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when phoebe bridgers said "i don't wanna be me anymore" and when olivia rodrigo said "i'm so sick of myself, rather be anyone else" and when taylor swift said "will you still want me when i'm nothing new" and when harry styles said "what if i'm someone i don't want around" and when lorde said "i understand, i'm a liability"
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Summary: Y/N never thought that she would have to go through all this just to see two thin lines on a test, luckily she has Harry by her side, but he doesn't feel very good either, not when his wife seems to be another person.
! | angst, mentions of fertility problems and not conceiving, crying, hospital, harry and yn having an argument, smut, vaginal and unprotected sex, breeding kink, spitting, tongue play, dirty talk, fluff and nothing else i think.
W/N: IT'S HERE. it's finally here and i hope you guys love it even though i don't like it so much (this is my longest one shot, wow). this happens after the honeymoon which is situated on march 20 so keep that in mind please!!! (if you guys want you can read the honeymoon one shot on the masterlist) also make sure you listen to halsey's song "more" cause it inspired this one shot. anyway, like, reblog AND PLEASE leave feedback cause this took me four mental breakdowns!! ♡
'Even as young as you are?'
APRIL 3, 2022.
Everyone could see how much Harry Styles loved children. Whether they were babies, toddlers, kids, it didn't matter, he loved them.
Ever since she'd agreed to be his girlfriend, she'd watched in awe how he behaved towards them, making them laugh, playing, and his eyes sparkling at the high-pitched squeals they let out when he tossed them in the air to catch them again. He was... simply born for it.
That's why she's trying so hard to give him what he wants more than anything in the world; a baby.
Searching on hundreds of websites for ways to increase her chances of getting pregnant, checking when she's ovulating, changing her diet… she's doing the impossible and still not succeeding. She can't make her husband happy.
And worst of all, he's not the only one waiting for her to have his child, everyone else is doing it too, creating pregnancy rumours for the last ten years and waiting for the slightest picture of her stomach to create false hopes that only hurt her more and more. Does not having a flat belly mean she's possibly pregnant?
The tears are now familiar against her skin, and she screams all over the house when she makes sure Harry's gone, she can't let him see her like this, not when he gives her everything and she can't give him something as simple as that.
She doesn't want help, she can do it on her own, she knows she can or so she thinks, keeping busy every day trying not to think about it, but it's unavoidable, not when it's something she wants so badly.
Her laptop screen is on with a picture she has to edit of her sister-in-law posing with her line of glasses when her phone rings with a new message, from Harry.
"A lad dropped by the studio! He was in my arms for a while but I think he misses his auntie. I love you. Xx."
A picture of her husband with Sarah and Mitch's son came attached to the text, both were smiling, and Harry was holding an electric guitar in his lap in front of the boy to make it look like he was the one playing it. It was beautiful and made her heart ache, a small smile broke out on her face, and she replied to the message with "I love you both!!!! 💓❤️💝💗💕"
She stared at the picture for a few minutes, forgetting her work in front of her. The smile on Harry's face was genuine, and he held the little one with an incredible familiarity, as if he already knew how to hold a baby even though he didn't have one of his own.
Her phone crashes against the wooden table with a thud and she brings her hands to her face, feeling tears of frustration flood her eyes. The house is quiet, unlike her head, where a thousand things are going through it on every second.
She leaves her place and goes upstairs to take another pregnancy test with a little hope.
It comes out negative.
APRIL 7, 2022.
Y/N throws the three pregnancy tests in the bin, and hears Harry sigh, who's sitting on the bed hiding his face in his hands. She sits down next to him.
"We just have to try harder." He says, lifting his head to look at her and resting a hand on her knee in comfort.
"What do you mean, try harder?" She asks, upset. "We do it every day, especially when I'm ovulating, I–"
"Baby, calm down." Harry tells her and she just snorts in irritation. "Maybe we could… go to the doctor?" He proposes, but his wife stands up and looks at him like he has three heads.
"Why would I go to the doctor? there's nothing wrong with me, we're having this baby, I know it." She exclaims.
He stands up and takes her hands in his, stroking her wrists. "Of course we will, I have no doubt about it. But– it's better to have more information, y'know?"
"We're having this baby, Harry."
APRIL 14, 2022.
"H, keep going."
The brunette speeds up his onslaught, hiding his face in his wife's neck where he takes care to leave hickeys and bites as she clings to him with her arms wrapped around his shoulders and her legs on his hips.
He's touching her weak spot and he knows it, brushing his cock against it everytime he goes forward which makes Y/N let out little yelps and arch her back, digging her nails into his skin.
Harry doesn't stop, not caring about the pain on his muscles. He definitely missed when they were young and could go for hours on end without tiring, but he wouldn't trade the present for anything, not when he's finally married to the love of his life.
Her wet kisses against his jaw distract him, drawing a groan from his throat and feeling his orgasm getting closer and closer. He slides his head down to kiss and lick Y/N's breasts and she dips a hand into his hair, tugging at the strands. He kisses the tattoo over her heart like he always does.
It's late at night, all is quiet and only the sound of their bodies is heard, it's perfectly intimate, being silent but telling each other everything.
"I'm so close..." He murmurs after a while in silence, his voice hoarse. "Baby."
She tightens around him at the sound, a reflex she can't control. When it comes to Harry, her whole body just responds. "I'm close too, fuck." She says, leaving kisses on his cheeks. "Please, fill me up."
And with that, Harry cums inside her.
It's short, but it takes his breath away and pleasure floods his body in a way that only her body does. His liquid paints her walls white, and it doesn't take long for her to cum as well.
Y/N clings to him, unwilling to let go and he leaves kisses on her face, breathing heavily. Three minutes pass, and he pulls away from her body to talk, but she was already asleep.
It's the fifth time they've done it in a week and it's only thursday, he thinks the last time they fucked this often was when he had long hair. And he doesn't know if it's because she's desperate for his touch or because she just wants to have a baby, but he misses talking to her.
Harry misses his wife.
APRIL 19, 2022.
It's a week later when Y/N finishes throwing a negative test in the trash that she receives a call from Sarah. She picks up as she walks through her empty house.
"Hi, Y/N?" Her friend's voice rings out.
"Hi." Y/N answers, no longer able to fake a happiness that isn't there.
"How are you, honey?" The other asks, and she replies motorically that she's fine. "Is Harry there with you?"
She looks away from her laptop when she hears the question. "I thought he was with you guys?"
"Mhm, no. And he's not answering our calls either."
That's when she starts to worry and hangs up after a brief goodbye. It's ten o'clock at night, where is he?
The door opens just in time, and she quickly walks over to Harry, who ditches his keys, jacket and shoes, all without looking at her.
"Sarah called, where were you?" She asks, crossing her arms.
"Don't wanna fight right now, Y/N." he mutters, pushing past her to walk towards the kitchen, opening the fridge and drinking a bottle of water under her gaze.
"Who said we were going to fight?" Her sarcastic laughter rings through the room. "I just want to know where m'husband was."
"I was at Jeff's, Christ, calm down." Harry replies, fed up with her behaviour and Y/N looks at him dumbfounded.
She stops in front of him. "'Calm down?'"
He ducks his head, frowning. "Yeah, you've been... this insanely upset lately."
Y/N laughs in disbelief, feeling anger gnawing at her body. "Maybe I haven't been upset, maybe you've been too bloody calm."
Harry doesn't even look at her, and he walks towards his study, but his wife follows in his footsteps, looking for answers.
"Too calm with what, Y/N?" He asks with his back to her, pulling sheet music out of his notebook to begin writing. "The album comes out this month, I'm not bloody calm at all."
"With the fact that we've been trying to have a baby for months without succeding, you seem pretty calm, like you– you don't care."
The empty bottle falls against the desk in a hard clatter, and he slowly turns to look her in the eyes. His face is serious, and she can play that his green eyes are darkened and slightly watery.
"You seriously think I don't care?" He walks slowly towards her, and Y/N swallows dryly, knowing she touched a soft spot. "This is ruining us and you know it."
"Don't say that, nothing could ruin us." She interrupts him, grabbing his hand, but Harry lets go.
"These last few months– I..." He wrinkles his nose feeling the tears building up in his eyes. "I've been nothing but a fucking sex toy for you, all you do is fuck me to get something out of it, we don't talk anymore, we don't cuddle anymore, it's like I married a ghost."
"Harry...–" Y/N whispers, surprised.
"I want everything to go back to the way it was, I want my best friend back, my wife, my soul."
He stammers, bursting into tears in front of her and closing his eyes, letting himself be hugged by her who also cries against his chest.
They both hold each other tightly, letting go of what they've been holding on to for so long. Harry was having a horrible time too and she hadn't noticed because she was too busy trying to fulfill "his dream."
"I'm sorry, I love you." Y/N grabs his cheeks to look into his eyes, and he nods as the tears continue to fall. "Baby, it was so selfish what I did."
"It's okay, it's kinda funny how short our arguments are." He smiles, kissing her thumb caressing his skin. "Just... promise me one thing."
"Anything." She replies instantly.
"We'll go see a doctor."
APRIL 20, 2022.
She nods, which is why they are now in one of the most private clinics in England because they don't want the press to know, and Y/N's leg is shaking with nerves at the thought of it, causing Harry to rest his hand on her knee to calm her down.
He's nervous too, shit, he feels like throwing up, but he has to stay strong for her and relaxes a little when his love rests her head on his shoulder, and he kisses her temple, which works because now she's a little less nervous.
"It's gonna be alright." Y/N whispers, and her husband smiles to hear her.
"Exactly." He replies, his heart racing with pride at hearing her be optimistic for the first time in a long time.
They're distracted for a few more minutes looking at TikToks on her phone until a woman in white comes out of an office and reads a spreadsheet, looking up to say. "Styles?"
They both stand up, Y/N instantly reaching for Harry's hand to hold tightly to her, and after greeting the woman they enter where the doctor is waiting for them behind her desk.
"Harry, Y/N, it's a pleasure." She shakes their hands.
"Thank you for seeing us." He replies, with the hand that was holding hers now on Y/N's lower back, and gently dragging the chair forward for her to sit down.
"Okay, I understand you're here because you're having trouble conceiving, am I right?" The older woman asks, looking at them under her round glasses.
"Yes." Y/N mumbles, swallowing dryly.
The singer takes her hand but still continues to stare at the doctor, knowing that his wife hates public attention, he's learned that the hard way over the last dozen years.
"We'll do some tests on both of you that will be available next week, don't worry, it's just to make sure everything's as it should be."
The couple nods, and they both feel small in those hospital chairs, holding hands, scared, feeling that time hasn't passed, and that they're still sixteen year olds with no idea what life is really like.
They would love to be them again, forever, huddled in the tree house while they talk about a future that will never come, Y/N stroking Harry's uncontrollable curls while he sings inexpertly, thinking that maybe, one day, he'd love to be a singer.
They're subjected to multiple tests and studies separated, and finishing about four hours later, returning home exhausted and don't even having dinner, quickly crawling under the covers and seeking each other's warmth.
Harry lies with his head on his love's chest as he plays with the ring on her finger. "Are you scared?" He asks, and Y/N's hands stop in his hair.
"Maybe a baby isn't for us."
He lifts his head and looks at her in shock, feeling his throat close at the raw words and his heart flip at the sight of her face. "Love, don't say that."
She averts her gaze, staring at the ceiling feeling the tears pool in her eyes until they fall down her sides onto her pillow. She doesn't even sob, she doesn't scream, nothing, she just… cries.
"Oh, Y/N." He grabs her arms to pull her to him, shifting positions so that she's on top of him, drenching his bare chest in the salty drops. "We'll have them, shit, we'll have our baby, we just have to wait for the results."
He wants to cry too, but he can't in front of her when she needs him more than ever. He'll find a moment of solitude where he can unburden himself, but not now.
"I just wanna make you happy." She sobs, and he frowns.
"Y'think I need a baby to be happy?" Harry questions, nuzzling her waist. "Y/N, it can all go to hell that as long as you're with me, I'll be the happiest man on earth. I don't need a baby, I don't need anything but you, m'soul."
She clings tighter to him, digging her nails into his shoulders and closing her eyes, inhaling the scent of home that her husband exuded. She understands now, and believes him blindly.
As long as they're together, they don't need anything else.
APRIL 24, 2022.
Now, as Harry drives, he thinks maybe they do need something else, the purring furball in his lap being proof of that.
He's excited, tapping his fingers against the steering wheel of his Mercedes and humming one of the songs from his upcoming album, driving down his street to park outside his door, too impatient to put the car in his garage.
"Okay, mate. We're here." He whispers to the little brown tabby kitten, who meows as he's lifted from his new comfort zone.
Harry opens the door to his home with the animal in his arms, who clings to his Pleasing overalls in complete terror. He can hear Taylor Swift on the speakers, and it makes him smile that Y/N's better enough to get back to her routine.
He walks into the living room barefoot and sees her in front of the TV, consuming the Reputation Stadium Tour documentary like it's the first time she's ever seen it, and he can't help but feel everything inside him screaming for this woman.
"If a man talks shit then I owe him nothing!" She chants, her index finger mimicking the choreography until out of the corner of her eye she sees him. "Ah, m'beloved husband...!"
She was in the middle of standing up when she freezes at the sight of the feline, and Harry suppresses a laugh as her eyes widen as well as her mouth, and she stays like that for at least five seconds.
It isn't until the animal meows that she puts her hands to her mouth and let out a little yelp. "You got us a kitten?" She asks, approaching them.
"I did." He replies, smiling. "Wanna hold him?"
She looks up to meet his eyes and nods slowly, tucking the little animal against her chest, which begins to purr instantly making her melt with love. For the first time, the two of them shared a pet.
"He's so cute." She says, kissing his little head. "God, I love him already."
Harry laughs and wraps his arms around her hips, pulling her close to him and resting his cheek on her head, looking down at the kitten who was now shifting his gaze between his new parents. He already loves him too.
Y/N turns her head to look him in the eye, and smiles sheepishly. "Thank you, I love you."
"I love you too." He replies without doubting, and kisses her softly before pulling away. "But we really need to think of a name."
"Maybe later?" She proposes, and her gaze drifts to the coffee table in front of the sofa. "The tests came in, didn't wanted to open them without you."
The smile falls from his face, replaced by a nervous grimace and he nods quickly, walking with her and they sit with their new addition to the family who makes a place for himself on the backrest.
He keeps one hand on her thigh as she shakily opens the envelope, where there are two letters, one from the doctor, the other, the results. Y/N looks him in the eyes, and says. "Whatever it is, we'll be fine."
"We'll be fine." He repeats, and she looks down to start reading.
"The blood tests, the sperm tests, everything– everything's fine..." She mumbles, reading several times to make sure she's not mistaken. "Everything's fine."
"Read the other letter." Harry says impatiently, and Y/N drops the piece of paper to start reading the other one.
"There you go, everything's fine! I'm sure it's all nerves and stress, take it easy guys, you can make it, I know it, but you should always put your health first. Regards, Dr. Wilson."
The couple's silent, the only thing that can be heard is the purring of the unnamed cat, Harry's shaken by the news, excited too, and Y/N keeps her gaze on the TV, opening her mouth slowly to say.
"Well, shit."
Styles laughs, a huge laugh followed by others, and wraps his arms around his wife to pull her to him, making her yelp at the sudden movement. He leaves kisses all over her face, shaking her from side to side as she tries to escape with laughter.
"Stop, H!" She yelps, and he stops to look into her eyes.
His dimples make an appearance thanks to the huge, tight-lipped grin that breaks out on his face at the sight of her, hair tousled, face clean and his Hot N Hard shirt on. God, now that he knew there was no problem, there's nothing he wants more than to put a baby in her belly.
"Harry?" Y/N asks, reaching out a hand to comb the auburn locks that fall across his forehead.
"I love you so much." He whispers, leaving kisses on her neck. "You look so beautiful right now."
"Did the good news made you horny?" Her question makes him laugh, and he scoops her up in his arms to start walking towards the stairs. "But, we gotta think of a name for the kitten!" Y/N exclaims, clinging to her man's neck.
"The kitten can wait." He replies, walking up the stairs to their room, where he sits her on the bed. "We'll make a baby right now."
"Oh yeah?" She asks, resting her palms on the mattress and looking up at him from below. "And how do you know it'll work this time?"
"I don't, but at least we'll have fun trying."
He puts a hand on her jaw, guiding her head up so he can bend down and kiss her. It's slow, he tastes her lips making her sigh and he slips his tongue into her mouth, brushing it with hers. Y/N loves it when Harry behaves like this, so dominant, and the hand sliding from her jaw to her neck makes her shiver.
She can feel her panties begin to dampen and she shifts restlessly, rubbing against the bed causing a whimper to escape her. Harry smirks, and continues kissing her for a few more seconds, just eating her mouth.
Kissing like this, they always tried to kiss long enough for the intimacy of it, making them remember when that was all they did, not having the courage to do more.
They didn't complain, because Harry loved catching her bottom lip between his, and Y/N loved when she stuck out her tongue for him to lick and suck.
Like now, when he pulls away a few inches to whisper. "Stick out your tongue for me." And she does, sliding her pink tongue between her lips and looking into his eyes, the sight making him shudder.
"Fuck, I can't believe I'm married to the most beautiful woman on the whole fucking planet." He bites his lower lip.
Keeping his hand on her neck to steady her, Harry sticks out his tongue and licks hers, growling at the feel of her saliva in his mouth. He takes her between his two lips, and pulls away slightly to spit in her mouth.
Shit, she doesn't think she's been this turned on for a long time and looks into his eyes before swallowing, moaning at the eroticism of the action.
"Good girl, letting me do whatever I want with y'mouth, maybe I should fuck your throat to end the show, mhm?" Styles mutters, combing a few strands of hair behind her ear.
Y/N smirks despite feeling her hole tighten around nothing as she listens to him, spreading her legs and propping her feet up against the mattress, exposing herself in front of him. "Are you gonna fuck me or are you still gonna think you're Christian Grey?"
He laughs too, and his insides feel hot with happiness knowing that with her they can go from kinky to goofy in a second.
"Shut up."
He grabs her by the waist to lift her up and throw her further into the centre of the bed so that he has room to position himself over her, and when he does, he begins to kiss her collarbone, biting and sucking on the skin.
Y/N sighs and feels her skin prickle at the kisses, tugging at the hair at the nape of his neck making him growl, and slides her hands to the end of Harry's hoodie, tugging it upwards.
He gets the message, and pulls away to remove the garment and the shirt underneath, revealing his bare chest that instantly has her hands all over it. She admires him from below, sliding her nails gently down his chest, fiddling with the little cross and banana chain, across the butterfly and down to his happy trail and those damn, hot laurels.
She couldn't understand how she had the most perfect man all to herself, she never would. Her eyes burn with the emotions that hit her like a wave, the knowledge that he is as deeply and madly in love with her as she is with him, they wouldn't have married if they hadn't.
Her gaze collides with his dark, greenish gaze as he slips his palms beneath the fabric of her shirt, reaching her breasts and cupping them with a familiarity that makes her cling closer to him, lifting her hips to press against his bulge as he squeezes her nipples.
"Eager, are we?" He asks, wrinkling his nose and inhaling, a gesture that had stayed with him after so many years.
She arches her back, causing Harry's hands to press even harder against her. "Just fuck me already." Her voice sounds shaky, and she can hear the stupid cocky grin forming on his face.
It's been maybe ten minutes since they've taken the matter into the bedroom, but the moisture collecting in Y/N's panties is already making her nervous, as is her clit, which continues to throb at the mere sight of her half-naked husband.
Harry just looks at her with a serious look on his face, but with a spark of lust in his eyes, and moves his hands from where they were to place them on her knees, lifting them up. He leaves his left hand there, but the other goes straight to her panties, sliding his index finger up and down the fabric, making her close her eyes and breathe nervously.
"You're so wet you've ruined your panties." He says, mockingly pouting. "You're so desperate for me to fuck you, aren't you? to finally knock you up?"
His questions exclaimed by his husky voice with its thicker accent only make her more aroused, and she knows her wetness is probably all over the sheets right now, but she couldn't care less.
"Yes, please." Her eyes are open now, and Harry feels his cock switch in his trousers as he sees the desperation and need in her eyes.
Her arms pull him to her so she can kiss him, and he lets her do whatever she wants, bite, suck, and leave sweet little kisses that make him squeeze his eyes tight because he is oh so fucking crazy about this girl.
His girl.
Y/N's hands tousle his hair even more as he worries to take off his trousers and sticks his body to hers, rubbing both sexes over the thin garments making them moan as he hurries to pull off her shirt to lick and mark her breasts, making sure to extra kiss and bite her tattoo of the date they got together.
"These tits..." He says, and sticks out his tongue to lick a nipple. "Soon they'll be full of milk for m'baby."
Her mouth opens at the stimulation from his thrusts against her clothed hole, and a feeling of longing comes over her, remembering the first time they did that. And now they were about to have a baby.
Or at least try.
He licks her breasts and then blows on them, making her shiver. Y/N puts both her hands behind his ears, forcing him to look into her eyes and in a voice choked with need, she says.
"Harry, fuck a baby inside me."
Her cracked, trembling voice makes him search for any tears on her face, but it's the arousal that has her like this. She needs him and she can't go through with these games, not when she thinks she's going to cum at any moment because of him and his whole being.
Harry's quick to discard the remaining clothes and finally, they're both naked, clinging to each other as she kisses his weak spot on his jaw that makes his eyes go blank. He has one hand resisting his weight so as not to crush her, and the other grasps his cock, whimpering from the relieving contact on the sensitive shaft.
His head makes contact with the warmth of her folds and they moan in unison, Y/N admires him through narrowed eyes, his head tilted back, his hair dishevelled, his eyes closed and his mouth open with a trickle of drool escaping from the corner of his mouth.
Seeing Harry Styles so fucked for her was a work of art, one for her eyes only.
He presses the dripping head against her clit, making her release a pornographic sound from the back of her throat, and leaves kisses behind her ear, murmuring words of love as he slowly pushes inside her.
When all of her wetness is welcoming him as it always does, they both hold still, he thinks he's about to cum, and so does she when she knows that with just a lean and a thrust, he'll hit her soft spot.
Y/N clings to him, and he drops his head on her shoulder. "How are you still so tight every fucking time?"
She laughs, tightening around him and he pulls himself together for the first thrust, grunting as he looks down and sees his member come out covered in all her wetness.
"Shit, H." Her gasp combines with the deep thrusts he delivers, and she lifts her hips halfway up to meet him.
His pelvic bone slams against her clit exquisitely, making her moan and lose herself as Harry's movements become more erratic, separating his chest from hers so that he's now sitting on his knees and gripping her hips with both hands, holding her in place.
She doesn't know what to do with her hands, clenching the skin of her stomach as she continues to moan thanks to his head brushing that weak spot, she doesn't know how he manages to fuck her right everytime, but he does.
He watches her from above as his hips keep thrusting into her wildly, but his mind is filled with love for her, with her eyes closed, hair on the pillow and body at his mercy, she was his dream, his only dream.
"Fuck, look at you." He gasps, unable to take his eyes off her. "Can't wait to fill you up, and when I'm done, I'll do it again and again until the house is full of our babies."
"Harry." Y/N moans, her mind clouded by that image and feeling her orgasm getting closer and closer.
"Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you?" He asks, licking his thumb to get it between their bodies and press it against her clit, making the volume of her moans increase. "Just walking around full of m'cum?"
She can't believe her ears, never having heard Harry's breeding kink as loud as it is now, and she feels her climax on the tip of her fingers with every thrust, word and caress her husband gives her.
They look at each other, and her bright gaze contrasts with his dark one. "Please, want it to drip out of me." She babbles, leaning her weight on one arm so she can pull herself closer to him, pressing their foreheads together. "Wanna make you a daddy."
Harry senses he's about to cum at her words, and he continues his onslaught despite the burning in his muscles. "Yeah? and you'll be a mommy, the best, the hottest, shit, love–"
Y/N kisses him with a hand on the back of his neck, it's messy from their movements and the desire for release they both have. She breaks away to murmur against his lips. "I love you, no matter what."
He cums inside her in long white strips that paint her walls, and the stimulation on her clit makes her follow him, tensing all her muscles, squeezing her eyes shut and opening her mouth in a silent scream.
"I love you, I love you." He murmurs, leaving kisses on her open mouth, her cheeks and every part of her face.
They both collapse onto the bed and remain silent for a few minutes, regulating their breaths and snuggling under the covers thanks to the fact that Y/N had the strength to uncover the bed knowing they wouldn't later.
Harry slides his now soft member out of her, making her hiss from the sensation, and sees how his cum wants to drip out of her hole, so with three of his fingers he forces it back in, feeling himself switch and almost hardening again. He removes them, wiping them off quickly with his mouth so he can grab his shirt off the floor and clean his love carefully.
Y/N waits for him to finish and discard the shirt before looking into his eyes and do grabby hands at him, making him smile and roll his eyes, grabbing her by the forearms to lay her on his chest.
"Here we are trying to have a baby when you're still acting like one." He jokes, and she pinches his nipple. "Oi!"
"You think it worked?" Her hopeful voice makes him smile, and they both look at each other satisfied with everything that's happened.
"Of course." He replies, playing with her hair, a little sweaty from the action they've had. "The next test will be positive."
MAY 19, 2022:
It was almost four weeks later when Harry became suspicious.
Since the last time they haven't had much time together, and he wanted to make up for lost time with his wife. That's why he decided to take a day off, and make her breakfast while she's still in bed.
He whistles as he cooks the pancakes and turns from time to time to check the coffee on the stove just the way Y/N likes it. He puts the missing dishes on the tray, completing the breakfast they've frequented for years; maple syrup, coffee, pancakes, hash browns and egg yolk.
He notes in a post it "I will always love you :)" to complete the reference to his new song Keep Driving, inspired by his marriage, like 98% of all songs written by him.
He hears Y/N coming down the stairs and mentally pats himself on the shoulder for timing it perfectly, quickly arranging everything so that it is pointing to the door frame separating the kitchen from the living room.
She enters the scene as she scratches her tousled nest of hair and tries to adjust the clothes that moved during the night between tossing and turning, she has the pillow mark on her face, and Harry feels like he's going to faint from so much beauty.
"Good morning, m'soul."
"Mhm." She just answers, not a fan of talking to anyone when she's barely awake.
She opens her eyes and stops in her tracks when she sees breakfast, cracking a small smile and looking up at her husband who's blushing. "Aww, H!"
"It's been a long time since we've had breakfast together." He murmurs, and she walks over to him to position herself between his legs (he sat up so he could eat with her) and take his face in her hands, leaving little kisses on his bearded face and lips.
Y/N sits down and they both begin to eat, sharing a chat from time to time. He looks proud of himself as he watches her eat the pancakes with maple syrup, but she tastes the coffee, and spits it back into the cup.
"Hey! why did you do that?" He asks offended.
"It tastes awful." She replies, grimacing as she pours herself a glass of grape juice to drink it all the way down.
Harry takes the cup of coffee from her and takes a sip; it tastes perfectly normal, very good if he has to admit it, but he decides to leave it be and let her continue with the glass of juice.
Y/N continues to eat happily, of course, until she pops a small piece of egg yolk into her mouth. Harry doesn't have time to complain when she's already in the sink throwing up.
He drops his cup of coffee quickly and walks over to her, holding her hair and stroking her back until she pulls herself together, wiping her face with the sleeve of her t-shirt.
"I don't feel so good." She murmurs, with a pout that makes Harry's heart ache.
"It's okay, honey." He presses her against his chest. "Why don't you go to bed? I'll put everything away and join you as fast as I can."
She nods, and looks into his eyes. "Sorry for ruining it."
He smiles sadly, combing her hair that has stuck to her forehead with sweat. "You didn't ruin anything, to be honest I was looking forward to staying in bed with you."
Y/N leaves and ten minutes pass in which Harry picks up breakfast and saves it for perhaps later. He's washing the cups when he notices, and one falls dry in the sink.
He picks up his phone with half-dried hands, and opens the chat with his mom from a week ago.
"Your cousin is pregnant and can't handle eggs or coffee so we're taking care of her now. Kisses sweetie, love you and Y/N!! 😘😘😘"
Eggs or coffee.
He clings to the marble counter trying to control his breathing. Could it be..? Christ, he was going to faint at the thought. He couldn't believe he had such a good memory to remember a banal text message like that.
He runs a hand over his face trying to come back to reality, if Y/N was pregnant… shit, he can't think straight, and if it wasn't for Saturn (called that way after Y/N sang seven while holding him) climbing up on the counter and meowing in his face, then he'd still be in a trance.
He turns off the faucet and runs upstairs, ignoring his blurred nerves he enters their room, where Y/N looks at him in fright.
"Take a pregnancy test." Is all he says, and his wife gets out of bed in confusion.
"What?" She asks, approaching him. "Are you okay? You look pale."
"Yeah, yeah." He responds agitated, letting her examine his face. "Just, please, you have to take it."
"Okay, I'm gonna take it and you're gonna calm down." She looks into his eyes, and he nods. "C'mon."
Harry can barely control his nerves as she pees on four sticks to make sure, walking all over the bathroom and their room until she comes out. "We have to wait five minutes, wanna explain what's going on?"
They both sit on the bed and she takes his hands to reassure him, which works. "You're gonna think I'm crazy but, remember m'mom told me Laura's pregnant and can't stand eggs or coffee?"
"Yeah." Y/N replies, and her eyes widen in understanding. "Holy fuck. Do you think..?"
"I don't know." Harry shakes his head, trying to swallow the lump in his throat. "I don't know."
Minutes pass and the couple gets crazier and crazier; Y/N feels like she's going to tear her hair out in despair and wants to puke again so badly while Harry fiddles with his rings for the tenth time.
It must be something else, he doesn't even know how he connected the loose ends, was it paternal instinct? no, that's stupid, maybe he's not going to be a father and he's just going crazy. He's an idiot, now he's got Y/N's hopes up and he's gonna have to see the look of disappointment on her perfect face again.
He's so immersed in his thoughts that he doesn't notice when his wife rises from beside him to re-enter the bathroom, appearing again at a slow pace with the four tests in her hands, unable to take her eyes off them as she mutters:
Harry lifts his head as he hears her, connecting his eyes with her teary ones, and stands, approaching her who shows him all the positive streaks that indicated that inside her, their baby was growing.
She drops them and throws herself into her husband's arms, making them fall backwards onto the bed, clinging to each other. Harry cries into her neck while she cries into his chest. Y/N feels like she's gonna faint from the tears and sobs pouring out of her body, an immense happiness flooding her body as a million things go through her head.
Harry talking to her belly, Harry holding a small chubby baby, Harry playing the guitar with a small audience, Harry and their baby.
It would all be real eventually.
Meanwhile he's still crying like he's never cried in his life, sitting with her on his lap and running a hand between them to rest it on her tummy. "There's a baby in there." He says, his voice breaking.
Y/N laughs, pressing her forehead to his. "There's a baby in there."
They both look at each other, connecting their teary eyes and begin to laugh, kissing without regard for the salty taste. They kiss, trying to convey to each other everything that can't be said in words, but now they have someone who's the feasible proof of their love.
A perfect blend of both, Harry thinks, and his stomach feels like it has fireworks in it. He can't wait to sing to the growing belly of his love, to hold that tiny hand. He just can't wait.
"I love you." Y/N says as they part their lips, tears still streaming down their cheeks. "I love you, curly, we made it."
"We made it." He repeats, squeezing her waist between his hands. "We made it, we're having our baby, I told you so."
"I can't believe you found out because I threw up your breakfast."
"That's because you'd never throw up something made by me, I'm an incredible chef."
They both laugh again and Harry flips them over, making Y/N lie between the bed and him, laughing at the kisses he spreads across her face, neck, down to her shirt, lifting it slightly to reveal the soft skin of her stomach that was keeping their baby warm. Saturn seems to have noticed the happiness that came from the room and appears, getting on the bed and snuggling on his mother's chest, who caresses him happily.
Harry kisses the area as Y/N caresses his scalp and the tears continue to fall at the sight of him speaking to them. He whispers something, but she and perhaps someone else can hear him clearly.
"Welcome home, baby. You're already loved."
'Yeah, I've always wanted to have kids.'
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harry Styles (2017) • Fine Line (2019) • Harry’s House (2022)
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Tumblr media
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goldencherryhazz · 5 months ago
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first line vs last lines - harry styles
meet me in the hallway || from the dining table - harry styles // golden || fine line - fine line // music for a sushi restaurant || love of my life - harry's house
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bleedingpomegranate · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
how will you ever forgive yourself for being the way you are?
the dogs i have kissed, trista mateer / to be so lonely, harry styles / dfactory (flickr) / little beast, richard siken / i wish i was, the avett brothers / talking to myself, yohji yamamoto / organs, of monsters and men [art: heavensghost] / x / prodigy, marie lu / x
image descriptions below the cut
1. Black text on a white background reads, "I'm sorry that I am back and forth, push and pull / instead of effortless simplicity."
2. Text on a white background. White text with purple highlight reads, "And I'm just an arrogant son of a bitch". Black text reads, "who can't admit when he's sorry".
3. Two side-by-side slightly blurry images of cars on a city street. In both images, the sky is light, the ground is wet, and there is a row of tall buildings on the outer sides. In the left image, cars are driving away from the camera. In the right image, cars are facing towards the camera, and there is a tree to the left side of the image.
4. Black text on a white background reads, "Sorry about the blood in your mouth. I wish it was mine."
5. Black text with light purple highlight on a white background reads, "I love you / I'm sorry".
6. Black text on a white background reads, "My life is made up of 'I'm sorry'. I feel like I have to apologize to people, to things, to life itself. It's like, [underlined] 'I'm sorry to be here.' I don't want to disturb anyone."
7. A roughly cut rectangle of purple and white gingham fabric on a white background. Text painted on the fabric in purple reads, "I am sorry this is always how it goes".
8. Elevated shot of a horizon of mountains under a foggy purple sky. The mountains are dotted with light. Streaks of light are in the top portion of the sky. Dark trees are in front of the mountains in the lower portion of the image.
9. Text on a white background. Black text reads, "I really miss him. I miss him so much." White text with purple highlight reads, "and I'm so sorry. I am so sorry for everything."
10. Black text on a white background reads, "I'm sorry. Please, come back. Please, lay with me a moment longer. [underlined] I know it's your fault but let me fix it. I'm afraid you left because you don't love me anymore, but I can become something beautiful, something loveable, again."
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found this video while looking through my videos i took at Toronto Night 1 and he’s so 😭🥹
-my video-
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Can do better for a help
Tumblr media
Warning: language, nsfw content, angst.
Pairing: Boyfriend! Harry x reader.
Note: This was a request. 
Please don’t kill me I know I’m supeeeer late but what can I say, my life was kind of a mess lately due to different personal reasons and I had to isolate myself a bit (a lot I know ; . ; ) to take care of my mental health. I’m still writing part 2 of Week-end and I will post it as soon as possible! Meanwhile I’ll give you this request to wait for me :) Requests are open! And take care of yourselves guys physically and mentally and eat your vegies :)
“Can you do some angst where harry’ss stressed or something and shouts at y/n for being lazy or something but shed been tidying and making his favorite dinner all day .we live for angst in this house.”
You knew Harry by heart and you knew that when he was holding his guitar without playing any notes, when he woke up earlier than usual, when he spent his time holding his notebook without being able to write anything down, and when he couldn't sleep... all these things indicated that he was stressed. 
But you could have guessed that. Harry had always been a perfectionist, his last album released and topped on the charts, not to mention his tour finished after sales and acclaim, everything had been a success, but Harry knew that having succeeded meant he had to do better, that he had no room for error in order to continue his momentum. But forcing himself would not lead to anything. He knew that, especially when inspiration didn't come, but he also knew that he had expectations to meet and he shouldn't disappoint everyone.
You hated seeing him torture himself like that and you felt helpless because it's not like you could pull a song out of your magic hat. But at least you could help him in another way. So you thought there was nothing like making him his favorite meal for dinner, running him a nice hot bath and ending the night in bed. Tonight you were going to take care of him in your own way. 
You yourself were working a lot, the company you worked for relied heavily on you and the overtime was routine and even though you loved what you did, no one liked to work so much. But you did it because no saint would come and pay your bills at the end of the month. 
So here you are, running a hot bath for Harry after getting off work at 6pm when you were supposed to be off at 5pm. A day when your boss had yelled at you for a file that took a long time, when your presentation didn't please the investors, and when your computer crashed... Shitty day. Not to mention the fact that you couldn't find the ingredients to prepare the meal and had to go to several supermarkets. But finally and after several obstacles, you were able to finish the preparation of the sweetcorn, tacos, and Brussels sprouts that were warm in the oven while you poured the relaxing oils and made the bubbles of Harry's bath rise. You decided to check the time on your watch, 9:20pm, he would surely be back soon. 
As soon as you said that, you heard the door open and Harry's footsteps echoing down the hallway. You couldn't help but smile because even though you were exhausted, you were happy to help Harry relax a bit.
"What the fuck happened here?!" You heared Harry screaming from the kitchen.
"I made dinner! Sit down it's ready!" You replied as you walked over to him and saw the look on his face, you knew he wasn't in the mood...
"Sit where? Have you seen the kitchen?! It's a fucking mess! Y/N seriously!"
"I was cooking but I-"
"If the kitchen is going to be this dirty, don't bother! Y/N I work all day and come home tired you could at least leave the house clean or clean it up instead of being so lazy!"
"I work too!" You answer her by raising your voice slightly
"But not as much as me! I didn't ask you to do anything! Just to clean up and not be so fucking messy and lazy! Oh for fuck' sake!" He finally shouted
You were speechless at the words he had just said and you felt the tears welling up. So you answered angrily while feeling the tears flowing.
"Harry, I'm fucking working too! From morning to night! And even if I have a crappy day, I never treat you bad! I wanted to help you relax by making you dinner and running you a bath but I didn't have time to clean up the kitchen since I just arrived home to cook and make you a bath since I had a shitty day too! But I'm taking it upon myself to try and help you! So I'm far from being lazy! Fuck what is wrong with you!" You said in one go
And it's by looking at Harry's reaction that you felt that the message had been passed and that he had just realized the way he had treated you. 
"I...God Y/N I'm so sorry babe I didn't mean what I said. I know damn right how hard you work and I shouldn't have taken it out on you. I'm sorry it's just that with the record company and the fact that I don't have anything to offer them yet as the date is approaching I'm stressed. Excuse me love" he begged you holding your face in his hands while wiping your tears from his shoots.
"It's okay. I understand Harry. The food will get cold though. I'll clean the kitchen after."
"I'll take care of the kitchen. Right now I'm hungry for something else and then you said you ran a bath, might as well enjoy it together love." He says to you while kissing your neck while lifting you up while heading to the bathroom.
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Tumblr media
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gloomynostalgia · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
my baby lives in shades of blue .  follow my new account @gloomyrobbers​​ !
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satanhalsey · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N and Harry are enjoying their beautiful honeymoon on Italy when he decides it's time to announce his new album, and she decides it's time for something else.
! | so, so smutty, like... we have eating out, SQUIRTING??? kinda exhibitionism, BIG BREEDING KINK, face sitting, male masturbation, and unprotected vaginal sex. aftercare too ofc!! they're in their honeymoon so please understand them 🙏🏻 also fluff aaand cursing.
W/N: not gonna lie to you, i don't like how this turned out but i hope you guys do :) the final smut part was inspired by this blurb. also i think i started writing this the same day harry announced the new album so keep that in mind while reading this. love uuu! ♡
Of all the times Y/N has been lucky enough to come to Italy, this one feels the best. She doesn't know if it's the weather, the tranquillity or the fact that she's fucking married to the love of her life, but the Amalfi Coast has never looked more beautiful.
She's on the balcony, she doesn't know what time it is but from the bright moon in the sky she can tell it's already quite late. The summer dress she's wearing is blowing in the breeze, and if it weren't for the fact that the streets are empty and the balcony is quite high, then she'd probably be putting on a show she wouldn't want to.
She can hear Harry inside the apartment, he's just finishing changing out of the clothes he wore to dinner, they were lucky enough to only run into five fans who didn't take pictures of them.
It's their tenth day of their honeymoon. After getting married on the seventh, they waited an extra week and then sailed to the European country, and now they have until the end of March to enjoy it some more.
Her varied thoughts stop when she feels her husband sit down next to her on the small sofa and pull her onto his lap. All she can think about now is him, his scent, his face, his cheeks starting to go beardy from unwillingness to shave.
"Hi, wifey." He says, leaving a kiss on her cheek and Y/N tilts her head back letting a long laugh escape.
"Please don't call me that." She replies, settling herself on top of him and draping her arms around his neck.
He's leaning back against the backrest and is wearing blue shorts with a white t-shirt, he looks exquisite, and the tan only makes him more beautiful.
"You're okay?" he asks, stroking her face and tidying the windblown hair. "Baby?"
Y/N nods, and snuggles closer against him. "Yeah, yeah. Just... you know, admiring you."
Harry laughs, sliding his hands under her dress to caress those thighs that drives him so crazy. "I was talking to Jeff, he told me people are going crazy about the 'You Are Home' page."
She lets out a growl and hides her face in his neck. "As excited as I get, let's not talk about work, I still have to tidy the album photoshoot."
He smiles and grabs her by the hips to turn her around and leave her imprisoned beneath him on the couch, it's small, a little uncomfortable, but it's enough for what he has in mind.
He crouches down to kneel on the balcony tile, and takes one of his wife's legs and drapes it over his shoulder, beginning to leave kisses on the soft skin of her thighs.
Y/N sighs, leaning her head back knowing what is about to happen. They've done everything these past few weeks (and twelve years) but still can't get enough of each other, always being where the other is and eager for touch.
"Gonna let me?" He asks, opening his mouth to lick and bite the inside of her thighs, making her moan.
He grins against her skin, licking and leaving marks beside the ones that were already rubbing off, Y/N lifts her hips and Harry pulls her panties off. If someone walked by on the street and decided to look up, they'd easily see them, but they kept going no matter what.
She pulls her dress up to her hips and he puts both hands on her knees, spreading her legs apart and revealing the centre that demanded attention, it was glistening in the moonlight thanks to the wetness that was already starting to build up, and the brunette man ducked his head to leave a lick all over her cavity.
"Harry." Y/N gasps, arching her back from the teasing licks. "Don't tease."
He laughs and the vibrations crash against his wife's clit, making her moan. He begins to lick it gently, wrapping it between his full lips to suck on it, it's addictive, everything about it drives him crazy.
Harry slides one hand over her hips, up her body until he reaches her jaw. He puts two fingers over her mouth, and Y/N opens it, slipping his fingers into her mouth to lick them completely.
"Yeah, keep going." He says from his knees, looking up with his green eyes dark with lust and because of the night. Y/N can't stand it, how after years and years he manages to turn her into a bundle of nerves and desperation to feel him against her, she's completely his, body and soul and it feels fucking good; to belong to Harry Styles and for him to belong to you.
The pleasure is too much, as he thrusts his two fingers inside her and with familiarity already scrapes her soft spot while his tongue and lips stimulate her clit. She's still moaning and panting on the balcony of the villa in Italy, and she's sure this is what heaven feels like.
Harry moans against her, moving his face from side to side and Y/N arches her back, feeling her nipples rub against the fabric and adding to her pleasure.
"You're so good." He murmurs, lifting his face from between her legs to look into her eyes as his fingers move in and out of her rapidly. "Letting me eat your sweet cunt whenever I want. Such a perfect wife."
The words echo in her head, and they only make the pressure in her lower belly increase as she feels the orgasm even closer. This time it feels different, she doesn't know if it's because the situation they're in makes her so hot, or if it's simply because of him. But she feels like her next orgasm is gonna be very strong, and she has an idea what it's about.
"H." She says, shaken. "I– I think m'gonna squirt."
Harry grins, speeding up the movements of both his tongue and fingers. The last time Y/N squirted was quite a few years ago, and he still remembers when she did it for the first time and how he went even crazier for her.
His fingers move frantically and touch her G-spot, making her open her mouth to let out a silent scream as she arches her back, cuming.
She cums on his face and fingers, and he wastes no time in savouring his wife's climax contentedly, he can feel his cock in his shorts but he doesn't care about him now.
Y/N comes undone under him, she keeps moaning because of the overstimulation and her eyes are closed as she tries to recover from the wild orgasm she just had. Harry licks the inside of her thighs, cleaning up any debris that might've been there, and stands up from the floor to take her in his arms, carrying her inside.
"Feeling a'right, m'soul?" he asks, ducking his head down to see her face resting on his shoulder.
Y/N hums, snuggling against him until they reach the bathroom, and he sits her on the toilet to turn on the shower and start regulating the water. She has her eyes closed and tries to wipe out the ringing in her ears, she can feel herself start to recover and she stands up to pull the dress out of her body.
Harry turns around to find her naked, he laughs while checking her out. She reaches over to him to pull his shirt off, he lifts his arms and lets himself be undressed by his wife. His wife.
Steam begins to cover the room and they both step into the shower, he carefully helping her thanks to her shaky legs, and begins to put shampoo in his hand so he can wash her hair.
Y/N smiles happily with her eyes closed, enjoying the moment of silence and peace with her love and wishing their honeymoon would never end. She's the luckiest woman in the world, and she doesn't want anyone to burst the dreamy bubble they are both living in.
She can hear Harry murmuring one of his new songs, and her heart beats desperately in her chest as she feels him close to her. She loves him, loves him with all her soul and being and heart and fucking everything.
She opens her eyes, watching him bite his bottom lip concentrating on washing her hair well and keeping the suds off her face. And she says:
"I love you."
Harry's hands stop at the back of her neck, he blushes wildly though he'd rather say it's from the hot water crashing against his face. "I love yeh too, so much." He replies, bringing his face close to hers to kiss her as his hands caress her scalp.
They kiss two or three more times until they have to continue bathing so as not to waste the water, the green-eyed one cleans her while whispering words of praise, and she strokes his brown locks that he's thankfully letting grow.
They both dry off and dress in silence, enjoying the ambient noise of Italy. Harry's putting cream in his hair when he can see Y/N through the mirror drying her face, he's seen her a thousand ways, but he still feels numb with the happiness of seeing her so domestic.
He curls up in bed, pulling the blankets up to his chin. "Close the window, please." He asks, and his wife does so and then runs to crawl under the blankets beside him.
Y/N lets out little whimpers at how cold she is and quickly snuggles against Harry, tucking her icy feet between her husband's legs, making him shiver.
"Remind me again why I married you?" He growls, but still squeezes his legs together so she doesn't get cold.
"Because I've been putting up with you for twelve years and because m'sex is the best." She answers, draping a leg over his waist and tucking her head into his neck to inhale his scent.
"Technically I can't know if your sex is the best, since it's the only sex I've ever had." He replies, looking up at the dark ceiling, and Y/N pinches his belly.
"And it will be like that forever, Styles." She murmurs, sighing. "Now, sleep."
"I wouldn't have it any other way, Styles."
Harry wakes up, it's 23 of March, and he can feel the sun against his face and his wife curled up next to him. It's today.
He knows it's today, and Y/N knows it's today too, so he rolls onto his side to approach her and begin to wake her up by brushing away the locks that prohibit him from seeing her angelic face.
She wrinkles her nose and opens one eye, watching him until she decides to open the other and he smiles, moving closer to her to leave kisses on her neck, cheek, and lips.
"Good morning." He murmurs against her chest. "It's today."
"What?" She asks, not even knowing what day is.
"I'm announcing the new album today."
That finishes waking her up and she quickly lifts her head to get a better look at him. It's true, it is today. Today is the last day of the Fine Line era, today millions and millions of people are going to freak out, and Y/N can still remember the day he told her the news.
Harry's sweeping while Y/N makes the bed. The Fleetwood Mac vinyl that is so important to them is playing ambiently and is the only thing that can be heard in the big house, she's quiet and can't see him, but she can feel something eating away at her cute boyfriend's mind.
When she hears him sigh for the third time, she drops the blanket and turns to look at him; he's not even sweeping, now he's just staring at the dust on the floor.
"Give me that." She reaches over and takes the broom from him, leaning it against the wall. "What's wrong?"
He looks at her hesitantly, but still says it. "I... we already have a release date and album name."
She's thankful she's had a good breakfast, otherwise her blood pressure would be through the floor by now. She can't believe what she's hearing and quickly asks what it is before doubt continues to flood her body.
"May 20." He says, eyes downcast and cheeks flushed. "Harry's House."
Y/N's eyes are brimming with tears and she has to hold a hand to her chest. It's perfect, maybe not something she expected, but the name makes up all the songs she was lucky enough to hear before anyone else, songs for her.
Harry hesitantly steps closer, placing a hand on her hip to pull her closer to his body and she quickly wraps him in an embrace that shows all the pride, longing and love she's feeling at that moment.
"I... I wasn't really sure about the title, but I feel like they're very personal songs and I'm kind of letting them into m'home, into my heart." He speaks, breaking away to look at his love in the eyes, he strokes her cheeks with his thumbs. "Those songs are my house, but you, you are home."
If she wasn't crying before she's definitely crying now, she kisses him, then murmurs against his lips. "I love you– Harry, I have no words..."
"It's alright, it's alright." He laughs, leaving a peck on her lips. "Jus' want you to know that everything I do is for you."
"Shit, can't believe it's already today." She sighs in amazement.
"Me neither, they're about to post it on Instagram." Harry replies. You can tell he's completely nervous, so Y/N lies on his chest and kisses his neck. At the same time, his cellphone rings.
"It's posted." reads Jeff's message, and the couple freezes.
Only the sounds of birds chirping can be heard outside, Y/N and Harry stare at each other in silence, until she takes the initiative and speaks first.
"They're gonna love it, curly." She says, stroking his cheek illuminated by the sun streaming through the balcony. "They're songs written for me after all."
He guffaws and turns her around, trapping her against his body and the sheets. "C'mon, I wanna go out."
The two of them get ready in between shoving, groping and chatting about the new album, Harry tells her that the video they shot together for 'As It Was' is coming out the first of April, and Y/N pans a little.
"I hope they don't mind me being in the video." She says, now both are already walking the streets of Italy.
Harry has an arm around her shoulders, and through his dark glasses he can see someone taking a picture of them. "Please, I think they love you more than me."
She laughs, squeezing his waist and they both walk into the quiet little café. It's their last day of their honeymoon, her husband has to go back to rehearsal for Coachella and do press conferences for both Harry's House and As It Was. She's not angry about having to leave, she was already starting to miss her crazy but somehow normal life.
They both drink their coffees in silence, Y/N takes pictures of the green-eyed boy from time to time and he does the same with her, putting them in his "Babyyy" photo album where thousands (not to say millions) of pictures of her in any situation can be found.
They've done everything these days, they've gone boating, they've gone to the nicest restaurants for dinner, they've walked under the moon, they've gone to every secret corner of this village and now all they want to do is enjoy each other.
"Let's go back." She says when they both have already paid the bill and are about to leave the establishment.
"Yeah?" Harry asks, opening the door for her and then walking through, putting a hand on her waist to leave. "Why?"
"I just wanna be with you."
They both walk towards the house looking at the windows of the small markets there are. Some have baby clothes, and Harry feels a unique sensation every time he sees them. Y/N has something in her head spinning and he can tell but decides to wait until they are alone so he can ask her.
She walks in first and he closes the door behind him, he's about to ask but her lips against his erase any kind of doubt he might have. Y/N kisses him desperately, squeezing his arms and pinning him against the wall.
He lets his wife savour his lips for a while longer, until he takes the initiative and pulls their mouths apart. "What's on your mind, baby?" he asks, agitated.
Y/N looks down at the floor, suddenly all the security and confidence she'd built up disappears and she squeezes the fabric of Harry's t-shirt between her hands. "I..."
"Honey, talk to me." He murmurs, caressing her hips. "I can't give you what you want unless you talk to me, mhm?"
She knows he won't react negatively but she still feels unsure. "I think it's time we.... or well I dunno–"
"I think it's time for me to stop taking m'birth control pills, at least for a while."
Harry looks at her with a blank expression on his face, he doesn't understand where she's going with that, there are so many possible paths that he really doesn't know what to answer.
Y/N, noticing the expression on her husband's face, speaks again. "I want to start trying for a baby, Harry."
"Oh." Is all he can blurt out.
He can't believe what his ears have just picked up. He'd heard right? he's not dreaming, is he? shit, maybe he tripped and hit his head, yeah, it may be that.
He feels that everything is falling into place. He just married the love of this and more thousand lives, he's gonna release an album, and now she probably wants to start trying for a baby. Ah, how did he get so lucky?
Y/N looks at him expectantly, she can see the gears turning in his head but that doesn't calm her nerves, she wants an answer now.
"You're okay?" She asks. "It was... just a thought."
"What?" He laughs, taking her in his arms and carrying her into the room. "M'soul, I've never been better."
He's elated, just the thought of his wife with a belly full of his child awakens something in him. He can't wait to be a father and they haven't even tried yet.
Y/N's laughter turns into a growl after he tosses her onto the bed. They both look at each other with that unique glow and convey everything they feel to each other through those looks. It's time, and they both know it.
"Why did you think of it so suddenly?" He asks, caressing her bare thighs that are wrapped around his hips.
"Well... I know we just got married, but technically we've been in our honeymoon stage for like, twelve years, and it's gonna be nine months until we have the baby, of course that depends on how long it takes to conceive, so that still leaves more time for just us."
She speaks quickly, looking up at the ceiling in embarrassment. It didn't just occur to her; she's been thinking about this since she was sixteen and she can finally make it happen.
Harry keeps smiling, he can feel his cheeks start to hurt but it doesn't matter. Finally they, they–
"H, I don't wanna burst your shock bubble," Y/N says, stroking the hair on the back of his neck. "But don't yeh think it would be better if we started trying?"
And who was he to say no to his wife?
He kisses her like he's never kissed her before and doesn't know what it's about, doesn't know if it's because he's about to fill her with his baby, because he's about to strike lucky and try their luck, or because he simply loves her with all his being.
Y/N moans from the brute force and opens her mouth, allowing him to insert his tongue that caresses her entire oral cavity. She strokes the back of his neck, his back, his arms, any part of his body she can reach.
She can feel her core throbbing and his hard on bumping against it. She's anxious, and she knows she's not the only one. They continue kissing until she breaks away to push up his shirt, and laughing, he pulls it off.
His tanned, tattoo ink-covered chest glows in the brightness coming into the room, he looks angelic, godlike, and the fact that she's the only one who's ever seen him like this still makes her shudder, and him, too.
Harry rests his lips against her body again, this time against her collarbone which is kissed softly and he continues his trail up and down, smirking as he feels her breath hitch beneath him.
He pulls up her shirt and kisses her stomach, locks his eyes with hers and whispers as he continues to kiss the soft skin. "Can't believe yeh're gonna let me put a baby in here, such a good wife."
Y/N tilts her head at his words and his husky voice, he knows, he knows like no one else what he has to tell her to get her going, but the words coming out of his mouth now were pure truth.
It wasn't out of the heat of the moment, it wasn't some kink, no.
Y/N was really going to let Harry put a baby in her belly, and she knows it's one of the best decisions she can make in her life, because he's one of those people who deserves to be a father and all that comes with it, and there's nothing she wanted more than to have a perfect mix of the two running around their house.
She takes off her shirt, followed by her bra, and now they're both naked from the waist up. They stare at each other for a few seconds, both of them agitated, in love, until she pounces on him, kissing him again.
She turns him around to straddle him, and slides a hand between them, cupping his cock against the fabric of his trousers, palming it. Harry lets out a shuddering sigh, he thinks he's never been this hard in his entire life and he owes it all to her.
He lets her mark him however she wants, leaving hickeys on his neck, on his torso, on the butterfly and anywhere else she wants, because he's hers.
Y/N pulls off his remaining clothes and licks her lips at the sight of his member waiting for her, he's hard, with a drop of precum on the head and she can see him spasm under her gaze.
She's about to touch him, but he grabs her wrist. "No, want y'to ride m'face."
She nods, stunned by her husband's beauty, he's perfect, he's sitting up, resting his arms on the blanket and it causes little rolls to form on his tummy and laurel tattoos. His hair's dishevelled and his face is red, his lips are puffy and his eyes are wide in pleasure.
He wasn't Harry Styles.
He was Harry, the boy she met when she was sixteen and who with his wimpy body was already drawing sighs from her.
She pulls her panties off quickly and climbs onto his lap, gasping as she feels his length slap against her clit, and she moves back and forth, wetting his entire length.
Harry grunts, letting her do whatever she wants until he can't take anymore, and with a "C'mon, need to taste yeh." she finally stays on top of his mouth.
Y/N grips the headboard and slowly sits up, moaning as she feels the wetness of his tongue on her centre. He rests his palms on her thighs and squeezes them, moaning and focusing his eyes on her.
The sight is unique, and he can feel his member dripping as he begins to lick, his eyes go white, the sweet taste fills his mouth and he buries his mouth even deeper into her, smirking as he hears his wife's desperate moans.
He palms her thigh twice and Y/N lowers her head, staring into his eyes and her thighs press gently against his head, it's so erotic, and it's even more so when he nods.
She starts by moving her hips slowly, tilting her head back as she feels Harry's nose hit her clit perfectly and his tongue enter her hole. Her movements speed up, her breasts bounce and the hickeys on her body glisten proudly, it's heaven, he's sure, and he can feel he's about to cum just from watching.
Y/N wiggles her hips frantically, smearing her husband's face and she puts a hand down in his hair, tugging and making him grunt.
"Harry." She gasps. "Shit, shit."
He stamps his palm against her bum, and she can feel the exquisite orgasm on the tip of her tongue as he continues to spank her. She leans back until she feels his cock against her hand, and wraps it in her fist.
Harry moans and lifts his hips as he feels the sudden touch on his sensitive member. Y/N continues her movements as he licks her full cavity, moaning into her clit to add vibrations.
They're both so close, so, so close. But she stops and grabs his wrists, lowering her head to tell him:
"Want to cum with you inside me."
And whatever she wants, she gets.
Harry's quick to grab her hips and lift her off his face with ease, laying her down on the bed to climb on top of her. He wipes away the remnants of her wetness with the back of his hand and positions himself over her entrance, is quick to move in to steal a kiss that draws a teasing grin from Y/N.
How in love he is with her.
She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him to her, leaving kisses on the sweet spot of his jaw that makes him sigh, and he finally gets inside her.
"Ah, fuck." He groans, hiding his face in the hollow of her neck. "Always so... fucking warm."
"All for you, H." Y/N answers, squeezing herself around him properly, and he has to resist the urge to cum right then and there.
Holy. fucking. shit.
Harry takes the first thrust of many and begins to grind his hips against hers, Y/N moans beneath him as she feels his familiar touch on her sweet spot.
He grabs one of her thighs wrapped around his waist only to squeeze it and rests his head on the side of hers, panting into her ear.
"Yeah, you're desperate for me to make you a mommy, aren't yeh?" he asks, not stopping his onslaught and Y/N shudders hearing him. "Gonna fill you up so good, I swear."
"Yes, please." She begs, sinking one of her hands into his hair. "Want your babies, H."
Hearing her, he nods desperately, feeling the orgasm building in his lower belly. "I'll give you everything, m'love, I-fuck, I'll give you whatever you want."
He promises, promises between kisses, caresses, and lunges that send the bed crashing against the wall. Y/N's so close, and she just needs something more to get what she wants so badly.
Harry stares at her, his green eyes are dark and glossy, his hair is tousled and curls fall over his forehead, and his mouth is half open with a small trickle of drool at the corner. She grabs his neck and kisses him, savouring the taste of mint and coffee he always has. She loves him, loves him so much.
"I love you." She whispers, feeling suddenly sensitive and with tears pooling in her eyes. "We're gonna have our baby."
He smiles, feeling like he honestly can't love her anymore because it's already impossible, because no one loves anyone in the world like Harry loves Y/N, and they both need the living proof of what their love is.
"I love you, we'll be the best, I-, I can't be romantic if I have you squeezing around me." He says and they both laugh, kissing once more.
But the eroticism returns, and Harry licks his thumb to slide it between them and quickly caress her clit, which was just what she needed.
She cums, lifting her back and clinging tightly to her husband's strong shoulders, leaving the occasional scratch that makes him grunt. He doesn't know how he's holding on so long, but when Y/N leaves kisses on his earlobe and whispers "Want to make you a baby daddy." he does.
He drops his head on her chest and cums thickly, it's the best sex they've ever had and they both know it, because maybe now, this time, something's going to change.
They both keep quiet, controlling their heaving breaths until all that can be heard is the sound of scooters on the stone streets of Italy. Y/N strokes his tresses, and he leaves kisses on her collarbones.
After a few minutes, Harry slides out of her and wipes her off with a towel on the nightstand, quivering at the sight of his cum dripping out of her, he opens his mouth to murmur.
"Think I put a baby in here?" he asks, caressing his love's belly circularly, and she squeezes her eyes, touched by his words.
"I hope so, curly." She replies. "Hey, look at me."
Without lifting his head from her chest, he manages to stare at her.
"We have plenty of time to try and I know we'll make it. We'll have our baby." She says, completely sure of her words. "Let it happen when it has to happen, I'm off the pills- let's think about everything that's coming up for now, Harry's House, the tour, Coachella..."
Stressed, he sinks his face back into her chest, and she laughs, making him smile. "I don't want to go back to the real world." He says, his mouth against her skin.
"Neither do I, but I was already starting to miss our chaotic schedule." She replies. "God, you had to be a singer, an actor, a model... couldn't you be, I don't know, a supermarket cashier?"
Harry lets out sharp guffaws and leans back on his arms to look at her, still smiling they both look at each other. "I could be anything and you'd still love me."
She brushes back an unruly lock that falls into his eyes. "Of course. But it's time to go home, H."
And without hesitation, he says. "For me, you are home."
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