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headspace-hotel · 4 months ago
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"Dragon," poem assembled using quotations from Wikipedia articles
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mograa · 7 months ago
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"what's in a name?" a yuka poem assembled using quotations from wikipedia articles
inspired by x
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soft-ghost · 5 months ago
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Homesick, a wikipedia poem inspired by @headspace-hotel​ ‘s beautiful work 
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spiralled-fury · a month ago
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A wikipedia and google poem about torture, dysphoria and mothers.
(Thank you to @headspace-hotel for the concept and inspiration, sorry I forgot tag on post.)
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scrapsfromhere · 7 months ago
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"And I am not the girl that I intend to be"
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I want to be perfectly pleasant
I want to be perfectly calm
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On Feeling Selfish, or the feeling of watching yourself not always be who you want to be, specifically in social situations, specifically when you care a lot. Assembled from Gonna Get Over You by Sara Bareilles, Creep by Radiohead, Close to You by Dayglow, and, of course, Fleabag's Hot Priest.
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renthyme · 8 months ago
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poem i made through wikipedia articles about being in a love triangle with your best friend.
inspired by this wonderful poem by headspace-hotel
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silence-disambiguation · a month ago
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I keep rereading @headspace-hotel’s Wikipedia poems and thinking I’d like to try it, until yesterday something possessed me and I went into a screenshot frenzy, and assembled them today.
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oatbugs · 26 days ago
trying to find a suitable translation of the poem from which my name primarily comes from is actually impossible . persian is untranslatable.
#the way me and the person i was staying w in sweden talked abt this ..made my heart hurt a little but also made me glad that i understand#such a special language. persian is made for song and poetry and so the etymology and layers of each word are carried in their meanings#to a far stronger extent than other languages ive seen including english. this makes communicating in a straightforward way#much more difficult. it makes ambiguities more common and one could easily commit some horrid#epistemic crimes against another person by warping the meaning of their words. but it makes lyricism and poetry and anything which is#supposed to have depth and meaning so much more beautiful. which is why translating a good persian poem is so so difficult. yeah you could#use the word beloved but you could also use heart you could also use soul you could also use breath you could also use stomach you could#also use life etc etc . even with more common words.. its just. the only way to get it is to translate each word to a sentence/multiple#words but then the work would lose its impact . idk#thinking abt نقطهٔ عشق دل گوشه نشینان خون کرد#this is seemingly a simple line from the poems sixth verse found in only 3 of its manuscripts. gooshe neshinan is maybe literally#translated as corner-sitters or corner-dwellers but really it means more intellectuals/contemplators/academics but it could also mean#the isolated or lonely or the people who are waiting for something. now combine all the possible meanings into one english word. you just#cant carry the same meaning and depth even for such a simple phrase. the entire line would be#the point of love made the contemplators heart bleed. except heart is also love/stomach/life/soul/etc etc. point is also dot and the sharp#point of a blade. to make bleed could also be to be bloodied or to become blood. its not that#آتش آن است که در خرمن پروانه زدند#fire is that which burns the harvest of the moth. except it has the implication that the moth is also burned whole and#that love is a form of annihilation. moth is also butterfly. khorman means harvest but it also means crop and mass and product and shock#and halo around the moon and the aura of something bright and unseperation. now combine all of that into one english word.#it is also what made me mildly frustrated with non-persian scholars writing on hafez and persian poetry arguing about what translation is#correct when the point of persian lyricism is that the beauty of the verses stems largely from the layers and layers of meaning. love is#annihilation but inherently it is also an unseperation. love is all consuming in the way the halo of a moon is and the way laughter#that wraps you in light is. you are destroyed unwillingly. you are both the butterfly unravelling and the moth burning.#all one short line. i want you to understand why i chose this name and also to understand the poetry i was born from#and why it rests on the table in our new years table and why it is used to cast fortunes and why poetry is pilgrimage and a point of#worship for us and the sheer weight this language carries!!!#(خرمن)#(beside every definition given above it also means thrill and fruits of labours and Time and panic and damage)#my brain was built around a poetic construct from the moment i was born im so happy about that
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alvallah · a year ago
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S U O M I 
the finnish language
Tärkeintä mitä opin rakkaudesta: lokeilla ja enkeleillä on samanväriset siivet - katuvarunoilija
The most important thing I learned about love: seagulls and angels have wings of the same color - katuvarunoilija
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embrose · 2 months ago
When you long for
What you cannot see.
When you miss
What could never be.
In last night's dream
I was home.
There was no sorrow,
No pain,
And tears only had
Happiness to gain.
But dreams
Must end.
Even when reality
Is something
You cannot mend.
My mind makes a space
For another world.
Another truth.
Where the future
Does not come
At the price of youth.
Must end.
When you mourn
An unexisting loss.
When you know;
Your home
Never was.
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idunnowattoputso · a year ago
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"I have passed by many eyes,
but I only got lost in yours."
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headspace-hotel · 11 months ago
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"Asteroid," poem assembled from quotations from Wikipedia articles
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fallcolorspringrapid · 10 months ago
一会看我 一会看云
我觉得 你看我时很远 你看云时很近
《远和近》 顾城
look at me for a moment look at the clouds for a moment
I feel like when you look at me you are far when you look at the clouds you are near
“far and near” by Gu Cheng
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sapphic-mauve · a year ago
I love you.
i don't know who you are, or what you look like,
i know nothing about you.
you're in my dreams and nightmares,
you come back in my thoughts.
but when i see you smile i forget everything else.
I see you
You see me
it's me and you.
i'll find you.
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If you find me coweing in the dark
Trying to snap my bones till they produce a spark,
Remember, light is a present given to the free
Not destined for people built from concrete.
They called me heartless and selfish
Condemning me to finally perish;
They glanced at my cold fingers and shaking hands
Deeming them unworthy of giving the faintest of embrace .
So they buried me with my wilting shame,
With my anger at not being able to curse their names,
With petals of love-lies-bleeding and an once of regret ,
With my remorseless pages and words they'll forget.
Rue their pity and their forceful manner,
Them tying me to the wall of this manor,
In this prison of vicious aloofness
Swallowed by the shades of loneliness.
I hoped you'd have forgiven my distance
But you still repend in silence
And shoot on sight.
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lanatural-books · a year ago
Words that sound the same and are spelled differently. Especially with One Letter difference.
Do my
Head in.
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zarzava · 4 months ago
three romanian authors to read with ur dracula daily
dracula is an orientalist text conceived at the height of british empire, grounded in distortions of a region that stoker never visited. sadly (and unsurprisingly) i found very few romanian authors who have been translated into english online, so here’s a meagre list of recs:
1. luminița cioabă
romanian roma author, famous in romania as the daughter of bulibasha (the king of the roma nation), she forged her own path as a writer of short stories in the oral roma tradition which portray in vivid detail the history of the roma people of romania 
the birch grove
queen of the night and stone flower 
from her book, the lost country 
2. marin sorescu
from humble rural romanian roots, he wrote under the oppressive ceausescu government. in a national ironic tradition he very famously said: "Just as I can't give up smoking because I don't smoke, I can't give up writing because I have no talent." some of my favorite poems:
the sea shell (1983)
carbon paper (1980)
creation (1992)
3. paul celan
jewish poet from bucovina. i recommend this beautiful essay by ilya kaminsky, who like celan was forced to flee eastern europe due to antisemitism, deconstructing various translators’ attempts to adapt celan’s texts and experience of the holocaust. these are all poems from a 1971 poetry collection
all souls
language mesh and night
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