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shandzii · 2 hours ago
wanted to animate something flowy so boop :D fishy boys again
progress under cut
this took me 3 days lol
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bamsara · 17 hours ago
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recently had a go at my personal record for staying awake, have this warm up doodle
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kabra-malvada · 10 hours ago
🔥Steam punk Y/N design🔥
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My fav doodle lol:
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Y'all have no idea how fun it was to design them, wanted to make them buff-ish but I'm not that good at drawing muscles ;; Hope u like it still :3
Also I'm adding this cuz I forgot what tags i used on the og post:
Tumblr media
Some info about Steampunk Y/N (I might reckon sum info of the og doodles above):
They love cherry beer.
They come from a small town where they were the local detective, until chief of police Vanessa called them in for assisting in the missing kids cases.
They lost their arm on an accident right before they graduated military academy, but came back at it a year later when Vanessa already graduated. Took a while to get used to robot limb.
Robotic prosthetics are a new niche technology, so is rare to see someone like them on a daily basis.
Very optimistic, but also a realist vibes.
They're looked down upon for being a "Bot freak" by most people. Usually humans.
Met the boys cuz their arms got busted on a shootout when they arrived in town and nobody wanted to help them out, so they had to ask the toymakers to help them.
And that's it for now! I'm working on a little something involving this AU for my 500+ special so follow and stay tuned for when that's ready. I have to polish it as much as I can before showing y'all what I've been working on, won't tell what it is tho. But I wanted to post the design beforehand to give y'all a crumb :3 Likes and rebblogs are really appreciated 💖
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weal-and-woe · 15 hours ago
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Look at these fancy lads. Hopefully over the weekend I'll be able to figure out colours for them.
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zus-a-fungi · 20 hours ago
Your art style is so fun, I love it!! I also really love the way you draw teeth! 💕
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hatsunesoup · 22 hours ago
two sundrops just for fun :^)
(my tradish is awful tbh)
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starrspice · 10 hours ago
i looove princess quest ending moon, but what about our sunny boy? 🥺 what was their relationship pre- and post-princess quest ending like?
i can imagine sun and y/n talking about what happened and y/n having a breakdown bc they miss the love from virus moon, and sun and moon kinda have an internal conversation about it! maybe one that triggers the first memory of normal moon 👀
Well hello there anon! Betcha thought I forgot about you! I didn't!! I finally got a chance to sit down and scribble out the comic I wanted for this ask!!!
So to answer your question, Pre-Princess quest ending was a slow burn friendship turned romance, much like what Y/N had with Moon. Their relationship didn't change with Moon losing his memory, in fact they actually grew closer with Y/N now understanding (to a degree) what Sun went through when Moon had the virus. They support and help eachother through the process of Moon getting his memories back and the pizzaplex going (somewhat) back to normal like it was before everyone got the virus.
As for the second half
Tumblr media
Sun and Y/N have an important conversation
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sweeneyarts · 19 hours ago
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"It's past your bedtime~🌙"
I love Moon, so I decided to draw him. I'll be drawing Sun 🌞 very soon too. Enjoy!
!!Please don't repost, edit, sell, or use my art without my permission!!
Follow me on Instagram
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kabra-malvada · 22 hours ago
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Doodles I did the other day on @solarrush 's magma that I forgot to post. I had dome some more shading on the Moon doodle but I forgot to save it :,) if anybody saved the whole canvas pls send it to me ;;
Look at all them simps, y'all are right down bad for Moon speaking spanish aren'tcha?
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bitter-beanz · 13 hours ago
some wips bc burnout is eating my ass and i feel absolutely terrible about it
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kicking screaming clawing at the walls im so SORRY
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hatsunesoup · 10 hours ago
its commision time baby
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btw I am from russia, so payment is made either to sberbank, tinkoff or at least to payoneer
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starkdoesarts · 20 hours ago
AY YO!!! shut up!!! this is gunna be the only thing I talk about for weeks!!!
Tumblr media
It's sketchy and a bit uggo but ummmmmmm this scene here!
OOOOHHHH!!!! can I just sat that the acting in The Sun and Moon Show is so fucking good along with the scripting! Fuckin GGs to everyone on the team and Davis and Universal for such brilliant acting. Ya'll know how yo break hearts and I'm HERE FOR IT!!!!
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derpiedoxie · 21 hours ago
Finally finished chapter 2!
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koko-doodle · 11 hours ago
Bounty Hunter Sun & Moon AU
Solunar Solstice: Chapter 1
Summary: Based off universes like Treasure Planet and Star Wars. You are a special kind of being, a trophy most creature would kill to get their hands on however you have currently been captured by two well known robot bounty hunters. They seek to keep you safe by locking you up on their ship as they travel around. Is this truly what being safe looks like or is this just a twisted way of keeping you prisoner. Will these bots grow on you or will you do everything you can to escape???
11 pages - 5784 word count.
Warnings: includes a small injury, contains blood
It was late, you knew if you were caught you would hear an earful from your captors. They hated when you were up too late or got up in the middle of the night to walk around but you could care less if they scolded you. If they were going to insist on controlling you to ‘protect’ you, you still had to have control over SOME aspects of your life. You sneak around below deck, seeing the light on in the captain's quarters gave you some hope that the two of them were preoccupied and wouldn’t notice you sneaking about in the dark of the night.
You quietly make your way to the top deck and through the automatic sliding door (hoping your captors wouldn’t hear it) as a gentle breeze of cool, fresh air brushes against your skin which was a welcome feeling compared to the air in the small stuffy closet at the back corner of the ship that was your ‘room’. You walk over to the edge of the railing, looking out into open space surrounding you. It was a calm night, no meteor showers or galactic storms were in sight, you wish more nights could be like this.
And peaceful.
Although the vast emptiness of space was unnerving to many, it was all you had ever known. It was the closest thing you had to call home, you never stayed in one place for longer than a week so the only constant thing you had was the dark confines of the solar systems you traveled through. You reach your arms up and stretch, you let the small wings on your back unfurl and expand to their full size which was something you don’t often get to do. It was nice to feel a breeze run through your feathers, when your captors were around you liked to keep them shrunk and tucked in on the account that they were both too handsy with them than you feel comfortable with.
You sit on a storage container near the railing, placing your elbows up and resting your head in one hand. You take a deep breath in an attempt to relax but it comes out more like a sigh than a breath. As you exhale you relax your wings letting them lay limp at your sides, the air ruffling the stuffy smell out of them. It was such a pleasant feeling, calming in a way.
You found your other hand tracing the scratches and wear marks on the metal railing you were leaning on, monotonously going back and forth in a figure eight pattern. You notice a loose scrap piece of metal on the side of the railing and pick at it until it breaks off into your hand, it wasn’t hanging on by much to begin with so it didn’t take much effort. The metal was thin but durable, you spin it around and around in your hand observing every detail of the broken piece from its jagged edges to the sharp edge where it had been sliced through by something. For two beings who claim to run such a tight ship some areas were certainly falling apart more so than others. You figured that in their perspective, the railing that prevents things from falling overboard into the abyss was less important than the solar sails or the large turbines powering the jets at the back of the ship. In your opinion though, you feel like the railing should be just as high a priority as the other prime functions of the ship so you know, things aren’t falling off the deck in an ambush or something. Kind of important.
It had been a two weeks since you were ‘liberated’ by the bounty hunters who currently held you captive. While yes they did take you out of the hands of a pompous, disgusting, and old pirate lord, you had the situation handled just fine before they showed up. You were going to make an escape before these two hunters came bursting in and ruined everything, you had the locks picked and were just waiting to get to a space port so you could make your escape. You had done this several times before, it was nothing new but those greedy hunters took one look at you and snatched you before you could escape in all the commotion.
It was your wings that were an instant give away. They have a certain shine to them that only your planet’s inhabitants were known for which makes you a direct target should your wings be seen. With the special healing abilities and quick injury recovery that your species has, the universe decided one day it was more fun to hunt you like animals than take the offered help your people gave out freely.
Your planet was a peaceful place, beautiful, graceful, and full of life. It was a place open to everyone to come and receive healing for any ailment that our technology or abilities could heal. Or at least that is what your parents told you when you were little. The only visuals you have ever seen of your origin planet come from photos or star charts but from what you can tell, there isn’t much left of the planet after the attempted genocide. A crazy sociopathic scientist decided one day to eat the heart of one of your people and all the years of life they had lived were taken off his own and he grew younger in an instant with perfect health. When word of this got out, it was all over.
Your people were a source of immortality, living fountains of youth whose entire body could be used in multiple different ways to heal anything and everyone wanted a piece. A peaceful planet quickly became enslaved and turned into a harvesting planet for organs, remedies, and worst of all, immortality. Things only escalated from there and in a last battle between several military powers for control of the planet, it was practically destroyed. Your people were almost all wiped out and the planet was left in ruins. To put a long story short, toddlers had all fought over the same toy and that toy broke because one decided ‘if I can’t have it, no one can.’
So those that were out in the universe went into hiding, that was the only thing they could do to survive. If your people didn’t have the ability to shrink and grow your wings at will, staying hidden would have been a lot harder. This is how you grew up. Always on the run, never trusting anyone. You run so you can survive and you only survive if you run. A vicious cycle that will never end. You are on your own, no friends, no family, just you. That’s how it has been and that’s how it will stay. Life means more than companionship, you learned that at a very young age and if that’s what it takes to survive then that’s what you would do. It isn’t a great life but hey, it is still LIFE. You’ll take that over being eaten alive any day.
You turn the small scrap over and over in your hand when you get an idea, not your smartest idea but it was worth a shot. You were desperate enough at this point to try whatever you could think of. You bring the sharper edge of the scrap piece up to the collar around your neck, feeling for the seam where the join in the collar comes together. You begin wedging it between the plates of metal, trying your best to pry it open but without any luck. The stupid collar was made extremely well and with such small interlocking pieces you couldn’t even get a fingernail in between the seams. You had basically tried everything at this point but nothing worked, it was solid through and through but that didn’t stop you from attempting to free yourself.
You kept trying to push the scrap into the gap, your grip getting tighter around the collar and your movements getting more forceful. You felt a rush of adrenaline course through you when you felt the tip slide slightly into the crevice, you got anxious and began wiggling the piece in an attempt to slice your way through but your hand moved too sharply and the scrap slipped out of the slot and into your neck. You shivered at the sudden onset of pain and warm liquid coming from the location of the metal that had just been embedded into your neck.
You slowly and gently pulled out the shrapnel to inspect it. From the dark color on the top of the metal, it looked like it went about an inch into the side of your neck. You felt the wound, breathing in with a hiss between your teeth at the stinging sensation pulsing around the area so you covered it with your hand and applied a bit of pressure. From the location, it felt like it had missed all the major arteries and gone right into the neck muscle. Nothing serious, a small wound really. Part of you cursed at yourself, maybe if you cut yourself bad enough they would be forced to take the collar off to fix your neck… but not likely.
Your body jolted again as a loud clicking sound came from the collar and you felt it tighten slightly around your neck. Your body instinctively dropped the shard while you gasped and choked, bringing your other hand up and forcing your fingers under the collar in an attempt to loosen it. Even though you knew that wasn’t going to do anything you couldn’t fight off the natural instinct to remove something from tightening around your neck.
“Tsk, tsk, tsk. That's what you get for being a naughty little birdie.” Says a deep voice above you. You whip your head around to its origin only to see a dark figure lower itself down from a chord onto the deck a few feet away from you. Red eyes locking onto yours. Your heart skips a beat briefly at the unnerving sight before you are overcome with annoyance and anger at the realization of who it is. Great…The figure makes its way over to you and snatches the piece of scrap metal you dropped off your lap and inspects it.
“You did that on purpose, jerk. Did you really have to tighten it?” You protest.
“A delicate creature like yourself really shouldn’t be playing with sharp objects, it's not safe” he says playfully, ignoring your comment.
“I am NOT delicate” you hissed in response. He tosses the piece off the side of the ship and turns to you, harshly lifting your chin to see your hand covering the cut you had given yourself on accident. You felt a couple small drops of blood run between your fingers, forcing your neck upwards sent pain jolting through the muscle and you flinched holding in a gasp.
“Now look what you’ve done, you’ve gone an cut yourself rather nastily too. You know if Sun sees this he’ll be awfully worried that our little pet got hurt.” He sneers.
“So what, I could care less what you and that pointy headed bucket of bolts think.” You growl smacking his hand away from your chin. “If you really cared that much then you’d let me go.” You snap, adjusting the grip over your wound to reapply pressure and ease the throbbing pain.
“You know, most creatures would show a little GRATITUDE for some safety, warm shelter, and food to eat. You hardly have it rough, brat.” He glares, leaning up against the railing.
“Most creatures don’t keep each other as prisoners for no reason” you retort.
“Tch” he scoffs. “Typical. We save your life, give you a home and yet you still think we are the cruel ones.” He tilts his head at an unnatural angle and his right eye fades to black. A wicked smile emerges from the corners of his mouth and slowly spreads across his faceplate.
“I can show you what real cruelty looks like, would you prefer that?” He places a clawed finger back under your chin to bring your gaze back up to meet with his. The bright red pupil of his left eye shines directly into yours and you pull your face away from his grasp, careful not to scratch your chin on his claw. You adjust your position on the storage container, turning your back to him to look out to the open space again. His low chuckle only made you seethe even more, you wish you could smack that smug look off his stupid faceplate. This jerk…
“That’s what I thought…” he mumbles happily. Folding his arms across his chest, pleased that he got a reaction out of you. “It’s late, you should be sleeping.”
“Oh don’t even start, you may think you ‘own’ me but I belong to no one. I do what I want.” You say, refusing to even look at him.
“Feisty, feisty. That’s no way to talk to your master now, is it?” He answers back playfully.
“You are NOT my master, you overgrown child’s toy!” You say raising your tone slightly and side eyeing him with a glare. He only laughs and gets up, walking around your backside.
“Such defiance doesn’t do you any good you know, if anything we could start taking away your privileges for being such a rule breaker. Most guests aboard this ship are not given the same free range as you have, remember we just ungrounded you from your room from trying to short circuit me.” He was standing directly behind you, he couldn’t see you give a sly smile for your handiwork last week. It brought you so much satisfaction watching his limbs spaz out for an hour or two and seeing him get so frustrated because his arms kept randomly throwing things while he was trying to work. It was glorious payback for dumping water all over you for a ‘bird bath’.
“If you insist on throwing a tantrum like a stubborn child then you can expect to be treated like one.” He leans in from behind you and pulls a tuft of hair away from your ear. “Pet.” He whispers inches away from you, taunting you.
“Go away jerk!” You swat but your hands miss him as he dances to the side and leans back onto the railing with one arm. He managed to weave around your flailing wings as well without getting smacked in the face, much to your disappointment however. “Can’t I just have one thing, one peaceful moment to myself without you ruining it?!” The movements sent a shock of pain into your neck and you flinched.
“Sure, only when you stop inflicting harm on yourself trying to escape. That necklace isn’t coming off doll, it’s here to stay and so are you.” He smiles cheekily at you.
“I have a name you know, if you had any decency you would actually use it instead of calling me by your stupid nicknames.” You grumble.
“Right, sorry ROGUE. The infamous thief! Wait, remind me what system you are so ‘notorious’ in again? I can’t remember.” He taps a finger on his temple as if he is thinking before dramatically gasping like he reached an epiphany. “Oh right! You're known in ZERO solar systems! Must be so hard staying away from all your adoring fans~”
“Oh and like you’re any better? Oh no, it’s Moon, the heartless shadow.” You dramatically put your non bloodied hand on your face to symbolize shock. “Someone save me from the clown robot bounty hunter. You’re so terrifying I think my socks just ran for cover.” You deadpan him while he glares daggers at you and the brightness of his eyes dim. If looks could kill, you’d probably be dead.
“Watch yourself, feathers.” He sneers. “Don’t forget your place.”
“Whatever, just leave me alone.” You growled, leaning over to rest both elbows on the railing again. You bring your wings up to cover your sides and take Moon out of your peripheral view.
Things fell silent again, only the low hum of the slow burning jets at the back of the ship could be heard. After a few moments of silence you hear feet shuffling and see Moon climb onto the railing and sit down with one leg up and the other dangling over the side of the ship. You looked away in the opposite direction to avoid his gaze and brought your right wing up closer to your face to block him further out of your sight. At this point they were almost enveloping you like a large blanket. Why couldn’t he just leave you alone? All you wanted was a moment to think, a moment to have on your own without anyone hovering over you like you were a lost child in need of protection. Why couldn’t they let you have one thing, just ONE moment to yourself…
“Look, you may not see it the same way but we are just trying to help you.” He says, breaking the silence.
“Yeah, right. Some help you guys are. Explain to me how exactly keeping me locked up is better than freedom?” You retort.
“You know why. I don’t know how to get it into that bird brain head of yours more clearly than I already have. The minute you leave this ship without either of us protecting you is the minute you’ll be captured again and I can guarantee your stay with whoever captures you won’t be as pleasant as your stay here.” He hissed in frustration. “We are saving you from being killed or hunted like some kind of trophy animal.”
“I didn’t ask to be ‘saved’. I am just fine on my own, I don’t need you or anyone else.” You say curling in on yourself.
“Right, because that worked out so well for you before. Remind me, how many times have you have been captured now? Six? Seven? Maybe eight times?”
“So… I’ve escaped every time without a problem. It’s not a big deal, why does it matter so much to you two, huh? You’re just going to sell me off to some rich, lowlife, snob of a pirate who gives you the highest bid anyway. My life means nothing to anyone except as a means for immortality, you and your brother are no different…” You state with no emotion to your tone at all. This was a fact you had come to terms with a long time ago, no matter how many times others try to ‘help’ you it always ends up the same way; with you in a prison cell and someone walking off with a big pocket full of cash. You were a solution for perfection, nothing more.
“Now you listen here, we are not so low as to sell a creature just for a big pay day. We have more morals and values than you give us credit for.” He quickly retorts, offended.
“You’re bounty hunters, you literally sell creatures to governments for profit. That's the job description is it not?” You accuse.
“Tch…. It’s not the same thing… Those monsters deserve to be put in jail or killed for their crimes. Anyone who takes advantage of the weak deserves to ROT in purgatory for the rest of their lives.” He growls, something behind his expression told you there was a story behind that statement. Like he had seen things that have made him lose trust in the universe, you wonder if you’ll ever learn the meaning behind that gaze. “We only capture and be rid of those who have committed crimes worthy of cruelty themselves. We don’t deal with any who don’t deserve what we give them… We are only returning the ‘kindness’ they so freely give to anyone who crosses their path.”
“So what is my crime then?” You ask nonchalantly. You see him turn and look at you out of the corner of your eye but you don’t return the favor. “If you are such ‘valiant heroes’ who only deal with life forms you deem lesser than the dirt on your boots then what have I done to deserve the same treatment?”
“What are you talking about?” He snaps back at you. “Ugh, you’re such a pain in the rotary joint. It’s not the same thing!” He grumbles, rolling his eye in annoyance.
“If it’s not the same thing then why does my ‘room’ have a prison bars on the inside?”
“It’s the only spare room we have alright, I’m sorry our ship is too small for your liking, your highness.” He argues back.
“Should I be bringing you food on gold trays and platters, hm? I’m sorry I haven’t been bowing to your every beck and call dearie, we have been quite busy with our duties around the ship to offer more accommodations for you.”
“Moon” you say louder.
“Oh, excuse me! I didn’t realize we were housing royalty on our humble ship, how could we be so heartless to forget your satin sheet bedding and velvet tea attire for your afternoon tea time. Shall we stop at the next port and pick up some of the finest herbal tea for you? Or perhaps some pastries for the long travels ahead? How dare we-” He tried to continue but you cut him off.
“MOON!” You shout and he stops to look at you with a frustrated glare. His eyes shining bright red with irritation.
“What?!” He yells back.
“Why do I have a tagged collar on?”
No answer, although he seems surprised at your question like he is unsure what you are implying.
“If I’m not a prisoner or a slave then why do I have a tagged prison collar?”
He looks away immediately and his mannerisms shift. His posture drops as he brings his one leg closer into his chest. The question seemed to agitate him.
“I know what these are, they are a modified version of a slave collar. And this-“ You point to a little slot on the back of the collar next to a green light that indicates an ownership card. “-is an active tag, set to lock onto the wearer's DNA. A device used when a life form deemed as PROPERTY is needing to be contained and managed. Especially in slave transactions or prison transfers.”
“How do you know that isn’t our ownership tag? We have to be able to find you somehow, you little escape artist.” He attempts to give as his explanation but you weren’t buying it.
“Geez, I’m not an idiot… Give me one good reason to believe that this collar isn’t set to some scumbag’s personal seal so if I do manage to escape YOU still get a paycheck if I’m found.”
Not even a twitch from the bot.
You sigh, defeated.
It seemed Moon didn’t want to react to your comments which only solidified the idea that they had plans to sell you. Figures…
“That's what I thought… All these niceties are just because you both feel pity for me. You know I’m probably going to your buyer like a lamb to the slaughter so you’re just trying to find a way to keep your conscious clean, that way you don’t have my blood on your hands…” You let out a soft chuckle. “And you think I’m the pitiful one, why not go look in the mirror crater face.” He turns to give an answer but closes his mouth and looks away. You could tell he was trying to come up with something to say but it didn’t matter, he had said enough so you just let your wings droop back down to your sides in resignation.
“What is going on out here?” Says a lighthearted voice as another figure approaches. “Are you guys having a party without me?! How rude! I want to know all the dirty secrets too!”
The sun themed robot walks across the deck and leans against the railing to your left, nudging your elbow with his playfully.
“Out a bit late tonight aren’t we Chickadee? Do we need to start setting a curfew for you?” He jests, winking at you.
“No need, I was just headed back to my prison cell.” You say, clearly defeated. The last thing you wanted to do tonight was think about your impending death waiting for you at the next space port. Your captors refused to tell you how many days til you arrived so you have no idea what to expect each morning. It’s torture. Cruelty at its finest really.
“Woah, woah! I was just kidding.” He pats your shoulder, keeping you from attempting to get up and leave. “Lighten up a little sweets, no need to be so serious all the time.”
You give no reply, you just sit there trying to absorb the conversation you had just had with Moon. The silence was odd to Sun, usually he has to break up constant back and forth banter all day between the two of you. He could tell something was off.
“Ooookay, obviously you two were having a moment before I interrupted. Maybe I should just go back to the captain's quarters.” He says, waiting for a response. The silence continued so he tried again. “Really? No ones going to say anything?”
No reaction.
“Nothing? Not even a ‘go away’ or ‘get lost Sun!’”
“Wow… Tough crowd tonight.” He sits silently there with the two of you, the awkwardness clearly getting to him. He starts talking aloud, rambling off the first thoughts that come to his head like he usually does just to fill the quiet with something. “‘No Sun, we don’t care if you sit with us. No Sun, of course you can join us on our stargazing adventure. We would love to sit and talk to you about whatever dark secrets we are hiding.’”
Sun freezes at a sudden realization and stands up so abruptly it almost looked like he had jumped back to a full standing position. He brings his hands up to his cheeks and gasps in the most overly exaggerated way it immediately draws the attention of you and Moon. You both stare at him, waiting for his next sentence.
“What? Spit it out.” Moon encourages with an angry tone. He didn’t know what his brother was about to say but clearly it wasn’t going to be good.
“Were you- awww! Moonie, were you expressing your undying love to Rogue?!?!” He squeals, excited.
“What?! No!” Both you and Moon respond at the same time with the same amount of disgust in your tones.
“What makes you think I would have feelings for this unbearable creature?!” Moon shouts defensively.
“Unbearable creature?! EXCUSE me?! I’m not the one who kidnaps and enslaves innocent life forms!” You protest. “Plus I’m not the one who comes BARGING in on others when they are clearly just trying to take a breather from YOUR suffocating, overprotective, metal butt!!!”
“Innocent?! Ha! You are no gold star citizen, sweet cheeks. You may have unique wings and the looks to match but you are HARDLY an angel. You are the furthest thing from it!” Moon lashes back at you.
You open your mouth to shout a snarky comment in response but you were too distracted to think of something because Sun just stood there giggling like a little child, sneering at Moon. You couldn’t help but chuckle softly to yourself, their personalities were such polar opposites it really showed whenever they were in the same room together.
“What are you laughing at over there?!” Moon barks. Sun just smiled wider, it was almost on the verge of looking sinister.
“Oh nothing~” He chuckles. “But you do realize you just called them sexy, right?”
Both you and Moon stare blankly at each other then back to Sun as he smiles widely. It wasn’t until you caught on to what Sun was referencing that you began to laugh. The moment Moon realized what he had said in his last sentence was the moment his foot slipped and he almost fell off the railing.
“Sun! That is not what I meant and you know it! Don’t put words in my mouth!” He shouts, scrambling back over the railing flustered.
“Riiiight because what you said totally didn’t mean that you thought they were attractive.” Sun places an arm around your lower back and lifts you up off the container, twirling you around and pulling you close. “‘Oh Rogue, your wings are so unique and beautiful they match you perfectly.~’”
“Sun!!!” Moon yells irritatedly while Sun only continues the personification of his brother. He suddenly pulls you into a dip, stroking your arm gently.
“‘I’m too stubborn and thick plated to tell you the truth but I find you incredibly intriguing and I want to spend more time with you away from my annoying brother Sun.’”
“You better shut your mouth before I throw something at you!” Clearly getting more flustered by the second Moon grabs the closest object and preps it to be thrown.
“‘I want you all to myself, lets run away together!’”
“SUN!” Moon throws his projectile and a dirty towel lands smack in the center of Sun’s face and tangles itself around his sun rays.
“I think I’ll PASS Moonie ‘dear’, I don’t do relationships. Besides-“ you say taking a peek over your shoulder to make eye contact with Moon. “You’re not my type anyway.” You tease, spitting your tongue out at him.
“Oooooh! Buuuurrrnnn!” Sun laughs, standing you back up and unraveling the towel from his face.
“Will both of you just shut up already!” He hisses and leans back against the railing with his arms folded, trying to hide his face like a flustered pouting child by looking the other way. “Geez you’re so unbearable…”
“Ah c’mon Moonie, you just said that to me the other day.” Sun throws the towel on a neighboring storage container.
“I did not!” Moon argues.
“Yes you did~ You used those exact words.”
“Not in that order!!!”
“So? It still means the same thing.”
“NO, it absolutely does NOT.”
“Well then what did you mean then?” Sun nudges you with his elbow lightly. “Enlighten us~” He smirks.
“JUST STOP TALKING!!!” Moon yells, his eyes glowing bright red with what could only be furious anger or extreme embarrassment.
You and Sun both laugh, it wasn’t easy to get Moon flustered you had learned but when he was flustered, he was flustered. Sun lifts a fist up to you for a victory fist bump and you gladly oblige him. Sun may be high energy and very physical but he was at least more kind hearted than Moon was. You could spend hours with Sun with little problems but you can’t last 5 minutes with Moon without arguing. Tonight was solid proof of that. You don’t mind Sun, he was okay company to have though you do prefer solitude over any social interaction.
Sun winks at you after your celebratory fist bump and smiles, you made a good team when ganging up against Moon’s verbal attacks. It was then that he notices you holding the side of your neck with your other hand.
“Hm? You okay Chickadee? Did you strain your neck?” He asks.
“No, not strain. Just a sore muscle is all.” You lie, avoiding letting him see it completely. “No big deal.”
“They stabbed themselves with some scrap metal trying to pry the collar off.” Moon interjects. You shoot a glare at him and he gives you a snarky smile in return.
“You did what?!” Sun immediately grabs your shoulder and turns you around to see your wound. You try to wiggle out of his grasp and hide the area by squeezing your shoulder close to your chin but Sun’s grip on your shoulder prevents you from making any escape.
“It’s not a big deal really, MOON is just being dramatic.” You squirm.
“I think I’ll be the judge of that. Let me see.” Sun demands.
You weigh the options for your next move. You could try and argue, with enough confrontation Sun might relent and drop the subject or you could just show him. It was late though and you were tired from arguing with Moon. You didn’t have the energy to banter back and forth with Sun so you just lift your hand away from your neck to reveal the cut. It had mostly stopped bleeding, the first bits of blood had already started to dry. It looked worse than it actually was but only because blood covered the inside of your hand. You prepared yourself for a lecture on safety but were surprised when he just nods and lets you put your hand back over it.
“It doesn’t look too bad, though you should still go take care of it. You don’t want a nasty infection from not cleaning it properly. Or tetanus from that dirty scrap metal.” He brushes the sides of your wings like he is ‘dusting’ them off but you know that was just his excuse to touch them. “Go get yourself cleaned up in the bathroom then off to bed with you, understood little one?”
“Mhm…” You sigh. It seemed he was finally listening to you for once instead of making a big deal out of one small injury. It would be gone by morning anyway, your accelerated healing would fix it completely in the next few hours without even so much as a scar. You fluff your wings out with a few quick flaps to feel the breeze ruffle them one last time then you shrink them back down so they fit nicely on your back. Both brothers always watch you intensely whenever you move your wings, they were fascinated by them and how they functioned so their eyes were both glued to you as you walked away.
“Goodnight.” Sun calls to you to which you just nod your head with a mumble in acknowledgment.
“Don’t let the space bugs bite. There are literally thousands of them around the ship~” Moon shouts with a chuckle as his farewell for the night. You simply roll your eyes and go to retire for the rest of the night.
While you walk away you hear Sun get after Moon for letting you injure yourself again to which he of course argues back defending himself. If there was one good thing that came from tonight, it was the sweet sound of Moon getting his butt chewed by his brother.
Karma sweet karma.
(Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it, let me know if you are interested in a chapter 2) 💕
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fluffbeast7 · 17 hours ago
Moondrop pride flags!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
SO UH, i have completely forgotten that i made these, (not my best drawing of moon) but this was made for pride month! you can use them however you like as long as you credit me
yes the last one is not a pride flag
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intistone · 12 hours ago
assissin au ramble
okay assassin au drabble because why not (scars and scales imma brb just gimme a sec cause imma draw these after the references lol)
so i was thinking of this assassin au to be more like a dystopian or steampunk style-thing with lots of metal and people relying on tech a LOT.
so moon is employed as a weaponsmith and Sun as an inventor/repairbot and meanwhile y/n is just a magnetic throwing-knife wielding killer who just drags these two along to keep them safe.
funny thing is that theyre really, like really good a killing others but not so much as to keeping someone not dead (poor sun and moon lol). at the beginning after y/n spares their lives they would be SUPER SUSPICIOUS about this ASSASSIN that almost killed them but didn't for some reason.
but after going through some stuff and opening up, they actual get to know each other and grow close
so if theyre in a fight or cornered y/n would be like "quick knives aren't working i need something bigger"
Sun would be like: "PANIK" AYO just chuck that rock over there
Moon be like: here take this bomb i just made in 3 seconds
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abstractsplat · 2 months ago
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