shapooda · 2 days
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Winter Au icons! Feel free to use! I can't bring myself to use them, my icon is very important to me c:
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ericacrochets · 2 days
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Dragon Eye Pillow by Hooked by Kati
Free Crochet Pattern Here
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hernakedhome · 2 days
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House of freedom.
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tilldeathdousart · 8 months
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sigreensims · 3 months
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Hi tumblr! New eyebrows are available now!
As I’ve said before, I’m beginning into cc making, so mistakes are possible so if you have any download problems, tell me! Also, if the thumbnails are not loading in game, I wanna know too.
Thanks for supporting my work and have a nice day, love. 
Download is safe:
(patreon, free)
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needlewig · 4 months
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Nokia 3310
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flowerytale · 8 months
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Florence and the Machine, from "Free"
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freeingmediary · 1 year
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happyheidi · 1 year
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the lovely Bob Ross ♥︎ // ♡ Rest In Peace ♡
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1000-life-hacks · 4 days
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pirateskinned · 1 month
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theme 83 / preview - get the code on github
contained theme with 500px posts, custom font size & family, unnested captions and a lot of colour options
sidebar with title, image (380x480), description and two extra links
slide-out with title, image (260x360), text area and six statistics
read my terms of use. please reblog if you plan on using!
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ericacrochets · 1 day
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Pokemon Gengar by Beatrice Gröger
Free Crochet Pattern Here (May need to make an account)
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starlightthemes · 1 month
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Styled after AO3, this pack includes a theme and matching pages, and was designed for writers and readers alike.
🖋️ Theme 11: Archive Of Your Own
Live preview | Static previews: index page, permalink | Code
Full-width posts in an AO3 work index page format
Sidebars with optional sections such as featured tags, updates, rules, progress bars, and more
Unlimited custom links (display on sidebar or in top navbar), plus several social links in the footer
Add a custom logo beside/replacing your avatar
Inbuilt tag filtering plugin by glenthemes
All fields editable directly in the Customize menu, no HTML required. See below the cut for a full guide
🖋️ Page 3: Archive Records
Preview | Code
A WIP page designed to resemble an AO3 work page
Add tags for ratings, warnings, fandoms, characters, and more, as well as statistics like start dates, word counts etc.
Spaces for summary, start and end notes, and the 'work' itself
🖋️ Page 4: Archivist
Preview | Code
A combined about/navigation page based on the AO3 profile page
Include user statistics or any data you'd like, plus a longer bio
Sidebar navigation with link sections - unlimited links and link groups
The theme and pages all include options for multiple color palettes (initially set to Default and Reversi), text styling (choice of Tumblr/Google fonts and casing options), and more. -
Each page includes instructions on how to edit it, and color/image variables have been gathered together to make customization easier. While not necessary, basic knowledge of HTML is helpful.
For help, check my codes guide, or feel free to send me an ask. Theme 11 customization guide and credits are under the cut.
Theme 11 customization
Regarding the simpler fields:
"Secondary title" refers to the title just above the posts, under the header and navigation. This defaults to "[Total posts] Works in [Username]" when the field is left empty.
"Filtered tags" takes a comma-separated list of tags, entered exactly as they'd be written in the Tumblr post editor but without the hashtag. E.g. the tags #politics, #red and blue, and #green would be entered as "politics, red and blue, green" (make sure there's spaces, and no comma after the last item!). The filtering plugin will then put a warning message over any posts with those tags, along with a button letting you show the post.
"[Section] title" act as the headers for the corresponding section, if provided. "Custom links title" defaults to "Pages" if nothing is entered, and is used when the custom links are displayed on the navbar.
"Featured tags" takes a comma-separated list of tags, in the same format as Filtered tags. This field will display links to those tags, along with the number of posts in that tag on your blog, in the left sidebar.
The Recent posts section displays the 5 most recently posted/reblogged posts on your entire blog, displaying in the left sidebar. If you enter a tag under "Recent posts tag", it'll instead display the 5 most recent posts in that tag on your blog. Only 1 tag is allowed.
Rules and FAQ
Both these sections work the same way. Each new item, a rule or a question, consists either of one statement, or a statement and some more text, usually as an answer or additional note. E.g. the screenshot below shows three rules, where the last one has more text in the dropdown.
Tumblr media
To create an item, prefix it with <li> . To add more text, create a <li> item and add a [more] label underneath, then write your extra text after that. To illustrate, here's the Customize page code for the above:
Tumblr media
This section is similar to Rules/FAQ, though it flips the order around. After each <li>, first list the date, then add the [label] marker, then add your actual update. Again, here's an example:
Tumblr media
And here's the Customize page code that created that:
Tumblr media
This section displays checked/crossed-out items, and uses a simpler version of the formatting for the above sections. Use <li> for each new item, then add [on] or [off] at the end, depending on whether you want it checked or crossed off. Here's an example:
Tumblr media
And here's the corresponding Customize code:
Tumblr media
Progress bars
This section also uses <li> items, where each item has two parts: the text label, and the number(s) for the progress percentages, put inside square brackets like with the other sections. Here's an example (note how the top two use fraction values while the bottom one uses a percentage):
Tumblr media
And here's the code that made these. In short, the format is <li> Text here [##/##], or <li> Text here [##%], where ## refers to any number.
Tumblr media
Social links in footer
The footer links, aside from the email and personal website fields, take usernames or user IDs for various websites. Be sure to check you're not entering a username in a user ID field!
The Email address field takes a standard email in the format [email protected] and adds a link to let people mail that address.
The Personal website fields will generate a link in the footer's Follow section. Personal website name is the human-readable text label for the generated link, and Personal website URL is the URL that will open when the generated link is clicked. Make sure to add https:// to the start of the personal website URL so the generated link doesn't just redirect you to a different part of your blog.
Layout and design by Archive of Our Own
Style My Tooltips by malihu
Phosphor Icons
Expanded Tumblr localization and NPF photosets plugin by codematurgy
Custom audio posts by annasthms
Tag filtering by glenthemes
Palette toggle by eggdesign
Scroll to top by Fabian Lins
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hernakedhome · 3 hours
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House of freedom.
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tilldeathdousart · 4 months
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anakinpadme · 8 months
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I'm on fire, but I'm trying not to show it. FLORENCE + THE MACHINE
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