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two fjords
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guess who's back, back again
[based on this promo photo]
[image description in alt text]
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I’m so glad their back 🥹
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Lay it on me, I wanna hear every Bi Fjord moment you're in the mood to list
This took me WAY longer than I intended because I kept forgetting to answer, but here's a listing of Bisexual Fjord Moments, incomplete because it is off the top of my head, ymmv:
owns a sword
felt that Shakäste calling everyone "baby" was charming - 2.09
winks at Molly, then slices through and kills a merrow that was lunging at Molly - 2.22
makes eye contact with Molly, then blows imaginary smoke off one of his Eldritch Blast finger guns - 2.22, since it's hard to find in the transcript by keyword: "As Molly looks over, I'm like (blows)"
the Eldritch Blast finger guns, multiple times
when asked in non-gendered terms about his sexual history, he answers in a way that remains unspecific about the genders of his previous sexual partners - 2.24
apparently finds Ophelia Mardoon hot: "What in the hot fuck is going on with her?" "[Beau:] I think hot fuck is actually very appropriate on a few levels." "[nods, 'fair']" - 2.30 (this is a Top Table Solidarity moment)
derailed a conversation to ask Jester (with sincere curiosity) about how many dicks she's seen, seconded Beau asking what the best dick she's seen was, then when she said Molly's dick, asked for details: "Was it tattooed?" - 2.32
finding Avantika hot is for the queers
when he suggests that he and Jester seduce Ludinus and Vess, he is unspecific which of them he imagines himself to be seducing (this is also a Bi Jester Moment, since she is also unspecific about who she agrees to seduce, they are bi4bi) - 2.49
incubus (male) appears in extremely attractive form to him - 2.54
apparently assumes that Caleb is hitting on him, is not not into it: "I appreciate you." "You what?" "Sometimes you have to get a little bit crazy." "What do you mean, right now?" - 2.57
unable to focus on anything other than how fantastic Jester's muscular arms look after she freshly gets her tattoo, while he's lying on the deck no less, favorite: "There's a lot of definition where your bicep meets your deltoid, it's—" - 2.84
jokes that Jester's longer horns giving her an intimidating look is why he finds her attractive - 2.118
propositions Lucien, attempting to get through to Molly - 2.139
whatever the FUCK was going on with Eadwulf - 2.141
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aithilin · a day ago
“How did you even manage that?”
Kingsley was not an affectionate person. He tended to tolerate Jester’s hugs and exuberant affections, but he was not one to initiate more than a pat to the shoulder. Fjord had spent many early days wishing for the easy, playful affection of Mollymauk. He carried the memory of the tiefling’s weight off his shoulder, the flash of colour and heat of breath in his ear as Mollymauk used to hang off of him with a laugh and smile. 
The easy joie de vie that Mollymauk had mastered and drew out among those around him. 
Fjord had thought he had gone through mourning his friend all over again when he realized that Kingsley would never cling or play or fall into a heap on him as Mollymauk used to. 
“He is always like this,” Caleb answered quietly, hesitantly, one hand stilling in the tiefling’s hair. “Ja?”
“Not with anyone that I’ve ever seen,” Fjord muttered as he pulled a blanket from the bag at his hip to offer it. “He hates this stuff.”
Caleb looked perplexed and Fjord had to admit that it was not a look that he saw often anymore either. “Well, he is certainly not like Mollymauk, but...”
“Stop talking, more petting.”
The order was sleepy, red eyes closed against the night and campfire and the smile the order brought to Caleb’s lips. “We are talking about you.”
“As you should be. Just keep doing the thing, magician, if you insist on conversation.”
Caleb offered Fjord a helpless sort of shrug as his hand moved again, gently, easily through Kingsley’s hair. “He is no different than a cat, Fjord. I am good with cats.”
“Yeah,” Fjord agreed and bit back that little grit of frustration and jealousy he knew had no place in his mind. He had six months with Kingsley. He had hours more with Mollymauk before things shifted and Caleb seemed to open more and more to the prodding and playful teasing Fjord realized he had never thought much of. He remembered smiling when he saw Mollymauk apparently forcing affection on to Caleb-- kisses to cheeks, confident touches to arm, back, worried words and brighter smiles-- as if it had all been a game that would never go anywhere. He realized how blind he must had really been, given how easily Caleb seemed to find all the spots that made Kingsley hum in appreciation and smile in a way that was so much like the bright light of his memory. “You are.”
Even now Kingsley had turned in Caleb’s lap, tail flicking against the grass in contented little taps as those red eyes were bright and playful as the tiefling reached up to pluck a stray leaf from Caleb’s hair. The very picture of affection that Fjord had thought could never exist again. 
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redrew fjord onto this from this meme
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julandran · a day ago
Don't cross me, bird-brain.
[The party is preparing to travel cross-country quickly with half of them magically transforming into birds and carrying the others.]
Travis: (deadpan) Fjord turns into a giant, green eagle and just leaves Kingsley in the road.
group: *laughs*
Taliesin: (as Kingsley) "I know where you live, and I'm gonna go take all your stuff!"
Travis: (hastily) I turn around and pick him up.
Critical Role — campaign 2 epilogue, 'The Mighty Nein reunited, part 1' (youtu.be/XhkjjN7M0hk)
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caitmayart · 9 days ago
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Happy #MightyNeinReunited Day!!
 Aka Veth and Kingsley playing 7th and 8th wheels, respectively ♥ I'M SO EXCITED!!! 
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niccdevv · 19 days ago
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I didn't have tumblr when campaign 2 ended, so I didn't get to post this here at the time. I'll never be over the Mighty Nein
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verk0my · 2 months ago
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last summer I finished watching campaign 2 of Critical Role and I must say - it was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had! It was just incredible and even though I truly love campaign 3 and Bells Hells just as much I still really miss The Mighty Nein a lot. they’ll forever have a special place in my heart 💘
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runmienn · 5 days ago
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The mighty nein portraits🤲
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iliadeleart · 8 days ago
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Mighty Nein age like fine wine, and especially I’m looking respectfully at short haired Yasha, pirate queen Jessie and, surprising nobody, Kingsley.
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suraelis · 8 days ago
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Scenes from Critical Role Mighty Nein Reunited Part 1
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varethane · 3 months ago
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I finished listening to season 2 of Critical Role (600+ hours after I decided to check it out, haha). Anyway I spent the entirety of the finale drawing this! The Mighty Nein was a fun crew. :)
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captainofthetidesbreath · 2 hours ago
It sounds like a joke to say (as I just did in a much more concise post) that Fjord's stress would be alleviated by some room dividers and a desk and by rearranging the furniture, but it really is my impression that one of a great many sources of stress for Fjord is how space in the house is portioned. Jester has her studio, but Fjord complains that the entire house is her studio. She tries to say there is the couch on the opposite side, he goes, "My haven: the couch." It's clear Fjord does not have a dedicated space, worsened by the open floor plan. He seems to have recently noticed and become bothered by having nowhere specific to belong in a house that he insisted they have.
It is not that Jester takes up too much space—absolutely not what I'm saying. I suspect the real issue is that Fjord does not know how to take up space, both within a domestic space but also in life, and does not know how to assert what he needs. He never had a space of his own, having grown up in an orphanage and then lived aboard a ship. He and Jester talk about this in 2.62: Domestic Respite while the Nein move into the Xhorhaus, that he never had a house before and that he was getting used to having a room of his own: "Well, my own room's pretty strange." We never get any suggestion that Fjord decorated his bedroom in the Xhorhaus beyond putting up shutters.
I feel like this is what's happening with Fjord in their house in Nicodranas. He never lived in a house before, and they stayed at the Xhorhaus so briefly, so he never learned how to live in one, especially one that he's building with a partner. He never learned how to assert spatial boundaries or how to need space, and thus he inadvertently allowed Jester to have everything and make all decisions. He's just now understanding that the small corner is not enough, and he is feeling boxed out of a house that he personally wanted—simply because he does not know how to assert himself in his own space. (Compare how Beau and Yasha have their own spaces, Caleb has a dedicated space for work at home, and Yeza and Veth have entire separate spaces to pursue their ventures. A ship is also largely communal space, and Jester lives in Fjord's captain's quarters.)
In contrast, Jester is very comfortable taking up space, especially within a home. Since Fjord offered no pushback until recently, she's naturally (and understandably) taken most of the space in the absence of Fjord asserting boundaries for her to follow. His gentle grumbling about the paint and her studio space feels to me to be the first time he's expressed unhappiness with the way their home is divided. It's my feeling that's how the situation developed: without any expressed boundaries, there was no way for Jester to understand how to share the space with Fjord. Negotiating these boundaries and learning to coexist together in a way where you are have your needed space without crowding the other out is a crucial and often difficult part of a relationship, and one that Jester and Fjord have very little practice in. Fjord is clearly just now learning to voice his needs. I get the impression Jester is noticing this and is slowly processing how to work this out with him.
And I think this is a very intentional thing in the way that Travis and Laura have arranged this house? The rhythm of the description feels like many of these details and dynamics were discussed in advance.
Fjord is not settling well into his house because he never learned to take up space and there is a lack of obvious space for him to exist in, and negotiating and asserting those boundaries takes time and articulation. Without that, Jester has no signals on how to share the space with him. No joke, it would help to get a desk for him to work at or a table to read at, maybe expand into a patio or something for Fjord to drink tea in alone in the afternoons. Rearranging their furniture and setting down some rugs, using room dividers if necessary, to break up their open space and create a semblance of separate spaces will actually, sincerely, help with all this.
It's a very real growing pain, and it's fun to see it here.
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The Mighty Nein, it’s time to see them again!
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