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“lost focus and had a consensual workplace relationship”
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Reblog and tell us which one of Jon Bernthal's characters lives rent free in your daydreams? Bonus if you add which look he's wearing.
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Kinktober 2022 Masterlist
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hey everyone! i know i have been a little inactive lately, so i decided to participate in kinktober to get back into writing! i’ll try to stick to this the best i can, but sometimes the writers block is hard to get around.
once the fic is posted, it will be linked here with the character it features (please note the warnings on each fic). they will mostly be top gun x reader, but there could be a few marvel/miscellaneous characters
fill out my taglist form to be notified when i post!
days below the cut!
days (subject to change):
oral sex- rooster x reader
anal sex- hangman x reader
public sex- maverick x reader
lingerie- iceman x reader
femdom- maverick x reader
pegging- hangman x reader
cum play
hair pulling
spit kink
group sex
double penetration
praise kink
degradation kink
breeding kink
knife play
breeding kink
mask kink
daddy kink
dry humping
sex pollen
clothed sex
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sure they're a walking red flag but im colorblind so what it do babyyy
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salt, ice and fire | frank castle
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chapter sixteen - talk is cheap
frank castle x fem!reader
warnings: canon typical violence, blood, death, swearing, mention of fire and like burning and stuff, its a bit sad at the end
words count: 6.1k
a/n: this took me a while bc i’ve been writing out so many requests but hopefully you all like it! the pressure is mounting guys the next few chapters shit is going down. hold onto ur hats. also i am so ready to write the next few chapters of this because its all coming together fajfejrnierifaeurngiar. eep.
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─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Somehow you hear Frank’s phone buzzing somewhere in the room, the vibrating ring echoing on the hardwood floor. You were practically curled up in a ball, back pressed against Frank’s chest while he had his arm wrapped over you. Even while he was asleep you could tell how strong he was, arm still not fully relaxed, his hand almost holding onto you as if you would drift away in any moment. It was exactly the opposite of what you would do— of what you want to do.
I want to stay. Of course you did. Even if it wasn’t like this, the rise and fall of his finally relaxed breathing pressing you even closer - he was the only person who wasn’t afraid of you, who didn’t look at you like you were what you are. He understood— on some level or another. He wouldn’t force your hand, wouldn’t keep you anywhere you didn’t want to be. So, that became exactly the place you wanted most. 
The fact that he was also, well, him— you still felt like you were floating even now, long after you had passed out from last night. You couldn’t help the way you shivered a little just thinking about it. He was sweet when you needed and rough when you asked, every part of your body felt like it had been changed permanently. You rolled over, his arm staying tight around you, and your face was nearly pressed to his as you shook him lightly.
“Frank.” You tried to whisper, the phones ringing stopping for a short second, and then picking up again. Clearly, whoever it was needed him now, and being around him long, there’s only one person who calls him period, let alone this early. He still doesn’t budge. “Frank.”
“Shh.” He groans and nearly smothers you as both his arms link around your frame, every sense surrounded by him. “Sleep.”
“Your phone.” He takes in a deep breath, and your face buries into the new space, finding his collarbone. You press your mouth to his skin, getting distracted when he almost moans at the touch.
“S’ Madani. She’ll call back.” He moves his head higher, and your mouth trails up, kissing his neck, just under his jawline. One of his hands finds the back of your neck, threading slowly up through your hair.
“She already has.” He still holds you where you are, teeth and tongue working to give him matching bruises where you are sure you are covered in them. “Might be important. The article. From Karen.”
“Give me one minute, baby. One more minute of you.” Smiling, you make your move and push him onto his back, leg swinging over his torso. Neither of you bothered to put actual clothes on last night— you in one of Franks shirts and him in nothing at all. Both of you sigh a little when you drop your weight on top of him, and you pin his arms up near his head, leaning down to kiss him.
He gives up control easily, letting you take whatever you want from him. You stay slow, sleep still clouding half your brain. He moves a little underneath you and you let him, legs spreading wider. He groans into your mouth and you roll your hips, desperately aware of how he reacts to the small movement. You swear you could still taste yourself on his tongue, and he leans forward as you begin to shuffle down. Maybe more than just a minute…
The phone buzzes again, somehow louder now, the vibrations moving it closer to where you and Frank have claimed a corner of the bed.
“Pass it to me.” He whispers, tugging on your bottom lip with his teeth. Your eyes nearly roll back at the look he gives you, but you bend down and grab the phone, reluctantly handing it to him despite knowing he needs to answer it. “Better be good, Madani.”
“Did you get the paper this morning?” You can hear the agent say through the phone, and Franks free hand falls to your hip, pulling at the hem of the shirt you were wearing.
“I got a good idea what it says.”
“I should of expected you to blow this thing into extreme proportions. It’s seven thirty and I already have four dead Gnucci foot soldiers spread out across 5th Avenue.” Your eyes widen a little at that. Sure, it was part of the plan— turn the two gangs against each other and lighten the load for you and Frank to inevitably tear to pieces. You were just surprised it had happened so soon.
“Karmas a bitch, ain’t it?” His thumb runs circles along your hipbone, goosebumps rising under his touch. You can see him smile when he notices. “I’m a busy man, so unless you got something for me…”
“I know where the brother is.” Franks hand freezes on your hip and your body goes tight. “The men who were killed— one of them had a comm leading through a secure network. I got to it, gave it to someone I trust back at base. There’s a hold out near…” The rest of the conversation fades off, you only getting parts that from where you are, it would take about seven hours to get to where your brother is.
Frank sits up, and it hits you all at once, almost like a punch to the gut. Your brother— the one you had been searching for, fighting for your entire life. The one you had killed for. He was only seven hours away.
“And Frank—“ Madani says as you start to focus back into the conversation. “—there’s going to be a time in this where I have to start connecting dots.” Frank looks at you, a strange emotion on his face somewhere between concern and…
“Just say it, Madani.”
“I’ve already got men breathing down my neck asking about my source for the Silo incident, and now with this article… shits hitting the fan, and all eyes are on me. When her brother is out, I need to bring her in.” His face twitches, nose scrunches almost when she says it. You knew it was inevitable. You were marked as immediate disposal on your file. Back then, you didn’t really give a shit if you got out alive or not, as long as your brother was safe. Looking down at Frank, you think of one more thing you would want to protect.
“I already told you-“
“I know what you told me. I’m not putting her in a bunker, but I need a paper trail. Something I can use to clear all this shit up. And I need more information. You may want to be in and out with as many bodies as possible, but this network runs deeper than you can imagine. I need to think of the bigger picture.” Frank says something like ‘whatever’ and hangs up the phone, tossing it onto the floor.
“Seven hours away.” You say and he nods, his hand still frozen at your hip.
“I won’t let anything happen t’you.” You start to lift yourself off him, but something about the way he looks at you makes you pause. There’s only been a few times when you can’t place the emotion he’s looking at you with. You were pretty good at reading people, and you were practically versed in Frank, but with his wide eyes and furrowed eyebrows, you just paused. Then, lean down to kiss him lightly.
“Thank you.” You feel his free hand hold the back of your neck, pressing your forehead to his. His eyes close, and yours stay open, watching the displaced emotion melt away. He nods again, and lets you go, throwing the covers off himself and finally getting out of bed.
Both of you waste no time, getting dressed with new clothes and restocking with food as best you can with what Karen still has around. You eat whatever you can find, chewing through fruit and the rest of Karen’s honey oats, Frank eating whatever you don’t. After you had practically ransacked the place, Frank wrote a quick note and left the key on the counter, grabbing your bags and heading to the door.
Your hand goes to the door knob, and both of you freeze.
You don’t have to open it to know who’s on the other side. You know those footsteps, the weight of them, how he leans slightly to the left because he got shot when he was 18 and it never really healed right. You know his breathing, laboured now he had made it up the steps to the apartment. You knew the sound of his voice, how he told the two other men with him not to knock the door down. Told them to wait, that he wanted to be the one to talk.
Frank’s artillery was swung over his shoulder, another bag in his hand, while yours was on your back. The cool metal of the barrel of the gun Frank forced you to carry around was a glaring reminder of where you were, and how the man on the other side of the door was far more apt at using it. You also weighed your options. You could kill him now— you knew where your brother was. You just had to make it there before his men could send the order. Not that they would be able to if you could kill them, too—
“Good morning, sunshine.” His voice was rough, mocking as the nickname floated into your ears making you want to hurl. Frank pressed closer, shoving you away from the door a little. “I know you’re in there.”
The shock of him really being here was starting to set in. Bobby Gnucci never got his hands dirty. Never put himself in the firing line. When you’re that rich, you can buy people to stand in front of you. Why the hell was he here, then? And how the hell did he find you?
“Nice place here. I’m sure Ms. Page would be upset if we shot through her lovely oak door. Why don’t you come out and we can talk like adults.” The mention of Karen’s name made you both pull out your weapons. “That is what you are, yes? An adult? You so often reminded me that is what you are now.”
You go to open your mouth to reply, but Frank shakes his head and nods towards the window. The fire escape would lead you right down to the car. Was he suggesting you leave? Now, when Bobby was right there?
“You know, it’s a shame, really. About The Colonel. As pathetic as he was, the man sure had a knack for politics. But a gun shot to the head? That’s not how I raised you, is it sunshine?”
Frank starts to pull you back, further inside the apartment. You try to ask why - why the hell wouldn’t you take them on, take them here? He just shakes his head, jaw clenched. You knew if there was a reason Frank wasn’t killing anyone, it was probably a good one.
“And I did. Raise you. You were so young, when we first met. I guess I was, too. Clearly we’ve both changed. Ms. Page didn’t recognise my voice when I called to meet her, and doesn’t have the slightest clue she’s sitting in a cafe with my best hit man right now.” Fuck. That’s why Frank wasn’t shooting. “Change is for the best sometimes. Even if it comes at a cost.”
“What do we do?” You mouth at Frank. His eyes are trained on you. Before he answers, Bobby speaks again.
“If you don’t open the door, I’ll have my men shoot Ms. Page where she sits. One word from me and they’d tear your brother apart, too.” You squeeze your eyes shut so you don’t see Franks face when you speak.
“What do you want?” You sound cold— a tone of voice you haven’t used in months.
“Ahh. There you are.” He sighs through the door, and you take a step closer. Franks eyes widen, standing in front of you. “What I want. I think I have made that fairly clear, no? You have made things decidedly harder for me with this article, you see. My men question my loyalty, question if I am still in my right mind, chasing a ghost such as yourself.”
You take another step and Franks forearm stops you, pushing you away from the door. You shove him back, instead pushing him towards the window. If he could make it out undetected—
“I want you. I want you by my side.”
“You want me as your weapon.”
“Does one not hold their weapon at their side? Care for it? Tend to it, keep it safe? You would not know, to be fair. I’ve given you no reason to ever need one.” Your grip around the gun tightens. You mouth ‘go’ to Frank, but he just stands there. You do it again, and pull the gun out, training it on the door. Frank finally manages to move, seeing you with the weapon. If he doesn’t get a head start, he won’t make it to the building. “Open the door, and I’ll take you to your brother, and we can go back to how it was.”
“When you locked me up?” Frank had moved, but only towards you, hands coming lightly under your chin. You tell him to go again, and you think he might kiss you. His hand drops and wraps over yours, the one holding the gun. He trains it on the door and angles you so that you are as close the the open window as possible, laying out your exit.
“As soon as that door opens, leave. Come to me. Get him to open the door, and come to me.” He whispers in your ear, lips brushing against the sensitive skin.
“You know why I did that. You disobeyed me.” Bobby’s voice breaks you away from Frank. He needs to open the door. An idea starts to spark.
“I fucked someone else. That’s why you did it.” Frank looks at you one last time before he turns to the window, and he almost looks like he’s smirking.
“That is not why.” Bobby sounds through the door, shakier than before.
“The Colonel told me. That you think I’m some kind of gift to you, from your father-“
“Don’t talk about my father!” He shouts, and Frank has already disappeared, hopefully dropping down the fire escape and in the car already. “He is dead.”
“Clearly. If he were alive, you wouldn’t have lost four men this morning.”
“Open the door.”
“If he were alive, he would have killed me the moment I stepped out of line. But you couldn’t, could you?”
“You are on thin ice. Open this door, now.” He says, angrier. Good. You want him angry. Angry enough that he will burst inside. Or at least, the guards will. Them, you can kill without blinking.
“You couldn’t kill me. That’s why you locked me up in there. You really are obsessed.” You bite out, mocking thick in your voice. All the anger of all those years you spent with him bubbles to the surface. You only wish you could see his face. “It wasn’t that you needed me. It’s that you wanted me. You just didn’t have the balls to do anything about it.”
“I will break this door down-“
“You had all those years to watch me, train me like some prized bull, and build the perfect weapon. Your father knew you couldn’t do it alone, that’s why he started it without you. He died thinking you would at least have the brains to finish it for him, but you just fucked it up again, didn’t you?”
“Shut the fuck up! I will kill him you—“ He was yelling now, screaming. You imagine his face bright red, an ugly vein popping out of his forehead, more prominent now he was older.
“You could only think with your dick! You locked me up because you were jealous and ruined your fathers legacy, and now you need me to fix it for you!” The door burst in and you pulled the trigger, the body of the first guard hitting the floor before the frame of the oak wood did.
The second guard faltered, not expecting you to be armed, and all that training with Frank flooded back to you. As soon as she stutters you fire again, a bullet flying through his throat and ricocheting onto the drywall behind.
Your gun is trained on the door, and you were backing up, feeling the breeze from the open window whip at the back of your legs. It’s close, and you crouch, starting to climb out of it when you see him.
Bobby Gnucci steps into the room, face still read from screaming at you, though now he is calmer, void of emotion. He almost smiles when he sees you, teeth yellowing from years of smoking those disgusting cigars he always smelt of.
“You look better.” His voice was sickly sweet, and the way his eyes roam your body feels nothing like the way it does when Frank does it. “Good.”
“I’m going to get my brother back.” He raises his eyebrows, keeping his composure. The way he stands, confidence oozing out of his jet black suit, you are reminded why his family is so feared. He isn’t tall, and he’s bigger than when you last saw him, but he looks like his father. All dark, oily hair and crumpled features.
“He isn’t yours to take. If your own father had been smarter, perhaps-“
“I’m going to get him back. Then I will come for you.” You step out of the window, gun still trained on him. You had to hope Frank had gotten to Karen by now, because it was your only chance.
“Think about who you are threatening.” He warns, taking a step towards you.
“It’s all I’ve thought about. For three fucking years. I will come for you, and I will burn everything you built to the ground.” Your word choice is purposeful. You want him to know. You want him to know that he will feel what you felt, what he did to you will come for him. Eventually.
You drop from view, throwing yourself off the fire escape and hit the ground running. The wind whistles past yo has you run the distance you drove yesterday to the main building of the Bulletin. If Frank hadn’t made it yet, it would be down to you. Faces pass in a blur and a few cars honk as you cross streets recklessly, and when the building begins to form in sight, you don’t see and blue and red flashing lights, which you take as a good sign.
Then, Frank crashes through the front window of the main lobby, his hands around the throat of a giant looking man.
You run to him, only stopping when you hear Karen inside, ushering someone out of the emergency exit. Frank flips the guy over and pounds his fist into his face, the sound of bone cracking letting you know he has it covered.
“Karen!” You shout and she looks up, relief washing over her face when she sees you. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine! We need to go— You. You need to go. The police are on their way. You and Frank—“
“Don’t worry about us. I need to get you out of here. Do you have somewhere you can—“ Another shatter of window sends glass flying into the air, and you cover Karen as best you can. She’s looking at something behind you, and when you focus, you can feel it. Someone, not something.
“Matt?” Karen shouted, one arm covering her forehead where a little blood seeped out from a cut. The man moved past you, taking her face in his hands.
“Are you okay?”
“Jesus! I’m fine! What are you doing here?!” She shouts at him, but you know that kind of shout. She’s not really mad, and you remember a conversation about her and someone called Murdock, and out together the pieces.
“I heard you! You need to-“ He pulls her closer, hand searching her face. “You’re hurt.”
“I’m fine.” She whispers, the lobby now completely empty. The lack of sound also makes you look back, seeing Frank climbing off the mangled body underneath him. Karen looks at you, keeping her hands linked with the man’s. “You both need to get out of here.”
“Do you have somewhere you can go? Bobby, he knows your place.” She nods, eyes flicking to the man. Matt. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to get- this isn’t what I wanted. I’ll make sure you’re safe, I swear-“
“It’s not your fault. I would of done it anyways. Journalism has its risks. It’s not the first time something like this has happened anyways.” You smile at her, slightly confused as to how anything like this could of happened to her before, but Matt also smiles and it seems like there’s a lot you don’t know about her.
“Get out of here. Please.” You say and she looks past you, to Frank, who was digging through the pockets of the man he’d just killed.
“Thank you. Both of you.” She says, and then she does something that both makes you want to cry and laugh. She hugs you. Tightly, both arms wrapped around you. You don’t think a woman has hugged you since your mother.
When she pulls away you must look confused, or scared because she looks to the floor, smiling.
“Look after him. He needs you.” She says, and Matt moves his head towards you, nodding, before taking her hand and leading her out of the broken lobby.
You turn to Frank, who finally stands and staggers over to you, holding his side. You can hear sirens ringing in the distance, and you know you don’t have long before they reach you here.
“You okay?” He’s swaying a little, and his entire arm is gushing with blood. The hand holding his sight is bright red, too. “Fuck. Where’s the car?”
“S’ that way.” He slurs, and arm swinging over your shoulder.
“What happened?”
“Big guys. Had a lotta…” He sucks in a sharp breath when you step out of the lobby, turning him down the street. “You get out okay?”
“Had my lucky charm with me.” You tap the gun in the waistband of your pants, and even though he’s probably in a lot of pain, he smiles down at you.
“That’s my girl.” More of his weight drops into your shoulder, and your steps start to slow as you see the car approaching. Frank fumbles with the keys, and eventually drops them on the ground. You lean him up against the car as he groans, picking them up. “S’worried.”
“You know I can handle myself better than you can.” He’s lost more blood than he probably realises, and looks pale. You have no idea how many men were inside the lobby before you got there, only catching the end of it. You take the bags off his shoulder and shove them in the car, and when you turn back to him, he’s sliding off the hood and nearly hitting the pavement.
“Frank! Jesus— what the hell did you do to yourself?” He groans when you pull him back up, his arms nearly slipping from your grasp, wet with blood.
“S’okay, baby. Just gotta get…” His head practically rolls to the side, face screwing up in pain when he tries to swing his legs in. “Ah—fuck.”
“What do I do? Frank, I can’t fix this. I don’t know where to—“ There’s so much blood, when you close yourself into the drivers side of the car you can smell it— a mix of metallic sharpness and salt. There’s so much of it, and you half consider driving him to a hospital. Or one of the ambulances that have probably pulled up to the lobby. You couldn’t fix yourself, let alone him. You couldn’t even sew a cut on your leg— “Frank. Please keep your eyes open.”
“Mmm.” His head hangs forward now, and his eyes flick to the side, observing as you slam on the accelerator and drive forward. “Where you goin’?”
“We need help. You. You need help.” He’s slurring his words, and if he passes out you’ll have to— yeah, you’d drive him straight to the hospital. Screw everything, you’d figure it out, but he couldn’t die here. Not in a car, coming out of a fight you pushed him into, one he never would of found if it weren’t for you—
“Right. Turn right.” You hit it hard, your arm coming across Franks chest to keep him from slamming into the door. “Exit on fifth.”
“You need a— I can’t help you like this, Frank. I can take you to a hosptial—“ He’s shaking his head, grunting no before you finish the thought. “—Curtis? Where is he? He can help.” You take the exit, not sure where you’re going but blindly trusting Frank, even though he’s a second away from losing an arm.
“Not here. Pull into the g—“ He groans as you swerve onto the left side of the road. “—It’s okay. We just need a little time…”
“Garage. One with the green door.” You see it a block away, and pull into it, immediately getting out of the car and helping Frank out.
He’s limping even with you supporting him, and now you can see the bright red marks on his shoes, lines on the pavement carved by the flow of blood from somewhere else under his clothes. He ushers you to a side door that opens to some storage unit sized garage, full of bags and old furniture.
You lay him down on an old couch, and when he huffs finally landing, you stand up and get a good look at him, and nearly puke.
You’ve seen blood before. This is tame— compared to what you’ve seen, what you’ve done before. Blood doesn’t make you sick, but his blood does. And there’s so much of it. His head is soaked, eyes both black, shirt wet— not damp, sopping wet with thick, red liquid. You haven’t even taken his shirt off and you know it’s bad. Bad and you can’t fix it, you couldn’t even fix yourself.
“Hey. Blue bag— trauma kit in there.” Franks hand weakly taps at your leg, and you realise you’d frozen above him. You move, hands shaking as you tear open the blue bag, gauzes and equipment you’ve never seen falling out in front of you. You look back to him, eyes wide. “It’s gonna be fine. Now grab…”
“I can’t do this. We need to take you to a hospital.” He’s sliding his shirt up and there’s so much of his blood that shouldn’t be here, not like this—
“Baby, you can do this. I need you to do this for me, okay? I know you’re scared, but I trust you.” His voice is cracking, but he’s looking at you with urgency and— trust, maybe. Maybe that’s it. The look you’ve been trying to pin, where his eyes go a little soft and he leans closer to you. Whatever it is, it’s enough, and you look back down to the equipment.
“Okay. Okay. Just… tell me. Which ones do I…” He pulls his shirt up and you lean on your knees, seeing what you know to be a gun wound. “Oh, fuck.”
“Tweezers.” He says, and twists to the side. The wound is right in the edge, but it looks like the bullet might still be in there. You can see it, just under the surface of his scarred skin. “You gotta get it out.”
“Okay.” Your voice was cracking but you did what he asked. Grabbing the tweezers, your slightly improved confidence has you moving into position. You remember Frank holding you when he did this to you, how he told you how good you were doing. How he called you sweetheart. You take a breath and put your hands on his side.
“You might need to p-“ He cries out when you shift the wound slightly, and you take your hands off him. “It’s okay. Just keep going. You’ll have to dig around. Get it out.”
“Shit. Shit. Okay, I’m sorry.” You look at Frank, who tries his best to look confident in you, but then groans as you dig the metal into his side and balls his fists into the couch. “I can feel it.”
“Mm.” He grunts out, jaw tight and breathing fast through his nose. If he keeps going like that, he’ll pass out and you need him awake. Frank kept you awake when he did it by talking. You can do that. You can do this.
“You’re doing good, Frank. I’ve almost got it.” He cries out again as you dig in, clamping the bullet around the metal. “You’re a really good teacher.”
“Good to—fuck. Good to know.” His eyes are squeezed shut, but momentary relief floods his face when the bullet leaves the wound. “Needle and the string in the green packet.”
“Alright. Just two or three, right?” He nods once, and you remember how many when he removed them from your skin. As you bring the supplies back to him, you bring gauze as well, gently cleaning the area as best you can. When he did it, he had water, and his skin is so caked with blood you can’t find the edge, so you do your best. He hisses when you get close, and you use the other hand to rub small, soothing circles on his other side. “Sorry.”
“S’okay. Just push is through. Line i—it up straight and pull it together. Fuck.”
“One down.” You follow his instructions, applying one shoddy stitch to his wound.
“That’s it-“ He pauses, eyes fluttering closed. You call his name, shake him a little but all that does is make the wound bleed more.
“Frank.” You move up, yelling in his ear. Nothing. His heart was beating, but your hand was wet with his blood. “Frank!”
He wasn’t awake. He’d passed out. You remembered when you were shot, and how hard he tried to keep you awake. It must be bad, that he’s passed out. A concussion— you knew he couldn’t sleep with a concussion. You needed to wake him up. You tried to think— when he did this for you, even though you wanted to sleep so badly, you heard his voice. Talking. He called you sweetheart. 
Okay. You could do that— he always said how he could never get you to shut up. He’d talked you through the first one, you just had to do it over and over again. You had to talk him through it. You adjusted on your knees, replacing the soaked red gauze with a new one and exposed a little more of the wound.
“I can count on one hand how many times you’ve fallen asleep before I did.” You say to the small room. He can’t hear you, head lulled to the side, but you talk anyway. It was his voice that drew you to consciousness, a life ring in the weird fading fuzziness that blood loss tinged your body with. “It’s lazy, really. And do you remember, the first night we were in that really small hotel with the blinking lamp? And I told you that you should of gotten ice for your head? Bet you wished you listened to me.”
You were stabbing painfully at the wound, the slipperiness of his blood making it hard to get a hold on it. You tried to be gentle, but you needed to be safe more. Another few uneven ties eventually pulled his skin together, and you immediately covered the wound, wrapping it in gauze and sticking bandages over it. You grabbed more of the supplies out of the bag, ripping open packages that looked like what you had just used.
“If this is some kind of fucked up lesson like when you made me stay up for five hours with a gun on the door, I’m going to kick your ass.” You tried to tell yourself you were talking to him, but it was more a distraction for you, giving yourself something to focus on other than the gaping wound across his chest that you now had to try and pull back together. “I think I miss that time, though. I didn’t know how good I had it. New York feels so... full. I’ve lived in big cities my whole life, you know. Those shitty motels were always so empty. I liked the open space.”
A part of him flinched under you. Maybe it was just because you were hurting him, or a reflex, but either way it meant he wasn’t dead, and that was encouragement enough. Your hands continued to rectify the cut, now almost completely closed. Looking down his body, there was a lot of superficial wounds that you wouldn't be able to do much with, but there was a gash in his leg that was dripping blood onto the floor, and you grabbed a shirt from one of the bags in the room and tied it over until you could get to it. 
“I just liked being outside, I think. Like that place in the woods, where you pulled all those guns out of the floor. If it wasn’t so small, I would have never left. I could breathe out there— I never felt like I could get a real breath in underground. You know, when they kept me down there.” Maybe it was the adrenaline rushing through you, or the fact that this was the chance to talk to someone without having to worry how they would react. Frank wouldn’t even remember it. 
“My dad used to have a basement at our house. He did all his research down there, when he wasn’t stuck at the lab. Even there, I hated it. It was so cramped— he could never get enough of it, though. I used to stand at the top of the steps that led down there, playing a song on my phone or something, and he’d sing it with me. Then he’d walk up the steps and scoop me up, carry me out of there.” Everything feels like it’s hot— Frank’s skin under your hands. It felt like infection. You grabbed some of the saline and squeezed it over the wounds, then shuffled down and did the same to the one on his leg before starting to stitch again.
“That’s where he was. When they set the house on fire. My mom could never sleep without him, so she was waiting for him, making a few bottles for my brother in the kitchen.” A slow, shuddering exhale, and a few quick blinks of your eye allows you to see straight again. “I always think about what he was doing. If he was happy— if he struggled. Sometimes he fell asleep down there and mom had to go and drag him to bed. I like to think he was asleep when it happened.”
“My mum was screaming. For him, for me to get out. For my brother. I don’t even remember how I got the door unlocked. I think I dislocated my shoulder breaking it down. Eventually I knew mom was... she stopped screaming. I just kept bashing the door down. I was thinking ‘if I can just get in here, just get him and then I can go and help her’. He was a baby. I had to—“ You saw lines forming in the dry blood on Frank’s chest, and you knew you were crying. You straightened up, not wanting to get anything else on him. “I still remember Bobby. His face, hovering behind his fathers. Coming to collect their prize. My brother had ash on his face, he was sneezing every three seconds and I couldn’t stop him crying.”
Your words were choked, and every sentence came out in a hiccuped string of sobs you knew were hardly coherent. Somewhere in between, you ad sewn him up. You had managed it — somehow, you had tied him together, at least enough so the blood wasn’t dripping like a faucet anymore. There was more to do, so much blood all over him. His head was hanging off the couch, and there was a piece of metal you hadn’t seen sticking out of his right arm.
You grabbed the bottles of water you saw in the corner, along with the saline and remaining gauze. You were running out considering how much you had used on the gun shot wound, but you’d manage. You wiped your tears on the back of your arm and got to work, and you couldn’t seem to stop yourself from talking to him.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
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comicsiswild · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Avenging Spider-Man (2011) #6
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constellationsofthedark · 2 days ago
Billy Russo x Reader. Meeting the Castle family for the first time
Thank you for the very first request from @music-indie-tv . I hope you enjoy reading this and as always, if anyone has any requests, comments or just want to chat, my messages are open. Thanks!
·        The first month or two Billy kept the relationship private, without telling even Frank. But Frank did notice that Billy was being happier and less moody than usual so one day he asked what his deal is.
·        Billy obviously couldn‘t hide anything from Frank and he told him that he was seeing someone for some time.
·        Frank was very intrigued since Billy never was in a relationship and was only looking for someone to sleep with, so he was surprised to say the least.
·        From that day, any chance he got, Frank would “interrogate” Billy on who this girl is, what she does for a living etc. To be honest, he was expecting the girl to be the usual type that Billy goes for in a one-night stand.
·        But to Frankie’s surprise he was very wrong. One day, he went to Billy’s office, and he found you. At first, he thought that maybe you were a client or some new intern, but he was shocked when Billy came in and kissed you on the cheek.
·        Billy introduced you to Frank, and he suddenly realized that you are very intelligent, beautiful, and just a nice person in general.
·        The first thing he did once he left the office is call Maria and gossip like a schoolgirl. Maria was also intrigued and excited for Billy, so she asked him to invite both to dinner.
·        The day of the dinner, Billy was being nervous. Which is very unlike him. He felt as he was bringing a girl home to meet his parents. In a way, this was true, you were going to meet his family and he was scared.  However, he obviously pretended that he was fine.
·        To make an impression on Billy’s family, you baked a pie (after asking Billy what the kids and Maria likes). Billy was surprised that you cared enough to go through the troubles of baking, even when you didn’t have much time in your daily life.
·        On the way there, he was holding your hand while driving while sweating profusely. You didn’t want to make him uncomfortable by saying that his hands are wet, so you kept your mouth shut and pretended to not notice. Since he would deny being nervous.
·        Once you got there, Frank was the one to open the door, he saw that Billy was nervous and teased him. You also had a laugh but didn’t mention that you were also nervous.
·        Turns out, you didn’t need to be nervous at all. Maria and the kids welcomed you into their home with open arms and fell in love with you the moment you even said hello to them.
·        The dinner went smoothly, with many laughs and stories shared about Billy’s and Frank time in service, your life, the kids etc.
·        You exchanged numbers with Maria and agreed to meet up for lunch just the two of you and soon you became good friends.
·        She and Frank were very happy to see that Billy finally found someone so amazing for him. They saw that the dark cloud that was always hanging above him has dispersed. And you were the reason for it. They saw in his eyes how they shine when he was looking at you and just how happy he was in general. Frank even called him a simp. Event though Billy slapped Frank on the head for this comment, he knew that he was a simp for his girl.
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pizzee · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
daredevil s2 ep8, essentially
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buckyhoney · 2 days ago
Frank def wants you to spread your lips apart and watch you push his cum out after he puts it in deep asfff dirty.old.man frank has my soulllll
yes😫✋🏼 dirty old man frank does somethin to me
frank loves when it spill out of you, he is mesmerized by it. “spread yourself, baby, let me see how full you are” he readjusts your hips so he has a better view. your still so sensitive from the overstimulation and your hands are a bit shakey.
your pussy contracts and it begins to leak out. he moans and hooks one of your legs over his shoulder. frank runs his finger up from your aching hole up to your clit, decorating your pussy with his cum. “look at that,” he is barely audible, but he can’t take his eyes off you. when you whine from the sensitivity, he kisses your inner thigh, “m’sorry, s’just your pussy is so pretty with my cum all over”
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mudkipper · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Anyways heres your regularly scheduled jon post
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coveredinsweetpea · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Shane was... Shane, but Daryl and Frank Castle would be best friends. No one can tell me otherwise)
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pedrito-friskito · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
a little something 🍂spicy🍂 for the spooky season!
so I’m not doing kinktober, but starting october 3rd, I have some fun fall-themed stories coming your way 😈 this is truly my favourite time of year so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do something special! dates are below (and will hopefully not be changed LOL) but if you aren’t on my taglist already and you want to be tagged in a specific story, please reply to this post! (if you want to be on my taglist, the form is HERE.)
Tumblr media
the warrior and the witch
pero tovar x witch!fem reader
tucked away in a quiet village that constantly questions your true nature, pero tovar stumbles his way into your life, and you are both quick to realize that things will truly never be the same.
part one (october 3rd) | part two (october 5th) | part three (october 7th)
Tumblr media
fire and whiskey
joel miller x fem!reader
on a rare quiet evening, you and joel share a bottle of whiskey and reminisce. truths are told and pacts are made.
oneshot - october 11th
Tumblr media
back to you
santiago garcia x fem!reader
all your boys come home for thanksgiving, and boy, is there a lot to be thankful for.
oneshot - october 13th
Tumblr media
jack-o-lantern smile
eddie munson x fem!reader
eddie invites you over to the trailer for some pumpkin carving and halloween fun.
oneshot - october 18th
Tumblr media
harrington takes a shot
steve harrington x fem!reader
steve finally plucks up the courage to ask you on a date, and while his choice in movies isn’t perfect, something else is.
oneshot - october 20th
Tumblr media
cinnamon spice and everything nice
matt murdock x vigilante!fem reader (the kitten and the devil)
the holiday season puts you in a baking mood before duty calls, and coming home tastes better than ever.
oneshot - october 25th
Tumblr media
what once was mine
frank castle x fem!reader
frank asks you to teach him how to cook for thanksgiving.
oneshot - october 27th
Tumblr media
seeing double
dieter bravo x fem!reader (a sequel to three for three!!!!)
you and dieter make a deal: you’ll attend his hollywood halloween party, but under the guise that the two of you have never met before. if he can seduce you by the end of the night, you’ll give him something extra special. but things don’t go exactly as planned…
oneshot - october 31st
Tumblr media
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ceterisparibus116 · a day ago
So...did Frank recognize Matt as Daredevil when N&M approached him in the hospital or not? I know it seems like a popular headcanon...but part of me thinks it unlikely (especially when you have guys like Brett Mahoney who've interacted with Matt in and out of costume without putting two and two together). 🤔🤔
I think the reason for the headcanon is the way the camera lingered on Frank's face. They clearly wanted us to suspect that Frank suspected something.
But the camera did the same kind of thing with Matt and Karen in the end of Season 1. It lingered on her face, and I think we were meant to suspect that she suspected that Matt was Daredevil...even though clearly, she didn't actually know, and doesn't appear to have actually suspected.
Ultimately, I don't think we have enough evidence to say definitively either way. Maybe the fact that Frank got to hang out with Matt when Matt was tied up and yelling at him means that Frank had more data than Brett, who never spent that much time with Matt in costume. Maybe that gave Frank enough clues to put it together.
But maybe not.
Personally, in fics, I let the needs of my story determine whether I want Frank to have recognized him then or not, and then I pull at the available facts from the show to support the conclusion. That way I get the best of both worlds.
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rollergirlworld · a day ago
Frank would be such a meaaaaaan dom but I think it hits 10x harder because of the voice. So even if he’s not being mean, just giving gentle direction, his voice makes it sound far meaner.
“Hey. Pick that up, I’m not gonna tell you again.”
“O-okay, sorry sir 🥺”
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ultraviolet-glow · 2 days ago
honestly something i love in the punisher and could write full on essays on is the contrast between billy and frank’s obviously mutually violent and painful (and still yet tender) relationship, and the purposeful similarities between billy’s violent and his more sexual scenes and how they were done very similarly.
Billy clearly associates pleasure with pain, its all he’s really ever known. Him being in pain and seeing others in pain are shown throughout the show unlike how its shown on others. On others it’s uncomfortable or upsetting, but with him its more constantly sexual or somehow pleasing both for him in universe, and to watch. I mean, there are many examples of it (the “goddamn frankie” moment, a lot of his scenes with krista in s2 and more.) He’s a masochist, there’s no getting past it, but the narrative too intertwines pain and violence with sex and pleasure like it does with no other character. Its there in the setting of a scene, in the tone, the way he presents himself, and of course dialogue and the way he speaks.
And of course, no one provokes this more than Frank. No one hurts Billy more than Frank does, and vice versa. Billy doesn’t love anyone as much as he loves Frank (excluding himself, of course.) Their relationship throughout the series is held together by violence, they are violent characters, but Billy’s associations with violence makes this so much more interesting. He hurts Frank so much, and he hurts Billy back, so why are they so close still? Why does Billy still adore him so much, because he does. He so clearly does. Billy’s love language is violence, his affection is pain.
And sure, Billy is fucked up, even this makes that clear. But he is so starved for affection, and with his form of affection being like that, Frank hurting him feels affectionate. Frank trying to kill him feels tender. Their mutual violence is so sexual and this is why. Its all there in the subtext. Their violence means that they love one another, in sone fucked up way, or at least for Billy it does (not so much Frank but its definitely still there). I know that sounds like some cliché enemies to lovers bullshit but with them its true, its a constant.
i’d like to add a tldr as i know this is a bit long but honestly idk how to sum this up, even typing this out was a little confusing so i hope i got my point across okay and this doesn’t just look like some stupid rambling 😅 I love Billy truly, I think he’s easily one of the most interesting characters Marvel has ever adapted, and this is just one of the many reasons why.
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