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This was inspired by a very dear memory of my friends and I cuddling on a cold day before an exam. And also the concept of friendship itself. <3
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Hellforged Salamander
Born of fire, tempered by steel.
Creator: Djokson
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NGC 2024, Fire in the Sky
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🔥Vesta & Flame🔥
🔥Vesta is the eternal flame that burns within each of us. In mythology, she was the priestess of the flame and goddess of the Vestal Virgins and is associated with the signs Virgo and Scorpio. Vesta represents focus and commitment. Where the asteroid is by sign and house indicates where we focus our energies or what we are devoted to.
✨Sign in Vesta represent how do we approach this and how you make commitments. House in Vesta what we focus on and which life area your dedication and commitment are the strongest.
🌞Vesta in 1st house
You have a deep need to be who you are. Even in a relationship, you maintain your independence. Vesta suggests that your most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Your Vesta gift is the ability to know what you want and to be a self-starter. Self-actualised and self-confident, igniting your flame turns you into a powerful warrior.
🏕Vesta in 2nd house
You are very focused on financial security and comfort. It is important to you that you eat well and that everything you do contains quality. You look very much at quality and beauty. You have a special touch to the things you love. You have a protective attitude towards your things.
🌼Vesta in 3rd house
Your focus is many times in communicating and expressing yourself with words, writing.There can be a strong bond with siblings and relatives, but it is important to remain autonomous in these relationships. Vesta in here ignites your ideas and hands you both originality and the ability to influence others with your thinking.
🪁Vesta in 4th house
You can be extremely devoted to maintaining your home life, both physically and emotionally. Your prioritize your private life. You may enjoy cooking for people as a way to show your love and devotion. You are a very giving and maternal person. Family can always mean a lot to you.
🛼Vesta in 5th house
You shines at its brightest here. You want to stand out and this goes double for your work or anything you create. What you do or gives you pleasure may be the very thing that attracts love to you. Fun is something that makes you happy. Maybe you have a special connection with things from childhood that can be cartoons, toys. You can be very commitment in romantic affairs.
💞Vesta in 6th house
People with this placement are there for others, and they always want to do the best for them. Focused on work. Vesta here emphasizes the importance of taking care of your physical body. You’re also learning to tend to and care for your own health. You can also find focus in healthy eating and fitness.
💋Vesta in 7th house
You are focus in relationship this can also be a business relationship, not just a romantic relationship. You can definitely pour your energy into relationships. You love very deeply. With vesta here you have to create balance between giving and taking, and between being an individual and making compromises.
🦋Vesta in 8th house
Sexuality plays an important role in your life. People with vesta here often seek intensity. They are interested in hidden things and in the occult.You're devoted to transformative experiences of an emotional and sexual nature. You like things that have depth in them. Emotions mean a lot to you. Your flame is the one that lights the darkness for others. In love, you won’t be attracted to anyone superficial.
🎸Vesta in 9th house
You are focus on travel, wisdom, learning. You explore and expand your knowledge. Also philosophy and your belief system, there is a certain faith and knowing that all will be well that you carry. Finding meaning, learning and traveling can mean a lot to you. Your flame ignites a big dream or vision. You are on a journey of discovery. Your light is on the prow of a ship sailing into darkness.
🦭Vesta in 10th house
You are committed to their bigger goals and ambitions. You’re much better off doing something that allows you to take time away as often as you need to. You focus on reputation and seriousness and responsibility. The energy for the work you do is very important to you, but you usually prefer to work for yourself. This is a long burning flame in this placement.
🧚🏻Vesta in 11th house
You are someone who is focused to shares their love and devotion with larger groups of people. Also you give focus to your friends. You have many hopes and dreams and often pour energy into a positive vision. Maybe you focus on society and politics. Vesta in here means you are the least likely to all Vesta placements to allow yourself to be controlled by others.
💗Vesta in 12th house
You have focus on hidden and mystical things. You want to understand the secrets of the universe and you often enjoy spiritual studies. You give a lot to the subconscious. Spirituality, dreams, imagination is for you the passion you find. You are very commitment to things u believe in. Your light shines on the spiritual, the intuitive, the mystical, the past and the ability to give.
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Meet with new dragons of House of the Dragon tv serie.
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Jeanne A little practice/cool-down drawing.
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Originally phoenix but it overlapped too much with the bird aspects of harpix so instead its now COATLNIX!! primarily named after the Xiuhcoatl fire serpent of Culhua-Mexica (Aztec) lore. I ended up kind of combining the phoenix and the xiuhcoatl and weirdly some aspects of Hephaestus for this. I have no idea where my brain originally wanted to go lol. 
lore and design notes and stuff below as usual
So just like Sirenix, Harpix, and Dryadix, Coatlnix is earned through a quest. Elemental quests are traditionally initiated through the corresponding elemental companion, but a “cheat code” exists in the Elementix Compendium to kickstart each of the quests with out a companion (if the fairy already has Harmonix obvi). The Coatlnix quest is. weird. A lot of the fire/energy associated ethereal magic doesn’t have a super concrete element to work with in the magic dimension, so the quest is less about obtaining physical objects and more about using magic to manipulate objects. The Coatlnix quest requires a fairy to take a small piece of metal, wood, stone, or other natural elements (metal is traditional) that can be transformed by fire. They put the chosen item in the middle of a cardinal direction magic circle. The fairy then has to focus their magic and send four tendrils of magical flame through the cardinal directions to the item. The goal is to transform the item into a Coatlnix Ingot. this sometimes takes Fairy several tries, especially if they haven’t studied witch-style spell casting. After the fairy succeeds, they present the Ingot to the Source of Coatlnix on planet Magix. and it takes shape as part of the neckpiece/armbands in the transformation. Unlike like the sirenix pearls and harpix feathers, there are no riddles to solve to get a seed, instead Coatlnix is more like Dryadix. The Elementix Compendium discusses mineral selection, smithing, glass blowing, wood burning, and proper ritual magic techniques. There is still some kind of virtue trial in order to get the ritual to actually be effective but its literally just like. attention, perseverance, dealing with frustration, etc. 
Design! I’ve described Coatlnix/Phoenix before when talking about Daphne and the elementix here and largely I did stick to the original aesthetic. I didn’t cross the fabric and the metallic bodice as much as I wanted but that’s just how it happens sometimes  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . So Coatlnix features! Hair turns into fire in the fairy’s magic colors and mimics the fairy’s natural hair texture, the eyes are also completely color filled. A metal neck piece matches the wrist/hand bands in shape and color.  A metallic, segmented, bodice with dark edging. The skirt is pale loose fabric, it can be multiple pieces, looped, tied, bunched and occasionally attached to the bodice. All feature safety shorts underneath because that’s important to me lol. Shoes are metallic strappy sandals. A sheer piece of fabric streaked with metal flecks is attached at either the wrists or the fingers and usually goes up the back to attach to the bottom of the bodice or the neck piece (in between the wings). The wings are very glowy, and resemble feathers in flame. So for biological reactions, Tecna has a little, Stella is about average, and Bloom is.... unique. because she’s Bloom. The bio changes mimic the Coatlni. Fairies gain a feather crest, feathered collar bones, flat scales on the breast bone, regular scales on the hands and lower legs. The hands/feet also gain talons and the feet extend to become more digitigrade. While the least human looking of the elementix inspirations, Coatlni still have a human-esc consciousness and create their own impressive communities on the shelves of volcanos. They look like snakes with feathers and two small arms. The feathers are actually more like extended, flexible, scales, they’re very shiny and gem or metal like. 
 (Sketchy coatlni below, im iffy on the wings) 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
BLOOM. So bloom is real wild in this one because she has the dragon flame attached to her core. With out the dragon flame she would look a lot more like stella (gonna do a Daphne set eventually or you can go to my patreon to see a sketch version of nodragonflame!bloom) So bloom gains more dragon like features than Coatlni ones. horns, fangs, dragon ears, larger taloned hands and feet, feathered flame on her forearms and calves, more powerful dragon-y legs (as opposed to the smaller dexterous coatlni style ones), and more protective scale patches.
idk what im gonna work on next, maybe cosmix? maybe elementix witch forms? feel free to let me know what you’d wanna see lol 
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Flame Nebula
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The worst part is, looking back, I'm not sure what I would have done differently, or if i'd do it all again.
goretober day 10, burning.
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