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Tips for Adults With ADHD & Other Neurodivergent Disorders
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Stay Organized with This Easy to Use Life Planner Notion Template!
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« What, I wondered, is the message buried in the medium of the printed book? Before the words convey their specific meaning, the medium of the book tells us several things. Firstly, life is complex, and if you want to understand it, you have to set aside a fair bit of time to think deeply about it. You need to slow down. Secondly, there is a value in leaving behind your other concerns and narrowing down your attention to one thing, sentence after sentence, page after page. Thirdly, it is worth thinking deeply about how other people live and how their minds work. They have complex inner lives just like you. »
— Johann Hari, Stolen Focus
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Prayer consists of attention.  It is the orientation of all the attention of which the soul is capable toward God.
Simone Weil
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Tree on the Fly
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I am so done with it, like no make up, not doing my hair, no face changing filters. Fuck it. Working, gaming and studying only. No friends, no dating, no empathetic acts.
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Imagine Felix just guiding and talking you through your first time with him
Stuck in my head all week man, i'm begging you to write about it
okay this was supposed to be more dommy i swear but it turned out really soft ;-; sorry lol
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word count: 1.3k
warnings: smut (18+), protected sex, crying
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“that’s it, baby, just like that,” felix mumbles into your neck, pushing his hips forward bit by bit until his body is flush with yours. he stills once he’s bottomed out inside of you and presses a kiss to your temple.
he hopes you can’t feel how he’s trembling as he holds himself above you, hopes that if you can, you won’t attribute it to him being weak—because it’s not that.
he already embarrassed himself when he tried rolling the condom on and the elastic snapped him in the thigh, leaving a noticeable red mark behind. the last thing he needs is for you to think that he can’t even keep himself in position long enough to fuck you.
it’s just… he didn’t expect you to feel this good with the condom on and he’s losing all semblance of control. it’s your first time, so he’s trying to take it slow, but you’re just so goddamn warm and tight and perfect that he can’t seem to think straight.
“you okay?” he manages to ask, needing to make sure you’re not in any pain.
“great,” you hum and smile fondly up at him.
“it doesn’t hurt?”
“no, you made me cum earlier, remember?”
as if he could forget. the sounds you made as you fell apart underneath him were now forever imprinted in his brain. it would have been enough to make him cum untouched if he wasn’t focusing on not doing exactly that.
“yeah, but a couple of fingers isn’t as big as… you know.” he cuts himself off. he doesn’t want to imply that he’s big, doesn’t want you to think that he’s complimenting himself when all he’s trying to say is that there’s a distinct difference between the two.
“you’re sweet,” you say, squeezing his bicep with one of your hands. “and you can move now, by the way.”
felix gathers up his strength and draws his hips back just slightly, wanting to start with shallow thrusts before jumping right in to deep strokes. you whine, eyebrows pinching together, but urge him to keep going.
“how’s that feel?”
“s-sooo good,” you sigh, hiking your knees up to your chest so that he can drive his cock even deeper.
felix can’t help but chuckle, stroking your cheek fondly.
“look so pretty, angel,” he compliments. “‘m gonna get such a big ego if you keep moaning like that, though.”
“you… deserve… it.”
felix seriously doubts that, but you don’t know any different, any better, so he doesn’t let himself get too carried away.
“cross your ankles behind my back if you’re able to,” he instructs, “that way you won’t strain yourself holding your legs up on your own.”
“like this?”
felix groans as you do what he suggested, feeling your walls squeeze even tighter around him. your thighs are hugging him like this too, soft yet strong. he feels completely surrounded by you, by your body, your scent. it’s all too much and not enough at the same time. he wants to fuck you properly— slam into you over and over until you can’t even remember what day it is. he wants to show you what he’s actually capable of, prove to you that he can show you a good time. ruin you for everyone else but him… but he’s almost already cum like. three times now. so that’s off the table, at least for today.
instead, felix focuses on what he’s doing now, which is thrusting into you at a moderate pace, and talking you through it.
“yep, perfect,” he chokes out.
he fucks you in that position for a while, basking in the pleasant sounds of you panting beneath him. you seem to like it, if your whimpers of his name are anything to go by.
he can tell when you start to feel sore, though. your frown of pleasure begins to turn into one of discomfort but you’re trying not to let it show. but felix has been dating you long enough to read you like an open book so he stops what he’s doing and checks in again.
“does it hurt, baby?”
you start to shake your head. “na- a little.”
“let’s stop here for today then.”
he goes to pull out but you stop him, keeping your ankles locked behind his frame.
“i want you to cum though!” you protest.
“tonight’s not about me, silly, remember?”
“but i got to cum it’s not fair!”
“again, it doesn’t really work like that. sex isn’t a transaction. you don’t have to ‘pay me back’ for making you finish.”
you pout silently and begin to blink rapidly. it takes felix a second to realize you’re trying not to cry.
oh, he’s really done it now.
frantically, your boyfriend cups your face with his free hand and pleads for you to look at him.
“baby? what is it? what’s wrong— what did i do?”
you sniffle. “nothing, it’s… it’s stupid.”
“no, it’s not, i promise. nothing you could be thinking right now is stupid. it’s okay to feel overwhelmed or upset or whatever it is you’re feeling… it’s your first time after all, and i’m sorry i couldn’t make it perfect—”
“that’s exactly it, lix!” you lament, wiping your tears with your free hand. “it’s my first time and, and i couldn’t even make you cum. everyone says it’s supposed to be a lot easier for boys to cum but we’ve been going at it for so long now and you’re not even close.”
felix genuinely has to keep his jaw from dropping in shock because that is not the reaction you need right now. he wants to tell you how wrong you are but you’re still talking and he doesn’t want to interrupt and risk making you even more upset so he keeps his mouth shut.
you pause, hiccuping and desperately trying to catch your breath. “i guess, i don’t know i feel like my vagina must be broken or something. is it not good? is there something i could be doing better? you can be honest.”
“baby, no! it’s not you at all! your v- you’re perfect! to be honest, i’ve been fighting an orgasm this entire time. i didn’t want to cum too soon and ruin it for you, that’s the only reason i haven’t. i promise.”
“pinky promise?” you hold your pinky out for felix to loop his own around, which he does, sealing the promise with a kiss to your knuckle.
“pinky promise.”
“so do you want to?” you ask.
“do i want to what?”
“cum, do you want to cum?”
“no, babe, you’re sore already i don’t want to hurt you.”
“but i want you to!”
felix sighs. “baby…”
“what if you cum in my mouth?”
you prop yourself up on your elbows and raise an eyebrow.
“let me suck you off?”
“are you sure?”
“yeah, i’ve been practicing!”
you’ve been what now? this is news to felix, and the very idea of you on your knees, training yourself to take him down your throat is enough to make him feel like he’s cumming.
he is, he realizes, when he feels his cock twitching inside of you, feels his cum fill the condom.
“fu-uck, i’m s-sorry, baby…” he gasps out, doubling over back on top of you, feeling like he’s just been punched in the stomach. “i didn’t… should’ve warned you.”
when felix opens his eyes again, you’re beaming.
“this is the best possible outcome,” you tell him as he rolls off of you.
“huh?” he asks, blinking hazily at you.
“you came and i didn’t even do anything!”
“oh, yeah… see, i told you! you drive me crazy.”
you pat him on the shoulder like you’d just played a friendly game of kickball and grin.
“feeling’s mutual.”
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Focus en tu objetivo
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If anyone ever tells me again that I'm not concentrating hard enough or I'm not focusing hard enough on doing my tasks or work or whatever, here watch this. No brain is the same and our ADHD brain looks different when focusing/concentrating!!!
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© Niilas Nordenswan Photography – Meus Focus
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