out you’re on a fucking train?????? I screamed. 
I am a bit disappointed that it turned out Romania wasn’t significant, they just happened to be passing through. But omg the fact that you are “subject 47″ again. I freaked. This is 47′s worst nightmare. 
I love that you have a free pass to kill everyone in this level. I did it in stealth anyway, cos it felt wonderfully tense to sneak through that train. But wow. This is another BIG risk that IO took. The train was straight out of Uncharted, and crafting a silencer for your pistol??? Hello The Last of Us????? But I don’t care. They used those elements super well. 
I think some people will be angry at this game because parts of it (especially the last level) were a departure from how HITMAN and HITMAN 2 worked. But I love it. I love that they took risks to tell the story they wanted to tell, and those risks paid off. 
47′s undying loyalty to Diana, omg. Telling Edwards bye bitch, I’ll never forget who I am again, and Diana thinks you suck. <3<3<3<3<3
OH MY GOD. ONE YEAR LATER????? 47 obviously took some time off cos he fucking needed a break. But he’s back, baby. Ending on “it’s good to be back” was wonderful. The game ended where the 2015 trailer for HITMAN started, and I’m crying. He’s ready to continue with Diana, and not because it’s what he was made to do, not because he doesn’t know what else to do, but finally, because he CHOOSES to do that. 
But one year later? What does that mean? Has Diana rebuilt the ICA like in Blood Money, or will she and 47 work together without anyone else? They’ll need the infrastructure that an organisation like the ICA has though. Diana said she would dismantle Providence from the top down once Edwards was gone, but how? Does that mean dismantling what’s left of the ICA? They were one and the same by the end of the game. All that didn’t just disappear. I’m left with so many questions. 
I was disappointed Diana wasn’t in the cabin when 47 got there. And I wonder why she wasn’t. She knew he was coming, but they are clearly still on good terms. Maybe she wasn’t sure what to expect. But does that mean they hadn’t spoken in a year since??? But she didn’t sound surprised to hear him, and he had coordinates that he was following, so I think they arranged to meet. But her phone was in there when he arrived, and she wasn’t. Maybe he was tracking her phone? Did she come back there to him after????? 
the game 
with 47
And for that I will be forever grateful. 
Ok bye, I need to play it again. RIP work tomorrow lol 
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fantastic-nonsense · 1 year
wait an itunes employee got fired for releasing the first 2 episodes early?!?!?? i thought the first 2 episodes got leaked early a week before the EARLY online release before the official tv air date because someone hacked nick because they guessed the password for their site or something
rip you're right, I forgot there were two separate incidents.
Incident 1: someone on a Winx Club forum figured out the username and password for the site being used for the press screenings, which happened about a week before the official release (via Itunes). This was the actual leak
Incident 2: the first two episodes (which were free to watch anyway via Itunes for a week before the official release date) were leaked like...6 hours early because an Itunes employee made them available for download on accident. They weren't fired though, that was just a joke.
The real episode leaks happened in Book 3 (especially once they took the show off air and put it online). I still have "The Ultimatum" saved in a folder on my external drive somewhere from when it leaked a full three days before official release when people realized that Nick had already uploaded it but was just keeping it blocked by having the url inaccessible to click on....but changing the url manually brought it right up.
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Quick reminder - ɟ
Heeeelloo, my babies 👋🏼
This is just a quick reminder given the latest events involving Sofi the most.
Sofi knows. Sofi knows everything, and for years now. Although she’s a minor and cannot legally be involved in her older sister’s contracts, she is involved anyway. In my opinion, she was asked and it was her decision to accept to help her sister. I don’t wanna hear things like ‘she’s too young to get involved’ or ‘she’s too young to understand’ because she is not, and that’s just bullshit used as justified excuses.
Whether you like it or not, and because of Camila, Sofi is a ‘kind’ of a public figure. Do I think it’s wrong that she even has fan accounts dedicated to her? Honestly? No. Everyone is free to do what they want as long as they remain respectful towards her. I even read that one of her fan accounts created it because they have admired Sofi since the Takeovers and apart from her sister. I read that another one created it because Sofi helped them (not personally) to overcome a difficult moment in their life. I read about someone else who created it because Sofi brings them joy. As long as these are their reasons, I don’t see anything wrong with it, guys.
But back to the point. We have several examples from various artists, but I’ll only use a few of the Cabello/Jauregui sisters.
Sofi and Ana (Cabello sisters’ cousin) during a live at the end of October/November 2016 if I’m not mistaken. Ana read ‘Camren’ in the comments, and after explaining to Sofi what THAT word meant, Sofi yelled: “OH NO!”; followed by Ana who told her: “Shh, don’t say anything”. And why would Ana, a 14-year-old teenager at the time (in 2016), told her not to say anything if she didn’t know she COULDN’T say anything? The same Ana we saw in pictures with Camila’s PRs, both with Macaque and with Chignon, by the way.
Since this year, Sofi has been much more involved as you can see, and honestly? I expected it because she’s older now. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s even more involved in the future, also because Sofi has never been camera shy.
One of the examples that come to my mind for Taylor instead, is that of 2017. Taylor and many other people in the 5H clique, were involved in that period to fuel the fire of the C vs 5H narrative.
On May 14, 2017, Camila started promoting Crying in the Club. She posted three blurry pictures in which there were six pages stuck together like a collage where you couldn’t read what was written on it. The day after, the 15th, she posted those three pictures again, but with a date ‘05/19/17’ which represented the release of the song, and unlike the day before, you could clearly read ‘The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving.’ on the six pages. From the 16th, she started posting clips of the music video as well and continued with the promotion until the release on May 19th, and guess what? A few days before the release, on May 17th to be more precise, Tay tweeted: “You know what…I honestly wish you the very best. God knows you’ve struggled enough.” What a coincidence, huh?
On August 8, 2017, Tay’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were both ‘hacked’. They posted the OMG cover of Camila with the caption ‘Bop @camila_cabello’ on IG, and a picture of C&L with the caption ‘#camren’ on Twitter. If I’m not mistaken, that picture ‘Fuck Cameltoe Cabbagehoe’ (picture that dates back to when C left the group) and that fake conversation with her friend Simone comes from that hack.
Oh and, I also remember that during a live with her friends, Taylor said: “Camren shit”, obviously after the thousand Camren comments suffered.
This is something I will never understand. Why the fuck do people feel the need to continually comment Camren not just to the girls themselves, but even their friends and family. Those same people who then get angry if Lauren, Sofi, Taylor, and anyone else answer what they answer. What do they expect? That they say “Yeah, Camren was/is real”, or “Yeah, Lauren and Camila are still friends”? No, seriously. What do they expect? Fucking disrespectful and ignorant people 😒🙄
But anyway. These are things that I’d already mentioned in my ‘PR stunt relationships’ post. The point and the real motive of this post is to remind you that friends, siblings, parents, and families in general get involved. Whether you like it or not, whether they are underage or not, that’s how it works. What they do, what they comment about Camren and their PR relationships is for publicity. To make people talk and speculate. That’s all. That’s all they want. It’s up to you to be smart enough not to give the labels/managements the attention they want.
I’m done for today too. As usual, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m more than happy to answer and help you 😊
Aaaaand Merry Christmas Eve/Happy holidays to you all, babies 🎄 ✨🎉🎊🎅🏼 I hope you’re safe and have wonderful holidays with your families and friends. I send you a big big hug 🤗😘 Always with love, F ❤️
You are always on point my friend. The antis and SS are so bored they have to take out old stuff to get drama ongoing. Thanks for this submit and the explanation. I hope you are having a good day and Merry Christmas F
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aka-irish · 1 year
Apex Legends: The Top Predator Part 5. Predators to Prey
A blue portal opens up in the center of King’s Canyon. *Thwapew* and in a flash of blue light the Legends all appear lined up, hands on their guns as they await this new foe. The electronic banners in the canyon flicker as the Doctor Traxler’s face appears once more. “Bravo, Legends. I’m glad you made the right choice. I wouldn’t have wanted to set those bombs off, anyway, but I needed an insurance policy. With that said, I wanted to test our new toy. Please...accept my boy as you have any other legend. He does have a bit of a temper” The doctor snidely remarks, a huge grin on his face. The months of laboring research and creation finally coming to fruition for him. “We will stop you” yells Wraith, a finger pointing up at the monitor. “Oh, I doubt that” replies the doctor. “And even if you do, you won’t stop us, for as the wheels turn, we do our part. Now. “The doctor turns to off screen. “Release Darwin!” commands Traxler. “Sir!” says a soldier before hitting a button. A whirring from a door can be heard and the glass tank is released through a hatch in the floor as it launches down from a ship. The Legends look up and in a few moments a large metallic container can be seen descending from the sky. As it approaches the ground below rockets kick in to slow the fall. Upon landing it begins smoking as the air pressure begins releasing, and upon opening, the glass tank can be seen with Darwin in it. The tank drains and opens and the large body falls out onto his knees inside the metal hatch. “Hrr..hrrrr.hrrrr” a mix of deep breathing and seething can be heard coming him, as his powerful lungs expand and inhale for the first time on their own. The muscles twitch and flex as he begins to stand up, his massive frame almost too overshadowing the tank behind, making one wonder how he could have fit inside it. He stands up and eyes the legends. Steel grey eyes locked on the band of warriors as his teeth grit. “HrrRRWAAHHHHHH” roars the abomination of man. “Play nice, Legends.HAAHHA” the doctor laughs before his signal cuts out and the monitors display the fight. Darwin steps forth. 
“Hmph” Crypto quickly breathes as he throws out Hack “I’ll keep Hack open to provide any data scans in case things go south.” states the Korean hacker. “Good” replies Bangalore. “Oh my God, enough talking. Let’s bake this freak. RAPIDO!” bursts out Octane as he injects himself with a stim and charges the creature solo. “SILVA, NO!’ cries out Lifeline as the daredevil runs full speed at Darwin. “Catch me if you can, pendejo! Octane aims his mastiff shotgun at the beast of a man and he begins to unload a buckshot. The spray from the powerful gun land directly at the chest of the 6′6 bald, monster. *Tink* a small shield absorbs most of the shots. “Shielded up, eh? No matter. I’ll whittle you down, you can’t catch me” says Oct as he stims up again, the brash stuntman remarks happily, loving the thrill of the challenge. Darwin lashes a monstrous arm out, swinging at the speedster but he misses. “Oooo..gonna have to do better than that. yehehehahahah!” he laughs. Darwin swings again, misses, but becomes a bit closer. Octane fires another shot, the bullets once again absorbed by the energy shield. Darwin leaps at him and Octane slides under him. “Those muscles make ya slow, haha!” He jumps up and throws a kick at his face. The robotic legs kick off Darwin’s face, not even staggering him. “GRAHHHHHH!” he roars in annoyance as he lashes out once more. BA-THOOM BATHOOM BATHOOM, one of Darwin’s massive hearts begins to thunder and accelerate...BATHOOMBATHOOMBATHOOM, the second heart begins to beat faster and harder. As the two other hearts begin to catch up and speed up, Darwin begins moving even faster. He throws a wild punch as it grazes Octane’s mask. “The hell?” he wonders, the sudden surge in speed surprising him as a second fist connects to his stomach. “GAH!” he cries out in pain, never having been hit with such force in his life. He gets sent flying back as he coughs up blood in his mask. “HKHKHKHK!” he can’t breathe in the mask as he chokes on the blood. Darwin accelerates towards him, the added hearts pumping so fast in a way that his body is able utilize more oxygen to speed up his muscles to match even Octane. A blue portal opens up instantly between Octane and Darwin as a blue energy shield pops out to absorb the force. “Tch..you’re a strong one, huh” Gibraltr pops out of Wraith’s portal with his shield up. Wraith, having led the portal, grabs Octane and jumps back through, leaving the human fortress to fight the behemoth of Pinnacle. Gibraltr smiles as he his shield up and Maori club in his free hand. The shield absorbing the angry blows of Darwin and he counters with a massive club strike the face in an opening. The energy shield again absorbing the blow but the mighty Makoa, even being able to chop trees in a single stroke, merely knocks the monster’s head back slightly. BATHOOMBATHOOMBATHOOM, the powerful connection of hearts begin to surge again as Darwin throws his blows faster, as he starts to overwhelm Gibby. “Damn..I’ve never faced anyone like you before” Gibby says with a smile on his face as his wild side starts to show. “GRAAHHHH!” Darwin screams. The massive fists colliding with the shield as it shatters. Makoa reaches behind and pulls out his favored Eva-8 automatic shotgun, he points it point blank at Darwin’s stomach and begins pumping in all 8 rounds. Each explosive shot manages to push Darwin back for some space, but the shield reduces the damage once again.
 Meanwhile, Wraith having appeared back with the group puts Octane down by Lifeline. “He’s hurt bad. Whatever that thing is can throw a punch” points out the Voidwalker. “I got him. Go help, Makoa” says Lifeline as she hooks DOC to him to help heal him. Wraith nods before heading back to the portal and jumps in. She ports back out just as Gibraltr gained some space with his EVA. “I don’t know what kinda shield this thing has, but my gun ain’t cutting it Wraith” Gibby remarks as he loads a new drum into his shotgun. Wraith just nods as she finally confronts the nightmare from the base. She pulls out her alternator and leaps in, flipping over the charging monster, firing rapid shots as the bullets just burn through in the shield, Gibby combining with her his Eva. Darwin staggers around, clearly feeling some pain but showing little to no effect of slowing down. “AYE! GET BACK, MATES! FIRIN’ ME KNUCKLECLUSTER!” yells Fuse as he rushes in, firing his signature grenades. “HRUUUUUUUUU!!” Darwin yells in pain at the explosions. “Let’s see how you deal with Salvo’s finest!” smiles the Bonecage Brawler. His 30-30 repeater locked right onto Darwin. The charged shots clinking against the energy armor. “Bloody hell, what’s this?” he questions as Gibby and Wraith both fire. “We don’t know. It’s not an Evo shield I’ve ever seen. “Well..just keep firin then” Fuse’s face turns serious from the fun loving fighting expression that he is known for. The Legends seemingly having the monster on the ropes for the moment. “Why can’t we go in? Lemme at the brute!” blurts out Rampart. “Because, we don’t know what he can do and look what happened when one of us charged in. Silva is out of commission in almost one hit. Guns don’t seem to be working all too well either. As Wraith, Gibby and Fuse continue their advancement, Darwin swings wildly once again. BATHOOMBATHOOMBATHOOMBATHOOM, his hearts accelerating even faster, he charges forward and lands a massive fist to the face of Gibraltr between reloads, ignoring the shots from the other two. “AGH!” Gibby screams out in pain as he flies back, blood spraying immediately from his nose. Lands on the ground with a hard thud. ‘AGHRAARUUUU!’ roars Darwin again, as he swings around and turns his attention to Wraith and Fuse. Gibby staggers himself, the normally proud and happy disposition on his face is turned to, for the first time in a long time, doubt. “Damn” he whispers under his breath and he charges again. *click click click* Wraith’s gun clicks. “Oh no..I;m out” she thinks to herself. She pulls her kunai. “I’m going to phase guys!” she teleports as she ports around and jumps up to climb his distracted shoulders as she goes for a stab to his neck with her kunai. The blade bouncing off the shield...”oh no..” she stutters as Darwin reaches up and powerbombs her into the ground so hard it almost cracks. “Ghuhh!” Wraith bounces against stone and sand as the air immediately leaves her lungs, her body wracked with pain. 
Aboard the Pinnacle ship, Traxler looks on in intent amazement at his creation. The metallic doors open as Colonel Braxton makes his presence known. “You’ve done outstanding work, Doctor” remarks Braxton, his hands held behind as back as he watches the carnage of Pinnacle’s creation. “It really is incredible, isn’t it, Colonel?” questions the sociopath. “We have really done it, we have created the perfect soldier. We have played God here and are winning” he follows up, putting a hand on the Colonel’s shoulder. “And none of it would be possible without your leadership, sir. I hope we may continue to do business with each other.” “And I as well”, replies Braxton as both return to their gaze to the battle below. “Wraith is down! Horizon, retrieve her as quick as possible. Gibs! How is it hanging in there?” questions Bangalore amidst the chaos and commands. Gibraltr throws his dome shield over Wraith as he knocks the even bigger man back out of it. “Not good, Anita. This thing is tough and I don’t know how much more we can hold off” he admits through gritted teeth. A gravity disk is thrown by Wraith and sucks her up to her the Scottish scientist that is Horizon. “No dyin today, deary. We can take a wee nap later” she caringly mutters to the downed Wraith. “And up” Horizon launches another disk and floats back up to the group, landing softly and laying her down by Octane. “Horizon...Wattson...Valkyrie...Caustic, we need to hit him with everything we have, but it’s going to take and timing and work. Ajay, you continue providing care to Oct and Wraith. Loba, Mirage, I need you to go help Gibraltr and get Fuse back up here, we need his Motherlode. We only have one shot at this, guys” Bangalore sternly states before turning to look at Rampart. “P, can you set Sheila up and provide some suppressive fire?”she asks the modded machine gunner. “Can do, girl” Rampart whips around her massive minigun before slapping it a couple times. “Alright, girl, we got a big, mutant skull to crack.” she jollily chortles before running off to set up. “Mirage to the rescue. Dupes deployed” yells Mirage as he charges after the creature, his dupes appearing and running at it. Loba tosses her ring and lands in behind the creature as it continues to throw massive fists with Gibraltr. “Take this you sonofabitch” Loba roars through her teeth as she pulls out the R-99 and begins unloading the rapid clip at Darwin. “GAAAHGRRUUUUHHH” it yells as it now has dupes, Gibraltr, Mirage and Loba fighting. Loba flips between fists and kicks as dupes disappear from being hit while Mirage sets back, unloading his signature Wingman. The high caliber rounds knocking back the beast as it staggers but still seems unaffected due to the modded energy shield. “Bullets don’t see to be working, guys” Mirage remarks as he sends another dupe, Loba continuing to leap and unload clip after clip  with Gibby jumping in with his shotgun. “Fuse, return back” commands Bangalore over the earpiece. “Right” he returns and starts running back, catching the gaze of Darwin. “RAAGHH” he roars as he charges after him. As he does, a hailstorm of bullets comes from atop a cliff as Rampart rains down SHEILA at him. “Take this ya bloody bastard HAHAHA” she laughs manically in delight at the fight. As the barrage of high-caliber bullets hit him, the shield seems to almost crack. 
“Good, P. Keep it going” compliments “Rest of you, GO!” screams the former IMC soldier as the remaining legends rush down the hill. “Gibs, Mirage, and Loba. Get back!” they hear Bangalore bark. Mirage dupes, and Loba jump drives away. Bangalore launches a smokebomb at Darwin, it explodes confusing the almost frozen monster with Rampart shooting him. Rampart stops as Valkyrie flies by, dropping her missiles to stun him for a few moments. “Deploying fences” excitedly states Wattson as she slides down, putting up a square of super charged fences around the monster. “RAGHHHH” Darwin can be heard screaming inside the smoke cloud, lashing out but cringing back in pain due to the electric posts of the genius Ms. Paquette. “Singularity deployed” yells Horizon as she throws NEWT at him. The device opening and unleashing the gravitational pull, keeping Darwin centered. “Droppin the motherlode” as it’s Fuse’s turn to pull out his cannon as he launches the flaming ring over Darwin, the shield absorbing more and more damage, but despite that, Darwin can feel the heat and charge, yelling out in pain. “Gas grenade” calmly states Caustic as he throws his gas grenade. It explodes on contact, releasing the venomous mist inside. The powerful lungs of Darwin inhale the spray and begins choking, his lungs and extra hearts working overtime to metabolize and compensate for the poison. “Bangalore up top pops up a can of her rolling thunder before launching it. “Everyone, get in Gibby’s shield. We end this now” she yells. Gibraltr throws up his dome shield as the signal flare calling for the missiles to drop and line the ground around Darwin. “RUUUUUUAAAAHH!” he screams in the searing agony of the combined ultimates of the Legends. The missiles detonate leaving Darwin to get caught in the explosions, his energy shield reaching maximum capacity and finally cracking, as dust and sand, and gunpowder fills the air, engulfing him. Gibby’s shield finally fading. “Did we win?” asks Mirage, the other legends staring sternly at the dust cloud. 
“Sir, Darwin’s shield has been cracked!” a soldier at a monitor reports out. “And how is Darwin?” calmly asks the doctor. “He appears to have sustained minimal damage, but damage nonetheless” he reads back. “To be expected” states the doctor. “These are the legends after all, but I think it’s time we end this. Activate Darwin’s Cardiac Connection ultimate and drop the Devotions kit” he orders. The soldier nods as he pulls open a switch and hits the read button over Darwin’s screen. Another soldier pulls a lever as a container is launched from the drop ship, plummeting towards the arena. BATHOOM...BATHOOM...BATHOOM, Darwin’s three extra hearts begin beating in different rhythms. *Thoom-thoomp..thoom-thoomp...thoom.thoomp..THOOMthumpthump...thoomthom* Loba winces immediately yelling out in pain as she drops to her knees, hands clutching at her breast. Darwin’s 2nd heart *thoomp-thmp--thoomp-thmp..thmmpp..thmppthmp..BUMP* Mirage drops to his knees, clutching his chest, seething in agony. *BMPBMPBMP..bmp-bmpbummppthump* Rampart falls from SHEILA, hand almost ripping at her shirt. Darwin’s hearts beat rapidly and flail while the hearts of the three legends match them. “What’s going on!?” yells a confused Bangalore. Valkyrie puts an ear down on the convulsing Loba’s breast “THOMMP...thoompthumpthump...thmph......thmph” it’s like shes having a heart attack!” she cries out. “What the hell!? Is this thing still alive or did they cheat us again!?” Bangalore looks as the dust finally settles, and there is Darwin still standing, clutching an arm, cuts across his face, and body, blood dripping down an arm.” RAAAAAHHGHH” he roars, angrier than ever. The previous drop package from Pinnacle lands down in front of him. It opens and out pop two, fully kitted devotions. “Heheh..eheh” breathes out Darwin..almost as if he’s laughing. He reaches in and grabs the guns and aims them at the still standing Legends. Darwin pulls the trigger as the devotions fire their super heavy and powerful spray of energy rounds. The bullets shredding the shields of the Legends and knocking them. “GAH! aGH!” they can all be heard screaming except for one. The whole team, tired and exhausted from their almost fruitless efforts. Lifeline and Crypto, having been support run down, charging the monster as he shoots them down almost as quickly as they came to attack. Bangalore stands atop from her position...eyes wide and stunned at the events that transpired. The heroes...the Legends..the comrades and fighting family before her, all taken out by one person..one thing. She walks down the hill towards Darwin, the devotions hanging at his sides still smoldering before dropping them. She stands toe to toe with him, staring up at his cold, souless yet vicious, steel eyes. “Bastard” she mutters before aiming her G7 Scout at his face, he swats an arm at her, the massive fist connecting with the side of her head. She gets sent several feet away from the impact. 
The drop ship lands and a hatch opens before extending a walkway. Doctor Traxler and a few soldiers, armed with guns up, follow him out as they head towards Darwin, a sick smile spread across his face as he looks at the fallen bodies of the Legends that lay at his feet. “I’d say our experiment was a success, Colonel” cockily states the Doctor. “Good. Bring him” responds the Colonel. “Very well” says Traxler as he directs his attention to the soldiers. “Begin the retrieval process” he barks out as the soldiers head towards Darwin, wrangling him towards the ship. Traxler looks down at the nearly unconscious Bangalore. Anita looks up, and through foggy eyes, she sees that smile before he heads back to the ship. All she can hear, aside from the ringing in her ears, the ship engines firing up and the slow thudding of her own heart beating as she finally slips into unconsciousness. 
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rpmemesbyarat · 2 years
RP Meme from " Corax" in "Chapter Two: The Changing Breeds" from the World of Darkness "Changing Breeds" book (20th Anniversary edition)
Seriously? Who writes this stuff?
You’re never going to learn the real story about who you are from that hack.
You know how the littlest kid is always the one who runs to Mom with every little thing their siblings do wrong? That’s us. We’re the tattletales.
You know why we can’t settle down? Cuz they’re everywhere, so we have to be, too.
We’re built to go everywhere, see everything. No homebodies allowed.
If there are secrets going on, you can bet there’s one of us, listening in, poking around, getting a gander — so to speak.
We see something going on — we gotta spread the word.
No, I don’t mean porn — well, not just porn, anyway.
We make the Net look like a buncha clay tablets with “Cleo Was Here” scrawled on them. We’re bleeding edge, eyes-in-the-sky, grade A, number one know-it-alls.
Information’s no good if the messenger can’t deliver it.
Oh, we’re nasty enough in a scrap, and we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves, but the truth is we’re not built for going toe-to-toe.
Fight sneaky, the way we do everything else, and you’re more likely to survive to tell a tale — or pull a prank — another day.
Most of the time, there’s a method to our madness, a lesson in the lemon-meringue.
See, some folks just don’t listen the easy way.
You should know where your allegiances lie.
Find stuff. Tell people.
Laugh, because the world ain’t getting any prettier.
You’re learning already. But, here’s something you gotta know; Once I finish teaching you the basics, you’re on your own.
Now, don’t look like that.
I mean, what’s the good of gathering stories if you don’t get to tell them in front of a group every now and then?
As for specific operations, well, I can’t tell you much beyond “they exist”, because I don’t know.
If you’re heading in a way that crosses winds with one of them, they’ll find you and tell you what you need to know about hooking up with them.
High tech, big business, politics? We’re there too.
Japan? Europe? The Middle East? You name it, one of us has an eye on it.
Well, let’s just say that if you turn over enough stones, you’re eventually going to find more than dirt underneath one.
Do your job right, and there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in a heap of trouble soon or later.
Quit thinking so literally!
The possibilities are, as they say, endless.
Between Facebook, Twitter, and all that jazz, almost everyone has some sort of internet presence — and online friends — these days.
A couple of dummy accounts armed with stock photos and a fake bio, and suddenly I’m “friends” with whatever patsy I’m looking for more info on.
If I’m lucky, he’ll keep a running dialogue with his hundred closest buddies about where he’s “checking in” for the meeting I want to listen in on.
If I’m really lucky, he’ll jump on instant messaging and try to impress his new “follower” with some handy details that can be used against him.
Of course, if I’m unlucky, I might end up with pictures of his naked junk, but even those can be used for blackmail or sold off to the highest bidder — it’s gross, but hey, them’s the breaks in the info business.
Government agencies are required to make certain files accessible to the public. So, a lot of that stuff we used to have to wing it down to the archives office to get a gander at is now available on a point-and-click basis through one website or another.
If you can get a hacker on your side, there’s almost nothing you can’t find out about someone.
Debit card transaction records, ISP cookie files, internet site caches, phone and text message logs? Easy breezy, lemon-squeezy, if you know what I mean.
Don’t get me wrong. We were made to do what we do — and to do it well. Like any fine piece of equipment, form follows function, and all that jazz.
I thought that might get your attention.
What? You don’t know that one? I’ll tell you later.
The thing? Where you drink the stuff from a corpse’s eye, and you see the last thing it saw before it died?
Oh, come on now; don’t make that face. You’ll take to it quick enough.
There’s no better way to get information on what killed some poor schmuck, or why it was done.
See, that’s another thing about being one of us. That whole discretion thing? Not so much. We can’t shut up.
Hey, don’t tell me you noticed; that’s disrespectful.
Information wants to be free, and it’s hard as hell for us to hold back when we know a juicy tidbit.
You probably have noticed that there’s some differences between, say, me and you.
You’re probably more comfortable that way, cuz it’s how you were born.
Y’all are usually pretty cliquish, talkative — even by our standards — and a little fuzzy on the notion of property rights where shiny things are concerned.
We tend toward the twitchy loner type.
We’re generalists, built to survive anywhere, under any circumstances.
Sure, it’s fun to go poking after spooky stuff; all kinds of interesting things hiding out in the shadows.
Just make sure if you join up with a band of these guys, that at least one of you has the brains to keep an eye on where the exits are.
Don’t be dumb enough to think stumbling onto something interesting means you’re tough enough to deal with it yourself
Oh, and once they start talking? Pack a lunch. You’re gonna be there a while.
But their big money makers aren’t “things” at all — they’re secrets.
Passwords, bleeding-edge code, blackmail fodder, and anything else that someone doesn’t want brought to light?
Their CEO is riding the headwinds of technology at this point, and there are big things on the horizon for the “company”.
It’s creepy as hell.
You either high-tail it out of there, or prepare to be a part of the fighting, cuz things are about to get crazy.
They’re always picking fights, causing trouble, and generally being the biggest bitches they can get away with.
Trying to be bad, yep, yep, yep. Pulling it off? Sometimes.
Oh, and it’s a girls’ club only. No boys allowed.
Most of the time, they’re never heard from again.
There’s stuff out there that would eat a little-bit like you without even needing to spit out the bones.
I mean, time works different out there, and the rules are all wonky.
They were pure, once upon a time.
They’re the trickster’s tricksters, and they take the job damn seriously, which means they’re always practicing — and pissing people off.
It looks kind of goofy, and you walk funny while you’re in it.
Most of us are thin and don’t tan well, which makes us kinda look like underfed Goths.
It’s not a sure-fire giveaway, but it can be a clue.
Hold your head high.
We’re big, we’re smart, we’re fast, we’re beautiful; what’s not to love?
I don’t even want to talk about the feet.
It's just humiliating.
We look out for you, and you look out for us. Capische?
They talk too much, but if you know what to listen for and what to ignore, you can learn a lot. Assuming you don’t kill them first.
They irritate without making enemies.
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
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Danganronpa Survival
Tumblr media
I decided to make a video game concept based on Danganronpa, which is based on my previous posts about the aftermath of DRV3. Danganronpa Survival: Truth of Killing Games is a concept of a survival horror-based action-adventure game taking place six months after the events of DRV3.
The game focuses on the survivors of the 53rd killing game, Shuichi Saihara, Maki Harukawa, and Himiko Yumeno, as they try to adjust to their new lives after escaping into the real world. Saihara is now a private detective, Harukawa is working at a fast food joint, and Yumeno is now a street magician. One fateful evening, they soon get kidnapped by a bunch of raving fans, and after fighting them off, forcing themselves to kill them off, they are soon greeted by the unlovely Monokuma, as he tells them that they’re now participating in a brand new killing game, Danganronpa Survival. Not only that, but they also encounter  familiar faces, who were also kidnapped and forced to participate in the new killing game, as all 15 of them must work together to solve a mystery. As they traverse from city to city in the urban region of Chuochiiki, solving assigned mysteries and facing off against deranged fans, the trio must find a way out of this crazy game for good, either they make their great escape and return to their normal lives, or they could at least face off against their oppressors, Team Danganronpa, and stop these crazy killing games once and for all.
The game is a third-person action-adventure game with inspiration from hack-and-slash games (Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, No More Heroes), survival horror games (Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Manhunt, Condemned, Dead Rising), third-person shooters (Max Payne), open world games (Grand Theft Auto, Yakuza, Saints Row, Dead Rising), and action-packed shooters (Hotline Miami, Ruiner, My Friend Pedro, Maximum Action), while retaining the detective gameplay and problem-solving gameplay from the main series, as well as taking inspiration from other similar games (Ace Attorney, Max Payne, Condemned, L.A. Noire). The game is set in the urban region of Tokyo, Chuochiiki, which is based on the real-life centermost special wards of Tokyo. Similar with the main series, the game is split into two modes: Wonderful Life and Deadly Life, and the player characters are Saihara, Harukawa, Yumeno, and 12 other returning characters which I won’t reveal yet.
In Wonderful Life mode, the player is situated in the streets of Chuochiiki, which details the events between killing games and focuses on the characters’ daily lives. The setting is inspired by other open worlds, particularly Kamuro-cho from Yakuza, Stilwater from Saints Row and Saints Row 2, and Los Santos from Grand Theft Auto V. The player can traverse across many areas in Chuochiiki to enjoy some food, buy some outfits, interact with characters, do some random jobs, and unwillingly encounter random events, but the player has to unlock the entire region city by city after completing Deadly Life mode. In certain days, the player must follow a planned schedule in order to proceed the main story, like the trio’s weekly therapy sessions or meeting up with an ally who could help them escape the killing game. In their free time, they can interact with other characters and learn more about them, as some characters can offer odd jobs to the player in exchange for yen, which can be used to exchange items and presents. Not only that, but similar with Daily Life mode in the main trilogy, interacting with characters can reward the player experience points, and can also unlock skills that the player can use throughout the game. Skills are categorized into three types: detective skills, which helps the player find more hidden clues or secrets; combat skills, which helps the player better fight off against enemies and bosses; educational skills, which helps the player piece together clues in the standard exam. Just like in the main trilogy, and similar with other games like Grand Theft Auto and Yakuza, the player can choose to hang out with their classmates, the other contestants in the killing game. They can arrange a date, pick whichever place they can hang out, like clubs, arcades, or parks, and strengthen their bond with their classmate, or they can accept invites by one of their classmates and hang out with them as well. By hanging out with them, the player can unlock skills. But even though Wonderful Life serves as a grace period between the game, it can be interrupted by random encounters with thugs and rabid fans, of which the player then enters Awful Encounter mode. Similar with encounter battles in Yakuza, the player can encounter or be encountered by enemies, which then triggers a battle they can either run away from or partake in, and unlike in Deadly Life, the player doesn’t kill them, so they’re restricted with their own fists, combat skills, and whatever they see lying on the floor to battle against foes. After completing the battle, the player is then rewarded with yen and experience points, and some battles can reward the player combat moves.
In Deadly Life mode, the player must traverse across a large environment, which takes form of a building complex, and find some clues, while also trying to either avoid or fend off against rabid fans. Before beginning the killing game, the player can utilize unlocked skills to better traverse the area and solve a mystery, similar in the main trilogy before doing the class trial. The player can also scavenge for weapons, items, and tools, like first aid kits, ammo, and welders, to better focus on their task and face off against enemies, or the better to avoid them, at least. They can also search through rooms to find some clues in order to solve their assigned mystery, or they can also discover some secrets and solve some puzzles to either collect a clue, find another secret, or discover a unique weapon. However, some of the puzzles are only assigned to a specific character, for example, if there’s a puzzle with a magnifying glass icon, then it should by solved by Saihara. Speaking of which, each playable character not only has unique stats, but also possesses a unique talent that can help then find clues, solve puzzles, and battle against enemies. For example, Saihara can detect more clues and details than any other character, Maki is highly skilled in battling against enemies and disposing them, and Yumeno can cast spells or perform magic tricks to battle with, solve puzzles, or heal characters. Some areas also include a mini-boss battle the player must face in order to obtain a clue; this is appropriately referred to as Practice Exam mode. There are three ways, or paths, the player can take to deal with enemies: the pacifist path, stealth path, and rampage path. The pacifist path involves avoiding many enemies as possible without the need of killing them, but if the player couldn’t avoid them, they can always knock them clean out. The stealth path involves knocking out or killing few or more enemies in a clean, discreet, and merciless manner, and both the pacifist path and stealth path are useful for the player to focus on finding clues, since enemies mainly serve as obstacles, similar to the zombies of Dead Rising. And finally, the rampage path involves killing many of enemies as much as you can, and sometimes involves slower, yet gory and painful executions. After finding all the clues, the player must then head to the classroom and begin their standard exam to solve their mystery. The Standard Exam mode acts similar to the class trials in the main trilogy, with each one of the trio discussing about the mystery, with a couple of returning minigames such as Non-Stop Debate, Hangman’s Gambit, and Brain Drive. After completing the standard exam, the player must then head to the elevator and delve deep into the battle chambers to complete their physical exam. The Physical Exam mode is basically the main boss battle, with each chapter containing a boss the player must face in order to end the survival game and then move on to the next city. Compared to the practice exams, the bosses are highly skilled and incredibly dangerous in their own way, and not to mention that they happen to be the main hunters Team Danganronpa sent to deal with the game’s contestants, so the player must be very careful when facing them if they need to finish the killing game. And carrying on the tradition from the franchise, the boss will receive a harsh, ironic punishment after they’ve been defeated, similar to the culprits in the main trilogy after they’ve been caught. Once completing Deadly Life, the player then returns to their room, and once the next chapter begins, the player must head over to a different city to complete the next killing game.
The combat gameplay involves high action hand-to-hand combat and rapid-fire gunplay, like in Max Payne, Saints Row, Dead Rising, and No More Heroes, with the actiony mood of Devolver Digital games and the survival horror atmosphere of Silent Hill and Resident Evil. The player can only carry about six types of weapon at a time: one or two smaller melee weapons (combat knife, dagger, sai, metal pipe), a larger melee weapon (baseball bat, pool cue, katana), one or two handguns (revolver, pistol, machine pistol), a large firearm (shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle), a set of throwable weapons (compact discs, shivs, shuriken), and a set of grenades (cocktail bombs, hand grenades, flash bangs), so the player ought to juggle between these weapons as the game progresses. Enemies mainly consist of the rabid Danganronpa fanbase, who volunteered in the survival game to be part of the action and get back against the “rogue protagonist” who ruined their favorite show, while in a few levels, enemies also consist of corrupt policemen and mercenaries personally hired by Team Danganronpa to take care of the trio. When an enemy is in a dazed state, the player can perform a tackle maneuver to take them down, similar to Travis Touchdown’s wrestling moves, and when an enemy is on low health, the player can tackle them and can either knock them clean out or execute them. If the player focuses on the pacifist path or stealth path, they can sneak behind an enemy and either knock them out or perform an execution. To knock out enemies is to simply subdue them for a long period of time, but in some cases, they could always wake up later on. So, the player can also drag a subdued enemy into a closet or a chest to lock them in, or they can suppress their unconsciousness even longer with sedatives or with a blunt weapon. The player can also subdue enemies with pain, like stabbing them in the shoulder, and even though many enemies are resistant to pain, they can’t endure their injuries that long. Executions also vary depending on the character’s mood: if their despair meter is low, then they can kill an enemy in a quick, discreet, and painless manner; if their despair meter is median or high, then they can kill an enemy is a slow, loud, and gory manner.
Saihara’s combat style plays like a regular main character in a survival horror game, like the everyman characters from Silent Hill, Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 2, and Frank West from Dead Rising, and his strength, reflexes, energy take, and firearm skills are mainly average. Like many other characters, he can wield any form of weaponry, ranging from a combat knife, to a revolver, to a submachine gun. Typically, his skills increase as the game progresses, making him faster, stronger, and more resistant or quicker to dodge from enemy attacks. He can also learn to use combat analytics similar to that of Sherlock’s abilities shown in the 2009 movie, Sherlock Holmes, in the famous bare-knuckle fight scene. His health consists of 100 HP.
Harukawa’s combat style plays like a combination of a protagonist from any action-packed video game, such as the Doomslayer from DOOM, Solid Snake and Raiden from Metal Gear Solid, and Jacket from Hotline Miami, and many of her stats are fairly higher than Saihara’s or Yumeno’s. Due to her physique, she can perform athletic maneuvers to better evade enemies or combat against them, such as a kickflip or a roundhouse kick. She is also highly skilled in many forms of weaponry, such as knives, firearms, and explosives, but she still needs help with swordsmanship. As expected from her talent, she’s also highly skilled in quietly disposing enemies without confronting one, similar to Agent 47 from Hitman. Her health consists of 150 HP.
Yumeno’s combat style plays more of a weak, yet resourceful protagonist of a fantasy video game, such as Link from The Legend of Zelda and the player characters from FromSoftware’s ultra-difficult fantasy games, and her stats are fairly weaker, mainly due to her short, meek posture, but can still increase over time. Her weapons usually consist of medieval weaponry, such as axes, swords, and crossbows, but her weapon of choice is a seemingly magical wand she finds later on in the game that can cast elemental spells and telekinetic spells. Of course, it needs to be recharged with fuel cells, or mana, and it can also help solve puzzles assigned to her, which are categorized by a witch’s hat icon. Her health consists of 90 HP.
The game also features a new “despair” system, which is based on the trust system featured in DISTRUST, the prototype version of Trigger Happy Havoc, which centered on placing trust on classmates during a class trial. The trust system also determined which classmate will be killed next, as well as how it effects the main character and the game’s ending. The despair system depends on how you deal with enemies, whether you choose to avoid them, incapacitate them, or outright kill them. If you choose to avoid numerous enemies or confront them and knock them out, your despair meter remains still, but if you choose to kill some enemies, then your despair meter reacts, resulting in your character to undergo a slight panic attack, and they need to calm down afterwards lest they need to focus on finding some clues. Your despair meter can also increase if your character gets caught in a battle, receives damage from enemies, or gets exhausted after getting chased by pursuing enemies. If the despair meter reaches critical mass, then it will unleash a mental breakdown that can make your character undergo a murderous rampage, allowing you to kill every enemy on sight. After time runs out, your character then experiences a post-despair relapse, resulting in headaches, visions, vomiting, and freak-outs, so they need to head to a quiet room in order to calm down. The despair meter varies from character to character, with Yumeno being the most vulnerable, and Harukawa being the most strong-willed.
The number of enemies you kill and how you kill them not only affects the ending, but the story and main characters as well. Let’s say that one character starts to have a dilemma, knowing that they had killed about 13 people during a killing game, so they begin to have nightmares and undergo a slight personality change. They can alleviate this by heading to the local therapist, who may or may not play a major role in the game, and vent out their feelings without going over much detail. Or if they’re hanging out with their classmates, they could also vent out their feelings to them, which would also effect their relationship with them, either for the better or for the worst. But as the game progresses, as long as the player chooses to kill, the main characters would soon get used to killing, growing more unfazed after taking away a life. Besides, their enemies, the very fans of Danganronpa, did sign up for this, right? But then again, according to DRV3, Maki did state to never get used to killing, lest they’ll lose more of their innocence for every life they take away.
Now, this is something I’m concerned about: allowing the survivors of the 53rd killing game to kill. Knowing that Danganronpa revolves around a killing game that forces 15–16 high school students to kill each other, and that some of them will defy the game by not killing and trying to escape, I’m a bit stuck on forcing the survivors to kill. Many of the Ultimate Academy students had tried to defy the killing game and find a way to escape, while some of them had grown accustomed to their imprisonment, and some of them had succumbed to their urge to kill. And at the end of the game, Saihara, Harukawa, and Yumeno were the only survivors, and as such, they hadn’t killed anyone, with the exception of Maki attempting to kill Ouma. Now, what would happen if they were forced in a hectic situation where they had to kill someone in order to survive, basically a fight-or-flight predicament? For instance, if one of them gets kidnapped, their first instinct is to try to escape, and after doing so, they’d eventually encounter their kidnapper and get caught in a grueling fight, and the result would be the victim killing off their kidnapper. What happens after that? I know how would Saihara and Yumeno react after making their first kill, but what about Harukawa? Normally, she would shrug it off and make her escape, but long after she was revealed that her memories of being an assassin were fake, I believe she would react almost the same way as Saihara and Yumeno. I believe that making their first kill would be the start of a new despair, and gradually, it could lead to a major personality change, if they retain their cool, that is. After all, it is tradition to make the characters fall into despair, but would letting these characters kill be considered betraying the main themes of Danganronpa?
I’m also concerned about the game’s atmosphere, either to make it action-packed like Hotline Miami, somber and dreadful like Silent Hill, or try to combine both ambiences like in Ruiner. On one hand, I adore many actiony, energetic video games, and I could name many, and I would like to see what happens when the characters of Danganronpa would get roped in an actiony situation. Basically, just them grabbing the nearest weapon and bashing an enemy’s brain in, do some quick dodging and martial art moves here and there, and perform some gun fu. And considering how energetic the trilogy and spin-off was, it doesn’t seem out-of-place for this franchise to include a high-action action-adventure game. On the other hand, I also appreciate horror games with a somber feel, like Yume Nikki and Lost in Vivo, and considering how some characters fit the role of an everyman protagonist, and the franchise does contain horror traits within its stories, it wouldn’t also be considered out-of-place to include a survival horror game in the franchise. But that would also mean nerfing some of the characters’ strength and combat experience, like Sakura Oogami’s martial arts prowess, for example. Or perhaps I could mix both of these elements like I’m aiming to do now, basically keep the actiony gameplay while mixing in the somber atmosphere. I could make it as graphic as how DISTRUST was going to be, and try to explore some dark topics like dark web entertainment and corporate censorship.
So this is all I have for Danganronpa Survival. Now, I’m not trying to make it into a big reality like a fan game, as this is still a fan concept, but I could try to make a fanfiction out of this. That said, I got to improve my writing a bit more, since I dabbled in some fanfiction of Twisted Metal long ago, which are also a part of another fan concept I’m working on, but that’s another story. I could also draw some fanart of this concept, such as the characters, enemies, weapons, and maybe some backgrounds, which means I got to push myself into drawing more. There are other installments of Danganronpa Survival in my head right now, as I've already published another fan concept related to this. Although, I still love the old adventure game format in the main trilogy, and I do have some ideas for new Danganronpa titles related to this, particularly a sequel to DRV3. I could make them into a third-person perspective instead of a visual novel perspective, while still retaining the trilogy’s main features. I’m gonna see if I could post some character profiles later on, including the ones for the survivor trio, as well a a lot of new characters I wanna introduce, including the ones behind Team Danganronpa. And I’m going to reveal the other 12 main characters soon, I just need to finish a theory or two related to this and link it later on. Until then, see you around.
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House Isekai: A Realm Reborn - Part 3, Thunder Rolls (2 of 2)
House Isekai ARR Masterlist Here
Tumblr media
Client: Marianne Von Edmund
With Marianne's help, the new House Isekai split off into teams to find this mysterious object and take it down before it becomes too dangerous...
[Tactics - Fire Emblem: Three Houses OST]
Marianne handed Sitri a paper with all the findings her scouts have reported.
(Marianne) "I hope this will be of use to you all."
(Sitri) "It will, thank you, Marianne."
Marianne nodded and smiled.
(Marianne) "Please be careful, I would not like to see any of you come to harm."
(Kazuma) "Eh, don't worry, the kids'll be fine with us!"
Marianne raised an eyebrow, although her smile was still kept.
(Marianne) "With Rean and the others, I can believe that."
(Kazuma) "Hey, who was the group that saved your guys asses plenty of times back then? Mine, that's who!"
(Rean) "Aaaand, don't forget who bailed you out for a lot of those situations."
(Aigis) "It was us."
Kazuma continued to cause a commotion, letting the other groups spectate.
(Jean) "They all seem rather close."
(Lisa) "Reminds you a bit of home, doesn't it?"
Lisa smirked as she turned to Kaeya and Diluc.
Diluc rolled his eyes while Kaeya shrugged.
(Kurt) "I trust Instructor Rean and Towa's guidance, but I am unsure about the other two."
(Juna) "Well, that Aigis lady seems nice enough though, now that I think on it, what CAN those two do?"
(Ash) "Noticed Kazuma has a dagger and a short sword on his belt, but for Aigis...can't tell."
(Altina) "It appears she is like me."
(Juna) "Wait, as in not human?"
Musse turned to the Garreg Mach students.
(Musse) "What do you guys think?"
(Astrid) "Eh? Well, I dunno. I've only heard stories, never seen them in action."
(Helena) "Gets kinda hard to tell what's true."
(Stefan) "I guess today's our lucky day!"
(Elizabeth) "Hmph, if you call having to deal with otherworldy monstrosities lucky!"
(Helena) "Harsh. These people aren't that ugly."
(Elizabeth) "What in the-That is not what I meant and you know it!"
(Kairos) "..."
(Astrid) ? "Kairos? Somethin' up?"
(Kairos) "Huh? Oh, I am fine. It's nothing."
Kairos looked back down, a bit dejected.
(Stefan) "The things Lady Marianne and Sitri say getting you down?"
Kairos raised his voice to object but sighed instead.
(Kairos) "I just cannot believe I let my immaturity get the best of me there. These people are the reason we're here right now, but I cannot shake off how I feel that easily."
(Elizabeth) "I...would be lying if I said I did not feel the same."
Venti and Amber didn't mean to eavesdrop, but it was hard not to considering how loudly they were announcing their feelings to the entire group.
(Venti) "If that's the case, why not get to know us then?"
(Elizabeth and Kairos) "Huh?"
(Amber) "Yeah, this mission looks to be tough, so if we all work together, I'm sure we'll be friends in no time!"
(Kurt) "I would not be opposed to it. Well, considering that we also have no alternatives present as well.'
Meanwhile, the Instructors finally finished their conversation.
(Marianne) "I wish you luck, House Isekai."
(Rean) "Thanks, Marianne. We'll be back as soon as we can."
Marianne bowed and went inside back to her estate, leaving the Instructors to walk back to their groups.
(Towa) "So, what's the plan?"
(Sitri) "I...Hm."
She stopped walking to take a moment to think.
(Sitri) "I think it'd be best if we were to all search together. We have no idea what we'd be up against."
The tone of her voice made it sound like it was more of a suggestion than a command.
(Sothis) "Looks like the group has another one."
(Diluc) "Miss Sitri, was it? If we could speak our mind."
(Sitri) "Huh? O-Oh, Go ahead."
Kazuma leaned over to Rean.
(Kazuma) "She doesn't exactly sound confident for a headmaster."
(Rean) "Being fair, she was just a nun from what we were told by Jeralt."
(Aigis) "Affirmative, she also was very weak and could not leave Garreg Mach often."
(Towa) "...S-So, if that's the case, how is she walking around out here carrying her sword no problem?"
The four stared at her while Diluc was explaining the group's plan.
(Rean) "Lahabrea did mention she was chosen to be resurrected for a reason...Did we ever find out why?"
They were silent.
(Kazuma) "Tch, even dead Those Who Slither are a pain in our ass. We never get straight answers from them"
(Aigis) "Well, that wasn't Those Who Slither, that was Byle-...Er, Lahabrea who did the resurrection himself."
(Towa) "Regardless, I think we should ask this ourselves another time."
(Diluc) "...And so, we think splitting up is the best way to approach this threat."
(Sitri) "Well..."
(Jean) "You have our word that nothing will befall any of your students."
(Kurt) "And mine as well."
(Helena) "To be fair, this would be a good way to know how we all fight considering this is our first assignment together."
(Sitri) "Fair enough...Very well, we shall split into teams.
(Rean) "I think it'd be best to mix and match teams."
(Aigis) "Agreed. Based off initial data, I will configure the teams as follows:
First Team will consist of: Rean, Sitri, Helena, Stefan, Kaeya, Amber, Altina, and Ash.
Second team will consist of: Myself, Kazuma, Astrid, Diluc, Jean, Venti, Kurt, and Juna.
Third team will consist of: Towa, Kairos, Elizabeth, Lisa, and Musse."
(Jean) "No objections from me."
(Ash) "Sounds fine."
(Musse) "Aww, I wanted one with Rean-"
(Rean) "You'll be fine under Towa's command. Besides, she was your homeroom teacher anyway."
(Lisa) "Ouch, shot down."
(Musse) "Doesn't mean I'm giving up!~"
(Lisa) "Oh, I like your attitude, love is such a powerful thing..."
(Towa) "Uh...."
(Elizabeth) "I had some slight objections being put in a group with you, Kairos, but now? I think I am glad to have at least someone familiar..."
(Kairos) "Ugh, the feeling's mutual."
(Rean) "Right then. We'll split up and meet at this point in the map if we don't find anything."
(Kazuma) "How are we gonna keep in contact if shit goes down?"
(Aigis) "Rean and Towa have their Arcus Units, and I believe the students of Garreg Mach have something similar."
(Stefan) "Yes, we were all given a communication crystal upon our entry for Sitri's group."
All the students of Garreg Mach pulled out a small flat crystal that faintly glowed blue.
(Kaeya) "We have our methods then. It's probably best we stop wasting time and get moving."
(Sitri) "Agreed. Everyone, remember to be safe. This may be only our first assignment, but do not underestimate the danger. Your lives could be thrown away if you're careless enough."
Everyone nodded and split up.
(Towa) "Alright, looks like we'll head to the site where it was first spotted. This way everyone."
Towa's group walked down a path deeper into the forest and slowly disappeared from sight of everyone else...
Doomguy's Base, Present...
Tumblr media
Doomguy tapped his foot while listening to the Persona Users give their explanation of what was happening.
Apparently, Ryuji, Ann, Mitsuru, and Naoto fought off a group of hulking green creatures calling themselves "Orks" who came from Fodlan's Crystal Tower.
(Yu) "And that's about the gist of it."
(Yosuke) "Yeah, we weren't close enough to the scene and the news gets everything wrong anyway.."
(Futaba) "Even with my hacking I can't get a full picture, it happened so fast."
(Akihiko) "You still got any idea what's going on in Fodlan right now?"
Doomguy shook his head, and shrugged to the air, indicating for VEGA to speak for him.
(VEGA) "Unfortunately, no. There is too much interference for us to make contact with those currently in. That being the case, they are working to rectify this communication block, hopefully soon."
(Junpei) "So what, we're supposed to twiddle our thumbs and just wait?"
(Yukari) "And what exactly can we do, Stupei? If all of us just jump in guns blazing, who knows how long we'd be trapped, and how Fodlan would react!"
(Makoto) "Our entry and exit wasn't the most graceful after all..."
(Akira) "I have faith in everyone over there. It'll be up to us to keep our home safe."
(Chie) "Hey, who else has responded anyway? Seems not too many of us were able to make it in there."
(VEGA) "You are correct. The only ones to answer the call are yourselves, Rean, Elliot, Laura, Fie, Towa, and Kazuma."
(Morgana) "Anyone else?"
(VEGA) "The Denizens of Nazarick appear to be busy handling their world's politics, but they have acknowledged our call and plan to send whoever is available. The same goes for the remaining members of Class VII."
(Teddie) "Oh, how about Yuki-chan and the others?"
(Fuuka) "The School-Living Club?"
(VEGA) "I'm afraid nothing has been sent our way. Not even an acknowledgement."
(Rise) "I hope they're alright. Their world didn't exactly sound forgiving..."
(Kanji) "It's prolly' best they weren't here anyway. Not sure they'd be much help...Er, wait that sounds bad!"
(VEGA) "Negative. You are objectively correct, in terms of combat at least. Megumi and the School-Living Club were the least active members when it came to fights. Their efforts were focused on helping fleeing civilians and moral support. Neither of which we are sure is needed for Fodlan's current circumstances."
(Ken) "I'm sure everyone's fine. We should be worried less about how they are and more on how the Crystal Tower came to our world to begin with."
(VEGA) "We are currently looking into that as we speak. Please feel free to rest here until then."
The Persona users nodded and tried their best to relax, not knowing what the future would bring...
[Stilness of Night - Trails of Cold Steel 3 OST]
A few hours later...
Towa's group kept investigating the points of which the scouts had written on the reports, but they had found nothing.
No trace of any warning shots Marianne mentioned, its like they had completely erased the evidence.
The sun was starting to set, but thankfully it was still bright enough for them to keep looking untroubled.
Lisa was close by with Towa, looking with her and Musse while Kairos and Elizabeth investigated somewhere close by.
(Towa) "Hm...still nothing."
(Musse) "Instructor Towa?"
(Towa) "What is it, Musse?"
(Musse) "If I can ask, why is it that the people of this world hold such hostility against you?"
(Lisa) "I have been rather curious myself. It seems every opportunity those two in particular talk bad about your old group."
Towa looked up and made sure Kairos and Elizabeth was far away enough for her to continue.
(Towa) "Truth be told, our group was a mess. We kept coming in out of nowhere, and forming this massive superpower that threw a wrench into all the world leader's plans for...whatever they were going to do. World Domination? Separation? I have no idea."
Towa's eyes looked down as her expression darkened.
(Towa) "We lost a lot of friends during that war too, they gave their lives for a world they didn't know. But this place is home to us, just as much as it is to them..."
Musse and Lisa looked at each other but didn't say anything else.
Towa was doing her best to keep those memories out of her head. She had to keep a clear mind for this assignment.
Though, being told that their group was the reason a civil war was on the brink again, it didn't sit well in her stomach.
Towa's mind ached, thinking the possibility of losing even more friends to this world, which she was struggling to keep out.
Lisa walked towards Towa, kneeling down and rubbing her head.
(Lisa) "There there...I'm sure they'd understand if you told them. No need to fret."
Towa shot back up, a slight tinge of red as she put her hands on her hat.
(Towa) "ACK!"
(Lisa) "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle."
(Towa) "N-No you're fine, Miss Lisa! I'm just usually used to Rean doing that...Which, now that I say out loud, is kinda weird..."
(Musse) "Hmph, lucky."
(Lisa) "Is it weird? I was under the impression you were a couple with the way you acted."
(Musse) "I'm sure she'd like that!"
Lisa and Musse's smirks were flustering Towa.
(Towa) "T-That's not relevant, Musse! And Miss Lisa, we are NOT a couple!"
(Lisa) "So, you're available then?"
(Towa) "BWUH-WHAT?!"
Lisa failed to hold back a chuckle.
(Lisa) "Relax cutie, I'm just joking...Mostly."
(Towa) "Ugh, please just focus back on the task at hand!"
She began mumbling to herself.
(Towa) "You think I'd be used to this considering how much time I've spent with Angie and Crow..."
Lisa crossed her arms as she turned back to finding any signs of a fight.
(Musse) "...Thanks for doing that, Miss Lisa. I never liked seeing Instructor Towa get that down on herself."
(Lisa) "Figured no one does, from what I've gathered. By the way, have you found anything?"
(Musse) "Not particularly. Though that being said-"
Musse began speaking with Lisa who crouched down next to her, pointing at the trees in front of them.
(Kairos) "This question is only now appearing in my head, how exactly do they fight?"
(Elizabeth) "Now that you point it out, the only real weapon I see is on Musse's back. It appears to be some sort of...staff?"
They stared at the rifle that was strapped onto her, not sure what its function was.
(Kairos) "That makes sense, though it's shaped quite oddly. What's the point of that...lever, I think?"
Squinting at the triggerhair on Musse's rifle, he shook his head and turned to Lisa.
(Kairos) "And her. Everyone else from her group has a visible weapon, but she doesn't. All I see is a book."
(Elizabeth) "She could be a spellcaster, though what kind of magic user dresses like that?"
(Kairos) "Of course you judge them based on clothes."
(Elizabeth) "Oh stuff it! As if you're one to talk to ME about biases!"
Kairos and Elizabeth stood up, glaring daggers at each other.
(Kairos) "Hey, I was talking about their weapons!"
(Elizabeth) "And I'm talking about your little outburst earlier! Do you know how much you embarrassed all of us by-"
The went back and forth a little bit, Musse and Lisa pausing their conversation to listen.
(Musse) "How noisy."
(Lisa) "Well, we didn't find anything over here anyway, we might as well put a pause to it."
Towa watched them head towards Elizabeth and Kairos, and decided to watch what would happen instead of interfering. She knew Musse was a lot smarter than she looked, and Lisa seemed to be the same way.
(Towa) "So this is how Instructor Sara felt."
(Musse) "Is there a problem?"
(Elizabeth) "O-Oh, my apologies! No there isn't any problem."
(Kairos) "If you don't count her mouth as one."
(Elizabeth) "Silence yourself, or so goddess help me, I will silence yours!"
(Lisa) "My my, so feisty! You'll ruin those cute faces if you keep frowning so much."
That snapped Elizabeth and Kairos out of their spat and took them aback.
(Kairos) "C-Cute?"
(Elizabeth) "Feisty?!"
(Musse) "It seems no matter the world, people have the same reactions to these things..."
(Lisa) "It would appear so. It's nice having someone who understands, though."
Lisa and Musse smiled, making Kairos and Elizabeth feel slightly uncomfortable.
(Musse) "But back on topic, did you happen to find anything?"
(Kairos) "No, not really."
The two looked back down to the ground they were examining prior.
It was two trees that had snapped and fell to the ground, but there was no magical energy or weapon marks to indicate it had fell down by unnatural causes.
They were looking at the point where the tree snapped and fell over, hoping to find anything but-
(Elizabeth) "Kairos and I are well versed in magic, but we were unable to find anything that we could detect."
(Musse) "Hm...from what I see, there's nothing there either."
Lisa furrowed her brows as she gently pushed everyone to the side, taking a look herself.
(Kairos) "Miss Lisa?"
(Lisa) "...Instructor."
(Towa) "Huh? What is it?"
(Lisa) "I believe I found something."
(Elizabeth) "Truly?"
Towa walked over to the group and looked at the trees as well.
(Lisa) "I understand why no one has reported anything. This was caused by something from our group's world."
Everyone stood on edge.
(Lisa) "Our world has something we call 'Visions', powers granted to us by the Archons and allows us to attune ourselves to the elements and channel them into our will. Diluc and Amber have Pyro visions, letting them control fire. Kaeya has Cryo, Ice, Venti and Jean have Anemo, Wind. I, have Electro. Electricity."
Lisa rubbed her finger against the tree and looked at her finger.
(Lisa) "And on my hands is a very faint remnants of an Electro attack."
She stood up, grabbing her book.
(Lisa) "A very recent one."
Musse and Towa unsheathed their guns while Kairos and Elizabeth quickly looked around.
(Lisa) "I'm presuming you two cuties also wield magic?"
(Kairos) "Y-Yes. I'm proficient in dark magic skills."
(Elizabeth) "I am most skilled with white magic, but I am able to channel dark as well."
(Lisa) "Good. Because I think I know where our target is at."
Kairos and Elizabeth felt the hairs on their arms raise. The darkness of the forest started to glow with an eerie purple in the distance.
Towa got behind them and pulled out an ARCUS unit, calling Rean.
(Towa) "Rean, I think we found it! I'm sending our coordinates-"
A bolt of lightning shot down and almost hit her, making her scream and almost drop her unit.
(Towa) "AAH!"
(Rean's voice) "Towa?! Towa are you-"
(Musse) "Target straight ahead!"
Tumblr media
The cube slowly floated over to them, shooting out bolts of electricity in random directions.
(Musse) "I believe that first one was the warning shot the scouts were talking about."
(Kairos) "What the hell is that thing?!"
(Lisa) "Hmph. Nothing too dangerous, but still, don't let your guards down. We call it an Electro Hypostasis."
The shapes of the cubes floating around the core slowly shifted around, seemingly ready to change shapes at any time.
(Lisa) "It shapes itself into whatever it wants to attack, so be prepared for anything."
(Elizabeth) "You've fought these abominations before?!"
From Elizabeth's view, Lisa looked more annoyed than anything facing this...thing.
(Lisa) "A few times. They're normally docile until you approach, which makes Marianne's reports a lot more sense considering what's been harassing them."
The Cube seemingly stared at all of them, waiting to see if they would back off.
(Lisa) "I'm afraid my Electro vision isn't going to be as helpful as I'd like, but I won't let that stop me."
She flipped open her book, which began levitating in front of her.
The text in the book began to glow a dark purple as she turned to the group.
(Lisa) "But, I digress. The command is up to you, Instructor Towa."
(Towa) "If we let it go, it could be days before we can find it again, we don't let it slip away!"
Towa loaded her pistol and pointed at the Electro Hypostasis.
(Towa) "Engage the enemy!"
(Musse) "Understood, Instructor!"
(Elizabeth & Kairos) "Yes Ma'am!"
(Lisa) "Got it."
[Twice Stricken - Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers OST]
Musse backed up and pointed her rifle at the Hypostasis, taking the first shot.
The bullet predictably reflected off, and the four cubes flew into the air and into a rhombus shape, all aiming at the team.
Electric missiles shot out of the Hypostasis at speeds equivalent to Musse's and Towa's gun.
Lisa snapped her fingers and a electricity field formed around them, misdirecting the attacks and hitting in random directions.
Kairos and Elizabeth ran to the front, Kairos casting a fireball while Elizabeth had ice spikes form underneath it.
The first fireball caused a small explosion, blowing back some of the trees and scorching the grass while the ice spikes shot into the air and at the core of the Hypostasis, stopping the fire before it spread and piercing the core.
It made no noise of pain, though they could tell they were doing some damage to it.
The cubes quickly flew away from the spikes and towards them.
Towa fired her pistol, all aiming at a singular point the spike had pierced into.
Small bits of electricity chipped off, tho it began flying faster and dodged whatever was shot at it.
Lisa's spells were having no effect on the Hypostasis as it landed behind them.
(Lisa) "Get behind something!"
Musse and Towa dove for cover as more missiles shot out of it, Lisa standing behind a tree to hide from it.
Elizabeth did the same as well, but noticed Kairos wasn't moving.
Kairos stood out in the open still and tried to fire another fireball, but it quickly moved to the side, dodging the fireball as it hit the tree behind the Hypostasis instead.
The Hypostasis aimed at Kairos and shot a singular missile, too fast for him to dodge in time and hit him in the chest and sending him flying back into the tree.
He clenched his teeth in pain as the electricity rattled and sent a painful shock throughout his entire body.
(Elizabeth) "Kairos, you bloody idiot!"
She quickly grabbed his arm and dragged him behind cover before another barrage of missiles hit her.
(Elizabeth) "Why didn't you get into cover?!"
(Kairos) "Ach, thought I could hit it again!"
(Lisa) "It's not sentient enough to think creatively, but it's not stupid enough to fall for that again!"
Her brow furrowed further even more, knowing her spells would do nothing to it.
Musse poked her head out and pulled out her ARCUS unit, letting it analyze the Hypostasis.
(Musse) "Miss Lisa, your advice?"
(Lisa) "Keep hitting it with any elemental attack that isn't Electro-Er, thunder!"
(Musse) "Understood, taking the shot! Kairos, Elizabeth!"
Elizabeth stood out of the way of Musse's barrel as her rifle began glowing a hot red.
Pulling the trigger, a single shot hit the core, making it stagger back and form back into it's cube state.
As miniature cubes shot towards them from the excess electricity, Lisa stepped out to the open and shielded them from the bolts on the ground shooting out.
Towa rushed over to Kairos and loaded another round into her pistol, shooting it into the air.
Kairos suddenly felt the pain in his body slowly fade away and looked to Towa.
(Kairos) "Thank y-"
(Towa) "Do that later, right now they need your help!"
(Musse) "Instructor, get down!"
Towa and Kairos saw the three of them dive out the way.
Instinctually, Kairos grabbed Towa's shoulders and shoved her down to the floor as laser beams shot out and spun across the forest, it spinning rapidly as it vaporized the leaves into smoke.
The trees were getting burnt, but thankfully not chipped enough to topple over, Kairos saw.
Once it was done, Kairos rolled into the open and got on knee, adjusting his glasses as he raised his hand and clenched it.
From the skies above the Hypostasis, a burning rock crashed itself on the Hypostasis, knocking the cubes that formed the laser into pieces as the core stood out in the open.
(Lisa) "It's exposed, attack now!"
Elizabeth stood next to Kairos and swiped her hands downwards, the air forming a sword-like shape and slicing through the core, making it slightly shatter and pieces fall off.
Musse's rifle glowed white as it fired a straight line of ice, going through the core.
Towa did the same as her pistol began to glow several colors, red, then white, then red again.
Lisa made sure to keep an eye on any of the excess electricity in the air, flicking her wrist and deflecting a bolt of lightning without looking at it.
It quickly formed back into shape, and stood for a moment as the shots reflected off it.
(Elizabeth) "What is it doing now?!"
The cubes broke off into smaller ones, forming a giant arrow-shape and-
(Lisa) "To the sides, now!"
Lisa jumped back as the Hypostasis formed into a drill-like shape and began spinning towards them, tearing apart any trees that was in its way.
Towa and Musse ran to the sides while Kairos and Elizabeth ducked as it barreled past them.
The trees it knocked over were falling down left and right, Musse almost getting hit by one.
(Towa) "ABOVE YOU!"
Elizabeth looked up and realized a tree was falling on top of her.
Lisa raised her book and a concentrated spell shot out, the strength of it rushing it forward as it collided into more trees and away from everyone.
When Lisa turned her attention back to the Hypostasis, she realized it had formed two giant walls.
Lisa's eyes widened as she tried to brace herself for the shock, the walls closing on her and the force sending her into a tree.
Lisa's body tumbled onto the floor and out in the open, her vision going in and out from the attack.
(Kairos) "Lisa!"
The Hypostasis began to form it's drill shape again while Kairos and Elizabeth rushed to Lisa's defense, shooting whatever spell they could as it began flying to them.
Musse and Towa tried to help with their guns, but they were having no effect.
As it got closer, Kairos tried to pick up Lisa to move her, joined by Elizabeth as it got dangerously close to tearing through them.
Although there were no trees nearby for it to be a hazard, they still couldn't move fast enough with Lisa in hand to get out of the way safely.
(Familliar boy's voice) "COMING THROUGH KIDS!"
Kairos and Elizabeth were tackled by Kazuma while Aigis got in front of Lisa.
Tumblr media
(Aigis) "ATHENA!"
Tumblr media
Her Persona appeared in front of the drill, the shield failing to be pierced as Athena raised its hand, and knocked it to the side, toppling trees as it bounced through the ground.
Aigis spun around and gave Lisa a hand, which she grabbed it and was helped up.
Kazuma got up and dusted himself off.
(Elizabeth) "Instructor?"
(Kazuma) "Yeah yeah, you're welcome, now get your asses up, that cube thing will be doing the same!"
Kazuma unsheathed his sword, letting Elizabeth and Kairos get up on their own.
As the Hypostasis was getting up and about to change forms, before the core was shelled off, Jean and Venti jumped from the top of the trees and used their Anemo Visions.
Jean first blew it into the air while Venti summoned a mini tornado, picking up the core and shredding it with the speeds of the wind.
Diluc ignited his sword as he slammed it down into the tornado, setting the wind ablaze with the core still inside.
Kurt and Juna jumped in as the core hit the floor, Kurt's sword dicing it to pieces while Juna used the force of her tonfas to dent it, making electricity shoot out with each strike.
It quickly got itself up with the cubes forming once more, this time shifting into a giant fist.
It swung first into Kurt and Juna, sending them flying back into Towa and Musse.
Then it shapeshifted into a pair of scissors, making the Vision users duck under cover as it almost cut them into two.
It finally formed a giant rectangle, slamming down in front of them and sending them into the air.
As the core revealed itself while the three landed on their feet, Astrid and Kazuma swung their weapons into it, Astrid piercing through it while Kazuma slashed it in half with his sword.
Aigis, Musse, Towa, Elizabeth, and Kairos readied their guns and spells, all opening fire together while Astrid and Kazuma dodged out the way.
The final bullet went through it, the core now full of holes, it began to twitch violently as it split into pieces.
It split into three prisms as the core remained invisible in the center.
(Lisa) "Destroy those prisms!"
Juna switched her tonfas into a gunner mode and pulled the trigger, shooting one prism to tiny pieces.
Aigis's Persona smashed another prism into the floor, completely eradicating any trace of it.
Diluc's flaming sword shot out a bird-like shape, turning the prism into cinders as he made a wide swing.
With the last of the prisms gone, the core began to twitch violently as the group formed together.
Lisa got in front of everyone and held out her hands, casting another field to block out the electricity that exploded into a bright purple, the skies turning from white to a dark gray, then the clouds finally disappearing.
[Words to Believe In - Fire Emblem: Three Houses OST]
Towa's team tried to catch their breath.
(Musse) "Whew, that was close..."
(Towa) "Now I'm reminded why Rean's the combat instructor..."
(Lisa) "Nonsense, you did just fine-...Ugh!"
Lisa fell to one knee, Diluc catching her in time.
(Diluc) "Hey, are you alright?"
(Jean) "You took a bad hit from the looks of it."
Jean looked at her back and saw a bleeding wound, as well from her head.
(Elizabeth) "Miss Lisa, I'm so sorry! If you didn't have to take your at-"
Lisa waved her hand in a dismissive manner, smiling through the pain now the adrenaline was wearing off.
(Lisa) "Don't apologize, cutie. Ol' Lisa will be just fine."
Jean and Diluc slowly helped her up while Venti turned to them.
(Venti) "Honestly, not bad for your first time fighting it!"
(Musse) "Thank you. Without Lisa, I'm not sure what would have happened."
(Kairos) "Yes, we owe much of our victory today to her-"
(Kazuma) "Yadda yadda, stop being so humble. Just accept the compliment and move on. Besides, far as Fodlan kids fighting the unknown go, you two ain't half bad."
(Aigis) "Indeed. We were only able to see snippets of the fight, but despite your differences you came to work together rather well."
(Elizabeth) "Why...T-Thank you Instructors."
(Astrid) "Wow, no love for you Instructor Towa."
(Towa) "Oh come on now, don't make this a competition!"
The group began to back and forth, Astrid moving to Elizabeth and Kairos.
(Astrid) "So, what's your impression of 'em? Kazuma and Venti just argued a lot the entire time. Was pretty funny though."
(Elizabeth) "They're not as uncivilized as I was expecting to be honest."
(Kairos) "Psh, who's judging on character now?"
(Elizabeth) "Shut. Up. Already."
(Astrid) "And now I get to hear you guys argue. Ugh, great."
(Musse) "...Huh, where's Instructor Rean and the others?"
(Everyone) "..."
Towa pulled out her ARCUS unit again.
(Towa) "Rean?"
Everyone stiffened when they didn't hear a response.
(Towa) "Rean?!"
Rean, Sitri, Helena, Stefan, Kaeya, Amber, Altina, and Ash.
Rean was looking for any signs of an attack before hearing his ARCUS unit go off.
(Towa's Voice) "Rean, I think we found it! I'm sending our coordinates-AAH!"
(Rean) "Towa?! Towa are you-"
(Sitri) "Did something happen?!"
(Rean) "Yeah, Towa's team found it! She sent us the coordinates so we need to-AAAGH!"
Rean fell to one knee, reaching for his head.
(Altina) "Instructor?!"
(Ash) "The hell's going-DAGH! SHIT!"
Ash stopped moving and reached for his head as well, followed by Altina, then the rest of the group one by one, their heads pounding as their vision suddenly faded to white.
[Out of Time - Final Fantasy XIV OST]
The inside of the room was glowing a faint blue-white, two green haired individuals walking through them, though one was significantly taller than the other.
(Flayn) "Father, are you sure this is the way?"
Seteth's face scrunched up as he stared at one of the crystals in his hand. The directions it was pointing to was hazy at best.
(Seteth) "No...No Flayn, I am not sure. But we have to try something at least."
Flayn looked behind her, worried.
(Flayn) "Of course..."
They stopped themselves to what appeared to be a massive doorway. Seteth held the stone up to it and the door slowly began to open, light pouring out from the other side.
The two were about to take a step through the door before a shot of electricity bolted over their heads.
Seteth quickly raised the crystal up, and it glowed a bright blue before whatever was shooting at them disappeared.
Inside the crystal was a dark purple fog before it quickly disappeared with a white flash.
(Flayn) "What was that?!"
(Seteth) "Something we weren't looking for. Perhaps the deeper we go into the tower, we'll be able to find it."
Saying nothing else, they looked around as moving platforms shifted around them.
Seteth and Flayn stepped onto them as everything turned into a static mess, slowly fading out of view...
[Spiderweb - Fire Emblem: Three Houses OST]
(Towa's voice) "Rean?"
(Towa's voice) "Rean?!"
Rean hazily reached for his ARCUS unit, responding to a very concerned Towa.
(Rean) "Agh, we're here!...I think."
Everyone looked at each other, the headache slowly subsiding.
(Kaeya) "What in the world was that?"
(Amber) "Ugh, my head!"
(Altina) "Is...is that supposed to happen naturally?"
(Helena) "Unless we're in extreme stress situations where our physical bodies are pushed to the limit, no."
(Stefan) "And considering we just started our assignment."
Sitri began speaking in her head.
(Sitri) Sothis...?
(Sothis) "Agh, don't worry, I felt it too...Though, wasn't that?-"
(Sitri) Seteth and Flayn...
(Sothis) "Doubt anyone else would know what they saw besides you and Rean."
(Sitri) What were they doing in the Tower, I thought we cleared it by now!
(Sothis) "I have no idea, but we have to tell this to the other instructors."
(Rean) "...And that was the end of that...vision? Or something. I'm still not sure."
(Towa's Voice) "...Understood. Let's meet back up at Marianne's and tell her that we finished the job."
(Rean) "Roger that. And Towa? Good work."
(Towa's voice) "Heh, um...thank you."
Rean hung up the call and motioned for everyone to follow, everyone still out of it from whatever it was they saw.
(Aigis) "A vision?"
(Kazuma) "Holy shit, Seteth and Flayn are alive?!"
(Sitri) "Possibly? I'm not sure..."
(Rean) "It's still blurry in my head, and I'm sure the others agree."
Everyone nodded in agreement.
(Towa) "We should investigate once we get back, but..."
[Where the Heart is - Final Fantasy XIV OST]
(Towa) "I'm glad we were able to help out, Marianne!"
(Marianne) "Thank you so much for your assistance. As always, you're always rescuing us from dangers."
Marianne smiled and bowed.
(Rean) "Of course. If there's any other troubles, please call upon us to help if you need it."
(Sitri) "Thank you for your kindness."
(Marianne) "And as requested, we have the railroads to take you back to Garreg Mach. It should be a day's trip.
(Juna) "Man, it just feels like went to a different country instead of a world with how familiar it is..."
(Amber) "What's a railroad?"
(Musse) "Oh, you see it's-..."
Class VII and the Knights began engaging in a friendly banter, which gave Kazuma to groan.
(Kazuma) "A train?! Why the hell are we taking a train when we can teleport?!"
Sothis appeared for a brief moment when she made sure no one was looking in their direction.
(Sothis) "We'll explain it later, but for now just shut up and deal with it."
Rean and Towa laughed while Aigis had a smirk.
Kazuma was ready to cuss out Sothis before the students approached them.
(Kairos) "Instructors? I...would like to apologize for my earlier outburst-"
(Rean) "Don't sweat it."
(Kairos) "Huh?"
(Towa) "To be fair, it IS a little strange for a bunch of people to pop out of portals like this and boss you around. But that being said, we are your instructors for a reason!"
(Kazuma) "Some respect goes a long way, kid!"
(Astrid) "You look as old as we do..."
(Kazuma) "And YOU shutting up can go a long way!"
Aigis slapped the back of his head and nodded.
(Aigis) "Apologies for him. Although he is right to some degree. We are happy to be your instructors, no matter what we have done in the past."
(Stefan) "I look forward to your guidance, Instructors!"
(Elizabeth) "As do I. I will make the Blue Lions proud for having me as their chosen!"
(Helena) "Hear that Astrid? You shutting up means they'll like you more."
Astrid gently punched Helena in the shoulder, Helena's expression being deadpan from the delivery to the literal punchline.
(Astrid) "Same goes for you, smartass."
Marianne approached the Garreg Mach students and looked at Kairos.
(Marianne) "You've grown up so much despite the fact it's only been a few years. I hope in the future we can have a moment to talk, so we can catch up!"
(Kairos) "A-As do I Lady- Er, I mean...Marianne."
Marianne's smile made him unable to look at her in the eye and she turned to Sitri.
(Marianne) "It's right this way. Follow me everyone."
And in a few moments, the members of House Isekai stepped onto a train that took them to Garreg Mach, Marianne waving goodbye to everyone...
[Life at Garreg Mach Monastery - Fire Emblem: Three Houses OST]
Today's instructions were done for the day, the doors being opened as students and guards went from position to position.
A good number of students went to their dorms while many others went into the mess hall.
Guards piloted massive Knight mechs out of the hangar and towards the Gates, practicing military drills and simply standing guard for any potential threats.
Kairos, Elizabeth, Astrid, Helena, and Stefan walked out their respective classrooms and towards the Hangar.
(Helena) "Last day of hanging with the Golden Deer...Can't say I'll miss them too much."
(Astrid) "I will a little, I was FINALLY getting used to the schedule!"
Kairos shrugged.
(Kairos) "It's not like we'll never see them again. We're still attending the same Academy."
(Stefan) "I'm a bit sad I can't hang out with my friends as much, but I guess that's the nature of an Officer's academy."
(Elizabeth) "Well think of it this way, we now have a new opportunity to go down in history!...Even though our instructors are those offworlders."
(Helena) "I still can't tell, do you like them or not?"
The banter went back and forth a few more times as they moved to the hangar.
The Imperial soldier in front nodded to them and let them pass.
(Stefan) "Oh, Kairos."
(Kairos) "Hm?"
(Stefan) "Your data from the fight with that...cube thing is recorded on your crystal right?"
(Kairos) "Yeah. What about it?"
(Stefan) "You should send that to the rest of us, so we can see everyone's fighting style."
(Helena) "Oh yeah, we didn't get to fight during that."
(Kairos) "Sure, one second."
Kairos took out his communication crystal and let it connect with Astrid, Stefan, and Helena's.
Stefan nodded and smiled.
(Stefan) "Thanks, I'm pretty excited to see what they can do!"
(Elizabeth) "Soon enough, we'll get to know how they are-"
(Recette's voice) "Yoohoo, over here!"
The five stopped once they saw Recette waving over to them excitedly.
(Tear) "Welcome. Your quarters are now finished."
(Astrid) "Dam-Er, Dang, it's only been like 3 days, and you're already finished?"
(Recette) "Yup! There's nothing that blood, sweat and heckuva lotta gold can't accomplish!"
(Tear) "The wonders of capitalism."
(Helena) "...Capi-what?"
(Tear) "Nevermind. This way, your instructors are currently in a meeting but everyone else is waiting for you in the room.
The five followed Recette and Tear into their barracks into an elevator, going below the hangar and storage floor...
Garreg Mach's Listening Chamber...
(Sitri) "The other team contacted me and let us know their task is done. They're currently on their way back on the railway and should be back within the hour."
(Towa) "It's crazy to know Slayer sent Elliot, Fie, and Laura to us!"
(Rean) "Duvalie being with them is sure going to make her a lot more irritable."
(Kazuma) "She seems like a bitch."
(Towa) "That's putting it lightly..."
(Aigis) "Regardless, it is good to have reinforcements backing us up."
(Rean) "...Valimar, can you confirm signatures of anyone else present in Fodlan?"
Valimar's voice echoed out of his ARCUS unit.
(Valimar) "...Affirmative. It would appear some of the Persona Users are present as well."
(Aigis) "Really?!"
(Valimar) "Ryuji Sakamoto, Ann Takamaki, Mitsuru Kirijo, and Naoto Shirogane, according to my scans."
(Kazuma) "How come no one else has reported this?"
(Towa) "Yeah, that is pretty weird..."
(Valimar) "I am still scanning, so I am unable to tell where they are. Analysis would take a day or so."
(Rean) "Just keep us updated Valimar."
(Valimar) "Of course. Speaking of which, it seems Duvalie's group is about to arrive."
(Rean) "Let's go ahead and meet them then."
The instructors nodded and left before Sitri's Crystal began beeping.
(Sitri) "Hold on, I have to take this. I'll be with you soon."
The four left Sitri and Sothis alone as Sitri opened it up, revealing a small reflection of Edelgard.
(Sitri) "Edelgard?"
(Edelgard) "Hello, Sitri. With the official reformation of House Isekai, we would like to assign your tasks for this month, as it was done when we were enrolled."
(Sothis) "So...why are you calling just by yourself?"
(Edelgard) "And that is my next point..."
As the train approached the station, Stefan saw Rean and the other instructors meet up with the rest of the group.
(Stefan) "...Even more of the offworlders."
He looked to see no one was watching him, and slowly snuck away from the group.
Everyone was distracted meeting Rean's friends to notice Stefan had disappeared into a corner.
Stefan looked at his crystal and saw the recording of Kairos and Elizabeth fighting the...whatever the hell it was.
Though, he was honestly glad no one was hurt.
He tweaked his communication crystal by turning a dial to the left and pressing in a specific combination with the buttons on it.
And with that, a voice popped up on the other side.
(Distorted Voice) "There are you. Goddess, we thought something happened. Status?"
(Stefan) "I'm fine, don't worry. And something did. House Isekai has returned."
(Distorted Voice) "...Say that again, it sounded like you said House Isekai."
(Stefan) "I did say House Isekai. It's the White Cloud Contingency."
(Distorted Voice) "...Keep your eye on them. And be careful. We all saw what happened to the poor bastards who underestimated them seven years ago."
(Stefan) "Understood. And you all be careful as well."
(Distorted Voice) "Godspeed."
Stefan nodded and hung up. He slowly blended back into the crowd and saw Kairos looking in his direction.
(Kairos) "Hey, there you are!"
(Helena) "That armor slowing you down or something?"
(Astrid) "I told you guys to wait up, he was falling behind!"
(Stefan) "Hah, yeah I got lost. This place is huge!"
(Elizabeth) "Goodness gracious, just speak up Stefan! Anyways, what do you think of Instructor Rean's colleagues?"
(Helena) "...I like that grey-haired one."
(Kairos) "Of course you would."
(Astrid) "T-That orange haired guy, and...and that blue haired lady! So hot...!"
(Kairos) "...What?"
(Astrid) "I-I MEAN-"
The four exchanged jabs with each other, Stefan occasionally throwing in lines as well, but he was far more concerned that the old members alongside new people of House Isekai were coming.
[Lost in Paradise - ALI]
(Stefan) "...Hmph."
He breathed in and out to calm himself.
(Stefan) No matter what happens, even with them here, they can't interfere...Fodlan HAS to be free from this rule!
Gotta get it homie gotta move it If you gonna do it then, push everything to the side Everybody just talk nobody really do it You should keep a secret until you actually do it No need to double check with someone Use your judgement only, break the walls Let’s do flashy fake More Cool, keep it low, prove them wrong I won’t give up the fight in my life ‘Cause my life is living for love I won’t give up the fight in my life Stand off and groove on time Tokyo prison Going to relight your feelings When times get too rough Night and day are fading Going to relight your feelings There’s no time to explain Gimme your love Access to your love Oh yeah Lost in paradise Night and day are fading out When times getting rough Access to your love Lost in paradise Night and day are fading out Keep on dancing now Hеy hey hеy hey heyeah
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