a-dragons-journal · 11 hours
If I'm honest, these new(ish? at least becoming newly popular) words like folken/folkel to "include" nonhumans kind of annoy me in the same way people using "folx" to "include" nonbinary people/be "gender neutral" kind of annoys me. The words "folks" and "people" are already gender-neutral and they also, at least imo, are not synonymous with "human." They already include us.
While I guess I don't have a problem for individuals preferring the words used to include themselves in a given group for personal reasons, when speaking broadly, I'd like less "make new words to "include" nonhumans in "people"" and more "recognize that "people" includes, or at least should include, anyone who's sapient, and isn't a human-exclusive word". The latter is actual inclusivity. The former is, in my opinion, kind of just making people's lives harder by giving them more linguistic hoops to jump through (and reinforcing that folks/people/etc. doesn't/shouldn't include us... isn't helping us, it's just perpetuating the problem you're attempting to solve).
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scaryproshipper · 2 days
coming from a therian, non-human alter and an introject, why is it always the white otherkin who say that kff/kinnies are "appropriating" their "culture"? you didn't come up with the word kin, it literally just means something you're connected or relate with
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⚡ Matching Ingo, Elesa, and Emmet Icons 🚉
Requested by Anon
Feel free to use!
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fictionkinfessions · 22 hours
I don't understand how some kin are allowed to go around shading everyone for their canons/timelines/memories, rail on ships they don't like to people who ship it, call them deranged, lie about the ship/people who ship it, be very anti-double in their wording, but if I call them toxic for it or say "no one should behave like this to other people, your own personal canon isn't an excuse for harassment" I'm in the wrong for it.
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energysoda · 5 months
I may be a boy but above all else I am a creature
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hiraeth-daydreams · 6 months
Being on otherkin/therian tumblr is fucking wild and it often go unnoticed because of how normal it is to us. Imagine going to a random human saying shit like "oh yeah i follow plenty of angels on there, i'm even mutuals with a few. And demons, too. No dude really, my best friend is literally a coyote. And i found that werewolves are super chill creatures. And aliens are real and are actually the best folks to hang out. Oh, and did i tell you i flirted with a dude from Danganronpa once. Why are u looking at me like that bro. Wait my cryptid friend just texted me, can u give me a sec"
It's just batshit insane. I love it.
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dinocanid · 2 months
Otherhome: social media for alterhumans
I want to announce a project that I've been chipping away at for the past several months: Otherhome! Meant to be a mix of the two go-to types of platforms the community frequents, blogs and forums.
While I can't publicly showing much yet, I will be putting together a doc showcasing some screenshots and details in the future. For now, the things I have to mention are:
It's visually similar to Tumblr, with a front feed and support for multiple blogs
There's no rigid "main blog controls all side blogs" system like tumblr, meaning there's no restrictions like "only main blogs can comment"
An emphasis is on customizable experience to give people more control over what (or who) they want to see and engage with, and what they don't
Powered by cats! (Not really, but that'd be fun right?)
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onlyhalfdemon · 3 months
calling all alterhumans, nonhumans, kin, therians, the otherhearted, fictionkin, plurals, voidpunks and everyone else
i had an idea.
what if we gathered the works of the wider alterhuman community and published the collection?
i’m talking poetry. journal entries. quotes. uplifting words. educational posts. discourse. the art we create of our kintypes. our opinions. our pain. maybe even a glossary of terms in the back.
i don’t expect us to become rich and famous from this. and i know this is going to be a lot of work. but i really want us all to have this. this could really be something special.
so. i’m calling out the mature members of the community. i’m also calling out blogs with a wider reach than mine to get the word out. i’m also also calling out anyone interested in publishing their work. this would be a collaborative effort and i can’t do it on my own.
your help and support is much appreciated.
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who-is-page · 2 months
Tumblr media
BEASTPUNK: Being Unabashedly Animal
A subculture/term for anyone who identifies as partially or entirely as a nonhuman creature in an integral or intrinsic way, regardless of the origin or perceived nature of their identity, and who:
Embraces and celebrates their nonhumanity and animality, and (if applicable) the overlap and entanglement between one's human and nonhuman identity
Embraces abnormal instincts and behaviors related to their own and others' nonhumanity, so long as no active harm is done to another non-consenting individual or any real life animal
Interacts with their nonhumanity and displays it in socially unconventional or undesirable ways, and accepts and celebrates others doing so as well
Revels in the history of animal-people and beast-folk in all ways known: from the alterhuman community, from mythology, and from cultural or spiritual backgrounds relevant to the person in question
Throws respectability politics into the dumpster, lights it on fire, and dances around the burning corpse of the god "Cringe" in the moonlight
Is, unabashedly and genuinely, animal
This term is meant to be a reclamation of animalistic nonhuman identity, especially regarding individuals who may experience their nonhumanity in eccentric, "feral," or otherwise socially unacceptable or even stigmatized ways. Beastpunk is also open to endels, clinical lycanthropes, and others who experience nonhumanity in ways related to their mental health and physical bodies, although it is not open to self-identified p-shifters and p-shifter packs. Anyone who's ever been told that their animality is "too much," or that they're taking their identity as a nonhuman creature "too seriously," or who has lost previous words/groups they've used to define themself due to terminological drift, KFF appropriation and re-defining, or others gatekeeping their identity's authenticity is welcome to take up this term. Fictherians and fictional nonhuman creatures are also included in beastpunk, which is meant to be explicitly pro-fictionkin and fiction-based identities; theriomythics, folcintera, and mythkin are also included in beastpunk. Any and all nonhuman creatures, regardless of source or origin, are included.
This term is inspired by Anomalymon's original coining of kinpunk.
🚫 This term is not meant for KFF and other forms of anti-otherkin, anti-fictionkin, and similar. This term is not meant for self-identified "zootherians," "zoosexuals," "zetas," and similar. 🚫
Edit (09/28/22): Because someone asked me to clarify this: KFFers as mentioned in the above are meant to refer to individuals who redefine otherkin and related terms to just mean liking something a lot, rather than identifying as anything. They have roots in Tumblr anti-otherkin communities of the mid-2010's and in meme/fandom culture both, resulting in typically ableist and ahistorical language aimed towards otherkin: claims that otherkin are "taking it too seriously," or "just crazy," that otherkin and therians identities are "just a Tumblr thing," and that 'kins' should be based around fandom ideas of characters and morals.
Arguably, KFF are also largely responsible for the fictionkin community crash of the late 2010's due to their interactions in fictionkin community spaces, muddling of language within, and their insistences on bringing fandom wank in as a gatekeeping cudgel to ostracize others (the most common of such being the idea of what fictotypes are "moral and allowed" versus on what were "problematic and made you an evil person," which inspired no less than three separate OtherCon lectures from 2020-2022.)
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aceofimps · 2 months
Some friendly reminders for all of my beautiful wonderful otherkin out there!
• You don't have to have memories to be otherkin
• You don't need to have lived a past life as your kintype to be otherkin
• You don't need to have been nonhuman your entire life to be otherkin
• You don't need to be completely nonhuman to be otherkin (in fact, you don't need to be nonhuman at all! Human fictionkins are valid!)
• You don't need to have shifts/phantom sensations to be otherkin
• You don't need to have instincts from your kintype to be otherkin
All you need in order to be otherkin is to be you! Don't let humans get you down, babe!
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terribly-clawed · 4 months
psst. want to hear a secret? cmere. closer.
otherkin is self-defined and encompasses a wide variety of experiences from a loose and voluntary label to a deeply-seated identity inseparable from the person it describes. these two ideas of otherkin and everything between and outside of them is an entirely valid, rich, unique, and beautiful experience that should be respected.
ain't that neat? tell your friends
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a-dragons-journal · 11 hours
For most of my life I've had what I call my "Inner Me", a being who has gone on many adventures, talked to many people and saved their reality itself countless times while my physical body has developed and grown. They've grown and changed parallel to me, having their own life while I've had mine. We have learned from each others' experiences and love the people in each others' lives. We talk to each other, mostly indirectly, to the point I feel like I know near everything about them. 1/?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm just gonna go ahead and say straight-up: I cannot answer this for you. Nobody can answer this for you but you, unfortunately, and I know how much that sucks when you really don't know how to go forward, but it's true. I can try to give some advice on how to figure it out, but the experiences overlap enough that sometimes it's just so hard to tell as to be impossible to tell from anyone's perspective but yours, and sometimes it really does come down to picking what feels best to you/the two of you and going from there.
The best advice I can give:
My best attempt at a read on the situation: The self-image incongruence makes me lean toward parallel life kintype, as does the bleedthrough of selfness, but on the flipside the fact that you communicate with each other - even mostly indirectly - makes me lean toward some form of plurality, since that's not a typical experience with kintypes. I am aware this is thoroughly unhelpful as a tiebreaker, sorry.
If you haven't already, ask them. My experience with me-not-me thoughtforms is somewhat different (that being my daemon), but he's got a better instinctive grasp on his exact nature than I do. Talk about this with your Inner You, if you haven't already, and get their opinions - if they answer "are we the same person" with "no," you've pretty well got your answer. Even if they don't have a clear answer for you, the dialogue may help y'all figure things out. (And, again, I'll point out that if you can get a clear dialogue, that's a pretty strong point in favor of some form of plurality.)
I feel like these two things are... not mutually exclusive, tbh. I believe @dinocanid has spoken about having kintypes who are also headmates (or vice versa, however you want to look at it) before, though I could be misremembering?
I hate to bring this up as another possibility, but the sentences "they have always felt like they're the MORE REAL Me than the one on this reality. Like, I have a physical body, I can feel things with it and I've gone through stuff, but other than that? I feel like the rest of me is more existent in my Inner Me's reality," especially in combination with your Inner You being a hero figure in their world, makes me want to bring up MADD, Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder, as something you may want to look into. It only needs to be a concern if this is negatively impacting your life, which I don't know if it is from that phrase, but - if it is, then something to keep in mind.
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dammit-theclown · 4 months
The scholarly side of the alterhuman community is awesome because you’ll have these incredibly well-read and well-spoken essayists combing through web archives for the higher pursuit of knowledge and in real life they’re vriska homestuck living with the cast of Seinfeld in their head
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pokemon-icon-edits · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🐶 Bisexual Arven Icons 🐶
Requested by Anon
Feel free to use!
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fictionkinfessions · 22 hours
All Might here!!
I wanted to remind every body, as the weather changes and the light shifts, to take a moment for yourself. Whether you're mourning what you loved of your past life, or whether you're thinking uncertainly of your future in this life, I implore you to take a moment to just breathe. Look at the trees, look at your pets, and take a deep breath. Nothing is lost to us forever. You past favorites, your friends, your comforts, all of them have a version in this lifetime, and you can experience them again. The chaos in between worlds works in amazing and beautiful ways, and the energy that you represent is so loved. You can never be truly alone so long as you hold the memories and feelings of love close to your heart.
My mentor told me that after our eternity ended, we would be able to see each other again. And I believe her, even if it is a little crazy. Even if you find yourself losing hope, your dudes will still love you, even if they don't remember anymore/yet.
So take a moment for yourself. Relax, have a tasty drink, and take comfort in the idea that you are exactly where you need to be.
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infinitedraconity · 4 months
An Otherkin's Guide to Interacting with the Media
Step 1: Don't.
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