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Death and Taxes art!! I joined tumblr just for content of this game because it’s nowhere else I swear 💔
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I bring another Death And Taxes meme
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Frank Whittle (1 June 1907 – 9 August 1996)
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The First Commercial Passenger Jet Flight
The story of the first commercial jet passenger flight #aircraft #dehavillandcomet
The development of the jet engine revolutionised air travel, an advance driven by the prospect of war and the desire to gain an advantage over the potential enemy rather than commercial forces. As with commercial air travel, Germany was quickest off the mark, Hans von Ohein building the first experimental jet plane, a Heinkel He 178, which made its maiden flight on August 27, 1939. Anselm Franz…
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babydook · 10 months ago
If I may, would it be alright if I please request a Yandere Frank Morrison (From the Legion in Dead by Daylight)? I thoroughly enjoyed your Feng one and I would really enjoy seeing other characters from the same franchise!
Yandere Frank Morrison
Dead by Daylight
Yandere type: Possessive, Controlling, Obsessive
Tumblr media
It just so happens that there's a newbie in town, fresh meat!
He starts off consciously making the effort to go after you in trials so he can subconsciously check you out.
You can get pretty tired of the same scenery afterall. So what if he finds himself searching specifically for you?
This curious "fascination" (though he'd be ashamed to call it that) with the newest survivor is quickly written off as nothing. You're only another player to hunt down, a new face to whittle away the boredom that repetitive trials bring. A bit of spice. So what?
Sometimes when he catches sight of you he hesitates. It's an involuntary response, something he's not proud of. It lasts slightly longer every time it happens, taking just a sliver of a moment more to "survey the surroundings" (you) before making his move.
It turns into tunnel vision pretty quickly. Your teammates have begun to make an effort of warning you ahead of time whenever they see you're in a match with him. He's relentless, it actually has you wondering what you did to the guy. What's his deal?
He does not want to take responsibility for what's happening to him.
What IS his deal?!? He has no idea what's going on.
Sacrificing you to the entity isn't working. It's not getting rid of this... this... whatever this is.
He blames you. It only happens with you afterall - therefore it can't be his fault. There's something wrong with you.
Chasing you isn't nearly enough anymore.
Maybe if he killed you by his own hand it'd relieve some tension?
He begins to mori you specifically. Pinning you down certainly makes his adrenaline spike alright! Watching you writhe under him, even in pain, is something he can't get enough of.
His heart rate is only going nuts because of the long chase! In fact, that's his terror radius.
He tries to ignore the fact he's changing.
He can feel it trickling into his system, obstructing his thought pattern, worming its way into his mind and oh it's the worst.
He confuses it for hatred, that shiver that runs down his spine when you make eye contact has to be disgust, right?
The unbearable heat bubbling up inside his chest when you're near HAS to be burning rage, right?
He basically short circuits and kickstarts into his default: anger.
You're cute, sickeningly so. It makes him cringe to the point that he revels in killing you during trials - seeing you defeated at the hands of him scratches an agonising itch he didn't know was festering deep within his bones.
There's almost satisfaction. Almost. And then it's deafeningly bleak afterwards. Your corpse doesn't do anything in particular for him. He's confused, to say the least.
These feelings are so backwards, frustratingly so. He feels weak, like his own body is holding him hostage. (God forbid the manly man isn't in control for once.) He's not used to being powerless to his own instinct.
You make him feel small, it's an agonising blow to both his mentality and ego.
Fuck it, he doesn't care. (he does) He can ignore it. (he can't)
Underneath everything, he's a scared boy. What the fuck is going on? How does he make it go away?
The loss of command is straight up frightening for him. He doesn't know how to deal with this, he doesn't think he's even capable of doing so.
The breaking point is when killing you no longer does anything for him. If anything it makes him worse. This makes NO sense!
He's tense, terribly so. The frustration is eating away at him, rotting his resolve.
The biggest hurdle for him is the acceptance. Even once he comes to terms with his emotions and really takes them in, he doesn't want to accept them.
Ultimately: killing you doesn't kill his feelings for you. It's only once he allows that fact to sink in that the ball really gets rolling. Honey, you've got a big storm coming.
If HE doesn't get the privilege of controlling himself, you sure as hell don't either. Get over here darling, be ready for the game of your life.
He's the leader of the legion, he's used to being in charge - and yet he's completely lost at the hands of a survivor no less. it's a real game changer for him.
He finds it impossible to think of anything else, it's become a real issue.
He performs poorly in trials, including those that don't even have you in them. Being unable to get a something as minimal as a 1k, the entity is almost as displeased as he is.
It mingles with his reputation. Both his own group and the survivors tease him, he's angry enough about this until he realises you could be joining in. The man sees red.
The legion has noticed his change in behaviour - it'd be impossible not to. Outside of the jokes they're concerned.
It doesn't take a genius to see that Franks withdrawn significantly. Julie is particularly uncomfortable with it.
Joey would be the first to ask what's up, this would almost earn him a punch in the teeth. Joey is no doubt confused at the withering glare he receives in response. He'd be worried to prod and make it any worse. "What's going on man?"
He can practically feel Franks teeth grinding into stumps when he clenches his jaw. Joey tries his best not to look hurt when he spits out a response. "Nothing."
Julie would be the first to experience his wrath firsthand; that's what you get for poking the bear too much and too often.
Making an offhand comment about him "maybe not being as good as he thinks he is." It's intended as flirty banter but Frank explodes, snapping at her so harsh and so fast it practically gives her whiplash.
The atmosphere of the legions hangout has significantly dampened. Everyone's just doing their best to stay out of his blast radius and not set him off. He's a ticking time bomb.
This has a domino effect on the rest of the legion. Think you're getting a breather because it's not Frank? Nope!
Julie uses the trials to vent her frustration, being far more snide and cruel to everyone. You've lost count of how many times she's closed a hatch in front of a survivors face. Love that for her <3
Joey is a lot less merciful to struggling survivors, he drags himself through the trials and he has a one track mind.
Poor Susie is skittish as ever due to the unrest at base. She flinches when generators blow up and becomes distracted while carrying survivors to hooks, causing a fair amount to wiggle free.
Frank has made his problem EVERYONE'S problem. His group is an inch away from staging an intervention.
Fortunately, they don't really have to. The Entity's got that covered.
Rather than punishing Frank again for getting consistently ass kill ratings, it decides to reward him for better work. Like a sticker chart with a 5 year old, kind of.
It sets a goal of sorts, somewhat similar to the rift. "if you hook 10 different survivors, I'll help you out." "if you kill 4 people this round, you'll be compensated."
And it works. Having such a cruel god shower him in praise and promise greatness does wonders for our burnt out boy. The "gift" being dangled like a carrot in front of him is an amazing source of motivation.
And what reward could be greater than you yourself?
He's never been more insecure, it's probably because you effortlessly manage to strip him down to what he really is at his core: an edgy, awkward teen who has no idea what the fuck he's doing.
He's never had to be the one afraid before.
Preying upon survivors the Entity flings at him had long ago become his only source of entertainment (there's really nothing else to do here) and he's gotten comfortable in the role he's been given. He DOESN'T appreciate curve balls being thrown at him. Who do you think you are? Scrambling his brain and crossing his wires in all of the right ways? Go fuck yourself.
The fact you're not even trying is yet again another devastating blow. What is it??? Why you??? He feels stupid. He feels scared. Hold him. What the fuck are you doing? Don't touch him.
The thought of caring for anyone makes him want to, quite simply: scream. He fucking hates it - he fucking hates you. Or at least he should.
For a long time you're walking on eggshells. Even looking at him in the wrong way (or whatever he perceives to be the wrong way) will set him off. Great, he's had another hissy fit and now his room's trashed again, you know, the place you're confined to 24/7? Hopefully he remembers to pick up that shattered glass later because next time he enters the room he's gonna stand on it and blow up again. Rinse and repeat.
One of the easiest ways to describe this messy situation: you're physically trapped and he's emotionally caged. Unfortunately, despite not asking for any of this baggage that's being dropped on you, you're the one that gonna have to deal with it - that is if you want your experience to be at least tolerable.
After the first few weeks though, it gets significantly... Softer.
Caution is still advised.
He's grossly insecure. With how he feels about you, he can't imagine how you feel about about him. It can't be anything other than negative, he's a killer who literally abducted you against your will. He's hanging onto the hope of Stockholm syndrome.
A big turning point is if you manage to catch him in a vulnerable moment.
He's miserable and exhausted - physically and emotionally. (He has been for a while now.) He drags himself into the room and crawls on top of you, almost in your arms with his head buried in your chest. It would be almost sweet if you weren't scared shitless. Don't make it too obvious you're uncomfortable, he already knows, just don't let it distract him from you.
He needs this. Any discomfort you show breaks the illusion that this is as perfect as he wants it to be. As he needs it to be.
Be warned: if you reciprocate in an attempt to save your own skin (i.e: laying your hand on top of his head or holding him back) he may cry. This in turn will skip a few weeks of the "warm up" faze. He's incredibly ashamed later on but right now it doesn't matter, what matters - all that matters in this moment is the warmth of your body, the smell of your hair, the sound of your heartbeat - don't let it run too fast, he'll pick up on your fear.
Let him enjoy this... whatever this is.
By the way, The Legion is not going to help you. They're just glad that they don't have to deal with so much of Franks shit anymore. Besides, the relief of him almost being back to normal can help them overlook the stranger that's tied up in their house. Well, everyone but Julie. She hates your guts.
A/N: Thank you for the kind words requester! Sorry for taking so long to get this one out, college has been hard <3
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Accidental Magical Settlements in England, vol 1
On occasion, when a place has been steeped in magic, it becomes a magical settlement. The existing community may see many benefits from this, including a longer than average lifespan and increased health. It is not recommended that one tries to create a settlement. These things must occur organically to be done correctly.
Severus never meant to create a new magical area...village...settlement. Spinner's End wasn't so grand as to call itself a village. Not as one long dead end street of two-up-two-downs. But he had. Over time.
Completely inadvertently. Possibly.
It had been so easy when he first started helping his neighbors. They were mostly older, his Mam and Da's generation (mother and father were for Hogwarts...he'd have a thick ear if he tried being that hoity-toity here) with a few younger couples sprinkled in.
He knew the houses, though, knew the layout and the maintenance headaches, and he'd saved himself time with some shortcuts.
Runes. He'd used runes and tied them into his warding scheme and then extended his warding scheme over the whole row because...he couldn't bear these people to be used, should the worst happen.
Pete and Bob and the Marys (Mary Catherine, Mary Margaret, Mary Daniela, and Mary Dahlia) and Mrs. McNeily and Jack and Helen and the Mayviews and that young family who inherited when Mrs. Hanlon passed. Her son, he thought. No, her grandson. A doctor and his family. They'd fit right in.
But the runes. He'd carved ever-fresh sequences while fixing a pantry shelf (the price of utilities kept going up and up...why not give a hand?) and weatherproofed the slates he fixed up on the roofs and converted a few boilers from gas to magic and in the end he'd created a magical settlement.
The young doctor Hanlon had been very frank one fine evening when everyone took to the front of the house. Severus had set up tables in the street and wheeled out a victrola. Soft music wafted over them all in the cool, soft evening light. It reminded him of the better moments in his childhood.
"We were going to sell up and clear all Nan's stuff out, but we stepped inside and it felt like home. We'll have to put some kind of extension on, I think, but we're staying. I've never felt anything like it before."
Severus watched Hanlon's children grow, taught the whole family the dances of his youth, and on fine evenings fiddle and drum played through the air. He explained why Gracie and Maeve and Daniel could do some of the things they did. He watched all three, over time, sort into Hufflepuff and sent a letter to Hanlon praising them.
The children brought friends and friends parents who marveled at how close they all were. How they'd bring their different bits of work—lesson planning and knitting and whittling projects and medical journals and green beans to snap—out and work in companionable quiet of a summer evening. How they had row ceilidhs and row dinners and all sorts of things. How there weren't any cars so children could play as they wished.
You didn't see communities like theirs much.
And one day a young man with dark hair and shadowed green eyes showed up with the worst news. Their Russ had passed. Some of them, now so very old and so very spry and not really understanding why, knew those eyes. The Evans girl's boy had returned to them.
And he stayed.
He stayed because they knew his mum and Snape had left him the house (cookbooks to Millicent) and charged him with looking after his people. He stayed because he wanted to and because it was a concrete thing to do.
He wasn't their Russ, but he became their Harry.
And if he never knew the looks shared by the old crowd (especially the Marys), well, that was all for the better. They knew those eyes and that coloring for all he called himself a Potter.
He had a book from Snape and a job to do and... somehow, he found home.
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apoemaday · a year ago
Someday I’ll Love Ocean Vuong
by Ocean Vuong
After Frank O’Hara / After Roger Reeves
Ocean, don’t be afraid. The end of the road is so far ahead it is already behind us. Don’t worry. Your father is only your father until one of you forgets. Like how the spine won’t remember its wings no matter how many times our knees kiss the pavement. Ocean, are you listening? The most beautiful part of your body is wherever your mother’s shadow falls. Here’s the house with childhood whittled down to a single red tripwire. Don’t worry. Just call it horizon & you’ll never reach it. Here’s today. Jump. I promise it’s not a lifeboat. Here’s the man whose arms are wide enough to gather your leaving. & here the moment, just after the lights go out, when you can still see the faint torch between his legs. How you use it again & again to find your own hands. You asked for a second chance & are given a mouth to empty into. Don’t be afraid, the gunfire is only the sound of people trying to live a little longer. Ocean. Ocean, get up. The most beautiful part of your body is where it’s headed. & remember, loneliness is still time spent with the world. Here’s the room with everyone in it. Your dead friends passing through you like wind through a wind chime. Here’s a desk with the gimp leg & a brick to make it last. Yes, here’s a room so warm & blood-close, I swear, you will wake— & mistake these walls for skin.
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alwayssunnyinedensgate · 7 months ago
A03 Fanfic 20 Questions
Thanks for the tag @pastelbatfandoms! 1. How many works do you have on ao3?
128...Jesus Christ.
2. What’s your total ao3 word count?
2,079,963. No wonder I need a break right now.
3. How many fandoms have you written for, and what are they?
If I bunch up all the superhero ones into Marvel and DC, it's like 47 fandoms which I am not gonna clog up your feeds with but if you're curious, check out my character list linked in my bio
4. Top 5 fics by kudos?
1 - Kinktober 2020 Collection 2 - Hello Partner (Lucifer Morningstar) 3 - I Saw You (Joe Goldberg) 4 - The Great Game (Moriarty & Sherlock) 5 - Devil's Advocate (Matt Murdock) Devil's Advocate has shot up recently because of recent news and appearances. The old number 5 was Pledge Allegiance.
5. Do you respond to comments? why or why not?
I respond to about 98% of them because I love getting comments and I want to show you I appreciate that you took the time to write something.
6. What’s the fic you’ve written with the angstiest ending?
Probably either Pledge Allegiance or You have the bleakest endings that evoke a lot of sad feelings.
7. Do you write crossovers?
These are like my bread and butter. I love dropping characters into different worlds.
8. Have you ever received hate on a fic?
Oh definitely. The first bit of hate I ever got was on Don't Sit Under the Appletree which was a visceral essay from someone who completely misunderstood the story. Then I've had TERF comments on Check Out Any Time You Like because I portrayed a trans Loki. Then hate for me taking too long for some people on The Great Game and Pledge Allegiance
9. Do you write smut? if so, what kind?
So much smut. I write romantic, kink and dark. Well, you've all seen my three years of Kinktober.
10. Have you ever had a fic stolen?
I've had one shots stolen on an ad hoc basis, usually on Wattpad. I have also had one full fic stolen, Haunted, by someone who just changed some details (very poorly) around and claimed it as their own original work. Then seemed surprised when I messaged them about it...
11. Have you ever had a fic translated?
Yes, against my wishes.
12. Have you ever co-written a fic before?
Just a couple of chapters with a Sweeney x Frank Castle x Reader story
13. What’s your all-time favorite ship?
I'm not much of a shipper, mainly I write reader inserts and OCs but I will die for the Bill Adama x Laura Roslin ship even though it's obscure as fuck.
14. What’s a wip you want to finish but don’t think you ever will?
Wolf Pack. It was just too ambitious of a timescale to try and write across and I ran out of steam with all the controversies going on so I took a long step back. I also got a lot older and writing teenage characters started feeling weird.
15. What are your writing strengths?
Worldbuilding, dialogue, angst, enemies to lovers, culture swap, sassy characters/strong OCs/mature characters, fantasy themes
16. What are your writing weaknesses?
Description, pacing, young adult fiction, straight fluffy romance
17. What are your thoughts on writing dialogue in another language?
I always try to sprinkle some in for immersion like in Whiskey Kin, Rules of the Charter and Fire and Gold.
18. What was the first fandom you ever wrote for?
Once Upon a Time because I was scared to dive straight into a Hellblazer story and I wanted to practice first.
19. What’s your favorite fic you’ve written?
I like different fics for different reasons, it's hard to whittle it down to even a top 5. Ones that have special memories or significance for my life are: Rockabye - My first fic for my favourite character and written while I was going through a divorce. The Great Game - Because I genuinely had no idea what was going to happen from chapter to chapter but it was the first fic that got serious interaction with theories etc Haunted - So much of my relationship made it into that fic Winter Is the New Summer - My favourite side characters, written while my mum was going through chemo which was projected a little on Preacher and Trucker. Fire and Gold - This is probably what I think is my best writing. Enemies to lovers, culture clash, forbidden romance, relationship trials and a shit lot of research on dwarven lore. Always Right - I fell hard into the FC5 fandom and it's a more sophisticated look at cult tactics, manipulation and the fight to retain a sense of self.
20. Tagging? I tag @whatafuckinnerd @a-fanatic-fangirl-requests @dragon430 @retrogeekgal @flannelplanet @saiyanprincessswanie @alexakeyloveloki @jtargaryen18 @sweater-daddiesdumbdork @angrythingstarlight and anyone who'd like to play
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milkovski · 2 months ago
tagged by kammm @iero​ ty!!! to list my top three bands and my five favourite songs from each band!!!
idk that these all count as “bands” asfsdf but i listen to a very limited number of musicians so they count as bands today.
Frank Ocean
White Ferrari
Pink + White
Godspeed ...? Pink + White and Godspeed are not as important to me as the first three. I’m also pretty fond of Bad Religion so let’s say a three-way tie for the fourth and fifth spots.
My Chemical Romance
This one’s hardest simply because I’ve been listening to them the shortest amount of time and this list changes near daily. I guess I’m pretty fond of these five (whittled down from like eight) right now, in no particular order.
You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison (definitely a fixture)
The Sharpest Lives
The Light Behind Your Eyes
Kill All Your Friends
Anderson .Paak ...???
Come Down
The Season / Carry Me
Heart Don’t Stand a Chance
Come Home
The Bird ...? I'm pretty fond of Parking Lot too.
I won't tag anyone but if a friend sees this and wants to do it please do I would like to see it 🥺.
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fibula-rasa · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
1922 in 2022: Back Pay (1922)
Directed by Frank Borzage 
Adapted for the screen by Frances Marion
Based on a story by Fannie Hurst 
Photographed by Chester Lyons
Produced by Cosmopolitan Productions
Premiered on 8 January 1922
Hester Bevins (Seena Owen) dreams of a bigger, more extravagant life than her small-town home of Demopolis can offer. When Hester decries her flannel and gingham lifestyle to her beau, Jerry (Matt Moore), he doesn’t take her seriously. Regardless, once Hester has the scratch, she moves to New York City. There, she toils in obscurity for a few years before she lands a tycoon boyfriend, Wheeler (J. Barney Sherry). Though Hester has settled into the lap of luxury, she hasn’t forgotten her roots. Hester returns to Demopolis for a spell while on a road trip with Wheeler and friends. There she finds the whole town has forgotten her, except for Jerry. Jerry still insists Hester belongs in gingham and with a heavy heart she rejects him again and returns to the city. Normal life resumes for Hester, while Jerry enlists to fight in World War I. After Hester discovers that Jerry has returned to the States wounded, she rushes to the hospital and is informed that he only has three weeks to live. Hester thinks up a scheme to make the most of his last days by marrying him and convincing the now-blind Jerry that she’s living in a humble one-room apartment on earnest wages. She easily gains Wheeler’s agreement to support this arrangement. The pair live out an imitation of Jerry’s modest domestic fantasy until Jerry’s death. Hester unexpectedly finds that she is unable to return to her former life. Hester is haunted by the spectre of Jerry and feels guilty for her ruse. After her maid foils an attempted suicide, Hester resolves to become the person Jerry believed she was. Hester moves into a dingy one-room apartment, reclaims her old job, and is determined to pay for Jerry’s funeral with money she earned “honestly” as a final act of atonement.
My Impressions:
There was a lot I liked about this movie, and I really enjoyed Seena Owen’s performance, but the morality of the story was so shallow that it left me frustrated.
There’s not much information online about the movie, so I tried to scan through movie magazines from the time with little luck. Then I ended up finding a contemporary review cited on Back Pay’s Wikipedia page! The reviewer, James W. Dean, was also disenchanted with the hollowness of the film. Dean was already familiar with the story from the original publication (in Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1921) and from the stage play which was running while Back Pay was produced and released. And, according to Dean, the movie adaptation gutted the substance of the story. This spurred me on to find a copy of the original story and golly was Dean right!
In the story, Hester’s childhood in Demopolis is recounted in a way that deeply informs the choices she makes as an adult. Hester was raised by a protective aunt who also happened to be running an adult establishment out of her home. These childhood experiences shape Hester’s view of men and her expectations of life. This also frames Demopolis as less of a sleepy, idyllic bit of Americana. The film contains no hint of Hester’s life before the plot commences.
The film also whittles down the character of Wheeler, who in the story has a wife and child he’s double timing. He’s also searingly referred to as a “parlor patriot.” As the war rages abroad, Wheeler is specifically described as a war profiteer. When Hester asks him to do a solid for a disabled veteran, she even mentions that it’s only right seeing how much money he’s made off the war!
There isn’t much different about Jerry between the two versions of the story, aside from some blatant anti-Semitism is the original story. Honestly, even with the bigotry removed, I found it hard to like a character whose main trait is invalidating his girlfriend’s self image.
While the original story also tackles morality and guilt, the added depth of Hester’s psychology and the added shittiness of Wheeler make for a much more dynamic story.
So, I’ve ragged a lot on what was removed from “Back Pay” when it was adapted for the screen, but there is one addition that stuck with me. It regards Hester’s live-in maid. The maid isn’t a full character in either version of the story. But, if you remember from the synopsis, after the maid saves Hester’s life, Hester decides to up and leave. In other words, Hester abandons this very loyal woman in the early hours of the morning, leaving her potentially homeless and jobless with absolutely no prior notice. But, seemingly Borzage had some awareness of how completely insensitive this act was, because the camera lingers on the (unfortunately uncredited) maid looking anxious and despondent after Hester’s departure. This minimal moment is more thought given to that character than the original story, shockingly.
Tumblr media
The aforementioned shot of the tragically uncredited maid.
Further Info: [below the jump!]
Adjusted for inflation, the chinchilla coat that Hester wants Wheeler to buy for her would be $368,170.00 in 2022 dollars. Jerry’s funeral costs would be $8,848.63. (Although the movie is set some time in the 1910s, not 1922 so the numbers would be slightly different in actuality.)
Back Pay was produced by Cosmopolitan Productions, which was owned by newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. The business model of Cosmopolitan was that it would have the film rights to the popular stories that ran in Hearst’s magazines and would also be able to promote the films in Hearst-owned publications. At the time Back Pay was made, Cosmopolitan’s films were distributed through Paramount.
Back Pay was shot at Cosmopolitan’s New York studio located at Harlem River Park. The area used to contain an amusement park and casino. However, a year after Back Pay was released, while production of Little Old New York (1923) with Marion Davies was under way, the studio burned down. This precipitated the studio moving production to California.
Tumblr media
Photo of Cosmopolitan’s studio c. 1923 from the HABG Task Force website.
The city block where the studio once stood (between 1st & 2nd and E 126th & E 127th in Harlem) was, until recently, a city bus depot abutting a bridge ramp. We often talk about how much has changed in Hollywood in the last century, but the old movie-making enclaves in New York and New Jersey have also changed massively! I bet the view across the river from the studio was lovely back then!
Tumblr media
The block as seen on Google Maps in 2019. (Shoutout to this dude in a Dragon Ball Z t-shirt btw)
Seeing as this post is already a beast, I’ll quickly say that the history of this location, going all the way back to when Harlem was still Nieuw Harlem is fascinating and the redevelopment plans for the area sound great! The website Urban Archive has a full survey. It’s worth a read! 
You can also check out the HABG Task Force website for details on the redevelopment, which is currently slated to be completed in 2023.
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sahara4k · 8 months ago
I was wondering because you use twitter a lot too do you feel like being on mcyttwt ever impact your enjoyment of the content or your appreciation for the CCs? Because I feel as though that happened with me where I became overly negative about certain CCs that I had no genuine reason to dislike, etc.
this is actually a really good point anon so excuse me if a ramble a bit but! i’ve technically been on mcyttwt almost as long as i’ve been on mcytblr but i’ve always been far less active on there and primarily used it to keep in touch w certain mutuals and obviously see streamers’ tweets and such. when i first joined … i hated it. i joined in march which as many of u recall was kind of a crazy month 😭 and the amount of negativity on my tl was insane. but as time passed i basically just whittled down my following count to a handful of ppl whose tweets i ACTUALLY enjoyed looking at (instead of the common mcyttwt culture of following basically everyone in your subtwt) - and also to be completely frank im blocked by quite a number of ppl who i disagreed with blatantly which was actually for the best bc that meant i wouldn’t see their tweets either 😊 so right now i love being on mcyttwt bc the people i interact with are mutuals who i respect and care abt and my tl has been carefully curated so i don’t see unnecessary drama or toxicity basically ever. it takes a bit of time and effort to get there but it’s honestly so worth it bc you’re right, i used to see far more unwarranted cc neg and it did start to irritate me. so just be liberal with the mute and block button and you should be totally fine ❤️❤️ i hope this helps!!!
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thornheartless · a year ago
Tumblr media
If I cannot find Death And Taxes memes, then I will create them
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ascnsion · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
( 📂 )  Cliff misses all his senses  —  what sane or insane person wouldn’t? To make up for the sensation of touch, Cliff will sit outside in full sun and pretend he can feel the warmth of solar energy. Sometimes he actually thinks he can feel something, or maybe that’s just his wiring melting... Either way, heat seeking reptiles enjoy soaking up the heat from Cliff’s metal body. 
( 📂 ) Frank learned to be very, very wary of all his possessions while in the service. During his first month in boot camp, someone jizzed inside his shampoo bottle. A lesson was learned. Years later, Billy played a “prank” on Frank as a reminder of their old rookie days; Billy claimed the jizz wasn’t his own which made the while thing even stranger. 
( 📂 ) Deep held onto the belief of the existence of mermaids far beyond an appropriate age; he used to daydream he’d get laid by a bunch when he got older.
( 📂 ) Benjamin used to watch porn in order to learn how to kiss, preparing for the day Julie and he would “inevitably” end up together. The porn itself never did anything for him.
( 📂 ) The thought of his mother has crossed Bullseye’s mind more times than he’d admit. Not remembering what she looked like or even her name, his brain defaults to associating her with Natasha or Elektra when she appears in his dreams during rare occasions. It leaves him feeling very weird upon waking up, enough that he is half tempted to look up her information in order to clear dumb dreams from his sleeping mind.
( 📂 ) Ever since coming into possession of the ant-suit and forming bonds with hymenopterans, Scott has generally grown much more empathetic and kind toward all invertebrates. He’s even become strongly opposed to the use of pesticides!
( 📂 ) When Noh can’t decide on which song to listen to, he’ll play several at the same time; he was annoyingly notorious for doing that when he first heard music on Earth. He’s settled down a bit since then.
( 📂 ) Remy abhors branded super hero merchandise especially if its Avenger themed; he thinks it’s in bad taste and benefits no one.
( 📂 ) Spencer is tempted to whittle his own chess pieces, but he knows he’ll end up losing a finger or losing too much blood from a laceration despite taking all the necessary precautions.
( 📂 ) No matter how many years pass, Dorian dislikes the taste and aroma of basil; it reminds him too much of the past
Tumblr media
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yourlocalmorosoph · a month ago
maybe angst valzhang? 👀 i want to suffer for them (have I ever told you how much I like the way you write them??
hmm yess suffering
also i don't think so?? you're anonymous so idk ahahaha but tysmm <33
fr tho i love the prompts sm
it's funny how valzhang is such a rarepair (a barely-there-pair sometimes—) but the most prompts i get are for them. unless they were all you👀
anyways, ima try my best
Pathetic Fallacy.
Pathetic fallacy. That's what it was called, wasn't it? When the surrounding elements foreshadow an event or mirror your mood. The weather was certainly mirroring Leo's mood.
The rain beat down like it was trying to settle a personal score. It trickled down against the window pane like tears.
Leo's own tears were sliding down his cheeks. He stifled his sobs against his fist, hoping no one would hear him.
Today. Today is the anniversary.
One year since the day Jason died. A whole year.
One year without his best friend. One year since their trio was whittled down to a duo. A year.
Piper was grieving, too. Everybody was, really. But Piper had Shel. She had her dad. Leo wasn't alone, but his comfort was all the way in Camp Jupiter, trying to lead a legion while also battling his own grief.
They'd all promised to be together today. The remaining Six. But the weather hadn't permitted them to do so, which was why Leo was alone in Bunker 9, in a small alcove nobody knew about, crying.
The Fates were cruel. They had no mercy. Leo had died and came back. Jason hadn't got to meet him again after his resurrection, which meant he may have harboured some hope of seeing him in the Underworld. But no. Leo came back, and Jason was alone again.
And Leo felt so guilty for it. Jason has spent his whole childhood alone. Now his own best friend had unknowingly abandoned him, too.
And the worst part was that Leo knew Jason would forgive him. He'd tell him not to think like that. To let go, to just live.
But he just couldn't.
And more than that. Piper had let slip that when they'd broken up, with Piper admitting that she didn't see Jason the same way anymore and wanted to explore her sexuality, Jason had agreed because he'd wanted to do the same thing. And, she said, it all started because Jason had had an itty-bitty crush on Leo.
Which he'd come to terms with after Leo had died. Which absolutely fucked Leo over. Because there was a time where Leo had liked Jason, too.
But now Jason was gone. He'd been gone a whole year. And, while Leo had found love in someone else, being told that your old crush had liked you when you had just got together with your boyfriend a mere month ago didn't do his mind any favours.
The rain was still pouring. It lashed against the window Leo had installed in the alcove. It was his personal space, his thinking space. And, right now it was his grieving space.
He heard the door of the Bunker open. He huddled against the wall, trying not to be seen or heard. Footsteps echoed, and a familiar voice called, "Leo?"
Leo's frantic heart stilled. It was a voice he knew well, and loved to the depths of his soul. It was also a voice supposed to be an Camp Jupiter right now.
"Leo? You in here?" Frank called again. Leo heard his praetor's cape swishing around his legs, which meant that he hadn't had time to change before he'd come here.
Leo almost called back. But he didn't. He didn't want Frank to see him like this, broken by despair. The times when he was cracking like fine glass were the times he had to retreat. No one wanted to see him breaking.
Frank's silhouette neared the alcove. As much as Leo loved Frank, and respected him, and wanted each other to know every little thing about the other, they'd both agreed that they needed their own space that the other wouldn't invade. It was a boundary they both respected. Leo knew Frank had a small room near the Via Praetoria where he'd go to just let go, on his own. He didn't know its whereabouts, though. And Frank knew of Leo's alcove. Not of its location; and Frank never pushed or insisted. And Leo loved him so much for it. Which was why he slipped out of the alcove before he got too close and walked up behind his boyfriend.
"Yeah, I'm here." Shit, his voice gave away his hours of weeping. Frank turned to face him and saw the tears, and silently took the smaller boy into his arms.
"You okay?" he asked after a while.
Leo sniffled. "No."
Frank stroked his hair. "I'm sorry I'm still in my praetor garb. I was ... never mind that, praetor duties don't matter right now. But I—I needed you. Today is hard, and I knew it would be even harder for you than it is for me, so I came as fast as I could—"
Leo hugged him even tighter and Frank fell silent. They stayed like that for a while in the dim light of the Bunker, before Leo spoke.
"Thank you." He looked up at the taller boy. "Really. I—I needed you, too."
Frank smiled sadly. "That's what I'm here for. I'm sorry if I strayed too far to wherever your alcove is, I was just panicking a little. I knew you'd be here, but the silence was getting a bit overwhelming."
"I'm sorry," Leo murmured, lowering his gaze.
Frank quickly shook his head. "No, no! There's no reason to be. Look, I—I just wanted to be here for you, okay? If you want some more quiet time I can leave. I just want you to be okay."
Leo's heart melted. "No. Stay." He planted a kiss on Frank's collarbone. "Love you."
"I love you too, baby," Frank said, sighing, running a hand through Leo's unruly curls and kissing his forehead.
Maybe Leo didn't have to break down alone. Maybe ... maybe he didn't have to hide the cracks. Frank knew how to mend them.
"I miss him," he whispered.
"I know you do," Frank whispered back. "We all do."
Leo nodded and just leaned against him, reveling in the warmth and strength of him, in the quiet resilience and love he possessed.
And he knew he was his forever.
It was a cliché. But clichés were clichés for a reason, were they not?
Maybe today was going to be hard. But he wasn't going to face it alone. He never had to face anything alone ever again.
woot woot 🥳
hope you like it :]
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askaceattorney · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Dear Anonymous,
Daring today, aren’t we?  Keh heh heh!
Tumblr media
My essay on John Marsh can be found here, by the way.
So, how does one of the worst sorts of people -- a professional assassin -- become one of the heroes in a complex tale of misery, revenge, and deception?  If dogs could talk, perhaps Anubis could educate us on the matter, but I’ll be happy to do it in his stead.
Tumblr media
Before being cornered and sent to prison by our favorite prosecutor Miles Edgeworth (a story I’d love to hear more about sometime, by the way, even in a piece of fan fiction), Sirhan Dogen was taking his dog for a walk on a cold Christmas Eve night, when he came upon an unusual sight.  Or, to be more accurate, Anubis did.
Tumblr media
Whether by fate or coincidence, the two of them happened upon two young boys locked in a car, on the brink of freezing to death.  It makes one wonder if someone heard their prayers and decided to answer them in the most ironic way possible, but much to their great fortune, Dogen was an assassin who had a soft spot for innocent children.  Rather than leave them for dead, he decided to take them to a nearby orphanage, where they became part of a *COUGH* happy family.  (Sorry, still getting over a cold.)
Also to their fortune, Dogen wasn’t caught and arrested until after he rescued them.  We can only guess when and how that went down, but because of that, our first encounter with him is at his new home in a “Special Cell.”
Tumblr media
The blind assassin and his seeing/killing dog are now behind bars where they belong...although they hardly seem to be suffering very much.  In fact, they’re practically in seventh heaven.
Tumblr media
These bizarre settings don’t seem to concern Edgeworth, however, whose primary concern is the murder of an ex-bodyguard.
Tumblr media
Our old “friend” Frank Sahwit apparently saw Dogen’s black beast biting Horace Knightley’s body, presumably after killing him.  Considering who Dogen is, Sahwit’s testimony (which is actually somewhat reliable this time), and the fact that Anubis was involved, this seems very much like an open-and-shut case.  Or at least it would, if this wasn’t an Ace Attorney game.
Dogen denies Edgeworth’s allegations, claiming that he was in his humble cell at the time of the murder, occupied with his new hobby: whittling.
Tumblr media
It’s refreshing to see that he’s been doing something constructive with his time (and a little unrefreshing to know that it involves metal chisels given to him by the Warden), but this supposed alibi adds a layer of complexity to the murder.  Why would he send his dog after someone except to kill him?
His testimony ends up neither proving nor disproving his innocence, but he does help Edgeworth’s investigation along by revealing something about Knightley:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He’d certainly know a thing or two about that, wouldn’t he?
Only that’s not what happened, according to Edgeworth and Kay’s memory.
Tumblr media
Thanks to this contradiction, Edgeworth discovers why the P.I.C. removed him from the case -- for some unknown reason, they intend to twist the truth about Knightley’s crime.
This leads to an interesting piece of advice from the former assassin:
Tumblr media
It’s no big surprise that a convicted criminal would feel this way (and his dog, too, apparently), but could there be any truth to what he said?  A certain Interpol investigator once felt the same way, in fact.
Tumblr media
Who’d have thought a bad guy and a good guy (with some level of bad in him, perhaps) would have similar opinions about the court?
But regardless of Dogen’s philosophy, the evidence proving him to be Knightley’s killer has yet to be found, so Edgeworth decides to leave him alone for the time being...but not without some foreshadowing.
Tumblr media
They probably won’t have to worry about him skipping town, at least.
Sure enough, Edgeworth and his team (technically led by his “Uncle Ray,” but that’s just whatever), discover more clues pointing to the dastardly assassin and his equally dastardly dog:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And to top it off, Sahwit reveals Dogen’s role as “The Supplier,” as well as the existence of a secret route he uses to procure things for other prisoners.  Not to mention he has henchmen outside the prison, as revealed by Warden Roland (which might explain the number on his uniform, come to think of it).
Sounds like someone has some ‘splaining to do, doesn’t it?
Tumblr media
As fate would have it, however, another investigation team is there with a completely different theory.
Tumblr media
Thankfully, Edgeworth’s resolve to find the truth, even at the risk of his badge, wins out, and the ensuing debate between him and the prosecution leads to what seems like the final nail in Dogen’s coffin.
Tumblr media
Where could a prisoner possibly hide a murder weapon?  For that matter, how could they use it to commit the crime?  As far-fetched (heh heh) as it sounds, the possibility exists with a dog as well-trained as Anubis, who was able to tackle Knightley to the ground, knocking him conscious, drag him through a secret underground tunnel to the Special Cell where Dogen could murder him, drag him back again, and finally remove the murder weapon and carry it in his mouth, where no one but Dogen would be able to find it.  It’s the perfect crime, you see!  Keh heh heh!
Or is it?
Tumblr media
While the evidence seems to point in Dogen’s direction, the only common thread between him and Knightley is that they played correspondence chess together.  And it turns out he has explanation for all the other evidence -- while Anubis did drag the body to his cell, Knightley had already been stabbed with a chisel with one of Dogen’s trademark bells attached to it, so in order to divert any suspicion toward himself, he had Anubis move the body to the workroom, then remove the chisel from his neck.  Unfortunately for him, Sahwit...saw it, but that only ends up supporting his testimony.  Can it be true, though?
Tumblr media
While a former assassin carrying out a murder from the inside certainly makes for a twisted plot, it’s just not quiiiiiiite twisted enough for Ace Attorney.
Tumblr media
A quick test reveals that the only fingerprints on the chisel are Knightley’s, meaning that, for once, Dogen is off the hook.  He’s not entirely uninvolved, however...
Tumblr media
It turns out Dogen did commit the murder by way of coercion, the same way he obtained the Special Cell and any items he wanted from the warden.  That is, according to her testimony.  Is that twisty enough for Ace Attorney, though?
Tumblr media
The guilty party in this case turns out to be the one who feared Dogen and his henchmen.  Believing Knightley to be one of them, she finished him off and tried to pin the blame on Dogen in order to be rid of him.  It’s almost understandable considering Dogen’s reputation, but it turns out we still have a few more twists to run into, this time closer to the end of the game.
During his investigation of President Huang’s murder -- which was actually carried out by Dogen 12 years ago at the behest of his body double, it turns out -- Edgeworth crosses paths with an escaped Dogen, who has some interesting tidbits of information to share (other than the obvious fact that the Detention Center is in serious need of better security).  To begin with, he and Edgeworth are apparently after the same person.
Tumblr media
On top of that, the person in question saved his life from the body double and his co-conspirators, who were planning to kill him after his job was finished.  And the conspirators in question include two people Edgeworth already knows well: Blaise Debeste and Patricia Roland.  With this in mind, it makes even more sense why Roland would want to be rid of him, as well as why she treated him like royalty in prison -- he knew as well as the rest of them where the real President Huang was, and had decided to use that knowledge as a weapon.
But then comes the real twist -- the boy who rescued him was the same boy who was rescued by him only six years earlier, along with another boy, and they both went missing afterward.  What became of them?
We might never know, if not for Edgeworth’s skill at investigating.  Simply put, one became a selfish bodyguard (now a dead one)...
Tumblr media
...and one became a circus performer with a hidden agenda.
Tumblr media
Much like Dogen, however, this “young acolyte” failed to commit the perfect crime.  Before he could get away, one of his loose threads came back to haunt him.
Tumblr media
And it’s here that we come to the biggest twist in Dogen’s story.  As an assassin known far and wide for ending lives, including that of a President, no one would expect him to have mercy for someone whose trickery is about to cost him his life.  He’d probably be willing to do the same to a client who’d double-crossed him, for that matter.  However...
Tumblr media
...it seems not all assassins are created equal.
The idea of a serial killer deciding to leave crime behind and use his weapons for something constructive instead is heartwarming (and crazy) enough, but, quite unlike Simon’s father, Sirhan has apparently come to see value in life, even going so far as to risk his own to save someone.  And for once, he’s able to use his unwavering resolve, backed up by his vicious companion, for good.
Tumblr media
And while he doesn’t seem to feel much in the way of remorse for his actions, he seems to have a somewhat clearer grasp on the concept of justice.
Tumblr media
We’ll never know exactly what led him to enter the killing business, but now we have to wonder, what could’ve changed in him since his killing days were put to an end?  Somehow or other, he’s gone from a cold-blooded assassin to a protector and father figure for someone he’s only met in passing.  What could’ve sparked such a change?  It turns out Dogen himself has a theory about it:
Tumblr media
That’s certainly a possibility, but if you ask me, I’d say it’s just as possible that he’s come to realize that the assassin’s life, while dangerous, is actually pretty boring compared to using his talents to help someone.  No matter how much one might gain from crime, it can’t compare to the unique joys and pains of those who fight on the side of justice.  I mean, just look at Edgeworth and his band of merry men (and girl).  It may not be enough to erase the blood on Dogen’s hands, but in my book, there’s nothing like a good redemption story, no matter who the redeemee might be.
One other interesting thing about Dogen -- which I completely missed somehow -- is that his head isn’t shaped the way it is just to make him look scarier; it’s actually meant to be shaped like the bishop piece in chess, symbolizing his status as a “fallen priest.”  Edgeworth even makes a reference to this metaphor.
Tumblr media
He even carries prayer beads with him, which makes one wonder if perhaps he once was a priest, or at least religious in some form or fashion.  Whatever the case, the question now is this: Can a fallen priest pick himself back up again?  Only time will tell.
-The Co-Mod
P. S. I just now noticed that he and Kay have the same laugh.
Tumblr media
I’m not sure how I feel about that.
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mrb52563 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Just caught bbc amongst others framing william, saying or edited saying , we own it all in ref to there show or facts, relating back to diana to aids to los rodeo to prince andrew to press but with respect we say during the troubles it was uk law?, on defensive killing kids oo linking to the irish on U estate see lesley molseed to whittle to be frank so Rochmills crescent so if charles points hes got scotch to irish linked framed then usa still blame him for schools and architecture up to the good friday agreement so photo proof and recorded proof sad william was either framed by BBC or is that genuinely confused about his own family and there OO links same as child killers way back to frame to said irish fact catherine to mike tidal all there look again
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usafphantom2 · 4 months ago
Gloster Meteor F.Mk.8 (WK654) Jet Fighter, City of Norwich Aviation Museum.
Stuart Banham Follow
Gloster Meteor F.Mk.8 (WK654) Jet Fighter, City of Norwich Aviation Museum.
This aircraft is painted the colours of 245 Squadron based at RAF Horsham St Faith. The museum acquired the aeroplane from RAF Neatishead were it was displayed at a 'gate guard' for many years. Much of the repainting was carried out by painters from RAF Coltishall in the summer of 2005.
The RAF's main Fighter from 1950 to 1955, was the Gloster Meteor, this was Britain's first Jet Fighter, the Mk.I's were the only Allied Jet Aircraft to see operational service during World War Two, they equipped No.1 Squadron which went into action in 1944 against the German V1 Flying Bombs fired against Great Britain. The Squadron had some success but found the Meteor could not accelerate as quickly as the RAF's latest large piston engined Fighters !
Improved versions of the Meteor followed in the Post War years, the Meteor F8 entered RAF service in 1950 replacing the earlier F4's as the 'mainstay' of Fighter Command’s Home Defence Squadrons.
The Gloster Meteor was the first British Jet fighter and the Allies' only Jet Aircraft to achieve Combat Operations during World War Two. The Meteor's development was heavily reliant on its ground-breaking 'Turbojet Engines' pioneered by Frank Whittle and his company ''Power Jets Ltd''. Development of the Aircraft began in 1940, although work on the Engines had been under way since 1936. The Meteor first flew in 1943 and commenced operations on 27th July 1944 with No.616 Squadron RAF. The type was not a sophisticated Aircraft in its aerodynamics, but proved to be a successful Combat Fighter. Gloster's 1946 civil Meteor F.4 demonstrator G-AIDC was the first civilian-registered Jet Aircraft in the world. Several major variants of the Meteor incorporated technological advances during the 1940's and 1950's. Thousands of Meteors were built to fly with the RAF and other Air Forces and remained in use for several decades.
Gloster Meteors of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) fought in the Korean War, several other operators such as Argentina, Egypt and Israel flew Meteor's in later regional conflicts. Specialised variants of the Meteor were developed for use in Photographic Aerial Reconnaissance and as Night Fighters. The Meteor was also used for research and development purposes and to break several aviation records and on 7th November 1945, the first official airspeed record by a Jet Aircraft was set by a Meteor F.3 at 606mph. In 1946, this record was broken when a Meteor F.4 reached a speed of 616mph. Other performance related records were broken in categories including flight time endurance, rate of climb, and speed. On 20th September 1945, a heavily modified Meteor Mk.I powered by two Rolls-Royce Trent Turbine Engines driving propellers, became the first turboprop aircraft to fly. On 10th February 1954, a specially adapted Meteor F.8, the ''Meteor Prone Pilot'' which placed the Pilot into a prone position to counteract inertial forces, took its first flight.
In the 1950's, the Meteor became increasingly obsolete as more nations introduced Jet Fighters, many of these newcomers having adopted a swept wing instead of the Meteor's conventional straight wing, in RAF service, the Meteor was replaced by newer types such as the Hawker Hunter and Gloster Javelin. As of 2018, two Meteors, G-JSMA and G-JWMA, remain in active service with the Martin-Baker Company as 'Ejection Seat Testbeds'. One further Aircraft in the UK remains airworthy, as does another in Australia.
Late in 1945, two F.3 Meteors were modified for an attempt on the world air speed record, on 7th November 1945 at Herne Bay in Kent, Group Captain Hugh ''Willie'' Wilson set the first official air speed record by a Jet Aircraft of 606mph TAS (True Airspeed) In 1946, Group Captain Edward ''Teddy'' Donaldson broke this record with a speed of 616mph TAS, in EE549, a Meteor F.4.
▪︎Role: Fighter Aircraft
▪︎National Origin: United Kingdom
▪︎Manufacturer: Gloster Aircraft Company
▪︎First Flight: 5th March 1943
▪︎Introduction: 27th July 1944
▪︎Retired: 1980s (RAF Target Tugs)
▪︎Status: Two in use as Testbed Aircraft (one with civil registration)
▪︎Primary Users: Royal Air Force / Royal Australian Air Force / Belgian Air Force / Argentine Air Force
▪︎Power Plant: Rolls-Royce RB.50 Trent
▪︎Produced: 1943 to 1955
▪︎Number Built: 3,947.
Via Flickr
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