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in case anyone needs to hear this after ffxiv took home 2 more awards and is currently the first thing you see when you open the Steam recap page for the game awards along with a big flashy “Buy Now” with a seemingly cheap $19.99 price tag...
steam will charge you out the wazoo and deny you the famous free trial (which really genuinely is that good), so DON’T let steam trick you out of unlimited play time up to level 60 and the award winning expac heavensward!!! instead go here:
and follow their instructions to get yourself set up with their own game client. i cannot stress enough, doing it this way gives you FREE play time until you finish heavensward which is hours upon hours of content.
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some xiv commissions from recently
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yet another hilda sketch
http://twitter.com/koyoriin http://patreon.com/koyorin http://instagram.com/koyori_n http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=12576068
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Have various commissions I drew throughout the year!
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Violet Weald
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Day 31 // holy shit
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A dream in pink.
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“I am Emet-Selch... Ascian.”
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have you guys heard of final fantasy
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This what I think of when I see the double tank buster in the trusts 
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Thancred & Louisoix
From the tags on another post (remember folks, the person you reblog from, as well as op, gets your tags in their notifications), there was commentary about "cute art but" and then spoke of a perspective being Louisoix "kidnapped" Thancred, sent him to spy training but not Studium, claimed there were no provisions made for him (??) nor that Louisoix developed the same close relationships with Thancred as with Papalymo or Urianger, and then Thancred nearly destroys himself trying to live up to expectations they felt Louisoix had set.
While it IS a possible perspective, I dunno that it's one I agree with, even if one has a less-charitable view of the old Leveilleur patriarch. Everything in "One Name, One Promise" (Thancred's "Tales from the Shadows" short story on the official Lodestone site) indicates that Louisoix gave Thancred a choice in coming to Sharlayan, after noting the boy's skills and potential, the first person who ever did.
Skills and abilities he already had learned through sheer survival, and were then honed and turned to a better use than picking pockets and sneak-thiefing, showing the kid there was a better way. And even as a Gunbreaker, Thancred's always seemed quite proud of his infiltration skills.
Y'shtola wasn't sent to the Studium either; she was directly apprenticed to a Master, as Thancred was, and as indicated in "Secret in the Box", the Thancred-centric backstory side quest in Old Sharlayan in Endwalker, several others were apprenticed as well. Not everyone who attends the Studium does become an Archon--the rest of the Leveilleur family, for instance, are also all graduates of that institute.
In a nation that is built around education and knowledge, they are going to know there's more than one right way to learn, as everyone is different and so to are their paths to success. And not everyone goes on to get their doctorates, which Archon seems equivalent to--you have to want that level, as it's a lot. Alisaie in Shadowbringers patches mentions her thesis for graduation was onerous enough, an Archon one sounded like too much.
Thancred wears his marks on his neck. A proof to himself as much or more than others of his worth, perhaps. Dude has a lot of hangups; is infamous for them, really. And sets his own expectations on his worth.
In ARR, especially in the scene after Ifrit, Minfilia is obviously weary of Thancred's self-recriminations. Any idea that he has to be better and live up to an ideal seem entirely his own, that no one else--even those other close apprentices--seem to have been left with themselves. It's part of Thancred's own personality thanks to his very different background from his peers.
In Shadowbringers, during the time in Twine trying to get the trolley sorted out, Thancrd himself notes that he had a father figure in Loiusoix--he was just too stubborn and hurt as a youth to realize it yet. Which indicates to me, at least, that Louisoix probably didn't push Thancred's boundaries.
In fact, Thancred spends a lot of time in that section of 5.0 MSQ talking about what a callow, foolish youth he was, how he didn't realize what he DID have, until it was far too late. His struggle in ShB is his old, unresolved traumas conflicting with his present feelings and situation once again, making it difficult for him to accept he HAS found love, family, safety, etc. and finally dealing with that--culminating in a cathartic battle with his nemesis to protect his family.
And even then, all the way through 5.3, it's still hard for Thancred to say what he feels out loud, publicly. It's just not easy for him. He's opened up slightly more in EW, but still edges around a bit.
What Thancred says specifically in the ShB quest "The Truth Hurts":
Thancred: I grew up an orphan, so I never really knew what family meant. Thancred: Not until I met a man who offered to take me in and make me his pupil. He was a kindly soul. Always looking out for me, like a father. Not that I appreciated that at the time, or anything else for that matter… Thancred: But I finally had a family. And then…and then I robbed a young girl of hers.
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(and then of course still blames himself for what happened to Warburton and Minfilia despite everything Thancred DID do for them...)
Anyway. I've spent a lot of time studying their relationship, back when I wrote Rogue's Prelude and in new lore released since then, to see what, if anything, contradicts. And in everything I came across, the only one who didn't consciously realize what family he's had the entire time, is Thancred himself; he couldn't dare to call it that. It's a much more recent revelation for him, even as he strove to prove his worth and take on the role of protector and fill those shoes, given his own over-developed sense of responsibility to the people in his life.
Since it's a longer passage (and this got wordy enough), the lines from "One Name, One Promise" are under the cut (as external links so far as I know kill post visibility).
The elderly Elezen whom he chose as his mark had other ideas, however. No sooner had the boy lifted a hand than he found himself flat on his back, his limbs bound by powerful magicks. A short life in gaol beckoned, or perhaps a quick death.
And then the strangest thing happened. The man took him by the hand, led him to a quiet corner away from the bustling crowds, looked him straight in the eye and said, “My name is Louisoix Leveilleur. I am a scholar from across the seas. What is your name, child?”
“Thancred,” the boy mumbled, still in disbelief.
“Thancred...what? Have you any family?” the old man continued, with a sympathetic smile.
“Just Thancred,” the boy shrugged. “And I don’t have a family—at least, none that I know of.”
The man who had called himself Louisoix paused for a moment, stroking his beard, before appearing to come to a conclusion.
“You are quick and able beyond your years. Were you only in a place where you could learn to use these gifts for the good of all, rather than merely as tools for your own survival—why, there is no telling what life you might lead...”
Thancred listened in silence, his frown speaking volumes. It’s not as if I chose this, you know. But Louisoix responded with a sad-yet-knowing smile, and the words that would change the boy’s life forever.
“Come with me to Sharlayan. You are a gifted child, and there is much that I would teach you...”
And so it was that Thancred’s new life began.
To commemorate the occasion, Thancred was to claim the surname of “Waters.” Such flourishes had been unnecessary on the Lominsan streets, but would be indispensable in more respectable locales. Thancred chafed at first, not keen to declare his lowly heritage to all and sundry, but Master Louisoix would brook no opposition. “Thaliak, guardian of rushing rivers and purveyor of knowledge,” the sage mused. “A lad such as yourself could do far worse for a protector.” And so Thancred grudgingly accepted the name he would come to wear with pride.
Louisoix also found a suitable mentor for the child—an old hand in covert operations who would train Thancred to follow in his printless footsteps. Sharlayan was a society that valued knowledge and expertise in all forms, and shadowy agents were not shunned as disreputable rogues, but respected as key contributors to the nation. It was in such a capacity that Louisoix hoped the boy might excel and find his true calling.
Stunned as he was at this turn of events, Thancred was no fool. He understood the future Louisoix envisioned for him, and endeavored to do all he could to meet his patron’s expectations. He honed his body that he might infiltrate the most impregnable of strongholds in the harshest of environments, and his mind that he might charm the wariest merchants and socialites in the most critical of circumstances.
Before he knew it, the streetwise child of the Lominsan alleyway was no more. In his place stood a confident youth who could pose as anyone’s friend and confidant long enough to procure the knowledge his client demanded.
A short while later, Thancred’s surpassing skills were recognized, and upon his skin was inscribed the sigil of an Archon. When Louisoix gazed upon this mark, he could scarce contain his joy. The boy he had personally led out of penury and taken under his wing had realized his potential.
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A day in the beach at Costa del Sol for Bram and Rulian!
Thank you so much to @miqomischiefief for letting me use her characters for this!
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augur /ˈɔːɡə/ -  to foretell especially from omens, to give promise of, presage
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My fangs are so long My nails are sharper than ice That is me I wonder what that will prove?
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