vethbrenatto · 3 days
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Fjord really out here deadlocked in three simultaneous pacts with three patrons that all hate each other. Who is doing it like him.
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What we won't get to see happen after the two shot finishes
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odd-alchemist · 1 day
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Earthquakes, Weather, and Sea Jester proves herself time and time again that she IS the force of nature!
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I really enjoy the persisting theme of the m9 closing ranks and throwing down with an enemy who abused one of their own
they confront as a team, and somehow they eke out a win
caleb against trent, yasha against obann, fjord against uk'otoa, and in a roundabout way, veth against isharnai and beau against zenoth
the way they were so wary of artagan in case he hurt jester, the way caduceus stared down the evil man who had threatened his family
jester taking down lucien was personal because she saw him as an offense to molly's memory
the plank king threatened to kill jester and kingsley straight up deposed the king
it's like hrrrrmmmm I see you deferring the final blow, I see you tricking and prioritizing and defending and killing, I know what you're doing
they are a team built to square the fuck up and punch back and I love it a lot
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utilitycaster · 3 days
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this is how that scene in the temple went right
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sky-scribbles · 1 day
Zehir: Whoever accepts my mark shall carry a portion of me within their soul. You will remain marked by me for as long as I have... interest in you.
Fjord: You don’t have all the facts.
Zehir: Which are?
Melora, blowing a kiss to Zehir as she kicks the door down and rubs that horrible nasty mark from her sweet son’s chest: I love him <3
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fengxdeep · 2 days
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nebulaahh · 3 days
The true story arc of the entire Mighty Nein comes to this: in a stunning turn of events, facing his greatest fears, Fjord rides a turtle
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jonsrightrib · 2 days
Wildmother: this is my child Caduceus. he’s spent his whole life devoted to service of the natural world. he has the deepest connection to me of anyone since the divine gate went up.
Wildmother: and this is my son Fjord. he’s made pacts with two evil deities. he returned to the sea multiple times despite having unfinished business with the great leviathan.
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Shot out to Fjord living his best life. Blessed by a god, has a Vestige, has a successful shipping company, and his girlfriend is Banksy and can make 4 copies of herself in the bedroom. I stan a thrice-cursed king.
Fjord somehow goes from the hottest version of himself to an even hotter version of himself every time we see him. He deserves ALL of it.
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somecommonbitch · 3 days
the day fjord bites it is going to be a hell of the day for every divine being in exandria. you know the prime deities and the betrayer gods have their own betting pools going on behind melora and zehir’s backs now, if not since the start because of uk’otoa. the one that exists between the pantheons absolutely has the highest stakes. artagan is to blame somehow.
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It's honestly pretty great that Melora in this episode was literally just:
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She's just gonna let her funky little half-orc warlock-paladin do whatever he wants. 😇
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vethbrenatto · 2 days
fjord in m9 reunited:
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puwumats · 3 days
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"I'll extend the hilt to Kingsley."
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yasha and beau adopt
caleb and essek are soft
jester is banksy
fjord has defeated his toxic ex-patron
kingsley is plank king
veth's summer camp is so successful
(we might get caduceus on the next oneshot)
every month they get together in the Tower and talk and go somewhere new and have wild adventures
it's still gonna be wacky and rocky and sometimes really hard, because they're them, but wow they made a lovely life for themselves
this is the best I love them so much ghdjskakdkkd
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