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alghulnyssa · 9 months
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Lucy/Kate + tags people left on my gifsets about their height difference
inspired by @slowmotion-accident​
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jaradraws · 29 days
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zane dump from being mildly inzane for a few months + some tim tam
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rattledazzlebones · 28 days
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neoncomets · 8 months
since the others popped off, here's a supercut of Rhys Darby and his cat Gizmo from his tiktok. transcript below.
Video opens with Rhys Darby, speaking while sitting at a dining room chair:
"When I first started in 1995, was that" *camera turns to show he's speaking to his cat, a lavender point siamese cat named Gizmo, who is sitting on the table right in front of him* "you know, no one was really doing that kind of stuff. Except for me. Getting a comedy duo-" *starts to laugh because Gizmo looks bored and unamused* "-in Christchurch- *laughs* - meant that - if you could just please concentrate, Gizmo. You know we were one of the first comedy duos- *laughs* -duos that was doing, you know, original-" end of first vid.
Rhys is sitting at the dining room table, wearing pajamas like he just woke up and is speaking to his cat, Gizmo, who is sitting on the table facing away from him and seeming to ignore him:
"Look *clears throat* it's just not on, okay? I'm really nice to you all year and here we are on the last day and you're just ignoring me. Gizmo, please! Just... look at me. I'm sorry, okay? I just... we've spent great times together. I don't know what I've done!" end of second vid.
A continuation of the previous vid. The camera pans to show the front of Gizmo as Rhys continues to plead at his cat:
"Gizmo! I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry! Gizzy! Please, look at me! *sighs*" end of third vid.
Video opens with Rhys petting Gizmo, who is laying on his side on the table in front of him and purring:
"Best friends now, yeah? I think we are, aren't we? Yeah... we've made up."
Rhys sings to himself as he flips the camera to show his face: "Best friends forever, Gizmo and dad. They're always best friends, e- ow ow owaah!" *stops singing and turns the camera back to Gizmo who just chomped on the hand that was petting him**Rhys points at the cat* "You just bit me!" *Gizmo gets up and walks to the other end of the table, sitting and facing away from Rhys, who sighs* "Seriously? Gizmo!" end of fourth vid.
Rhys is laying down on his couch and Gizmo is curled up on his chest, sleeping. Rhys' face is partially obscured by the cat:
"So I think um, for me, you know my biggest dream was to act in a comedy seating. So, stand-up is one thing, but to act alongside other for comedy purposes, that was the dream and I wanted to... go as far as I could with that. Definitely leave the country, explore the world... get my comedy out there on the international circuit. Get it-" *Gizmo wakes up and turns his head to face Rhys* "-to a big level. Oh, okay, I get it. You're trying to sleep. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry." *Gizmo faces away from him again* "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry."
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tmgstudios · 2 months
[long post, sorry, theres a tldr at the end but i really recommend reading the full thing if you can]
i really wish there was more like. narcolepsy awareness stuff in the world. that teaches people the actual symptoms and not just the stereotype. the amount of people i have talked to both online and in person about my experiences with narcolepsy who have been shocked at how much they related to my experiences is staggering. 
narcolepsy is so under-diagnosed and also very often misdiagnosed as something else because so many people, even within the medical field, don’t know the actual symptoms of narcolepsy (i am not pulling this out of my ass, my sleep specialist has told me this several times. its a real issue that sleep specialists continue to battle to this day). up until relatively recently, the past 5-10 years or so, narcolepsy and other similar sleep disorders weren’t even considered real by a lot of the medical field!!
narcolepsy is not “falls asleep at random” disorder. narcolepsy is a disorder of sleep cycles, causing the brain to enter rem sleep much quicker and more frequently then it should. 
this causes things like excessive daytime tiredness/chronic fatigue, extremely vivid dreams, sleep paralysis, hallucinations while waking up/falling asleep, and in the case of those with narcolepsy type-1, cataplexy (aka, while feeling intense emotions the brain will enter rem sleep while awake, causing muscles to lock up. this is where the “falls asleep at random” stereotype comes from, but the person experiencing it is not actually asleep, just unable to move their muscles. i can’t really speak more on this specific part of narcolepsy, since i have type-2, aka narcolepsy without cataplexy, this is just the basics i was told by my sleep doctors. EDIT: someone who experiences cataplexy has added their experiences in a reblog, if youd like to learn more please go take a look!!) [note: these are not the only symptoms of narcolepsy. not all people with narcolepsy will experience all of these symptoms, and everyone will experience them at different frequencies. for example, i only get sleep paralysis once every month or so, and my hallucinations tend to be limited to auditory] according to my sleep doctor, narcolepsy also has links to both adhd and chronic strep throat as a child (i have no idea how that last one works. but. thats what my doctor said and hey. she was right. i had chronic strep throat as a child and look at me now.) EDIT because i forgot to add: narcolepsy can not only co-exist with insomnia, but cause insomnia as well! excessive daytime tiredness --> more naps during the day --> harder time falling asleep at night
so yeah. i guess this is me doing awareness. if you relate to any of these symptoms, please talk to a sleep specialist if you’re able to. it might not be narcolepsy, but chances are it’s something, since none of these things are normal (to repeat, excessive daytime tiredness is not normal. that means there is something wrong). theres nothing wrong with asking a sleep specialist about narcolepsy and getting tested for it, even if you come back negative. 
my dms and askbox are open anytime for any kind of questions about narcolepsy, the diagnostic process, treatments, etc. while i am not a doctor, i have learned a lot through my own experiences, talking with my sleep specialist, and also my own research, since i’m currently studying to hopefully make narcolepsy research my career! whether you are questioning having narcolepsy or not, you are not bothering me with questions, i promise, you asking will probably make my day
TLDR; narcolepsy is a very misunderstood and underdiagnosed sleep disorder, and i highly recommend everyone learn about what it actually is and what the symptoms actually are, and if you relate to any of them, talk to a sleep specialist
[other narcoleptics feel free to add on to this post with your own experiences(and also to message me i always want to talk to other narcoleptics ASJDKHJ), and non-narcoleptics please please feel free to reblog! i really want to start spreading awareness for this disorder, since again, severally under/misdiagnosed and most of the world is still under the impression that the narcolepsy stereotype is true]
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mymp3 · 11 months
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mayykith · 1 month
sound on 🔊
Chay's POV
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samix-asb · 3 months
ok but he def made The pose™ when he got his diploma
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deyjahvu · 8 months
hazel levesque is the biggest example of adultification i've seen in awhile. all of the heroes of olympus (aka the seven) were 16, 17, or 15 at least. hazel was THIRTEEN YEARS OLD- and she was dating a 16 year old boy, had been through absolute hell, and was always describe as "mature" and "motherly".... she is a CHILD. why can't black girl kids just be KIDS
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cephalodon · 2 months
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littlemisslol-fic · 3 months
Anyways not to get Too Into It but 100% you should find ideas you think are dope as hell and just make them, regardless of if you think others will like what it is. Best case is you make something that people are into, worst case is you get a bunch of experience to make future projects better.
But either way, you made something you love. And I think that's the most important thing.
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alghulnyssa · 8 months
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The Debbie Stovelman Saga
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the-random-phan · 2 months
Ectoberhaunt Day 13- Restored
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Flynn design based off of this by @the-stove-is-on-fire :)
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rongzhi · 5 months
English added by me :)
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kalique-abrasaxx · 3 months
...ABBA really does go with any fight scene PART 2 (part 1)
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startreatment · 1 year
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