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officially yours | jjk
Tumblr media
↳ 𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬; you're his and he is yours on the paper – but what is the reality?
⇢ 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: jungkook x reader
⇢ 𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: fluff, smut, arranged marriage au, friends to lovers
⇢ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: explicit language, oral sex (f.), unprotected sex
⇢ 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 4k+
Tumblr media
a/n: commissioned 
Tumblr media
The tall modern building is not usually a place you hang around. In fact, you could count on your fingers how many times you've been here. The modern and clean interior never fails to amaze you, but that can be expected from such a prestigious company. It looks like the ones people get to see in movies – it definitely feels different to be inside and see it with your own eyes.
Now you're not a complete stranger to wealth and fortune, but you see it from a completely different side than people would've expected. You weren't born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Even if it's a common assumption people have about you. 
“Welcome, Mrs. Jeon.”
The young receptionist welcomes you as soon as she spots you in a crowd full of working employees. Sometimes you wonder if you stick out so much, or they just know your face so much that they've got no problem recognizing you. Which is odd because you don't hang around in this circle of people very often. 
Mrs. Jeon. 
Even after a year, you feel a mixture of butterflies and oddness when hearing people addressing you like this. At the beginning, it took you quite a long time to get used to this. To hold such a powerful surname. Though, you felt proudness even though you're not sure if you had the right to feel it in the first place. 
Just a reminder that none of this is real.
Do you even deserve to be addressed by this surname that is technically yours only on papers? Morally, you're not so sure. 
A polite greeting makes it past your lips, trying not to squirm at the prying eyes of other people passing by. You're not exactly formally dressed, like every employee is. But you're not an employee. 
“Is my husband in his office?” you ask.
Again. After a year of marriage, you feel like you're letting a lie out of your mouth at addressing someone as your husband. 
The woman remains unbothered and completely clueless to your inner thoughts though. You haven't been doing this for a week, a year is a long time for you to improve your acting skills. 
“Yes, he just finished a meeting ten minutes ago. He's waiting for you.”
Giving her a simple nod and a soft 'thank you', you make your way to the elevators and click on the number of his floor where his office is located. 
It reminds you of the first time you settled on a deal that changed your lives. You've known Jungkook, though you never actually became close friends. There weren't actually many opportunities for you to get to know him better, the only heir to his parents company was too busy getting prepared for the new role and position as a CEO of Jeon industries. Funnily enough, two people with completely different backgrounds, you had some mutual friends where you actually met him.
You clicked, even from the few and very casual conversations you had. He wasn't the overly confident and cocky heir somebody would peg him for. He was grounded (in a way), polite and extremely charming. Though his parents were never strict about who he hangs out with or what he likes to do in his free time, one of the things they would pester him about was the need for him to settle down. It was the only pressure Jungkook always found in his parents.
It's not like he didn't have a choice to decide about his future – at that time the young twenty year old man wanted nothing more than to continue his family business. It's actually something he loves to do. He wasn't forced into it.
But with years passing by, Jungkook's parents would grow impatient and rather concerned about their son's lack of commitment. Random women taking their turns in his bed wasn't his strongest part. 
Naturally, they would start introducing him to their partners' daughters. And despite Jungkook's wildlife and freedom he had, they were nothing like him. Not that he's the romantic type who believes in soulmates and all that stuff, he wouldn't want to marry someone for money or any possible benefits for the company. The company was doing very well on itself and he didn't need to do any arranged marriage. 
He loves his parents to the bone. He is grateful for everything they've done for him – even more how they raised him and never were controlling. Not like his peers experienced in similar situations. 
Jungkook knows many people his age and in a same situation. It was bound for him to meet them, considering how many parties and social gatherings he had to attend, especially after being introduced as the new CEO. That's when he realized, after hearing his peers' struggles, how lucky and fortunate he is. 
So when his parents wouldn't let go of the topic of commitment and marriage, it was like a huge slap to his face. No matter what he would do or say, it wouldn't change their minds and eventually, Jungkook found himself stuck.
And that's when you came into the picture. 
The first time you heard his plan, you called him insane. You laughed into his face and told him you don't need anything he's offering you. Though Jungkook assured you he doesn't think of you as someone who needs or wants his money, he was more than willing to help you financially. He told you he would take care of you – something you found offending at first. 
Why would you need a man to take care of you? 
You are completely capable of taking care of yourself. You don't need any Jeon Jungkook to bathe you in wealth and luxury. 
But just like Jungkook – you're a loving daughter who would do anything for her parents. Well, unlike Jungkook, you weren't lucky enough to be growing up with two loving parents. 
The money Jungkook offered you by simply saying 'yes' would take care of any family member. Jungkook was no stranger, he still isn't. And after weighing the pros and cons for many sleepless nights, you found yourself nodding to his insane plan. 
Nobody could know. Rule number one.
The marriage would last for one year. It's the reason why you agreed to it in the first place. You wouldn't be bound to a man based on an arranged marriage for the rest of your life. You want your own family, kids, to fall in love. And a year didn't seem like a long time.
Jungkook made sure it didn't.
Whenever he would have free time, he would take you to places you would never dream about seeing. Countless vacations, trips and activities you would never be able to experience if it wasn't for him. And for that you will be grateful for the rest of your life.
To not make anyone suspicious, you agreed not to mess around with other people. Though, this particular deal wasn't settled at the beginning. It happened naturally. You couldn't risk being seen with other people, no matter how much you would try to hide it.
You will be watched, it was one of the things Jungkook was preparing you for.
And to be honest, you didn't want to go behind Jungkook's back, no matter how fake this marriage was. It's just a year, you will be fine. 
But having to share a bedroom, and two young people who find each other attractive, it didn't take long for you to succumb yourselves to your desires. There was nothing wrong about sleeping together, you were practically married.
You've found yourselves in a healthy and good relationship where two people became close friends. Even if the marriage is fake. The sex is mindblowing, so none of you actually miss the thrill of hooking up with anyone else. For the first time, Jungkook is committed, even though it's not exactly the way his parents think it is. 
And there he is. 
After politely knocking on the door and hearing his voice to invite you in, you open the door and find him sitting behind his desk. He looks fine as always, a few buttons unbuttoned to show how comfortable he allows himself to feel after a two hours long meeting. His suit is draped over the chair while he's slouched on the chair with a pen twirling between his long fingers.
“No lunch this time?” he asks, tilting his brow at you when he sees your empty hands.
You crack a smile, making your way to his desk while you sit on the small white leather couches. “Sorry, came straight from work.”
“It's fine,” he chuckles, “I'm only joking. How's the new employee?”
One of your dreams was to open your business. Jungkook helped you every step of the way, supported you in more ways than financially, while he helped to make your final decision. You've decided to own a clothing brand where you connected with amazing designers who helped to make your dream come true. Two years ago, you didn't even know it was something you'd like to do. 
Opening your e-shop has been absolutely amazing, making sure any body type is able to find their size. It's actually very rare in Korea to do that and you love to bring something new to the table. Jungkook liked the idea. You invested everything from your previous job to this project of yours. Living with Jungkook and not having to worry about any bills allowed you to freely focus and invest in your business. Sure, Jungkook must've helped but he was more than happy to do so. 
With your help, he got his parents off his back. 
After a year, he would tell them you decided to break it off. He's sure they won't pressure him into any other relationship or marriage after the divorce. If they do, he will handle it in a different way.
“He's great,” you smile, “Actually does the job this time, compared to the last one.” 
Jungkook laughs a little, knowing how tense you've been about this one particular employee who wasn't doing his job. Jungkook encouraged you to take care of it, and showed you you have to think about your business more than people's hearts. Especially to someone who's getting paid and not doing their job. 
Jungkook has been your guide from day one. A huge help.
“Great,” he nods, twirling the pen a few times before he tosses it on his desk. “I'm getting off work earlier today, should be home at six. Is that alright?” 
He sounds so gentle, the way he says home makes your heart squeeze.
“Yeah, sure.” you tell him. 
You've made plans for tonight, have been preparing yourself to talk to him about your deal. It's been a year and three months after your marriage, yet it's not ending and he has never brought this topic up.
“I'm meeting Jungseok in an hour, then I'm going home to prepare dinner for us.” you inform him, completely missing the way Jungkook's face drops at the mention of your close friend.
You've met him during your marriage, though there were no boundaries crossed, the man seemed to show an awful interest in a married woman. The worst thing about it is that he can't really say anything about it because technically, you're not really his. He knows you're not having anything serious with the mentioned man, though he's aware of your deal.
And he doesn't like any of it. 
“Oh, I didn't know.” he tries to say lightly, hating how tight his throat suddenly feels. 
“Ah, he texted me this morning. We haven't seen each other for a while now, we usually just text.” 
Oh, like that's not enough.
The amount of times the man decided to suddenly text you is hilarious. Fuck, he would even call when Jungkook was balls deep inside you and he actually feared you will pick up the call, instead of finishing what you had going on. Luckily, that never happened but it pissed Jungkook to the core. 
“Mhm,” he hums, scratching his chin. “Well, I've got one last meeting but that shouldn't take long.”
You both talk for a moment, catching up with each other's day before you discuss the dinner plans. Jungkook sees you're a little on edge these days and though he thinks he knows why, there's this unsettling feeling in the pit of his stomach.
In the middle of your giggling, you're interrupted by a gentle knock from Jungkook's assistant, informing him of his meeting. 
However, he doesn't go to the meeting board room like he usually does, he actually invites the person to his office. And when that person is someone you've grown to know, someone very well-known in the CEO community, you do everything in your power to be polite and welcoming. 
She's special partner, even you can see that and you know zero fuck about Jungkook's business. He treats her differently.
He welcomes her with a warm smile and of course, you're forced to bid goodbye to your husband as you part your ways. The kiss you and Jungkook share feels great, especially with her eyes on you two.
And you know you're petty.
But it seems to be the least of your worries because tonight, you might end everything you and Jungkook settled on. But it's only fair because in the end – that was the deal. 
Tumblr media
You should've known it would end up like this. 
But how could you? 
Could you have really known? 
The dinner was delicious. Just the two of you like every other evening. Talking, laughing, smiling…
Until you brought up your fake marriage. 
“It's because of him, isn't it?” Jungkook chuckles bitterly, throwing a tantrum like a little kid while you gape at him completely stunned.
Out of all responses, you never expected him to get so… upset over something he came up with. 
“What?” You find your voice, breathing out confusingly. “This has nothing to do with him.”
“Oh, please.” he scoffs, turning away from you to grip the kitchen's counter. “You always text, you even meet him during your lunch breaks.”
All of that is true. Well, you don't always text with him. And you want to point that out, but something stops you and justifying your relationship with Jungkook seems like a bigger priority.
“Jungkook, this marriage is fake.” you inform him as if he didn't know. 
You're confused. 
His shoulders tense, knuckles whiten from how tightly he's gripping the expensive marble counter. 
“All of it has been fake then?” he asks, still not facing you which starts to worry you for some reason. 
You haven't seen Jungkook acting like this. Upset, maybe a little. Not in the mood? Rarely but it happened. But this time you're actually left totally confused. 
“What do you mean?”
“Come on, Y/N,” he chuckles, shaking his head slightly as he slowly turns around. 
You're met with a pained expression, a single look at his face causing you to feel a sting in your heart.
“I know we started this as an arrangement, a convenience for both of us… but is that all it's been for you all this time?” he asks, slowly stepping closer to your distraught form. 
“No,” he says, “Answer me.”
And then he stands right in front of you, his entire figure hovering over you as if you were the littlest thing in the room. Like you're this little lost girl – not the confident woman you've grown to be. 
“Do you want this divorce?”
Do you want it? 
What is he even asking?
“That was the deal.” you remind him silently as he presses his lips tightly. 
He doesn't look pleased with your response but you can't bring yourself to say something more. 
“So, what? We get divorce and then you're going to him?”
“Why do you keep bringing him into this?” you ask, brows scrunching as Jungkook clenches his jaw. “Are you jealous?”
“If I was?”
That shuts you up for a minute, eyes widening. Jungkook never really had a reason to be jealous, not that you were together in reality. But you had each other – none of you messed around with other people.
“There's nothing going on between me and him. Never will.” you whisper, gasping when Jungkook suddenly cups one side of your face with his big palm. 
He presses his forehead against yours, breathing slowly and calmly as if his heart wasn't about to explode.
“Give me a chance.”
“A chance?” you whisper.
“Yes,” he says, “To prove to you that this could work.”
“I love you Y/N, don't you get it?” he suddenly exclaims, pushing himself off you while he rubs his forehead in frustration. 
“But what? I can't?”
Even being frustrated, he looks handsome as ever. His hair is getting too long, almost always falling to his eyes and hiding the beautiful color in them. 
“I didn't say that.”
That makes him whine. He actually whines – like all the times he has done it when he was frustrated. You would always giggle, finding him adorable for acting like a little kid when he's a whole grown-ass man, a successful and well-known CEO at that. It's one of the things you appreciate about him. 
Looking at him, you realize the three words he confessed to you in the midst of his frustration. It starts to kick in and your eyes widen again.
You might look fine, maybe a little shaken up but fine, but this isn't any easier for you. You've been thinking about every single word you would say, replaying different scenarios every free second you had. You don't know what the afterlife is after Jungkook. In all honesty, you aren't keen to find out. But you had to do this. 
To protect yourself and your heart.
You could go on and on with this for who knows how long. You like Jungkook's company and hearing him confessing his true feelings to you, which is still a bit shocking to you, you might actually feel the same. You've been so in denial, for the longest time actually.
“Do you really love me?” You find yourself asking. 
Jungkook's cheeks redden and he does the typical Jungkook thing when he is nervous. He scratches his ear and avoids your gaze. 
“Isn't that what I said?” he mutters.
You turn your back to him, tracing your shaking fingers over your lips. 
“Talk to me please.” he suddenly whines after a minute of silence. 
Just as you're about to turn around, your back is pressed against Jungkook's chest as you gasp. Jungkook wraps you in a back hug, lips touching the top of your head. 
“I don't want to lose you.” he confesses shyly. The frustrated and upset Jungkook is long gone.
Your heart melts, moving your body into action as you turn around. For a second, Jungkook looks scared you're trying to pry his hands off you to get away from him. But in reality you offer him the sweetest smile. Your hands find his ones as you grip them tight. 
“I… I don't want divorce.” you confess. 
“But you brought it up.”
“Simply because that was our deal. I was scared you're gonna bring it up and it's going to be too late for me. I didn't know what I felt… but hearing you–I love you too.”
Jungkook gasps, searching your face frantically as if you just pulled the biggest prank on him. 
“You do?” 
“Yes. I don't want anyone else, Jungkook.” you admit.
And then his face breaks into the biggest smile, your own soon cupped by his large hands as he gives you a big kiss. You kiss him back, squeezing his wrists because you need to feel him. You need to know he's not going anywhere. He's right where he is supposed to be. 
And so are you. 
Tumblr media
“Yes, right there!” 
The sound of crashing waves from the outside is a white noise, no longer properly acknowledged as you barely recognize your own voice and the desperation behind it.
“Jungkook, please, just fuck me.” you whine, raising your hips off the mattress to meet his hungry mouth.
He lifts his head up from between your thighs, lips completely glistening and wet as he frowns. “But I wanna eat you out first.” he whines this time and while your heart does the weird jump it always does when it comes to him, you find yourself smiling his way. 
“There is enough time for that. Please. I need to feel you.” you plead with him.
He's thinking about it. You see the uncertainty on his face and while he loves to go down on you, he can't disobey his wife who's pleading so nicely for him.
Your body aches from your previous activities. You had eight hours (precisely) to recover when you fell asleep in the arms of the man you love. Your husband. It still gives you the same ticklish feeling in your chest and the pit of your stomach but this time, it's actually true. It's not official on the papers but in your heart too. Ah, god… it sounds so cheesy but all you want to do is to giggle like a teenage girl about how much in love you are with this man.
He stares at you with those doe eyes, still wearing the ponytail he made to wear while working out. But you messed up his plans. Flattered those pretty eyelashes at him and the most angelic smile, sheets sliding off your naked and marked body.
Oh, how many times Jungkook made love to you because you felt insecure. He never knew you feel that way about yourself – about the body he loves and wouldn't change for anything. Because it's you. 
You love this man so much that you have to show him. Now it's your turn.
You get on top of him, just how he loves and enjoys having you. Letting him enter you for what seems like the hundredth time over these past seven days, you both moan in pleasure. He holds you close to him, letting you take the charge as he occasionally thrusts his hips into you. The pleasure increases with each minute and you grow weaker for this man.
Bodies becoming one, the sweet “I love you's” are exchanged in breathless moans.
“I love you so much,” Jungkook moans into your ear, your walls tightening around him. “My sweet love. My angel.” 
This is your second anniversary. Technically your first one where you truly celebrate your marriage, making love all day long. And after so many nights of keeping thing adventurous and fun, letting Jungkook to fuck you into the mattress and everywhere in the vila he rented for this special occasion, making love just feels right. 
You both come together in a record time.
Jungkook fills you up like many times before, the sensation making your legs buckle. You calm down in one another's hold, Jungkook's strong arms around you as he peppers kisses all over the side of your face. 
“I was thinking.” Jungkook starts.
“Hey!” he laughs, shifting on his spot as you finally lay down next to him, ear pressed against his chest where you hear his heartbeat. “How about we start a family?”
“What?” you gasp, lifting your head immediately to look at him as he gives you a shy grin. 
“I know we're together for one year, officially, but I've been thinking about our future and–”
You shut him up with a kiss to his surprised lips while he melts, relaxing under your touch. 
“Yes?” he squeals, “Just like that? Yes? I didn't even tell you the speech I prepared.” 
You giggle, “You can tell me later.” you assure him as he chuckles.
“So? Are we gonna do it? Us? Parents?”
You giggle how out of his element he seems to be. It makes you love him even more as you caress his chest before you stare deeply into his soft brown eyes. You brush a few of his hair off his face and send him another angelic smile. 
“I can't wait to have your baby, Mr. Jeon.”
Jungkook laughs, throwing his head back before he looks at you all lovingly, cupping your cheek. 
“I was afraid you would never say it, Mrs. Jeon.”
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"big tiddie anime bitches" | jjk
Tumblr media
↳ Summary: Jungkook, bless his heart, has an obsession. An obsession with big titty anime girls and the idea of you dressed as them. His birthday is coming up, what better time to fulfil his weeb fantasies than on Jungkook's special day.
You hate the idea of dressing up as those stupid "big tiddie anime bitches" but your love for Jeon Jungkook is stronger. Besides Jungkook will have his turn next.
↳ Pairing: Jungkook x reader
↳ Genre: smut, pwp, fluff, established relationship, 'maid for you' couple !
↳ Rating: 18+
↳ Word count: 3.5k
↳ Warnings: disgusting amount of love and adoration between these two ew, unprotected sex, swearing, spanking, titty job, oral (both female and male), spit, reverse cowgirl, lovebites, fingering, big dick! jk, stomach bulging, creampies, crying (but the good kind), dom! jk,
↳ a/n: this is a prequel to my other fic 'maid for you' however this fic can be read on its own. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JEON JUNGKOOK MY LOVE <3
Tumblr media
“Okay, hear me out.”
“No, Jungkook, I will not hear you out.”
With an exasperated sigh, you rise from the couch and head to your bathroom, leaving a pouting Jungkook who follows you like a lost puppy.
“Don’t you think it would be so hot though,” Jungkook tries again.
You hastily clip your hair back, eyeing him through the reflection of the mirror, “maybe for you, you pervert.”
Jungkook remains nonchalant, your claim doing little to defer his desires. “Babeee,” he whines again, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close so he can lean his chin onto your shoulder.
“Sorry that I don’t want to feed into your weeb fantasies,” you say, reaching for your toothbrush.
Jungkook’s silent for a while, watching as you brush your teeth before muttering a quiet, “fine,” and leaving you with a light kiss to your neck.
In all honesty, the thought of dressing up as Mai from you and Jungkook’s recent anime binge, ‘Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai,’ doesn’t disgust you. You’ll admit, her little bunny girl get up is hot, and out of all the other characters Jungkook has begged you to dress up as, the bunny girl outfit is probably one of the easiest costumes to get into because let’s be real, no matter how much Jungkook begs you will never paint yourself blue (he can find his own Widowmaker somewhere else).
As you finish up your skincare, you ponder over his request once again. His birthday is coming up soon, and ignoring the fact that there's a suspicious lump of presents stuffed in the back of your closet all for him, one more present wouldn’t hurt.
Entering your bedroom you find your boyfriend bundled up in the sheets, the glow of his phone highlighting his pretty face.
You make yourself known, your knee dipping into the mattress, making Jungkook turn over towards you, his arms welcoming you for your nightly spooning.
“You’re not mad at me right?” he whispers into your hair to which you reply with a snort, “no, why would I be?”
Jungkook sighs like he’s embarrassed, nuzzling his nose deep into your neck, you wiggle away at the ticklish feeling but his strong arms keep you in place. “Because I always ask you to dress up as those characters even though you always like to rant to me about the male gaze and how a bikini doesn’t count as armour.” He cards his fingers through your hair, his other hand rubbing small comforting circles on the skin of your waist, “I don’t want you to think i’m some crazed horndog who objectifies their girlfriend.”
You laugh, big and goofy, and if Jungkook wasn’t so caught up in his thoughts he would’ve kissed you silly.
“Baby I would never think that, you’ve proved to me many times that your love is genuine. But hey, I don't blame you, I’ve got great tits,” you declare, turning to face his sleepy eyes.
“And a great ass too,” he adds, gripping your bottom with a tight hold that makes you gasp.
“I love you,” Jungkook says, pure adoration across his face.
You wanna squish his cheeks so bad, “aww you love me?” comes your teasing reply.
Jungkook rolls his eyes before wriggling into a more comfy position, “just say it back so I can sleep.”
You give into your desire to squish his cheeks by booping his nose. It scrunches cutely and he opens one eye, “I love you too,” you finally say.
Tumblr media
The lively music is cranked down and the attention is solely focused on Jungkook. He’s got a big smile plastered across his face, his cheeks a cute shade of pink as he raises his cup.
“I’d just like to thank you all for being here tonight, I couldn’t ask for a better birthday celebration,” Jungkook announces, eliciting a “I LOVE YOU JEON JUNGKOOK!” from none other than a plastered Park Jimin. Jungkook’s eyes crinkle when he shouts back a string of adoration before pulling you in towards him.
“I would also like to thank my beautiful girlfriend who planned this all out,” Jungkook says, those eyes of his that you love so much sparkling just for you.
A round of “awws” makes its way to the two of you and you shyly hide your blush into Jungkook’s chest. He gently kisses the top of your head, the flicker of his birthday candle flames creating an angelic aura around you.
When the chorus of singing finally dies down and Jungkook bends down to blow out his candle and make a wish, he wishes for a forever happiness with you.
Tumblr media
As you approach Jungkook with the last handful of empty beer cans, you dump them into the large trash bag and wrap your arms around his backside.
“Hey,” you whisper, gripping his shirt to grab his attention.
“What is it baby,” Jungkook replies mindlessly, scrubbing a stubborn stain out of a plate.
A mischievous grin paints your visage as you tell him, “I have one more present for you.”
Placing the clean plate onto the drying rack, Jungkook cranes his next to look at you, “what! baby you’ve done so much for me already.”
Your smile only grows wider as you gauge Jungkook’s reaction to your words, “I know, but I wanted to fulfil one of your wishes.”
Jungkook pauses, his head tilting slightly as he tries to remember what you’re talking about. “What do you mean wish? What wish are we talking about here?”
You release your grip on him to lean against the counter top, eyeing him closely, “you know… the thing you wanted me to do the other week?”
He shakes his head, looking at you as if it would help him remember before giving up, “I’m lost.”
Pushing yourself off of the counter you roll your eyes, “ugh just meet me in the bedroom when you're done,” you say as you sashay out of the kitchen and into the bedroom.
There’s a long second that passes, the water from the tap suddenly getting hot before Jungkook breathes in with a mumbled, “oh, oh.” 
Unbeknownst to you, Jungkook’s eyes light up with the realisation that he was gonna get lucky tonight. He rushes to the bedroom, almost breaking a glass cup on the way. He expects you to be on the bed laid out for him, but you’re not.
There’s a sliver of yellow light that spills from under the bathroom door and a quiet “shit” that leaves your lips. Jungkook hears a snap, like a rubber band against skin, a small whimper comes from your mouth and Jungkook worriedly knocks on the door.
“What are you doing in there? Are you okay?”
When you bought the damn costume you didn’t read the reviews. You completely missed the part where numerous people recommended buying a size up. Now you’re suffering those consequences and you finally shimmy the body suit on.
“Get on the bed and wait,” you try to say as sweetly as you can, but there's a twinge of struggle that comes making Jungkook lean his ear suspiciously against the door.
“Alright, I’ll wait, but I should remind you that It’s my birthday and you shouldn’t keep the birthday boy waiting.”
You hear the shuffle of bedsheets, Jungkook probably listening to you and lying down on the bed. You stare at yourself in the mirror, both shocked and surprised at how good you look despite the fact that your tits bulge out like you’ve squeezed yourself into those corsets from the 19th century. Not to mention that the body suit is so tight that if you took a deep breath it kind of hurt, but you’ve already made it this far, and you have an excited birthday boy on the other side of the door so with small inhale that doesn’t cause your lungs to hate you, you open the bathroom door.
“Can I open my eyes now,” Jungkook asks excitedly, his tattooed hands covering the entirety of his face.
You’re standing like a stiff soldier, unsure of how to present yourself, “uh, no, don’t look yet.”
Should you pose? How should you stand? Maybe lean against the doorframe? No that’s stupid…
“Oh, fuck”
In the midst of deciding if you should pose like a bunny girl, or get onto the bed, Jungkook had lost his patience and opened his eyes.
“Jungkook! I told you to shut your eyes.”
Jungkook remains frozen, his eyes big as he drinks up your curves. He doesn’t know where to look. Your hips are rounded to perfection, thick thighs on display, your boobs practically one jump away from popping out, the cute bunny ears standing tall that surprisingly suit your features.
“Shit, is it bad that i’m already hard, fucking hell.”
Jungkook doesn’t know if he’s proud because he finally convinced you to dress up for him or proud at the fact that you’re all his. His dick however, agrees to both.
“Men,” you scoff sarcastically as you crawl towards Jungkook whose head lays against the headboard, his taut thighs spread as if to welcome you. 
You find comfort between his thighs kneeling before him and holding his chin in your hand. “Happy birthday, Jungkook,” you say, seduction dropping from your lips.
He smirks back, eyes dropping down to your glossy lips, “mmm, happy birthday to me indeed.”
It’s messy, both your lips getting sticky with a mixture of your lip gloss and saliva, but you love it. Jungkook opens his mouth, you follow his rhythm, your tongue poking out to intertwine with his.
You moan into his mouth when his hands find purchase on your ass. His big hands squeeze both cheeks before slapping them, a loud smack echoing around the room. His action pushes you closer to him, your hands on his chest to steady yourself.
Jungkook’s hands continue to wander before he giggles softly at the discovery of the cute fuzzy tail attached to your bottom.
“Cute,” he utters into your neck, licking your collarbones and sucking your sweet skin.
“What?” you pant, leaning your head back to offer more skin to Jungkook, to which he happily leaves a trail of love bites that slowly bloom along your neckline.
He pokes your butt, “you have a little tail.”
You wiggle your hips, the tail brushing along Jungkook’s hand. You move away from him and run your nails down his thighs, “whatever, get your shirt off and your dick out.”
A lopsided smile erupts on his face, “ohh bunny girl is feisty tonight.” Though, he obeys your command, pulling his shirt over his head in that weird but attractive way that boys do, and unbuckles the belt of his jeans.
Jungkook is indeed very hard, his cock slapping against his abdomen the second it's released from the denim.
You spit into your hand, gripping his cock immediately, drawing out a shocked groan from your boyfriend.
You take care of him with love, your grip tight, making sure to fist his red tip before bringing it back down the length of his shaft.
Once his cock is nice and prepped, shiny from your saliva, you wrap your lips around the head, sucking softly before fluttering your lashes up at him.
His lids are half open, to keep his gaze on you while revelling in the bliss of your heavenly mouth. “Fuck baby, love your mouth,” he groans, bringing his fingers to brush away the strands that fall into your eyes.
You continue your actions, bobbing your head up and down as you watch your boyfriend crumble from pleasure. Suddenly, an idea pops into your brain. Releasing his length from your mouth, you begin to pull off the tight clear straps from your shoulders.
Your tits pop out provocatively, bouncing slightly as they’re released from the confinements of the tight bodysuit.
Jungkook stares, mouth wide open, “wh-what are you doing.”
You’re still continuing to jerk him off, and Jungkook swears he’s about to bust a nut when you ask, “do you wanna fuck my tits?”
He sits up at that, startling you, “are you kidding? Fuck yeah I do.”
You laugh at his cute reaction and flick your hair so it falls off your shoulder, you gotta make sure the girls are all clear for your man after all.
Jungkook holds the base of his cock and you use your hands to press your tits together. He slides in with ease, a hiss and a small “shit” falling from his lips.
You keep your gaze on him, he always likes when you look at him during intimate times like this. You continue your stare, eyes hazy and you let drool dribble out of your mouth, letting it run
down your cleavage and onto his tip. His dick twitches in response and you hide your smile by biting your lip.
Holding your tits together you bounce them up and down, you stick your tongue out teasingly, letting it connect to his tip every time his cock peeps through your cleavage.
“Does it feel good baby?” you ask, helping Jungkook speed up the rhythm of his thrusts. “Mmm God, feels so good baby,” he whines and you swear a flood breaks out in your panties.
You love to please him, his eyes fluttering shut, until he takes his cock out of your hold. “Come here love, I'm gonna cum if you keep going. It's my turn now.”
You pout at the loss of his warmth, “babe it's your birthday, today is all about you. Let me take care of you.”
Jungkook gets up, pulling his jeans fully off his body, leaving his stark naked in front of you. You shamelessly ogle his body, he’s just so fine! 
“There’s a flaw in your logic there babe. Today is all about me, therefore I get to decide what I want to do. And what I want to do is eat you out.”
“Alright birthday boy,” you grin, switching places with Jungkook. Before you lay down you start to remove your bodysuit, that’s until Jungkook lets out a choked, “no! Keep it on.”
You pause, head cocking to the side, “but how are you gonna-”
“Shh, don’t even worry about it, leave all the work to me babe.”
And work he does as he gets right into pleasuring you.
Jungkook starts by teasing you slowly, kissing your heat over the thin material. “Shit baby, you’ve soaked your costume,” he jibes, hooking his thumbs under the elastic to reveal your dripping slit.
You feel his hot breath as it hits your pussy making you involuntarily clench at what’s to come. “Fuck, baby you’ve got the prettiest pussy in the world.”
You cross your arms over your face embarrassed, “Jungkook, please.”
Jungkook listens, flattening his tongue against you, tasting you.
You inhale sharply as Jungkook pulls the costume back more and you fist the sheets when he finally dives in.
“Oh, God! Jungkook!” you moan, basking in the electric pleasure that shoots through you as Jungkook sucks and tongues at your clit like a man starved.
With his free hand, he pops two fingers in his mouth, watching your flushed expression with dark eyes. You feel his fingers at the entrance of your hole, teasing you as his tongue continues to draw pictures on your swollen nub.
Your thighs clench around Jungkook’s head when he slips two of his fingers inside of you. “Ah! Feels so good, baby.”
He says nothing, his reply coming through the wet sounds of his mouth and fingers.
Jungkook is skilled, used to all the signs and crevices of your body, so when your hips begin to lift, and your toes begin to clench, Jungkook keeps at his pace.
His mouth opens and closes around your heat, his fingers curling inside as you explode, your orgasm completely swallowing you.
You throw your head back into the pillows, a whine bubbling out of your mouth. Once your hips settle back down, Jungkook knows the high is over, releasing his mouth and fingers off of you.
Your costume snaps back into place and you sigh, Jungkook crawling on top of you, a cheeky grin plastered on his face. He always gets so cocky after making you cum.
He kisses you again and you melt, tasting yourself on his tongue.
His hands find your waist and you squeal into his neck as he swiftly flips you on top of him. You brush away the hair that had fallen into your face from the abrupt movement, “your strength continues to amaze me,” you giggle, smiling down sweetly at Jungkook. 
You kiss him again because you simply can’t get enough of him, he slaps your ass grabbing your attention. “I want you to turn around.”
You almost frown, “but I want you to look at me when I ride you.”
He runs a ringer down your arm before squeezing your boob in his palm, “you will baby just turn around for me first.”
You comply anyway, turning your body away from him, “you just wanna watch my bunny tail bounce don’t you,” you accuse. Jungkook laughs, “maybe.”
You don’t allow another second to be wasted, sitting up on your knees to move the sticky costume to the side. With your other hand you reach down and hold the base of Jungkook’s cock, positioning it at your entrance before slowly sinking down on him.
You both groan at the sensation of your warmth enveloping his length, your voices harmonising together in pleasure. You swivel your hips in small circles, getting comfortable with his huge size.
Jungkook places both hands on your hips, and you take that as a sign to show him how well you can ride it.
You begin with a light bounce, letting go of the bunny girl costume material as his cock holds it out of the way. You lean your hands on his thighs gaining a steady rhythm humming at the euphoria that spreads through your body.
Jungkook will admit, the sight of your bunny tailed ass paired with the ears that sit atop of your cute head is a sight that makes him release a deep groan.
His hands tighten on your skin and he thrusts up, his body spinning in pleasure, “baby you’re so hot, so tight, fuck.”
You try your best to maintain the speed, loud wet smacks ricocheting around the walls of your room. However, the burn in your tired thighs takes over, and Jungkook notices the way you start to slow down, and he’s not having it.
Jungkook takes the reins and thrusts his hips at a rapid speed that has you screaming his name. As Jungkook increases his speed, he grabs both of your arms, using them to help him piston into you at a faster speed.
“Ah! Oh fuck Jungkook” is all you can say, the pleasure vibrating all over your skin. A mix of both your essences melds together and drips down your thighs, you sigh and fall back against his chest. You can finally see Jungkook, and god, he’s so pretty.
Jungkook continues to thrust into you, his breath staggered and rough as it rushes against your ear. Your tits bounce ferociously like those hentai videos you’ve caught him watching, and as you expected, he grabs one in his hand rubbing a finger over your nipple and squeezing the other.
You pant in his neck, leaving small kisses on his hot skin to which he turns his head to offer you his lips.
Jungkook’s hand releases your tit to find your clit, rubbing fast circles that push you further to your release.
Your mouth falls open, unable to speak. Jungkook is focused on the way your bodies meet, his eyes wide when he notices something.
“Holy shit, look at that love, my dick so big you can see it through your stomach.”
You raise your head, eyes almost crossing at the sight of the bulge that pokes through your stomach every time Jungkook sends a hard thrust into you.
You can’t take it anymore, “Jungkook! Baby I’m gonna cum,” you feel your eyes starting to water at the impending explosion of your orgasm.
You know Jungkook is close, his teeth wrapped around his bottom lip, “yeah, hold it baby I’m almost there, fuck I love you.”
You could almost cry. “I love you so much too Koo.”
With one final thrust you both cum together.
Jungkook holds you tightly, his dick snug inside of your walls as he starts to soften.
No words are spoken, just the sound of deep breaths and shuddered sighs. It’s heavenly. 
Jungkook gently exits your heat, his cum slowly dripping out onto your thighs and onto your bed sheets.
“Just letting you know, it’s gonna be your turn next,” you mumble tiredly, stretching your arms before wrapping them around Jungkook’s head as he continues to catch his breath.
He only scoffs in return, turning his head towards you to plant a sweet kiss against your forehead, “as if.”
Oh, you're so getting back at him.
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jessikahathaway · 8 months
Dreaming of You - JJK M
Tumblr media
Hello hello!
It's been a while. I apologize for that but I'm back with some serious smut does that make it better???
Anyways, here's a Kook crack fic because I am a simp for him.
Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Jungkook X Reader)
Genre: Crack, Smut, Romance, Lil bit of Fluff
Warnings: *cracks knuckles* aight here we go. Smut Warnings: Oral, Female/Male Recieving, face fucking, throat fucking, cum swallowing, spit kink, daddy kink, name calling, degradation (Jungkook calls her dumb and stuff be she wants it I swear), unprotected sex (DON'T DO AS I WRITE pls), Creampie, lil aftercare, Jungkook is so in love, and so is reader pls save them.
Words: 8.9k
Rating: 18+
Summary: You and Jungkook had been dating a while, but you still hadn't. You know. Got jiggy with it. So this is a story, about how you resolved that problem.
These past five months of your life had been, eventful, to say the least. Hell, the past 8 months have been wilder still. Your boyfriend, Jungkook, is a former boytoy. Playboy, man whore, fuck bucket whatever you wanna call it, he was that. You were a little sheltered. Not like, amish sheltered, but sheltered, nonetheless. You weren’t a virgin by any means, but that's neither here nor there. Jungkook had been a notorious name around town. A server at the local diner, he was known to be flirtatious and entirely too handsome for his own good. And you? Well, you were a local high school counselor, helping the troubled youth of today.
More like: Helping teen drama queens and delinquents not kill each other on a day to day basis.
There was the odd time you did make a difference in some lives, but most of the time it was petty bullshit that could easily be solved by a little maturity. 
You two knew each other, it was a smaller town and most everyone knew everyone. You had graduated a year ahead of Jungkook but you both went to the community college together, although you knew each other and passed in the halls you knew he wasn’t a long term deal. He fucked a few times then ditched, that was his thing. He was notorious for running out of parties with different girls, it was what he did. 
You did your same old routine. School and work, funnily enough, at the same diner Jungkook still works at. But when you graduated college you realized home is where your heart lied. So you stayed. Grabbing a decent sized house near your grandparents that had raised you. And nabbing a new job that was infuriating yet rewarding.
Now, all you had to do was find a husband. According to your grandmother.
It’s not like she was forcing you, but she encouraged you to find a life partner, someone to share your home and life with. You know, real soft stuff.
But that’s when Jungkook had entered your life yet again.
In the form of a life saving event.
Very cliche shit.
You were drunk at a party on the beach and fell in the water, almost drowned but Jungkook saved your life. That’s when you two started to talk more. It wasn’t a big deal or anything like that.
Jungkook and you wound up dating-it totally wasn’t you drunkenly admitting you had feelings for him and then proceeding to throw up in his bathroom. No, that would be sloppy and unbecoming of a lady-you know what. It happened, and he somehow found it endearing enough to ask your frigid ass on a date.
At least that’s what your older brother Jin says. 
So, finally, you two have been dating for five months. It’s sweet and cute or whatever. 
But there’s one little problem.
You two haven’t fucked yet.
Not even like, a little bit.
Jungkook had said something about wanting to wait until you both were ready, and saying he wanted to do this right.
But for fucksake.
Five months? 
That’s a little long. At least you thought so. It was starting to make you feel as though you weren’t good enough. Now, before anyone thinks your worth is judged based on your sexual attraction to someone or something or however you play. You wrong, you’re worth much more. BUT. It hurt your pride. Just a little bit. 
You’d done the first kiss, an awkward little smooshing of lips between the two of you.
You’d made out of the hood of his car one night.
But everytime you go to take the next step?
“Not now babe, just wait a little longer.”
And you don’t want to pressure him, and you don’t want to go insane sexually... What else is a girl to do?
You’ve even done the classic going to bed in lingerie and wanting for him to come over, only for you to either fall asleep and him be too sweet to wake you or he winds up getting cold feet and not coming over at all.
It makes you a little sad, because you love Jungkook. You think about him when he’s gone. And how much you long for him to stay when he leaves in the mornings. Your sweet kisses that are shared on one of the many dates you do. You don’t just want to fuck Jungkook. You want to make love to him and all that hippie bullshit.
Okay, so you’re super soft for the guy.
He makes you want to be all smoochy and gross. 
There’s something about him though, that just makes your netherlands quiver, like some sex obsessed fiend. But you can’t help it. Jungkook is like a beautiful work of art, and you just want to tear into him like some fat piece of meat.
It’s all you could do to keep your hands off of him sometimes. 
The way he wears those fitted tops and just, ugh. He looks so damn good. But not only that, he has the personality of a fuckboy, flirtatious as a sinner and as sweet as honey. But his true personality. That’s what you love the most. A modest, nerdy guy who loved video games and banana milk. And, the cherry on top of it all. He loved you too.
You went out with a good friend of yours, Jimin, who was a former fuckboy himself. But was now married and had a boy on the way. To ask for his ‘sacred’ advice.
So, you were at the bar one night. 
That’s generally always a bad start.
Now, you’re drunk. 
Even worse off.
Thirdly, you’re listening to Jimin.
That is the fatal blow.
“Babes, listen to me,” he said, slightly buzzed from his cocktails.
“I’m listening o-sacred one,” you giggled.
“Good, cause my old ass is about to give you some good fucking advice,” he said, placing his hand on your shoulder.
“Less hear it,” you slurred.
“You need to be the prey in his eyes. You need to make him think that it’s all his idea. That you’re totally innocent in the things you’re gonna do. Like wear a short dress on your next date, or send a hot pic or something. Drop something and bend over in front of him to pick it up. Shake your ass a little harder to  Kayne for me, please. But that’s just a personal request, we'll discuss those terms later.”
“Prey in his eyes huh?”
“Exactly, find out what his kinks are, play into them,” he suggested.
“How?” you sat on the edge of your seat.
This is what desperation does to a person, folks.
“Like, maybe he’s a dom, maybe he’s a sub. Start there. Does he normally take control of things, or do you?” He asked. 
“He’s normally in control,” you said, thinking of his lustful kisses.
“Okay, so probably a dom then,” Jimin analyzed.
“How do I figure out more specific things though? Like things I can do to turn him on,” you ask.
“Well, see if a certain title gets a reaction from him. Like sir, master, daddy? Any of those?”
“Okay, what else?”
“Well, is he an ass or tits guy?”
“He’s an opportunist,” you answered.
Jimin laughed at your answer, before getting serious.
“Does he have a breeding kink? Cum kink? Am I getting warm?”
“I don’t know, it’s not like I’m out here yelling about ovulating or something,” you stammered.
“You should try that!” Jimin encouraged.
“Jimin I don’t know,” you said, suddenly getting self conscious.
“Hey bitch don’t you start negative talk that’s gonna sabotage all my efforts here,” he warned.
“Sorry sorry, I won’t. He loves me, I love him, game face is on,” you teased.
“Good, listen to me though. If that boy doesn’t last longer than a minute dump his ass.”
“That seems harsh,” you pondered.
“It’s not, especially not for someone his age,” Jimin stated.
“I won’t leave him because of something dumb like that Jimin,” you said, feeling oddly protective over something you had no idea of yet.
“Just, try different things. Life's too short not to fuck like bunnies while you can. I’m starting to get back pain if we go too long,” Jimin joked. At least, you hope he was joking.
“Okay, you’re right. I’m gonna go call him daddy and yell about ovulating,” you said firmly.
“That’s the spirit! Go!”
And you did. 
Go back home and pass the fuck out.
Listen, listen, listen.
You’re a notorious lightweight. 
But you had forgotten that Jungkook and you had planned a breakfast date that morning. So, when you hauled your ass out of bed you realized one: you had to puke. Two: you were late for your date. Three: Your period was four days early.
Scrambling to the shower you got in and turned the water up entirely too high making your head spin and fall out of the shower. Unfortunately, you had taken the towel bar down with you. Jungkook had his own key for your place now, so, naturally he let himself in. And when you fell, a cry came from your lips and a loud thud. Jungkook, ran in to find you on the floor, hungover and covered in towels. 
“Baby what happened?” he asked, rushing over and placing his hand on your head.
“What happened, did you fall?” he asked, looking at the running shower and your soaked body.
“Yeah,” you whimpered, Jungkook pulled you into his arms and patted your head to look for any sore spots.
“Do we need to go to the doctor?”
“No, I’m okay,” you whispered.
“Did you go out with Jimin last night?”
“Yes,” you said, wiping the water off your face.
“Sweetheart you drank way too much,” he chuckled.
“No,” you lied, biting your lip, trying not to die of embarrassment.
“It’s okay, big baby,” Jungkook laughed.
“Thanks... daddy,” you said softly.
You felt the harsh floor hit your ass as Jungkook dropped you.
“Sorry Y/N!” Jungkook hastily apologized.
He helped you to bed and the topic never even came up. As if dropping you was a regular occurrence. You couldn’t help but be slightly bitter. You really wanted that to work, cause it might have been a kink of yours. Can’t win them all you guess.
You reconveened the meeting of the minds with Jimin over a facetime later that night long after Jungkook had gone home.
“So your dumb ass was too hungover to get a sensible thought to go through your head?” 
“Listen,” you started. “I may or may not have been hungover, but don’t call a bitch out. Rude as hell, however I called him daddy and he dropped my fucking ass.”
“That’s oddly poetic,” Jimin commented.
“Shut up, I still have a bruise,” you complained.
“Well, Daddy’s out for now, so. Try just, doing something scandalous. Show off some sideboob hell, this is serious!”
“I can do my best,” you said, looking down at your girls with motivation.
A few nights later, Jungkook came over for dinner and a movie. You picked just a mindless action flick, but it would no doubt enthrall him. 
You dressed a little skimpier than usual. A tighter dress to show off some of your cleavage, you had Jungkook entranced at the door. 
He was way more touchy tonight you noticed. 
Coming up behind you and kissing your neck gently.
“Smells good baby, whatcha cooking?” he asked, leaning his head over your shoulder as his arms came around your waist.
“Just some cheesy alfredo noodles, nothing too crazy,” you said with a grin.
“Ooh, fancy pants,” he said, landing a tap on your ass that was gentle but noticeable.
“Not really, but I’m glad you like it so far,” you said.
“May I kiss the chef?” Jungkook asked, leaning for the corner of your lips. 
“Please do,” you agreed, turning to connect your lips with his. 
“Mmm, baby,” he smiled as you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in tighter. 
“Missed you so much these past three days.”
“Yeah? How much?” 
“So much, Jungkook,” you whispered, breath fanning over his lips.
“Me too,” he agreed before bringing his lips back to yours.
Your mouths melded together as he led your hips towards his.
“So sweet, what are you drinking?” he asked, licking his lips.
“Peach soju,” you smiled.
“Mmm tasty,” he said, moving to turn away from you. No doubt to go slam the rest of that peach soju.
You grabbed the belt loops of his pants and pulled his pelvis against yours. “Baby, don’t leave me yet,” you whined. Jungkook made a small growl in his chest as he devoured your lips this time, gripping at the back of your dress with his fingers. You mewled at the action, leaning forward to press your body against his harder.
Jungkook pulled back suddenly, causing your head to swirl with confusion.
“Just a second, I need to go use the bathroom,” he said, waddling down the hallway.
Your dazed mind believed him.
But when he did finally come back he was flushed, like he wasn’t feeling well.
“You okay Kook?”
“Yeah, just, felt a little off for a second,” he said, skin returning to its normal color as he calmed down it appeared.
“You were gone for a long time, are you sure you’re feeling okay?”
Jungkook’s cheeks got warm as he looked at you.
“Much better,” he said, patting your leg gently. You’re not entirely convinced, but he brings his lips to yours briefly. You kissed him gingerly, but he pulled back before much else could happen.
“Well dinner is ready,” you said, bringing the dishes to the table. Jungkook hurried to sit down, ready for your cooking. You smiled as you set his meal in front of him, moving to sit down as well.
“Babe it looks amazing,” Jungkook said, eyes wide.
“Thank you, it’s nothing special but it’s always a fail safe,” you explained.
“Well I’m excited,” Jungkook said, digging in.
“I’m glad baby,” you answered before grabbing your own fork and eating.
The meal passed relatively uneventfully. You asked about work. He said it was the same as usual.
“Is Mrs. Lebanskyi still trying to set you up with her granddaughter?” You giggled.
“No, I think after the fortieth no, I have a girlfriend, she finally got it. That and I may have put a rather disturbing image in her head just for good measure,” Jungkook laughed.
“Ooh, disturbing image. Do share, do share,” you said.
“Don’t you know that mysterious guys are more attractive?” Jungkook teased.
“Oh I bet,” you said, sipping your wine.
“Well, how's turf wars going?”
“Shelby is currently winning but Duke has been making some power moves lately,” you commented.
“Always liked that kid,” he said in reference to Duke. He was your troublemaker. But he had a great sense of humor.
The rest of dinner passed quietly. 
You and Jungkook both cleared the table, washing the dishes and settling down for a movie. Jungkook sat down on the couch, looking at his phone for a few minutes. 
Now it was time to initiate your newest plan.
“Hey babe, I’m gonna take a quick shower,” you said, moving towards your bedroom.
“Okay!” Jungkook said, head still in his phone.
“Be right back,” you stated.
“Kay,” he responded.
You got in the shower and washed yourself down. You shaved and put on Jungkook’s favorite lotion, then you forewent a bra, as well as putting some of your fancy panties on. Hopefully this next move would get those panties of yours to come off and get thrown towards some random corner of your bedroom. Or living room. Or kitchen. You weren’t picky at this moment.
So, you finally made it out to the living room, damp hair and shorts on. 
It’s time to put seduction plan number two into motion.
“Hey babe,” you said, sitting down and reaching over him to grab the remote.
That’s when you saw it.
Jungkook’s eyes were trained on your chest. You pretended not to notice, turning the movie on and settling into the couch with Jungkook. 
You sat with your arms crossed. Watching the action race across the screen. You stretched out your legs and had them draped over Jungkook’s lap. You watched the screen with tired eyes, when you felt Jungkook’s hand on your bare leg.
His eyes were still on the tv, but his hand was rubbing your leg slowly.
You tried to keep a neutral expression, but he was touching you... And his hands were so warm...
Jungkook turned to you for a moment, making your heart lurch into your throat for a second. Play it cool, play it cool.
You knew that Jungkook wasn’t stupid, but you weren’t sure if maybe this was pushing it a little too far. You could just do the adult thing and ask him if he wanted to have sex and why he hadn’t been more intimate with you but, where’s the story in that?
“You’re wearing that lotion I like,” he said, smiling.
“Well, you’re here so might as well spoil you a bit,” you said.
“I appreciate it,” Jungkook said, coming closer to bring your lips together.
“I was hoping you would,” you said, kissing him back gently.
Jungkook wrapped his arm around you, bringing your lips together sensually almost. The urge to rip your clothes off and have your way with him were strong in this one. But, you refrained. He has to think it’s his idea. His idea-oh god his lips are so soft, and plush beneath your own. Your mind almost went blank at the action of his hand coming up along your waist and pushing you onto your back.
Your lips parted as you stared up at Jungkook with pupils blown wide and breaths coming in short gasps. He looked at your eyes, then your lips as he connected your mouths again. You wrapped your arms around his neck and brought him closer. It wasn’t enough, you wanted him closer still.
Jungkook pulled away slowly, as if savoring your kiss.
“You’re so beautiful,” he smiled, brushing some of your hair out of your face.
“Thank you Jungkook,” you whispered, moving to capture his lips yet again when he put his hand on your shoulder.
“I think I’ve gotta get going, it’s almost eleven and I have to work in the morning,” he said, sounding just as disappointed as you felt.
“Okay Kook,” you said, sitting up to give him a hug.
That’s when you felt it.
A distinct prodding at your stomach.
You moved back to ask him about it when he placed a quick kiss on your lips, effectively dazing you before rushing towards the door.
“Bye babe! I love you!” he hollered, running out of the house and leaving you thoroughly confused and horny in your living room.
Soon after that even your work friends were starting to wonder if you were frustrated about something.
“Y/N, are you sure you’re alright? You haven’t touched your food,” Hoseok said, a good friend of yours who was the literature teacher. 
“Hobi, I’m gonna ask you something and you have to help me out. Jimin’s advice has failed me before and continues to do so to this day, but you-you’ve never led this lamb astray before, can I have some advice?”
“Of course, what’s the trouble?”
“My former playboy boyfriend won’t fuck me,” you said, covering your face in embarrassment.
Hoseok choked on his drink and looked around the office to make sure no one heard your debauched statement.
“Okay. Okay, rewind. Jungkook.”
“Your sweet loveable boyfriend Jungkook.”
“Good communicator and flirtatious server Jungkook.”
“That’s the one.”
“Have you thought of, I don’t know, asking him?” Hoseok said, smacking you upside the head gently with a few papers.
“Hey,” you whined.
“You’re such an idiot sometimes,” he laughed.
“What do you mean?”
“Firstly, for going to Jimin for some kind of advice that’d only work in a romance novel.”
“Secondly, for listening to any advice that came out of that idiot’s mouth,” he continued.
“This is feeling less like helping me and more like roasting me,” you complained.
“Partially because it is, but anyways. To the advice column of our paper,” Hoseok joked. “Well, talk to him and figure out what’s going on. Or if all else fails just show up to his house in a trench coat and lingerie, there’s only so many ways to seduce someone.”
Okay, you know this was a dumb idea.
But there wasn’t much else to do.
It’s the middle of the night, you’re standing outside of Jungkook’s apartment with a stupid peacoat on and your trusty pale pink babydoll. Your legs were freezing. You knocked on the door before you could think better of it and waited. Your heart was beating out of your chest. Eventually, a sleepy looking Jungkook answered the door. He looked at your attire and then up to your face.
“Babe,” he greeted.
“Hi Kook,” you said, biting down a shiver.
“It’s a little past midnight,” he said, looking at you with confusion.
“I know,” you answered.
Jungkook continued to stare at you before you couldn’t help the shiver that ran over you. Teeth chattering and body shaking, Jungkook’s eyes softened and he opened the door wider and urged you inside. Rushing into the living room you turned around to face Jungkook.
He was shirtless, a pair of joggers on and his phone in hand.
“We need to talk,” you said, looking at him with nothing but love and a little bit of lust because damn he looks so good-no! Damn it, try to focus Y/N.
“About what baby? It’s almost one in the morning,” he said, coming forward to take your hands.
“I don’t want to break up,” you said. Jungkook cocked his head to the side and pursed his lips.
“Okay-were you thinking that you did want to break up?”
“No! God no, not ever. I love you Kook,” you said, palming his cheek.
“Then why are you telling me you don’t want to break up? Are you drunk? Have you been out with Jimin,” he started to scold you, when you pulled him to your lips gently. He quieted down a little but pulled away nonetheless.
“Y/N, what is going on?” he asked.
“Jungkook, how long?”
“How long what?”
“How long are you going to make us wait?”
Jungkook’s eyes narrowed.
“What are you talking about, quit beating around the bush and just fucking tell me what-”
“Why won’t you fuck me?” you asked, blunter than you had intended.
Jungkook balked at you before he replied. “What?”
“Fucking, sex, making love whatever you wanna call it, why aren’t we doing it?”
“Baby-it’s one in the morning I don’t think this is the time or the place to have this conversation-”
“What conversation Jungkook? Are you just not attracted to me? Or is it someone else? Why?”
“Not attracted to you-Y/N, do you hear yourself?”
“My ears work fine,” you glared.
“Great, cause they’re about to get some use.”
You were going to argue some more, feeling rather defensive about the whole thing when Jungkook blocked your path.
“Not attracted to you huh? You think I haven’t noticed what you’ve been doing? Little fucking tease, that’s what you are. Calling me daddy, wearing no bra and those shorts as well as my favorite lotion. Now the trench coat-”
“It’s a peacoat,” you corrected.
“What the fuck ever, what I want...” he swallowed thickly. “What I want is underneath it anyways.”
“What do you want?” you asked.
“What I’ve always wanted from you,” he smiled. He approached and opened your peacoat, button by button.
Gently, he peeled back the coat and let it drop to the floor. Your lingerie decorated your body perfectly. But Jungkook didn’t even look at it. His head dipped as he came closer, your heart was in your throat. Was this actually working?? The fuck??
But, all you felt was Jungkook's lips right above your left breast.
“This is what I want,” he said against your skin.
“My boob?”
“Your heart you idiot.”
“Lot of harsh words being thrown around right now,” you sniffed. But even you could help the small smile that came to your lips as Jungkook backed up. Carefully, as not to scare him away, you lifted your hand to his chest and laid your hand over his heart. “This is what I want,” you repeated.
“My boob?” he joked.
“Yeah,” you teased, pushing him back a little. When he frowned you sighed and nodded your head. “I want your heart too babe, always.”
“You’re such a softie,” he smirked, coming forward to kiss your head.
“Yeah yeah, only for you babe, only for you,” you warned.
“That’s all I care about,” he smiled.
“You’re such a little shit sometimes,” you growled.
“Sorry,” he said, trying his best to look sheepish.
“God sometimes I wonder,” you said, laughing.
“Anyway babe, about the other thing,” Jungkook said, looking at you.
“Have you forgotten that you’re literally standing in my house in lingerie and heels?” he asked, incredulous.
“Sorry, my bad,” you sighed. “Here hand me my jacket, I’ll get out of your hair so you can sleep,” you said.
“Wait babe-”
“No, I get it. This isn’t the time nor the place to discuss that, I shouldn’t have woken you up-”
“Babe if you walk out that door in that set and I don’t fuck you, I have done both of us a disservice.” 
It was your turn to look shocked. “What?”
“Babe, I admit I was holding out on you,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck. “I was used to being used, and people saw me as an object and not a person, but you changed all of that. You showed me what love is, how a relationship works. And I’m so grateful that you did. Because being with you is my greatest joy. Honestly. God I’m such a simp for you babe, for real. But-But with sex, I was worried that maybe all you wanted was that you’d slept with me exclusively. I know it’s dumb but I was insecure at first. Now-Now I’m ready to take that step with you, if you want.”
“Jungkook, don’t say something if you’re really not ready I’m being an idiot and-”
“Well you’re always being an idiot. But right now you’re onto something,” he encouraged.
“Okay, burn me, that’s fine. But, what do you mean I’m onto something?”
Jungkook groaned.
“Do you want me to spell it out? G-E-T I-N B-E-D-”
“Speak my language please,” you snarked.
“Get in my bedroom,” he said, walking and opening the doors to fucking heaven at this point.
“Are you serious?” you asked. 
“As a heart attack,” Jungkook responded.
“Holy shit-okay,” you said, walking towards the bedroom. Jungkook swatted your ass as you walked past him.
“Get on the bed, put your coat on the chair,” he said. You did as he asked, putting your jacket down and climbing onto the bed. You realized you still had your shoes on, moving to take them off you heard a snarl from the otherside of the room.
“Did I say to do anything else baby? Keep those heels on, it’ll be the only thing you wear when I’m fucking you,” Jungkook growled, walking towards you like a man starved.
Your heart wasn’t prepared for that statement, almost giving out at the last minute, before you could even suck his dick. What a shame, but a way to go nonetheless.
That’s when Jungkook’s hand gripped your jaw, not tight enough to hurt you, but enough to get your attention from your wayward thoughts. “Listen up babydoll, if you need to stop, say something. Make a safeword right now.”
“Uh-um, I’m really not good under pressure Kook-”
“I’m not fucking you until you think of one,” Jungkook said.
“Fine, fine. Uh-strawberry,” you answered.
“Alright, if you say strawberry at any point we’re done for the night okay? If you need me to slow down just say yellow, and if everything is okay tell me green,” he announced.
“Why couldn’t red be my safeword?”
“I just like to watch you struggle sometimes,” he smirked before bringing his lips to yours seductively.
You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him back fervently. Like this might be the last time you get to kiss this man in your life. Jungkook licked the seams of your lips, asking you to open your mouth for him. You did just that, opening your mouth and letting his slick tongue inside. You moaned when Jungkook wrapped his tongue around yours, showing you just a glimpse of the pleasure he could pull from your body.
“Baby,” you whined when he pulled back, mouth hanging open and chest heaving.
“I’m not your baby, sweet thing, no no. Call me Daddy,” he said, holding your head back so he could nip and suck on your neck.
“Wait, I thought you didn’t like that?” you asked, looking at him.
“What do you mean?” he questioned pulling away from you.
“You dropped me on my ass the last time I called you that,” you said, reminding him of your little experiment.
“Did you ever think that you shocked me by randomly calling me daddy outside of the bedroom?”
“Well, I mean I thought about it,” you sniffed.
“Clearly,” he snorted before pulling you back in, kissing you feverishly.
You whimpered into his kiss before wrapping your arms around his torso.
“Fuck, you’re so god damn sexy,” he groaned.
“You too Kook-”
“What did I say,” he snapped. “I’m not your baby, I’m not Kook, I’m your daddy. And you better start fucking acting like it before I punish you.”
His words sunk in and you nodded demurely.
“Yes Daddy, I’ll behave,” you said, biting your lip.
“You will huh? We’ll see about that,” he teased before pushing you down onto the bed, climbing on top of you and kissing your jawline, leaving wet kisses along your heated skin.
You moaned underneath him as he worked his mouth over your jaw and down to your chest.
“Such pretty tits baby,” he said, pulling them out of the lingerie. His eyes sparkled as he unwrapped his present like a kid on christmas. You arched into his touches, watching with rapt attention as he brought his mouth over your nipple. Your reaction was music to his ears.
“Fuck daddy,” you mewled, looking at him with stars in your eyes.
“Mmm, so sweet babydoll,” he said, laving his tongue over your breast salaciously. You moaned at the contact, shivering when he blew on the wet skin. He brought your hands up above your head, holding them there by the wrist. If you tried hard enough you could escape but you didn’t want to upset him, and a part of you didn’t want to escape him, you wanted all the pleasure and torture he could give you.
“Feels so good daddy,” you whined, rutting against him like a bitch in heat.
“Just playing with your tits and you’re already so responsive. Fuck I should’ve done this sooner,” he lamented, pulling your nipple into his mouth and sucking on it harshly.
Your cries were softened by the very torturous lips that were bringing you such pleasure. You struggled to keep yourself under control. You feared chasing him off originally, now you were afraid of the fucker teasing you to death.
“My beautiful doll,” he smiled, looking at you with adoration in his gaze. “Open your mouth.”
You didn’t question him, you just opened your mouth like you were told.
“Suck on these fingers, get them nice and wet so they can fuck you good,” he said, bringing his pointer and middle finger towards your mouth. You sucked his fingers lewdly, taking them so deep your lips hit his knuckles.
“That’s it, good girl,” he praised. “Now, you’re gonna take those panties off.”
You flushed, trying to keep your composure but-his voice was like pure sin. You couldn’t explain it better than that. You wanted to hear it more and more, you wanted him to talk to you like you were a dumb little bitch-which you weren’t (most of the time).
You weren’t sure if you were into that kind of degradation but, maybe, with Jungkook? Maybe you could see it as a thing.
“How many times-”
“No-time out for a sec before we really get into this,” you said, wringing your hands together.
“What is it? Do you wanna stop?”
“No! No no, I’ll literally die if you don’t fuck me but-”
“This sounds like it’s going to be a boner killing conversation-”
“Bitch what did you just say to me?”
“What did you want to say babe, what’s wrong?” he asked, rubbing your thighs gently.
“Well. I was wondering... maybe we could do like... I don’t know-you call me mean names and stuff?”
“Like degradation?” he asked, raising a brow. “Consider my boner intrigued.”
“Yeah. Are you down for that?” you asked.
“I think that could be hot, but I don’t want you to feel bad about anything,” he said, biting his lip.
“Nah, I know that’s not what you actually think about me, no worries babe. But like, call me a dumb slut or something I don’t know,” you said lamely.
“Well then, I’ll call you a dumb slut and go from there,” he laughed. 
“No! I’m serious! I wanna be degraded,” you encouraged.
“Alright I hear you I hear you, but I can’t just whip it out and be like-dumb slut! That feels weird to me,” he shrugged.
“We’re supposed to be having sex right now but I had to open my big fucking mouth and ruin it-”
“I wonder why some people like degradation,” Jungkook pondered.
“This is getting us nowhere, nevermind just forget I said anything,” you sighed. 
“No babe, I wanna do this how we’re both gonna like it. Maybe we should talk more about it tomorrow, and just sleep tonight huh?”
“No! Please please please don’t just sleep on me, I’m literally ready to go, I swear,” you answered. “Please Daddy, please fuck me.”
“See I’m not in it anymore so it just feels weird to hear you say that-”
“Jungkook are we really not gonna have sex after all this?”
“I dunno. I’m kinda tired,” he yawned to emphasize his statement.
“I’ll suck your dick, please, I’ll do anything to feel you-call me a needy bitch or whatever cause it’s true I'm a needy bitch for your dick daddy please.”
Jungkook’s brows raised in interest. 
“You want it that bad huh?”
“Yes. I want it so bad please,” you begged.
“Alright baby, alright I’ll give you my cock. That’s what you want isn’t it? My big fat cock in that tiny pussy huh?”
“Yes,” you moaned, laying back into the pillows. 
“I bet you do you whore,” he growled. “You come here in the middle of the fucking night because you’re so hungry for dick. I bet you’d crawl on the floor if I asked you to, huh? I might just have you crawl for this dick.”
“I’ll do it daddy, I’ll crawl, I’ll grovel, I’ll do whatever you want just please daddy,” you begged. 
“Alright, I’m gonna fuck you dumb,” he snarled before coming forward to kiss you again. 
You accepted his kiss and let him dominate the passionate exchange before whining and rutting against him. You were a dumb slut who wanted his dick more than anything in the world right now.
“Please daddy, give me your cock. Wanna suck it like a good girl,” you said. 
“Aww my baby slut wants to suck my cock huh? Should I give it to you? Do you think you deserve it?”
“I don’t deserve it,” you whimpered. “I’ve been so bad, coming to daddy’s house so late and demanding his cock but if you let me, I’ll be so good for you.”
“Mmm, come here my baby,” he encouraged, moving you down so your body was flat but your head was propped up on a pillow. “Gonna fuck that dirty mouth of yours. Then I’m gonna cum and you’re gonna drink it like the good little bitch you are, and you’re gonna thank daddy for giving you such a reward when you’ve been nothing but a disobedient little shit.”
“Thank you daddy,” you said before opening your mouth up to him. Jungkook wound back and pulled his pants down. You kept your mouth open, waiting for him to give you what you wanted.
Finally, you gave a small whimper and Jungkook freed his cock from his underwear and your eyes bulged. His cock wasn’t like-pornstar huge-but it was pretty big, thick and ready for your wet mouth.
“Open up wider, daddy’s cock won’t fit otherwise,” he said, scooting forward so that he was straddling your face. 
“Fuck my throat daddy, I’ll be good,” you pleaded. 
“That’s a good girl,” he smirked. “Nice and easy.”
He slowly eased his cock inside your mouth, giving you a few seconds to get adjusted before pushing a little further. You bobbed your head forward as much as you could but Jungkook was also thrusting at the same time, making you cough a little as he hit the back of your throat. 
“Gag on it, yeah, fuck like that,” Jungkook moaned. “Love watching you struggle to take it all.”
You struggled to keep your throat relaxed as Jungkook thrusted forwards, fucking your mouth and throat. You whimpered under him. Jungkook was whispering the nastiest shit to you the whole time, effectively ruining your panties as you struggled to keep up with him.
“Fuck you are a nasty little bitch aren’t you? Fuck, love watching you suck my dick. I’m gonna fuck your throat raw baby, gonna fuck it so deep and hard then I’m gonna make it all better by cuming down your throat to soothe the ache. Aren’t I such a nice daddy baby? Even though you’ve been so bad? Fuck your mouth is so hot, I love it. I love you,” he moaned. 
You wanted to respond but you were rather preoccupied. 
Jungkook was brutal at certain points, making your head spin with the lack of oxygen. But he seemed to know your limits pretty well because just before you’d want him to let you breathe, you would feel him let up. Giving you some air. 
Jungkook’s groans turned to whines above you as he continued to fuck your throat.
“Gonna cum baby, gonna cum down your throat and make all that hurt go away. And then what does my special girl say huh? What do you say after that?”
You choked on his cock once more in lieu of a response and let him do whatever he wanted.
“Here it comes you dumb slut. Drink my cum,” he groaned, body tensing before he shuddered a few times and you felt the warmth of his cum go down your throat. You choked again and Jungkook brought his dick out of your throat and let you swallow the rest. 
You wheezed a few times, feeling the sweet air in your lungs. 
Jungkook took your jaw in his hands and kissed you senseless for a moment. Jungkook’s lips were swollen from him biting them and from your previous kisses. 
“Thank you daddy,” you croaked, kissing him again. 
“You’re so welcome,” he beamed. “How do you feel about spitting as a form of degradation?” he asked, raising a brow at you.
“Do it, please daddy,” you hiccuped, feeling the ache in your throat more. 
“Open your mouth,” he said, pulling back.
You did as he asked and he spat right in your mouth, causing you to rub your thighs together as he growled. 
“Now swallow.”
You did just that. 
“What a good dumb slut you are,” he groaned. “So perfect for me.”
“Just for you daddy, only for you.”
“That’s right,” he snapped. “You’re all for me. My perfect stupid whore.”
“Daddy... My pussy... Hurts,” you whimpered. 
“Yeah? Let me look, let daddy see where it hurts baby,” he said, pulling your legs apart slowly. 
The sight before him knocked the wind right out of his lungs. Your panties were stuck to your center. That's how wet you were for him. Fuck you looked so good, dripping and whining for him.
“I see the problem,” he said, biting his lips once more.
“What’s wrong daddy?”
“Need to eat your pussy baby, that way it won’t hurt anymore,” he said, placing an open mouth kiss to your core.
“Oh!” You gasped. 
“Take those panties off for me,” he demanded, looking just as impatient as you felt. 
You scrambled to get your underwear off, almost rolling off of his bed if it wasn’t for his gentle hands holding you. When you finally did get the blasted things off Jungkook’s mouth was quick to replace them. You moaned in surprise, but you quickly got a hold of yourself. 
“Fuck! Feels so good,” you mewled. 
“You taste even better,” he moaned into your wetness. He sucked on your clit lightly, causing your hips to buck and making his face smoosh into your cunt even more. You cried out at the feeling of his tongue moving against your sensitive center. 
“Daddy, oh god,” you hiccuped. 
“That’s right pretty, let it go for me, let me taste even more,” he said, licking and sucking on you like you were his last meal. The string in your tummy felt so tight like it could burst at any second. But fuck you just needed a little more. Just a smidge. 
“Daddy... C-Can I-oh fuck me, can I have your fingers please,” you asked, trying so hard to be good. 
“Being polite now huh? Now that I’m gonna make you cum? Well, I wanna see how tight this pussy is, wanna stretch you out before you get shoved onto my cock.”
You could feel the frustrated tears welling up in your eyes. You wanted it so bad and if he didn’t give it to you, you weren’t sure what was going to go down-oh...
“Fuck!” you screamed as Jungkook entered two fingers into you. Your walls clamped down on the intruders and Jungkook huffed into your center at the sensation.
“Shit you’re so tight baby,” he groaned, licking firmly at your clit as he struggled to keep his control.
“Daddy, m-my pussy, so full,” you hiccuped, feeling the tears finally start to trickle down your cheeks. 
“I bet it is, but you’re still gonna take this big cock. I promise it’ll feel so good baby. Hot and throbbing in your pretty pussy,” he said, not yet noticing that your cheeks were swelling from your salty tears. 
“Daddy,” you said, feeling yourself shaking as Jungkook began to thrust his fingers inside of you. 
“Fuck, gonna feel so good on my dick. You’re such a good girl, daddy’s good girl huh?” he said, like someone might say to a young pup. But here you were, eating it all up. Fuck, the tears wouldn’t stop. It was almost too much. But you didn’t want him to stop. Not yet. God not yet.
“Mngh, your fingers are so good,” you whispered, arm going over your eyes to help shield them from Jungkook’s heinous activities downstairs. 
Because if you kept looking you might pass out. 
You sniffled and felt Jungkook pause his fingers inside of you. 
“Are you crying baby?”
“N-No.” You swallowed to try and keep the shudders at bay but his fingers wickedly started up again.
“Hm, you aren’t? Well, let me take a look then,” he said.
“Y/N, are you alright? Just move your arm,” he encouraged. 
“I-I can’t,” you said.
“Then let me help you,” Jungkook answered, moving your arms away from your face and pinning them to your sides. 
Jungkook was slightly blurry, your eyes now doubt slightly swollen and red from your tears. You weren’t sure why you were crying so much but you were certainly overwhelmed. 
“Do you want to stop?” he asked, wiping your tears away with his thumb.
“No Daddy, I don’t,” you said, looking him square in the eyes. 
“Alright,” Jungkook said, kissing up your throat, and onto your chin. Next, claiming your lips in a harsh exchange. But a sweet peck was placed right after to soothe the sting. Jungkook then kissed your cheek. You felt a wet sensation, and realized. He was licking you. More specifically-your tears. 
Holy shit.
Jeon Jungkook has a crying fetish. 
You wanted to laugh, but you were so turned on all you managed was a slight wheeze, which was interrupted by Jungkook’s plush mouth coming back to yours. 
Jungkook grabbed onto your lingerie and pulled it up and off, baring you fully to his hungry eyes. He looked at you like you were everything he’s ever wanted and more. Fuck, was this love? Is this what all those teen fanfiction authors are spurring on about?
Cause, if it is, they’re onto something. 
The tears poured down harder as Jungkook came back to you. 
“My baby, so emotional huh?” he whispered, biting on your ear gently. 
“I just love you-so much,” you said, intertwining your fingers. 
“I love you too baby, more than I could ever say, but maybe I could show you,” he said, pulling his underwear off and onto the floor. 
“Yes, yes please I want it,” you begged, spreading your legs wide for him. Jungkook moved slowly, crawling up the bed towards you like a hungry jaguar hunting the antelope. 
“I know you do, so do I, fuck are you sure you’re wet enough? Do you want me to use a condom?” he asked, mind probably spiraling at the thought that this was actually going to happen now. 
“I’m wet enough, believe me, but you don’t have to use a condom. I’m on the pill,” you said softly, touching his cheek. “And I trust you.”
“Okay, whatever you want... might even give you my cum if you ask like a good girl,” he smirked, licking his lips before lining up with your entrance. You felt his tip rubbing against your clit for a few seconds before pushing down against your hole. Jungkook groaned when he sank in. Because fuck, it felt too good.
“You’re so tight, and wet and-shit, feels so good baby,” he praised you. 
A soft whimper and tear came from you as Jungkook slowly pushed in. Your breathing shallowed and Jungkook felt you tensing. 
“Ease up baby, I’ve got you, it’s okay,” he shushed, pressing gentle kissing to your sweaty hairline. 
“So big,” you mewled. 
“Almost there. Be a good girl and take it,” Jungkook moaned out. 
“Want it all,” you said, gripping his hips tight.
“Oh fuck,” he whispered as he bottomed out. Your cunt was stretched to its max it felt like. Jungkook held still as he could until you gave him the okay by tapping his side gently. 
“You sure you’re ready? I don’t want to hurt you,” he said, concerned. 
“I’m okay, please move,” you said, bucking your hips against his softly.
“Alright baby, hold on tight,” he smiled, before bringing your lips together and setting a slow pace. With each draw out and push in he felt incredible. So hot and big inside of you. But he wasn’t rushing either. You could feel every inch when he pushed in, and the slight ache when he pulled out. It didn’t hurt, it was more like you just wanted him there always. 
“Fuck, feels so good, daddy. Wanna cum, wanna cum please!” you cried, gripping his forearm. 
“Yeah? Wanna cum on this dick you dirty girl. Coat my dick, coat it in your cum for me,” he egged you on so much it made your head spin. 
You’d never felt like this during sex. Most of the time you were chasing after your orgasms. Sometimes having to finish yourself off after your partner had long since fallen asleep. But right now? You were being throw towards your end at a rapid pace. He’d barely been going a minute and you were already such a mess. 
“Shit so tight, fuck, come on baby. Cum, cum hard I wanna feel it,” Jungkook growled, leaning forward and capturing your lips in a tight lock. 
You moaned and cried against his lips as finally-finally your orgasm washed over you. Jungkook felt your walls flutter around him and he bit down on his lip as he pulled away from you, letting you ride through the afterglow slowly. Jungkook halted his movement when you started whimpering. 
“Too sensitive? Does it hurt?” Jungkook asked, eyes sparkling in the dark. 
“It doesn’t hurt, just want more,” you begged. One orgasm was never going to be enough with Jungkook. Because he felt so good, knew exactly where to touch and when to touch you. Fuck it was so god damn good you were still teary eyed. 
“My greedy slut wants another one?”
“Yes, yes please!” you said, moving against him, already feeling pleasure rather than the sharp ache. You cried out when Jungkook left your needy hole empty. 
“Lift your ass up in the air,” he demanded. Knees wobbly after your climax you almost fell, but Jungkook’s gentle grip was there to stabilize you. 
“L-Like this?” you asked, spine curved and hips jutting outward. 
“Just like that baby,” he said, approaching you with a gentle smack to your ass. 
“Oh!” you gasped, and Jungkook just laughed. You knew it didn’t hurt but you weren’t expecting to feel such a rush from it. 
“Like being spanked pretty?” he asked, landing another one on the other cheek. 
“Fuck!” you cried out, falling forward on your elbows. 
“I think you do baby slut,” he smirked, rubbing his fingers through your slick. He rubbed at your clit a little, enhancing the sensations all the more. 
“Daddy, fuck,” you said, arching your back. 
“Take my cock baby,” he said, rubbing it against your wet pussy. 
“Yes, yes,” you whispered to yourself. But Jungkook heard it as he pushed into you once more. Your warm walls welcoming him as he pushed inside your wet heat again and again. 
“That’s right, daddy’s cock is all you want isn’t it? Say daddy’s cock is all you need,” he encouraged. 
“D-Daddy’s-ah!” you cried out as Jungkook landed a sharper whack to your ass. 
“Say it,” he demanded. 
“Daddy’s cock is all I-hngh fuck! All I need!” you said, struggling to speak as Jungkook’s cock battered your core. 
“That’s it, that’s what daddy wants to hear. You’re my good slut, aw fuck, feels so fucking good,” he said, pushing forward harder. 
“So good daddy, feels so good,” you murmured, feeling your sanity slipping away from you. 
“Gonna fuck you dumb, you’ll be full of cum and uh fuck-jesus christ you’re so tight-and you’ll want more of it. In your mouth, in your pussy and on those fucking gorgeous tits, yes baby fuck it,” he groaned, molding his back to yours as he interlocked your fingers. 
“Uh uh uh, daddy I want it, pleas-s-se give me your cum,” you said, unable to really speak coherently at this point. 
“Fuck I’m gonna cum,” he whined, rutting into you harder, causing stars to erupt from behind your eyes. 
“Me-e too, fuck!” after a particularly harsh thrust Jungkook kissed your neck and you could feel him tensing up. 
“Right there baby, right there,” he groaned, gripping your hands tighter. 
“Jungkook,” you cried, orgasm finally taking you causing your walls to flutter around Jungkook’s cock. He’d already felt your climax once, but twice proved to be too much. Jungkook whispered your name into your neck as he came inside of you with a firm thrust. 
Your vision blurred as you felt Jungkook give a few more shallow thrusts inside of you, before pulling out and looking down at the mess you’d made. 
“Y/N? Sweetheart?” Jungkook’s voice was soft as he approached you. 
“Yes, kook?” you said, turning over.
“Wanna take a bath baby?” he asked, kissing your shin and up to your knee. 
“Mmm, yes. Wanna take one together?”
“Sounds perfect.”
Jungkook started the water and you both got in, relaxing against one another. Jungkook brought your body close to his, wrapping you up in his arms as he kissed your head, whispering sweet nothings into your ear. 
“Love you so much,” he said, bringing your fingers to his lips. 
“I love you too kook,” you said, bringing his head down to meet yours in a sweet kiss. 
This must be love. You thought to yourself. You may have almost puked because of how sweet your thoughts had turned. But you couldn’t help but let yourself be smooshy and gross with him. Because it was Jungkook. And he was everything you could ever want and more. 
Before you got too far into that, Jungkook pulled the plug on that bath and had you wrapped up in a towel. 
“Go get changed baby I’ll be right out,” he said, moving towards his sink no doubt to brush his teeth.. 
When you two finally got settled down and wrapped up in the sheets you kissed Jungkook’s chest before laying your head on it. 
Listening to his heartbeat lulled you off into a peaceful slumber.
This must be love.
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kth1 · 11 months
The Sheets [KTH]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⟶ The Sheets [Taehyung x Female Reader] ⟶ Genre: FWB | Idol Au | Smut ⟶ Warnings: mentions of alcohol, smoking, rough sex, spanking, dirty talk, light choking, oral (f), biting, breast play, the condom is somewhere…, scratching, etc. ⟶ WC: 6.8k+ ⟶ Summary: On your night out with the gals you get hit up by the one and only, Kim Taehyung, who’s been eyeing all of your Instagram stories. It’s no shocker that he attempts to get you back to his place once you finally decide to leave the club because this isn’t your first rodeo with the determined and insanely hot, fuckboy. ⟶ Teaser: ““Move…” his palms grip your waist, “please, Y/n.”” ⟶ Beta: thank you so much to @kookdiaries​ and @jeonjcngkook​ for taking the time to beta! I really appreciate it so much! ⟶ Author’s Note: Yeah, I’m frustrated with Taehyung getting a damn Instagram. Someone please take it away from him. I said what I said. This is a lovely birthday gift (representing in #dailydaegu) in honor of the one, the only, Kim Taehyung! 
Tumblr media
Your phone rings an alert, glowing on your screen a notification from Instagram. The username taunts you, glares at you and strikes a nervous, yet exciting, fear into your body. 
‘THV has sent you a message!’ Your phone reads, a deep sigh leaves your mouth. 
“Impatient,” you say to yourself. It takes you a few seconds to muster up the courage to open the notification, what’s the worst that can happen? 
You stare dumbfounded by the video message you see pop up within your message thread between you and the infamous fuckboy, Taehyung. His face pops up with him experimenting with another filter that applies a massive grainy texture over his video. Taehyung moves the camera around while flexing odd facial gestures. A semi-grown out beard and mustache, accompanied by the lack of clothing surrounding his neck and shoulders. Purposely exposing the top-half of his torso, protruding clavicles emphasizing shadows from the skin that sinks around them.  
It’s hazardous. 
You’ve grown accustomed to his random, out of the blue, photos and videos from time to time. Knowing very well he does it out of boredom or creativity, it’s just hard for you to pinpoint which is when.
He seems delighted with the filter, toying with the angles and zoom of his phone until he finally speaks after a content hum. 
“Don’t leave me hanging!” He says with a pleased smile, even squinting his eyes at you before the video ends.
You’re already stepping out of your cab when you type up a response message, making sure to give the driver a warm ‘thank you’ before walking closer to the quiet and luxurious villa location. You’ve been here only a handful of times, a few friendly gatherings and a lot more nightly visits. Each time always feels like the first, always shocked at the size and having the general knowledge of several A-class celebrities being very close neighbors to this location. The idea of running into one of your faves always raises the goose pimples on your skin.
‘I’m here,’ you respond with punctuation and the butterflies in your stomach flap their wings erratically. The frigid chill of the cold air instantly makes you huddle your arms closer to your body, wrapping your coat tighter around your frame as your poor legs remain exposed to the nipping temperatures. 
“It’s freezing out here. There’s even snow on the ground,” you add to the text.
You wait for his reply as you pace around in place, chuckling at yourself as you reminisce about the events earlier in the night which landed you here, in front of the entrance to Taehyung’s apartment building, in the freezing cold. 
You were out enjoying a great gal’s night right before the year ends. Seeing as the majority of everyone is typically busy with holiday activities, tonight just so happens to be the only night that made most sense to meet up. 
A few colorful cocktails and some rambunctious dancing later, you realize that several Instagram stories later you gain the attention of the fuckboy fling you once had – or still have? It’s an on and off scenario and you don’t think too deep into the situation. Generally, most people aren’t supposed to ‘think’ with a friend with benefits situation but we probably know one too many people who cannot keep that expectation. Knowing that he’s a famous celebrity and you’re just an average person working on her career goals, you most definitely do not think of this more than just a dick appointment.
A hot dick appointment. 
Taehyung had commented on one of the last stories on your Instagram reel, one particularly showing off more of your body than the activities around you. And that, perhaps, was a terrible mistake by you.
From there, playful banter and suggestive sweet-talking persisted. His texts turning more dangerous by the fleeting minutes, his curiosity getting the better of him while shooting his shot in hopes to get something out of the conversation. And well… 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A ping alerts your ears and brings you back to the present. You immediately open up the message, reading the words ‘buzzing you in.’ Shortly after, a low humming tone vibrates besides a keypad besides the entrance way into the property.
With fervor, you speed walk your way through the gates and into the comfort of the heated lobby. You mind no business to any strangers in your way, maneuvering yourself to the closest elevator and rushing inside. 
Racing thoughts flood your mind as the elevator remains silent besides your heavy breathes. You feel your heart beginning to beat more prominent than usual, pounding inside your body the higher the floor number increases. Your half-intoxicated state fuels your ambitions, the wild drive that builds up inside your body is ready to take the wheel and steer you straight into Taehyung’s bed.
How thee Kim Taehyung manages to drag you away from hanging with your best set of girlfriends to walking up to his front door will forever be a mystery to you. It must be that unruly hold he somehow has over your thoughts and actions. How unfair he, as a whole human being, is to your sanity and health. The way the majority of all your encounters have only been filled with intensity, so thick that you can cut it with a knife. 
Yet, you willingly always take up the opportunity whenever he calls.
You actually cannot come up with a solid excuse for him. You cannot pinpoint a reason even if he is under your testing microscope. It’s not like neither one of you have trouble getting laid. There’s a handful of contacts in your phone you can hit up, and no doubt Taehyung’s is triple that. Somehow the two of you just… click. It’s been working so far, and you don’t at all mind finding yourself tucked inside the sheets of his bed after a rambunctious night with him. 
Before your fist can make contact with the hefty wooden door that leads straight into Taehyung’s home, the door swings open. Taehyung is already prepared to greet you with a cheeky smirk on his facial-haired face and with no shirt on. A small tail of smoke leaks out between his lips, and that’s when you notice the black juul one of his hands holds. The first glance of him takes you by storm, nearly knocking out all the air in your lungs as you take him in. 
It pisses you off how effortlessly easy it is for him to just look that fine. To get under your skin that easily with just his appearance. And he knows that he gets away with it, that in the end he wins with his charms and unwarranted advantages. 
Pretty privilege is what they call it. 
What’s even worse is that, yes, even though Taehyung is your classic A-type fuckboy, he’s actually not even a bad guy. He’s sweet and honest, tells you straight up and doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to talking. His purpose isn’t to get others hurt but his agenda may end up harming the wrong ones. That’s why Taehyung keeps his distance, doesn’t want to commit to anything, acts like he doesn’t care, occasionally does stupid things, but relies on the women he manages to shag. 
Like you.
His arms cross over his torso, a slight flex to the muscles around his shoulders and biceps causes your eyes to flicker over them. Taehyung leans against the door frame as he eyes you down, cocking his eyebrow. Grey sweatpants hang dangerously low on the bones of his hips, giving you a solid view of a slight indent of where – you know – his dick rests. 
“I hate you,” are the first words out of your mouth as you laugh with a scoff. 
You step forward, only to be blocked by Taehyung stepping in front of you. 
“Be nice,” he speaks in a frisky tone. 
“I don’t have to be here, you know,” you remind him. “I’ll leave,” you turn your feet on the spot. Ready to go right back into the elevator. 
Taehyung's hands shoot forward, grabbing your elbows and preventing you from walking away. He laughs as you exhale a breath of annoyance, face coming close to yours as he presses your body softly against the wall. 
“What’s gotten you so fiery for? Someone hungry? Because I've already made her food. Plus you look so cold. Won’t you let me help warm you up a bit? It’s the least I can do, Y/n.” Taehyung continues to maintain that mischievous timbre, a whole tease. He smiles when you smile and turn away from his gaze, eyeing the inside of his apartment through the crack of his door. 
A cute decorated white Christmas tree stands tall in the back corner, glowing lights flicker around it with a small pet bed set up near the bottom. You can see his dog, Yeontan, unbothered and curled up inside of it. Smooth jazz playing in the background. 
“I am cold,” you state matter-of factually, “and you act like you don’t get any pussy.” 
Taehyung hums into your ear, a small audible giggle escaping his nose. “I don’t get yours enough,” he states calmly as he leans closer to the skin of your neck, nuzzling his face in the crack while sliding his arms around your frame. His newly found whiskers pricker at your neck the moment he places a small kiss to it, warm breath fans out of his nose. 
He ushers you inside, chasing your mouth with his as he blindly guides you to the nearest piece of furniture as the door clicks closed behind the two of you. Your miniature strapped purse drops to the floor with a thud, Taehyung’s hands roaming under the flaps of your jacket to your shoulders and down your arms, allowing the heavy fabric to fall off your body. 
“I remember this dress,” he mutters between kisses. It’s messy by your tongues swiveling together and teeth accidentally clinking against another. The back of your body comes in contact with a cool tile which happens to be the countertop to the island cutting his kitchen off from the living area. “You wore it the first time we met.” 
“I don’t even remember that much,” you laugh as your hands touch his golden smooth skin. 
You skim over his triceps, feeling the dips of his collar bones and running your fingers up his neck. You grip the sides of his head, controlling the way he tilts his head while you push your tongue back into his mouth. 
Taehyung wastes no time with lifting the skirt of your dress higher up your legs, palms seeking the thicker meat of your thighs and searing heat onto your skin. His hands feel hot, gripping harshly at your legs as if he’s kneading dough. Only occasionally does he sneak himself closer to the apex of your thighs, using his knuckles to brush against your panties innocently. 
“I never got to fuck you in it though,” he smiles a wolfish grin. His eyes glint with something naughty behind them, his dark brown iris’ covering his sexual desires far too well. 
He twists your body around, using the table as leverage to bend you forward. Numerous items scatter or fall off the surface, your hands shoot up to grip the other end and anchor yourself still. His arms trap you in and with nowhere else to go, Taehyung uses his pelvis to press harshly into your backside. 
Your laugh comes out in a form of excitement, feeling the cool surface kiss your cheek as you lay your head down. You purposely push back against him, challenging him with your spitefulness. 
With a purr you speak back to him, “because I was fucking Mark back then. I wasn’t looking to fuck you at his party.” 
Taehyung pushes himself firmer against you, more abruptly and sharply, to make a point. The movement makes your knees clank against the cupboards below. The power behind his sudden thrust turns you on further, the promising dick growing harder under his pants presses stiff against your backside. 
“You should have picked me earlier then,” he emphasizes with another shove. 
Each time he rails himself to your backside, even with clothes fully – well, now partly – on, it stirs your insides up. The act itself is so thrilling and hot, stimulating all of your carnal feelings. You can’t feel it yet, but you’re sure your cunt is dripping with your arousal inside your panties. 
Taehyung raises your dress over the round of your butt cheeks, uncovering your lower half for his view. His finger trails the fabric of your thong, letting it snap back to your skin when he pulls away. 
“Is that my ramyeon over there?” your head nudges toward the other counter, seeing a bowl set aside with two chopsticks on top of it. 
A slap from Taehyung’s bare hand lands itself right onto your left ass cheek. It makes you jolt and inwardly shutter your breath. 
“Yes,” he confirms. “You can have it afterwards.” 
You click your tongue in disapproval, but the attitude you wanted to summon becomes completely annihilated when Taehyung spanks you again. This time is harder. 
Seething between your teeth, the pain bubbles over into pleasure. You glance back at Taehyung as he stares back at you with daggers in his eyes. The aggressive side of him clearly coming out to play. 
He looks too hot with a pissed off look on his face. And only for a moment did it truly strike any form of terror into your body. You know he’s only pent up and sexually frustrated just like you are. 
“You can have it after I fuck you,” he raises his eyebrows. “That is, if you can get out of the bed after.” 
“Is that a promise?” you quip back, mirroring the same gesture with your own eyebrows. 
To your surprise, Taehyung’s fingers wrap around your neck as he helps draw you up from your bent position. He squeezes only lightly, possessively, while bringing your back closer to his chest. 
You turn your head, angling yourself to see his face as you search for his mouth once again. Taehyung’s free hand roams your front, cupping each of your breasts and sliding it down the length of your stomach. His legs continue to pin you against the counter, stopping you from turning. 
“I’ll fuck you so hard,” he whispers. “Fuck that little cunt for all the times you’ve played hard to get.” 
A pathetic moan leaves your mouth, uncontrolled and completely shameful. You feel the heat rise to your cheeks; feel the way his fingers slightly choke you as if to tell you he means what he’s saying. It’s almost embarrassing at how fast your body quakes at the thought of his cock being minutes away from touching the deepest corners of your pussy. 
“Please…” you breathe.
Taehyung tugs you back with him, his feet padding against the hardwood flooring as your heels follow. Neither of you can keep your hands off another, as if you need the support of each other's bodies to get from one room to another. It’s a fit of giggles, pushing and shoving with exhilaration while accidentally bumping into various objects on your way through the door to his bedroom. 
It’s hard to navigate in the darkness when Taehyung sends you face first into the room, almost stumbling over the corner of a rug from not picking your feet up in time. You snip back at him, seeing his silhouette from the lighting coming from the doorframe. 
“Don’t need to be so pushy,” you stand firm. 
“Take the dress off,” his voice is low, daunting even. He stalks towards you, the darkness covering his front the more he comes closer, “and get on the bed.”
His fingers find their way to the back of your dress to the zipper, toying with the piece before pulling it down. 
“Mmm, yes sir,” you speak with a condescending tone. You raise your arms up for Taehyung to assist in slipping off your dress, revealing your undergarments. “Anything else you’d like me to do?” 
Taehyung shakes his head, an airy laugh coming from his lips. His large palms grip the sides of your waist, backing you up until your legs hit the edge of his bed. With a push, your body plops down into his sheets. 
“I’m glad you’re so talkative tonight,” he smirks, grabbing the straps of your thong and yanking them down your legs. “Must mean you’re going to be vocal for me.” 
He slots himself between your legs, shifting you upward on the bed before leaning down to kiss you again. Deliberately, he presses his clothed hard-on against your cunt. The pressure makes you moan out in pleasure as his lips capture yours; your arousal leaving a damped patch on the outside of his sweats. 
Taehyung ruts against you, dry humping into your body to make you crave him even more. Adding friction to most sensitive areas. His teeth capture your bottom lip, pulling it out before releasing it back. His plump lips kiss every inch of your jaw, down the column of your neck, and toward your cleavage. 
It’s fast paced, nothing sweet and innocent about the way his determination drives him into a hungry animal. He pulls aside the cups of your bra rather pugnacious, not caring if it pinches your skin as he searches for the clasp in the back. Taehyung’s mouth parts, open and wet kisses littering your chest. His tongue dances circles around each nipple, sucking hard on them before moving downward. 
You're smiling from the mixtures of pain and pleasure, and how eager Taehyung seems to be to get to the act. But the fire building up inside your body makes you feel more anticipation for his body in yours. Once he disposes of the annoying garment, his mouth roams freely to your entire chest. 
“Shit, Tae!” You call out the second you feel two of his fingers flicking over your clit. They part your labia aside, exposing your entire pussy to the air. The sensation is already buzzing through your nerves like electricity rushing through wires. 
He dips his head between your thighs, tongue running down the length of your inner thigh. His stubble softly scratches from the way he bushes closer to your nether region, a new feeling you haven’t necessarily felt coming from him before. 
“You feel so wet already,” he states with glee, “I don’t think I even need to work you open for me.” 
You can’t see, but you’re positive there is a lopsided grin plastered across his handsome face right now and the image itself makes you want to slap it right off of him. 
“I like the foreplay,” you roll your eyes. “The teasing shit, playful whatnots.” 
“And that’s all we do, isn’t it?” His chest vibrates with laughter. 
Delicately, the tips of his fingers prod at the ringed muscle into your cunt. It’s intricate and torturous all at the same time. Taehyung reads your body like a clock, the second your legs become to wiggle out of irritation and lack of friction he dives right in. 
His tongue lays flat against your clit, pushing it side to side against the little nub. He hums approval after the mewlish noise that escapes your mouth and how you buck into his face. His face buries against your most sensitive bits, you can even feel the presence of his teeth. The light scrape against your pussy makes you fear his bite, but also scarily excites you for the possibility. 
Taehyung’s arms wrap around each of your thighs, pinning your hips down on the mattress as he makes out with your cunt. Licking up every inch and tasting your delicious flavor. 
You clench every time the tip of his wet muscle rushes over your entrance, a natural reaction to foreign things infiltrating your velvety walls. The plush of his pillows catch your head as you toss it back, hands running down to card through his thick and disheveled hair. 
He listens to the way your breathy pants become louder over time, especially when he finally sticks his tongue inside of you. He thrusts it in slowly, feeling every corner of your opening as your body tries sucking him in. 
Unaware, Taehyung begins grinding his hips into his bed to add some sort of contact to his cock. The lack of physical touch eats away at the back of his mind, screaming at him to stick it inside of you. 
“God, I want to fuck you right now,” he bites the inside of your thigh, changing the pace. 
His hands are rushing to shove down his sweats and briefs, releasing his hefty cock. He cannot help but to immediately grab a fist full of himself, jerking his cock to please his body. 
“Let me ride you,” you lean up, taking his head in your hands to kiss him before he rejects the idea. 
You pull him with you up the length of the bed, maintaining the connection of your juicy lips while escorting him with your hands. By the time he’s plopping his ass down into the bed, his body laying flat, your legs straddle the sides of his hips. 
The darkness may be blinding you, given there’s very few light sources giving a tiny bit of sight, but you’re still able to feel the length and thickness of Taehyung’s cock below you as you sit on his lap. Taehyung’s hands roam your ass, squeezing at the flesh of your cheeks when you center yourself over him. Using the underside of his gifted shaft, you press your cunt onto him, using his dick as guidance as you run yourself up and down. 
Your arousal coats his cock so disgustingly, it’s tempting for him to rail you raw right now. Even with a few drinks in both of your systems, nether one of you are that stupid to allow that to happen though. 
“You feel so good,” you whisper against his lips as you roll your hips along him. Each passing thrust becomes too tempting to allow him to sink in, bare. 
His palms help control your strides, adding pressure to your backside to push harder against him. 
“If you keep this up I'll end up cumming,” he groans the moment your cunt runs over the underside of his tip. 
You lean to the side near his end table, pulling out the top drawer to pat your hand around the space inside. As you slide forward, Taehyung sucks in one of your nipples as his hands grasp your sides. The motion positions your cunt in the perfect place, right above the tip of his cock, where your stringy arousal still clings to him. 
After recklessly shoving your hand through several unidentified objects in his drawer, you finally find the box that contains the foils you’re seeking. Hastily you take one, spilling the others on the ground while you frantically take the item between your teeth, ready to rip it open. 
The pressure of his cockhead kissing right at your entrance has the two of you halting all actions. You feel Taehyung stiffening underneath you while you swallow thickly, the tension of just sinking even a mere inch down on him would be so undeniably heavenly and tasty. But taboo all at the same time. 
Involuntarily, your pussy clenches. He can feel it on his tip, where he responds back with the tightening of his abdomen and flexing of his cock. You nose against his cheek, breath panting as all your nerve endings yell at you.
It’s a waiting game, if either one of you moves for it you’re not sure if the other will reciprocate. 
Taehyung tilts his head closer to yours, his mouth scraping the side of your jaw. His voice is low, pained with resistance, as if he’s fighting off the fluttering naughty thoughts in his head. 
But he’s failing miserably. 
“Move…” his palms grip your waist, “please, Y/n.” 
You lay your forehead against his shoulder as you descend agonizingly slowly, feeling the pressure of his cock pushing up against your hole. Finally, the most blissful ‘pop’ happens when his head slips in drastically from all the straining. 
Your walls hug the inch he submerges inside of you, so rigorously, it makes this intimate moment feel ten times more deep. A disgruntled moan catches in his throat as your mouth whimpers simultaneously.
It’s dirtier knowing the two of you are without a condom for the first time, relishing in the skin-on-skin contact. Taehyung’s hips slowly scoot higher, nosediving his cockhead deeper through your walls. 
The tension adds fuel to the heat radiating within you, intensity stressing your nerves. But, God, does the feeling of slumping yourself fully into the seat of Taehyung’s lap feel nothing short of ecstasy. 
“Just for a little bit,” he whispers desperately, trying to fight his lustful wishes. 
He fills you up, your clit smooching his pelvic bone as you get speared on top of his cock. Sitting straight up feels like a chore, knowing the angle will make the feeling tighter. Lucky you, Taehyung seems content with your hunched over position as he takes the lead with the first, sharp, thrust up into you.��
You choke out a sob of delight, dropping the foil out of your mouth and onto his chest. 
Your cunt sucks him in so securely, squeezing him like life depending on it. Taehyung tosses his head back, his Adam’s apple bobbing with the deep groan he exhales. 
“My fuckin’ God,” he curses. His hips snap up into you yet again, forcing your body to bounce on him. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”
Your hands grip his shoulders to anchor yourself, a pitiful sob coming out from your mouth as you attempt to muffle your own voice into his neck. 
“Yeah, just like that,” you gulp.
In a blink of an eye, Taehyung manages to scoop you from above him to underneath him in one swift movement. His arms caging you in before propping himself up, using the new position to his advantage. 
“This is dangerous,” he states. Contrary to his words, his hips still stutter as he slowly rolls into you. 
You know he’s enjoying it too much. Just like you are. 
Taehyung reaches over to click the lamp on, giving the room a warm light for the first time since you’ve entered. He looks down at you below him, his eyes blown out and hair tousled every which way. He glances at the way you modestly cover up your chest, not meaning to be pushing your breasts up together to please him – but the sight still satisfies him. 
“Just put the condom on, it’s all good,” you admit. Your eyes scan over the sheets until you find the dainty package, taking it between two fingers to hold up to him. 
“Yeah, yeah I should,” he laughs. 
Taehyung draws back momentarily; the disappearance of his nestled cock already being missed by your pussy. He takes the package, rips it apart and sinks the rubber around his dick after discarding the foil to the side. 
“Do you want me to keep the light off?” Taehyung questions as he takes your legs in his palms. He guides you to turn and takes place right behind you on the bed. His fingers glide over the curves of your body, dancing down your side until he’s able to reach the back of your knee. A sigh leaves his body, his lips attaching to your shoulder, “or can I fuck you in the light and watch your body squirm for me?” 
You giggle, stretching your head to the side to expose your neck for him. You move accordingly, assisting with helping him get into the spooning position. 
“We can keep it on,” you coo, “as long as you get me off. Because my body is aching right now.” 
The feeling of Taehyung’s cock navigating between your backside eventually finds its home right when you need it the most. By him tilting your hips forward, your pussy exposes perfectly for him to slip himself right back in. 
His stretch feels so deadly, colossal, that even the second reinsertion has you gasping into the covers. Taehyung searches for your face, lips speaking into your skin as his hips jerk into you with shallow movements. He pushes himself as deep as he can go given the angle he’s in, pistoning his cock against your front wall, right in the most vulnerable spot. He’s slow at first, letting your body savor the warmth and thickness of him. 
“I know you like it like this,” he laughs. His cock dragging long and hard against your inner walls. “Taking you from the back like a bitch, it’s your favorite position isn’t it?” 
You laugh with him, knowing he is absolutely right. You groan as he sinks himself further again, arching your backside with the motion. The thought of him being buried deeper appeals to you, wanting him to snug himself tightly into your cunt. 
“If you bend over further, I'll be able to give you more,” he whispers against the shell of your ear. 
His lips kiss right behind it, peppering down the side of your neck to your shoulder as he lazily thrusts into you from behind. His one hand helps hold your hip down and controls the way you wiggle from him while his other arm helps prop him off the bed. He moans as he stares down between the two of you, admiring the way the top of your asscheeks look and how his cock disappears from view when he pushes inside of you. 
“Fuck, Tae!” you breathe with an open mouth, your head lolling into the pillow. “Fuck, you feel so good.” 
Absentmindedly, you draw your hand down between your legs, fingers slipping around your wet lips to seek your clit. The need for pleasure makes your body act more desperately and on its own accord, and once you begin circling your fingertip around the small bundle of nerves your entire body shivers from the tingling sensations that add to your impending orgasm. 
Your body bends to give Taehyung more access behind you, calling out to him to fuck you more.
“Yes!” you whine. Your body jolts with the extra inches in your cunt being stretched. 
Taehyung’s hand shifts over yours, grasping your wrist and yanking it away. He tsks you while his entire hand blocks you from getting to your clit. Cuffing your mount while driving his dick roughly in. 
“Seriously?!” you spat out with aggravation. 
“You told me to get you off,” he laughs at your dedication as you push back into him. “So why are you rubbing yourself?” 
You groan out in anger, “because I was close!” 
Suddenly, Taehyung is rolling you to your stomach quickly, his body pinning you down. He shoves your face into his pillow while hoisting your hips up from the bed. The fast way he maneuvers around, you end up finding yourself slanting forward with pillows underneath your hips in a blink of an eye. 
There’s an airy and egotistical claim weaved through his voice when he speaks to you next. You’d give everything to see the way his face looks when he growls out the words, “If you’re going to cum, it’s going to be from my balls slapping into your cunt as I take you from the back. Then i’m going to continuing fucking you through it, not stopping even when you’re spent. Now spread your legs for me.” 
Thank heavens the surface below you is soft from the mattress, because the way his legs split your thighs open has your knees cramming down into the bed. If it were to be the hardwood flooring, you would end up with some real nasty bruises on your body. 
His touch controls the way your body needs to be placed, cock slipping between your folds once again as he plunges in harshly. With one palm pushing down on the center of your back, he bends you down as he drills his cock into you. 
The pillows muffle your louder moans, nearly choking out to catch your breath. The faster Taehyung goes, the more your noises draw out. Even the headboard above you begins tapping roughly against the wall that stands behind it, knocking in a rhythmic pace. 
His cock grazes over your gspot far too many times in the matter of seconds, edging you closer and closer to that tasteful orgasm. Each time he bottoms out, slapping his hips into your ass and sinking his entire length into your accepting pussy, his sack strikes right onto your clit. The sting pushes your nerves to the extreme. Leaving you a whining mess under him the moment your climax comes crashing into you, shaking your body uncontrollably. 
Your hands had reached back, gripping onto the sides of his thighs as he continued to roll into your cunt. Sobs leave your mouth as your body begs to collapse, to relax, but Taehyung refuses to let you. 
Instead his hand pushes your back down harder, trying to give him the optimal angle to completely obliterate your cunt as he chases his own high. 
“Tae!” you cry out, your nails digging into his sink to soften the blows from behind. It’s far too blissful and you’re not sure if your poor pussy is begging for him to stop or to continue. 
“You like that? Huh?” you hear him over the sounds of him smacking into you. “Love the way you're trying to stop yourself from more pleasure. Love how your cunt is weeping for my cock to fill you.” 
“Oh, God!” you crane your neck. “Yes! Yes, yes!” 
There’s no way to be able to see him from this limited spot, but you watch his shadow on the wall. Even the way the light paints him still makes Taehyung look sexy, the way his lithe body snaps fast and hard into your submissive one. Your back is beginning to pinch uncomfortably as you hold onto Taehyung’s legs for dear life. 
His delicious audible vocals begin to sound rugged, uneven. Before you know it, Taehyung slinks himself out to yank off the condom and begins to ferociously jerk his cock. He rests it on top of your ass as globs of white and hot cum spurt from his tip, landing sporadically across your back. He grunts; it sounds like he’s been suffering for ages to release his load. 
“F-Fuckin’ shit,” he slows the speed of his fist, making sure to milk each drop out on your skin. 
Finally, you’re allowed to let your knees give away from underneath you. Tiredly, with the little strength you have left, you pull away all the pillows from below you. Laying completely flat on your stomach never has felt better than right now. 
Both you and Taehyung’s breaths can be heard, trying to calm down the excitement in each other’s bodies. He moves off of the bed and exits the room with no words, only to come back with a moistened hand towel for you. He plops beside you on the edge of the bed, sighing heavily as his body starts slowing down. 
“You good?” he tilts his head, eyes scanning you. 
You nod as you hum, feeling deflated and tired already from the activities. Even twisting your back to spin around has you wincing with pain. 
“You went kind of harder than usual… my back actually hurts.”
Taehyung lets out a sardonic laugh, not even pitying your state and finding your complaints hilarious. “Yeah? Well you made me bleed.” He points to the outside of his thigh, revealing strong streaks that broke his skin from your nails. Small blotches of dried blood color the small wounds, surely it probably stings him like how a cat’s scratch would. “Take it as a compliment. You have a good pussy and I wanted to fuck you better than I have before. So are you going to say sorry about drawing blood or does that make up for your back hurting?” 
“You’re such an ass sometimes,” you shake your head while you poke fun at him. You’re not mad, he’s just a confident and egotistical male. 
Taehyung drags the hand towel over the pieces of his spilled seed on your back, cleaning up the leaked surprises. He ticks his head as if agreeing with your statement, but no words leave the pout on his mouth. 
“Apology accepted,” you laugh as you hint to his humble aftercare and acceptance of his occasional ‘ass’-self. 
After cleaning your backside up, he searches for his sweats to yank up his lengthy legs. He shuffles through the door, calling out to you over his shoulder, “If you want your ramyeon you can come and get it.” 
Eventually you’ve made your way out of his bed, with struggle of course while properly trying to redress your body with your night outfit. You find Taehyung sitting on a stool with a piece of roasted seaweed between his lips. His eyes scan over his phone, aimlessly browsing over some sort of social media as you walk past him to the cold bowl of ramyeon. A tossup between Twitter, Weverse, or Instagram. 
“You’re not really going to eat that, are you?” He questions from behind you, curiosity spiking his interests. 
“I’ll reheat it in a microwave. I really don’t care, I'm just so hungry.” 
You maneuver around his kitchen area like an expert, as if you’ve been here too many times – wait, you have. Upon turning to ask him if he has some sort of pain reliever medications, you catch his eyes watching your lower half. You squint at him, expecting for him to speak for being caught. 
He hums as if he didn’t hear you say anything when his attention snaps back to your face. Taehyung’s eyebrows raise as he raises a questionable eyebrow. 
“Pain? Medication?” you enunciate. 
Taehyung shrugs in his seat, he leans back while taking a hit from his juul. He exhales the smoke from his nostrils, phone completely abandoned. 
“Did you put your underwear back on?” 
So, he’s allowed to just completely avoid your questions? Some guy. 
You scoff, turning your head back to the microwave that’s counting down the seconds for your food. 
“I’m seriously asking,” he laughs. His hand props his head up, elbow placing on the counter as he leans forward. “They’re probably all disgusting with how dirty they got.” 
“To answer your curiosity, no, I didn’t. They’re still somewhere on the floor in your room.” 
The smug look across your face annoys you. Not fair how he looks so naturally pretty and handsome all at once, even whenever he’s being cheeky you find him quite adorable. You take the first slurp of noodles from your bowl; they aren’t as good as you hope but they’ll do their job with satisfying your hunger. 
“I’m surprised you have your dress on, are you leaving?” 
You pause your actions for a second, contemplating the choices you have.
“Well, I have nothing else to wear. And I'm not walking around naked.” 
“That would have been a nice sight,” he adds. His tongue comes prodding out of his mouth, licking his lips wet. 
“Are you really flirting with me right now? After having just fucked me?” You criticize, dumbfounded at him. 
Taehyung stands up from his seat, paddles his way around to your side of the island to step close to you. You try to not let his proximity affect your eating, minding him no business and not giving into the attention. 
His knuckle runs along the length of your arm all the way down to your elbow. When you don’t budge, he takes more drastic measures. Taehyung makes comfort behind you, latching his body against you as his chin rests on your shoulder. 
You give him a sound of warning, protesting his sudden movements. 
“What do you think you’re doing?” you grumble with noodles in your mouth. 
Taehyung groans with displeasure, his cheek pressing against yours. “Hurry up, Y/n,” – his hands grip the hem of your dress, raising it up your body – “I want to fuck you again.” 
You argue back as you shove another mouthful of ramyeon in your mouth, “You can wait. Plus the condoms are in your room, so you really need to wait.” 
To spite him, you push yourself back onto him. 
His grip tightens when his hands rest on your waist, controlling your hips as he takes the reins and pulls you back onto him a few times. Replicating the motion of how his body feels when he thrusts into you… minus the presence of his cock inside of you. 
“Then I guess we need to make our way back into my room for round two…” 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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liberosis — myg;
liberosis; the desire to care less about things.
pairings: lawyer!min yoongi x trophy wife!reader
extra characters: kim taehyung and tanaz (enouement), kim seokjin and inaya (aphotic), jeon jeongguk and azumi (kaiho), park jimin and rei (nodus tollens), jung hoseok (psychomachy) (avengers, assemble!)
genre: angst, smut, contractual marriage!au, age-gap!au (10 years)
words: 31.390
warnings: tsundere!min yoongi, toxic relationship, talks of corruption, morally corrupt!min yoongi, morally corrupt!bts, minor/unnamed character deaths, yoongi is a chain-smoker (most lawyers smoke, believe me on this one), cold and distant behaviour, scenes with alcohol consumption, face-sitting, pussy-eating, consensual and unprotected sex, doggy-style, orgasms (f / m), mental abuse, mental breakdown / meltdown, hurtful words, mentally abusive, explicit display of controlling behaviour, extreme paranoia, irrationality, yoongi exhibits signs of pyromania (he sets ‘some’ things on fire), mentions of cheating, exhibitionism.
part of: tatemae; 建前 — a bts series.
a/n: let me warn you all, well in advance, that the legal depictions portrayed in this piece of work, specifically about ‘spousal privilege’ is not how the actual rule of law works and is a bit different (also can differ based on personal laws around the world). i took the liberty to alter some details to suit this piece of work better, so please take note of them with a grain of salt. your understanding is appreciated!
Tumblr media
August 2020:
you turned off the water tap after using the facilities. at the very least, hospital restrooms are squeaky clean and hygienic. funny how a clean washroom is the highlight of your week.
the past week has been a ride to hell and back. watching your father fight death, suffering to take even the next breath, all because your family cannot afford the best cancer treatment. chemotherapy can drastically increase his survival rate, but it costs a fortune in addition to his daily treatment requirements.
your mother had passed away when you were around two years old, and since then, it has always been your father and you. 
your father, a low-grade government employee, did not earn much. it was enough to get by, a low-key life with the proper necessities. you never had a want in life, but adversely, there were no funds in any bank for emergencies like hospital bills. your father retired around three years ago, his pension being 75% of his salary, causing a stretch in daily life. you have had part-time jobs since you were fifteen (15), but wages from part-time jobs hardly account for pocket money; it cannot possibly run a household.
you shook off the water droplets lacing your hands before standing in front of the hand dryer. there were some sounds of footsteps outside, almost like someone was pacing the length of the restroom entrance while talking on the phone.
you were too busy drying your hands when the dryer sensor went off for a few seconds.
“jeon, i need you here. there is a body, and i need it taken care of... what do you mean you are busy? i am fucking busy too... taehyung, that idiot called me instead of you... yeah? well, i don’t fucking care whether you two get along or not. i came thinking it’s an emergency because mighty kim seokjin told me. then i discovered that it’s beyond my concern,” the male, who now stood right outside the blurry glass panel of the restroom door, took a drag of his cigarette before continuing, “no, no, it’s not about hoseok. it’s seokjin’s business. some poor chap got stuck in the crosshairs.”
you heard the part of the conversation clear as day before the dryer started again. hearing the dryer's sound, the voice outside the door ceased at once. the realization did not take long to hit that you just listened to a conversation that you were clearly not supposed to. you tried to stop the dryer, but it was sensor-enabled and had a time lag before turning on and off. you tore your hands away from where they were lying under the machine, but by the time it stopped whirring, the restroom door opened with one smooth push of a hand.
“you’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” the male groaned before putting out the cigarette in his hands and flicking it towards the trash can.
you stared in absolute shock at the male; he was dressed in a suit, made of lush expensive fabric, polished shoes. his tie was tucked inside the sweater he was adorning over his shirt and underneath his suit blazer. initially, you thought it would be a gangster, but the look of the sophisticated person standing in front of you caused you to do a double-take. 
“what did you hear?” he took steps towards you, the automated restroom door closing behind him.
“what..?” your eyebrows scrunched together at the sudden interrogative tone.
“are you deaf? i asked, what did you hear?”
“nothing,” you replied sternly this time, holding your head high as you tried to walk away, but the male barred your pathway.
he looked at you, creating the illusion of towering over you although he is of average height and not that taller compared to you. he had a sombre look; the man meant business only.
“don’t make me repeat myself. i am not having the best day.”
“of course, guess hiding dead bodies is not your forte,” you blurted out unintentionally. your passive aggression is going to sign your death warrant someday soon.
an unmistakable smirk appeared on the male’s face, his eyes never breaking contact with yours, maintaining the upper hand, “so you did hear it.”
“well, you were not exactly being subtle,” you sighed and replied honestly, now that the cat is out of the bag.
“oh yeah? my bad, my first slip up and at what cost. humour me, what all did you hear?”
“listen, i don’t care who you are, who you work for or with, i won’t tell anyone anything. i promise,” you spoke softly, just wanting to leave, but he kept glaring at you till you finally gave up, “i heard you telling someone to take care of a body. i heard four names. i don’t know any of them, i promise.”
“you heard the names too?” he asked, almost in disbelief because that is circumstantial evidence. you nodded at the rhetoric inquiry causing the male to massage his temple with his forefinger and thumb, “what do i do with you now?” he mumbled to himself.
“don’t kill me please, i need to take care of my dad,” you spoke out, impatient to get back to your father.
“oh, little one. how do i believe that? you could rat me out anytime.”
“no, i won’t! i don’t even know your name! see, there’s the loophole.”
a dark chuckle left his thinly shaped lips, “do you take me for an idiot? i know a self-righteous person when i see one,” a reminder tone played on his phone, causing him to check it.
“i am serious, mister. this is none of my business. i heard things i shouldn’t have, and i am more than happy to forget about the whole incident.”
min yoongi, obviously, did not trust a word that left your mouth but decided to indulge you as he was running late for a hearing. this way, he can also understand your intentions better, “i don’t believe that, but for the time being, i am going to let it go and forget this ever happened.”
you nodded at that and meant to walk away, but the man caught you by your elbow. the grip was firm, forceful even.
“don’t think i will hesitate even for a second before ruining your life if you choose to open your trap anywhere.”
you wrested out of his grip, “i am not an idiot either. you won’t see me again,” you replied briskly before exiting the restroom. letting a sigh of relief on escaping the situation, you walked back to your father’s room.
it did not take more than three days for the universe to make you eat your words as you found yourself walking towards the police station.
‘he is going to kill me, surely,’ you sighed, your hands clutching on the straps of the crossbody bag hanging from your shoulder. you stopped in your tracks around 200 metres away from the precinct entrance and turned back.
‘i need to be alive for dad,’ you thought as you started walking in the opposite direction. 
‘but i should report it. they got someone killed,’ you groaned, stopping in your tracks. turning back, your eyes traced the precinct building while in the other direction, at a considerable distance, was the hospital where you came from.
confronted by your thoughts, you sat down on the pavement, covering your face. the dilemma was giving you a headache. you need to stay alive to help your father heal, but you cannot just not report a serious crime like murder. 
it was sunny out, the rays of sunlight almost burning off the top part of your head, but you kept sitting with your face bowed down, trying to decide what to do.
“ma’am, are you alright?” a voice caused you to break out from your train of thoughts and look up.
“i am alright,” you croaked out after clearing the lump in your throat.
“you look out of sorts. is everything alright? i am a cop,” he showed you his badge, which read ‘detective jung minjun, violent crimes squad,’ “maybe i can get you a cab home.”
your eyes almost lit up at the sight of his badge.
‘is this a sign from the universe?’
you kept staring at him for a while before finally speaking up, “actually, i want to report a crime, but i am afraid i will risk my safety.”
“ma’am, we can help you with that. why don’t you come with me to the precinct and talk to my senior?” he urged you.
you were already leaning more on the ‘should report it’ side, and now coupled with his reassurance, you stood up to your feet.
i mean, what is the worst that could happen?
“alright. but i am still not sure.”
“i can understand,” minjun offered you an understanding smile before walking towards the precinct with you on his toes.
“sir?” minjun spoke up once inside the precinct, standing in front of the largest desk. the man sitting on the other end of the desk looked up from his desktop screen and urged minjun to go on.
you watched quietly from behind minjun’s figure, almost like you had taken shelter behind him.
“ma’am here wants to report a crime,” minjun moved aside and left, so now you were left face-to-face with the senior detective. 
‘senior detective jeon jeongguk’ read the name plaque kept on top of his desk.
“yes, miss, go ahead,” jeon jeongguk stood up and walked to you, pulling out a chair for you, “you look anxious. here, have some water,” he moved a glass of water towards you.
you sat down, your body almost reclusing into yourself in the presence of the detective. compared to minjun, jeongguk had a heavier presence. his war-core attire screamed superiority in power. he was trying his best to be gentle, but there was a certain crassness in his tone. guess that comes from dealing with notorious criminals all day. you extended your shaky hand to take the glass of water he was holding out for you.
“it’s alright, don’t be afraid. we are all here to protect you,” jeongguk smiled before walking back to his chair and taking a seat, “now, tell me what happened?”
“i am not sure if i want to make an official statement,” you mentioned after taking a sip of the water.
“sure. whatever makes you feel comfortable.”
you nodded and narrated the whole incident to him down to the T, not leaving a detail out.
“four names you said, a john, taehyung, kim seokjin and hoseok, right?”
“yeah! you got them right.”
“do you want to make an official statement and report the crime?”
“i wasn’t so sure about it, but now that i am here, might as well go ahead with it.” you sighed.
jeongguk nodded and turned to minjun, who took the cue and recorded your statement. jeongguk stood up from his seat, grabbed his phone and mumbled a soft ‘excuse me’ before walking out of the precinct.
“your witness is here,” jeongguk spoke through the receiver of his phone.
yoongi, on the other side of the call, sighed, “i knew it. did you take her statement?”
“had to. i am not the sole person who works here, everyone in the squad heard what she had to say, and she wanted to report the crime, so yeah, she is getting her statement recorded right now.”
“fuck. i swear i can’t go one day without seokjin’s stupid issues blowing up in my ass. hold her there, i am on my way.”
“cool. it’s almost lunchtime, so i will make sure it’s just her, and i left in the precinct.”
“got it.”
jeongguk completed his call before walking back in.
“can i leave now?” you asked as the detective made his way back to his desk where you were sitting.
“did they record your statement?”
“yeah, sir. they did,” you smiled, preparing to stand up.
“can you hold on for a while? i have some additional documents i need you to sign.”
“oh? alright,” you let your weight rest back on your seated legs.
“yeah, yoon-” jeongguk turned around and faked being surprised with the realisation that everyone had left for lunch, “i am afraid you will have to wait, ma’am. form 15-B is maintained by yoona, and everyone is gone for lunch.”
you nodded, thinking nothing much of it and took out your phone to pass the time.
jeongguk offered you a small smile before going back to the case file he was registering onto the system after giving yoongi the affirmation that you two were left alone now.
it took ten minutes for yoongi to arrive from his office to the precinct. he sauntered in, as soft as a cat, not letting you any time to suspect that someone was standing right behind you.
you did notice something was amiss when you could smell a familiar cologne. you turned back in a flash only to discover that your hunch was correct. the cologne belonged to that very man, and now he was standing right behind you.
“you are a sanctimonious little prick, aren’t you?” yoongi smiled as he noted the look of dismay on your face.
you turned to jeongguk, “sir, this is the guy! he was the one talking about the dead body.”
jeongguk leaned back into his chair, “i know, miss. i know.”
“you... know?” your eyebrows scrunched together in disbelief. reports of police corruption are rampant worldwide, but it is indisputable that we trust the cops to protect us at the end of the day. when it happens to you, it feels surreal. you felt so helpless because you had nowhere else to turn to. also, you do not know what will happen to you now.
“so it wasn’t john but a jeon?” you asked after putting the pieces together.
jeongguk laughed, “well, they both have the same pronunciation, but yes, i spell it as j-e-o-n.”
you went to reply, but yoongi’s voice brought your attention back to him.
“you are big on words, little one. i must say, you even promised me by yourself that you would forget about everything.”
“i tried, okay! i tried, but you assholes killed a person.”
yoongi let a chuckle before getting a hold of your elbow, “get up.”
“wher-where are we going?” you kept looking between jeongguk and the male, scared for your dear life.
“to have the talk, little one. since you have chosen this path, let me show you your options now. it’s only fair,” he tugged on your hand again.
you stood up and followed him out to his car. it was a black rolls royce wraith. the male opened the right side back door and pushed you in like neither you nor the car meant anything. he got in after you, shortly.
you regained your balance and sat properly on the seat, “why are you doing this?”
“are you serious? i should be the one asking you that!” he reached inside his blazer pocket and brought out a sealed packet of imported Marlboro Vintage.
you scoffed, “well, it’s too late. i already made an official statement.”
“yes, that you did,” the male held the butt of the cigarette between his lips before lighting it up, “but you have to appear in court and testify in front of a judge.”
“and i will if that is not evident enough by now.”
the male scoffed this time, dragging in a long puff before breathing it out, “i was hoping you would say that. unfortunately, i, for a fact, know that you would not be able to make it to court. i am given to believe that your father is in critical condition, and chemotherapy can greatly help his treatment for renal cancer.”
“how do you know that?”
“i know everything about you, y/l/n y/n. everything. i have your school records in my office. top As but never joined college cause of high fees.”
“none of that has anything to do with you or this situation,” you looked around, trying to locate the car door. drawing in another breath was becoming impossible.
“just ask, and you shall receive,” the male shook his head before cracking the window open, letting the smoke move out as fresh air poured in, “my name is min yoongi. remember that cause you will be hearing soon from my assistant about the cheque. so, why don’t you be a good daughter and take care of your dad? go ahead and get a new kidney even!” he leaned in, a sick grin playing on his lips. the stench of cigarettes wafting through your nostrils as you only leaned back.
yoongi advanced a hand, causing you to clutch your hands tightly near your chest, but he unlocked your side of the door to push it open, “get lost. you will get your money soon. keep your trap shut.”
you peeked your eyes open, and after noticing that he opened the door, you got to your feet and left as fast as your wobbly feet could take you.
one month later. September 2020:
you came back from work and took off your jacket while listening to pending voicemails. most of them were just from your friends, but the last one was from the hospital. your father’s primary doctor had left a voicemail stating that they have found a kidney transplant match for your father. you played the voicemail over and over again, happy that your father can get better now. for the past month, you have held on to yoongi’s cheque, unsure if you should accept it, but what could possibly come before your father’s health? you walked to your room and pulled out the slightly tattered cheque from under the mattress. you looked at it with the same expression of disbelief as you have over the past four weeks. how can someone just hand over five hundred million korean won ($500,000) just like that? keeping it back in the safe place, you took a quick shower before heading over to the hospital to be with your father. he would probably rip out the kidney with his own two hands if he ever comes to know where the money came from, but you will just think of a lie when the time comes.
come next morning, you headed back to your place from the hospital to freshen up and head to work when a sealed official mail lying in front of your door caught your eye. the symbol of justice was unmistakable as you leaned down to pick it up. it was a court summons, and just like that, it was almost as if the earth stopped spinning, your surroundings blurred out as you read the letter. you are expected to appear in court next week thursday to testify. all five of your senses felt numb and hot at the same time as you made a run for your room to retrieve the cheque. you changed quickly, and instead of clocking in for work, you headed over to min specter firm. over the past month, you have gathered some intel on him. from the internet, you gathered that yoongi is a bigshot criminal lawyer who runs one of the most successful law firms in the country. he has completed his education from the top universities worldwide and charged a fortune for a single appearance in court. 
however, there was not much information available about any other aspects of his life.
fifteen minutes later, you were standing in front of the trust tower in seocho-gu. the board on the front side of the building read “min specter legal firm” in bold.
you struggled to take another step forward because refusing his money is not the problem. the issue is what he will do with you next. he is not the type to just let you walk free after you inform him that you intend to testify in court, after all.
“hey, y/n. eonnie, is that you?” a familiar voice broke you from your trance.
you turned to your left when you recognized the owner of the voice. your favourite junior-classman from high school; rei.
“yeah, it’s me. rei, oh my god, i am seeing you after graduation?”
“yes!” rei smiled before leaning in to hug you.
you stood there for mere seconds, your hands lying limp by your side before you eventually hugged her back. you closed your eyes after resting your chin on her shoulder, feeling less stressed as your tensed form relaxed under her reassuring taps on your back.
“what are you doing here?” rei asked upon pulling back from the hug.
“uh, i am here to meet min yoongi.”
“you are? is everything alright? are you in trouble?” she inquired as you both headed inside the building.
“h-how do you know?” you turned to her, visibly shocked.
“well, you don’t meet up with min sir, if you don’t have a business to discuss.”
“oh yeah, that. right. what about you?”
“oh, i work here.”
you both walked to the elevator as rei clicked on the floor button.
“you are an advocate?”
“yes, ma’am. i just graduated a few months ago, so i am fairly a newbie.”
you nodded, “can you show me which way his office is?”
“of course,” rei smiled at you, but it turned to a frown when you kept staring ahead, pointlessly, at the closed elevator doors.
rei extended her hand and kept it on your closed fist, giving it a squeeze, “don’t be nervous. i know sir does not take on a lot of cases, but even if he refuses you, i am here for you. let me know if i can help you.”
you looked at her with a smile on your face this time as the doors opened, “i will keep that in mind.”
rei flashed you a smile before showing you off to yoongi’s chamber. you bid goodbye to her before giving your name to yoongi’s assistant sat outside in the lobby.
you were called to his chamber within five minutes. timidly, you walked through the large oak double doors after knocking.
“what is it?” yoongi leaned back in his chair, his eyes trained lazily at you.
“i can’t do it,” you brought out the cheque from your trackpants pocket and kept it on the edge of his enormous oak table.
“what, do you want more money? is that it?” yoongi asked, crumpling up the cheque and tossing it in the bin.
you shook your head, “i can’t take a penny from you. it’s blood money.”
“your dad is literally on the verge of death. are you sure that argument matters?”
“i don’t know what matters or doesn’t. i will admit, i was blinded by the money, by the thought of seeing my father healthy again, but i got the court summons today, and it did help me snap out of that superficial happiness. my dad raised me better.”
“yes, and this is how you are repaying him by choosing death for him. literally.”
“exactly. this is how i am repaying him, to this extent.”
yoongi shook his head, “i have a murder trial hearing in two hours. my junior is supposed to come to brief me in maybe another twenty minutes or so. give me one reason why i shouldn’t just get rid of you and be done with this whole business once and for all.”
“i am trying, but i just can’t take that money. you can’t stop me from showing up at court next week.”
“are you sure? i can make a phone call, and you will end up the same way as the guy over whom you are holding this candle of morality.”
“please, don’t kill me. much like everybody else, i do not want to die.”
“i have no intention of having you killed, or i would have made that phone call quite some time ago. getting someone killed is easier said than done, little one. it will only cause me more issues. on the other hand, making your life difficult can be easily arranged.”
“then, i guess we have reached an impasse.”
“not yet.” yoongi tapped a button on the telephone, “jungha, can you summon that rei kid for me? thanks.”
“why are you calling rei?” worry graced your features.
“oh, you know rei?”
“yeah, she was my junior in school.”
“wow, this is only getting better and better.” an evil smile appeared on his face, “so listen carefully, when she comes here, i am going to make an offer with her as a witness. and if you refute it, i will fire her, and i will make your life hell, including your dying dad’s.”
before you could reject or agree with the notion, there was a knock at the door as rei walked in.
“oh, i am sorry, sir. i was unaware that you were with a client. i can come back later?”
yoongi shook his hand and pointed to the empty chair beside you, “she is no client. she is my fiancée.”
rei’s head turned to you in a flash. you are sure she must have gotten whiplash from it.
“you guys are engaged?” her eyes fleeted between her boss and you, in quite the frenzied manner.
you kept quiet, unsure where yoongi was taking this. was he trying to test you in some way?
“yeah. i asked you here for another issue, however. can you tell me what is the validity of testimony in criminal cases if spousal privilege is invoked?”
“oh, it would be inadmissible because the other spouse can just refuse to disclose any conversation as part of the confidential marital communications.”
“right,” yoongi turned to you, the same evil smile on his face, “are you free this monday, miss park?”
so this is where marriage comes up. he would be basically buying off your witness testimony.
rei nodded, “yes, sir, i am.”
“good. can you come over to the registrars' office on monday morning? y/n would need a witness for the marriage, but her dad is sick and cannot attend.”
“me?” rei turned to you again.
you finally looked at her. either you agree with yoongi, or you would be dragging rei along with your father in this mess. you have known rei from middle school through high school. while you had lost your mother at a young age, rei had lost both her parents. when you passed high school while rei still had a year left, she cried her heart out on the graduation day because you were one of the only few people who ever cared for her. you have always empathized with her, and dragging her down with you seemed downright cruel.
“yes, rei. i would like that,” you faked a smile.
“i would be honoured to, eonnie.” rei stated before leaving you alone with yoongi again.
“so, you can use your head after all,” yoongi commented after the doors closed behind rei.
“i don’t see the point of making her suffer.”
“aw, i almost forgot about your self-righteous meter. it has far surpassed the skies. anyways, i will see you on monday. if you have any boyfriend or whatever, hope three days are enough to break up and wrap up any other business.”
“please, think about it again. can’t we take another option? you don’t even know me! nor do i, you.”
“don’t care. i don’t date, i don’t have time for any of this bullshit, and i already did give you other options. this is the last bit of rope i am willing to throw you at having a life and watching your loved ones living their lives happily,” yoongi stood up, his fair veiny hands buttoning his blazer buttons, “see yourself out. i have to do the briefing for a case. see you later, little one,” yoongi pat the top of your head in the most patronizing manner before walking out, leaving you alone in his office, all alone with nothing but your conflicting thoughts.
“isn’t this your senior prom dress?” rei asked as she tried to do an up-do on your hair. you already told her that it is alright, but she insisted you look the best on your special day. it made you almost snort in derision, your best day.
“thought you wanted to wear your mother’s dress at your wedding.”
you almost stopped breathing on hearing that. yes, that is what you had always dreamt of doing, of walking down the aisle in your mom’s beautiful wedding dress. you still keep her picture adorning the beautiful dress over your dresser. she looked so graceful, a genuine smile on her face. that is what you had always visualized your special day to be and not this, definitely not this. with a stranger, in the registrar’s office, without the presence of your father, all because you refuse to cower down to the way of this unfair world.
“yeah, uh, it got torn during a move and is non-restorable,” you lied straight through your teeth.
“really? that’s too bad. okay, here, look,” she turned the front camera on her phone before handing it to you, “hope you like it.”
you took the phone and stared at your face on the screen. It was just a reminder of what reality has turned into and what you are about to walk into. handing back the phone to her, you faked a smile, “i love it.”
rei just stared at you, seeing right through your fake smile, “why don’t i believe that?”
“no, seriously. you have done a good job, love!”
“no, i mean. can i ask you something?” she continued after you gave her a nod, “are you really sure about sir? i don’t mean to sound too rude, but you two look like you have never even been in each other’s presence before.”
“i guess that’s just how we are,” you shrugged and watched yoongi walk towards you both. he was dressed in one of his usual suits.
“we are next,” he announced with his arrival and turned to rei, “did you get the next date for that theft case?”
“yes, i did,” the pair continued talking about the details of some case when rei stopped and turned to you, “sir, it’s your wedding day. let’s not talk about work.”
“yeah. that. right. totally slipped my mind,” yoongi mumbled, “thanks for, uh, taking care of,” his eyes turned to your face as he tried to remember your name, “my, um, bride.”
you stared at him in sheer disbelief and with disdain. did he just stutter while remembering your name? so now he cannot even remember your name?
after yoongi’s witness, kim seokjin and his wife inaya came over, the group of you headed inside the registrar’s office.
yoongi was the first to sign the documents before turning the marriage register and prenuptial document towards you.
your gaze was strictly trained at him, your hands shaking as they got the hold of the pen from his hand. your eyes still pleading him to not take such a drastic step. you knew he was not going to budge, yet you tried that one last time before finally signing both the documents, sealing your fate with his.
the registrar attested the document, and after all the formalities were over, the group headed outside.
“you know, we met because of you,” yoongi started in a sarcastic tone, addressing seokjin.
“ah, yoongi-ah, you don’t have to thank me,” seokjin laughed, knowing very well what yoongi was hinting at, but he could not miss the opportunity to tease the younger man.
“no, hyung, i am so grateful to you,” yoongi gritted further. his tone was in complete contrast with his jovial expressions, “i can never thank you enough.”
seokjin tried to stop his laughter but failed tragically, “cheer up yoongi. you were the only bachelor in our group, and i was sad to see you so lonely.”
“oh! you were concerned about me???” yoongi’s voice almost went up an octave in absolute exaggeration.
“of course! we all were!” seokjin turned to you, “we are kind of a big group, y/n. would you like to have us over some time so we can all get to know you better? i only want to see yoongi happy. you know, put a smile on that stoic face.”
you were caught off-guard when seokjin addressed you. after rei left, you were stood quietly beside yoongi while the two men talked. you did not fail to note the sarcastic tone of your newly-wed husband while he spoke about you. well, the feeling is mutual. you are not ecstatic about him, either.
you almost wanted to curse seokjin out. yoongi is correct, this whole thing is happening because of him, but inaya was there, who clearly looked like she was unaware of the situation, so you chose not to lash out publicly, “of course, mr kim. that would be lovely.”
“it would be so nice to spend time with you, and rei too, she was nice,” inaya spoke up, smiling at you.
you smiled back, “i would like that very much. i will have rei over as well.”
“well, the girls have decided then.”
yoongi fought off the urge to roll his eyes as the couple took their leave.
“i have to go to court,” he spoke after taking a glance at his wristwatch, “my driver will take you to my place.”
“alright. i will be gone to the hospital till late.”
yoongi shrugged, “hardly matters to me. i am home mostly after ten in the night.”
“oh. okay,” you replied before getting in the car, and the driver first dropped off yoongi at the court before taking you to his place. 
you stepped out of the car, your eyes stuck at the beautiful architectural monument in front of you. while the driver unloaded your luggage from the vehicle, your eyes fell on a lady dressed in a black dress with a white apron, stood at the front door. she resembled one of those maids from the eighty’s movies. her hair was prim and proper, her posture — the epitome of vintage high ladies.
“this way, ma’am,” the driver spoke up as he carried your luggage towards the entrance.
you followed him quietly till you saw the lady approaching you. she had the kindest smile you have ever encountered. although her skin was riddled with wrinkles, her features were sharp, nonetheless. she reminded you a lot of your own dead mother.
“i am juyun, ma’am, and i have been at mr min’s service for more than a decade. i am his family housekeeper. it’s so great to meet you.”
“please call me y/n, and it’s great to meet you, as well.”
“oh, i can never, ma’am. that would be inappropriate. if you kindly will, this way,” she twisted open the handle on the front door to usher you inside.
you walked inside the house as prompted by the kind maid. the driver brought your luggage and placed it in yoongi’s bedroom. early in the morning, yoongi had picked you up from your place along with your stuff. first, you headed to the registrar’s office and now here you are. within a matter of a few hours, your address, your marital status and your fate changed.
you looked around the house, which was nothing less than a palace.
“would you like to take a look around?” the kind maid, juyun, spoke up when you kept looking at the expensive paintings mounted on the wall.
“no, thank you. i have to go meet my father.”
“would you like me to draw a bath for you, instead?”
“yes, that would be nice,” you turned to her after finishing your short eye-tour.
juyun nodded and walked to yoongi’s room with you on her tow. one look around the room, and you knew it was yoongi’s bedroom. neatly organized and a hundred per cent devoid of any kind of personal memento, almost like it is specifically designed to be devoid of any personal touch.
“can you set up my room in the guest room, please?”
“as you say, ma’am.” juyun agreed at once like it was nothing odd. well, considering she has been in yoongi’s service for more than a decade, she clearly knew him better. 
later in the night, you were already asleep by the time yoongi came back home.
around one in the night, you woke up from a thudding noise on the window pane. you turned the bed lamp on and tried looking out the window but could see nothing other than a couple of branches of the maple tree on the porch. due to the night breeze, the branches might have been crashing against the window. turning the light off, you laid back down, but in the moonlight, the shadow of the branches on the opposite wall looked like a hunched over man in a dark overcoat.
you are not one to get scared, but the unrhythmic thudding of the branches against the glass pane in the dead of night, inside a strange new house and empty room gave you the chills. juyun had informed you that she leaves the household premises before nightfall, so you knew, yoongi and you were the only people left in the house.
not thinking much of it, you went to sleep that night only to find yourself in the exact same situation the very next night. you held the comforter close to your chest, the darkness around you leaving room for an eerie aura to envelope the air. additionally, the shapeless shadows formed by the tree's branches were nothing less than scary.
that night as you slept, you had the worst nightmare. you dreamt of being chased by a shapeless form who wanted nothing but to hurt you — hurt you bad. it was malicious and evil. it made no sense because you have never had nightmares like these.
you woke up to your ringtone blaring loudly. it was an unknown number, and you hesitated to answer it, but right before the call would finish ringing completely, you picked it up. it was the state prosecutor’s office asking you to come over so they can prep you for the trial tomorrow. right. you still have to appear in court. given how sly and resourceful yoongi is, you already had the feeling that even appearing in court would not really amount to anything. nonetheless, you were going to exhaust all your options at helping out the dead fellow.
thursday came in a blurry, and you were up all night thinking about all the possible outcomes. last night when yoongi came back home, he had come up to your room to ask you if you were still planning to show up at court. when you replied in the affirmative, he just laughed. there was an air of smugness surrounding him like he had already planned ahead, at least, five moves. 
at the first rays of sunlight illuminating your room, you left the bed and started searching up courtroom etiquettes online. you have never been more nervous in life, it felt like the most significant examination of your life and you, so badly, wanted to pass.
you rummaged through your luggage to pull out your only formal skirt. tucking the white dress shirt inside the skirt, you stood in front of the mirror in the washroom to look for any creases. sighing, you grabbed the comb and neatly gathered every strand of hair to tie it in a ponytail before walking out in a pair of heels.
yoongi was having his breakfast while reading the newspaper. he took one look at you before turning the page to the finance section, “someone knows how to clean up.”
you kept quiet and headed towards the door.
“i can drop you off, i mean i am going to court as well. courtesy of you.”
“i can go there myself, thank you,” you replied before exiting the house. the bus takes half an hour to reach the trial court compound, and you did not want to risk arriving late.
reaching the court compound, you found your way around and sat in the spectator stand, your hands sweating from feeling extremely anxious and nervous. you kept memorising how to refer the judge, ‘your honour, my name is y/n.’ ‘your highness?’ ‘no, your honour’ ‘or is it your lord/ladyship?’
“top of the morning to you, little one,” your husband whispered when he walked past you to the attorney table and sat on the left side. he was accompanied by another sharp-looking man dressed in a fine suit.
you rolled your eyes at that but kept sitting quietly. the stand filled up soon to about half of its capacity, and everyone rose to their feet once the judge entered the courtroom. the trial started within moments, and you watched the sharp-looking man, introduced as the defence counsel, mr harvey specter, skilfully refute every piece of evidence that the prosecution had built a case on. you were expecting your husband to fight the case, but he had his firm partner representing him. the whole exchange between the defence and prosecution went by in a flash. you tried to keep up with the arguments till you heard the prosecutor calling your name.
“your honour, i would like to call to the witness box prosecution’s last witness, y/n,” the public prosecutor said after presenting all the facts.
“permission granted,” presiding judge marly replied.
prompted by the prosecutor, you stood up and walked to the witness box. it was surreal and nothing like how it is usually portrayed on television.
“state your name for the record and relation to the case,” the judge asked once you were done repeating the words of affirmation.
“your honour, my name is y/n..” you trailed off.
“are you sure, dear? you sound unsure of it,” marly J. commented, her dominant hand scribbling away.
your eyes followed her hand, your own shaking a bit. you turned forward to notice that everyone in the courtroom had their eyes on you. mainly, that unmistakable predatory gaze of min yoongi, who looked like this was all a piece of cake for him.
“miss, can you state your name for the record and relation to the case,” the prosecutor repeated the judge’s words when you kept sitting quietly.
“i-i’m sorry. my name is y/n, and i heard a conversation regarding the murder.”
“can you tell the court what you heard? verbatim, if you will,” the prosecutor asked of you next.
you nodded and duly obliged, narrating the exact words of the conversation that you had heard that day.
“do you swear that this is a true and accurate statement?” the judge asked.
you nodded, “yes, your honour.”
“do you recognize that man,” the prosecutor pointed at yoongi, “as the one who had that particular phone call conversation?”
you followed the prosecutor’s hand and looked at yoongi, who winked at you. the gall of this man.
“yes, sir. that’s him.”
“let the record reflect that the witness has identified the defendant. no further questions, your honour,” the prosecutor walked to the attorney table and sat down.
mr specter stood up once the state prosecutor sat down. he fixed his blazer, buttoning it up as he walked to the stand and stood in front of you.
“miss, can you state your full name for the record? the name that you have taken over since your marriage,” he started.
“min y/n.”
“married to?”
“min yoongi,” your eyes boring holes into yoongi’s, who smirked a little at your tone.
“can you please tell the court what this is?” mr. specter brought over a piece of paper and handed it to you. 
you took the paper and glanced at it quickly, “it’s the marriage certificate of mr min and i.”
“very well, can you tell me when is it dated?”
“16th August...” you read out the date, and at the realization, your voice died down. it was back-dated. you married him two days ago, not one month ago but the date on the marriage certificate said otherwise. clearly attested by the government ordained registrar.
mr specter turned, “let the record show that the prime witness of the case is the wife of one of the named defendants, and the conversation took place after they were married.”
“objection your honour,” the prosecutor stood up, “relevancy.”
the judge turned to mr specter for his reasoning.
“your honour, the relevancy of this established fact will be shown to the courtroom very soon. in order to do that, i would like to call the defendant, min yoongi, to the stand.”
“very well. please proceed.”
you stood up and walked down, giving space for yoongi to take the seat. you were feeling airy headed since you knew precisely what yoongi was going to do. truth be told, you showed up at court today solely on that last morsel of hope that maybe your testimony can amount to anything, something, but yoongi was going to tear it all down to nothing.
“mr min, do you recognise this woman as your wife?” mr specter asked.
before yoongi could answer, however, the prosecutor spoke up.
“objection, your honour. already asked and answered. counsel is wasting the court's time.”
mr specter did not wait for the judge to rebuke him and started, “seems like my learned friend is in a hurry, so allow me to rephrase. do you recall having the conversation with or in front of your wife, min y/n?”
“no, your honour,” yoongi lied through his teeth, “i do not recall having that conversation even in the slightest. additionally, anything between my wife and i is protected under spousal privilege.”
“counsellors, approach the bench. you too, mr min,” marly J. commanded before walking to the attached judge’s room.
the prosecutor, mr specter and yoongi walked to the judge's room.
marly J. was sitting in her chair and had a distasteful scowl on her face, “mr min. my courtroom deals with criminal cases, not family issues.”
“i am well aware, your honour,” yoongi replied.
the judge turned to the prosecutor, “i believe your entire case was based on her testimony, but i cannot allow it.”
“your honour, please reconsider. this is the first time any witness has willingly testified against kim seokjin.”
“i cannot deny a citizen their right to the privileges they enjoy granted by the law. everyone is equal in front of the law. i cannot allow it. if there is nothing further that you can produce to stand your case, i am disposing of it.”
when the opposing counsels, along with your husband, had gone to talk to the judge personally, you could already guess the outcome of this whole stunt. defeated, you did not wait for the judge to pass the order and left for the hospital to be with your father.
that night, you were scared to fall asleep. counting sheep was not helping, neither was watching anything on the phone. your eyes drooped with sleep, but just as sleep started to seep in, you woke yourself up. but there is only so long till you can keep yourself up forcefully. soon you fell into a deep slumber and almost like a lucid dream as you saw the exact same nightmare. only this time — the figure had caught up and was about to hurt you, but you managed to wake yourself up just in time. now you know, the faceless figure is the dead man over whom you have, so far, risked and ruined your entire future. you have done your part. you cannot possibly fight a system alone when the corruption is at every micro-level.
on the fourth night, you seriously debated what to do about this situation. during all this time, you have had absolutely zero interaction with your so-called husband. he left for work around nine and came back around eleven, had his meals alone as you had a different daily routine. juyun took care of everything around the house, so it was not like your presence was required anywhere. you kept yourself limited in the four walls of the guest room while you were in the place, the rest of the time you spent with your father, who was getting the treatment he needed. amidst the quiet of the night, as your mind raced through all these thoughts, a car horn from the main road caused you to flinch.
“fuck it,” you mumbled before getting out of bed. grabbing a t-shirt, you put it on over your racer-back tank and headed out into the doorway. you do not know exactly remember which way was yoongi’s room and amidst the dimly lit hallways, all the corners looked the same, but you kept walking forward till you came upon a door, wherefrom under the small gap at the bottom, a faint light was coming out causing you to knock at it.
there was a shuffle of sheets, and the door opened to reveal yoongi in his pyjamas. he was wearing a t-shirt with a pair of joggers, not much different than your attire.
“what?” he asked, rubbing his eyes.
“i can’t sleep,” you admitted shyly.
“i don’t know any lullabies,” he walked in, leaving the door open. you walked in too, closing the door behind you.
“no. i mean, can i sleep here tonight? i’ll sleep on the couch.”
“whatever,” yoongi replied before sitting on the bed with his laptop as he resumed typing something.
you sauntered to the couch and sat on it first, watching yoongi work. he was not lying. he really did not care and continued typing whatever he was working on.
you took off your slippers and pulled your bent legs on the couch, letting your head rest on one of the armrests. your eyes were trained at him, your arms crossed over your chest in a fight or flight mode.
sleep took over soon, but it was uncomfortable to lie in that awkward position. you kept repositioning your head or your legs in the sleep, not being able to drift into a deeper sleep that your tired body needed.
yoongi finished his draft in about two hours. he turned off his laptop and looked up to see you still curled up in that uncomfortable position. for the past two hours, he has not failed to note that you could not sleep properly. he stood up, keeping away his laptop on his desk before walking to you. he let a kick on one of the legs of the couch, causing a vibration.
“get up.”
by the third kick, you woke up, squinting your eyes open. yoongi was standing in front of you, hands in his pocket, “what?”
“get on the bed.”
you sat up at once, alarmed at his words. 
“whoa, whoa, i am not trying to jump you. it’s three in the morning, little one. i finished a draft, and i only want to sleep now. so just get on the bed. you are clearly uncomfortable.”
“promise you won’t touch me?” you asked, massaging the back of your aching neck.
he nodded tiredly, “go ahead. you can sleep on the right side. the left is mine,” he said before heading to the washroom.
you walked to his bed and crawled on the right side of the extra comfortable king-sized bed. by the time you settled under the warm covers, yoongi came out of the washroom and joined you. he turned off the lights and turned his back to you after getting inside the covers.
November 2020:
over the past two months of your early married days, your interaction with your husband has been questionably none. some nights, you overcome your fears and sleep in the guest room, other nights when they overcome your conscience, you end up sleeping with yoongi again, in his bed, against his warmth but that is about it. there is never much talk.
some days it feels like he is intentionally ignoring you or avoiding to talk to you but with time you have concluded that he is a busy person in general and is not exactly putting up a front to ignore you.
some other days, it feels like he is just putting up a show but he has other intentions. like when he shifts in his sleep and his hand sometimes falls on your chest, his fingers almost moulding to the shape of your breast causing you to glare at him but his soft snores are evidence enough that he is clearly asleep and the movement is unconscious.
either ways, he is a not a man of a lot of words. or maybe he is, considering he is an advocate. you don’t really know, and he never leaves space for you to know him any better. your marriage is a sham and will never pick up pace, so you turn your focus to the one constant in your life; your father.
after receiving the best cancer treatment (curtesy of your generous husband), your father did get better last month but after a few weeks, he started deteriorating again. the doctor has already informed you that there is no hope and you know too, that look in his eyes is unmistakable. more or less, you have accepted it but that has not brought any break in your daily routine.
every morning you wake up alone in the bed as yoongi wakes up before you, take a quick shower, finish your morning routine and breakfast and then head over to the hospital to spend time with your father. most days you read to him, while on others, he reminisces about his past and tells you more stories about your mother than you have ever heard since your childhood.
you were flipping through the pages of wuthering heights, trying to look for the last line that you read when your father’s eyes fell on your wedding ring.
“what’s that?” he asked, his eyes stuck at your ring finger.
“hm?” you softly hummed, very much invested in finding the bookmark till you followed his gaze and gulped. you must have forgotten to take it off before walking in his room a few hours ago, “it’s a ring.”
“for what?”
“fashion, dad. it’s just a ring,” you shrugged it off confidently, turning your gaze back to the book.
your father sighed. he knows you, he knows no matter how hard he is going to try, he will not be receiving a straight reply from you, “i still don’t understand how you can afford this CCU room. i asked a nurse and the per-day cost is more than our monthly rent.”
“i have told you, dad, just let me handle it the best way that i can,” you mumbled before finding the pencil mark and started to read again;
“i’m wearying to escape into that glorious world, and to be always there: not seeing it dimly through tears, and yearning for it through the walls of an aching heart: but really with it, and in —.”
“y/n, is there something you are hiding from me?” your father cut you off in the middle.
you sighed, putting down the book on your lap, your index finger keeping the book from closing, “not really. everything is fine, as always. i have handled everything, as always.”
your father turned his gaze back to the ceiling above his head, the same ceiling that he has been staring at for over a month now, “you know... your mother loved this book. her favourite line was honest people don't hide their deeds, and she truly lived by those words.”
“i am not hiding anyth—”
your father cut you off again. he overlooked your words as he was speaking in a flow, “i will forever regret that i couldn’t send you off to a good university. you were always the best in your class, always at a higher reading level than your current grade, and yet because of our family condition, you could not attend a university. like you deserved to.”
your hands closed the book shut, eyes now stuck to the graphic design of the cover as your father continued.
“and now i won’t be there to walk you down the aisle when you meet your prince charming.”
you unconsciously played with the wedding ring till you took it off and pocketed it.
“forgive me, y/n. turns out i am not the father that i should have been to you. i couldn’t support you financially, and i won’t be there for the rest of your life either. please forgive me.”
your vision turned blurry as tears welled up in your eyes, “stop saying that.”
“it’s the truth! you’re a good kid, baby. the best i could ever imagine having. all i can wish for till my last breath now is that you get the prince you deserve. a good guy who will take care of you better than i ever could.”
“stop saying that!” your enraged voice went up, unintentionally, “no can ever take care of me better than you did as a single dad. so just stop saying that. i will come again tomorrow,” keeping your head bowed down, you walked out of the room swiftly before your father could further protest.
sniffling in the hallway, you speed-walked to the restroom to bawl your eyes out. the moment your eyes met the mirror, the tears fell like an incessant waterfall. it took you around fifteen minutes to calm down, till your tears turned to a bitter chuckle as you laughed at the irony of your life. freshening up, you were drying your hands when you remembered that this is the exact place where your downfall started. the universe indeed has a wicked way to rub your face in it.
composing yourself, you left the hospital building to make your way back to the place you have been calling ‘home’ for the last two months. it did not feel like home. even the walls were unwelcoming. you had nothing to do. your status was nothing more than a piece of wall furniture, not even a fancy one at that. probably the cheapest one that your husband owns.
there were no visitors, no family, just the maid who leaves every evening after preparing dinner. everything around the house is always taken care of. visiting your father every day was the only sort of routine you had in place, but that would come to an end soon, as well, just like everything does in your life.
“you are back early today, miss,” juyun spoke up when you walked into the living room. she was in the process of dusting the window panes.
“yeah...” you trailed off, meaning to walk away but stood your place, “i remember on my first day, you had mentioned that you are yoongi’s family housekeeper.”
juyun straightened up with pride at the mention of her employment history, “yes. i have served the min family diligently, ma’am and wish to do so till my bones cannot take it anymore.”
“so what about his family? where are they now?”
juyun’s proud smile vanished within seconds at your question. oh, you don’t know.
“i thought you knew, miss.”
“what do you mean?” your eyebrows furrowed with confusion as yoongi had never mentioned his family. he hardly speaks two-three words to you, let alone talk about his family.
“around five years ago mr and mrs min died in a car crash.”
“i’m sorry,” your blood turned cold at the revelation. your fate must be so tainted that you do not even have in-laws to call a family.
“they were murdered, miss,” juyun continued, tears streaming down her face, “your husband was still making his name in the legal world, and he had put an evil man in jail. a gang-man who had killed many, and then one day, mr and mrs min were hit by a truck when they were on their way back home. it was clear as day that the gang-man was behind this. then yoongi sir met with seokjin sir and soon founded his firm.”
“is the gang member still behind bars?”
“oh no, miss. he is dead. he was murdered in his own cell. police suspected some gang rivalry.”
juyun’s tone was sincere as she narrated the story to you, but it did not take you a moment to connect the dots. your father used to call you miss holmes due to how quickly you can see the bigger picture even with incomplete facts, half stories or wrong clues. honestly, you are the one who finds it annoying when people cannot see through the truth, it is always glaring them straight in the face, but they choose not to see it.
yoongi must be behind the death of the gang member, he must have taken help from seokjin, and then jeongguk must have taken care of the police. it was clear as the day really, the affiliations are apparent enough. after all, you are another victim of the same affiliations, only.
“where’s your ring, miss?” juyun asked, her hands touching your bare finger.
“oh, i took it off to wash my hands,” you brought the ring out of your dress pocket and wore it, “there.”
“it’s gold, dear. you don’t have to take it off when touching the water.”
“right. will keep it in mind next time,” you smiled before making your way to your room.
when yoongi came to bed after finishing work that night, he was surprised to find you awake. you are usually asleep by the time he comes.
during the first month, he would walk to the washroom to change, but he has stopped bothering. your face is usually turned towards the wall near the bed, so these days, he just changes in the room itself.
“can’t sleep?” he asked, changing out of his dress pants and into a fresh pair of sweats.
“no, was just lost in thoughts,” you turned back unbeknownst that his upper body was bare as he just took off his shirt, “i-i’m sorry,” you closed your eyes shut.
yoongi snickered noiselessly on noting that you did not close your eyes immediately, but after taking a good look at his body, “ahha,” he hummed after putting on the t-shirt and walking to the washroom to freshen up.
“can i ask you something?”
yoongi stepped out of the washroom and made his way to the bed, “go ahead,” he raised the covers and got inside them.
“what happened to your parents?”
you rushed it. you asked the main question way too early before laying down any groundwork. he was in a good mood, but his expression turned into a scowl on hearing your question.
“i don’t wish to discuss my parents. ever. if you wish to gossip, feel free to leave because i need to sleep,” he turned his back to you.
see, this is what you do not get. why do you have to lay the groundwork for someone? why do you have to walk on eggshells around someone? why can’t you just ask min yoongi something ever and actually get a proper answer. are you not a receptive person? do you not deserve to be talked to? it is always the same with your husband. he never wants to talk, never wants to give you even the slightest glimpse of his life. all you want, all you need, all you wish — to just talk to someone, maybe tell them about how you are feeling internally, about your father, about this complicated fate that you have found yourself tangled in, about your future, what lays ahead — all you want is to talk. you are always making sure that you do not take too much space, trying to never bother anyone as everyone is doing their own work, always spending your time alone knowing that it is not anyone’s job to entertain you or hang out with you. no one has time for you. even life does not have time for you. you, on the other hand, have all the time in this world, always free, just laying around on the bed, eyes either stuck to the ceiling or out the window, watching couples, friends, family walking by, having fun, spending time with each other.
life must be colourful for them, unlike the black and white permanent filter veiling on yours.
yoongi came back one day around seven in the evening, very much to your surprise. he sat down on the wingback chair placed adjacent to the sofa set on which you were sitting, watching a movie on television.
“don’t do that,” you rolled your eyes upon noticing through the peripheral vision that yoongi had brought out a cigarette and was about to light it up.
“i am not having a good day,” yoongi drawled out lazily before lighting up the cigarette.
you sighed, “well, i can’t really help much if you don’t share stuff with me.”
yoongi allowed his body to rest back against the plush upholstery of the wingback chair, his one leg resting over the other, “what do you want to know?”
you almost brushed over the reply till it hit you that he was actually giving you a chance to ask him what you wanted to know. your eyes went wide at the realization as you put the television on mute and turned to him, “are you serious?”
“don’t push your luck, little one. ask me what you want before i change my mind.”
you parted your lips intending to say something but shut yourself up. it is early days, and you cannot spook him off yet. going in slow would be the best option. he will let you in eventually, but you have to be patient. nodding to yourself, you turned to him, “did something happen at work? you’re back early.”
“not really,” there was an uncomfortable silence; the smoke from his lit up cigarette, held tightly between his long fingers, formed a cloud before he brought it up to his lips and took a drag, “a dumb cop filed the wrong charge-sheet against a client of mine and then my junior had the absolute audacity to let his phone ring inside the courtroom. kids these days are fucking embarrassing.”
you nodded, not to anyone in particular, acknowledging what he talked about. it did not seem that big of a deal, but you guessed it was one to yoongi. 
you started thinking again before asking the second question. the last thing you want is for him to shut off as usual, “is there something that i can help you with?”
you were not expecting him to reply in the affirmative, but it made your ears perk up when he did. you can be of some use to someone? anyone? wow, what a day.
“yes, actually. thanks for reminding me. seokjin hyung is eating my head off about the gathering. he wants to call the boys and their wives to meet you. i swear if hyung and jeongguk text me one more time about this, i will block them.”
“we can have them over. i don’t mind. it would be nice to have people over, i guess. i mean, i would love to look over the arrangements and meet them.”
“you sure? they can be a handful. they are basically adults on steroids.”
you giggled softly at the comparison, “can’t be that bad.”
“fine. don’t say i did not warn you in advance.”
you went to add something more, but his phone started ringing.
“guess time’s up,” your husband put out the cigarette before making his way towards his study. he stopped in his tracks and turned to pat your head, “good talk.”
you watched him leaving just as smoothly as he had arrived, “condescending, cold bastard,” rolling your eyes, you went back to watching the movie.
jung hoseok was the first one to arrive. as informed by your deeply cherished husband, you know that he manages the biggest chain of hotels in south asia and has been a loyal client of yoongi’s for almost six years now.
“hello, mr. jung,” you smiled politely as he was let inside the living room by juyun.
“oh hey, you must be y/n. it’s great to finally meet you,” he smiled back with the same fervour.
“and your wife...?” you trailed off, unsure. as far as you remember, yoongi did mention that all his friends were married.
“ah, dany is at home with our son. he is only five months old, so she doesn’t really leave the house much.”
“oh! congratulations on the baby boy.”
“yeah,” hoseok nodded awkwardly as the conversation turned silent, “well, i hope you don’t mind that i am here early. i came here directly from work. had i gone back home, i would have just fallen asleep.”
you nodded at that, but before you could reply, yoongi came down from his bedroom. juyun must have informed him that hoseok was here.
“i’ll take it from here,” yoongi’s hand brushed against the small of your back as he smiled at hoseok, “let’s talk in my study till the rest of the party arrives.”
hoseok nodded, and both the men left for yoongi’s study room. you kept standing there, thinking about the way he left, but his touch lingered on your skin through the fabric of your black a-line dress. it burned through your being, and you craved it more, just like you do every night when he scoots a little bit too close. 
you must have been standing there for a few minutes because the next thing you heard was the honk of a car pulling up in the driveaway.
yes, more guests. your hands instinctively straightened your wrinkle-free dress to greet the guests.
“ah, you,” your lips broke into a rhetoric smile when your eyes spotted jeon jeongguk.
jeongguk shrugged, smiling back, “hello, miss.”
“do you guys know each other?” a soft female voice from behind him caused you to crane your neck sideways till the figure came out in front.
jeongguk turned to his wife, “know? yoongi hyung met her cause of me! it’s a shame they did not call me to the wedding.”
“really? that’s nice,” the girl turned to you, a smile on her face, “i am azumi, jeongguk’s wife.”
“where’s hyung?” jeongguk asked after taking a look around.
“he’s in the study with mr. jung,” you informed him.
“sweet. i believe you ladies would certainly find something to talk about,” he smiled at his wife before walking away.
you just stared at azumi, not knowing what to say or do. you have spent most of your adult life working, taking care of your father and then locking yourself up in your room. that was your ‘me’ time. socialising, going out, having friends is not something you are good at, even by a tiny bit.
“can.. we sit?” azumi asked, gesturing at the couch.
“a-o-of course! sorry, my bad. i didn’t ask you to even sit.”
“it’s fine. happens to the best of us, don’t worry. you’ve got this,” azumi smiled, grabbing your hand as she walked to the couch and sat down with you beside her.
you felt relieved. you are not an anti-social person. you just need the proper nudge to open up and talk.
azumi almost had the opposite personality as you. she was charming, bubbly and knew her way around words. it almost seems like a cruel joke that her husband is jeon jeongguk. well, she seemed clearly ignorant of the exploits of his corruption. that much was clear.
“oh and then tanaz and i we- wait, do you know tanaz?” azumi asked in the middle of telling you about her university life.
you shook your head a no, “i’m afraid not.”
“don’t worry! you’ll know when they come over. she’s my best friend. we’ve known each other since we were kids.”
your fingers softly played with each other, your clasped hands lying in your lap, “that must be nice.”
“yeah, it is. you must already know inaya, at least?”
“i have met her, but we haven’t talked much, really.”
“oh...” azumi sighed. she could easily sense that this was all new to you, and she has been trying to make you loosen up, but so far, it has not worked well, “is there anyone coming tonight that you know?”
“yeah! rei is coming, she’s my friend. not exactly my friend, more like my little sister, but i’ve known her since school!” you beamed almost, happy that you also have someone in your life that you have known for a while. life is not that bad. you have some aspects like most normal people, as well. and knowing that, just that fact gave you satisfaction at the moment.
azumi grinned at your enthusiasm. yes, it finally worked!
around twenty minutes later, rei finally came, and so did inaya and seokjin.
“you’re late, miss,” you huffed as rei walked to you, giving you a brief hug.
“i know, i know, i wanted to get something for you, but nothing just seemed right.”
“what? no! you didn’t have to.”
“psst, not taking a no. here,” she handed you a gift-wrapped packet.
“i’ll check it later.”
“no! open it now. i want to see if you like it,” she urged you till you finally gave in and took off the wrapping paper to reveal a picture frame. it contained an old picture of you with rei, back from high school. the photo was taken on sports day, dressed in matching uniforms and cute braided pigtails. you were pinching rei’s cheeks, who was trying to escape your hold.
“i think i am the only one who has a copy. so, i want you to have it,” rei smiled eagerly, waiting for your reaction, but you kept staring at the picture, your eyes turning glassy.
“i love it. thank you. thank you so much,” you sniffled once, soaking your tears back in before putting up the frame on top of the fireplace, “and this is...?” you gestured towards the male who had accompanied rei and was now talking with seokjin. the two men had struck up quite a conversation.
“that’s um, jimin-ssi,” rei turned towards the jimin-person who noticed you both staring at him, so he flashed you both a toothy smile causing you to smile back in return.
“boyfriend?” you grinned, turning back to rei.
“uhh, we got married last month.”
“wait a second, you got married? what?”
“it’s a long story,” rei mumbled, her gaze towards azumi, “i’ll tell you later.”
you followed her gaze and nodded, “right. come here, this is azumi, and you surely remember inaya.”
rei nodded before joining the girls. another five-six minutes and taehyung and his wife, tanaz, arrived. the men came out to the living room as well, and yoongi introduced you to all of them one by one while you introduced jimin to them.
late into the party after concluding dinner, you turned around yourself. everyone seemed to be having a good time. it made you genuinely smile. after months, you had something to do, arrange a party you had never done before. one-night yoongi came back and informed you that the party was going to be on friday night. that was on a wednesday, so basically you had two days to arrange everything. juyun was glad to help, but she offered you took the lead and asked you to manage everything before asking for her help. at first, it terrified you because you did not want to screw up, not at your first gathering, but it was thrilling, too. you went shopping for hours, took hours to finalise the dishes, the drinks, the décor, everything. and to see it all come together nicely, your smile only grew fonder.
“so, why do i get a vibe that you guys don’t like jeongguk?” azumi asked suddenly, making all of you quiet down.
the men were sitting separately on the other side of the room, drinking and smoking. they had a completely different conversation going on, more like they were in their own world.
tanaz was the one who broke the silence, “’cause he’s an asshole.”
“hey, that’s rude!” azumi smacked tanaz’s arm lightly in mock retaliation.
while they laughed it out, inaya and you just exchanged the ‘who’s gonna tell her’ look between each other. seems like no one really liked jeongguk.
“what? he’s a jerk, and so is dr taehyung,” tanaz scoffed, finishing her wine in a gulp. there was a certain tinge of anger laced with her voice when she enunciated the doctor.
inaya cringed at it, “aria eonnie is testimony to that.”
tanaz chuckled, “she sure is.”
azumi kept quiet at the comment, choosing not to go into further details. you certainly did not know any of them enough to contribute to the conversation. while rei quietly observed the girls, her gaze moving back and forth between them like a bobblehead.
tanaz stood up to refill her glass, “rei is awfully quiet tonight,” she poured some more of the red fluid into her wineglass.
“oh, this is all new to me. i am still processing it in,” rei smiled sheepishly, “you guys seem very close, i mean from the way you are bitching about your husbands.”
“bitching? if only,” azumi let a bitter laugh.
rei turned to you first, to which you only gave a shrug, so she continued, “am i missing something?”
“oh no, you are fine, darling. ignore us,” tanaz tutted back to resume her place, “tell us about yourself. what do you do?”
“i am an advocate. i work in yoongi sir’s firm.”
“that’s amazing! where did you meet that charming devil?” azumi asked, her eyes gesturing to where jimin was sitting, talking with jeongguk.
“at work..” rei trailed off.
“really? i thought you said he was a dance teacher?” you inquired further.
“he is. he is a choreographer and works mainly in the k-industry, but we met at work. it’s a long story really,” rei dismissed your queries and chugged down her wine.
“if you don’t mind my asking, how old are you? you look quite young,” azumi asked after rei refilled her glass.
rei turned to her, “i can say the same, really. you hardly look older than me. if you don’t mind my asking, how old are you?”
azumi laughed at rei’s defensive tone, “wah, forgot you are a lawyer for a second. it’s not an interrogation. we are all friends only.”
rei joined her and laughed too, “i’m just kidding. i’m twenty-two.”
“oh,” tanaz paused and turned to inaya, “turns out we have another member joining the maknae club.”
“welcome to the club,” inaya clinked her wine-glass against rei’s at that but kept the glass away, not taking a sip.
“tell us about your married life,” tanaz asked further. rei was a new target, and the girls indeed loved hassling her. it was fun to watch rei getting flustered, so you allowed yourself to indulge as well instead of saving her, like rei wanted, evident from her pleading eyes every time she looked at you. she was indeed not the extrovert of the bunch.
“it’s certainly a new experience,” rei let a soft sigh.
“yes, the honeymoon phase. it’ll fade away soon, believe me. ask inaya, she’s been doing this for four years,” azumi was the one to reply this time.
inaya did not register the statement as her eyes were stuck at her husband’s figure.
“inaya?” azumi touched inaya’s hand, causing the latter to flinch as she was brought out of her thoughts.
“i’m sorry. what’d i miss?” her eyes travelled between all of you ladies.
“nothing. tell us what’s going on with you,” this time, it was tanaz again who spoke.
“the usual, really,” inaya exhaled. it was more a mumble. her wine-glass went untouched, and when you brought that up, inaya seemed visibly dishevelled, “i can-can’t drink.”
“is everything alright?” you turned to her, worried this time.
inaya’s gaze moved towards her husband first, then to tanaz, who was quick to her rescue.
“she can’t drink cause of a medical condition.”
although the hesitancy in their voices indicated something more, it was not your place to pry further, so you left the topic alone.
the night grew, and the clock struck half-past ten. it was azumi who stood up first and made her way to her husband. 
she tapped on his shoulder, “we should get going. you’ve duty in the morning.”
jeongguk sighed, taking one last drag from the cigar before handing it over to hoseok, “yes, baby,” he turned to the men, standing up, “unlike you rich pricks, i have work in the morning.”
“mm, officer. thank you for your service,” seokjin mocked, gaining a laugh from the rest of them.
jeongguk chuckled, wearing his jacket, the right sleeve of which he kept getting wrong till azumi held it up for him to slide his right arm in.
you watched the couples quietly, as one by one, all of them took their leave after bidding you and your husband a goodnight. rei had stayed back to help you clean up till you literally had to scold her that you could handle it.
“she never takes no for an answer,” jimin spoke, his first words to you that night.
“yeah, she’s always been like that. take good care of her. she only has you.”
“oh my god, that’s so embarrassing,” rei groaned, rolling her eyes.
it felt like you guys were back in high school, making you giggle at her tone as you hit her head, “shut up. i have lived one year more than you. that’s 365 days more. eonnie knows better.”
rei was leaning against jimin’s figure, holding on to his arm, tired from the long day, but she straightened her back the moment yoongi walked in after seeing off the guests and stood by your side, “thank you for having us, sir.”
“not at all, rei. thanks for coming over. you too, mr. park.”
jimin nodded, shaking his hand before they set on their way as well.
you watched from the front door as jimin and rei got in their car and drove out of the porch. you walked back inside, closing and locking the door behind you.
rei kept staring at jimin, who drove carefully, he was not drunk out of his senses but enough to make him tipsy.
jimin caught her constant stare, “what?”
“you smoked. i have never seen you smoke.”
“i don’t. that was just a cigar,” he shrugged.
“fine. did you have a good time?”
jimin nodded, changing gears after the signal turned green.
“see! and you thought you would be bored alone.”
“i was able to make friends, luckily that’s all. oh, by the way, i will be going out with jeongguk tomorrow for some drinks.”
“really? of all the people, you chose to be friends with that guy?”
“what do you mean?”
“i don’t like his vibe, i don’t know. there was also a weird tension between the ladies regarding jeongguk and taehyung,” rei shrugged, “it was all peculiar.”
“doll, you are overthinking. i will also be meeting with seokjin hyung about some work.”
rei let a soft sigh in reply before turning her gaze out the window, watching the tall buildings fly by in a blurry haze. 
it has been a while since the couples left. you retired to your room after cleaning up. a knock came and the door opened while you were in the middle of changing out of your dress.
“hey, just wanted to than- fuck, i am sorry,” yoongi closed his eyes, halfway inside the room.
“did something happen?” you asked, your hands pulling up your shorts in a second. you were clad in a t-shirt.
“no, i came to thank you.”
“you can look. it’s fine.”
yoongi peeped one eye open before blinking both of them open, “thanks for arranging the party. everyone had a good time.”
you nodded, noticing his stumbling gait, “you’re going to trip over that corner,” you grabbed his hand in a plea to sit him on the bed.
under the spell of alcohol, yoongi lost his balance and held on to your arms. you both stayed frozen at the moment. yoongi sitting at the edge of the bed, and you standing between his legs, his hands holding your arms. it did not matter how it happened, but the only thing your mind registered was yoongi’s lips on yours. you could taste the alcohol and cigar on his tongue, but it did not really matter, not when this was the first time kissing your husband. your arms lying by your side bent at the joints and raised up to touch his hair. his hands let you as you run your fingers through his hair.
yoongi pulled away and touched the side of your face with his slightly raised hand, “i wanna see your tits,” he mused lazily.
you batted your eyelashes, oh so lustily, before lifting your arms over your head to swiftly get rid of your t-shirt, which you had just adorned a few moments ago. your breasts hung inside one of your standard bralettes, and you saw yoongi’s hand extending towards your chest before it stopped mid-way, abruptly.
“how old are you, again?” he blinked before focusing his gaze back at your face.
“twenty-three,” you replied, your fingers playing with themselves enclosed within your clasped hands resting at the small of your back.
“fuck,” yoongi muttered a curse before retracting from your figure, “you are a fucking kid. do you know old i am? i am thirty-three. this is wrong,” he shook his head as if trying to break his daze from the alcoholic riddle.
before you could complain, he removed himself from your room at once and stumbled his way to his bedroom.
your hands unclasped and rattled with the sipper bottle placed on the nightstand for a countable few moments before you tipped it over in annoyance. this is okay. you can get past this. breathing sharply, you gathered the discarded t-shirt from the floor and made your way to the bed, sitting down with the fabric in your lap. 
maybe it is not okay, after all. how dare this atrocious and scandalous man marry you in a frenzy and then keep you locked away without so much as a bit of sexual relief. all these months, he would not even look at you, and now that he has, he sees you as a literal child. so he is a bit older than you? he should have thought of that beforehand. you did not ask for any of this, and he does not get to deny you anymore, not after the way he literally runs his devilish tongue over his lips. he can run them over yours. it is not really that difficult, not when you are entirely willing to hold your panties out of the way to give him better leverage.
balling up the t-shirt, you threw it at the couch before setting out towards your lawfully-wedded husband’s bedroom. you opened the door with a single push of your hand in the most dramatic way possible. upon entering, you noticed yoongi splayed out on the bed, still clad in his work clothes, the back of his dominant hand resting over his closed eyes, obscuring his vision. he did not bother to look up as he knew it was probably just you coming over to sleep on his bed. 
he is used to it now, but what he is not used to at all is the feeling of your unfamiliar lower figure settling around his crotch area. tearing away the hand from his eyes, he looked at you in shock only to find you making yourself comfortable on his reclined lap.
“the fuck is this, now?” he asked in apparent distaste.
too bad cause you are not going to have any of it, “i am not a minor, you know, and i am way over the legal age to drink alcohol even.”
“doesn’t change anything. i can’t do it—” his words were snatched right out of his mouth when he felt your hips moving, causing lewd friction between your heat and his crotch, “no no no,” he placed his hands on your hips in a plea to stop your movements, but you continued on. your eyes not breaking contact for a single moment, not even to blink.
“go ahead, stop me,” you shrugged nonchalantly, your heat hanging on to the zipper of his trousers, your hips still moving in a rhythm.
yoongi’s breathing went back to its average pace as he allowed himself to lay back down in the fortress of pillows, his eyes maintaining the contact that yours have established.
your hands lying by your side, now rested flat atop his chest, feeling every breath of his rumble inside the rib cage.
due to the lack of much-needed friction, you pushed aside the triangular patch of your shorts that barely covered the swell of your ass and placed your bare heat on top of his fully-clothed groin, soiling it a tad bit with your pre-lubrication.
“no panties, huh? did you want me to come and fuck you into the mattress?” yoongi finally asked when he felt your arousal forming a patch on the fabric of his trousers.
you shrugged, “i practically sleep naked every night. not that you would know—”
“i know,” he seethed this time, getting a hold of your wrists resting on his chest, “when you grind that sinful ass against my fucking dick in your sleep, i know, little one. i know.”
you did not mean to blush at his words, but you were practically gushing, glowing red all over when yoongi’s hands beckoned you closer to him.
“you don’t get to be shy. not now,” he tutted softly, his hands letting go of your wrists and grabbing onto each of your breasts. oh, how yoongi has restrained himself night after night from touching you, but he knew you were sleeping, and he did not want to risk doing the wrong thing, not when he did not know if you wanted it.
he kneaded your breasts from over the bralette that you were still adorning, “get rid of it.”
it was barely a whisper, but he did not need to repeat himself as you sprinted to action and completely unclothed your upper body.
yoongi’s hands now latched onto the globes of flesh, finally touching the soft skin. his touch was careful, needy, but gentle.
very unlike you, who was growing visibly impatient. you needed to have something stuffed deep inside you, preferably his dick, or else you would have to resort to touching yourself.
however, the extreme measures did not need to be acted upon as yoongi let go of your breasts and tapped on the side of your thigh, “c’mere.”
“what do you mean?” you shot him a confused look.
yoongi chose to keep quiet and, instead, locked his arms around your thighs, pulling your figure forwards.
you crawled up his chest hesitantly until your heat was, for all intents and purposes, right over his face.
“let it down,” yoongi tapped your thigh again.
you still held onto your weight and kept biting your lip, unsure.
“i won’t keep waiting forever, little one. i am trying to give you the release that you need, but if you hold back, there’s not much i can help with,” your husband spoke in his usual tone this time, his breath sending chills right up your spine.
you were slowly letting go of your weight, but yoongi fast-tracked the process by yanking your waist down till your heat was within the range of his tongue. his fingers manoeuvred the fabric of the shorts out of his way, his eyes stuck at your hardened nub. 
a squeal left your lips when his tongue darted out and touched your lower lips. the soft muscle was warm, but it felt ice-cold compared to your heat, causing you to shiver. the pointed tip of his tongue was not as gentle as his hands were as it prodded inside, inching past the outer lips of your labia. your hands rested against the headboard of the bed to support your figure as his tongue flicked the hardened nub. it did not take long to feel the moistened muscle lick your inner lips.
“oh—” you verbally let an exhale at the sensation, feeling short bursts of electricity in your pelvic region.
your intimate smell masked the air paired with the priceless view at your crotch from yoongi’s angle — the way your fleshy lips invited him in, the tender skin of your thighs, the way your arousal coated his tongue. he licked it all up and finally dived in to enjoy his five-star main course meal. yoongi tried his best to not use his hands and entice you with his tongue alone, but he had to use his fingers to hold your pussy lips apart. the further apart he held them, the deeper his tongue went, filling up your entrance. the further up his tongue reached, the closer he got to tasting your arousal. he brought his free hand over your clit, getting a hold of your sensitive nub. allowing his fingernails to graze against your skin, resulting in you squirming with each graze before he circled his thumb around the nub, applying pressure and gently massaging it in a circular motion. all the while, his tongue was lapping up your arousal. not letting you one moment breathe.
your hands clutched the headboard, the calf muscles straining from desperately trying to stay still but failing as they started shaking when his lips wrapped themselves around your labia and sucked on your slit.
yoongi let a slight slap on your inner thigh, “stay still, little one,” his voice was a mumble against your clit.
you whimpered at the vibration, your thighs inching closer towards his mouth, wanting to restore the earlier contact. yoongi softly chuckled at your actions before thrusting his tongue up your slit, holding your thighs apart. his tongue went in and out of your slit, licking a stripe up each time. the muscle circled the perimeter of the inner lips and started sucking relentlessly.
with the amount of pleasure and electricity pulsing through your veins, you did not even feel your orgasm ripping through. your juices had hardly even made their way out before yoongi’s tongue lapped them up and licked it all up. even that last drop which had slithered out onto your outer labia lips.
his tongue had you singing all sorts of songs — first, you started out with cursing out to your heart’s content when he nipped around your clit, giving you butterflies, then all that left your lips were soundless gasps and moans. only air escaped your lips while yoongi’s tongue thrust in and out of you. by the time you came, and he started licking clean every surface, your airy moans had reduced to downright whimpers similar to a mewling cat. your legs were shaking, one of your hands gripping the headboard while the other grabbing firmly onto his hair, your head resting against the wall — face first.
after yoongi made sure that he had not left out a single drop of your love juice, he finally let go of your thighs that he had locked between his arms to stop you from squirming away. the skin of your thighs where he held you down stretched after being released, and as the fresh air from the air conditioner touched the skin, it felt tickly even. his fingers imprints were growing clearly visible on your skin, including the mark from the metal of his wedding band. in a plea to catch your breath and reduce the strain of your calf muscles, you rested your legs carefully against the mattress, allowing your lower body to sit down, slow hands massaging the knees when the mattress behind you shifted.
yoongi had sat up, and while you recovered, he got rid of his suit blazer. The matching trousers followed next. his knees delved into the mattress as he unbuttoned his shirt when you turned back to him. grinning as your eyes took in the new expanse of untouched skin, you advanced towards him. your sneaky fingers pushing down the bands on either side of his underwear to unsheathe his hard length.
“i would like to return the favour,” you mused, palming his length and opening your mouth to take him in, but yoongi stopped you, and his hands pulled you up.
“i can see through your tactics,” there was a smug smile on his lips, “i know you are trying to rest up while sucking my dick, but there’s no time for that. i am nothing if not a man of his word so let me fuck your cute cunt into the mattress.”
his skilful hands wrestled you around. the moment you gained some stability in the new position, he yanked your hips closer towards his figure, lining up the tip of his length with your entrance.
“wait, wait, let me at least catch my brea —” your words turned into a low growl as his length dipped inside after catching onto some of your residual arousal.
there you go putting your all-time chartbuster songs on repeat. the sacrilegious litany of curses, the airy moans, the whimpers. yoongi really had you dicked down deep into the mattress, singing songs for him.
the stutter in his thrusts as he neared his high was unmistakable. his hips drawled out his plunges, forcing the intrusive length even deeper inside you with full force and boy, did you feel that. your head hit the pillow lying against the headboard with each of his drawn-out thrusts, his hands on your hips remained the only constraint keeping you firmly planted around his length.
“i’ll come again if you keep doing that,” your voice got muffled as your face rested on the pillow, your body impatiently waiting for his next thrust.
you felt yoongi lowering himself, his lips sneaking up near your left ear, his breath making even the micro-hair strands on the back of your ear stand up, “and who stopped you, little one?” 
his hips snapped forward, sending your bundle of nerves into overdrive, extricating the loudest moan from you that the four walls have been witness to this night insofar.
“nggh —” you came for the second time, your hot cavern sucking in his length, the constricting walls taking the shape of his length.
yoongi stood straight on his knees, watching your juices coat his length as they leaked out. he pulled his length out a bit, watching the string of cum stuck to his tip only to drive it in you again. a cry left your lips, your walls closing in against his length, pushing him closer to his high. one last thrust inside your deep walls and yoongi came undone on your lower back.
after wiping away his cum from your back, yoongi tossed the soiled tissue into the trash can before lying down on the bed with a long exhale. you gathered your hair to the side and carefully laid your head down on yoongi’s chest, testing the water before getting comfortable. he did not object, so you snuggled closer, watching his chest rise up with each breath. coming down from your high, the air felt colder, and you wanted yoongi to wrap his arm around you, but he did not. instead, he brought out a cigarette from the packet. holding the butt between his lips, his hands traced for the lighter till he realized it was placed on the nightstand.
yoongi raised his upper body, while in the process, removing your head from his chest as he reached over the bed to grab the black lighter. it had a red dragon engraved on the side with some phrases written in japanese. he flicked the lighter on and lit up his cigarette, but his phone rang before he could lay back down. after receiving the call, he started talking, releasing deep clouds of smoke into the air, his head resting on the headboard.
“i am sorry for calling so late, sir. i left messages on your cell, but there was no reply, and i need to talk about tomorrow’s case.”
“yeah, i was busy. which judge is presiding over the matter?” yoongi asked, putting the phone on speaker and keeping it on his chest as he reached over the bed again to dust off the residual ash from the cigarette into the ashtray.
“judge chwe,” a male voice replied from the other side.
you quietly watched the whole ordeal, and it did not fail to catch your eye that he was not paying you any attention all over again. as if the pair of you did not just have sex. you let your finger draw lazy figures on his chest, not minding the conversation.
“fuck, really? he rejects all anti-bail pleas.”
“i know.”
“we have to bring up other points then. the interim period for arrest is over. guy’s been in jail for too long.”
“i have been working on the draft.”
“good, mail it to me,” yoongi replied and went to take another drag from the cigarette when his eyes went wide as you clicked on the red button on the screen, “what the fuck? why did you cut the call?”
you were taken aback by the change in his voice; it was laced with annoyance and pure anger than his previous nonchalant one, “i-i am sorry. you, um, wanna do it again?” you asked, trying to dissipate the air, your hand slowly travelling down towards his length but he stopped you.
“later. i have work,” yoongi replied monotonously, pushing the blanket over as he got out of bed. he put on a pair of boxers before redialling the number, making his way out of the bedroom. 
prior to the bedroom door closing behind, he peeked behind once, “get some sleep. i’ll be late.” and he was gone, just like that. while you lay in the bed like a discarded one-night stand. he might as well have left you a tip and called you a prostitute.
tears pricked at your lower eyelids. unbeknownst, you were tearing up. you hid your face in the pillow in an attempt to stop yourself from crying. he did promise you a loveless marriage — expecting anything more is naivety on your part. accepting that this is the closest he will come to showing you any intimate decency, you quietly went to sleep.
the following day, your eyes fluttered open to your husband’s face mere inches from yours. his lips were slightly parted, his upper body was bare, and you guessed just as much for his lower body while you were stark naked, as well, under the modesty of the covers.
you let out a breathe you did not quite realize you were holding, your chest slowly heaving down. you let your fingers crawl up to the section of hair that had fallen forwards and was now shadowing his left eye. sweeping it away, you combed it gently with your fingers, setting it back with the rest of his hair.
now that you think about it, this is probably the first time you are seeing your husband from this close up. he looked different; he did not look so cold, so distant. he looked — normal. a living, breathing human just like everybody else. his eyes did not seem so cruel. instead, they looked peaceful, the brow line on his forehead; relaxed. he was sleeping on his stomach, his head resting sideways on the pillow — facing you.
you must have been deep in sleep when he came back to bed because you did not feel him crawling into bed beside you. just like every morning, you did not expect to find him beside you, much less sleeping beside you.
watching him, in the rawest version of himself, weirdly felt wrong. as if it was a crime to see through the layers he puts up. it felt illegal, yet you kept staring at him, breathing in his features.
there was a certain air of intimacy masking the situation. you both laid naked under the covers after a night of fervour love-making. he certainly knew how to please a woman, yet you have never caught him staring at anyone. his eyes feel dull at times, too burdened by his workload, constantly under stress. yet when he looked at you last night, his eyes were anything but dull. there was a spark that came and went with the beginning and conclusion of the physical act.
you wanted the moment to last forever, but soon yoongi’s eyes opened. his hands felt around the bed till it located his phone, which he brought in front of his face. his eyes squinted as the brightness through the screen increased to let the face recognition run. his phone unlocked, and yoongi swiftly went through the notifications before keeping his phone down. at his wordless series of actions, you had reclused into yourself, your hands clutching the edge of the covers close to your chest. holding on to the last piece of modesty, although you were not so shy the previous night. it must have been something in the wine, you are not this outright, or maybe it was something in your quiet husband that prompted you to take the drastic step – to bare your body to him.
“don’t do that. makes me feel like a pervert,” yoongi grumbled in his morning voice, causing you to establish eye contact with him.
“stop thinking like that.”
“i’m trying, but the situation keeps feeling wrong. you’re too young.”
your expressions turned into a scowl. what the hell is that supposed to mean now?
“as far as i remember, you claimed to know everything about me. you are the one that proposed the marriage contract. did it not strike you then?”
yoongi sighed, “you remember the circumstances leading to that very well.”
“so what? what am i supposed to do now? i sit around this house all day, alone, with nothing to do.”
yoongi sat up, stretching his rested muscles, “we will have this talk later on. i need to leave for work now.”
“you always do,” you did not mean to blurt that out, yet they left your lips like thorns aimed at him. you sat up too.
yoongi chose not to reply and got out of bed. he sauntered to the attached washroom, smearing a blob of toothpaste on the bristles of the toothbrush before walking out. his one hand laid inside the pocket of his boxer shorts while the other guided the brush against his teeth.
the air was warm. it smelled like last night’s sex amidst yoongi’s cologne. it had a powerful domestic feeling attached to it, and you hated it. you hated it with your whole being because you know yoongi would snatch it away any moment when he deems fit. he has done it countless times before, and he would do it again. he is cold, distant, and that is the truth. 
annoyed, you moved towards the edge of the bed, “hand me my bra.”
“i literally saw you naked last night,” yoongi mentioned before leaning down and grabbing the piece of fabric lying unceremoniously on the floor before handing it to you.
“turn around,” you kept holding the covers near your chest till he indulged you and turned around. you wore the bralette and grabbed your shorts, adorning them right after.
yoongi went to spit out the foam in the washbasin. by the time he came back to the room after freshening up, you had left.
you did not mean to leave that way or fight with him first thing in the morning, but he never refutes your action, never stops you or even says anything to make you feel like he cares. the warmth his physical body offers falls short in front of the icy emotional show he puts up. he could have come after you, right? he could have talked to you further, maybe help dispel whatever hesitations you had, help you see him in a better light, but he did not. he did not even pay it another mind as he continued with his morning routine.
that night, you slept in the guest room. after the morning tiff, you had no further interactions with yoongi. he was gone for the day, and you had retired to the guest room by the time you heard his car pulling up on the porch. you checked the clock when your sleep was interrupted by the vibrations of his car wheels on the pathway. it was almost midnight. you kept lying in the dark, listening to the car door opening and then closing shortly, indicating yoongi’s descend from the vehicle. there was the jingle of the keys, and the front door opened and closed after yoongi walked in. you could hear his soft footsteps till he entered his room. of course, how dare you expect that he would come to talk to you or even want to see you. disappointed by your own expectations, you went back to sleep.
meanwhile, yoongi frowned when he walked into his room because it was empty. it was cold like every other night when you do not sleep in his room. it was a long and tiring day. he could really do with some cuddling or just your warmth against him. he stepped out of his shoes, took off his blazer and directly went to bed.
sniffing around the pillow cover, he noted the lingering fruity smell. yoongi moved back and realized he was sleeping on your pillow. it smelled like you, your shampoo, your scent. juyun must have kept it on his side after fixing the bed like she does every morning after yoongi leaves for work. however, he could not complain as he fell asleep holding it close.
yoongi woke up right in the middle of deep sleep. it felt like he was forced awake, his consciousness grabbing at that he was just in his room, lying in his bed. something felt like it was poking at his thigh. he touched his pocket, his phone was still inside, and given the awkward position, its metal was poking uncomfortably. yoongi woke up fully on remembering that he slept in his work clothes, no wonder he woke up halfway through the minimum hours of sleep he gets. changing into his pyjamas, he tried to fall back asleep but failed. after forty-five minutes of fruitless efforts, he gave up. the clock read five thirty-five when his stomach made a loud grumble, the hunger clawing against the walls of his stomach lining, making its existence known.
right. he went to sleep without dinner. throwing on a warm pullover, yoongi made his way downstairs to the kitchen. he found eggs in the fridge and noticed some packets of ramyeon lying around the kitchen counter. juyun does not buy readymade food, so it must have been your doing. initially, yoongi thought of making some toast and eggs. still, the red colour of the shin ramyeon packet just pulled him in closer till he found himself cutting it open, pouring the contents of the flavour sachets into a pot of boiling water.
it has probably been a decade since he last cooked ramyeon, and the last time must have been when he was doing his bachelors and used to live in a dorm with his roommate yoo kihyun. he should probably call kihyun sometime. it has been so long.
it hardly took ten minutes to cook ramyeon with the vegetables, meat and eggs just like he likes it. turning the stove off, yoongi opened one of the cabinets to grab a bowl when, due to the slip of hand, another piece of utensil fell on the floor.
you know that feeling when you drop a utensil in the middle of the night, and it just would not stop bouncing against the floor, making the loudest possible noise all along? yeah, that is precisely what happened to yoongi at the moment.
grabbing the utensil, he put it back from where it fell, but it was too late. you were already awake and had made your way downstairs to the kitchen, thinking someone had broken in.
“yoongi?” you rubbed your sleepy eyes, your hair messy and awry.
“yeah, it’s just me. sorry about that. i was hungry,” yoongi watched you.
“what’s the time? are you in a hurry for work?” you asked, still confused. why is he cooking? where is juyun? why hasn’t she prepared breakfast yet?
“it’s five-fifty on a sunday morning, little one. no work,” he informed you, pouring the content of the pot into two bowls.
“oh, okay. enjoy,” you yawned and meant to walk away.
“do you want some ramyeon? i accidentally made too much,” yoongi’s voice caused you to stop in your tracks as he placed the pair of bowls on the countertop.
you gazed at his face first. is this your husband, min yoongi, or did some burglar break-in? but why would a burglar cook ramyeon in the kitchen?
you hesitantly walked to the countertop, pulling out a barstool and sitting atop it, “it surely smells enticing. looks like you cooked all the four packets.”
“yeah, i did not realize it until pouring in the last packet. back in college, i was in charge of cooking ramyeon, and kihyun and i had quite the appetite.”
“kihyun?” you questioned, grabbing a pair of the chopsticks.
“my dorm roommate,” yoongi replied, taking the first bite.
“oh. must be nice,” you took a bite too, almost stopping to admire the unique taste.
“yeah, we used to sneak out all the time,” he chuckled softly, his eyes sparkly from reminiscing some scene as you both continued eating.
“what else did you guys used to do?”
“all sorts of things, really. sneaking out, causing trouble, blasting fireworks right outside the dean’s office, playing as each other’s wingman in clubs, sneaking in alcohol and cigarettes.”
“he is a lawyer, too?”
“no, he was a business major. he won the young entrepreneur award, too.”
“are you guys not friends anymore?”
“mm, we are. just not much in contact. i went to the UK for my masters, he stayed back to build his empire. when i came back, i was too focussed on establishing a career. never really took a break.”
“do you want to?”
“what?” yoongi slurped on his noodles.
“do you want to take a break?” you reiterated before grabbing a spoon to drink the soup.
“i don’t know. i might. do you want me to take a break?”
you almost choked at his words, “wh-why does it matter what i want?”
“itmatterstome,” yoongi spoke too swiftly, but you caught each word. 
you kept staring at him, dumbfounded. if this is not a burglar, are you perhaps dreaming by any chance?
“c’mere,” yoongi motioned for you to come closer, and your body moved towards him just as his words beckoned as if moving along the sound of a pied piper.
you walked to him, stopping in between his legs which closed around you. his hands snaked around your waist before he raised a hand to smoothen down your hair, “you look so sleepy.”
“right? i must be dreaming!” you replied when you felt his lips on yours. you kissed back, thinking it was definitely a dream.
soon enough, there was a gasp causing you both to pull back at the sudden noise.
juyun trained her eyes at her feet, quick to apologise for the interruption, “i am sorry, sir. i was not expecting you here.” it was six-thirty. like routine clockwork every morning, juyun came to the main compound to start the breakfast preparations like she has over the past decade. she seriously did not expect to see her master and mistress kissing in the kitchen, of all places.
a shy blush appeared on the apple of your cheeks, your fingers resting against his pullover clutched onto the fabric. it was real, he talked to you, and he kissed you.
“it’s alright. we’ll let you get to work,” yoongi said before getting off the barstool, his hand grabbing yours as he walked out with you on his tow. you let him lead the way; you would let him lead you to hell itself if it meant he would talk to you, treat you like a human being, treat you like a husband treats his wife.
february, 2021:
it surprises you — how much yoongi and you have progressed as a couple. he is still cold, prioritises work over you, and hardly gives you any time, but it is genuine and honest when he does. at night when he comes to bed to you, he is yours. if you try slyly, you sometimes can extricate details about his life. his exterior is still just as hard, but when he enters the bed, that piece of furniture becomes a pure and sacred shrine where only you and he exist. it sounds more romantic than it actually is in reality. there is no pillow talk with him, no stolen glances, no soft gazes, just the raw version of him. he is not a man of a lot of words, even less so during sex, but he maintains the eye contact, and you know his eyes are earnest, at the very least.
more often than not, you have to try in various ways to know more about him because he can always call your bluff. well, that is what he does for a living, and he is good at it. he finds it fascinating that you always put in so much effort to get to know him better when he is nothing but a stranger that forced you to marry him on a whim. he had promised you a loveless marriage, and he has kept his end of the bargain, but he admires your rigour for not giving up on him.
unbeknownst to him, you only take an interest in his life because there is not much going on for you. you are not in love with the man you gladly sleep with, far from it. you still harbour the same feelings of disdain that had arisen during the whole testimony business. he is willingly protecting his friends who are openly indulging in criminal activities. how do you love a person like that? sure you allow yourself to submit in the physicality of it, allow him to touch your body, every crook and crevice, allow him to show you stars when he has you cumming just with his tongue, but that is it. you treat the bed as the shrine as well. whatever happens between you two stays there.
you had duly noted that yoongi only talked about his life before his parents passed away. he never touches upon the topic, nor does anything ever slip from his mouth. he carefully chooses his words and thinks things through before letting you in. so far, he has told you about his high school, college and then his UK experience. he talks about his family but only in traces. you do not mind it, as long as he talks to you and not just treats you like a wallflower.
life has been slow-moving, quiet, calm and primarily low-key, but then came the news that you had been dreading so far. one fine morning, your father passed away. his passing was peaceful at the very least, and all you did was stand quietly throughout the entirety of the funeral. the girls had offered to provide you with some moral support, but you refused them all. you only allowed rei to be there and the pastor who performed the last rites. you kept staring at the distance while the pastor narrated some verses about repentance and salvation — you could not care less.
“hey, do you have anything for the eulogy?” rei touched your arm to catch your attention.
you flinched at the touch and turned to her, “no,” shaking your head, you turned back to stare into the distance, albeit pointlessly.
the ceremony concluded within an hour, and yoongi was the one who took care of all technical details, and the rest was handled by rei.
“can you take her home? i need to take care of some final details,” yoongi asked rei, who nodded at once and escorted you to the vehicle, which took you both home.
“come here. you need to eat,” rei dragged your autopilot self inside the house by the elbow.
“um, ma’am, can eonnie have something to eat?” rei asked juyun.
“of course, miss,” juyun was quick to bring out food to the dining table.
prompted by rei, you sat down but refused to eat anything.
“don’t bother. thanks for helping, i will be fine.”
“you want me to leave you alone?” rei turned to you after pouring out a glass of water.
“if you don’t mind, yes.”
“i’ll get out of your hair. just take care of yourself. alright?”
you nodded as rei gathered her keys and wallet before leaving you alone.
once you heard the front door closing behind her, you left the dining hall and headed straight for the guest room, although, these days, you stay in yoongi’s bedroom.
about an hour later, the door to the guest room opened, “what are you doing here, little one?” yoongi’s voice was the softest that you have ever heard.
“thank you for taking care of everything,” you spoke up without missing a beat.
“you look guilty, more than upset.”
“i am,” you affirmed.
“why? you couldn’t have saved your father, you know that, right?”
“it’s not about that. it’s about the lies i told him. every day, i went to meet him. everyday i read him books and sang lies to him when he asked me how i could afford the treatment, the expensive medicine, the transplant, the CCU room. i never told him about you — us. not a word. i used to take off my ring before entering his room so that he would not ask about it. i only ever told him that i took care of everything and thought it would be enough, but it never was enough. it used to eat me alive. i only used to sit and read through pages of books but never talked to him about life. he used to try his best to engage me in conversation — telling me more stories about my dead mother than he ever had even when i used to ask him as a kid. he wanted me to talk to him, to open up to him and maybe tell him what was bothering me b-because he could tell that something was bothering me, but i said nothing. i only read through fucking pages of books that don’t matter to the dead anyway! i could have put his conscience at ease by telling him the truth, by letting him know that i would not be so lost without him like he feared till his last breath. yet, — i” you lost your voice as your words turned to hiccups, “i only lied to him,” you managed to finish your sentence, a high-pitched cry tearing through the confines of your throat.
yoongi noiselessly approached you, and although you tried your best to resist his touch and wriggle away from his grip, he kept holding you till the fight in you died down, and you let him hold you. your limbs never reciprocated, but you let him to hold you, let him rub your back, let him brush your awry strands back into place, let him wipe your tears every once in a while, till the flow of salty water through your eyelids blurred your vision too much. none of that really mattered. you just cried and cried.
you must have passed out because when your eyes opened next, they fell on the wall in front of you — an arm hanging by your lower waist, you could feel the warmth of your husband’s body from behind you. he was holding you close, his heartbeat reverberating against your back.
“awake?” yoongi asked when he felt your body squirming lightly.
“are you feeling better?”
“yeah, thanks for that,” you mumbled, “how do you deal with death? i know i lost my mother years ago, but i don’t think i have ever actively dealt with the loss, just the consequences.”
“i’m probably the last person who is equipped to give advice in this area, little one. i am rude, i hold grudges, and i tend to remember the negative traits in people. i don’t think i have ever processed the passing away of my own parents.”
your breathing slowed down at the mention as you did not expect yoongi to be talking about his parents, “how did you deal with it?”
“i don’t. i am always annoyed and frustrated. annoyed because i don’t have them in my life anymore. frustrated because i couldn’t protect them, as a good son would’ve.”
you turned to now lie on your back, your face turned towards him, “you couldn’t have known, yoongi,” a raised hand touched the side of his cheek.
“you couldn’t have saved your father either, but you still feel guilty.”
“because of other reasons!”
yoongi grabbed your hand and removed it from his face, “i got my parents killed y/n. yes, i should’ve known. i should’ve protected them.”
“do you really believe that?”
“why won’t i? my actions directly led to their untimely demise. nothing else by my actions.”
“you put a bad man in jail! your parents certainly would have been proud of that.”
yoongi chuckled at that, “yeah, right. little one, no matter how many bad guys you send behind bars, there are always two others to fill up that place. the world is unfair like that, and these days, ‘doing the right thing’ means nothing to me.”
“is that why you are protecting mr seokjin?”
“not really. it is my job as a defence lawyer to protect my clients. i am just doing my job.”
“b-but it’s wrong….”
“being a defence lawyer is all about exploring the grey area of the statutes. we all do wrong things in life.”
you went to say something further but stopped and turned your back to him, continuing the previous snuggled-up predicament, “can you hold me?”
“i will always hold you, little one,” yoongi’s lips attached to the back of your earlobe to leave a chaste kiss before wrapping his arms around you in a warm hug.
your stance regarding morality and justice has always contrasted with yoongi’s, and at times, he does not appreciate it, but he has come to admire you for not being swayed by way of the world. you still have the same stance you did when he first met you. the situations between you two have drastically changed – he threw you in the middle of a whirlwind, forced you to be his bride on a whim just because he wanted to check how the legal stance of spousal privilege upholds in a real-life courtroom situation, and yet here you are in bed with him.
the feelings he harbours towards you are not love, he is sure of it, but he likes you. he has come to adore your antics and at times even finds you endearing, but he will never admit it publicly, lest his body shall go up in flames.
initially, he regretted marrying you because he forgot that marriage entails more than signing a bunch of legal documents, and it is a whole human being in your house, in your face at all times. still, he has grown accustomed to your non-imposing presence, where you have grown to become a part of his day-to-day routine. and min yoongi is nothing if not a man of habit.
he was not always such a closed-off individual, but his parents' death hit him too hard, and he continued carrying those painful wounds around by never addressing his mental health. he drowned himself in work, quit his position as the public prosecutor, and had only one thing on his mind ‘revenge’. had it not been for kim seokjin, yoongi would have ruined himself completely instead, here he is. a reputed lawyer, founder of the top law firm in the city while also achieving the revenge he wanted. yoongi has also grown quite fond of the group of boys, they are not related to his personal life or his previous life when his parents were still alive, and that gives him a safe place to just be – he does not feel the need to open up to anyone about his feelings, he just wants to be. breathe, have a couple of whiskies, and just be.
all this talk of losing family makes yoongi want a family. he knows that what you and he have does constitute a family, albeit a dysfunctional one, but it would not hurt to have a family of his own? you would probably agree too now that you have lost your own family. he is not trying to prey on you at your weakest moment but instead, have a rational discussion with his wife about it. life is full of surprises, and we never know what the future holds.
well, while yoongi was just casually sitting in his chambers, thinking of how to bring up the topic of having kids with you, what the actual future held was definitely not the surprise that he would have ever expected.
one minute it was all fine, like any other ordinary day, and then the next thing he knows, his secretary rushes in to ask him to turn up the television. startled at the unusual request, he turned the tv on after sensing the urgency in her voice. the default news channel took up the place on the blank screen of the monitor, and yoongi finally saw it.
‘BREAKING NEWS: fourteen-year-old son of reputed lawyer harvey specter was shot by gangmen in broad daylight.’
the reporter went on to broadcast the murder scene, which was painted in blood, and there was even some scripting on the wall where the dead boy lay in his pool of blood, written in his own blood. before the camera could zoom in, however, yoongi pulled the plug on the electronic device, causing the commotion and other noises in his chamber to die down within seconds.
yoongi refuses to watch the scene, just like he had refused to visit the accident site of his parents. his secretary left shortly to give him space as yoongi sat down on his chair, with a visibly dishevelled look marring over his features.
around fifteen minutes later, yoongi finally picked himself up again. mind you, he had no sentiment attached to the specter boy, hell he does not even know the boy’s name, but just because he does not care about someone does not automatically imply that he wishes death upon them. plus, he has worked with harvey for the past five years. they make quite the intimidating duo, and harvey has always been there for him whenever he needed it. now that it is on yoongi’s shoulder, he does not know how to be there for him. how do you console someone who had his teenage child murdered in broad daylight? hell, he does not even know about harvey’s whereabouts or what is exactly happening in the real world outside. he reached inside for his packet of cigarettes to bring one out, but his eyes took note of the way his hands shook. his gaze bore holes on the back of his shaking hand. this is precisely like five years ago all over again. he is just sitting in his chamber, locked behind a stack of files when other people could really use his help, or at least really appreciate if he can just be there for them, but here he is, locked away in a high-security prison of his own thoughts.
he is not exactly sure why he is dialling your number, but your name is what his phone is displaying on the screen. it rang and rang and rang, and there was no answer from the other side. wait a second, are you alright? are you in danger?
worried, next he dialled the number of his housekeeper who kindly informed him that you had gone out. well then, why are you not taking his calls? this is the fifth time he is calling, and if you do not pick up now, he will be filing a missing person report at once. luckily, you picked up just in time. yoongi meant to ask you where you are and why exactly it took you so long to pick up his calls, but the babbling of children in the background caused his words to get caught up in his throat and slowly die down.
“what is that?”
“what? yoongi, you mean ‘who’, and it’s just hyuk and moon playing.”
“where are you?”
“remember i told you that dany had called us over.”
“and she is?”
“mr jung’s wife.”
“are you okay? you sound off.”
“mm,” yoongi hummed before cutting the call. he knows you are safe and having fun, so he should probably tell you the news later. he is not one to rain on someone’s parade.
unable to stay cooped up in his chamber, yoongi came back home, but you were not home yet. although he had missed breakfast when he left for work, he refused to eat a morsel overlooking juyun’s persuasive talks about health and all that yada yada yada.
it is weird because yoongi is feeling exactly like he felt when he received the news of his parent’s accident. he feels helpless. he feels like a coward for being so weak and incapable of doing anything worthwhile to not put anyone’s life in danger. the specter boy did not die because of his direct actions, but it is related to their work. in this world, you always piss someone off, and there is always someone waiting to watch you suffer.
this is probably related to the yakuza clients of the firm. around seven months ago, there was a gang war between the yakuza and some local korean gangs, and specter and yoongi had been able to get their clients free of charges. while the leader of the korean gang got convicted on two counts of murder. on the day the judgement was pronounced, the other members of the korean gang had openly threatened specter. it was even aired on television as the brawl took place right outside the courtroom in front of a fleet of paparazzi.
yoongi and probably the rest of the world already know who is responsible for the death of the specter boy but what about it now? putting them behind bars would not bring the innocent child back. it would not make it hurt any less to the child’s parents. a life is lost, and nothing can get it back. justice is hardly a substitute for this deep a hurt.
a life for a life does not work either as have been tried and tested by yoongi – he got his parents’ murderer killed, but it did not bring him even one iota of ease. he still felt guilty, even more so because he dirtied his hands to get someone killed but most importantly, it did not bring back his parents. his childhood home was still empty, his parents' room covered in dust and spider webs.
yoongi was onto his fourth glass of whiskey when you walked in the bedroom after coming back from your short get together.
“hey,” you smiled, but it turned upside down on noticing the thick smog of smoke enveloping the room. it reeked of alcohol and burnt out cigarettes.
yoongi turned his gaze to you and nodded before turning his head back to the fireplace in front of the couch set. the flames from the logs burned in the blacks of his irises, “had fun?”
“yeah, it was nice. the kids are so sweet,” you replied while emptying your bag and came across a baby sock of hyuk. it must have accidentally fallen in your bag, “oh my god. look at this, isn’t it adorable!!” you grinned, taking the cute little sock to yoongi’s figure.
“what is it?” yoongi’s gaze did not falter from watching the show put up by the blazing flames.
“hyuk’s sock!! it’s so small, so adorable, just like his cute little baby feet,” you advanced the sock towards yoongi.
yoongi kept his glass away before taking the piece of fabric in his hands. it smelt like baby powder, baby formula, and everything baby. it was baby yellow in colour and extremely small like you had been gushing about. your husband let a sigh, his fingers feeling the fabric before he threw it in the fireplace.
“wha-what the fuck!” you yelled before pulling out the burning sock by grabbing it at the edge with your nails. you can be blindly impulsive at times.
“why the fuck would you do that?!” you yelled again, grabbing some ice cubes from the ice bucket to cool down your semi-burned finger.
yoongi finally turned his gaze away from the flames and looked you dead in the eyes, “we will never have kids.”
“don’t huh me. you were getting there with all the gushing and baby handling, so get this drilled through your thick skull – you and i will never have kids.”
“what is the meaning of all this? are you drunk?”
“certainly not enough,” he refilled his glass again, emptying more than half the canister, “next time you go out, let me know in advance and always have the driver accompany you.”
“yoongi, what is happening? why are you talking like this?”
“leave me alone,” he gritted his teeth.
you tried to approach him, but he dismissed you with a show of hand, “just leave. and i should never hear baby talk around this house ever again.”
confused, humiliated, and feeling somewhat afraid by his erratic behaviour, you walked away wordlessly.
a week passed by without a word from yoongi. he refused to look you in the eye or lay in the same bed as you. although you felt like the one intruding, he never asked you to leave the room and instead slept in the guest room himself. you did not see much of him either. he would return from work in the wee hours of the night and then leave early in the morning. when he was home, he would keep himself locked in his study. typically, you would at least be able to hear his voice while he is talking to some junior or client through the phone, but in the past week, you did not even hear a sigh leaving his lips. the house had gone into a permanent state of silence, filled only by your soft sighs, mutterings and short conversations between juyun and yourself. visitors have never known the min house to be home, so there is not another life around other than yours, yoongi’s, juyun’s and the driver’s.
bored out of your mind, you finally decided to go out for some fresh air. you have never been much of a homebody. owing to having part-time jobs since fifteen, you are pretty much accustomed to going out and spending your day outdoors. it feels nice, the sun on your face, and its rays always rejuvenate your energy. staying indoors is a far difficult task for you than you thought it would be. and to top it off, yoongi is not talking to you.
you were changing to some beige shorts paired with a cute top when the doorbell went off. juyun usually answers the door, so you were not bothered by the bell and went on to inserting the belt strap through the hoops when the bell went off again. odd, juyun never slacks off. she must be using the facilities or is extremely busy dealing with something else. fastening the belt, you walked downstairs and opened the door just as the bell went off for the third time.
“is mr min home?” a bald guy stood on the other side of the door, dressed in a white tank and a black leather jacket. you could tell he had a tattooed arm, and there were smaller tattoos on his face as well. he had a rough exterior but also had a classy aura around him. he looked like a man who held a lot of power and was in a respectable position. certainly not someone to mess with.
“no, he is at court.”
the man nodded and turned his back to leave but turned again with a fake smile, “can i bother you for a glass of water?”
you debated internally about letting a dangerous-looking man in, but he knew yoongi and looked like a wealthy client, so there was probably not much to worry about.
reluctantly nodding, you let space for the man to enter, who sauntered in and sat down on the couch without a care in the world. you walked to the kitchen but still did not notice juyun anywhere around. sighing, you brought out a tumbler from one of the cabinets and poured water in it.
upon walking out with the glass of water, you saw the man now sitting with his phone in his hand, “here.”
“thank you, miss,” the man smiled before taking the glass of water and finishing the contents of it in one gulp, “i talked to mr min. he said he was on his way home.”
“oh? alright then, please make yourself comfortable,” you mumbled before leaving the living hall space to escape to the bedroom – not wanting to be in the presence of the man anymore.
yoongi was in his car, headed from the court to his office, when his phone dinged with a new mail. he did not want to check it but saw that it was from the yakuza boss. upon opening it, yoongi’s eyes went wide to the very brim when he noticed what he was staring at. the mail had a video attached to it – the camera lens was pointed downwards, but yoongi can clearly make out your bare legs walking into the living room from the direction of the kitchen and handing something to the boss, who thanked you for it in return. what the fuck is that guy doing at his place? why the fuck did you let him in?
yoongi did not waste a minute before directing his driver to take him home at once.
“is it urgent, sir? there is some traffic jam on the 46th,” the driver asked.
“just take a u-turn and take the flyover.”
“well, you are the lawman, sir,” the driver nodded before taking a sharp u-turn on the one-way and taking the flyover, which took yoongi home within seven minutes.
he walked out of the car in haste while it was still slowing down on the porch and directly headed towards the door before smashing the doorbell.
you answered the door again to see your husband boiling in anger. if only looks could kill. yoongi walked past you and addressed the yakuza boss.
“my driver will take you to my office. i will meet you there.”
“fine thought we could just talk here like old times,” the man shrugged before standing up.
“at the moment, that won’t be possible,” yoongi gritted out.
the man smirked a little before leaving the two of you alone.
“what were you fucking thinking? why did you let that asshole in!” yoongi’s yell boomed inside the empty confines of the house, the sound echoing off the walls.
“who is he?”
“he runs the biggest mafia organization in incheon. that’s who he is. where is juyun?”
“i don’t know. she did not answer the door, so i did. he told me that he had talked to you, and you had asked him to wait at here.”
“well, he fucking lied!”
“why are you angry at me? what should i have done instead? refuse him? i could clearly see his gun sticking out from under his jacket!”
yoongi groaned in frustration this time because you were right. these people do not precisely have a morality meter and could have easily hurt you if you had not extended the hospitality, “you are such a fucking liability. five years i have been a defence lawyer with zero issues, and the moment you walked into my life, you have been nothing but a liability.”
“stop calling me that! i am a human,” you rebutted, equally angry.
“shut the fuck up,” he turned around, looking for juyun and yelled for her. by the second time, she finally came out in a soiled apron filled with dust.
“yes, mr min? i was cleaning in the outhouse.”
“why did you leave her alone?” yoongi spoke in the same loud, angered tone.
“i-i am sorry, but what happened?”
“next time you leave her alone, i will fucking fire your incompetent ass.”
you flinched at his tone. he was being unreasonably mean and talking very rudely to the old lady, “please, don’t scold her for my mistakes.”
“shut up, y/n. i don’t want to hear a word from you. i have heard enough all these months, and i have done my best to accommodate you in this new life, but i am done now. i am done fixing every havoc you wreck in my life,” yoongi turned to you after dismissing juyun, who scurried to her feet and left you both alone immediately.
“what are you on about? i have never intruded in your work life or any life for the matter. i stay in this house like a piece of furniture and just keep to myself.”
“well, that’s too bad because from now on, you ain’t stepping a foot outside without juyun, the driver or me accompanying you.”
“but that way, i won’t have my freedom at all!”
“little one, probably the most oppressive lie ever uttered was the song of freedom. for nearly every living thing, choice breeds shame and uncertainty and regret. there’s a fork in every road, yet the wrong path is always taken.”
“i had warned you beforehand that you would regret marrying me, and yet here we are. you cannot just imprison me like this yoongi!”
“do you really want to test me? are you sure?” yoongi growled and advanced towards you.
his chest almost met yours when you suddenly felt a burning sensation and took a step back with a yelp, “ouch, what the hell?”
yoongi stared at your hand. it had a burn mark from his lit up cigarette in his hand, which must have accidentally brushed and touched the back of your hand.
“see, you are nothing but a liability.”
“and you are a fucking asshole,” you whimpered and rushed to the guest room to lock yourself in.
that was the last you saw of yoongi for an entire month and a half. for six whole weeks, your husband ignored you, strayed away from you and downright avoided you – a part of it came from his guilt for unintentionally hurting you.
at night, when he comes back after a rough day at work, he unceremoniously barges in the guest room where you have chosen to reside these days, and he just lays down beside you – holding you snuggly in his arms and falls asleep in his work clothes, reeking of cigarettes and bourbon. you lay there perfectly still, aware of his every movement, woken by his crass door-opening. you allow him to hold you to sleep, but in exchange, you sacrifice your own sleep as the overwhelming smell blinds your senses. however, you have come to enjoy these times as it feels nice to be held – he could have gone to any woman he wants – he is rich, handsome, successful. clearly, in an unhappy relationship with his wife and yet, at the end of the day, he comes to the same wife — not to talk to her but to hold her close.
you are often left confused between feeling patronized or relaxed under his touch, but there are not many things left to enjoy, so you enjoy this embrace he gives you. his soft snores are rhythmic. midway through the night, he often pulls up his leg on top of yours and crushes you under his weight – your face in the pillow. you just sigh, close your eyes and rest.
the quiet and silence were not for naught. it was the calm before the storm, and boy did the cloud burst on your head with the loudest bang.
towards the start of the seventh week, you received your father’s ashes. he wanted his ashes to be distributed on han river – his favourite picnic spot for a still middle schooler you. he would make those cute little bento boxes with the adorable designs, and the pair of you would enjoy them by the shore.
you decided to not waste time and distribute the ashes on the very day. however, the flaw in your plan was what your husband had ruled for you. you are not allowed to step outside the threshold without juyun or the driver accompanying you, but this is something personal. you wanted to be alone for this one and hence decided to sneak out.
isn’t it amazing when your plans just bust open and come to bite you in the ass? well, it did not take a long time for your sneaky plans to come bite you in the ass. juyun found out that you were missing from the house after the courier with your father’s ashes arrived. like a loyal servant, she immediately informed her master, who was very displeased to learn of the unsavoury news. what are you trying to do? trying to get killed? yoongi is desperately trying to keep you safe, keep you from getting killed just like everyone he cares about, but you cannot clap with one hand – he needs you to cooperate with him as well. living in luxury, catered to by servants and enjoying the best life in exchange for freedom – what is the problem with that? he earns in millions and has put every luxury at your feet, yet you choose to defy him when he is just trying to keep you safe. how difficult is that to understand? yoongi has no choice left but to take the matter into his hands – like always.
one phone call to your favourite detective jeongguk, and yoongi had your location by tracking your cell. if you are going to defy his express concerns and sneak out, then at least make it difficult for him to find you.
han river is a mere twenty-minute drive from his office, and lo and behold, twenty minutes passed, and his driver parked the car outside hangang park. yoongi sauntered in, and within a few minutes, he was able to locate you among the sea of visitors as you stood by the shore barefoot. the hem of your dress flowed with the soft breeze from the river. you were staring out in the distance, the urn held securely in your hand as the peaceful ebb and flow of the waves crashed against your feet, immersing your ankles.
he admired the view but snapped himself out of it – this is not the time to be basking in your beauty. you have willingly put your life in danger, and for what? to distribute your dead father’s ashes? anyone could have done that! you could have just asked the driver. getting angrier and angrier with the intruding thoughts, yoongi marched right over to where you stood and grabbed you by the elbow.
it caught you off-guard, and you almost dropped the urn but regained your stability and turned to fight back the assaulter only to face your husband. oh fuck, here comes the angry stare and the unkind words. well, that is all he usually does, so you are not too scared of the outcome now that you have been caught. and let me tell you, you have never been more wrong in your life.
“i told you not to go out alone!” yoongi’s grip around your elbow only tightened as he came closer to your figure.
“yoongi, this is between my father and i. couldn’t just bring someone else for such an intimate see-off. i have to do this alone. please try to understand my plight.”
“oh yeah? your dead father wanted his ashes distributed? fine! i’ll be a good son-in-law and do it,” yoongi proceeded to snatch the urn from your hands – uncapping it and emptied the contents on the sand away from the shoreline – near the area where the river wave was not strong enough to drown it out with it, “there. it’s done. let’s go.”
you watched him frozen. your limbs fell cold as the blood circulation slowed down, much like your breathing had. you are not sure if you felt anger, remorse, regret, disdain, shock, and many other emotions and honestly struggled on how to react to this blasphemy. you tried to get away from his grip, but he dragged you towards the exit. you saw people watching you being carried away. they just assumed that it was none of their business and did not even bother butting in to help you or even to make sure if you were okay – if you were being taken away against your will but guess the world just revolves around the rich men. as long as it is a rich man, in a fine suit doing it, they can get away with just about anything and the world will not bat an eyelash.
tears rolled down your face as yoongi shoved you in the backseat of the car, slamming the door shut behind you. soon after, he got in as well through the other door.
“did you think i was joking when i told you, explicitly, to not leave the house without company? do you have any fucking idea how dangerous it is outside? they killed specter’s son, and they will kill you if that pleases them. stop flaunting yourself around like you are no one. you are mrs min yoongi – the wife of a defence lawyer. do you have any fucking idea how many goddamn enemies i have?! everything is a joke to your pretty little head, isn’t it?” he jerked you once to get a response out of you, but you kept crying, refusing to even look at him.
enraged, yoongi grabbed your chin in a tight grip and turned your gaze towards him, “cat got your tongue?”
after all your attempts to get away from him failed, you gave up and looked him right in the eyes, “how could you do that? i thought you knew better. haven’t you lost your own parents?”
yoongi’s grip loosened at the mention of his parents. well, isn’t he doing all of this cause of what happened to them? scoffing, he let go your chin and looked away when your gaze did not falter – something in him could not meet your eyes. what was he becoming? he would like to call himself paranoid, but that does not even cut half of it, not when people are really out there to hurt them.
upon reaching home, you ran straight towards the guest room, completely ignoring juyun, who asked in a worried tone why you were crying.
you locked yourself in and cried to your heart’s content. all you wanted, the only thing you wanted was to keep your father’s last wish, and it got taken from you like your will means nothing to anyone. you just want to mean something to someone, the last person to whom you meant anything is dead and just got his ashes emptied on the sand, on fucking sand where the water does not even reach over to drown it away.
it must have been hours till yoongi came to you. although you take the unnecessary care to lock the room, he walks right in with his keys.
“stop crying,” his voice had mellowed out and held a tinge of remorse. you kept crying, not paying any mind till you felt the delve of the bed behind you and tried to get away from him when he sat down, but he pulled you right back and had you sit down on his lap.
“let go of me!” you yelled in anger, your shriek booming in the confines of the walls, but yoongi did not loosen his grip. he held you down till you stopped resisting his hold, till you stopped resisting his presence in the same room as you, till you stopped resisting him.
“i am sorry little one. i am really so-”
you cut him right off. he had no right to speak after the stunt he just pulled, “i lied to my father when he was dying, yoongi. i lied to him till his last breath, i lied to him about every single happening in my life, and now you just took away that last chance i had to do anything right by him! one thing, one last single fucking thing i had, and you took it away because what? because you are paranoid!?!?! why do you even care if i drop dead someday? i sure do hope i do, so i don’t have to be imprisoned by you anymore!” you blurted it all in one breath, even though you knew he would get angry – it just did not matter anymore. you have nothing to lose.
“don’t say that, please just don’t say that. fight with me all you want but don’t say that. i am doing everything in my ability to keep you safe, to keep you from their reach so they cannot hurt you. i have grown fond of you, y/n, i think i might be in love with you, but above all that, i just wish to protect you. i don’t expect you to love me back, but please, don’t wish for that. i can-can’t lose one more person from my life.”
and that is probably the only time you have ever heard your husband’s voice falter than his usual nonchalant and casual one.
it would have been different in other circumstances. at the moment, it did not matter what he said. it was all the same to you – sweet nothings.
“good for you ‘cause i will never love you back, min yoongi.”
yoongi’s hold on you loosened at those words, which really drove a wedge through his heart – he accepts it. he has hurt you beyond words, but he can live with it. he can live with just watching you living and breathing in the safety of his house and his arms. he has survived all these years without the love of a partner, so what are another few decades?
he kept holding you for the rest of the night, securely in his lap, and you just sat there – exhausted from crying, from fighting him and his irrational ideologies – he could do whatever he wanted to you for all you cared, but he just held you.
“eonnie, i am very sick. can you please get me some aspirin? i have a nasty migraine attack,” rei spoke through the phone when you picked her call one fine summer afternoon in may.
“can’t jimin get it for you?” you asked as you did not want to break the rules again. since the whole incident with your father’s ashes, you have not stepped foot outside this house – out of pure hatred and pettiness more than anger. life has somewhat returned to how it used to be, some nights would end in (consensual) sex, but all nights would definitely end in snuggles and cuddles. you never reciprocated his actions and let him do whatever he wanted – he was bound to be bored by a rag-doll.
“he is gone to the states for some dance competition,” rei replied with a blocked nasally tone.
“can you try and order online, maybe?” you really wished to avoid going out, but you felt guilty for refusing as well.
“i tried, but it would take more than two hours because the app says that none of the deliverymen are in my area. eonnie, please, jimin-ssi has been gone for a week. it would be nice if i get to see someone for a change.”
you let a deep sigh. well, it would be nice if you also could see someone other than your husband and maid for a change, “alright. i will come over but only to drop off the meds, i won’t stay for long.”
“works for me! you’re the best!!” rei gushed before cutting the call.
a small smile appeared on your face after what felt like weeks on hearing rei’s voice and her childish shenanigans. after a quick shower, you got dressed and headed downstairs to find juyun. since obviously you cannot go alone, might as well take your alleged bodyguard with you. upon entering the kitchen, however, all you found was a note stuck to the refrigerator.
“i will be gone to get the monthly groceries. i will be back around 6pm.”
the clock on the kitchen wall showed that it was only around four. you were left with no option but to go out alone as the driver was gone with yoongi. sighing, you set out alone after locking the doors. it would take a total of forty-five minutes to rei’s house and back home, five minutes to buy the aspirin from some pharmacy on the way and maybe a ten minutes talk with rei, and still, you would be back before juyun. finalising your plan, you took a cab and headed to rei’s place.
around fifteen minutes past five, you left rei’s place even though she begged you to stay a while longer, wanting to hang out more with you, and although it broke your heart to refuse her so sternly, you had to. it took you twenty minutes to get back home, and you walked in unsuspecting till you noticed juyun and yoongi standing in the living room staring as you walked in.
“h-hi?” you exhaled sharply.
yoongi came back earlier because he wanted to take you out for a night out, whereas juyun had finished shopping and came back by five. she usually finishes all her work before the set-out time, so this was everyday routine work for her.
it is just the absolute worst day of your life though, why did yoongi think of taking you out on this particular day? why is juyun so prompt and diligent? can fate cut you any slack at all?
“where were you gone?” yoongi crossed his arms over his chest.
“to um, rei’s. she’s sick, and her husband is away. she needed me.”
“right. wonder if she will still need you when you are lying by the street in a pool of your blood with a bullet wound in your forehead.”
you rolled your eyes at the clearly exaggerated paranoid thought, “you are overexaggerating.”
“i-? i am the one who is overexaggerating? wow. the fucking nerve you have! and here i was, leaving back work to take you out thinking you would be so bored at home.”
“just because you thought to do one single decent act for me does not mean you own my freedom, as well. i can go anywhere i wish to. it's a free world.”
“right. it’s a free world, and that applies for the criminals too.”
“you can’t always shield me, yoongi. this is madness!”
“spare me your moral pep talks. and that rei? i am going to fire that bitch.”
“hey, don’t talk about her like that!” you raised your voice at the sudden provocation, “i am all she has, and lately, the vice versa also stands very much true.”
juyun watched from the background as the two of you fought back and forth. she clearly would not want to be a party to her employer’s personal matters, but yoongi had asked her to stay back, so she is standing her ground.
yoongi chuckled at your words, “oh yeah? she is your only family? because of what, this stupid picture that she gave you?” he pointed at the picture frame mounted over the living room fireplace before walking over to it and grabbing it.
“it might be just a frame, but a rich snob like you will never understand the sentimental value of it,” you were in no mood to bite down today, which was clearly evident from your passive-aggressive words.
“really? fine, then what’s the point of keeping it in MY house when i am an unemotional asshole,” he broke upon the glass of the frame by smashing it against the wooden frame of the fireplace and brought out the picture. with his free hand, he retrieved the lighter from his trouser pocket.
“n-no no-no, don’t do that, please,” compared to your earlier harsh tone, your voice now come out as a feeble plea.
“oh, little one, you have no idea what all i can do and more,” yoongi grinned before flicking the lighter open. he placed one of the pointy edges of the picture on the flame, and the material went up in flames faster than your reaction speed.
by the time you walked to him and snatched the burning picture from him, the fire had engulfed most of it, and your fingers let go of the charred end that was left of it, only to let the fire turn the entirety of it to ashes.
“wh-why! why are you doing this! i was good! i listened to you and kept my word.”
“clearly, you were not good enough,” yoongi turned to juyun, “get that gift i had prepared for your mistress.”
juyun nodded slowly, unsure what her employer was planning and went inside to retrieve a gift-wrapped box. yoongi got a hold of it and brought out a white wedding dress from the box.
“where did you get that?” you tried to take the dress from his hand upon recognizing that it was your mother’s treasured wedding dress.
“juyun found it one day while she was cleaning. i saw that it had some tears, so i had it restored to exactly how it was. i wanted to surprise you, but hey, it’s not like you ever want my love, right?”
and the next thing you know, your mother’s beautiful dress was up in flames. dumped on the floor, the flame engulfed inch by inch of the luscious fabric. you tried to get a hold of it in an unsuccessful yet desperate plea to save it from the fire, but you were only hurting yourself. juyun held you back while you kept thrashing against her. voiceless cries and whimpers left your throat as tears blurred your vision.
“dear, please get a hold of yourself. you know master min loves you and only wants the best of you,” juyun wiped your tears after you calmed down by her side and had slid down to a kneeling position on the floor.
you pushed her hands away, “how can you say that! how dare you even think that he loves me and cares for me after seeing what he did with your own two eyes! what kind of love is this?”
“shh,” the kind maid finished wiping your tears and tucked your awry hair behind, “go to him.”
“for what? so he can hurt me more?” your eyes fixated on the third-degree burns on your palms and fingers. they weren’t many, but they were proof of just what he did.
“just let me take care of this mess and go to him, alright?” juyun walked you to yoongi’s bedroom before ushering you in and closing the door gently behind you. a minor quarrel is usual between husband and wife, and talking can solve a lot of things, at least that is what juyun is hoping for cause what she witnessed first-hand has really shaken her, too.
you kept standing near the doorstep, your head hung low. just when you had thought that you had nothing left to lose, you lost even more things – things you never feared you would lose, and the way you lost them really opened gates to another level of emotional trauma.
“strip,” came yoongi’s voice after what felt like an eternity of just standing there with tears dripping down on the carpet. he finished the cigarette he was smoking and smashed it in the ashtray kept on the nightstand.
you looked up at him in disbelief – you were also surprised that you could feel any emotion at all after the preceding traumatizing turn of events, “what?”
“i asked you to strip, which you heard correctly the very first time,” yoongi was still angry from the act of defiance and wanted to punish you more but could not think of how. he did ask you to strip but, in his mind, it was all blank – he would never put a hand on your dignity without consent. still, a part of him revelled in that terrorised look in your eyes.
“no,” you shook your head and took a step back when yoongi stood up at your defiant answer. your back came in contact with the closed-door as yoongi stood right in front of you.
“you are not making this any easier,” he brought a finger to your figure, tracing your arms.
you shivered from the touch out of disgust and complied wordlessly. you don’t think you have anything left to lose, but you cannot take a chance, not anymore.
content by your actions, yoongi walked back to resume his seat on the bed and watched with hawk eyes as you stripped off your clothes.
his hard exterior tore apart as each piece of clothing came off. he cannot do this. not to you or any human being. you stood in your lingerie, hugging yourself in shame and fear.
yoongi felt bile rising up to his throat at sight – what is he doing?
“c’mere,” he patted his lap with a frown. he is supposed to protect you. why is he hurting you? this is not supposed to happen.
reluctantly, you walked to him before sitting on his lap but not letting your guard down.
he put his work blazer over your shoulders before snaking his arms around your waist, but they never strayed towards your intimate region. his hold was secure around your waist, and his head came to rest against your back, “little one, don’t defy me like this. believe me when i say i know better and only want the best for you. please, forgive me for hurting you. it is never my intention. i am so so so sorry.”
and there we go, we have come a complete never-ending circle finished off by his sweet nothings.
July, 2021:
valentina walked in with a cup of coffee to your room, “here, you go, miss. what you reading there?”
you looked up from your book, “shakespeare’s king lear,” you smiled, taking the cup of coffee, “thank you.”
“is it a love story about some king?” she smiled enthusiastically.
“not really. it’s a tragedy about a king who relinquishes his power and land to his two daughters and then becomes destitute.”
valentina’s smile vanished, “oh… you read a lot of tragedies.”
“mhm, now that you mentioned it, i do that. guess we look comfort from our real-life in storybooks,” you shrugged, taking a sip of the coffee.
“but you live in such a huge mansion with such a handsome husband, you don’t have to lift a finger, and every work around the house gets done routinel-” she stopped upon noticing the quirked eyebrow on your forehead as you watched her talk, she might be crossing some lines, “i am sorry, i just don’t see the tragedy.”
“it’s poetic,” you sighed on noting that she was still confused, “don’t think much about it. i am just a pessimistic person.”
“oh no, ma’am, i meant no disrespect!”
you nodded and went back to your book, prompting valentina to take her leave, as well.
valentina is the newest addition to the min house staff, and she was hired personally by yoongi because he claimed that you needed a friend, someone your age in whom you could confide in and feel comfortable around. ironic how he pretends that he actually cares or gives a shit. you have not stepped foot outside by yourself since the day yoongi burned your mother’s dress along with the picture that rei had gifted you. you go out with juyun when and absolutely required. other times, you refuse any chance to go out and choose to stay in. you do not want to set off that arsonist maniac anymore. you have had enough of his rough handling your life like a piece of paper that he gets to crumple and straighten out whenever he feels like it.
valentina is one chirpy bird. she is always so happy even if you ask her to do some extra work. she does everything in her capacity to get you talking or even going out with her as instructed by your husband, but you know better. you know that behind those honey-laced words and batting eyelashes lay a pair of greedy eyes that are eyeing up your position as the mistress of this house.
the way she subtly flirts with yoongi is so evident to you. although you have yet to find it in you to be jealous, what annoys you is how oblivious yoongi is to her shenanigans. juyun too, who is usually very strict about the household chores and always scolds valentina if she misses a spot, gladly turns a blind eye to her shameless flirting. makes you wonder how maybe yoongi’s staff do not really approve of you as his wife because you are not affectionate towards him. well, how can you possibly be? you can never fall for a person like that. it’s beyond your wildest imaginations – he can speak his sweet nothings about love and safety all he wants, but you are not going to fall for that.
for all you care, yoongi can go ahead and cheat on you. the contract you had signed on the day of marriage did not have it written anywhere that you have to love him. it just had been a means to buy your testimony, and it has fulfilled that purpose well. if he cheats on you, maybe you can bring that up as a ground for divorce. although taking the help of law against a lawyer is a losing situation, but, might as well try it out.
that is precisely how you found yourself outside of yoongi’s study late at night. you had fallen asleep but woke up to the sound of something falling on the kitchen floor. you came downstairs to check the ruckus and saw valentina making a cup of black coffee. only yoongi drinks black coffee in the household, but what was she doing here? both juyun and valentina are supposed to leave the household premises by nightfall, and yet at half-past twelve, you see the conniving little bitch in your kitchen brewing coffee for your asshole husband. maybe they are sneaking out behind your back, after all.
fine, all you have to do is catch them in the act.
you watched from the shadows as valentina finished the coffee and walked towards yoongi’s study, where he was cooped up working on a high-profile case. there was a particular sway in valentina’s hips tonight that did not escape your hawk eyes. rolling your eyes, you followed her and watched her walk in after she knocked. yoongi must have been too engrossed in his files to just blindly give permission so late at night, or he might have thought it was you. wait, why are you making excuses for him already? you are here to catch him red-handed.
you walked to the door and pushed it slightly to let a crack at the door through which you could see them.
“yes, little on-” yoongi turned up from his files and looked visibly confused on noticing that it’s not you but his new maid. what was her name, again? yeah, valentina. right, “what are you doing here? you are not supposed to be in the main house after nightfall.”
“yes, i know you work nights, so i thought of making you some coffee since miss goes to sleep,” valentina smiled, advancing the coffee towards him.
“did she ask you to be here?”
“miss? no-no! she does not even know i am here. i don’t think she cares enough.”
“excuse me? what did you just say?” it did not take more than seconds for yoongi’s expressions to turn into a scowl.
‘you are one good actor, min yoongi. as if you care if someone speaks bad behind my back,’ you thought, watching the scene unfold.
valentina walked to his side, placing her hand carefully on his arm, “you work so hard, but miss never looks after you. i can look after you, mr min, i will take good care of you!”
yoongi slapped her hand away, “what are you on about!”
“she wants to fuck you, asshole,” frustrated by his obliviousness, you exclaimed out too loudly. oh fuck.
“y/n?” yoongi called.
“ugh,” groaning, you walked in, “can’t you see it? she is flirting with you. she wants to be the next mrs. min,” you crossed your arms.
“next? but i already have a mrs min,” yoongi’s scowl turned to a smirk, he has dearly missed this feisty side of yours.
“divorce me and live happily with her. like she said, she will take good care of you. right, miss valentina?” you gritted, turning your head towards valentina.
the new maid, who was a couple of years older than you, cowered in fear under your judgmental gaze, “miss, i am sorry, please.”
“god, you look so fucking hot right now,” yoongi smacked his lips.
your eyes went wide at the vile words, is he seriously flirting with the maid right in front of you! “are you for real right no-” you turned to him, ready to tear him a new one, but your words died in your throat when you noticed that his gaze was only fixated on you. he was calling you hot, “-oh.”
you started playing with your fingers again, as has been your habit whenever you get nervous or shy. the blush on your cheeks was unmistakable, and yoongi could clearly feel the heat they radiated.
he grabbed your hand, pulling you towards him, “is little one blushing for me?”
“n-no!” you huffed as yoongi placed you right in front of him, between his legs. you both stood behind the oak table whereas valentina was by the door, looking for a chance to leave the mess she had caused.
yoongi let a soft chuckle watching you getting flustered. he guided your hips to sit upon the edge of the table, “you,” he turned to valentina, who had just opened the door to walk out, “close that door and don’t you dare leave.”
and it was at that moment, valentina realized that she had fucked up royally.
yoongi turned his undivided attention back to you, “my feisty little wife, were you jealous?”
you made a disgusted face at that, “not even by a bit. why should i be jealous?”
“is that so? so you would be totally fine if i cheated on you?” yoongi pulled up your t-shirt, and you wordlessly raised your arms to facilitate the motion.
“i dare you to try and cheat me,” you grabbed his collar, pulling him close to you.
yoongi grinned, “thought you wanted to divorce me.”
“i will find other grounds, but i refuse to be disrespected like that,” cupping his face, you kissed him, probably the first time in months. although the two of you have sex on and off, you deny him any kisses from you. it was supposed to be some punishment, but to hell with all that. your husband did not miss a beat to kiss you right back.
valentina, on the other hand, watched with wide eyes as the scene unfolded in front of her.
yoongi’s hands are always very skilful when it comes to taking your clothes off, his hands always know how to unhook your bra, and he rarely has to worry about panties because you never wear them to bed, and tonight, as well you did not. he yanked the shorts off you.
given the positioning of the table, valentina could not see you naked. only your back was to her.
yoongi leaned down to his knees and situated his head between your thighs, the intimate smell from your sex greeting his senses. his thumb massaged the outer walls slowly while his index finger aided to push your walls wide open. the hot craven calling to yoongi like the sound of a siren. he licked his lips once before delving in and doing what he does best – having you by the toes with his tongue. you gasped at the sensation of his tongue between your lush walls. your hand grabbed onto one of your breasts, squeezing it in an attempt to muffle down your cries. you refuse to give him the satisfaction — that his tongue always sends you on the edge from the very start. for instance, he has barely started, yet you are already wet, your arousal coating yoongi’s tongue like a forbidden elixir. you equipped your free hand to keep you stable on the table as it gripped the edge tightly, your nails scratching the expensive wood polish.
“you never learn,” yoongi tsk’ed when he felt you trying to close your legs together.
“guess, i never do,” you mumbled, raising one of your legs up to now rest over his shoulder blade. who is this new confident y/n?
“that’s more like it,” the devil’s advocate grinned his gummy smile before resuming his rightful position between your walls. his tongue reaching up at an angle while his fingers pumped inside you smoothly, aided by your generous lubrication. his fingers bent upwards and thrummed against the upper wall with the force that had your toes curling up.
“fuck-” you moaned loud enough for your voice to reverberate in the room, your hand now grabbing onto his hair for support.
yoongi alternated between sucking on your hollow walls to pumping his fingers at a supersonic speed. the closer he got to your orgasm, the more lubrication your sex created. he was ready to taste your cum, he was eager and excited even, but you pulled his head away.
“i want your dick,” you leaned down to kiss him.
“you will get it. have some patience, little one,” he said in between the kiss. his tongue, dutifully, transferring your taste to your very tongue.
“now! i can’t wait,” your fingers brought out his semi-hard dick from underneath his underwear and started pumping it – from the base to the tip with the same fervour that yoongi had shown you.
“whoa, someone is eager to get dicked down,” he chuckled, letting you work around his length.
“maybe because you don’t dick me down enough,” you shrugged and collected a ball of spit before dropping it on the bulbous tip.
yoongi inhaled sharply at the cold sensation of the saliva, “then maybe you should,” he took hold of his length and gave it a few pumps before entering you, earning a delicious moan from you, “speak up more.”
“never,” your fingers grabbed onto the hair on the back of his head, pulling it backwards to bring his eyes to yours.
“feisty,” he drove his length in, past the initial discomfort, and you felt your body going through physical hiccups at the slow and drawn out thrusts. he was enjoying the view, how enticing you looked, how out of wits miss holmes looked at the feeling of his dick inside her.
halfway through getting railed, you looked behind to check if valentina was watching. the moment you made eye contact with her, you smirked at her and sent a playful wink which had her staring at her feet out of sheer embarrassment and shame.
“thought i would make you come once with my tongue before dicking you down,” yoongi spit at the junction where his dick disappeared into you before collecting it on his thumb to rub circles on your nub.
“mm, we don’t always get what we want. are you afraid you can’t make me cum with your dick?”
the look that he gave you next was one that made you genuinely regret the words that you just spewed as he sped up his thrusts, accompanied with his skilled finger stimulating your sex to no ends. you grew closer to your orgasm, but yoongi had other plans – he pulled away and brought you to your feet to turn you over. his hand on your back traced downwards along your spine and pushed you down on the table – all the while, his dick poking at your inner thigh like a warning. you lowered your upper body on the table and felt yoongi’s hand holding your head down amidst the case files he was working on. your eyes fell on a familiar name, ‘kim seokjin’ and on the second line, you could clearly make out the words ‘innocent of murder charges’. you tried to raise your head up to read more, but yoongi’s hand kept you pinned down while his length impaled you again.
“mm,” you exhaled as the tip felt like it tore through your walls in this position – with your pelvis strictly bent over the edge of the table in a painful position.
you stood corrected as yoongi brought you to your orgasm, all the detective thoughts in your pretty little head getting washed over by the wave of pleasure. he kept holding you, thrusting into you at the same speed to ride out your high and chase his own. you could tell he was closer when his grip on your body loosened up. a few more thrusts in, and yoongi emptied his balls on the small of your back.
“can you imagine i almost came inside? you always rile me up so well,” yoongi mused after cleaning your back.
“mhm, the no-kids clause. how can i forget,” you offered him a close-lipped smile, putting on his work shirt and buttoning it.
yoongi put on his underwear and wore his trousers. his hand advanced towards you to tuck your hair behind, but you dodged it and walked to valentina, holding the door open.
“i never want to see you again. leave before i drag you out by your hair.”
you did not need to repeat yourself as she made a run for the door to never come back to the min mansion.
after she made her exit, you walked out too, closing the door behind you, but before the doors could close completely, you heard yoongi again.
“by the way, i fired rei today.”
of course, yoongi had other reasons to fire her, which he tactfully did not let you on in.
it only felt like another thing that you did not know you could lose but just did to your paranoid husband.
a/n: our hon’ble judge marly is none other than my bb @teakwoods-ghost​ !!
feedback is deeply appreciated.✨
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- jaimie.
© 𝟫𝟫𝓁𝒾𝓃𝑒𝓇𝓈, 𝟐𝟎𝟤𝟣. 𝐀𝐋𝐋 𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓𝐒 𝐑𝐄𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐕𝐄𝐃.
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jeonsweetheart · 4 months
stand by me
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: reader x yoongi
anonymous requested: “could you do some min yoongi fluff with stand by me by ben e king?”
summary: yoongi becomes your knight in black leather.
genre: slight angst; fluff;
soundtrack: stand by me—bene e. king
content/warnings: childhood friends to strangers to friends again; gang!au; biker!yoongi/ cat calling; sexual harassment.  
a/n: I’m sure you weren’t expecting bikergang!yoongi for this request lol but that’s where my brain went I’m sorry lol. I hope it’s still cute for you ♡ 
word count: 1.5k
♪ No, I won't be afraid. Oh, I won't be afraid. Just as long as you stand, stand by me ♪
Tumblr media
Five minutes into your walk home and you already regretted the decision.
Girls night had started to turn into girls morning, and you weren’t exactly in the mood to stay out. Not wanting to ruin their fun, you bid your friends goodnight and made your way home. At first, you weren’t concerned about walking by yourself; The bar was only a couple blocks from your highrise apartment, and you’d be home in no time—fifteen minutes tops.
But now that you were alone with a cat-caller on your trail, you thought you should never have left in the first place. The man eyeing you from across the street put a shiver down your spine.
“Where you going, baby?”
In your head, you cursed your decision to wear a crop top and short dress tonight now that you’d been unlucky enough to gather unwanted attention. Fear told you not to respond. You did your best to keep your head down and avoid eye contact.
“Oh, come on, don’t ignore me, beautiful!”
It was so dark out; not even the sliver of moon could light your path home. Only one street light blinked on in the distance, but it was at least a block away.
You could hear his footsteps behind you, and your heartbeat quickened. You sped up your pace, too.
For a second, you were afraid. Your mind filled with all the terrible ways this night could end. So much could go wrong before you reached the safety of the light. More than anything, you wished you weren’t alone.
“I’m just trying to pay you a compliment!” said the stranger, persistent in his pursuit.
If you had to defend yourself, you would. You reached inside your purse, finding your pepper spray and gripping your keys between your fingers like talons, just in case.
And then suddenly, as if the universe heard your silent plea, you weren’t alone after all.
A deep voice rang out nearby. “I don’t think she’s interested.”
You’d know that voice anywhere.
Yoongi. Your Yoongi. The kid in your neighborhood who used to be your friend and your fiercest defender. At once, all your fears ceased. With Yoongi by your side, you’ve never had to be afraid.
He looked different now. Older. Serious. But undeniably handsome as he leaned back against a motorcycle. You don’t know how you missed it, too wrapped up in your thoughts to notice his bike parked on the side of the street. But you couldn’t be happier recognizing the sleek ‘7’ decal that marked the vehicle as belonging to one of the notorious gangs in the city.
“In fact,’ continued Yoongi, “I know she’s not interested.” Others might have been scared to have a member of Bangtan approach them, but relief washed over you as Yoongi came to stand by you, shielding you with his body from the unwelcome stranger. “But if you’re interested in keeping your pathetic excuse of a life, I’d suggest you walk away now.”
Maybe it was the look in Yoongi’s eyes, dark gaze glinting something dangerous as he stared down your offender. Or perhaps he, too, had noticed the warning sign glinting on the bike, but that was all it took for the man to run off, leaving you with your savior.
He wasn’t exactly a white knight, switching out the shining armor for a black leather jacket and jeans, but still, he left you breathless. Upclose you’re struck by the details of change: the piercings in his ear, the long shaggy hair, and most noticeably, the long, red scar that ran down his eye. So much about him had changed, but his dark gaze still seared you when your eyes met.
For a minute, it’s just quiet as you take each other in. Awkward silence sets in as you’re unsure what to say or where to begin. You’d thought of Yoongi many times and always imagined you’d be better put together the next time you met. So much time had passed, yet here you were, still a damsel in distress and seemingly no more confident.
Yoongi broke the silence first. “It’s been a while, huh? I see you still need me to look out for you.”
You rolled your eyes, even as your heart lightened hearing his usual banter. “For the record, I didn’t need your help back there. I was prepared to defend myself—”
“Uh huh, sure.”
“—But I’m glad I didn’t have to. Thank you,” you said, offering him a genuine smile.
Yoongi didn’t respond, shrugging off your thanks with a cool nod as he broke eye contact. But if you didn’t know any better, you’d think the pink warming his cheeks wasn’t just from the cool night air.
When his eyes returned to you, he cocked his head to the side, gaze flickering over your figure in a way that made you squirm.
After a long pause, he said, “You still look the same.”
You looked down at your hands, heart racing for the second time tonight for an entirely different reason. “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”
“Good. Definitely, good.”
The silence that slipped over you now didn’t feel awkward anymore. You looked back up at Yoongi, feeling comfortable in his presence, warm like the orange glow of the overhead streetlight. And just like that, you’re slipping into the time before. Memories of scraped knees, black eyes, wiped tears, and pastel bandaids. All the pain, laughter, and childhood nostalgia breathing in the space between you.
You know your family moved away with the best intentions: safer neighborhoods, better education, more opportunities. Maybe moving was for the best, but you’d left your heart with the boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Because you never really got over it—losing your best friend.
You wonder if it’s just you, all in your head with your one-sided feelings. But then Yoongi’s eyes softened, and you know it’s not all in your head. He felt it, too, the affinity that somehow lingered after all these years.
“Let me take you home,” said Yoongi, lips lifted in a half smile.
“Oh, that’s not necessary. I can make the rest of the way by myself.”
Yoongi narrowed his eyes. “Oh, I get it. Too good to be seen with someone like me on this side of town, huh?”
He’s teasing. But still, you panic a bit at the implication. “No, no!” you said, waving your hands. “That not— I just meant you don’t have to do that. I don’t want to put you out. I don’t mind being seen with you, honest—”
“Y/n,” he said, cutting you off. “Don’t you think I know you better than that? I’m just messing with you.”
You huffed out a sigh, both relieved and annoyed that he still could work you up like that. Yoongi just chuckled.
“You’re not a burden to me,” he said, leaning in to look you in the eyes. “I only asked to take you home because I wanted to.”
Yoongi walked over to his parked bike only to pause when he noticed you hesitating behind him. “What?”
You couldn’t help yourself; you had to ask: “Why are you being so nice to me?”
At that, Yoongi laughed, turning back to face you. “I’m sorry, should I not? Would you prefer it if I were an asshole?”
“It’s just,” you started suddenly feeling self-conscious. “You have no reason to be. It’s been years since we last talked. . .and I—”
Guilt kept you from saying what you were thinking out loud.
I left you behind.
You always felt ashamed you didn’t keep in touch with your friends from the past. Yoongi had every right to resent you for that, yet there was no animosity in his eyes as he looked at you.
Yoongi shook his head, seemingly reading your mind and all the doubts. “It doesn’t matter how long it’s been or how far you go. I’m always going to stand by your side. You can’t get rid of me that easily.”
Something about the sincerity of those words stunned you to tears. “Yoongi…”
Of course, he noticed the twinkle in your eyes. “You’re such a baby,” he reproached. But despite his admonishing words, you heard the grin in his voice.
“Come on,” he said, swinging a leg over his bike.
You could only watch him in awe, wondering how you could be so lucky to have someone like Yoongi return to your life.
“Darling,” he said, voice dipping low as he held up the helmet to his bike. “I’m not asking.”
You bite your lip, barely containing your grin, as you take the helmet from his grasp and hop on behind him.
“Give me your phone.”
You obeyed his command, watching as he saved his number in your contacts.
When he finished, Yoongi looked over his shoulder at you. “The next time you’re in trouble, call me, yeah?”
You nod, smiling softly to yourself as he checks the strap on your helmet. When satisfied with the fit, he turned around and started his bike, the vehicle roaring to life.
“Hold on tight,” he shouted, voice booming over the engine’s purr.
So you do. You wrapped your arms around Yoongi and rested your cheek against his strong back, breathing in his scent: leather, mint, and something else that reminded you of home. This time, no matter what curves life throws your way, you know you won’t let go.
Tumblr media
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ppersonna · 2 years
swipe right - jjk | m
Tumblr media
“ i wanna ruin our friendship. we should be lovers instead. i don't know how to say this, cause you're really my dearest friend “ - jenny, studio killers
♡ summary-  after a horrible breakup, you sign back up for tinder and ironically match with your best friend, jungkook. a date for fun is harmless, right?
♡ genre- best friends to lovers, idiots to lovers, jk is a minecraft streamer, brother namjoon, brother-in-law jimin, namjoon is kind of a himbo stay at home dad ngl, ex-boyfriend seokjin (mentioned but doesnt show up)
♡ word count- 9k
♡ warnings- mentions of a bad breakup (smh seokjin wtf??), penetrative sex, unprotected sex (u know the business folx), oral sex (m receiving), teasing, SO MUCH BODY WORSHIP, jk is a simp, slight dirty talk, lots of just talking during sex yall it happens, creampie, cum play, praise praise body worship praise, did i mention body worship, tit-fucking, cum eating, i think thats all.
♡ a/n - helloooo and thank you for your wait for this fic! i’m so happy its done and i loved writing it! it’s a little bit different feel for my usual style of writing (smut-wise) so please tell me your thoughts! i didn’t use dom/sub themes OR a daddy kink LMAOOOO praise me please. i hope you enjoy!! pls feel free to comment, chat, message, carrier pigeon, email, mail, WHATEVER U WANT, me. i love u babies. thank you to @kimtaehyunq​ for the sexy banner. and for @xjoonchildx @ladyartemesia​ @untaemedqueen​ for the writing support and idea generation. i would be nothing without my council. and thank you to my beta editors @hobi-gif and @ughseoks​ and @hongism​ for the perusal and help in writing this!
Tumblr media
Jungkook is the person you call when your world falls apart.
He answers, voice raspy from the late hour, and the second he asks you what’s wrong, the downpour of torrential tears you’ve been holding back finally escapes and you’re sobbing through the phone that you just lost the love of your life—that he left and with little effort on his part, and a lot on yours.
Jungkook listens to you—his heart aching deep in his chest at hearing the utter heartbreak that’s clear in your voice. You’ve never been hurt like this, and he’s desperate to hold you, to make it go away. He wants to drive over to Seokjin’s house and throw a left hook into his stupid, handsome face for making you feel you weren’t worth it.
Because if there’s anything in the world that Jungkook knows, it’s that you’re worth it. You’re worth everything. Add up all the money and all the gold in the entire world, and it still doesn’t meet a fraction of what you’re worth to him.
“Where are you?” He asks as he cradles the phone against one arm and pulls on his jeans.  
You sniffle. “Jungkook, it’s 3 am.”
“So? I was up playing Minecraft,” He lies. “Where are you?”
You can’t help but laugh the tiniest bit, a sliver of warmth wrapping itself around your raw and exposed heart. Like a balm to a flesh wound. It doesn’t heal it, not yet.
“I’m at our park.”
Jungkook smiles as he grips the phone back in his hand. The park. The place you and Jungkook spent your childhood playing make-believe games, and formative teenage years loitering around smoking clove cigarettes to look cool.
“Give me five minutes, okay?”
You nod, even though he can’t see you. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook arrives with two minutes to spare. His beat up Nissan that he insists is “vintage” and “priceless” idles next to you.
He can see you through the darkened glass of your car—your mascara is running down your face, tears streaked through your flawlessly applied makeup.
You still look so beautiful.
And it angers Jungkook that all that time you spent looking good for Seokjin meant nothing to him.
He motions for you to come over, pats the passenger seat next to him and smiles as he watches you open the door and slide into the security of his familiar car.
“You cleaned your car,” you murmur as you notice a severe lack of McDonald’s trash.
He sniffs haughtily. 
“The trash added character.”
Jungkook doesn’t give you a chance to respond. Instead, he’s unbuckling his seatbelt and pulling you as close to him as he can get you. The instant his arms wrap around your body, the floodgates open again and your once-quieted tears turn back into full-fledged sobs.
“I loved him,” you gasp through the pain in your throat.
He rubs your back, pats your hair gently, soothing you the way he has for years now. Through every breakup, through every family fight with your older brother Namjoon, through all the mean girls in high school. Jungkook is the north star—always consistent, always guiding you back to safety.
“I know, babe,” he sighs. “You deserve someone who’s going to treat you right, who’s not just going to give up when things get hard.”
You choke back a cry against his Patagonia hoodie and bury your face further into the crook of his neck. He smells like Old Spice and the shampoo he uses, along with the smell of laundry soap you buy for him—he uses dish soap when he runs out and nearly broke his washing machine last time.
“I thought he was the one. I’m so stupid.”
Jungkook swallows hard. Tonight is about comforting you, not about feeling sorry for himself that you’re his best friend and not his girlfriend. He can’t help but think of what kind of life he would give you. He knows it’s one that wouldn’t end with you crying in a parking lot at 3 AM.
“You’re not stupid, you just loved him. And there’s nothing stupid about loving someone, even if it doesn’t work out,” he sighs as he cradles your head against him. It feels right having you there, pressed up against him and seeking comfort from the solace of his arms.
“Let’s go get a milkshake, yeah?” He asks as you pull your head up and look at him with sad, glassy eyes.
“Yeah,” you nod after a moment of staring.
Jungkook’s eyes sparkle with love, with hope. It makes the desperate, alone feeling inside you—disappear. Jungkook presses a soft kiss to your forehead and then starts the shaky ignition of his car, that takes three cranks of the key before it turns over.
He sends you a look, a laugh evident on your face.
“Don’t even start,” he warns. “The engine is fine.”
“Whatever you say,” you snort as you wipe an errant tear from your face.  
“It’s a certified classic car! I could get millions for this baby!”
Tumblr media
As the weeks pass, the pain of losing Seokjin becomes further and further from your mind. You can get through the day without crying anytime you see something that reminds you of him and even start flirting with others without feeling like you’re cheating.
You just still haven’t reached the point where dating someone else even feels possible. You’re terrified of allowing someone close to you, letting them into a place where you’re inviting them to possibly hurt you. You’re not sure your heart is ready for it. 
“I think you’re just scared,” your older brother Namjoon states as he warms up a bottle of milk in boiling water. 
He cradles his new baby in one arm while the other works at the bottle of milk. 
“I’m not scared,” you huff. “I just don’t think it’s the right time.” 
Namjoon sighs and hands the gurgling newborn baby off to you and readies the bottle for you to feed your new niece, Jisoo. 
“Look, Seokjin sucks, okay? I know you two were together for some time, but in the end, he wasn’t the right one for you. There’s someone out there who is the right one for you. You know how many shit frogs I had to kiss before I got my prince?” 
You make a face as you feed Jisoo, who happily sucks and gazes at the lights above. 
“You call Jimin a prince?” 
Namjoon sighs dreamily as he watches the baby and thinks of his husband. 
“The dreamiest prince,” he breathes, eyes closed in bliss. “But back to your problems. I think you should get back out there. Go on some dates, meet some people. No one is telling you to fall in love and get married tomorrow. Just go have some fun.” 
You allow Namjoon’s words to mull through your mind. What could be the harm in joining a few dating sites, perhaps spending some time at the gym or grocery store flirting with someone cute?
“Fine,” you say. “I’ll think about it.” 
“Good. I can’t be the only one giving our parents grand-babies. Soo needs a cousin.” 
You smile down at the tiny bundle in your arms and imagine a future where you have a baby of your own. 
“Okay, I’m not trying to get knocked up, Joon.” 
“Whatever,” he sighs. “Help me choose a wall color for me and Jimin’s new master bathroom.” 
Tumblr media
Tinder’s changed since the last time you used it, years ago. It’s gone from any semblance of dating to strictly an app used to get laid. 
It’s discouraging swiping through all the obvious fuckboys. Sure, a quick and easy lay sounds great, but you’re also trying to go out and enjoy real, traditional dates, and it seems none of these guys want to step foot outside of a bedroom. 
The swiping left becomes almost monotonous. You’re sitting on your couch, watching some documentary about serial killers, when a startling profile pops up on your Tinder feed. 
Tumblr media
The picture that pops up is... Jungkook. You can’t stop the bubble of laughter that leaps from your chest. His profile is so authentically Jungkook that you’re swiping right before you even know it. 
Your brain doesn’t even comprehend what a match with Jungkook means, really. You’re still laughing as you click on the bubble to message him and send him as many laugh emojis as you can. 
Tumblr media
“Hey guys, what’s up, Kookie here with another Let’s Play Minecraft video for ya. Be sure to like and subscribe if you enjoy this kind of content.”
Jungkook’s headset is firmly wrapped around his head, mic next to his mouth and hands at the ready on his mouse and keyboard. He’s set and in the zone. 
The game is well into play when the familiar chime of his phone goes off. It’s a Tinder notification—he can tell by the sound. He can’t help but roll his eyes, wondering what sort of boring conversation he’s meant to have with a girl who will probably ghost him, anyway. 
He lazily lifts his phone and glances at the notification, before dropping it back to the desk. 
His hand freezes on his mouse as he finally comprehends what he just read. 
He just matched with YOU. 
His best friend. 
His secret, lifelong crush. 
He sputters something into the microphone and stops recording his game, wildly grasping for the phone and unlocking it. 
YN: 😂😂😂😂 is your bio a Minecraft pickup line?!
He pauses, attempts to collect his thoughts, before desperately typing on his screen. 
JUNGKOOK: Why? 😉😏 did it work?
You spend the rest of your night jokingly flirting with Jungkook, sending GIFs and emojis in between the silly lines you’re using on each other. 
Right before you’re about to head to sleep, Jungkook sends one last message. 
JUNGKOOK: What if we went on a date lolol. Haha jk. Unless?? 👀👀👀
Your thumbs hover over the keys to your phone. 
A date with Jungkook? Even though you matched with him, you’ve never thought of a date with your childhood best friend. 
YN: alright, it’s only fair since we matched 😝 show me how you treat these tinder ladies
Tumblr media
“I have a date with Jungkook tonight,” you tell your brother, Namjoon, over the phone. 
Over the crying of your newborn niece, you hear Namjoon splutter in confusion. 
“You what!?” He nearly screams. “Jeon Jungkook? Like... the annoying kid you’ve been friends with since fourth grade?”
You huff. 
“He’s not annoying! He’s my best friend. We ironically matched on Tinder and… Well, why the fuck not? Nothing serious is going to happen. We’ll go out and have a story to tell about how incompatible we are.”
Namjoon doesn’t reply. Instead, you hear him speak to his husband. 
“She’s going on a date with Jungkook,” he says over the muffle of his hand on the receiver.
There’s a shuffle, and the dulcet voice of your brother-in-law, Jimin, comes over the line. 
“Girl,” he starts. “What the fuck?”
You chuckle as you move about your closet, trying to decide what’s appropriate to wear on a date with your best friend. 
“It’s nothing!” 
“Mm-hmm,” Jimin tuts. “You know the boy is in love with you.” 
“Okay, Chim, you’ve been spending too much time cooped up with my brother. It’s affecting your grip on reality.”
“Sure, honey. I just tell it like it is. Don’t break his heart.” 
You roll your eyes. 
“I won’t break his heart because there’s nothing there, Jimin.”
“I’ll be expecting your call later.”
“Yes, dad. Love you guys.”
“We love you too, sweetheart. But really, don’t break that poor boy’s heart.”
You open your mouth to retort yet another reassurance that there’s nothing to break, but the line goes dead.
“Fucking Jimin,” you mutter as you throw your phone to the bed.
You can’t allow yourself to think that Jungkook might have feelings for you. It’s totally out of the questions. He’s your best friend. The guy who shoves Cheetos up his nose to make you laugh and falls asleep during every movie night with his face in the popcorn bowl. He’s just Jungkook. This date is just a funny way to hang out.
So, why do you care so much about what you wear?
You’re still standing in front of your closet, attempting to find something respectable to wear. It doesn’t matter that the last time Jungkook saw you; it was with mascara streaming down your face and a hoodie from Namjoon’s college swimming days and ripped leggings. Jungkook has seen you in nearly everything you wear, so your indecisiveness gives you pause.
Do you want Jungkook to be attracted to you? Do you want to do your best to look as presentable as you would for a normal date?
The thudding of your heart tells you that maybe you’re more interested in this being a date than you’re allowing yourself to believe.
You shake all thoughts off. 
No, you won’t allow yourself to overthink a night that should just be fun.
You settle for a fitted and simple summer dress, tights and heels. Simple, easy, respectable but also showing enough cleavage and sculpt of your ass to ensure you look more dressed up than not.
With one last look in the mirror, you’re ready.
JUNGKOOK: I’m outside!
ME: See you soon!
Tumblr media
Jungkook taps his foot anxiously as he sits on the bench outside your apartment. His tight black jeans feel like a second skin on his legs, and the black button-down shirt he’s tucked in makes him rethink his choice of outfit.
Is he too casual?
He’s never really worn something like this around you. This is what Jungkook wears when he wants to seduce. This is what every girl he’s desperately wished was you got to see. The girls who swooned over his messy hair, the way his jeans display his toned thighs, the peek of skin at his throat.
Maybe it’s too much.
Maybe he’s afraid he’ll scare you away.
Maybe he’s afraid you won’t like it.
He’s given no chance to ruminate anymore because you’re exiting the building and walking straight towards him.
He doesn’t think he remembers how to breathe.
It’s as if you walk towards him in slow motion. Angels chorus around him and the setting sun sparkles on your face like a spotlight. There’s nothing in the world anymore, nothing but you.
You’re the most beautiful human he’s ever seen in his life.
“Hi,” you smile as you approach him.
He continues to stare, eyes traveling over the soft curves of your cheeks and jaw, trailing down to the way your dress clings just right to each dip of your body. His throat goes dry.
You are without a doubt the girl of his dreams. 
It pushes him out of his reverie, eyes widening as he realizes he’s been staring at you for maybe a few minutes too long to play off as normal.
“Hey!” He coughs, attempting to right himself.
“You okay?” You ask, eyebrow lifted in concern.
“Yeah! Yup! Totally! I’m okay—a-okay, absolutely great.” He internally slaps himself.
“You clean up nice,” you smile as your eyes elevate up and down the lean form of his body.
“Oh?” He asks, taken aback. 
In his daze, he never even realized what you’re thinking about him, rather only how intensely he was thinking about you.
“This must be the Jungkook that all the girls in college couldn’t stop begging me to hook them up with.”
His cheeks flame with sudden embarrassment, hand moving to the back of his neck to rub it awkwardly. 
“Ha, yeah,” he swallows. “You look r-really nice too. I don’t think I’ve seen you in a dress since your brother’s wedding.”
The smile that he’s rewarded with nearly knocks him on his ass. “Thanks! It’s fun to dress up cute again. Jin hated this dress.”
A stab of pain eeks its way into Jungkook’s heart. Seokjin. God, how he hates that man.
“Well, uh, you can wear whatever you want with me!” He assures. 
You loop your arm around Jungkook’s, saddling up to his side as you look at him expectantly.
“Well, are we going?”
Jungkook can’t help but smile at the sparkle in your eye, the way you peer up at him with those soft, cherry lips. He wants to capture them with his own, kiss you until you don’t remember Seokjin’s name ever again.
But he resists.
“Let’s go!”
Tumblr media
You never thought you’d admit it to yourself. You never even thought it could happen. 
But the date is everything you’ve ever wanted, and more. 
Jungkook is still Jungkook, still just as silly and easy to talk to as he always is. 
But he’s also charming. Flirtatious, even. He holds doors open for you; he rests his hand on the small of your back as he guides you towards your table at dinner. He feeds you bites of his dessert and lets his eyes linger on the way your lips look wrapped around his fork. 
Jungkook treats you the way you’ve always wanted to be treated. Like someone he wants to cherish for the rest of your combined lives. Someone he wants to take care of, build a future with, enjoy life with.
And as much as it thrills you, it absolutely frightens you. 
It’s when you’re walking down the small river trail together that Jungkook slips his hand into yours and laces your fingers together. The once-steady beat of your heart becomes erratic. He continues chatting—as if holding your hand was a subconscious act for him. He’s knee deep in a story of his Minecraft server when you stop walking, causing him to pause. 
“What’s up?” He asks curiously. 
Your eyes glitter with anticipation, with fear, as you stare at the gorgeous man before you. He looks like a full course meal in his tight jeans and he makes you feel like a princess. You can suddenly see doing life by his side—no longer his platonic best friend, but as his lover and lifelong partner. 
You say nothing. Instead, you simply close the space between you two by grabbing the buttons of his shirt and tugging his lips onto yours. 
“Wha—oh, mmmmmm.”
Jungkook is still for a second as he battles the surprise, but jumps into action and cups your face with his hands, deepening the kiss by pushing his tongue past your lips and swirling it around your own. 
Your bodies press close together. He can feel your breasts against his chest and he desperately wants to rip the dress off your body and worship you like he’s always wanted to. 
As soon as the kiss started, it’s over. You’re pulling away with eyes wide with fear.
“I’m sorry, I—I need to go,” you stammer awkwardly.
Jungkook’s heart drops to his stomach.
“What? We were going to get ice cream?”
You can feel tears building in the corners of your eyes. You’re so confused, so unsure of what you’re feeling. You want to stay and kiss Jungkook until you’re clawing at the clothing on his body, pressing kisses to the firm column of his neck. You want to run far away, too scared to admit it to him you’re sure you could love him for the rest of his life.
You can’t lose that friendship. You can’t risk everything you love about Jungkook. He’ll only hurt you the way every boyfriend ever has.
“I don’t really feel well,” you swallow hard as you lie. Jungkook always knows when you’re lying.
His body stiffens.
“Okay, let me walk you home.”
You shake your head, already moving away from the man.
“It’s fine. We’re nearby. I’ll just run or something.”
He opens his mouth to protest, but you’ve already turned face and started running the direction away from him.
Jungkook watches, misty-eyed, as the girl of his dreams runs further and further away from him.
Tumblr media
You’re sobbing as you finally reach home, out of breath and confused. The phone call to Namjoon is quick.
“Yo,” he says cooly as he answers the phone. His tone changes when he hears your whimpering sobs on the other end.
“Joonie,” you whisper. “I fucked up.”
“Oh god,” Namjoon quickly shuffles and calls his husband over, before putting the phone on speaker.
“What’s happened, baby?” Jimin’s sweet voice asks.
“I—I kissed him,” you sob, holding yourself close in the comfort of the elevator. 
Namjoon and Jimin look at each other with knowing looks.
“We’re on our way over.”
Tumblr media
Jimin knows the first order of business is to stop the crying. He places sleeping baby Jisoo in your arms, which quiets your whimpers enough as you cling to the tiny baby. He knows your weakness is sleeping babies.
Namjoon looks on anxiously, hates seeing his little sister upset and with no way to make it better.
Jimin’s been asked to take the lead on this, because he knows his husband's response is to cry as well—he gets emotional anytime he sees her cry. Namjoon agreed, knowing Jimin was better suited for the conversation.
“Tell us what happened,” Jimin asks quietly. You’re rocking the baby gently, sobs turned to sniffles. “Did something go wrong on the date?”
Your eyes peer up at your brother-in-law’s, a wounded look that makes Jimin feel sad. Namjoon clenches beside him, and Jimin lays a hand on his lap to soothe the protective brother.
“No,” you whisper. “That’s the thing. It was an amazing date.”
Jimin watches you curiously, but remains silent to let you continue.
“We had dinner, and we played arcade games and we walked around. And he was so… fuck, he was perfect. It was like dating the guy of my dreams.”
Jimin nods knowingly.
“And it surprised you how much you liked him.”
“Yeah,” you sniffle. “At the end, he was holding my hand and just talking about normal, stupid Jungkook shit, but this time it felt like more. Like, I felt in my heart that I wanted to be the one he always talked to about it. I wanted to be the one he came home to at night.”
Jimin pats your cheek lovingly, the care for his sister-in-law clear in his gaze. 
“You don’t just like him, honey. I think you might even love him.”  
You pull baby Jisoo tighter into your grasp and nod, pathetic tears slipping down your face. 
“I just left him. Like, I ran away from him like an asshole.”
Namjoon grunts and takes a spot next to Jimin. “If he loves you, which I’m sure he does, he’ll still be waiting for you.”
Jimin nods and rests a hand on his husband's back. “But you better have one hell of an apology.”
Tumblr media
Jungkook doesn’t answer your phone calls. He doesn’t respond to your texts, snapchats or Instagram DM’s. He doesn’t even look at the TikToks you sent him! It’s becoming infuriating to get in touch with him.
You take matters into your own hands and storm to his apartment after work, the rising tension in your shoulders and stomach full of rocks an indicator of your anxiety about the future of this relationship.
Jungkook opens the door wearing nothing but a pair of grey sweats. All the carefully crafted words exit your mind at light 
speed and you’re left gasping, wide-eyed at the chiseled body of your best friend.
“Can I help you?” He asks, tone flat.
You push past him into the apartment you know so well. “Yeah, you could start by answering your phone.”
Jungkook rolls his eyes and closes the door, then heads back towards the large gaming setup in the living room.
“My apologies for not responding to the girl who literally ran away from me on a date.”
Your cheeks heat uncomfortably as you stand in the center of his living room, arms crossed over your chest. 
“Jungkook, listen. I’m—”
“Please,” he shakes his head as he sits down at the impressive gaming chair. “Save the apologies. I get it.”
“You don’t get it!” You say, exasperated. “You don’t get any of it! That’s why I’m here.”
Jungkook narrows a look at you then stands from his chair. Slowly, he makes his way towards you and stands inches from your face. The proximity of his bare, toned chest to your body makes your throat dry.
“No, you don’t get it.” His voice is threateningly quiet, completely different from his usual chipper tone. 
“Jungkook, I’m sorry.”
“Sorry for what?” He quirks his head sarcastically, and you’re struck by the sharp lines of his jaw. “Sorry for running away from the date? Sorry for going on a date? Sorry for making me feel like I had a fucking chance when you kissed me?”
You swallow hard and open your mouth to reply, but he cuts you off.
“I’m sorry too. For giving myself way too much hope that this could ever be something. I’m sorry for myself for thinking you’d at least respect me enough to reject me politely.”
“You always had a chance!” You can feel tears building in your eyes and Jungkook feels his heart pound in his chest like a drum.
He scoffs, a harsh and mirthless laugh. “Clearly not.”
“I just—,” you start. “I never saw you like that before and suddenly you became everything I’ve ever dreamed of. It was like getting hit by a train, Kook! Suddenly my best friend turned into the man of my dreams.”
He shakes his head, stepping back away from you.
“I really find it hard to believe you,” he whispers. “I can’t let myself hope.”
“Jungkook, please,” you beg as tears start slipping down your face. “Please believe me.”
“Just leave,” he sighs. “I hate making you cry.”
You want so badly to wrap yourself in his arms, cry into his chest like you always do when you’re hurt. But you stand still, frozen in your shame and embarrassment of hurting your best friend so badly.
“I’m sorry,” you murmur, before you spin around as quickly as you can and leave Jungkook’s apartment in a flurry.
He watches as the door slams behind you, eyes full of sadness and regret. As much as he wants to believe you, have faith in every word you said, he can’t allow himself to get his hopes up again.
He can’t watch you run away from him again.
Tumblr media
“Welcome back to Kookie’s Wild Weekly Walkthrough!” Jungkook cheers as enthusiastically as he can through his microphone. “The weekly segment where I react to your Minecraft worlds!”
Jungkook needed to dive back into streaming to take his mind off of you. He hasn’t left his apartment in days, only subsisting on takeout and coffee. At least he was making more money and his subscribers didn’t seem to mind the up-tick in content.
“Tonight I’ll be walking through a creation sent by,” he squints at the username. “‘Kookiesgal95’ Aww that’s cute.”  
He readies the content and starts his camera as he watches the YouTube link. His subscribers love his reaction videos—it’s a highly requested segment.
The video starts off easily, a generic Minecraft world that looks like a park.
“Hi Kook.”
The voice that reverberates through his headphones makes him pause the video quickly, wide-eyed with recognition.
It’s you. He’d know that voice from a million others. 
Shit. He’s going to have to edit so much of this clip. He’s staring at the screen as if he’s just seen a ghost.
Unsteadily, he clicks play again and watches as you lead him through your Minecraft creation.
“I wanted to recreate something for someone very special in my life.”
Jungkook doesn’t even bother to react to this anymore. This entire video is going to be worthless—there’s nothing he can say.
The video pans around the Minecraft setup and he can see what looks like handmade swings and merry go rounds.
“It took me a really long time to do this and an embarrassing amount of help from some twelve-year-olds on the internet.”
He laughs and is stunned by the wet tears rolling down his cheeks. He hadn’t realized he was crying.
“I re-created a park that is really special to my best friend and I.”
He feels his chest tighten and relax. The park. 
“This is the spot where he held me when my dog died when I was nine. I still miss that dog.”
The view is on a spot next to a blocky oak tree. Jungkook remembers that day, remembers your heartbroken sobs as he whispered words of comfort to you. He misses that dog, too. 
“This is where he and my brother got in a fight when we were eleven, because my brother called me a stupid-head. My best friend has always been protective of me, even from my own big brother.”
He can still remember pushing Namjoon around after hearing him call you names. He pushed Namjoon over and threatened to use his “big muscles” if he did it again.
The camera pans to an enormous structure, rather sloppily made, of a slide and monkey bars.
“This is where we first shared a joint in high school. I coughed a lung up and he ran down the street to a gas station at ten pm to get me a bottle of water even though I told him I was okay,”
The memory of the bewildered 7-11 employee plays through his mind. The man watched as a very stoned, very out of breath, Jungkook paid for a bottle of water in coins.
The video continues playing, moves towards what appears to be a parking lot made of cobblestone blocks.
“This is where he held me when my world fell apart.”
The break-up. The way you cried and cried and cried in his arms and he held you as if you were the only thing left on Earth. 
“This is where he reminded me I’m worthy of love, that I’m not broken. This is where he held me like I was delicate, but treated me like I was unbreakable.”
His tears don’t stop. Jungkook feels his heart thundering in his chest like a summer storm. 
He can hear your sniffles through the recording of the video—you were crying too. It pans around to the swing set.
“And this is where I’ll tell him everything, tonight. Where I’ll tell him how deeply I love him and how I want to make him the happiest guy in the world. In all of Minecraft and beyond. I hope he comes.”
Jungkook doesn’t even bother turning his camera off.
Instead, he’s running to change out of his three-day-old clothes and bolt out the door.
Tumblr media
The creaky, rusty metal of the swing set is deafeningly loud in the silence of your park.
It’s dark, just a few street lights around to illuminate the perimeter, but it’s otherwise only lit by the moon.
It’s getting cold. You shiver in your hoodie and kick at the dirt under your swing. 
Maybe he didn’t see the video. Maybe he wasn’t going to show.
Maybe it was too late.
You spent hours working on the Minecraft world, staying up at all hours of the night to build and craft a poor re-creation of this park. The twelve-year-olds on Reddit had been invaluable and Namjoon definitely made fun of you for your creative assistants. But it had all been worth it. 
“Fuck,” you speak out loud to no one, as you try to warm your hands in the pockets of your sweater. “It’s cold.”
“You should have brought a jacket.”
The sudden voice from behind startles you. You hop off the swing and whip around to face  down the intruder.
He looks so good. He’s wearing a thick coat and tight jeans. Your eyes take a delicious journey from head to toe.
He can’t help but preen at your blatant appreciation. He enjoys knowing you’re attracted to him, at least physically.
“You came.”
He nods and takes a nervous step towards you. He’s still far away, more than an arm's-reach away. You’re desperate to bring him closer, to pull him tight against your body and wrap yourself around him. You never want to be without his gentle touch again.
“I felt pretty compelled to come after you made all this in Minecraft for me.” He cracks a wry smile, a boy-ish grin that makes your heart flutter.
“It took me twenty-five hours and some teenagers to help.”
He laughs, a beautiful sound that warms you. “I’m sure they were ecstatic to help.”
You chew at the inside of your cheek, nervous at what he thinks about your in-game confession.
“Did you mean it?” He asks. He steps closer—one more step.
“Every word.”
His eyes are searching yours for the truth, desperately diving into the depths for validity.
“Why did you run away?” Another step.
You swallow hard, heavy tears brimming in your eyes.
“You went from being the silly best friend to being the person I could spend the rest of my life with. It all hit me. It’s always been you.”
One more step and now he’s just within your reach. If you stuck your hand out, your fingers would graze the soft puff of his coat, the delicate skin of his neck. 
“I’ve always felt that way about you. I never thought you’d feel the same.”
You smile softly, timidly. “It just took me a little while longer to realize it.”
All at once, Jungkook closes the gap and holds you gently by your cheeks. His thumbs wipe at the moisture under your eyes. 
“I promise to never make you cry again,” he whispers reverently. 
“And I promise to never run away from you again.” 
Jungkook smiles at that, cradling your face like you’re the most expensive and precious jewel. 
“Can I kiss you again?” He asks, somewhat unsure of himself. 
“I would like it if you would.”
As Jungkook presses his cold, plush lips to your own, you make a promise to yourself to never go a day without kissing him again. 
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe you’re in my bedroom,” Jungkook murmurs as he kisses at your face. After the park, Jungkook loaded you into his priceless Nissan and scurried home. You could hardly keep your hands off him as he drove you back to his place—reaching and caressing the spots on his body you’re dying to become familiar with. 
“I’ve been in your bedroom before,” you remind him as he tugs up the hoodie you’re wearing. 
“God, don’t be so semantic when I’m trying to fuck you,” he says before throwing the hoodie to a corner of the room. “You know what I mean.”
Jungkook kisses you again, all lips and teeth and tongue. He kisses you like you’re the last breath of air, and he’s greedy for every bit. He grips your hips, not too tight, and brings your body against his. You can feel him grow in hardness in his too tight, and it feels like bliss. 
Teasingly, you grind your hips against his, making him shudder with desire.
“I want you,” he whines as he nibbles at your lip. 
“Really? I couldn’t tell.”
He opens his eyes to level a look at you, pulling his mouth away from yours. 
“You’re such a little smartass.”
His hands become feverish on your jeans, tugging apart the button and flicking down the fly. He pushes them down quickly, and you kick them off carelessly. 
He can’t stop looking at you in your bra and panties, standing at the foot of his bed. 
“Holy shit, okay, this is happening, right? Like, this is real?” 
You smirk, pleased with Jungkook’s obvious excitement. 
“Let me prove it’s not just a dream.” 
Softly, you spin Jungkook around and push him down to sit on his bed. He complies easily, eyes wide and excited. 
“If this is a dream, would you be able to feel this?” You ask as you unbuckle  his belt and open his jeans. He doesn’t reply, simply watches you as you tug his jeans down to his thighs. 
His cock strains hard against his tight boxers, and you run a teasing finger over the obvious bulge. 
“Oh fuck,” he breathes. 
“Feels pretty real, huh?”
Your delicate hands gently tug at the waistband of his boxers and easily work them down enough to free the length of his cock. It springs out easily and your eyes widen at the impressive size. You assumed he would be at least average, but you’re looking at something definitely more. 
“Oh wow,” you whisper. “You’re fucking huge.” 
Jungkook grins. “All for you, baby.” The cockiness is palpable. 
One solid grip around him wipes the presumptuous smile off his face, replaced with a gasping, shuddering moan. 
“How about this? Not a dream?”
He struggles to find his voice, instead he’s gulping for air like a fish out of water. 
“That’s what I thought,” you whisper before settling into a position on your knees. “I’ll admit, I’ve dreamt about this too. I always felt so ashamed for dreaming about sucking my best friend's cock.”
You press soft kisses to the head of his length, teasing the sensitive areas at the tip before kissing up and down the length. 
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.”
His evident desire for you encourages you, and your tongue swipes at the crown of his tip and swirls around it gently. 
“Oh my god.” His eyes shutter closed and you trace the veins in his dick with your tongue. 
“This h-has to be a dreeeaaaaam,” he whines as you make an exceptionally long stripe with the flat of your tongue. 
You pull off for a moment, humming. He springs his eyes open and watches as you reach behind your back and unsnap your bra. Your breasts escape with a bounce and his eyes widen, nearly bulging out of their sockets. 
“What the fuck,” he whines. “You have the most amazing tits.”
He reaches out to grasp them and you slap them away playfully. 
“Not yet,” you smirk. “Still trying to convince you you’re not asleep.” 
He sucks in his breath and puts his hands back to the bed to steady himself, eyes never leaving yours (except to stare at the luscious curves of your body). 
Grasping your breasts in both hands, you smash them together lightly in an elaborate show of what Jungkook wants most. You lean over his body and place the throbbing thickness of his cock in between your tits, allowing him to feel just how soft and warm they are. 
“Shit!” He yelps, grabbing his sheets in a tight fist. “Are you really tit-fucking me right now?!”
Slowly, you lift your body up and down, allowing his cock to feel each stroke of your breasts. You nod at his question and continue to pump up and down. 
“Still dreaming?” 
He whines and shakes his head, already feeling so close to the edge. His cock is slick from your teasing licks and the pressure of your tits surrounding him had his mind spinning with desire. 
“Ahhh, I’m so fucking close,” he warns.
You continue, speeding up the friction and pressure of your strokes. 
“I want you to cum on me, Kook,” you whisper encouragingly. “Cum on my tits, please?”
Jungkook feels like he’s a wire about to snap, and your thick, sultry voice and incredibly perfect breasts are the snips that breaks him apart. 
“Oh, shit,” he grunts. “Gonna paint your titties white, baby.”
His moans echo around the walls of his bedroom, small gasps of pleasure and your name escaping his perfectly plump pout. 
His hot load splatters on your chest, and you stroke him through each pulse of his cock. You’re slippery with his seed now, and when you pull away from his spent length, you make a show of rubbing in his cum over your chest.
“Okay, definitely not dreaming,” he says in a daze as he watches you lift a wet finger to your mouth, popping it in to clean it off. “Who knew you were so fucking kinky?” 
His confidence grows as he catches his breath. He can’t believe he’s sitting on his bed with you on your knees, breasts covered in his load. You’re suckling the cum off your finger like it’s his cock, and he’s desperate for more.
“There are lots of things you don’t know about me,” you shrug. 
Swiftly, he grabs you gently by your bicep and pulls you close, sucking at your lips until you’re both standing. 
“I plan to find out everything.” 
Suddenly, you’re switching positions and Jungkook is pushing you down into the bed. You lay flat in the center, body relaxed and eager for your best friend.
“What are you doing?” You ask. He’s still standing at the end of the bed, watching you get comfortable. Once he’s satisfied that you’re lying exactly how you want, he settles himself by your feet.
“Worshipping you,” he says as he lifts an ankle and presses gentle kisses to your calf. “Showing you how much I adore you.” More kisses, soft and sweet. “Showing you how I plan on treating you for the rest of your life.” 
He takes his time, lavishing your legs with his mouth. He kisses and sucks at any spot, sexual or not. He mouths at the roundness of your knees, your firm hamstrings. He presses his love into the skin of your thighs, mouthing his praises with each kiss. 
He reaches the dip of your hips and he gently kisses your exposed skin as he tugs your cotton panties off you. 
“I have loved every inch of you since before I can remember,” he praises as his lips skim over the mound of your cunt. “And I don’t plan on stopping soon.” 
Your body feels like it’s on fire, as if Jungkook lights a match at every spot his lips press against. Your eyes close, and you allow Jungkook to continue his pious worship of your body. 
He teases around your folds, kissing your labia ever so gently—making you gasp. He doesn’t linger long, only kisses you enough to stir the licking flames of heat in your belly.  
He kisses at your stomach, gently nibbling and laving at the softness there. You try to hide from him, try to hide your insecurities of your body in his thorough exploration, but he moves your hands. 
“I know you don’t like this part of your body,” he murmurs. His voice is so soft, so pure and sincere. “But I do. I love everything about you.” 
His tongue swirls around your belly button, making you gasp at the ticklish sensation. 
“You’re so pretty. So perfect.” 
He continues upwards, lips now trailing to your full breasts. He takes his time there, licking and kissing and flicking at your nipples with his tongue. It feels exhilarating—Jungkook’s mouth feels like everything you want it to feel like. His tongue is warm, and he bites with just enough pressure to make your back arch off the bed into his embrace.
His hands explore, taking stock of every millimeter of skin he can find. He wants to memorize every freckle, every bump, every scar and line. Your body is his paradise, and all he can think of is you, you, you.
One hand travels down your body as he moves his lips up your neck. It snakes down your stomach and deftly slides over your soaked core. You whine as you feel his fingers part your folds and dip into the wetness.
“So wet,” he says out loud, verbalizing every tantalizing detail of your body. “So perfect.”
His lips are finally at your own and you kiss him passionately, tongue swirling around his as he slides his two fingers past your clit and into your drenched hole. You gasp against his mouth, eyes widening as he slowly scissors his fingers into you and pumps slowly. It’s almost teasing, the way he fucks his fingers in you. Slow, firm movements with his powerful hands.
“Jungkook!” You gasp. He doesn’t reply, instead he bites at your lip and tugs, then trails his hot mouth back down to your nipples. He can’t get enough of your breasts and the slightly salty taste of him still lingering.
“You feel so good,” he says as he speeds his fingers up minutely. “So tight and wet for me.”
Your hips writhe in need. He’s giving you what you need, but not enough. You need more, more. You want to feel him, all of him, spearing you open.
“Please, Kook,” you groan. “I need you.”
He laughs softly against your nipple and sucks extra hard, letting it pop out of his mouth audibly.
“And I need you, my love.”
“Fuck me, please.” You’re desperate, thighs quaking from the slow teasing. “I want you to fuck me, Jungkook.”
Chills shudder down Jungkook’s spine and he’s powerless to say no, not when you demand it so well.
“With pleasure,” he agrees. He pulls his fingers from within you and copies your move, sliding them into his mouth to suck your essence off. 
He’s never looked sexier. His eyes are dark chocolate pools of burning intensity, and you feel your breath become shaky as you watch him clean his fingers with precision.
After he’s deemed his fingers sufficiently clean, he settles himself between your legs. Easily, he lifts your hips and shoves a pillow underneath, elevating you to a more comfortable position. He grabs your legs and tosses each over his shoulders so they’re higher in the air. 
“I’m going to fuck you so good, baby,” he promises as he rubs the tip of his cock on your soppy slit. “Condom?”
You shake your head, appreciative of his question but desperate to feel him completely.
“Birth control. Regularly tested. Haven’t had sex in a while,” you blurt out. “You good?”
He nods in agreement. “Same. Well, except the birth control. But, I’d take it if they made it for men.”
“Jungkook!” You whine. Your best friend is so easily sidetracked. “Please, can you fuck me?”
He grins. “Tsk, someone is impatient.”
A low moan is rumbling in your chest as he continues to rub his thick cock at your entrance.
“I swear to god, you’re the biggest tease.”
“Oh, I’m definitely the biggest.”
Before you can react, he’s pushing past your entrance and sliding deep in your walls. Your position makes his cock feel deep, and he bottoms out and stills there, eyes closed in bliss.
“Holy shit,” he gasps. “This is absolutely the best pussy I’ve ever felt.”
You wiggle your hips as you get used to the sensation of the delicious stretch.
“Please don’t tell me how many pussies you’ve felt when you’re balls deep inside of me.”
Jungkook turns his head and kisses at your legs resting on his shoulders, lavishing them with his praise once more as he keeps his cock buried inside your tight heat.
“Yours is the only one that matters. The only pussy I’ll ever be in for the rest of my life.”
“That’s a good answer,” you smile. “Now, fuck me, lover boy.”
Jungkook winks and grips your hips with his hands. He swiftly pulls out, enamored with the way his cock is already covered in your creamy essence, then eagerly pushes back in. He sets a pace and soon the sound of skin clapping on skin echoes around the room.
“Oh god!” You’re moaning loudly, unabashedly. You’re thankful that Jungkook’s old roommate, Yoongi, moved out to live with his boyfriend Hoseok months ago. He’d definitely complain about the noise for months. “Fuck, Jungkook, you feel so good.”
Jungkook fucks into you with ferocity, speed and power gradually rising as he feels his core tighten with the coming anticipation of release.
“Mmm, you look so fucking sexy like this,” he murmurs. “Getting fucked by your best friend’s fat cock.”
He moves a hand from your hip, trails it up your body to squeeze at your breast, before he’s cupping your face once again. His hips snap against yours and he loves the way your mouth utters little squeaks and gasps with each deep thrust into you.
“God, my beautiful girl,” he groans. “Can’t wait to cum in this pussy, shit, you got me so fucking close.”
You open your mouth desperately and Jungkook easily slips his thumb in. You latch on quickly and suck, tongue swirling around the tip like you’re sucking another cock. It nearly sends him over the edge and the speed of his hips matches his desperate need for more.
“Fucking hell,” he bites back. He can feel his belly tighten, driven further and further to the edge by the constricting wetness of your cunt. 
He pulls his thumb out and moves it down to where his cock spears into you, allowing your spit to swirl with his thumb around your clit. Your core tightens around him at the added stimulation and your back arches up in ecstasy.
“I’m so c-close, Kook,” you plead, as if begging for mercy. “Please, I want to cum so bad.”
The speed of his thumb increases, and he watches as your face twists in pleasure and desperation. 
“Cum on my cock, baby, let me see you fall apart. Show me what I’ve dreamt of for so long.”
A high and wanton cry ripples out of your body as he savagely increases his speed, both his cock and thumb working overtime to drive you towards your end. The butterflies that erupt in your lower stomach make your moans louder, higher. You’re so close, closer than ever. It’s building to an incredible crescendo.
He can tell you’re close—he sees it on your face as your back arches and your fists grip his sheets.
“You look like a fucking angel, baby,” he whines as he soaks in the vision of you writhing underneath him. “I bet you cum like an angel, too. Let me see it, let me see.”
With just a few more swirls of his thumb and his deep, hard strokes, you’re soaring over the edge into a pool of nothingness. Your cunt pulsates wildly around his length, milking and stroking it with your tight walls. You throw your head back, moaning out his name at the top of his lungs, letting his neighbors know just who fucks you so well.
“Holy shit,” he gasps, hips stuttering as he fucks into your juicy hole. “That was so fucking sexy.”
You grip his forearms, holding onto him tight and encourage him to go harder. “Cum inside me, Kookie, please. I’m all yours, make me yours.”
His heart feels like it might burst in his chest. He’s always wanted you to say it to him, to hand over your love to him like he does so easily to you. It’s all so much, so overwhelming, and the feeling of your hot cunt still fluttering around him sends him reeling into his own completion. 
He spills into you, warm seed coating your walls and pooling inside your womb. He fucks himself through each throb of his cock until he’s sure he’s drained every ounce of himself into you.
Your legs slip off his shoulders easily, and he gently pulls himself out of you. He falls beside you, panting with exertion, and wraps an arm around you.
After a few silent moments of catching your breath, Jungkook pulls you in close to him until he can koala-cling to you, arms and legs both wrapped around your body.
“Mine,” he whispers as he kisses your head. “All mine.”
You return the favor, clinging to your best friend—boyfriend—like he’s your only lifeline.
“All yours.”
Tumblr media
“So, you’re telling me, you got together because of Minecraft?” Jimin asks, pointing a fork in your direction. It’s been months now since your grand virtual declaration of love for Jungkook. Months of bliss and romance, laughter and companionship. 
You were right all along. Jungkook is everything you’ve wanted in a man and more.
You’re sitting at your brother’s expensive dinner table, enjoying a meal with his family with your boyfriend at your side.
“Yeah, Jimin, I guess that’s what I’m saying,” you retort as you roll your eyes. “Minecraft and Tinder.”
Baby Jisoo is awake and in your brother’s arms, but she’s whining and wiggling to leave him.
“What’s wrong, Soo?” Namjoon asks with a pout on his lips. “Why don’t you want daddy anymore?”
Jimin snorts at his husband and you hold out your arms for your baby niece. “Come here, baby, I know you want auntie.”
Namjoon dutifully hands over his daughter, sulking that he’s been picked over for his sister. 
You cradle the baby in your arms, expecting her to calm once she’s there, but she continues to fuss. She’s thrusting her arms out and nearly crying, reaching towards Jungkook who’s busy chowing down on Jimin’s homemade ramen.
“I think she wants you, Kook,” you murmur. He looks at you, then to the baby, then back to you, before he wipes his hands and face clean with a napkin.
“Oh, okay,” he whispers, slowly taking the baby from your arms with your help. “Hello, ma’am.”
Namjoon and Jimin laugh. “She’s a baby, Jungkook, not an elderly woman,” your brother teases.
Jungkook doesn’t listen. He’s too busy cooing at the baby in his arms and playing with her tiny hands. Namjoon turns his attention away and looks at you.
“Guess I won’t be the only provider of grandchildren for much longer.”
You playfully glare at him and turn away to watch your boyfriend. Watching Jungkook interact with your niece makes your heart swell, your soul sing. He’d be a perfect father.
“I swear, if he teaches her how to play Minecraft, he’s banned from the household,” Jimin grumbles. “This is a No-Nerd-Zone.”
Jungkook cradles the child and rocks back and forth, singing her a soft, made-up song, before he looks over at you.
“Hey, I want one of these,” he smiles. “Can we have one?”
You lay a hand on your stomach, a soft bump not quite visible yet. It’s only been one test, the lines faintly indicating ‘positive’ on the stick. You wanted to make sure, get confirmation before you spill the beans.
“Sure, Kookie.”
He grins and leans over to kiss you, before turning his attention back to the baby. “Okay, Jisoo, now let me tell you all about the Endermen.”
Jimin groans. “Oh my god, do not give Minecraft facts to my infant!”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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concrete king. (m) jjk
Tumblr media
part two here.
pairing. skaterboy!jk x reader genre. fluff, smut, himbo energy word count. 16.7k ....don’t look at me warnings. sweet summer romance, blonde!jk, brief depictions of drugs (marijuana usage), alcohol, lots of making out, messy car sex, fingering, spit kink !! (duh), light tit play, playful dirty talk, protected sex, overall cute, jungkook is a big fking dork and a softie! summary. when a cute boy in a tacky hawaiian shirt lands a trick in your honor theres no way you could ever say no to him note. thank you to @cutechim @jungkxook for indulging my thirsty rambles as well as @coepiteamare for beta reading this for me like an absolute angel ❣️ ily babes !! ps. @jjkxla​ come get ur mans ! (i also made a bby playlist for the fic here !)
leave some feedback, send a message, tell me u love me pls u know the drill <3
Tumblr media
The California sun beats high from it’s spot in the sky, zero clouds coming between the harsh rays that bounce off the concrete and warm up Jungkook’s body in an almost uncomfortable way. He can feel the sweat accumulating on the back of his neck, leaving the blonde strands damp with moisture, ends curling up as he ruffles his hands through them. 
Jungkook has been here for a little over an hour now, currently perched on the edge of the smaller bowl as he observes Hoseok from inside, laughing as his friend pops up, bottom of his trucks grinding against the ledge before he’s gliding back down. Hoseok had just picked up skating recently; he’s used to cruising on the streets so he has the basics down, just needs Jungkook’s help when it comes to doing anything at the skatepark. The first hurdle? The frontside carve grind that he had been struggling with. 
“Smoother, right?” he calls out to his friend as he pumps himself back around to repeat it on the opposite side with the same success. He cheers briefly before gripping his deck and climbing out of the bowl, settling his ass right next to him, ignoring the slight burn from the concrete below. 
“Much,” he flips the board over in his grasp, fingers wiggling the trucks with a pleased smile. “Who knew loose trucks would be my saving grace.”
Jungkook hums in confirmation, twirling his own board above his lap. “I don’t know how the hell you were carving before. They were tight as fuck.”
“Rookie mistake,” Hoseok jokes, leaning back on his palms and letting his head hang back, face turned up to the sky with his eyes shut. 
Jungkook chuckles as he hauls himself up, fingers pulling at his shirt, his white tee sticking to his back as he flaps the bright blue printed button up around him for some air. His eyes roam the skate park, seeing who occupied what area: the bikers on the far left side, roller skaters in the middle where the half pipe was, and skate boarders to the far left where the shallow bowl and rails were. 
“Why the hell are you wearing that?” Hoseok grumbles when he opens his eyes and really takes a look at Jungkook’s bright shirt, covered in orange and yellow petals, classic hawaiian print that should only belong on middle aged men on vacation. The ridiculous shade of blue contrasts against the dark ink on his arms, thick bold tattoos in all black that are placed sporadically, almost as if he had slapped stickers onto his skin and called it a day. Like most things in life, Jungkook made it work; this hawaiian shirt however was the very rare occasion where it didn’t work. 
“It’s called fashion, asshole,” Jungkook laughs, nudging his knee against his friend’s shoulder and stumbling when Hoseok shoves him back, almost making his legs buckle underneath him. “Fuck you,” he chortles, smacking Hoseok’s head with a nice whack, jumping out of the way before he can retaliate once again. 
Just as Hoseok is about to get up, presumably to put his younger friend into a headlock, Jungkook drops into the bowl on his board, cackling the whole way down. A dorky smile is on his lips, teeth out as he looks back at his friend, legs acting on their own accord while he carves along the bowl. 
His hair flows in the wind as he picks up speed, knees bent slightly to help pump himself around with practiced ease. He feels at home whenever he’s here, muscle memory guiding him through the motions, letting him ride out of the bowl smoothly. 
Jungkook kicks off with his right foot for speed, a grin on his face as he approaches the upcoming ledge, feet wide and stable on his board. With a push up, he’s hopping onto the ledge with the nose of his board, grinding along the surface for a few seconds before hopping off, wheels clacking against the concrete as he rolls away. 
A group of kids cheer on from the sidelines as they watch, all decked out in protective gear as they stare at him with eyes that make him feel as if he had just done something monumental. He gives them a smile in thanks as he glides by them, remembering the times when he was their age and struggling to stand on his own board. 
It makes him want to show off some more, skating a little way past them to get some distance to catch some speed before eventually attempting to pull a trick after clearing the stairs that lead to the lower part of the park. 
He flips his hair back as he nears the edge of the park, right before the concrete meets the patchy grass, and before he can fully concentrate, he hears the sound of laughter. Jungkook has to blame it on his easily distracted attention span, but his ears focus on it, head turning around in search of it, bouncing off the same kids playing a few feet away before finally landing on you. 
He hops off his board now, cool trick momentarily forgotten, kicking the tail up until his fingers curl around the nose as he holds it by his side. That’s when he hears it again, confirming it actually belonged to you, sitting on the metal bench underneath the shade of a tree with a red popsicle in your hand and a wide smile on your face as your friend tells a story. 
Jungkook is definitely not blind, taking note of how attractive you are, your legs barely covered in a pair of dark blue denim shorts and out in the open due to the summer heat. If there was one thing he would always be weak for, it’s pretty girls like you with laughs as sweet as honey and smiles brighter than the sun. 
He wonders for a moment if the heat has gone to his head and he’s imagining you, like some kind of mirage you see just before you pass out because there’s no way you’re real. Hell, maybe he had attempted the cool trick and busted his head open, and you were coming to him in some coma dream. 
Your friend must sense him staring, her eyes looking at him before she’s mumbling something to you, and you’re turning around to look right at him too. You’re giving him a very clear once over, no doubt judging his shirt choice like Hoseok had, but when you don’t immediately look away, he lifts a hand up and gives you a simple wave. 
Tight, you’re real. 
A confused grin is on your lips as you wave back, briefly wondering if he was an acquaintance you had forgotten about, more so when he speaks loud enough for you to hear, his need to impress a pretty girl taking over. 
“Watch this!”
And you do, turning fully around to observe the blonde boy as he angles his board before getting a head start and hopping onto it with just enough speed to execute his trick. You watch as he crouches low on the board, pushing off the tail until it scoops up under him, front foot rotating it in time with his body in a full 360 before swiftly landing it. 
Jungkook smiles wide at landing the beta flip after having practiced it earlier in the day, wheels crunching over the cracks as he cruises on and comes to a stop right before the stairs. He holds in his cheer as he hops off his board with his shoulders pulled back in pride, only increasing when he realizes you had in fact watched him pull it off. 
“That was for you!” he shouts out, placing his fingertips to his lips to blow you a kiss, not at all phased by the look on your face. It’s a clear display of amusement mixed with confusion, your hand pointing at your chest to confirm he was talking to you. 
“Do I know you?”
That’s the golden ticket he needs, bending down to clutch his board and make his way to you. “Glad you asked,” he laughs, approaching you with that same toothy smile, blonde hair framing his face and flowing through the wind as he speeds up his pace. 
“I’m Jungkook,” he announces, coming to stop right in front of the bench and hunkering down into the spot right next to you. He takes up space comfortably, almost as if he thinks he belongs absolutely everywhere, thighs spread out and back resting along the tabletop casually as he leans onto his elbows. 
“Okay Jungkook, do I know you?” Your friend snickers at your tone, taking note of the way he smirks, hands raking through his hair as he stares at you with doe eyes that you know help him win over the ladies. 
“You do now. What’s your name?” 
There's a small moment where you have an internal battle, wondering if it would be wise to give your name out to the cute skater who had just landed a trick in your honor. It’s not until your friend gives you a look that tells you to do it that you finally respond. 
“Y/N,” you smile, bringing the red ice pop back to your lips for another taste, desperately needing it to ward off the sticky heat surrounding you. His eyes are locked onto the motion, seeing the way your lips wrap around the edge of it until suddenly, you’re biting into the slowly softening treat. 
“Oh man, you bite ice cream? I’m out,” he laughs, going to stand back up as he feigns being alarmed. Your joyous laugh fills the air once more, your palm slapping over your mouth to prevent the chunk from slipping out. “What flavor is that anyways?”
“Watermelon,” you laugh, “and don’t judge me, it’s hot.” Your words are hard to make out as you mumble while chewing, snickering when he slumps back into his spot with a wide smile. He gives you a moment as you finish up your treat, his eyes crinkled up as he stares at you with clear amusement on his sun kissed face, nodding in approval at the flavor of choice. 
“I don’t know. I came over here ‘cause I thought you were cute but you’re clearly–“ his finger circles around near his temple, the slight grimace on his face a clear indication that he was calling you crazy, and it only makes you giggle some more. 
“You think I’m cute?”
Jungkook’s jaw drops, a silent laugh leaving him as he stares at you incredulously. “I also think you’re crazy. Did that slip your mind?”
The popsicle finds its way back into your mouth as you hum in indifference, choosing to suck on it instead of biting it to save him from the absolute agony of watching. He swears he could feel his own brain rattling and teeth aching when you did it. Maybe you are crazy. 
“No, I heard cute, and the rest just got tuned out.”
He laughs fully at this, and you take a second to admire him, getting a good look at his profile as his head drops back, light strands of hair no longer obstructing your view, allowing you to see the way his nose scrunches up and his top teeth push out in an endearing way. 
Your eyes drop to his arms now, the black lines calling your attention as you admire the bold artwork covering the entire expanse of them. Each piece is relatively small, individually placed with a small gap in between the tattoos next to them instead of it being a fully connected sleeve. The one that really catches your eye is the noose tucked into his bicep, right above his elbow with the words 'I'll be cool when I’m dead’ lined around it in all caps. It’s an interesting style that somehow suits him. 
“Alright,” he scoots closer to you smoothly, turning to fully stare at you with his head tilted slightly. “Yeah, you’re cute, for a girl who bites ice cream.”
He pauses for another second as you pull out the popsicle, eyes looking at him with a sly smile on your red coated lips. it doesn’t prepare him for the low blow you’re about to deliver. “You talk a lot of shit for a guy wearing a hawaiian shirt.”
His hand clutches over his chest, fingers gripping onto the fabric of his white tee as he hunches over and winces at the second jab to his fashion sense. “Damn, no need for the personal attack. What brings you to this beautiful park?”
Normally he’d assume you were here to skate, or to just stare at the boys since that’s what a lot of girls did to pass time, but you were lacking in gear and anything that had wheels. You also didn’t seem interested in anything going on in the park. 
This park was on the slightly shittier side of town, covered in graffiti and barely held together by the people who inhabited it, everyone coming together to fix anything that broke in an effort to keep it alive. It was a nice little community, and without it, this place would’ve become a run down skeleton of what it is now. 
Whatever was beyond the concrete, though, was left to its own methods of survival. Grass patchy and half dead, too many crazed squirrels that didn’t fear humans, and the occasional run in with an aggressive stranger made people who weren’t here to ride stay far away. 
You know this: it’s the main reason you never come here, especially when the weather is as nasty as it is today. 
The red treat is now pointed at your friend as you speak. “Her boyfriend is over there by the big bowl. I’m just here to keep her company and help ward off the squirrels.”
Jungkook looks over to the area in question, seeing the same bikers huddled around the deep bowl as someone drops in. “Sick, who is he?”
“Taehyung,” your friend speaks up, chin resting on her palm as she stares dreamily at the boy with the wide smile that catches air on his bike. They had only been dating a few weeks, but it was clear she was absolutely smitten with him. 
“No way,” Jungkook chuckles, raking his hands through his hair again. It’s become a habit ever since he let it grow out, but each time he does it, you’re given the perfect view of his forehead and strong eyebrows, so you’re not complaining. “We go way back. You must be Jia then?”
Her face beams up at that, proud that her boyfriend talks about her to his friends, and when Taehyung comes to a still and stares over at her, she waves at him frantically. Jungkook stifles a laugh when his friend does the same, long arm swinging side to side as he smiles at his girlfriend. 
“Yeah, glad to know he talks about me.”
“Oh, he doesn’t shut up about you,” he playfully rolls his eyes, chuckling when she gets even happier, deciding to stand up and make her way over to Taehyung for a moment. 
“They’re cute,” you sigh, resting your arm on the cool metal table as you stare at the couple, smiling as Jia sits her butt on the handlebars and screams when Taehyung pretends to drop into the bowl. 
“The cutest.” Jungkook humors you, eyes bouncing over to Hoseok and seeing him practicing some simple flat tricks off to the side. That’s when the idea pops into his head, turning back to stare at you with a grin on his lips. “Since you know Taehyung and Jia, are you coming to the kickback?”
“What kickback?”
“My friend Hoseok’s throwing a small get together. His parents are loaded and on this weird hippie retreat, so it’s free real estate for a party. Those two will be there, so I’m just passing along the message.”
Your roll your lips in thought, remembering the brief invitation Jia had given you a while back, an invitation you had turned down because you didn’t know anyone that would be there besides her and the last thing you wanted was to be alone once she disappeared with Taehyung. But if Jungkook would be there, then maybe you’d have a reason to go. 
“Is this a direct invitation?” you wonder, finishing off your treat and setting the stained stick aside. 
“Sure is. There’s also a pool in case my presence isn’t convincing enough.” His thick brows wiggle while he speaks, a quick wink sent your way, and a cute smile spreads onto his lips when you roll your eyes at his antics. 
“I don’t know. Land another trick for me, and I’ll consider it.”
Jungkook never backs down from a challenge, so he nods in thought, bending forward to grab his board from the dry grass, mind whirling as he thinks of the right trick to do to impress you. 
“You’re gonna make me work for it huh?” He stands up fully now, adjusting his atrocious shirt as it sticks to his back once more. There’s a playful smile on his face that only spreads when you nod your head in confirmation. 
“Sure am. Go on and try to impress me with something cute.” Your words poke fun at him, your foot coming out to nudge at his leg for him to get going when he remains by your side. 
“I hope you have an outfit planned for it because I’m totally gonna blow you away with my cute trick.”
Tumblr media
Of course Jungkook lands the trick, making it look like a piece of cake without breaking a sweat as he once again blew a kiss your way, managing to rope you in and get your number as well as a verbal confirmation that you’d be at the party. 
It makes him feel a little jittery as he roams the aisles of the nearby 7-11 with Jimin, in search of drinks and some snacks. He can faintly see his reflection in the glass doors as he eyes the shelves of drinks, blonde hair split down the middle and styled off his face, a look of thought on his features. The rings adorning his fingers rattle against his board leaning on his legs as he taps them along the nose, looking far too conflicted over the choices displayed in front of him. 
“It’s just alcohol Kook. Pick something.” Jimin speaks up from beside him, playfully shoving his shoulder to snap Jungkook out of his deep concentration. 
“Girls like white claws, right?” he wonders outloud, fingers curling around the handle of the fridge before yanking it open. The chill hits him instantly, something he welcomes since the summer heat was still going strong. It sends a shiver through him so he keeps the door propped open, choosing to stare without the glass obstructing his view. 
“Bro, I like white claws.” Jimin huffs, sliding in between Jungkook and grabbing his own case of the mango flavored drink, not wanting to linger in this store longer than necessary.  
“So, yes?” 
Jimin gives his friend a pointed look as he juggles his board and the drink case in his arms. “Yes, grab two of the assorted cases. I’m sure Hoseok has enough alcohol in case they happen to hate great tasting seltzer.”
That’s good enough for Jungkook, grabbing two cases and letting the fridge door slam behind him as he follows after Jimin. The silver haired boy was already at the counter, grabbing a pack of original backwoods and setting it on top of his beloved white claw case, an array of snacks beside it. 
“What if she flakes?” Jungkook wonders as he slides the cases besides Jimin’s junk, grabbing his wallet from his pocket to flash his ID to the cashier before fishing out some bills to pay for it all—something he had promised Jimin after losing a bet yesterday afternoon. 
“Then she flakes,” Jimin shrugs, asking the cashier for extra bags to ensure the plastic wouldn’t give out on their ride to Hoseok’s. 
“Fuck, don’t say that.” Jungkook whines, pocketing the change and smiling in thanks when the cashier triple bags their items. If you flaked on him, he would feel like such a loser, excited at the prospect of getting to see you again only for it to be made clear that you really weren’t interested. 
Jungkook shakes those thoughts out of his head as they exit the store, his leg propping open the door for the next customer. Jimin can see the worry on his younger friend’s face, heaving a sigh as he lets his board fall to the floor. 
“She’s not gonna flake. She’s probably already there.”
That doesn’t seem to make it any better, Jungkook’s eyes bulging out as he adjusts the bags in his grip and drops his own board in a haste. 
“The fuck are we doing here then?” he huffs, hopping onto the deck and pushing himself off in a hurry, not even waiting for Jimin to situate himself as he rolls down the parking lot and onto the sidewalk. 
“Okay, fuck me right?” Jimin shouts out, rolling his eyes as Jungkook doesn’t seem fazed. If anything, he picks up more speed. Jimin knew the way to Hoseok’s: it was only a few blocks away, plus Jungkook was carrying the bulk of the items so he shouldn’t even be complaining. 
The strain of his arms is starting to ache from the weight pulling on them, paired up with the blaze of the late afternoon sun, and Jungkook can already feel the prickling of sweat on his skin. His button up of choice today doesn’t provide him much airflow compared to his favorite hawaiian shirt, something he had forgone in order to not get absolutely roasted from you and his friends again. Instead he picked out a loose fitting red shirt with the depiction of dragons printed on it, tucked into his ripped black jeans to showcase the black belt wrapped around his waist. 
Sure, he had decided to dress up a little. It might be to impress you, or it might be self care, but he reassured himself that he still looked casual because of the dirty converse laced on his feet. 
He smiles a bit as the streets grow wider, rolling onto the smooth pavement instead of the cracked sidewalk. Rich people loved their streets pothole and gravel free, and it made for perfect cruising conditions. It lets him get more speed as he nears Hoseok’s house, blonde strands flowing through the wind, silver earrings dangling in time with each kick he gives until finally, he sees it. 
Both feet rest on his board now and he spares a glance behind him, laughing when he sees Jimin doing his best to catch up with a middle finger aimed right at him. Jungkook juggles the bags in his grasp before throwing the bird back, leaning to the right to turn onto the driveway and hopping off the board altogether. 
He doesn’t even bother grabbing his board, choosing to kick it until it rolled onto the green front lawn. There was no way someone would steal it here anyways, so he feels no guilt as he makes his way inside the air conditioned home. 
“Hobi!” he calls out, not in the mood to try to find his friend wherever he might be in the house. Jungkook just shuffles through the entryway, making a beeline for the kitchen like he always does when he’s here. “Oh, there you are.”
Hoseok hums in confirmation as he pulls out some water from the fridge, fingers pointing at the bags in his friend’s grasp. “What did you get?”
“White claws,” Jungkook grunts, hauling the cases up onto the oversized island and shaking out his arms to get the feeling back into them. 
“Nice, where’s Jimin?”
“He’s coming.” The door opens then, and Jungkook gestures to signify that it must be him. “Anyways, is she here yet?”
“Who?” Hoseok frowns, not even able to conceal his laughter when Jungkook gives him a stone cold look. “Damn I’m kidding. Yeah, she’s here. Everyone’s outside by the pool. Come bring the drinks out.”
Jungkook hops in place for a bit, a goofy smile on his face when Hoseok shoves his shoulder with a laugh. You were here. You didn’t flake, and now his nerves were back to overflowing his mind. 
With a small breath, he contains his smile, trying to keep his face neutral as he grabs the cases and follows behind Hoseok to the backyard, Jimin right behind him. Jungkook doesn’t even react when Jimin kicks his thigh like an annoying brother. No, he’s too focused on finding you in the small group of people lounging under the canopy beside the pool. 
He hears Taehyung instantly once the doors open, his wild laughter kickstarting everyone else's. Jungkook’s eyes roam around, spotting Namjoon standing by the grill as he ensures the burgers and hotdogs don’t burn. Taehyung is currently kneeled on a bright pink floating bed, playing what appears to be a game of chicken with Jin in the pool, the two of them fully clothed and swatting at each other in an effort to have someone topple over. 
“Wait, shit, my phone’s still in my pocket!” Taehyung shouts out as Jin gets his hands around the other’s wrist, fully intent on sending him over. 
“Nice try,” Seokjin calls his bluff, yanking his friend over with full force, wobbling on his own floaty as Taehyung splashes into the water with a scream. 
That’s when he hears your laugh, having it embedded in his mind since last week. It’s easy for him to find you now, seeing you tucked into the cushions of the couch in the shade, snug right between Jia and Yoongi’s girlfriend, Sena. 
He freezes in his spot, making Jimin collide into his back with a curse before he’s pushed out of the way. That same dorky smile spreads across his lips as your eyes move from the scene in the pool to Jungkook, a grin sent his way as you shimmy out of your wedged spot. 
Jungkook tries not to be a typical boy that gawks at pretty girls, but you make it so hard, legs taunting him in another pair of denim shorts and a cropped distressed vintage tee of a band he just so happens to love only makes him swoon just a little more. 
“You look really pretty,” he breathes out as you get close enough, abandoning a typical greeting in favor of a compliment that makes you laugh as you look down at the grass beneath your shoes. 
“Thanks,” you smile, hand reaching out to tug at his shirt, admiring the pattern that covers it, favoring it to the bright blue vacation shirt from before. “You do too.”
He catches your words before you can try to fix them, a teasing smile on his lips as he raises his brows. “You think I look pretty? Thank you.”
You don’t even fight it, grabbing the top case of white claws to ease the weight off of him with a smile, instantly walking towards the outdoor fridge Hoseok had told you was where all the drinks would be. “You’re welcome. Keep wearing shirts like that, and I’ll call you pretty all the time.”
Jungkook whistles as he walks beside you, softly bumping into your shoulder, “How’d you know my love language is words of affirmation?”
“Is it?” you laugh, setting the case on top of the outdoor counter and opening it up, ready to hand them over to Jungkook as he kneels to open the mini fridge. 
“Sure is. Hearing it from you just makes it hit a little different though.”
Your teeth bite down on your lower lip, trying to conceal your smile at his honest flirting, urging the butterflies in your stomach to settle down. There’s a glimmer in his eyes as he stares up at you, and it makes you want to match his energy, so you nod as you crack open the can in your hand and pass it over to him before opening one for yourself. 
“Noted. You’re gonna be sick of my compliments by the time the day is over.”
Jungkook doesn’t think that’s true at all, but he’s not going to stop you from calling him cute or pretty because it makes his cheeks hurt from how hard he tries to keep from smiling. 
As the evening progresses and the sun slowly dips beyond the horizon, the two of you find your way beside the pool with your feet dipped in, and you stay true to your words. Jungkook lets you boost his ego as you compliment his tattoos, allows you to grip his hands while you inspect the chunky rings adorning his fingers and even try to slip a few on to see how they’d look on your own. The final push is when you run your fingers through his hair, nails gently grazing his scalp in an innocent way as you comment on the shade of blonde, sweet voice telling him how nicely it suits him.  
That’s when a shiver wracks through him, and he can’t even attribute it to the soft chill the summer night brings or the cold pool water. No, it was solely because of you. Your soft spoken comments were sending his mind into overdrive, and he desperately needed to mellow out before he made a fool of himself in front of you. 
So he does what he thinks is best, fishes into his deep front pockets and pulls out one of the joints he had stuffed in there this morning. It was his emergency joint and Jungkook wasn’t sure if this classified as an emergency but he was about two minutes from going all heart eyes on you, so he had to calm himself down to not scare you off. 
“Is that weed?” you laugh, your hand coming up to cover your lips as you giggle, his chunky ring still loosely wrapped around your index finger glimmering in the night light. 
“Yeah, wait–do you smoke?” he stutters out, breathing a sigh of relief when you slowly nod. “Jimin has a blunt if you prefer that,” he shrugs, index finger and thumb holding the joint up between you. 
“I hate how blunts taste so, this is fine.” 
Jungkook smiles as he pulls out his lighter, handing you the joint first, hands urging you to press the crutch to your lips as he lights it up for you. The flame casts a soft glow on your face as he holds it at the end, watching as you gently twist it between your fingers, lightly dragging until the cherry glows solid. 
The smell hits you instantly, nose wrinkling as you inhale and pass it over to him, letting your feet gently kick in the water as you slowly exhale, the slight burn in your lungs making you cough. Jungkook can’t even tease you for it, taking too big of a puff he can barely hold in before he’s coughing with you, a cloud of smoke billowing out as he laughs. 
And just like that his jitters are gone, able to calm his racing heart and fully stare at you as you speak, the two of you passing the joint between you until it was all gone. It leaves you feeling warm and floaty, not too high where you want to ball up on the couch and sleep, but comfortable and mellow as you sit pressed to his side. 
Jungkook has now figured out that your love language must be physical touch, your need for smoothing your hands over his shirt, fiddling with his rings and hair, and now gently wrapping your fingers around his bicep as he spoke to you. He enjoys it, scoots even closer to you until your thigh is practically pushed up onto his, but you don’t even mention it. 
You’re too lost in what he’s telling you, the weed making you hang on to his every word. It doesn’t help that Jungkook makes conversation like second nature, knowing just what to say to keep the laughs flowing from you, giving you small peeks of his life in forms of animated stories and rambles. 
Even without the help of drugs, his way with words pulls you in without you realizing. The added daze simply aids in having you cling to him with bright eyes as you follow along to every syllable he says. 
It leaves you wondering for a minute, cloudy brain zoning out as you think of all the loose facts you’ve been presented with since meeting him. Jungkook was hot—that much was obvious—and he had to know it. There was no way he doesn’t know how easy it is for him to wrap anyone he wants around his fingers. At least, that’s what you think with how smooth the words flow from his mouth. 
It fills you with the tiniest bit of uncertainty, wanting to get some clarification before you allow yourself to pursue him the way you desperately wanted to because, right now, he’s ticking off all the boxes at an alarming rate. 
You don’t snap out of that small trance until he’s finishing up his story and shyly excusing himself to go to the bathroom, having chugged three white claws in record time before smoking. It’s no surprise he hauls himself up and scurries inside, ignoring Hoseok’s yells about getting the floor wet. 
That’s when you get your opportunity for clarity, turning to face the canopy and seeing the people who would give you the answers you needed. Seokjin and Yoongi don’t give you a second glance from their spot splashing in the pool, not noticing the way you get up and make your way to Taehyung and Namjoon. 
The two of them are currently stuffing their faces, hair damp and dripping, still shirtless from swimming, but as you approach them they grin at you through the food in their mouths. 
“What’s the catch with him?” you ask instantly, arms crossed over your chest, eyes a little droopy and a small smile on your face when you hear Jia giggle at your interrogation stance. 
“Wow, you’re baked,” she cackles, but you fully ignore her, pointed eyes staring at Taehyung. 
“Catch?” Taehyung mumbles, hotdog mush still stuffed in his cheeks, lips pouty, and Jia takes it upon herself to sit up and wipe the ketchup smeared onto his cheek. 
“Yeah,” you laugh, pointing your finger towards the house. “Is he like a serial heartbreaker? Does he have an extensive criminal record?”
Namjoon just chuckles at your questions, fingers wiping his mouth as he finishes chewing and leans forward, staring at you through the dark strands falling over his eyes. “The only thing Jungkook has broken is his arm two years ago. Also, he doesn’t have a record, unless you count the time he ran from some cops after we snuck into an abandoned property to skate.”
“So he’s not some sweet-talking womanizer?” you tease, only half meaning the questions. He hasn’t given you a definite reason for you to assume anything at all but something about him seemed too good to be true. Maybe you’re just used to the sleazy men who know just how to butter you up, but you need to double check that you’re not missing any obvious red flags that your rose colored glasses are concealing. 
Taehyung finally laughs, a sly smile on his face at the opportunity to tease Jungkook. He’s known him the longest, going back to when they were awkward preteens with side swept hair and chunky DC’s on their feet, so he knew Jungkook’s true personality. He’s charming without realizing it, has the art of playful flirting down to a science. But when it comes to actually pursuing girls, unless you make it glaringly obvious that you’re into him, his nerves get the best of him. 
Just as Tae’s about to clown his friend, Jungkook walks back out from the house, eyes squinty as he wonders where you went, and Taehyung chooses not to embarrass him. 
“If there's anyone I can vouch for, it’s Jungkook. He's a good guy, I promise.” 
“Yeah, and if for whatever reason he’s lying, I’ll make sure to bite his dick off.” Jia threatens, small hand dipping in between her boyfriend’s thighs to grip his junk. It seems to have the opposite effect, Taehyung facing her with wiggling brows, and you’re luckily saved from witnessing the rest when Jungkook sneaks up behind you, fully grabbing your attention as you turn your head to stare at him. 
“You snuck off,” he whispers, wrapping his arms around you as he hunches over, chin resting snugly on your shoulder. 
“Yeah, I came to get the inside scoop from your friends.”
Jungkook hums at that, looking up at the friends in question, neither of whom look particularly guilty, especially not Namjoon who waves his fingers and blows him a kiss. 
He just rolls his eyes at the gesture, head still too floaty to even bother asking his friends what they could have said to embarrass him. The only thing on his mind now is how good you smell, whatever perfume you must have sprayed along your neck filling his senses. It smells sweet, and for some reason, it makes his stomach rumble, something you clearly hear as you turn around and giggle. 
“You know what sounds good?” he questions, standing up straight and looking down at you. “A mcflurry.”
That did actually sound good. “M&M’s or oreo?”
Jungkook scoffs at that, letting a hand trail down until it grasps one of yours, fingers lacing together as he starts to tug you away from his friends. He takes a small detour to grab your discarded shoes to be put on before heading towards the side gate that leads to the front yard. 
“Oreo, duh. I’m not an animal.”
Jungkook keeps his hands interlaced with yours as he bends forward and grabs his skateboard from the same spot he had kicked it to when he first got here, keeping it tucked by his side as he continues pulling you towards the street. 
“Where are we going?” you laugh, not resisting as he leads the way, familiar with the neighborhood and the places around it. 
“To get that damn mcflurry. There’s a Mcdonalds not too far from here.”
That's fine by you, squeezing his palm as you walk down the street, illuminated by the streetlights lining the sidewalks. The small high you felt had slowly faded away, only leaving a light feeling in your chest that lingers the rest of the way. 
The walk only takes about fifteen minutes, easily spent as you joke with each other, your camera roll now full of videos of Jungkook with ridiculous filters on his cute face. It makes you smile like an idiot as you wait for the food you ordered, deciding once you were here that a mcflurry alone wasn’t gonna cut it. 
Before you know it, you're walking out of there with a stuffed bag and a cup holder to keep your precious mcflurries safe as you head down the street once more. Jungkook mentioned a nice park on this side of town that doesn’t come with a warning once the sun went down, so that’s where you were headed to indulge in the fried food. 
“Cheers,” Jungkook mumbles between a mouthful of fries, holding his chunky spoon in the air for you to tap against before taking the first taste of the oreo-vanilla goodness. 
“You know,” you pause to shut your eyes, getting a brain freeze as the ice cream sticks to the roof of your mouth, and Jungkook laughs at the irony of the notorious ice cream biter finally suffering. You can only flip him off before continuing your sentence, “If you would’ve picked M&M’s, whatever this is that we have going on wouldn’t work out.”
Jungkook doesn’t deny it, nodding along enthusiastically as he pulls out the hamburger from the bag, popping open the box and dumping his fries in the opposite flap. “Definitely. I mean, I already turned a blind eye to your crazy tendencies, but M&M’s is a no go.”
He smiles as you cackle, pulling out your own food, and only laughs harder as you flip the bag upside down and an absurd amount of spicy buffalo sauce comes tumbling out. “My crazy tendencies? Jungkook, what the hell.”
“Hey,” he threatens, pointing a finger at you as he chews his burger. “We all have our weaknesses. Yours is watermelon popsicles; mine is spicy buffalo sauce.”
Your hand raises in surrender, as you peel back a sauce for yourself to enjoy your nuggets, pushing the rest towards him with a smile. 
“So, do you bring that thing everywhere you go?” you tease, swatting his hands as he grabs some fries and chooses to dip them in the sauce you just opened instead of getting his own. 
When his wide eyes stare at you in question, you point at the skateboard set beside his feet with the wheels pointed up, letting you see the colorful art underneath that was scratched up from how often he used it. Jungkook has a car for actually getting around this large city, but his favorite method of transportation was his treasured board: it was convenient and he didn’t have to worry about parking. 
“Of course I do. I’m the concrete king, baby. I always have to be prepared.”
His face scrunches up in delight when you laugh. “Concrete king? What does that even mean?”
His tongue prods at his cheek while he wipes his hands, a smile beginning to spread on his lips as he stares at you. There's a similar smile on your own face, teeth shown as you bite into a fry and motion for him to explain. 
“It means I’m the best.”
“Okay,” you agree, scooping out another spoonful of your mcflurry and pointing it at him. “Show me something cool, Concrete King.”
Jungkook leans forward and wraps his lips around the spoon, stealing your dessert with a satisfied smile as he stands up. He just snickers when you call him a thief, savoring the sweetness in his mouth before bending down to grab his board. 
“I’ll do you one better. I'll show you how to do something cool.”
Your brows pinch together as you think it over, eyes focused on the board that he rolls back and forth under his foot. “So what I’m hearing is, you wanna take me to the ER tonight?”
His laughter fills the air at that, mixing in with the sound of the occasional car driving down the street. “C’mon,” he approaches you, large hands reaching for your own and gently tugging you out of your seat. “I won’t let you fall. I promise.”
The small feeling of success blooms in his chest when you reluctantly stand up with him, head hanging back as you stare at the night sky and playfully groan, only leveling back out for you to narrow your eyes at him. “Fine, but you’re not allowed to let go of my hands.”
He looks like a giddy child as he nods, blonde strands falling back around his face while he kicks the board into place. The only smooth area for you to attempt whatever he had planned was the basketball court a few feet away, luckily void of anyone to witness you potentially break a bone. You can already feel the ache in your body as you picture flopping onto the hard, unforgiving pavement. 
“We’ll start easy, get you comfortable with just standing on it, okay?”
The wheels scrape against the ground as he adjusts the deck in front of you, one shoe tucked in front of the wheel to prevent it from moving too much. When you simply stand there, his thumb rubs along your knuckles in an effort to get you to look up at him to see the sweet smile on his lips. His soft eyes are encouraging you to try, and since you trust him, you do. 
With unsteady feet, you cautiously place your left foot onto the board, feeling the slight friction from the grip tape on the bottom of your shoes. You still feel secure with your other foot on the ground, experimentally wiggling it into the spot he tells you to. 
“Okay, now the other one.” 
Your hands grip his even tighter as you do that, body tensing up when the board wobbles slightly under the uneven weight, but Jungkook keeps you steady until you spread your feet wide enough. He doesn’t mind the death grip you have on him, pads of his thumb still rubbing along the back of your palm as you laugh at your feet no longer being on solid ground. 
“Alright. I’m on it, now what?” Your body trembles a little with nerves, the fresh breeze only making your exposed skin break out into goosebumps as you stand with your knees slightly bent. 
“Eager now, huh?” he teases, stepping back a few inches to give you some space to do what he wants to do next. “Alright, all you have to do is jump and land with both feet. I’ll do the rest.”
A tiny squeak leaves your mouth, and he snickers at the panicked expression on your face. “You want me to jump?”
“Yeah, there’s nothing cool about just standing.” The way he rolls his eyes only makes you laugh with him, hesitantly nodding your head, reassuring yourself that you can trust him. 
“Oh god, okay.” 
Jungkook holds back the smile as he stares down at the board, telling you to keep your feet exactly where they were as he takes the top of his shoe and places it right underneath the center of the board. “You’re gonna have to jump a little high, but it’s simple. Ready?”
With a small hum of confirmation, he counts to three, hands holding you tight as you jump up, allowing him to kick the board up from under you and flip it around until it’s landing onto the ground and your feet are reconnecting with the grip tape once more. Your body wobbles from the impact, but the grip he has on you prevents you from toppling over, so you let out a cheer at not wiping out. 
Your hands pull away from his grasp, choosing to wrap your arms around him to pull him in for a hug. “That was so cool,” you boast, hearing the rumble of his laugh as you place your head against his chest, feeling his arms snake around your frame to hold you close. 
“Told you so,” he gives you a squeeze, foot still pressed against the wheels to keep the board from sliding out from under you. “So, what’s my reward for teaching you something cool?”
With a small hum, you’re turning to look up at him, arms snug around his waist and a smile on your lips. “I don’t know. Any suggestions?”
He can feel his heart hammering against his ribs, those same nerves from before slowly creeping up as he builds the courage to unscramble the words in his brain.
“Let me take you out, on a date.” His chest only tightens when you look at him in confusion, the creeping fear of rejection making his stomach twist, hoping that he hadn’t horribly misread all of the signals passed between you. 
“Isn’t tonight a date?”
And just like that, the weight lifts off of him, the familiar toothy smile you’ve grown so fond of being sent your way as he sighs in relief. “It can be, but I want to go on an actual date. Just us. No crazy friends playing chicken in the background.”
“I’d like that,” you whisper as you look up at him, licking over your lips when your eyes flicker down to his. 
Jungkook knows the universal signs before a first kiss, the way you slowly lean your face closer, eyes locked onto the curve of his lips, head angled up just before swooping in. And he makes the first mistake of the night, getting so caught up in the moment he removes his foot to stand closer, the center of balance from you leaning in, making the skateboard fly out right from under you. 
The shriek leaves your mouth instantly as your body rocks to the side, his loosening grip on you unable to keep you up right, but the grip you have on him makes the two of you come tumbling down together. He cushions your fall as best as he can, arms wrapped around your head when your back meets the cold pavement, the weight of him clambering on top of you and pressing onto your chest as you lose yourself in laughter. 
The ache in your butt is felt instantly, but luckily you’re unscathed otherwise, heart thrumming from the scare but mouth wide open as you giggle. When you finally open your eyes, you’re met with a curtain of blonde strands, Jungkook’s hair draped over you as he does his best to not totally crush you under his weight. 
“You broke your promise,” you laugh, loosening your solid grip from his waist as you bring your hands up to push back his hair, letting you see his worried expression. His knees are bruised without a doubt, having hit them on the way down, now slot on either side of your thighs as he slowly kneels, hands slipping out from around your head to press against the pavement. 
“Promise?” he wonders, momentarily having forgotten everything when he thought you were hurt, but then he remembers. He let you fall. 
“Fuck, I’m sorry. Are you okay?”
“Yeah,” you breathe out, the fan of your laughter felt against his cheeks from your close proximity, hands still carding through his hair like you hadn’t just wiped out. You still have that look on your face, the same one you wore before he had let you fall, eyes staring at his lips in anticipation. 
Jungkook lets out a shaky breath with a smile of his own before slowly leaning forward, the small adrenaline rush he felt aiding him in concealing his nerves, allowing him to finally press his lips against yours in a sweet kiss. He tests the water for a second, eyes fluttering shut until you’re putting more pressure into it as you kiss him back. 
The small throb of pain you felt earlier is pushed away as you let your hands tangle in his hair, hearing the way he breathes against you mixing in with the rustling of the trees around you. Jungkook can’t think of anything else as he kisses you harder, bringing one hand up to softly cup your cheek before you’re separating from him. 
“You taste sweet. I like it,” you mumble with a dopey laugh as you lick your lips, the sugar on his lips from the bite of dessert he had stolen from you minutes prior still lingering. His eyebrows raise up at the compliment, heart skipping when you erupt into laughter as he kisses you once more, lips obnoxiously puckered and pressing against yours with a wet smack. 
“Yeah?” he teases, biting down onto his lower lip, thumb gently caressing your cheek. “Did I just blow my chances of that date?”
You let out a soft hum as your fingers trail to the nape of his neck, wrapping a strand of hair around your finger as you twist it in thought. “Definitely not,” you smile. “Kiss me again.”
Tumblr media
In a surprising turn of events, Jungkook sits behind the wheel of his car, right arm casually draped over the center console with his fingers interlocked with yours. A small smile is on his lips as you play with his hand subconsciously, softly muttering along to the song he is playing on the radio, preferring the sound of the Neighbourhood when it’s coming from you. 
The landscape glows with remnants of orange and purple, the sun just about to hide behind the sea while he drives along the coast. Jungkook wanted to hang out with you without the added stress of the summer sun making him sweat through his shirt, and you very eagerly agreed, deciding that the evening would be best. 
It’s an odd day in the middle of the week, allowing for ample parking which saves you both from the headache that usually came with driving to the pier. You had suggested the activity, wanting to beat him to it before he could plan something over the top. At first, Jungkook couldn’t understand why you were so against having a typical dinner date, but something about it just didn’t feel natural to you. Being forced to sit across from each other as you made small conversation in between bites of food, surrounded by a sea of couples and families with someone constantly coming in to check on you seemed like too much for a first official date. 
This though, the smell of the sea salt and sweetness of funnel cakes, the crash of the waves below blending in with the bells of a game just being won a few feet away, felt right for the two of you. Jungkook gets it now, and he’s grateful for your suggestion, knowing his jitters would have been too much for him to handle if he had done what he originally wanted. He’s able to relax in this setting, familiar with the pier, and you are too, easily dragging him along the boardwalk as you approach the ticket stand, wanting to get on all of the rides this place had to offer. 
“Scared?” Jungkook teases, watching as your eyes look at the colorful roller coaster a little further down, the elated screams from riders being heard as they zoom through it. 
“Never. You?”
He lets out a sigh when he leans back onto the metal railing, arm slung casually around your shoulder as you both stare at the rides around you. It’s a little chillier now that the sun is gone, but the fresh breeze is inviting, giving him another reason to keep you snug by his side as the skirt of your dress flutters around.
“Of course not. I’m an adrenaline junkie, babe. I live for this.”
Your laugh makes him look back down at you, catching a glimmer of the necklace you have on. It's the same ring you had taken from him the other night, holding it hostage and looping a dainty chain through it so it could rest against your chest. The chunky ring that had become one of his favorites being a casual accessory for you makes Jungkook’s heart skip, urging him to pull you even closer as he gently presses a kiss to your forehead. 
“Let’s make it interesting then,” you mumble, trying to play off how warm your face feels from his display of affection. 
“Keep talking.” His love for a challenge makes itself known as you creep up the line of people, his eyes boring into yours to try to figure out just what you had in mind. 
“First one to scream has to win the other the most obnoxious prize there is here.” This seemed too easy, the roller coasters on the pier didn’t have intense drops or spins that would make Jungkook scream like Six Flags would, but the sly smile on your face makes him a little wary. 
It doesn’t stop him from agreeing instantly though, hand outstretched to meet yours as he smirks. “Deal.”
With determination set on both your features, you’re starting the challenge, grabbing your wristbands and running off to the first coaster. It looks off into the ocean, painted a bright yellow and definitely not scary looking in the slightest, although the little kid crying as he exits with his parents might think differently. 
“No screaming,” you remind him as you strap into the ride, fingers tapping along the lap bar, feeling the way his thighs bounce from excitement. 
“Easy,” Jungkook huffs, wiggling in his seat as the attendants clear the ride and step back. 
His enthusiasm heightens once the ride is set in motion, and before he knows it, you’re speeding down the tracks at a surprising rate. It catches you both off guard as a sharp turn makes your shoulders ram into his, desperately biting down on your lips to not scream as the wind flows through your hair. 
Jungkook cracks first, not with a scream but a laugh, unable to contain it as he’s sliding across the seat and squishing you against your side at the next turn. 
“That wasn’t a scream!” he defends, only laughing harder as the whiplash continues, entire body vibrating from the rattles of the cart. You agree to it for your own sake, breaking out into belly aching laughter as you’re shaken around on the small coaster. 
That small loophole Jungkook created seems to be his saving grace for the following rides, concealing all of his shrieks with laughter so giddy it makes your cheeks hurt as you join him. 
It’s not until you’re hauling him to some weird single ride called the Gyro Loop that he begins to think he’ll actually lose, and the knowing grin on your face only makes him even more sure. He’s proven right a few seconds after you strap on, blindsided by the controls the riders are in charge of. 
The attendant had instructed you on what to do, saying there was a prize to be won if you completed a certain number of rotations but Jungkook doesn’t catch any of it, so the second the ride swings back and you’re pushing one of the buttons around the harness he gasps as you’re shot up. He’s given no warning, and with another push of a button, the seats flip upside down in a woosh, everything blurring around you. It’s not like Jungkook sees any of it, as you turn to look at him you take note of his eyes squeezed shut, a grimace painted over his usually soft features. 
His fingers grip the metal handles tightly to brace himself, accidentally pressing one of the buttons and making it flip over a second time, so fast it whips his hair back and that's when Jeon Jungkook loses. A shriek of surprise spills past his lips the second his head is upside down and you’re laughing instantly, pushing it further as you continue hitting the controls, finally joining in with his screams now that he lost. 
It’s safe to say you don’t win the prize, too busy laughing at his screams to bother pursuing it and as you step off the ride you can’t help but wipe under your eyes for any stray tears that slipped through your laughter. 
“That was a planned attack,” he accuses, hunching over to rest his palms on his knees, thankful to be on solid ground without the world spinning around him. 
“It was,” you admit, softly rubbing his back as he takes a minute to breathe. “But I saw this cute plushie when we got here and I wanted it, so I did what I had to do.”
He peers up at you, eyes a little glassy from what just happened, but he stands up instantly, a little more life in his face now that his stomach stopped flipping. In theory, if you wanted a plushie, he could have just won it for you instead of enduring the horrible Gyro Loop, but he’s determined to win it for you now. “What prize?”
Your hand reaches over to grab his, fingers lacing together to tug him back towards the game section. His head feels dizzy again, no longer able to blame it on the horrible ride he had just got off. Something about the warmth of your hand as your fingers fit snugly against his, the gentle pull as you lead him with a smile that shows just how much you're enjoying yourself, makes his chest tighten and head spin in the best way. 
He’s too busy staring at your face while you lead the way, tracing the slope of your nose, the curve of your lips as you speak, slowly morphing into a pout that’s aimed at him when you realize he isn’t paying attention. “Sorry, you’re just really beautiful.”
The pout is replaced instantly as your lips press together, internally squealing at the way compliments spill from his mouth, so casual and genuine it's clear he means them. Damn him and his words of affirmation. 
“Thank you,” you mumble, a bashful look on your face as you squeeze his palm before pointing in front of you with your free hand. He follows the invisible line from your fingertips until he’s met with the plushie you want. “That’s the one.”
Jungkook can’t stop himself from chuckling as he gets a good look at the stuffed animal. It’s a medium sized yellow bunny, but the cherry on top comes in the form of an atrocious blue hawaiian shirt with the word ‘cali’ embroidered to the left of the buttons. 
“Is this another jab at my shirt? I haven’t even worn it since I first met you.” He takes a baby step back from you, stretching his arms out to make sure that you didn’t somehow believe he was currently wearing it. The truth is, it’s currently deep in his laundry basket, but he isn’t gonna tell you that. 
“You know, it kinda grew on me,” you shrug, looking at the loose fitting gray shirt he has on now. As obscene as that hawaiian shirt is, it’s also really cute, fitting his personality in a strange way. 
Jungkook looks shocked at your admission, having only been roasted by his friends since the day he bought it, and you, this one comment is going to be the sole reason he goes out and buys even more colors to wear. “Alright, if you want the bunny, I’ll get you that bunny, babe. I got this.”
The teenage boy standing in charge of the Mini Hoops game looks totally uninterested, barely mumbling out the rules after Jungkook hands him some money. The lack of enthusiasm from the boy doesn’t faze Jungkook, simply palming the tiny basketball in his large hands, turning to shoot you a wink before he’s lifting his arms and throwing the ball. 
It swishes into the net with ease, settling into the bottom as he follows it up with three more, a proud smile pushing his cheeks out when you cheer for him. With the final ball in his grasp, he leans over the small distance between you and presses a soft kiss to your lips before standing straight once more and sending it off, a shrill bell going off as it swishes through the net like the ones before.
The boy unhooks the bunny from its spot and gives it to Jungkook before moving on to the next couple ready to play. Jungkook gives it another good look, slightly catching the resemblance now that the fluffy bunny is in his hands, and when he hears you call his name with your phone pointed in his direction, he brings it up beside his face, scrunching up his nose for a picture. It’s the cutest thing, the bright lights shown in the background, face lit up in hues of purple and yellow, and you decide then that it’s becoming his contact photo.
He passes it to you with another kiss, feeling the way your lips curve into a smile against his, stuffed animal held to your chest as his thumb holds your chin when he pulls away, half lidded eyes staring down at you with so much emotion it makes your stomach flip. 
The feeling never settles, only getting stronger with the additional time spent together. The bunny is kept protectively at your side when you eventually make your way onto the sand, funnel cake in between you to share while you look at the night sky. The pier stays illuminated even as the rides and food stands shut down, taking the crowd of people with it until only a few stragglers remain. It gives you a small sense of privacy as you settle beside each other, the cold grains of sand felt against your thighs and making you shiver. 
Jungkook takes note of it as he takes a bite of the funnel cake, and although his legs won’t provide much warmth—jeans having large holes that expose his muscular thighs—he knows it’ll be better than the sand. So when he pats them, giving you a powdered sugar covered smile, you slowly turn to the side and rest your legs over his thighs. 
“Better?” he wonders, picking up the plate and placing it on your shins to cut you a piece. 
“Yeah, thanks.” 
“Sorry if it’s too cold now. I just don’t really want this day to end.” He admits it so quietly you almost don’t hear it through the crash of the waves. 
“Me either,” you agree, letting him feed you the piece of funnel cake he had meticulously cut, enough chocolate syrup and banana on it for you to get a good taste of everything. 
In pure honesty, you had grown to love the light, airy feeling that came with being around Jungkook these last few weeks. His boyish charm brings out your playful side full force: it reminds you of the time spent in school, the second you’re out for summer break when just about anything seems possible. 
Being with Jungkook leaves you looking forward to the next time the sun comes back up, welcoming the heat that comes with it if it means seeing him. It's the bubbling of a crush lit inside of you, makes you feel every soft touch tenfold, makes you want to savor each small moment to treasure forever. You know you’ll one day look back on it and feel nostalgic over the time spent laying on the cold sand, under the night sky with the blonde boy with a charming smile. 
“I had a lot of fun today,” he shyly adds on, feeling the same emotions you have coursing through you. It's been a while since Jungkook has felt like this, simply going through life with his friends and the casual fling that never lasted long, but he desperately hopes this doesn’t become that. He doesn’t want this to burn out once the summer goes, hoping to still have your hand to hold as the season changes, but those damn nerves from before keep him from admitting anything. 
Luckily, you’re not as timid about admitting to anything, giving his palm a squeeze as you reach forward and stare directly at him. “I really like you Jungkook.”
His free hand grips your legs, thumb rubbing against the soft skin as he gives you a look of wonder, needing to make sure he actually heard you right and it wasn’t his ears playing some sick trick on him. But when your smile never fades, eyes crinkling up as you take note of his expression, he snaps back into it. “I really like you too, a lot.”
The waves crash hard to your left, matching the explosion in your heart as you beam at him through the moonlight. That stomach flipping, puppy-love sensation you’ve felt all day spreads throughout you, urging you closer to him in the sand. You’re not satisfied until his face is in your hands, cheeks cold from the sea breeze, lips pulled into a soft smile as you observe him for a minute. 
You take him in like a slow, steady breath, eyes following the strong shape of his eyebrows, the flutter of his lashes as he blinks, the twinkle reflected in his pupils, the slope of his nose topped with an adorable mole on the corner, leading to the matching one beneath his lower lip. And as he smiles at you, you decide that's the one feature of his that you love the most. 
Jungkook knows it’s coming, but even when you finally lean over and press your lips to his, he still lets out a tiny gasp, hand on your legs gripping tighter as he kisses back. With light pressure, he slowly starts to push you back. He’s mindlessly setting the half eaten funnel cake aside to be forgotten, favoring the sweetness of your lips to it, needing to get a better taste. 
The cold sand meets your back as he maneuvers you, easily slotting in between your legs when he kneels over your body. You can feel your heart hammering in your chest with each quiet smack of your lips, and you’re sure Jungkook can feel it too with his hands gliding up your sides, gently sliding up your neck until he’s cupping your jaw. 
Kissing him is intoxicating, your lips desperately chasing his as he pulls back slightly, bringing him back for more and he groans into it. That small sound ignites something within you, fills you with warmth and jittery excitement, thighs gently squeezing around him while you suck on his lower lip. Jungkook must like that too, letting out another breathless moan of your name when you let it snap back against his teeth, leaving it plump and glossy with a coat of saliva on it. 
His breathing mixes in with the sea, eyes glazed over as he stares down at you, desire clear on your features, teeth biting down on your lower lip when your hands slowly slide down his chest. Jungkook wants to remember this forever, the image of you splayed out on the sand with want so evident on your face, want for him. 
Jungkook can only curse under his breath at the sight, lips reconnecting with yours with more fervor, tongue lightly licking at your lips until your mouth is opening up, and when you let out a soft moan at the sensation, he feels his cock stir in his jeans. The hands on his chest start to slide down, gripping his waist, toying with the top of his jeans until you get to where you want to be. 
When you lightly trace over the growing bulge, wandering hands intent on making him lose his mind, he groans into your mouth before he pulls back. His harsh breath fans against your face, lips inches from your own. “Wait, ah fuck–“ he sighs when your lips move to suck on his neck now, gentle licks to his skin that only tease him further. “I wasn’t expecting this.”
You hum into his skin, retracting your hand to stare at him with a genuine smile. “That’s okay. We can stop.”
“No, that’s not what I mean.” He shuts his eyes to concentrate, not able to focus when he can see how swollen your lips are from kissing him, only making him want to dive back in. Jungkook didn’t want you to think he had brought you here just for sex, disguising a first date and pulling you onto the sand just to get in your pants—even if you’re the one getting handsy with him. 
“I get it Jungkook. Don’t worry,” you breathe, cold hands cupping his cheeks again when he finally opens his eyes. “I want this. I promise.”
A small moment of confirmation is passed between you before he’s swiftly getting up, dusting the sand off his clothes and extending a hand out for you, smiling when you give him a look of confusion. 
“Not here though.” Jungkook didn’t want to fuck you on the questionable sand on this beach, also too afraid of running into other beach goers as they strolled through.  
He pulls you up, grabbing the plushie before hurrying to the car with you giggling right behind him. With the time of night, the lot he had parked in is practically empty, the nearest car too far away to pay any mind to. It was the best case scenario for you. 
Not wanting to waste anymore time, you yank open the back door, grabbing the bunny from his hands and chucking it inside before pinching his grey shirt and tugging him closer until your lips are slotting between his like the perfect puzzle piece. 
“Here?” he wonders through the kisses, not expecting you to want him to defile you in the parking lot, but you couldn’t help it: getting a taste of him now and having to wait felt like torture. 
“Yeah, I thought you were an adrenaline junkie babe.”
Your teasing words only make him laugh, large hands gripping your waist and pushing you against his car to intensify the kiss. All you can taste is him, sweet with the hint of funnel cake, lips soft and smelling suspiciously familiar, but before you can comment on it, he’s pushing you back onto the seat. 
“Dont wanna fuck you in the car either,” he groans, lips moving to mouth at your neck in sloppy kisses that make you shiver. Each touch feels like electricity, the slide of his hands pushing you further into the back until he’s shutting the door behind him, entirely grateful that he had his windows tinted way beyond the legal limit. 
“No?” It comes out as a sigh, feeling the skirt of your dress bunch up as his knee slots in between your thighs. The denim felt against your bare legs has you spreading your thighs further apart, wanting him to fit perfectly between you, needing him closer. 
“No,” he confirms, sucking on the skin and enjoying the way your hands tangle in his hair, nails gently scratching his scalp, tugging at the strands with enough force to have his cock fully hardening in his jeans. “Wanna fuck you right. The way you deserve.”
“And how's that?”
“Hmm,” he hums before licking at the purple splotch he just made on your neck, soothing the aching feeling that came with it. “I’d make you a late night picnic. Candle lit, you know, for romance—“
“I do love romance,” you giggle as you shimmy further onto the back seat, hands now anchored around his slim waist and urging him to settle above you properly. 
“Then I’d take you home—” another kiss to your skin, wet and sloppy. “Walk you to your front door like a gentleman.”
“Yeah, then what?” you groan as he nips your skin, hips finally slotting in between your thighs, letting you feel the bulge in his jeans pressing into your core. 
“I’d kiss you goodnight, like this.” He pulls away from your neck, one hand cupping your cheek as he stares down at you with a glimmer in his eyes and softly presses his lips to yours. The familiar scent fills your nose once more and you finally pinpoint it, remembering flashes of the watermelon chapstick he had been using all day. He knew it was your favorite flavor, incorporating it in such a minuscule way, knowing you’d love the taste of his lips even more with it.  
It makes you smile in appreciation as he gives you a gentle peck, pulling away a bit with a smile before connecting your lips once more. 
Your hands slide up his sides, gliding up his shirt and over his shoulders until you’re holding onto the sides of his face with equal tenderness. Jungkook groans into the kiss when your tongue peaks out, licking at the seam of his lips and begging to slip inside. You only allow yourself a small taste of it before you’re pulling back, a string of spitting connecting your lips together that breaks when you speak. 
“And if I ask you to come inside for a drink?” you tease, fingers finding their way into his hair and twirling the strands, knowing having his hair played with was a weakness. 
“I’d never say no to that,” he smiles, kissing you once more, peppering them on your cheek, down your jaw, until all you can hear is his jagged breath by your ear. 
“We’ll go inside for a drink, and because you just can’t keep your hands to yourself—“ he teases, gently biting your ear and smiling when you squeal in surprise. “I’ll probably end up bending you over and fucking you in the kitchen.”
“Oh,” you groan dramatically, throwing your head back against the cushion. “That’s so romantic!”
He snickers too, large palm gripping your cheek to get you to stare at him once more, seeing the hunger swirling in his eyes. “Only the best for you baby.”
“Well, until then…just fuck me here once,” you beg, so pretty and sweet, eyes batting at him with such innocence he almost feels bad for how much it turns him on. You have no business making a request that filthy with a saccharine smile coating your lips.
“Fuck baby,” he sighs, eyes trailing over your body, seeing the thin straps of your dress hanging off your shoulders, swells of your chest peaking out over the top of your dress, rising and falling with each breath you take. Your thighs glide along his, rubbing his jeans and bringing his attention further down. That's when he takes note of your dress bunched up, revealing the pale pink of your underwear to him and the small patch of wetness gathering at the front. 
“Give me all that romance later. C’mon Kook.” Your back arches slightly, hips lifting up in search of anything, desperate for him to actually touch you. Slowly, your hands drop down to your hips, fingers dipping into the sides of your underwear and teasingly tugging at it, smiling when Jungkook drops his head back and groans. 
A playful laugh fills the car as he pulls the underwear off of you in a haste, sliding them down your legs and letting the soft fabric drop onto the car floor. Without an ounce of shame, your hands trail up your skin, leading his eyes up your thighs and directly onto your pussy. Any words he wanted to say leave him instantly, taking a moment to admire the view, groaning as your own fingers glide up your slit with a low hum. 
Jungkook can’t take it anymore, bringing a palm up to his mouth to messily spit into it. Your jaw drops at the sight, a soft moan spilling out as he brings his fingers down onto your cunt. He’s gently pushing your hands away as he spreads his spit around your entrance and back up to trail along your slit, tender touches mixing it in with your sticky arousal. 
“Gotta get you ready for me baby,” he sighs, fingertips tapping onto your clit, a mirth laugh reaching your ears as he sees the way your body jolts at the sensation. 
“Fuck, hurry. I wanna feel you,” you whine, hands gripping his shoulders and pulling him closer to you until your lips are on his again. 
Jungkook melts into the kiss, rubbing slow, deliberate circles onto your clit, just enough pressure to have you mewling softly into his mouth. With wet smacks of your lips, he trails his fingers down again, feeling the added wetness of your slick as he circles your entrance, the flutter of your walls felt when he teasingly pushes into you. 
Your walls suck him in easily, and the warmth of your pussy has him kissing you harder, already picturing the way you’d feel wrapped around his cock. A satisfied hum passes between your mouths as he buries his fingers deep inside you, pumping them slowly before a second finger joins in. 
His tongue tangles along yours, swallowing each moan you let out, teasingly pushing and pulling like a dance and once you find the perfect rhythm you can’t pull away. Jungkook soaks it all in: each quiet breath, each tug at his hair, the gentle nips to his lips and the subtle clash of your teeth when you can’t seem to get enough. 
There's just something about sloppy, desperate kisses that spur Jungkook on, the mess born from passion making his skin heat up with each smack of your lips. His need for mess makes him pull back slightly, gently licking at your lips to get you to open up for him, waiting until your eyes are fluttering open to stare at him. A soft tap to your cheek passes the message along, and you’re sticking your tongue out for him before he lets a thick trail of spit dribble out of his mouth and into yours. 
It makes your eyes widen in surprise, more so when his free hand is placed beside your throat with his thumb pressing along your jaw. His eyes focus on the glob of saliva on your tongue, biting onto his lower lip as you groan and bring your tongue back into your mouth. The swallow is felt against his hand, instantly starting a slow simmer within you. Your warm walls tighten around his fingers at the act and he curses when he feels it. 
“More, please,” you plead, lifting your head up to chase his mouth, tongue tracing the outline of his lips sinfully. 
“Mm, I knew you were crazy, but who knew you were filthy too.” His tone is playful, brow cocked up as he looks down at you and winks. A teasing laugh escapes you, blending in with a cry of his name when his thumb presses into your aching clit, working in tandem with his fingers. With a satisfied smirk, he repeats it again, a thick glob of saliva gathered behind his lips, slowly dropping into your mouth while you patiently wait, lids heavy as you watch him intently. 
Jungkook doesn’t even give you time to swallow it this time around before he’s crashing his mouth into yours once more, tongue tickling the roof of your mouth as he picks up the speed of his hands. 
“Shit,” you gasp, pulling back from the kiss, biting down onto your lip when he spreads his fingers apart, stretching you out with each glide against your velvety walls. The wet thump of his palm meeting your skin fills the small car, mixing in with the stuttered breaths you exhale each time his fingers graze the sweet spot inside of you. 
“You’re so fucking wet,” he marvels almost breathlessly, pressing sweet kisses onto your cheek that don’t match the way his fingers fuck into you. He can feel his palm growing sticky with each thrust, folds messy with your arousal, but you’re begging for more, so he quickly slides a third finger in. 
“J-jungkook,” you cry out, fingers tugging his strands in desperation as the lust clouds your mind. The air is getting thick around you, slightly fogging up the windows and getting worse with each choked breath you let out. “Wanna feel you, please.”
You couldn’t take it anymore, needing to feel him beyond his fingers and soft kisses. Jungkook gets it, his cock aching in his jeans so hard it was a shock he hadn’t blown his load from the pretty sounds you make. He wanted to sink into you, see the way your face twists in pleasure when he fills you up. 
“Okay, alright baby.” Reluctantly, he pulls his fingers out of your messy cunt, strings of your arousal coating his digits, popping them into his mouth to lick clean and humming in satisfaction. 
He awkwardly reaches over to the passenger seat, leaning across to open the glove box and pull out the condoms he keeps there for emergencies. Before leaning back he does a double take at the bunny you had thrown onto the seat, button eyes staring at him—judging him—so he hesitantly turns it around to face the window instead. Only then does he settle onto the back seat once more, square packet held between his teeth as he fiddles with the buttons on his jeans. 
“You know, I love your thighs.” Your hand reaches forward to trail your fingernail along his skin, muscles exposed in the distressed jeans he wore. 
“Yeah?” he mumbles out as he unzips them, tugging the material down a bit before pushing his boxers down with them. 
“Mhm, they’re thick...wanna bite em.” He laughs at your horny rambling, pulling his aching cock out with a small hiss, heavy in his hand as he gives it a languid pump. Your lips purse out when you realize how big it is, wide eyes not daring to look away, glued to the way his thumb comes up to roll over the mushroom tip. 
A cocky smile is on his lips, continuing to pump himself purely for your entertainment; you’re transfixed on the grip of his palm, the subtle veins leading to the pink tip. “Like what you see?”
You don’t even care about the tone he uses, knowing damn well you did by the way you’re drooling over him, nodding along like a sex crazed zombie because of course you do. The need to touch him has your small hand reaching for it, and he releases his grip to allow you to wrap your palm around him. A content sigh leaves you when you feel the weight of him in your grasp, warm to the touch, and he groans as your thumb gently presses under his tip before pumping down the shaft. The translucent beads of precum dripping from his tip are spread around his engorged head, leaving it shiny in the dim lighting inside the car. 
“Here, let me.” The square packet is taken from between his teeth, slipped between your own as you tear it open. Jungkook can only watch with bated breath as you pull out the condom and slowly start to roll it on. It’s torture, the subtle squeeze your hand gives on the way down, palm now sticky with lube. His hips have a mind of their own, gently rutting into your fist with a groan when you tighten your grip before pulling away.
Jungkook lets out a breath as you lower yourself back down, resting on your elbows with your head tilted and a sultry smile on your lips. His large hands grip your knees, trailing up your inner thighs to urge you to spread them further apart, palms gently pressing into your skin in a touch that starts a fire inside you. The exhilaration spreads when you see the lust filled look on him, soft doe eyes half lidded and swirling with hunger, only growing as he once again grabs his cock and inches towards your awaiting core. 
“God, always look so fucking pretty,” he whines, head of his cock nudging against your center, slowly pushing into you, feeling the way your walls wrap around him. He means it, always means it too. Jungkook wants to keep a photo of you in his wallet, wants to always remember the sweet sounds of your laugh, the playful scrunch of your nose when he tells a lame joke, the psychotic way you bite into your ice cream. How do you make every single thing you do look like the most effortless, beautiful thing he has ever seen.
A shuddering breath slips past your swollen lips as he sinks further into you, thick cock stretching you apart in the most delicious burn. It has your tummy tensing up, fingernails digging into your own thighs until he spots the indents in your skin and grabs them in his own instead, lacing them together and bringing them to rest by your sides as he leans over you. A shared gasp is passed between you when he finally bottoms out, sinking into the hilt and freezing when your walls tighten around him.
“Fuck, you’re so big,” you mindlessly babble, gripping his hands tighter while you let yourself get used to his size. Jungkook really doesn’t need the ego boost, but it sounds so right coming from you, looking absolutely delectable underneath him, eyes glazed over and the cutest pout on your lips. He wants to hear more of those pretty sounds you make, slowly inching back out, feeling the glide of your walls against his cock before he’s thrusting back into you.
It sends a shock down your spine, sparking up your skin, as he repeats it again, low grunts meeting your ears until he’s fucking into you with fluid hips, skin slapping together each time. A smirk pulls at his lips when your thigh lifts up, hooking over his waist when the head of his cock curves just right inside of you. 
“Feel good baby?” he rasps out, blonde hair swinging around his face in time with his thrusts, jaw tense as the warmth blossoms inside him each time your walls spasm around his cock. 
“Y-yes,” you can barely utter, breathless and stuttering, hips rutting up into his in search of more. Desperation looks good on you, whiny cries spilling from your mouth and bringing him closer to you, brows pinched together as you plead for him to go faster, harder until you’re an absolute mess beneath him.
His lips press against yours once more, swallowing each of your cries when he picks up the pace, pounding into you so hard you have to pry your hands free from his to place behind your head to not get rocked into the car door. A muffled laugh is shared when he takes note, hips not slowing down in the slightest, knowing you were enjoying his roughness by the fluttering of your walls.
“Love your pussy,” he moans, kissing down your neck and licking the previous hickey he had sucked on your skin. A gentle nip of his teeth is delivered to the juncture of your neck before he moves on with a chuckle, fingers gently playing with the straps of your dress, something you don’t take note of due to the intoxicating roll of his hips. You don’t notice what he’s doing until your dress is yanked down and he’s groaning at the sight of your tits, totally bare for him to admire.
“Your tits too,” he adds with a smile, pressing soft kisses around the swell of your chest, puffs of laughter felt on your skin when your hand tangles into his hair and leads him directly where he needs to be. 
“What about my personality?” you joke, back arching as his cock reaches deeper inside of you when you spread your thighs further apart. 
“Mm, it’s top tier babe.” His lips wrap around your nipple as the words leave his mouth, warm tongue flicking against it while his hips never slow, silver charm of his necklace sliding off your chest from the movement. Jungkook loves your personality just as much and he hopes he’s made that obvious, entirely enjoying himself whenever he was with you. This point of view was just a definite plus.
Your eyes fall shut now, fully immersed in the feeling of it all, the pleasure wrapping around you tighter each time he hits the right spots inside of you, grinding into the sweet patch of nerves that leaves you writhing around. With a slight pop he’s lifting his mouth from your nipple, taking a moment to admire the pebbled bud covered in a sheen of his saliva.
“Kookie,” you whimper when you begin to feel the first wave of ecstasy flaring within you, coil tightening up with each deliberate roll of his hips. Jungkook knew what he was doing, practiced thrusts filling you up perfectly with each wet squelch. It makes you realize that you’ll always crave this. Now that you’ve seen Jungkook like this, face slightly sweaty as he pants above you, filthy moans reaching your ears, cock splitting you open just the way you craved, you’ll never want anything else again.
“Shit, you just got so tight.” It comes out as a strained gasp, his own eyes rolling back when you deliver a harsh yank to his hair, other hand clinging onto his shoulder when his pelvis rubs against your sensitive clit. “You gonna cum for me?”
Another mumbled cry of his name sounds like music to his ears, chest arching up until your tits are pressed against the soft fabric of his shirt, hips twitching from the beginning signs of your orgasm creeping up on you. “Fuck, I’m close. Please,” you don’t even know what you’re begging for, heady with pleasure, moans swirling in the thick air surrounding you.
“Don’t worry. I got you.” A tender kiss is placed to your lips, large palm sliding down your body until his fingers meet your swollen clit. The intoxicating warmth of your walls has him groaning into your lips, feeling them tighten around his cock as he rolls your clit between his fingers, jolts of pleasure shooting through you and aiding in pushing you headfirst into a lust-filled daze. He can feel you gush around his length, arousal dripping from your entrance and soaking into the car seat beneath you, leaving a stain in its wake, but it fills Jungkook with pride to know you were this much of a mess because of him.
“Ah, right there,” you cry, gasping lewdly when he repeats it, keeping the same rhythm of his hips, never slowing his teasing fingers with the perfect amount of pressure you swear you forgot how to breathe. Jungkook looks absolutely entranced with you, taking in each trembling breath, analyzing each of your movements to ingrain into his mind forever.
“S-shit,” he chokes out when your walls get impossibly tighter around him, sucking him further into your heat each time he pulls out, thigh hooked around his waist keeping him as close as you could. Your head is thrown back onto the cushion, mouth dropped open in a silent moan as the warmth brews inside of you, finally spilling over with a final flick to your clit, released with a shout of his name.
He doesn’t think his name has ever sounded better, raspy and urgent in the filthiest way as you cum around him, body tensing up briefly before your back is arching up when you cry out. The euphoric sensation of your walls squeezing his cock has his own release speeding towards him, spurred on by each twitch and mewl you let out from sensitivity, eyes glassy and spent as you look up at him. 
His eyes are locked onto yours, feeling how easily he glides into your messy cunt with the obscene amount of wetness that creamed his cock. Your face is giving him a look so tender it makes his heart skip, twisting inside of him as your hands softly cup his cheeks. “Wanna see you cum Jungkook, please.”
The soft touch of your hands has him melting above you, cute bunny teeth biting onto his lower lips as his face scrunches up, hips continuing to piston into you, slowly losing their grace as his need to cum takes over. A needy whine of your name makes you tighten around him, ignoring the slight throb of sensitivity that comes with it, loving how vulnerable he looks above you while he nears his orgasm. His mind is floating now as he gasps, harsh thrusts into you that jostle your body, stuttering for a few seconds before his mouth drops  open with an unabashed moan of your name.
“Fuck, fuck, baby,” he whines out, desperately slotting his lips against yours as he fills up the condom in warm spurts of cum. Your noses knock together in his urgency, harsh pants of breath felt on your skin as he continues to shallowly thrust into you, hips coming to a halt once he’s finally spent, tender lips pecking your mouth once more before slowly pulling back with a dazed smile.
A brief moment is shared between you, dopey smiles on your faces as you take it all in, realizing that you had in fact convinced him to rail you in his back seat. Jungkook places a tenderhearted kiss to the tip of your nose before shyly readjusting your dress to cover your boobs, acting as respectful as he could, as if he hadn’t just made you see stars with the orgasm he gave you. 
With a small breath, he’s sliding out of your warmth, eyes focusing on the absolute mess between your thighs, something he has to look away from to prevent his thoughts from steering back towards inappropriate. Instead, he unrolls the condom and adjusts himself back into his jeans, once again reaching across your body to lean over towards the glove box to grab tissues.
A teasing smile is on your face when he very gently cleans you up before helping you slide back into your adorable pink underwear, pulling your dress back down like nothing ever happened.
“I still want to give you romance. The right way.” His words make you sit up, raking your hands through your hair to tame the hot mess it surely became. Jungkook’s eyes look soft as he stares at you, lips pressed together earnestly as he softly rubs the skin of your thighs.
“I’d like that a lot, Jungkook.” With a small kiss to his cheek he’s relaxing again, a smile spreading on his lips when you speak again. “Not that I didn’t totally enjoy this entire date as it is, but if you wanna wine and dine me, I’m not going to say no.”
He laughs now, that hearty laugh that makes your own smile hurt your cheeks and has your stomach flipping like it has been all day. Then his eyes focus on the windows, wide in awe as he takes note of how fogged up they are, barely able to see the dimly lit parking lot outside. “Oh fuck, if anyone’s outside they definitely know we fucked in here.”
“Yeah, I’m not getting back out,” you decide, choosing to shimmy over the center console and onto the passenger seat. The act of having sex in the backseat of a car in public was definitely hot, but having to step out and potentially face your consequences was a hard no. Jungkook’s car was the safe space so you’d be staying here. 
The yellow bunny comes into view as you navigate your way onto the seat, your hands grabbing the plushie from it’s spot, laughing when you see the way Jungkook had positioned it. “Why is he staring out the window?”
Jungkook follows behind you with a grunt, knee knocking harshly into the steering wheel and setting off the horn briefly as he hunkers into the driver’s seat. “He was staring right at me!”
“Jungkook, it's a stuffed animal.”
He huffs as he turns the car on, instantly cracking the windows and turning on the air conditioner to clear up the fogged windows. “Hell no, I’ve seen Toy Story. I’m not risking it.” Even as he drives off, focused on getting out of the parking lot as quickly as possible, he still joins in as you cackle at him, bunny placed on your lap.
“So, where are you taking me for romance, Concrete King?” His eyebrows wiggle at the title, hand reaching across to rest on your thigh, giving the flesh a soft squeeze.
“You’ll just have to wait and see.” You sigh at his words, settling comfortably into the seat as you stare at him with those same heart shaped eyes. 
Jungkook's own heart is currently somersaulting in his chest when he meets your gaze, desperately wanting to keep you close, experience the rest of the seasons with you before coming back full circle and repeating it all over again in a never ending cycle. But the summer is still young, and you make it feel endless, leave him believing in summer romance so sticky and sweet, clinging to his skin in the best way. He knows only time will tell how this plays out, but his mind hopes for the best, willing to let it unfold the way it’s meant to be.
You feel the same way, and when you sneak your hand under his, tangling your fingers together and having your clasped hands resting on your thighs instead, there’s only one thing you know you’re certain about. Even if by the time the seasons changed and you were somehow no longer holding his hand as the leaves covered the floor in an array of colors, you’ll always cherish the day the blonde boy with too many tattoos and a tacky hawaiian shirt landed a trick in your honor.
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ladyartemesia · 2 years
Once Upon a Bracelet
Tumblr media
Pairing: Prince Jungkook x Sorceress Reader (Featuring Platonic Jin x Reader Friendship)
Genre: Fantasy • Soulmates • Enemies to Lovers • Fairytale
Word Count: 12.5K
Warnings: explicit sexual content • mentions of death • injury with a knife • passing mention of patricide • mentions of blood in relation to magic • literally none of this is graphic at all • I am just trying to be safe • loss of virginity • some hurt/comfort elements • social inequality and classism • pseudo-infidelity but not really •
Rating: Explicit (18+) 
Summary: You were born to nothing, but your powerful craft caught the eye of a charming prince. However, his distinctly un-charming younger brother challenged your betrothal and is routinely challenging you. Jeon Jungkook is (probably) a former necromancer and (definitely) the wrong prince…
But the bracelets tell a different story.
Author’s Note: This story would not be here without the love, support and friendship of my incredible support system. You talk with me, you laugh with me, you listen when I’m crying, and you read my chaotic drafts when I am ready to pull my hair out of my head in frustration. I love you all. @ppersonna @xjoonchildx @untaemedqueen @underthejoon @lemonjoonah Special thanks to my lovely beta Hope @hobi-gif who keeps my work sharp and gives so generously of her time to help me. If I shine, its because you ladies are lighting up my life. And finally, shout-out to the lovely @wwilloww who read the very first version of this story year before we ever connected through BTS. I hope you like this new version--my brain clearly ran away with me...
Tumblr media
Content Note: In this universe a necromancer is defined as a magic user with the ability to drain and/or manipulate the life force of living beings to fuel their own power. Using life force magic temporarily grants them advanced abilities—most of which are forbidden or illegal in the Kingdom of Dionysia where this story is set. Most mages with the ability to use this type of magic do not elect to do so. Magic users in this universe are typically proficient in three to four varieties of magic generally determined by their genetic make-up (meaning you are likely to inherit the same type of magical abilities as your parents or family members). 
Tumblr media
꧁ Prologue ꧂
It is said that the world of mortals contained three sacred wells where ancient magic rose up within the waters like springs from the depths of the earth. 
One such well could be found in the Kingdom of Dionysia—a nation of great warriors and powerful crafters who served as its caretakers for generations.
The Dionysians called this place Sanguine Well and, as a reward for their devotion, the gods honored them with a remarkable gift...
Bonding Bracelets
—a set of unique magical artifacts used to join, identify, and empower soulmates. 
On the first day of their twentieth year, Dionysian youth traveled to Sanguine Well for the ritual creation of a bonding bracelet pair. 
When the appointed hour arrived, a young seeker ventured into the depths of the well and held their breath beneath its waters till the currents receded—leaving a bracelet pair behind. 
One bracelet formed fully clasped around their wrist. The other remained open and would only close for the seeker’s destined mate.
Naturally the people of Dionysia did not take the gift of bonded soulmates lightly...
All proposed matches were registered and approved by the Ruling Council before an open bracelet could even be tried on by a potential partner and both parties were required to present evidence of their commitment to one another. 
If the alliance was approved, the betrothed pair participated in a public ceremony where the first seeker’s intended would activate the bond by placing the open bracelet around their wrist.
When an unclaimed bracelet united with its true owner, the open ends stretched and intertwined to form a rune.
From that moment on, the seeker and their soulmate were blood bonded in a supernatural union of their hearts, powers, and abilities that was—to all known craft—unbreakable. 
Dionysia believed that this care and reverence honored the craft and the gods, thereby allowing the sacred tradition to continue.
In 900 years of recorded history, only five bonding ceremonies ended with a bracelet that did not close.
Now there were six…
꧁ Once Upon a Time ꧂
Your voice echoed through the elegant corridors of Solemn Truth Palace as you chased after your betrothed. “I’m sorry! I—”
Jin whirled on you, shaking his head vehemently.
“None of this is your fault.”
“There are many reasons why this could’ve happened,” you offered breathlessly.
“There’s only one reason why this happens.”
He sighed and you rubbed your temples in frustration.
“I don’t understand… The Council gave permission.”
The Ruling Council was a sovereign governing body of three kings and three queens—one monarch from each of Dionysia’s six royal bloodlines.
“The Council isn’t all knowing…” Jin collapsed against a nearby wall. “This is a disaster,” he whispered.
And it was.
You had no family, but all of your friends and colleagues from the Academy were there.
Jin was technically an orphan as well, but his adopted family, the Jeons, were there.
Jeon Alaya was high queen of the Ruling Council, so half the kingdom was there to see the prince, her (adopted) son, bond with the craft prodigy from The Wastes.
Half the kingdom, but not her blood. Not her youngest son...
The two of you were silent for several moments as you struggled to process the shock.
“Do you think the rumors—what they say about me—is true?” 
Jin’s head shot up in an instant.
“No,” he swore, “they’re absolutely not true.”
Your heart warmed at his fierce defense, but after today’s debacle you were beginning to question yourself…
Whispers that ‘Wastelanders’ like yourself were citizens of no nation and loyal only to their own desires had plagued the majority of your academic and professional career.
You were forced to work twice as hard as any of your peers for each of your achievements, relying on nothing more than your natural talent and a stubborn determination to succeed in spite of the prejudice you faced. 
And you did succeed.
The gatekeepers of Dionysian society may have sneered at your background, but the powerful craft in your veins and the mastery with which you wielded it earned you undeniable respect and acclaim. 
Yet—even then—you were still an outsider. 
A strange girl with strange magic. 
Most Dionynisians practiced forms of elemental and illusion crafts. Your primary abilities, however, were every bit as foriegn and hard to define as you were.
Strictly speaking your magic fell under the umbrella of transfiguration arts (manipulating matter and energy to transform one thing into another), but you had been known to affect everything from the taste of tea to the weather—abilities far outside the norms of that designation. 
Nevertheless, transfiguration mages were rare and most of their lore was outdated—a situation which allowed you to establish yourself as a leading authority in the field almost by default. 
Between your fortuitous betrothal to Prince Seokjin and the widespread recognition of your achievements, you had hoped—after a lifetime of challenges—that the path ahead might be an easier one. 
But nothing ever came easily to you...
“Jin, it didn’t close—”
“It didn’t close because we aren’t soulmates—not because you aren’t one of us.” His expression softened. “We were a good idea… Just not the right one.”
Bitter tears welled up in the corners of your eyes.
On some level you were not surprised. You cared for Jin but–
Yours was not an overly romantic attachment.
It was a strong friendship—one that spanned several years. When you decided to apply to the Royal Council for bonding, it seemed…
Friendship was an excellent criteria for identifying a potential mate and over the centuries many bonded pairs applied as friends.
You trusted in the wisdom of the Royal Council—everyone did.
If you and Jin were not meant for one another, surely the Council would see it. They would turn down the application—someone would object—
Someone did object.
But you were approved, nonetheless. 
The date was set. Announcements were made. Invitations were sent out. 
Then, at last, the ornate golden cuff was placed over your wrist and…
Nothing happened.
Jin’s bracelet remained stubbornly un-closed.
And you had never felt so mortified—so exposed—
So profoundly alone in your entire life.
It was a scandal of epic proportions, one which potentially called into question the judgement of the entire Ruling Council.
“Listen,” Jin spoke at last, “I need… I need to clear my head and think about the next steps. I know an expert on bonding bracelets. Perhaps I can convince her to help us figure out this mess.”
His hands settled over your shoulders in a familiar comforting gesture.
“Head to my house outside the city for a while. No one will bother you there, and I’ll be back tomorrow.” He gave your arms a brotherly squeeze. “We’ll work through this—I promise.”
Tumblr media
Neither of you were keen to face the commotion unfolding in the grand ballroom of Solemn Truth Palace (where the failed ceremony took place), so Jin suggested a discreet escape through the secret entrance in his mother’s office. 
The two of you parted ways with a final hug before the prince set off for the Hall of Records—leaving you to trudge miserably toward his beautiful mansion by the lake. 
Technically, Golden Starlight Manor was just one of many homes owned by the Jeon family. This one, however, Jin shared with his younger brother…
You kicked a stone irritably at the mere thought of his name. 
Prince Jeon Jungkook was rather a sore subject for you. 
In fact, over the course of your acquaintance, you expended considerable energy either avoiding him or engaging in dramatic shouting matches with him.
As such, Starlight (the family’s affectionate nickname for the sprawling ancestral holding) was normally the last place in Dionysia you wanted to be. 
But that was no longer the case. 
Jungkook had been gone for weeks. He left the very day your betrothal was announced…
“Why do you bother with those ridiculous gloves? Anyone who’s watched you cast knows what you’re hiding.”
You sighed heavily. 
“Good evening to you as well, Jungkook. Nice of you to finally show up.”
“Mother made some very explicit threats against my person when I told her I was busy so I assumed it was important—and, judging by your fancy gloves, I was correct.”
“Honestly I’m beginning to suspect you’ve never seen a pair before.”
“I’m just baffled by their purpose. It’s only a scar—your hands are not disfigured… So why cover it up?”
Only a scar…
You shook your head. 
Only a scar you earned in a back alley knife fight when you were a mere ten years old. With no proper medical care it had become infected and what should have been a simple wound became a permanent reminder of your ugly past. 
Tonight—of all nights—you would rather not be reminded...
“Is there a purpose to this discussion, Highness, or are you just interrogating me for fun?”
Jungkook scoffed at your cool reply. 
“That scratch on your hand isn’t even noticeable, you know.” He opened up his own palm to reveal a thick band of gnarled tissue slashing diagonally across the center. “Mine is significantly more impressive.
Something that might have been a smile tugged insistently at the corner of your lips but you covered it quickly with a blistering scowl. 
“Comparing scars—really? Can’t you be civilized for one blasted evening?”
“Why would I do that? Think of how bored you’d be.”
You groaned and threw back the rest of your drink with a frustrated gulp. 
“Believe it or not we common folk long for a bit of peaceful boredom now and then.”
The prince snorted and clasped his hand dramatically over his heart. 
“So righteous.”
“Someone ought to be.”
“Enough you two,” Jeon Alaya called from across the family’s spacious day room. “I just replaced those curtains and I don’t want them exploding into a herd of butterflies—or some other such nonsense.”
In any other context, that would have been a profoundly strange comment.
Disagreements between yourself and Jeon Jungkook had become downright legendary over the last several months. 
A heated argument in Night Meadow Park caused several trees to burst into bright multicolored flames and start shooting all their fruit at peaceful park-goers like tiny delicious cannonballs. 
A dispute over the best ingredients to use in vegetable casserole ended with an entire bowl of green beans growing legs and chasing the family dog out onto the lawn. 
The two of you got into a row at the Centennial Peace Celebration and sent all of the lightning swans (specially flown in for the occasion) into a static-electric mating frenzy that plastered everyone’s clothes to their bodies obscenely—including the ninety-five year-old high priest. (The chief matron from the Knitting Guild was so scandalized that she fainted into a bowl of punch.)
And just last week Jungkook’s stubborn refusal to acknowledge your point in an ongoing debate about teleportation made you so mad that your hair literally turned red for an entire day. 
As such, you both had the decency to look abashed under the high queen’s wary gaze. 
“I don’t know, Mother,” Jin chuckled before offering the assembled guests a dazzling grin. “Perhaps you should have let them go. Butterflies are good luck after all.”
You sighed happily—impressed yet again by your partner’s elegant diplomacy. 
The two princes of House Jeon could not have been less alike. 
They shared a deep affection for one another and for their parents, but that was where the similarities began and ended. 
Seokjin was a playful charmer with a silver tongue and a delightfully mischievous demeanor. 
He was remarkably similar in both looks and temperament to Alaya and her husband Roomin—so much so that people often assumed Jungkook was the adopted sibling.
The elder prince was also a natural politician. He enjoyed appearing in charitable competitions for cooking and fishing where his flirtatious habit of blowing kisses into the crowd would unlace corsets and purses strings left and right. 
Not that he had ever been unfaithful—Kim Seokjin was every bit as kind and loyal as he was beautiful. 
And he was very beautiful. 
Jungkook on the other hand…
Beautiful was altogether the wrong word. 
The sharp sensual planes of his face seemed shaped for something darker and wilder than beauty.
Jin was clever and outgoing, but Jungkook was brilliant and quietly intense. His abilities and impressive spell lore were both highly sought after, but he was difficult to draw out and generally preferred to practice his science and experimental craft far away from the public eye. 
Most people agreed that he was an enigma—and a wickedly handsome one at that. His fiery brown eyes and impressive muscular physique were only enhanced by the apathetic confidence of his demeanor. 
The younger prince’s most arresting feature was unquestionably his hair.  
Once, it had been brown—like the rest of the Jeon family…
But he returned from ‘the incident’ several years ago with a distinct new color—one no dye or spell could replicate. 
Ashen Gold.
The mark of a deadly necromancer. 
A constant visual reminder that he had taken a life.
And yet even that could not detract from his seductive allure—if anything it made him appear more poetically ethereal.
Like an Angel of Death.
Women all over the kingdom were obsessed with the mysterious Jeon prince—
Not you of course.
That raw, unruly magnetism might cause some hearts to flutter—but certainly not yours. 
After all...
Jeon Jungkook was still a true-born prince.
And you—even with all of your accomplishments—would always be a street waif from The Wastes with a little too much magic in her blood. 
You had no business noticing the soft curve of his lips or the strong line of his jaw or—
… anything below that. 
As such you shot the man in question one final dirty look before turning your attention back to Jin. 
The elder prince finished thanking the assembled guests for accepting his invitation and finally arrived at the true purpose for the evening.
“Honored loved ones… I am pleased to announce that a bond between this incredibly beautiful woman and my unworthy self has been unanimously approved by the Royal Council! We are betrothed!”
A predictable burst of applause and excited murmuring erupted as you stepped forward, prepared to graciously take your place at Jin’s side and accept congratulations when—
Strong fingers suddenly wrapped around your wrist—holding you back decisively. 
Shocked silence fell over the room as you turned to face Jeon Jungkook (resolutely ignoring the fact that his unyielding grip was sending the strangest sparks of heat all through your body).
“No,” he growled with startling finality. “You cannot be with him.”
… Perhaps that humiliating spectacle at your betrothal party should have been the first indication that today’s ceremony was bound to end in misery. 
Jeon Jungkook was a menace, but he adored his brother and his impassioned objections to the match were wildly uncharacteristic.
Considering the turbulent nature of your relationship, you were rather relieved that he had not been there this morning to witness his own belated triumph. 
It was a small comfort, but a comfort nonetheless. 
The repercussions of today’s disastrous ceremony loomed overhead like the Sword of Damocles. There would be no escaping the fallout.  
It was well past the eighth hour when you finally reached the manor and the staff were already gone for the night… 
There was no one to greet you or ask any well-intentioned questions about your sudden appearance.
Thank the gods for small favors.
Normally you took a moment to appreciate Starlight’s elegantly carved entryway and vibrant woodland wallpaper (a stunning and expensive feature which made the entire house feel like an enchanted forest)—but the reality of the day was already beginning to take a physical toll. 
You were entirely too drained to attempt the stairs, bypassing them in favor of the main drawing room where you intended to simply collapse fully-clothed on a chaise when—
“Shouldn’t you be off playing princess literally anywhere else?”
Of course. 
A mirthless laugh bubbled up before you could stop it.
“Jeon Jungkook.”
Just what I needed right now.
The prince crossed his arms and offered you a condescending tilt of his head.
Years of social training had you dipping slightly into an informal bow—hoping it would hide the way your body always seemed to go haywire in his presence. 
Jungkook’s tall muscular frame leaned indolently against the fireplace, dressed head to toe in his signature black garb. Two silver earrings—priceless heirlooms of the Jeon bloodline—dangled rakishly from his ears beneath riotous waves of golden hair. 
He looked more like a renegade pirate than a high born prince.
And his effect on you was maddening. 
“What are you doing here?”
Jungkook raised a single imperious brow in response. 
“It is my house, Sandflower.”
You bristled at the familiar nickname. 
Sandflowers were native to the desolate region you grew up in. 
It was an easy way to remind you of your place into the world. 
And his. 
A prince of Dionysia forced to interact with a foundling from The Wastes simply because you happened to catch his brother’s eye.
How that must grate his delicate sensibilities.
You tapped your chin thoughtfully. 
“I heard you ran off to pout over Jin’s terrible taste in women on one of those South Sea pleasure cruises.” Condescension dripped from your tone like poisoned honey. “What happened? Couldn’t find any lost souls willing to partner you for naked badminton?”
He grinned devilishly. 
“Quite the opposite in fact. There were far too many volunteers.”
You rolled your eyes, firmly pushing aside the unwelcome heat his words evoked. 
“Please spare me the details. I recently ate.”
“Yes, how was that overblown betrothal banquet?… Boring?… Pretentious?” He sighed theatrically. “Such a shame I missed those speeches—especially King Tiemore. His habit of loudly sucking snot up into his skull really adds a special something.”
You just barely managed to bite back a snort—
King Tiemore’s speech was rather excruciating—and for that very reason. 
“The dinner was lovely—naturally. Of course the younger prince’s absence was keenly felt by all—though I confess some of us enjoyed it more than others.”
“I knew there had to be something about me you enjoyed.”
“Indeed. Your absence is by far your most attractive quality. I find myself powerfully drawn to it.”
Jungkook laughed and offered you a wry grin. 
“You know—you play so coy, but I’m sure you missed me a little.” He leaned forward ever-so-slightly. “Or were you truly content with all that ‘peaceful boredom’ I left behind?” 
No. I wasn’t. 
“Yes, of course I was,” you snapped.
“I don’t believe you.”
“You’re free to believe whatever you like.”
A sudden scuffle erupted from the corner as Pippin (the family dog) scrambled nervously out into the kitchen. Ever since the green bean incident he refused to be in the same room with the two of you together. 
Jungkook sighed and ran his fingers through his hair in exasperation.
“What are you even doing here, Sandflower?”
A sharp burst of anxiety spiked in your stomach. You were in no way prepared to reveal the extent of your humiliation to him just yet. 
“I could ask you the same question.”
His eyes narrowed curiously. 
“A man hardly needs to explain why he’s present in his own home. The same, however, cannot be said for you. Now why are you here when you’re supposed to be hanging off my brother's arm like a good little bride-to-be.” 
“Perhaps I’ve come to plan,” you answered coolly. “Golden Starlight House would make a lovely venue for the wedding, don’t you think?” 
You gestured toward a worn leather chair near the fireplace (one you knew to be his favorite). “We just need to clear out all the trash and it will be absolutely perfect.”
“Over my dead body.”
You shrugged. 
“If you insist—though I’m afraid your hideous corpse will clash with the decor.”
“Oh you don’t have to worry about all that, Sandflower. I wouldn’t be caught celebrating that union dead or alive.”
“Well now that is fortunate,” you sighed in a sickeningly sweet tone, “—as I would rather not share the joy of my wedding ceremony with the man who publicly objected to it.”
Jungkook pushed off his perch against the mantle, rising to full intimidating height.
“I had good reason.” 
The words were quietly spoken, but his eyes burned with conviction—just as they had the last time you saw him. 
“What reason could you possibly have for obstructing your brother’s happiness?” 
The prince took a full step closer and you tried very hard not to be unnerved by the reduced space between you. 
“Jin is not right for you, little Sandflower—”
“You do not have permission to address me informally!” 
Your voice cracked through the air like a whip as you sought to reestablish a safe distance (whether real or metaphorical) between the two of you. “I may have been born a nothing from The Wastes, but I am a ranked crafter and the betrothed of a royal. You will refer to me accordingly.”
Jungkook could feel his normally frigid heart pounding madly as he stared down his brother’s woman with unrepentant heat. 
His eyes drank you in as you stood before him—teeming with barely controlled fire.
Gods but you were magnificent.
He still remembered the day Jin brought you home to the family estate.
You seemed so serene, so proper… an ideal contrast to his charmingly brash elder sibling. 
Within minutes, Jungkook dismissed you as vapid and uninteresting. 
The girl at his brother’s side spoke very little, smiled very tightly, and sat very straight. 
You would make a lovely decorative addition to Jin’s political career—one that would never distract from his efforts or clash with his carefully maintained persona. 
But oh…
He’d been so very wrong.
Some months later Jungkook was called out to the Academy on unavoidable business. After several hours of work the prince was eager to leave the crowded campus and return home—until he heard something that stopped him in his tracks. 
It was you. 
Several classes were gathered to watch you debate a renowned authority in the field of experimental alchemy. The man’s theories had been the gold standard (literally) for decades, yet you challenged his findings with methodical precision—letting your infectious zeal color every word as you reduced his pretentious ramblings to ash. 
That was the first time he saw you—the real you—not the shallow little angel his brother brought home—but a woman brimming with vibrant energy and irresistible passion. 
He had no idea how you managed to suppress the force of your true nature, but he suspected that the pleasantly tepid persona you adopted with his family was meant to compensate for your ignominious origins. 
He was certain, however, of one thing:
You and Jin were a terrible match. 
His brother would never make you happy and he could not bear to see Jin’s spirit broken by the anguish of an ill-fated entanglement.
Naturally, this newfound conviction had nothing to do with the way his own blood stirred at the sight of you rising up in glorious fury. 
Nothing at all. 
From that moment on, everything changed. 
Jungkook went from passively ignoring your presence to deliberately baiting you at every turn. Time and time again he pushed and prodded until that mesmerizing fire blazed in your eyes and you were alive with riotous animosity instead of cold and distant.
“Forgive me, Mistress,” he tilted his head thoughtfully, “or is it Princess now?”
You snorted and shook your head. 
“You know I will never be a princess.”
“Oh? So you’ve finally given up this ridiculous alliance with my brother?”
“Your brother is a royal, but not a true born prince. His title is just a courtesy—one his mate and descendants cannot share.”
“In you? Frequently.”
“Fair enough—but Jin is a far better person than either of us and he does not deserve to have his heart broken.”
Your mouth dropped open in outrage. 
“I resent your entire implication. I know you do not think very highly of me but—”
“You have no idea what I think of you, Mistress,” he interrupted fiercely.
Anger flared in your gaze as you stepped defiantly into his space, fueled by the familiar wave of restless energy you encountered every time the two of you clashed.
“I am a powerful crafter in my own right, I don’t need a wealthy mate to survive. I have done exceptionally well for myself—by myself.”
“Then why are you with him?”
You drew back incredulously.
“Is it so hard to believe that I do not want to be alone anymore? Is it wrong to look at my gorgeous best friend and consider that perhaps we could create the one thing I cannot earn or buy or craft—not with all the gold and power in the world?”
“Love?” Jungkook sneered.
“Family,” you shot back. “Something you take for granted. Something you don’t even want. You’re not even looking for a bond mate!”
Jungkook met your cutting accusations with an icy glare. He knew you were baiting him, yet for some masochistic reason he refused to stop you. 
Lines were about to be crossed, but—as usual—the prince had torn away your genteel civility and unleashed that penniless spitfire who clawed her way up from the rotting streets and into the hallowed halls of Dionysia’s Academy. 
“Ah, yes. I forgot,” you drawled, not bothering to conceal the venom in your words. “The great Jeon Jungkook lives a life of self-imposed solitude—as the walking eulogy of a traitor.”
“How dare you!” he snarled.
You crossed your arms defiantly. 
“How dare I what? Call her a traitor? She was a necromancer! A dark crafter using evil—and highly illegal—magic!” 
“I suppose we cannot all be walking, talking saints like the Mistress of the Wastes!”
“Well, her immaculate bloodline certainly wasn’t a guarantee of any notable virtue! Really what is the point of nobility if so few of you are actually noble?”
The two of you pressed progressively closer with each traded barb and now stood nearly nose to nose seething in reciprocal fury. Every atom in your body was engaged and—for the first time since he stormed away all those months ago—you felt gloriously alive. 
At heart you would always be a fighter and there was no better opponent than Jeon Jungkook. 
“Careful little Mistress, you’re starting to sound awfully judgemental. Ridicule me and my advantages all you want, but birthright is not the shield from suffering you believe it to be. I endured a loss you cannot possibly comprehend.”
“A loss?... That woman was a disgrace. And yet you still have the audacity to mourn her?”
Jungkook scoffed. 
“Gods, why am I even bothering? It is impossible for you to understand such things… You only know how to gain—how to advance. Loss is not something you’re accustomed to—a fringe benefit of being born with nothing I suppose.”
“Spoken like a privileged prince!”
His eyes narrowed dangerously. 
“Do I look like a privileged prince to you?”
You knew what he was getting at and with anyone else it might have been an effective shut down, but you were a master debater—able to quickly reclaim his point for your own cutting riposte. 
“Of course you do! Do you think anyone else could turn up with a necromancer’s mark and just waltz back into the fold without consequence? What have you lost? Certainly not your position—and certainly not her because everyone knows that your relationship was nothing more than an accursed spell!”
Jungkook’s jaw worked in silence as he fought to control his emotions. 
For a moment he looked almost… 
And you could not help the wave of sympathy that suddenly rose up for him—for the young prince of so many years ago who placed his trust—and his heart—in the wrong hands. 
Your tone was noticeably softer when you spoke again. 
“At first I thought it was just a ridiculous rumor spread by the Royal Council to justify your pardon... but when the Academy called me in to help permanently dispose of her spell books last winter I saw…” You bit your lip. “It really was possible.”
A soft, empty laugh left Jungkook’s lips as he shook his head. 
Of course it was possible. 
But the truth—that he was a fool too blinded by love to recognize the evil he allowed to flourish—was so much worse. 
Elaena was heart-stoppingly beautiful—the kind of lovely that could haunt a man’s thoughts and ruin his mind. 
She was a vision.
When she sought him out, it was like nothing he had ever experienced before. 
She dazzled him, flattered him—left him breathless and enchanted—taunted and teased him till he adored her with obsessive intensity.
In time he eagerly offered her both his heart and his body—
But Elaena was after his soul...
Jungkook’s grandfather, Jeon Olin, was the most powerful necromancer in a thousand years. 
The gift (or curse) of necromancy was genetic. Only a few bloodlines could use it. 
When his beloved wife died giving birth to twins, Olin turned to dark craft in a desperate attempt to get her back.
The cost of necromancy, however, was impossibly steep.
It drained life force. Exposed the wielder to dangerous dark energies—
And slowly drove them insane.
In the end, Jeon Olin was put down by his own children.
Elaena wanted Jungkook’s power desperately. Her own necromancy was weak, but a blood bond with the grandson of Jeon Olin could make her invincible. 
The young prince, however, remained stubbornly blind to her true motives, even as she convinced him to explore the dark edges of the magic in his blood.
After a series of passionate arguments with his concerned family, Jungkook declared his intent to marry Elaena in defiance of their express wishes.
In response, his uncle, Jeon Anjin, did something unforgivable. He removed Jungkook’s bonding bracelet from the Jeon vault and disappeared with it.
The theft and its dramatic aftermath tore the royal family apart.
Jungkook was convinced that his mother and father conspired with Anjin to keep him from bonding with Elaena. Roomin and Alaya swore they had not, but openly admitted that they were grateful for Anjin’s actions. 
Neither Alaya nor her brother could forget the trauma of killing their own father and both were determined to protect future generations from the poison in their family tree. 
Necromancy was a curse and, though they had no proof, the twins could sense its hold on Elaena. 
When Jungkook told his beloved what Anjin had done, she flew into a violent fury—and for the first time he experienced a sliver of doubt in his previously unshakable resolve. 
But it was not enough to free him. 
Consumed by his bitterness and resent, the young prince cut himself off from his heritage—from his people—
And disappeared entirely.
After a few tearful pleas, Elaena persuaded him to cloak their life force using forbidden blood spells, effectively concealing them from even the most powerful seeker mages. 
Daily cuts across his palm to maintain the cloaking spell left him with a thick gnarled scar—one that had not faded even after years of treatments. 
For months no one knew the prince’s whereabouts… or even if he was still alive. 
Elaena believed that if they held out long enough the royal families would relent and welcome them back with open arms. Her obsession with finding Anjin and his stolen treasure put an incredible strain on their relationship...
“You have… no idea what you’re talking about,” Jungkook whispered angrily. 
“Of course I do,” you scoffed. “I’ve worked with mind and heart spells for years. Once the magic is broken or the caster dies—the feelings cease to exist!”
Fury sparked chaotically in the prince’s gaze as he shook his head in frustration. 
“You’re so sure of yourself—of everything—and you never stop to consider that you might be wrong.”
Your fingers pressed into your temples as you tried to ease the headache he was giving you. 
“What could I possibly be wrong about? The entire kingdom knows the story! You were bewitched until Elaena cast a dark spell that rebounded and killed her—”
“That,” he hissed, “is the story—but it is not the truth.”
His hand shot out to grasp the back of your neck and with a sudden flash of heat you found yourself yanked roughly into his memories...
The door to Elaena’s makeshift workshop slammed open with a deafening crack. 
“Ju-Jungkook—what are you doing here, my love? I thought you were out hunting for our dinner.”
Something was wrong. She could see it in his eyes. For months they were filled with open adoration... 
Now they burned with hurt and mistrust. 
“I was looking for the knife,” he whispered quietly, “I remembered seeing you with it last night...”
Elaena paled. 
He’d gone through her chest. But that didn’t have to mean anything—he could have missed—
“I found this.” 
Jungkook slammed an old leather scroll down on the table between them, confirming his lover’s worst fears. 
“That… that isn’t what it seems—I promise I—”
“Enough!” Jungkook shouted—his voice was already beginning to shake. “These are experimental incantations to force an unfated bracelet bond… Tell me—why would you need such a thing?”
His pain and anguish grew every moment she remained silent. 
“Elaena... if you believe that we are soulmates—why would you need to force the bond?”
Elaena rushed toward him, sliding her hands up to cradle his face imploringly. 
“It isn’t like that, my love. This is just research. Of course I believe—”
A soft whimpering sound suddenly cut her off and Jungkook drew back in alarm. 
“What is that?”
He pushed past her, making his way toward the source of the noise—a small moving object covered by cloth in the middle of the room. 
“It’s nothing! Wait!”
Elaena tugged frantically at his shirt but he shook her off and pulled back the cloth to reveal—
“Elaena—gods what have you done?”
It was a little girl—one he recognized from the village they were hiding in. She was bound and laid out over strange dark casting symbols he did not recognize. 
“I discovered a spell, Jungkook. It’s an ancient necromancer incantation. With it you can find anything—anyone.”
A hard hollow feeling gripped his chest tightly. 
“... Why is the girl here?”
“Don’t you see? Now we can finally take your bracelet back from Anjin! You and I—we can truly be together—”
“THE GIRL, Eleana! What are you doing to the girl!?”
His hands came up to grip her arms, but she pushed him away in disgust and extended her palm toward the child. 
“I told you—she’s nothing. Just a bit of collateral damage.”
Eleana’s eyes darkened to an inky black and the little girl began to cry, struggling as the primal essence her life force was cruelly ripped away. 
“Eleana stop! Let her go! You can’t do this!”
“OF COURSE I CAN!” she snarled. “I’ve done it before.”
Jungkook’s eyes widened. 
“But-but your hair—”
“I’ve been brewing a potion to cover it for years! How could I be satisfied with the meager energy of animals when a single human life can make me more powerful than the high queen!”
The girl screamed again and Jungkook ran to her side, yanking and pulling at the ropes around her small wrists in horrified desperation. 
“It’s too late!” Eleana shouted. “The ritual has already begun. You cannot save her now!”
The prince cradled the shaking child in his arms and sobbed out in anguish. 
He knew in his heart what had to be done—
… And that he must be the one to do it. 
“I can save her...” he whispered. “It is you who cannot be saved.”
A single tear drifted down the side of his cheek as he stretched out his palm toward the woman he loved. 
“I’m sorry...”
You gasped as the memory began to darken—holding your breath as the last few moments played through your mind—
—watching as the prince’s beautiful brown curls lightened to an unmistakable gold...
—watching him run to the lifeless Elaena and pull her against his chest in despair.  
“Oh my gods…” you whispered. “It wasn’t a spell. You—”
“I loved her.”
The words fell heavy on your heart like molten lead. 
It hurt to hear them—and you could not bear to think about why. 
Heavens above I’ve been a fool. 
Jeon Jungkook was far more complicated than you realized. 
Though… perhaps a part of you had always known that. 
“Your hair was dark in the vision until…” You swallowed convulsively. “Was… was that—”
The prince’s eyes were strangely hollow. 
“I’ve only ever taken one life.” His gaze held yours with quiet intensity. “Hers.”
The word lingered like poison in the scant space between you—even as emotions too strong and too numerous to identify churned chaotically through your senses. 
This man was such a fascinating force in your life—a question you kept trying to answer over and over again without success. 
After a moment Jungkook slowly turned his back to you, resting his weight against the mantle with a weary sigh. 
For the first time you realized just how close the two of you had come to one another. 
“I’m sorry…” you whispered.
“I can’t imagine why you’re apologizing. You’ve made it quite clear what you think of me.”
“I don’t know what to think of you at all… Why won’t you let them tell the truth?”
Indignation and self-loathing warred over his features as he swung around abruptly. 
“Because the truth is—that I would rather they all believe I was a spoiled, bewitched pawn and not a monster who used his own grotesque abilities to kill the woman he loved!”
“No!” You shook your head fiercely, “You saved that little girl!”
“And I lost myself!”
You gasped at the violent bitterness behind his words. 
The raw pain in his voice—in his expression—was heart wrenching; such a departure from the normally arrogant and apathetic prince. 
“Jungkook,” you breathed sympathetically, but he kept going—almost as if he hadn’t heard you. 
“My honor, my dignity, my self-respect —perhaps even my chance to forge a bond… All of it died with Elaena.” 
“That’s not true! You chose to do the right thing—to protect an innocent life—even if it meant sacrificing someone you loved! That is a truly noble act.”
“Noble?... Are you blind, Mistress? Everyone, including you, regards me with fear and distrust. All anyone sees when they look at me is a monster.” 
“Stop saying that. You’re not a monster—”
“Oh?” He leaned in again, crowding your space, “Then what am I?”
Your breath caught. Your eyes widened in response to his proximity—
—and Jeon Jungkook forcibly bit back a groan. 
Gods but you were so unpardonably beautiful up close it was almost painful. 
He couldn’t say what compelled him to reveal the truth of his past to you or why all of his carefully maintained defenses routinely seemed to fade away in your presence. He spent so much time pushing others back and yet—by instinct rather than by choice—he was always trying to bring you closer. 
Even now—as uncomfortable as it was to have the darkest parts of his soul laid bare before you… 
He could not bring himself to regret it. 
“To that little girl… you’re a hero,” you whispered softly.  
Surprise flickered briefly acros his gaze. It was clear he had not expected such an admission from you. His eyes seemed to search your face for signs of mockery and for a moment you were thoroughly ashamed of yourself. 
“Then what am I to you?” he asked finally. 
You paled. 
There was nothing but a whisper of space separating you now. You could practically feel his breath against your skin when he spoke.
“If I am not a monster… then I must be something else.” His eyes locked with yours significantly. “So what am I to you?”
Oh gods, help. 
It should have been such a simple question. 
But it wasn’t. 
And it became increasingly more complicated with every moment that passed between you. Something dark and inviting stirred restlessly beneath the surface each and every time your paths crossed...
You could feel it. 
But you could not afford to acknowledge it—and he could never seem to let it go. 
“Eleana was the monster,” you insisted firmly, twisting your response away from dangerous territory, “—and you cannot continue to let her control your life like this.”
Jungkook drew back with a frustrated growl. 
“She is not controlling my life! You think I’m mourning her? The person I loved was a lie. She never even existed!”
“Exactly! You were the victim every step of the way… So why are you punishing yourself?”
His eyes hardened. 
“You’re taking shots in the dark now, Mistress,” he warned.
“Am I? You’ve locked yourself away in that dungeon you call a lab for the past four years. Barely twenty five winters, but you walk like a beaten man. Elaena may not have bewitched you, but she still has her hands wrapped around your throat.” 
Jungkook snapped forward with a strangled roar and seized both your arms—yanking you close to him once more. Sharp, spiraling heat shot through your veins as you met his livid black gaze.
“You have no right to speak to me that way. You have never been in love. You don’t know what it is to lose it!”
“I love your brother—”
“You do not know my brother! And he does not know you.”
“Of course he knows me!”
“Does he, Sandflower?” Jungkook addressed you intimately once again—not caring that he was forbidden to do so. “Does he know how you light up the moment you win an argument? Or see the smile you save for finding that solution no one else could? Does he even realize that you hide an insatiable passion behind that chilling calm? Answer me, woman!”
But you could not.
Jeon Jungkook had seen you.
He had seen you.
—and the truth he threw in your face cut deeply.
For years you searched for a partner who would suit you. Someone who needed you. Someone safe and comfortable... 
Someone like Jin who was kind and charming and often benefited from your perspectives.
… And yet—
 Something was missing.
You didn’t want Jin as a woman should want her mate… and you always suspected—on some level—that he did not want you (in that way) either.
Perhaps it will come with time. Perhaps I’m just nervous—you reassured yourself over and over again.
But here and now—after everything that had happened—the truth was unavoidable.
You did not feel with Jin.
Not like when you argued your theories at the academic tribunals. Not like when you traveled to every corner of the kingdom just to satisfy your curiosity. Not like—
Your breath caught.
Not like with Jungkook.
All at once the truth crashed over you like flood waves from a broken dam. 
It wasn’t anger, or resent, or even frustration that flared chaotically through your system every time he got too close—
It was desire.
When the prince saw his accusations confirmed in your troubled gaze, he lashed out and seized your wrist.
“How can you even wear his brace-”
He stopped cold. 
It wasn’t there.
“Where is the bracelet?” 
His entire being seemed to suspend within a single question.
“It didn’t close,” you said breathlessly.
Then your eyes changed. From guarded to almost… hopeful.
Just for an instant.
But it was enough. 
Every urge—every impulse—every desperate longing he caged out of self-preservation suddenly broke free with a vengeance.
Jungkook dragged you completely into his arms, bringing your face mere breaths from his.
“You can never belong to him,” he growled as his lips came crashing down on yours.
Oh sweet merciful heavens.
You had allowed Jin to kiss you before. He was your betrothed after all and the few tender kisses you shared with him were quite sweet, very pleasant, utterly polite—
And nothing—absolutely nothing—like this.
Dark, wicked heat poured through your body in relentless waves as his mouth moved against yours, giving and taking with unmistakable hunger. 
He tasted like summer and wonder and every wish you ever whispered into the wind under the stars. 
Jeon Jungkook was definitely the wrong brother and you were an upstart from the wrong class—but oh...
This was so indescribably right. 
Your breath caught as the prince bore you back into the wall, desperate for any part of you he could touch— and you opened to him willingly—eagerly—as if you had done so a thousand times. 
As if you belonged to him...
You shouldn’t want this. You knew better—but instead of pushing him away you pressed forward shamelessly, tangling your fingers into his hair as you melted against him. 
The contrast of his muscular frame intertwining with your supple curves was unspeakably erotic. Everything about this man was unspeakably erotic and your body responded to his with hedonistic fervor. 
One of his hands slammed against the ornate surface behind you and suddenly the beautifully rendered woodlands frozen within that absurdly expensive wallpaper hummed with magic—coming to life beneath his fingertips even as he poured his passion into you. 
Trees began to bloom. Animals began to move. The sky shifted in between previously inanimate branches. Spring broke forth from the four walls around you—
But neither of you noticed. 
For you and he there was nothing beyond the explosive longing that had waited too long and too bitterly for release. 
"Gods woman, you drive me crazy,” he rasped, drawing back momentarily for a breath before plundering your lips again. The rough timbre of his voice—so obviously dazed with desire—shot a fresh wave of arousal down your spine. 
There would be a reckoning for this moment, of that you were certain—
… yet it no longer mattered. 
The pain and humiliation of the last several hours lifted off your shoulders in favor of an incredible lightness. Everything in your world narrowed down to the feel of your heartbeat next to his. 
You had slept on the streets of the Wastes, claimed unprecedented academic prestige, ascended to the gilded halls of the Grand Palace—but nothing had ever felt like him. 
And nothing had ever felt like home—
Until him. 
Jungkook—for his part—did not intend to kiss you, or hold you, or hoist you up against the wall as he was currently doing, but when his hand closed over your bare wrist an unholy triumph had blazed to life in the depths of his defeated soul. 
Elation the likes of which he’d never known suddenly flooded his senses. 
Jin may have found you first, but he would be the one to claim you. 
You were his. 
He knew it from the moment he watched you dismantle that overblown alchemist like a warrior queen. 
The day the council approved your betrothal he felt as if his world was ripped in half. 
It was unthinkable. 
How could you belong to his brother when it was his soul that burned for you?
Watching you stand next to Jin, smiling and accepting congratulations with that pleasantly vacant smile on your face, had been the last straw. 
That night he ran as far away as he could, hoping to escape you… but it was never far enough. 
You haunted him relentlessly.  And he soon discovered that there was no point in putting distance between you—
Not when you were already in his heart.  
In the end he returned to Dionysia determined to face his fate—only to find that he had been right all along. 
“I’ve always loved Sandflowers. Did you know that?”
You gasped as he began to press hot open-mouthed kisses down the column of your throat. 
“I-I didn’t know.” 
You didn’t know your own name at this point, so that wasn’t saying much. 
“It’s true,” he hummed, sucking a trail of pretty pink marks into the soft skin along your collarbone. You whined breathlessly at his boldness, losing yourself in each new sensation until he spoke again. 
“Sandflowers flourish and grow where nothing else can. They’re incredibly strong,” he pressed forward, melding the hard lines of his body into yours till his center ground against your throbbing core, “yet still so beautiful and soft.”
Nimble fingers pulled at the laced sides of your elegant betrothal dress—loosening the ties till he could slip through and brush over your bare skin. 
“They cannot be kept in vases on desks or in little glass houses… Nothing so fragile could ever contain them.”
You moaned needily and his breath caught as the sound of it curled through him like an echo from his wildest dreams. 
“I thought—”
“I know what you thought,” he whispered, fisting his hand in your hair to gain better access to the delectable curve of your neck. “And I let you think it because it was easier if you hated me.” 
Your eyes flew open as he reached lower, sliding his hands under your dress to fully reveal the smooth legs wrapped around his body. One firmly muscled thigh suddenly pressed directly into the warmth of your swollen cunt—
And then he began to move. 
“Jungkook—oh my gods!” 
Pleasure—urgent and messy—rippled out from your center in all directions, overtaking you in a way that felt utterly primal and uncivilized. Your body trembled as he rutted against yours folds, opening even further to accommodate that glorious new friction. 
The sounds he drew out of you were incoherent—unhinged even. Mindlessly, you moved to cover your lips but his hand suddenly closed over your wrist and pinned it to the wall. 
“You sound so sweet,” he murmured in between thrusts, “so perfect.”
Your gown was slowly coming apart, slipping further and further down till it barely clung to the swells of your breast.
The need building between your legs was fast becoming unbearable. You were racing toward some sort of breaking point when you felt his hands latch around your hips and lift you onto a nearby decorative table—shattering the lamp and what was certainly a priceless antique vase as he swept them aside to make room. 
The sound of glass breaking against the tile barely registered through the haze of desire pulsing between you—and neither of you noticed when the larger shards sprouted shimmering gossamer wings and began to flutter whimsically around the light fixtures. 
Instead you were mewling pitifully at the unacceptable emptiness between your thighs and pulling at him in an attempt to soothe your frustration. 
“Shhh,” he chuckled, “I’ve got you.”
His mouth played lazily over your skin as he leaned you back, lowering himself till his lips hovered over the greedy tips of your breasts.
Some distant part of your mind knew that this was beyond scandalous. 
The once beautiful betrothal garment pooled at your waist, leaving your top and bottom bare to the hungry gaze of a man who was definitely not your betrothed. 
Then his tongue darted out to give one tightened peak the slightest flick and you hissed as sensation twisted through you. 
“These are exquisite,” he mused naughtily and you whined in response—arching toward him without conscious thought as his words wound around you like the strangest spell—warming you from the inside out with their simple forthright magic. 
Finally he leaned forward and drew one tormented nub into his mouth with obvious obscene pleasure and—heavens above—it felt so good you almost blacked out. 
“Oh my—please yes,” you keened as he sucked noisily. 
Wetness flooded between your thighs as that desperate need for release continued to build recklessly. Your fingers curled into his hair as he serviced you, switching between the twin swells of your breast with greedy satisfaction till the stimulation was nearly overwhelming. 
“Gods what a dream you are” he growled, worrying your swollen nub gently between his teeth, “so bare and needy.” 
He moved forward to kiss you again and you gasped as his hand slid down to stroke the wet linen of your undergarments. 
“Does it feel like this when he touches you?” he whispered against your lips, letting his fingers trace your sodden slit with deliberate intent. 
You could only whimper in response as he continued, drawing the fabric aside to caress your bare folds. 
“Do you make these noises for him?”
You shook your head frantically. “No, Jin never—ah!”
Jungkook growled at the sound of his brother’s name on your lips and slid his fingers forward, breaching the tight heat of your virgin cunt for the first time.
The pain and pleasure were so sharp and deliciously potent that you threw your head back and cried out loud. 
“Of course not,” he snarled, “because he doesn’t want you like I do. He isn’t driven near to madness at the thought of you in another man’s arms.”
Your hips swayed forward desperately at the sudden foreign fullness—searching instinctively for more. Jungkook wasted no time locating that sweet secret spot inside of you, pressing and coaxing it with such reverent persistence it was almost spiritual. 
“That’s it, pretty one,” he murmured heatedly. “Take what you need.”
Wanton cries poured out as you rutted against his hand, rubbing your swollen clit lewdly over his knuckles while he moaned filthy praises against your skin. 
“Let me have you, Sandflower,” he whispered, curling his fingers into your soaked cunt till the arousal slid messily over his hand. “Let me show you what it’s like to be adored.”
“Yes!” you sobbed as a sharp peak of pleasure finally overtook you. 
Jungkook growled in triumph as he pressed his lips to yours again—savoring the sounds of your pleasure while he worked you gently through your first release. 
How could there be such a feeling in this world? 
And why was he the only one who had ever let you feel it—this indescribable thrill that transcended mere physical pleasure to approach something almost like…
You had barely a moment to recover from your high before Jungkook was hauling you off the table and fully into his arms. 
Vaguely you acknowledged that he was taking you to his room (and what was probably going to happen there) but you were too preoccupied with tearing him out of his shirt to worry about the consequences now.
Your bridges were burning and you fully intended to dance in the flames. 
Every room you stumbled past on the way to his chambers was steadily overtaken with the same strange magic that had bloomed through the drawing room. 
Fires spontaneously flared in dormant fireplaces, figurines twitched to life, newly sentient ancestral portraits looked down in scandalized confusion at the oblivious (and enthusiastic) couple staggering through their halls...
And Pippin went tearing out to hide in his miniature outdoor doggie castle after seeing a fox chase a colony of rabbits through the wallpaper in the dining room. 
Your clothes were fully discarded by the time you finally crashed over the threshold of the prince’s quarters in a scramble of limbs and hungry desperation. (The tattered remains of your expensive betrothal gown would later be discovered beneath a traumatized painting of Jungkook’s great aunt Mildred.)
“You cannot possibly know what you’ve done to me,” he whispered, lowering you onto his bed, “—how I’ve ached to be close to you...”
Part of you was so afraid that this was a trick. That you would wake up to discover that the words he was saying were nothing more than a cruel and elaborate lie—
But there was such utter conviction in his voice as he spoke—such awe in his gaze as he took in the sight of you uncovered before him. 
Yet you barely had time to be moved by it before he was kissing you again. 
An irresistible magnetism charged in the air between you, mixing potently with palpable relief and the downright joyous acceptance of a passion that—in hindsight—felt oddly inevitable. 
All you could think about—all you wanted— was him. The spark between you had been building for far too long. Now it blazed out of control.
Technically you had never explored this level of intimacy with a man before, but your body seemed to find rhythm with his instinctively—as if it had waited for the perfect moment to shake off its mask of civility and revel in its true primal purpose. 
You should have been self-conscious—shy even—but those impulses simply never arose … Not in his arms. Not with his words wrapping around you like the warmth of a morning sun. 
Arousal soaked the soft core of your body and Jungkook hissed in pleasure as the thick solid length of his cock slid messily over your folds. 
“This might hurt.”
“Doesn’t everything?” you asked softly. 
The words were out of your mouth before you could think to stop them and the prince’s eyes flew up to lock with yours. 
There was nothing between you now—no clothes, no defenses...
No regrets. 
“Yes... It did,” he whispered, “until you.”
Tears drifted down your cheek as you lifted your hand to his face. 
Then he surged forward—sinking himself into you entirely with one perfect thrust. 
The feel of him nestled deeply in your sensitive heat was equal parts overwhelming and addictive. Your body bowed back in primitive gratification and for a moment you swore the sky mural on the ceiling sparked with literal lightning. 
Power unlike anything Jungkook had ever experienced surged violently through his blood causing him to throw his head back with a mighty roar. 
What are you? he thought dizzily as pleasure and magic raged over him. What is happening
The initial pain from being stretched so tightly morphed instantaneously into hot molten pleasure and you surged forward, bringing your mouth to his again.
Jungkook leaned back against the headboard, pulling your intimately joined bodies upright till you were facing one another. 
“So good,” he gasped against your lips and your walls tightened at the sound of his praise. 
His hand drifted down between to stroke your clit and you shuddered, reveling in the combination of fullness and stimulation. Your hips jerked forward involuntarily and you both groaned at the delicious friction.
“Hold on to me,” he whispered. 
Then his hands clamped into the soft curve of your waist as he lifted you, sliding your heat up the solid length of his shaft only to slam you back down over him again. 
“Yes!” You were nearly incoherent with pleasure—reveling in the sheer strength it took to work you up and down on his cock.
Words spilled out past your lips like the tides of a rising flood—words of adoration and want whimpered prettily into his skin like a prayer as he worked himself in your cunt.
That explosive release was building up again; Jungkook could tell by the way your body trembled wantonly against his own. 
“Look at me,” he growled, “I wanna watch you fall apart.”
His words were like kindling on an already raging fire. Every time he spoke it made you hotter. 
Look at me, Jeon Jungkook. 
Look at what you’ve done to me. 
You drew back, opening your eyes to let him see you—dazed and euphoric as you bounced like a toy on his cock. 
The sound of him pistoning in and out of your sloppy wet cunt filled the air around you, braiding in between your keening and filthy lascivious moans—
But everything else fell away when your gaze finally locked together with his. 
No one had ever looked at you like that. 
Like you were priceless.
Like you were everything. 
“I never hated you,” you gasped, unable to let the truth go unspoken for another moment. 
A beautiful smile bloomed over his features. 
“I know.” 
You came then—tightening brutally around him like a velvet vice. Jungkook shook with restraint as he worked you through it, letting the feel of your release build into his own. 
“Your sweet little pussy is holding on to me so tight, Sandflower. Let me come inside you please? You like being full don’t you? Isn’t that why you’re so messy, baby? You just want to be filled.”
“Yes!” you screamed. 
“Say it,” he growled, digging his fingers into the soft rolls of your hips for leverage as his pace increased. “Tell me who made your little pussy this needy.”
“You did!”
“And what do you want me to do about it, huh?” 
“Fill me up please,” you sobbed deliriously. 
Your pretty begging sent him over the edge with a carnal groan. His head dropped heavily onto your shoulder as he spilled into your womb, filling you till the evidence of his pleasure ran down your leg.
“I’ll give you anything,” he swore. “Anything you want.”
Tumblr media
Dawn trickled in slowly through the windows, spreading soft tendrils of light over the bed where you lay next to him.
Your mind was torn between elation and guilt. But your body...
Your body could still feel the imprint of his fingers where they cupped your jaw—could still hear the tender words he whispered across your skin…
Anxiety and reality begin to claw through the haze of pleasure.
Oh gods… 
What have I done?
You were betrothed to his brother.
… Yet it was Jungkook’s name you called into the darkness.
Jungkook who broke through your maidenhead as you writhed and begged beneath him.
Your passion raged well into the night, and now you lay in knots beside him, watching his chest rise and fall in soothing rhythm even as your own thoughts spiraled out of control.
In the end, you wrenched your gaze away out of self-preservation. 
Dawn provided enough light to make out the books and artifacts lying haphazardly on the small drafting table next to his bed. Notes lay strewn among piles of discarded quills and glass bottles...
Then your eyes caught on a distinctive shape resting in a glass case near the center of the desk.
After a moment’s hesitation—you reached forward cautiously to retrieve it.
This must be his.
Jungkook’s bracelet was very different from his brother’s. Jin’s was ostentatious—covered in sparkling rubies and square-cut diamonds—it didn’t suit your tastes at all. In fact, you remembered cringing at the thought of wearing it for the rest of your life...
But this piece was exquisite.
Thick golden vines and delicate leaves braided intricately around each other in a complicated pattern to form the width of the band… 
It was the most beautiful bonding bracelet you had ever seen.
Suddenly Jungkook stirred beside you and your heart broke all over again.
How could I have been so blind?
Stifling a gasp, you could no longer hold back the tears that drifted down your cheek as you studied the bracelet—knowing you would hate whoever wore it.
Or perhaps it would never activate—not if Elaena was his soulmate. It would have died with her life force.
You turned to make sure Jungkook remained asleep.
For a moment… I can pretend...
I can pretend he’s mine.
Holding your breath you carefully slid the bracelet over your hand and pressed it to your wrist—right at the pulse point—
And it burned. For several seconds it burned everywhere—inside and out.
Then it stopped as abruptly as it began. Your eyes flew to your wrist in alarm–
It can’t be. 
The golden vines of Jungkook’s bracelet wove together in a perfect fit, bound irrevocably beneath a glowing rune directly above your pulse—the same rune that sealed every bracelet pair.
An Integra rune.
It meant complete.
Frantically you began to tug at the bracelet, but it molded stubbornly to your wrist and would not disengage. Panic closed in from every side.
This cannot be happening! I had no right! The Council will be furious—
And Jungkook…
I never meant to trap you.
“... Sandflower?”
The heat of the bond forming had roused the prince from a heavy slumber. For a moment his gaze was soft and disoriented—until it landed on the glowing bracelet wrapped around your wrist and his eyes widened in shock. 
You opened your mouth to speak, but no sound came out. Your soul was laid bare before him and he could destroy your with a word.
Tentatively he reached forward, lifting his fingers to trace the rune.
“Complete…” he breathed reverently. Then his eyes found yours. “It's complete.”
You gasped as he pulled you close, tenderly brushing away your tears.
“You are mine,” he whispered, unable to disguise the wonder in his voice.
Hope swelled in your chest.
“I love you.” 
The words escaped without conscious thought, but his smile came too quickly for you to regret them.
He kissed you then and you moaned happily against his mouth as he lifted you from the bed to gather you fully into his arms. After a long moment he drew back, resting his forehead tenderly against yours.
Joy warmed through him for the first time in nearly a decade.
“It’s so much more than I imagined.”
You smiled and shook your head. “What is?”
“Love,” he sighed against your lips. “Love when it’s real.”
This was real. 
Jeon Jungkook was yours. 
And you were his...
Happiness swirled around you in glorious waves—
Only to be replaced by absolute shock when your mind finally registered the state of Jungkook’s bedroom. 
“Oh my celestial gods! What happened?”
The entire chamber was—for lack of a better word—alive. 
Glass shard butterflies fluttered romantically around the windows. Thick leafy vines sprouted out from the wooden frames of the bed and chairs. The clouds painted over the ceiling drifted lazily across the plaster sky. The tea service on his dressing table was serving itself and the ancient sea battle painting positioned above the fireplace raged violently within its frame—complete with canon fire and tiny little pirates sword-fighting across the canvas decks. 
Jungkook huffed out an astonished chuckle as he took it all in. 
“Actually… I think it was… us.”
A hysterical laugh bubbled up in your throat. 
Perhaps the rush of the bond forming has made him delirious. 
“Jeon Jungkook… I’m not sure what you were up to last night, but I was certainly far too busy to enchant your bedroom furniture with…” you shook your head incredulously, “wildly advanced magic.”
Jungkook crossed his arms and leaned forward in mock disapproval. 
“There you go again, Sandflower, assuming the world revolves around you—”
“It should, you know. I’m very important.”
“Of course you are—but do recall that I said it was us—not you. And it's true—we are absolutely the cause.” He smiled softly, letting his gaze wander around the room again. “Honestly it was so obvious every time we fought—I can’t believe I didn’t figure it out sooner...”
Jungkook’s expression was radiant when he finally turned back to you. His whole body seemed to hum with barely contained excitement. 
“You’re a polarity mage.”
“I’m… I’m a what?”
“A polarity mage—it’s an ancient magic—no one’s seen it in centuries because all the bloodlines that carried it were lost but…” his eyes darted over to where his quills were writing nasty notes to each other about who had the sharper tip, “it’s the only explanation.”
You drew back and began aggressively massaging your temples. A lot had happened in the last twenty-four hours and your brain was starting to hurt. 
“Jungkook, you’ll have to walk me through this—I’ve never even heard of polarity magic and now you’re saying I’ve used it—”
“Polarity mages can reverse the nature of any magic. They’re the natural counterpart of a necromancer because their abilities combine to form a balanced symbiotic pair.” 
He turned toward the dresser and carefully retrieved his favorite set of earrings. Then he held out his hand to reveal the two little jewelry bits dancing excitedly over his palm. 
“A necromancer can drain and manipulate life force—but we cannot increase or transfer it. However, when our energy combines with the aura of a polarity mage the result is—”
“Creative magic...” 
Your eyes widened in shock. 
Creative magic was nearly impossible to perform—the skill and experience required was extraordinary. What he was saying could not possibly be true…
And yet everything around you testified that it was. 
“But... how could I not have known?” 
Jungkook grinned. 
“Because polarity magic is mostly dormant until activated by a profound emotional catalyst—which—in this case…” he leaned forward to brush his lips gently over yours, “was me.”
“Mmm,” you hummed as he leisurely explored your neck with his mouth as if he hadn’t just dropped a life-altering revelation in your lap. “So am I going to have to hear about how you awakened my magic for the rest of our lives?”
“You really do know me so well,” he sighed, nosing playfully at the silky skin beneath your jaw. 
Unfortunately, the earrings—sensing they were about to be dropped—chose that moment to dig their spiky hooks into the meaty flesh of his palm. 
“Nasty little beasties aren’t you,” he chuckled. drawing back to dislodge the bloodthirsty jewelry. 
Your eyes widened in shock once again. 
“Jungkook… your scar…” Your gaze flew to your own hand and you gasped—not quite believing what you were seeing. “Our-our scars they’re—”
They were gone.
Completely gone—as if they had never been there to begin with. 
You ran your fingers over that small patch of flesh that had once symbolized the inescapable stain of your past. 
But there was nothing. 
Jungkook had fallen completely silent. After a moment you finally lifted your head to discover that his eyes were welling with tears. 
“I understood—somewhere in the back of my mind—that creative magic had healing and restorative potential, but I never expected—” the words caught painfully in his throat and he clenched his jaw as the emotions threatened to overwhelm him. “...I thought I would die with that scar.”
The significance of his words—of this moment—was not lost on you.
You had both come to believe that the damage inflicted by your pasts was irreversible. 
And you were wrong. Gloriously wrong. 
Healing and restoration were entirely possible when the two of you were together. 
Jungkook wrapped his arms tightly around you and for a long while you simply held on to one another in tearful silence. 
“My abilities were a curse,” he whispered, “but you have made them a redemption.”
Tumblr media
Six Hours Later...
Jungkook shifted uncomfortably as his brother paced about the room.
“And she just… went to bed with you like she wasn’t betrothed to me two hours beforehand?”
“I’m not sure if answering that is—”
“She did. It… happened.” He cleared his throat. “Repeatedly.”
He tried very hard not to grin.
Jin pretended not to notice.
“And you’re willing to face the consequences of this? To potentially fight our parents—the Council—centuries of sacred tradition… For her?”
“I was willing to cross many lines for Elaena,” Jungkook’s fists clenched, “—but nothing will separate me from her.” He rose to his full height and loomed menacingly. “And that includes you.”
A small smile twitched at the corner of Jin’s mouth.
“Good. That’s what she deserves.”
Jungkook’s jaw dropped. His eyes narrowed suspiciously.
“You’re being awfully accommodating and supportive right now, big brother…”
“Well… The thing is—” Jin shook his head. “Okay. Let me start over.” He took a deep breath. “Do you remember that deranged woman who drives me absolutely insane?”
Jungkook blinked several times and Jin attempted to be more specific.
“You know—the one from work who keeps bothering me with her face and her hip swaying and her total inability to see reason—”
“… Lin Yuna? That sweet archivist who bakes cookies for everyone?”
“Everyone but me!”
“My mistake,” Jungkook coughed.
“Yes… Well—she’s an expert on bonding bracelets. So I headed directly over to her office when my bracelet didn’t close to see if she could check it for some sort of… hex–or something—”
"You have no idea how craft works, do you?”
“None whatsoever.”
“Alright then—”
“Well we got in a fight—because she is the most unreasonable woman in the entire kingdom. And I accused her of being jealous—for some reason. Then she accused me of being an impulsive hot-head—which was rude. So I grabbed my bracelet and shouted ‘how’s this for impulsive!’ and I slipped it right over her hand and–”
“It closed.”
“It bloomin closed! On the wrist of a woman who has literally dumped tea on me five separate times!”
“Well… What did she do?”
“She screamed at me for a solid hour.” Jin’s face broke into a slow grin. “Then she screamed my name for several solid hours.” His eyes glazed over a bit. “I am unreasonably in love with her.”
Jungkook groaned and ran his hand over his face.
“Ooh, we are in so much trouble.” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “Mom is going to kill us.”
“Exactly—which is why I think it might be best if we approach the Council together and explain to them—and our parents—why we’ve been casually slapping sacred bonding bracelets on women.”
“Technically my woman was the one slapping—”
“-the bracelet.” Jungkook rolled his eyes. “Gods, you’re an animal.”
“That’s what Yuna said–”
“I am formally begging you to stop.”
Jin chuckled, raising his hands in mock surrender while Jungkook indulged in a generous chug of his wine. 
“That reminds me, little brother… Is there a reason all of our silverware can talk now? It made for a rather off-putting snack.” He shivered. “My fork started screaming every time I tried to take a bite of cheesecake.”
“... And you still kept eating it?”
“Of course I did. I’m a grown man. Wailing flatware is not going to keep me from cheesecake.”
Jungkook bit his lip—his eyes squeezed shut—
“It wasn’t that funny,” Jin grumbled several minutes later while his brother wiped tears of laughter from his eyes. 
“Yes. Yes it was.”
The elder prince just shook his head and sighed. “So… the Royal Council. Together?”
“I think that’s probably for the best.”
“... You have any idea what you’re going to say?”
Jungkook let out a long breath.
“How does ‘I seduced my brother’s betrothed the moment I found out she couldn’t marry him’ sound?”
Jin winced.
“Needs work.”
Tumblr media
Endnote: This story gave me a ton of trouble and I had to tear it apart and put it back together so many times I lost count. It has been through a hundred different versions (I originally posted a very different version of it for another fandom, but it barely resembles that early draft). Feedback and support is incredibly powerful magic. Even just the love you guys left on the teaser helped me with pushing through and posting. Please let me know what you thought of my story. I promise to treasure every word you say. The love people show my work fuels my creativity and keeps me posting. Truly it means so much...
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taegularities · 2 years
definition of love | kth (m)
Tumblr media
Summary: “Burn yourself into my memory until I can’t escape you.”
When the gorgeous student from your literature class starts showing interest in you, you discover that there's much more to him than his know-it-all facade. But is this realization enough to get through your insecurities and secrets?
pairing: Taehyung x female reader
rating: 18+
genre: college!au, romance, e2f2l, angst, a lot of fluff, smut
warnings: past minor character death, mentions of alcohol abuse, mentions of unhealthy coping mechanisms, kissing/making out, explicit sexual content, oral sex (f. & m. receiving), vaginal fingering, kinda handjob, breast play, unprotected sex (the reader is on the pill - use protection, people), vaginal sex, sexual tension, ass grabbing, lots of flirting, pining, light swearing, taehyung is a book nerd!!
word count: 10.5k
a/n: HELLO! this fic is part of the “Golden Gift Event” (hosted by @btsgoldnetwork​) - and is a gift for my lovely valentine @sunkissedjk​​! HAPPY LOVE DAY! you were so sweet all the time we “talked” and i’m kinda happy you gave me so much freedom :’D and i hope you like the end product! also, a huge thank you to my awesome beta readers @taetaesbaebaepsae​​, @unoriginal-username15432​​ & @voiceswithoutlips​​ (who also made this BEAUTIFUL banner for me, i loooove you!!!) - oh and: i listened to “Sea” on repeat while writing this - spot the reference ;) - OKAY, THEN LET’S DIVE IN!
Tumblr media
You wondered where all your impressive motivation that you’d harboured had suddenly vanished, leaving nothing in its wake but the lingering feelings of sorrow.
It felt like a pressing eternity since you’d been able to focus on one thing for longer than two endless minutes. All you were yearning for was your warm bed, for hiding yourself under your comforting sheets, your shelter that felt miles away as you sat on your seat.
You were looking out the window, zoned out as always, as you gazed into the grey sky, the approaching rain clearly evident in the way the world growled outside. Last night had tired you; after a recurring fight between your mother and you, you had decided to grab the still full box of chocolate ice cream that you’d bought a day before and withdraw to your room. It was exhausting. You always visited for one weekend a month and each time made you regret it, not long after your arrival.
Now you were feeling the toll that the sleepless nights were taking on you and you asked yourself if the following night would be easier, calmer; you wished nothing more than to fall asleep to the soothing sound of the rain, hoping that it would serve as the perfect lullaby like it always did.
“Miss Y/L/N, what are your thoughts on these arguments?” The sharp voice of your literature teacher pulled you out of your daydreams, and you turned your tired eyes to her as she pushed her glasses up her little, cute button nose.
You vaguely remembered her talking about the aspects of the relationship between Pip and Estella and how many readers didn’t interpret their love as actual love, but more as sexual tension that builds up to a point where they are ultimately forced to fall for each other.
“I don’t think I agree. Pip was already infatuated with her when they were kids. So unless they were attracted to each other in that way as children, which I strongly doubt, I’d still say it was pure love,” you finally said, trying to somehow talk around the topic until she was satisfied. She always was, though. You may have zoned out a million times, but you read so much in your free time that it’d given you the title of one of her best students by now.
“Ah, that’s good, I like that! So, basically, what you are saying is- oh, yes, Mister Kim?”
You lazily looked over to the mentioned man. Taehyung was the epitome of a perfect person. On the surface, he had everything that seemed sufficient enough to let him meet your parents. He was incredibly witty, top of his classes - which was probably the most prominent reason why he was so popular on campus - and had the looks of a god.
It didn’t seem to faze you, though. Not that you didn’t see his eye-catching and unexplainable beauty; not that you didn’t get jealous over his brain and the way he wrapped all the teachers around his finger. But something about him edged you - it might’ve been his attitude of strolling around the building as if he knew he owned it. Or maybe it was about your arguments that you had in this class particularly, although you hadn’t shared too many yet.
But each time you talked about literature, the class could be sure to hear some counter-arguments from the oh-so-glorious and super smart Kim Taehyung. You also hadn’t failed to notice that it was mostly you who he’d rile up (on purpose?) each time. There was almost no escape from him when you spoke up and, even now, you rolled your eyes.
“I just wanted to remark that it might be true that Pip loved her wholeheartedly, but what is it really that Estella felt for him? I don’t necessarily think it was love, or any kind of real affectionate feeling, for that matter,” he said, his gaze boring holes into you, not leaving you once.
You put your arm over your chair as you scoffed at him. “So, you’re saying... Dickens wrote a whole romantic novel about love, only for his readers to think all of it was one-sided?”
“Who knows about his real intentions while he was writing it? Literature can be interpreted in various ways - and my interpretation is that she clearly didn’t possess the same intense ability to feel passion as Pip did.”
You saw your teacher, along with some of your classmates, nod, growing ashamed in your seat as you felt your sense of logic begin to falter at his words. He could see that you were getting nervous, unsure about what to say, but his merciless and confident glance didn’t break, didn’t give you the chance to collect yourself.
“Well, you are right in that. Literature can indeed be perceived in various ways, so I can’t say that either of you are particularly wrong. Though, I might admit that Estella’s behaviour towards Pip was questionable at times - especially at the end of the novel. But I don’t want to ruin the book for those who still have to or want to read the ending.” Miss Park’s tone grew relaxed with each word, indicating that the lesson was finally coming to its end. You were already stuffing your books into your back bag as she said her last words and told you she’d sent out an email with the instructions for the next assignment.
Soon after, you felt a figure approach - and when you lifted your head, you were surprised to see that it was Taehyung, standing tall above you as he cleared his throat. “Your perspective to that was interesting.”
Sighing, you stood, putting your bag over your shoulder as you smiled softly. “Was it now?”
“Definitely. Aren’t such discussions there to get to know other points of views, too?”
He was probably right, but you didn’t quite feel like talking to him about this right now; just… something about his tone and expression felt off, and it made his words seem empty - as if he knew he was right. It was as if the things he said were not as genuine as he wanted them to come across.
And when you didn’t answer, he started chewing on his lower lip, wondering if he had said something you hadn’t wanted to hear. “Do you want to grab some tea?”
At his surprising offer your eyes widened a little, and you fumbled with the strap of your bag, only hesitating for a split second before you answered, “I don’t really drink tea that much. And I have some things to do today before my roommate gets back, so…”
You walked past him, making your way to the door before you felt him catch up to you within moments. He tapped your shoulder lightly, in an effort to somehow draw an explanation out of you as to why you were constantly so irritated by him. It wasn’t as if he had never noticed - he knew exactly how much you didn’t want to interact with him, and that was exactly why he wanted to get to know you even more.
Apparently, it was true that human beings always want the one thing they can’t possibly have, forced to push themselves to a limit that ultimately means their doom, if they don’t reach the goals that seem to be so far away anyway.
And right now, he felt like you were miles away, although only a hand’s difference separated the two of you. After all the times that girls had asked him out, shyly inviting him to dinner or arcades with the hungry expression that he had deciphered right away, you were still reluctant to even look at him out of your own will.
It bothered him. He wanted you to notice him. Months had passed now since you had first met in this class, yet you didn’t seem to care about initiating a conversation with him at all.
Why not?
“Y/N,” his deep guttural voice started, his eyes trying to decode your stern and tired expression intently, “do you remember the trip that’s planned for the end of next week?”
You didn’t. In all honesty, you had completely forgotten about the trip to that one historical sight, and you couldn’t even entirely recall why you were travelling all the way there. You thought you remembered the teacher telling you that she’d once written a book about star-crossed lovers from opposing social ranks who lived in a small castle.
Now that you thought about it, pieces of her explanation started coming back to you and you wondered why you had never read the story although it did sound intriguing somehow. According to your professor, the girl was a poor servant of the boy, a prince who’d fall in love with her as the story progressed - but as unfortunate circumstances separated both of them, they united after death, at a time when the castle had long been destroyed and the forest around it had withered.
As enthusiastic as she was, she was eager to show her students where she had gotten the inspiration from, claiming that she had played on the place’s grounds when she’d been little. It wasn’t even a historical sight per se, but more a destroyed building that had stood there a long, long time ago and that no one particularly cared about now.
You had completely forgotten about that. Nevertheless, you nodded. “Ah, yeah. What about that?”
“I was thinking - as I found our argument somewhat interesting… what if we both read professor Park’s book and talked about our perspectives to the couple’s love when we’re done? Like, on the day of the trip or something,” he suggested, almost running into an open door.
You chuckled a little before you contained yourself again. Not that you had much free time to indulge in a book, but you wouldn’t let Taehyung win yet again; there was a deep and urgent need in you to finally wipe this arrogant smirk off his face and if that wasn’t the perfect opportunity, then what was?
“Sure,” you answered; and the next thing you saw was his face lighting up, his mouth twitching until it finally turned upwards to form a boxy grin. “I’ll read it.”
He licked his lips before he clapped his hands once. “Perfect. So, when you’re done, just tell me!” And before you could counter with anything, he patted you on your back and left your side, his hands in the pockets of his pants as you watched him walk away.
Tumblr media
Since you had made this spontaneous deal with Taehyung, it seemed as if he was everywhere you set foot to. He walked past your classes while you waited for them to start or coincidentally sat only one or two tables away on a campus as large as yours, starting a conversation in one way or another each time, without an exception.
“Have you read it yet?”
“How much have you read already?”
“Should I give you a spoiler?”
“Will you go out with me? - For tea, I mean…”
The worst part was that you somehow seemed to enjoy it. You didn’t know him that well, and you were sure he would be able to get on your nerves easily if you just let him close enough. But the way he’d always smile at you and ask for your opinion on specific things was sometimes, somehow, endearing - maybe it was the fact that he actually cared about your mind and what went through it that had you hooked.
And when you saw him walk towards you as you settled in your seat in the travelling bus, you turned your gaze to the dirty window quickly, suppressing a smile as you acted oblivious to the fact that he had sat down right next to you.
“Morning,” he said, his voice unusually close. You turned to face him and saw him winking at you in the most flirty way you had seen a college student do. You greeted him with a quick nod and smile, not even bothering to ask why he wasn’t sitting with his usual friends.
“So, I’m assuming you’ve finished the book?” he finally asked, stretching his legs under the seat in front of him.
You told him yes, you had, two days ago in fact, and that you had liked the whole story as it was, except the ending which had surprisingly thrown you off guard a little - to which his eyebrows furrowed. Just as you had expected.
“What, you don’t like the aspect of them reuniting as ghosts and living - or dying? - the rest of their existence at that place?” he inquired, apparently not realising why all of this sounded so ridiculous - at least to you.
You sighed. “It’s not necessarily that. I didn’t like that they have to roam the Earth - like, not even the planet, but that one specific place, for the rest of their being. Even if you loved someone this much, would you want to spend an eternity with each other at one spot, no one else to talk to, no children, no nothing?”
“I get your point. But didn’t the girl wait for him all these years to finally be with him after he dies? Didn’t she stay in the afterlife to meet him again, because that’s what her soul demanded of her? I gathered that she would’ve found peace immediately, if she hadn’t longed for him.”
And as always, Taehyung left you speechless. You tried hard to think of a witty remark, but came up blank. After a while, you opted to drift away from the competition between you two, and instead, focus on agreeing with him, expanding his hypothesis further. “Yeah, maybe you could assume that they found their peace and satisfaction right after meeting. We don’t know what happens after the book ends.”
He looked taken aback for some reason. Instead of nodding, as one would expect when someone supported their thoughts, he licked his lips again, apparently a fixed habit of his as you had gotten to know over the past few days. “... You’re right. Might as well ask Miss Park about it.”
You smiled at him, assuming that the topic had now ended, but it seemed to occupy his mind more than you’d thought. “Novels about love are so often so complex, don’t you think? All the interpretations that authors leave open are… fascinating.”
“That’s an important quality of an author - be ambiguous, but not too much. Having freedom to analyze the story is something a lot of readers appreciate.”
Taehyung shifted in his seat a little, so he could face you properly. He fumbled with his fingers, seemingly a nervous tick he had when he started to bloom, enthusiastic about a topic that he was interested in; it was so endearing to look at, and you felt your heart skip a beat. “I just don’t understand why we need sadness so much to be able to theorize about these things. Why can’t we readers hope for a happy ending without witnessing the characters go through such tough times?”
You hadn’t noticed that exactly, as you’d always found space to come up with theories even in happy stories. But still, you understood what he meant. “Where there is hope, there is always hardship. The balance of the world.”
This time, it was him who didn’t know what to answer. Less because he felt beaten by you, but more because your words went straight to his heart. It felt like a motto to live by; he could almost see in your eyes that you weren’t scared of the hardships that you encountered in life, that you dived into them without fearing the pain that might appear.
His literature-student-brain was smoking as he looked at you, analyzing you like he did it with his beloved books. Knowing that you had strengths he didn’t know about yet, he felt more and more drawn to you, the urge to get to know you growing stronger.
He wanted to be able to read your soul that glowed more imminent and brighter to him with each word you stuttered.
Tumblr media
The sun was blazing and shining onto you relentlessly. You’d known how worn-down the whole place would be, but you hadn’t figured that everything would be roofless, the castle shattered to its grounds. How was it even possible to destroy a whole complex like this to its complete indecipherability?
After walking for a while in the growing noon heat, you soon noticed that Taehyung hadn’t left your side for some time now. It would’ve almost been creepy, if you had felt uncomfortable at all; in fact, that he stuck to you like glue, somehow made you feel giddy, nervous, stomach churning until you couldn’t hide the smile anymore.
“Is there anything you want to say to me?”
He shook his head, pointed a finger to your teacher instead. “Listen to what she has to say. She’s the lecturer, not me.”
Your lecturer wasn’t even talking about significant historical facts. You remembered that this day wasn’t even in any way important for your final exams and that professor Park had dragged you here for the sole purpose of promoting the book you had already bought and read.
And at some point, as you found yourself distracted by your own disruptive thoughts, mind wandering to your mother and how she had been doing this morning when you’d called her, you felt someone tug at your arm. But you didn’t need to guess twice to know who it was.
Taehyung dragged you away from the crowd that was your class, putting a finger to his lips to shush you. That was weird. It was definitely weird, right? “What do you think you’re doing, Taehyung?” you almost whispered as your eyes moved frantically, looking into the direction you were walking to somehow find out where he was intending to go.
“Just want to show you something that fits Miss Park’s book perfectly,” he said, not bothering to lower the tone of his voice at all. You disappeared behind a wall, now out of your classmates’ eyes who had long moved forwards, exploring the sight that wasn’t one at all.
It took you two minutes of gazing at broken walls, modern graffiti and inscripted promises by various wanderers to get to a spot where Taehyung finally halted his movements, head moving around as if he was looking for something. You were finally under a roof that shielded you from the heat and you leaned against the cold wall to breathe in deeply.
When Taehyung’s eyes finally settled on what he was seeking, he walked towards it without hesitation. He stretched out his arm to touch what was written there, not visible for you where you were standing. You saw a smile creep up his face as he ran his fingers along the bricks, relishing in whatever feeling was taking over his heart right now.
You were about to ask when he eventually spoke up. “It says ‘No matter who or what tries to keep us apart, I will always find you - even in death.’ Sounds exactly like the story about the lovers, doesn’t it?”
Pushing yourself off the wall, you stepped closer, inspecting the sentence yourself before you smiled. “Seems as if Miss Park has some fans.”
“Do you think these people read her book?”
“Definitely. I feel like this abandoned place can otherwise only be found, if someone lives nearby and stumbles across it, like Miss Park did. And she mentioned this exact castle - or what’s left of it - in her author’s note.”
He inhaled and exhaled deeply before he looked at you. “I believe that people like these define love. Believing in each other so much that they fight for their love, even after they’re gone.”
“I’m not sure if wanting to love someone even in death is the only indicator for true love… or the definition of it.” You raised your hand, too, touched the inscription exactly where Taehyung’s hand had been a moment ago.
He raised an eyebrow at you, licking his lips again. “Yeah? Well, what is then?”
You laughed at his question. You weren’t sure; you hadn’t experienced love in its truest form yet and couldn’t quite express what it meant or could mean to you. The only type of affection you’d ever felt was that from your parents, but after your father’s death, even that had vanished.
“I don’t know. I’ll tell you when I find out.”
“You’ve never loved anyone before?” he asked, a surprised look taking over his beautiful face.
“Not in that sense, no… I think,” you muttered, lost in the words that were written on the bricks. The sentence Taehyung had read to you wasn’t the only one here. There were several things you could spot and most of them seemed to relate to each other.
We’re tragic, but not doomed.
Burn yourself into my memory until I can’t escape you.
These were only some of various confessions that made your heart flutter. Despite the fact that you didn’t exactly have an idea of how to define love, you could feel that the passion this couple - or these couples - had shared, or still shared, was intense, deep, fierce. Somehow, you felt the energy seeping through the ink as you touched it gently, careful not to smear it - then again, you figured it had dried enough to stay here for a while.
By now, Taehyung had walked up and stopped next to you; as his arm grazed yours, your breath hitched slightly, and you widened your eyes at your own reaction. This proximity shouldn’t have made you this nervous, right? It was Taehyung. Taehyung from your literature class, the college genius and arrogant smartass who-
“I shouldn’t write these words down. They will never do you justice,” he read aloud, now directly behind you, and you felt his warm breath against your face. And as your heart threatened to burst any second, you suddenly stepped away, away from the lovers’ words, away from the wall, away from him.
You didn’t get very far; before you could put a safe distance between him and yourself, he grabbed your wrist, yanking you back to him. You gasped at his ministrations, suddenly hyper aware of how alone you both were right now. He was leaning against the wall now, not letting his grip on you loose as he stared into the deepest depths of your eyes.
“Breathe, Y/N,” he said before a grin decorated his face. You hadn’t realized you were even holding your breath, and exhaled deeply. “What if I told you that I finished this book weeks ago?”
You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. Whatever you’d thought he would tell you or do to you, it wasn’t this - this was a tad more disappointing. “You did?”
He nodded as he brought your hand to his chest, pulling you in just a little, but too much for your racing heart. “I love talking to you about these things,” he admitted, suddenly bringing his lips closer to your ear as he whispered his next words, “and frankly, all our other classmates are idiots.”
You chuckled nervously. “And I’m not?”
“You? No way,” he said, looking at your profile, “breathe.”
He pulled back again and released your hand, making you automatically take a few steps back nervously - but to no avail. Soon, he had you in his grip again, twirling you around to press you into the wall with a gentle, soft force. His thumb came up to ghost over your jaw, and his touch caused a strange pressure in your stomach that had you on the brink of losing your mind. This should’ve all been weird - why did you like it so much?
“Hmm?” he hummed, not removing his eyes from your mouth as his fingers wandered to your lower lip.
“What are you doing?” Your breathing was uneven, and you struggled to focus - he noticed that, trying his hardest not to break out into a proud smirk.
He had found you interesting for so long now, had wanted to get close to you, pined over you for months, and now that he was touching you, he knew he had waited for this since he had heard you speak in class for the first time. Unlike some of his friends, who’d praised your physical features on multiple occasions, he was first and foremost impressed by your mind.
There was no doubt that you were beautiful; but he felt attracted to your brain, your attitude, your personality, the whole of you.
“Tell me to stop.”
“What?” you asked, unable to think, trying your hardest to not sink to your knees.
“This,” he murmured as he came a little closer, the other hand that was not on your face, settling on your bare arm, “tell me to stop.”
You tried - but you couldn’t. You didn’t want to. No words could be uttered, no words escaped you; not even the plea to finally kiss you, and you felt like he knew all of this. In his deep, dark, sparkling and hooded eyes you could clearly see that he knew what he was doing.
“You can’t.” It was a statement - not a question. You didn’t answer. “Then go out with me.”
His words hit you unexpectedly, a warm and dizzying feeling building up in your chest, and you tried so hard not to falter. To not give in. To not have him deal with your struggles and your life.
But you did. You did falter.
“Okay,” you repeated, nodding slightly as his eyes shot up to meet yours.
Then, suddenly, embarrassingly, he let go, walking a few steps back to eye your flabbergasted state. “Okay. Great. Now, let’s go back to the group before they report us as missing.”
You took a strand of your hair between your fingers, currently unable to look at him directly. “How did you find this specific spot, anyway?”
“Was roaming the place a little in our break and figured you’d like it.”
As you walked back to your classmates, soon finding them and realizing that literally no one had missed you, you chuckled slightly at the fact that yes - you had liked it. All of it.
And it made you nervous.
Tumblr media
Albeit his invitation to go out with him, he didn’t mention the upcoming date for the whole of the following week and you grew more and more tense with each time you saw him pass by you or approach you to talk about something random. It was almost as if he tried to put you on edge, having your stomach turn and churn every time he talked to you about anything but the date.
There were some conversations about other books you both liked - or disliked - and hobbies that you hadn’t known the other was talented in. Apparently, Taehyung was into photography; not much of a surprise, given the fact that he had the word cultivated written clearly on his forehead. He told you that he liked to take pictures of landscapes and cities, but beside that, he also loved capturing random moments with his friends and loved ones.
“I can schedule a photoshoot with you sometime, if you want,” he offered, having you all flustered, because you’d never been someone who enjoyed her pictures being taken much.
“I’m not sure. I’m not good at poses,” you answered as you took a bite of your dry sandwich.
He shook his head, clearly not impressed by your lame argument. “That’s what I’m here for. I’d tell you what to do and you’d just have to look good, that’s all. And that you do everyday.”
Your skin tingled at his comments, and you noticed how much of a routine these remarks had become. He’d compliment you whenever he could, while you struggled to find out if he was flirting or just simply being nice to you. But then again, he had asked you out - and despite that, you still hadn’t forgotten the short, intense moment that had occured at the ruins days ago.
In fact, you often stared at your ceiling at night, unable to fall asleep, much to your chagrin. A lot of times when you closed your eyes, you dreamed of back then and of what more could’ve happened, always waking up when he’d finally press his full, beautiful lips on yours. In your dreams, he tasted sweet, intoxicating, like spring and hope.
But in reality, you hadn’t even settled for a day to meet up to do whatever he wanted to do. At least until now, until he turned to you. 
“You agreed to go out with me,” he simply declared, his voice deep and almost nonchalant, as if he was just casually mentioning some side fact; it wasn’t like you’d been waiting for this all week as you hung out with him everyday.
“Yeah. I suppose I did.”
“So, I waited before telling you this - but an amusement park is opening up tonight and I’d like to take you there. If you like things like these, I mean.”
“Tonight, you say? Sure.” You gave him a beautiful smile before you looked down to your lunch again, trying not to show how the heat was creeping up your face, how flustered you’d gotten - but he could tell.
He could always tell.
Tumblr media
The crowd was insane - you were surprised that you hadn’t known about the opening of this amusement park until Taehyung had mentioned it, as there were so many guests that you hardly found a spot to stand. It was difficult to even get a ticket to a ride, and as you stood in the various lines, you talked about how loud it was here, both agreeing that, were the activities not as much fun as they were, you would’ve probably gone to grab some dinner in a random restaurant nearby.
One hour later and you found yourself sitting on a bench; he was patting your back to calm you down after your idiotic ass had decided to eat a hot dog right before the most dangerous of all rides that turned and swirled and made, as it’d felt, a hundred loops.
“I told you not to eat until we’re done, Y/N,” Taehyung said, laughing as he watched your pale face, you leaning back, eyes closed in misery. He stood, tugging at your hand and you looked up at him. “I’ll bring you home.”
“No, I-” you started, but you were quickly interrupted when you felt your phone vibrate between your palms. As you looked at the name, you almost didn’t pick up, rolling your eyes before stuffing the phone into your bag again; only to rethink your choice for a moment, apologizing to Taehyung and taking it out again to answer.
“Hi, Mom.” You stood up to walk away from Taehyung a bit - if this was going to turn into some kind of messy drama, you didn’t want him to be in a proximity close enough to witness your whole conversation. “What’s up? How are you?”
She didn’t answer for a second, and you wondered if she was even still there before she cleared her throat dramatically. Her voice was hoarse, used, tired, drowning in the drunken state that she was obviously in. “Y/N.”
“Mom. What’s wrong?”
“I need something from you,” she said, and your heart started to thump against your chest as you awaited her request, fearing that she was falling ill again.
“I used up all my reservoir of the alcohol I had. Please, I can barely move without the world spinning. Can you come here and bring me some more? I need to just - pass out for today.”
You swallowed hard, not believing that she would call you just to ask if you could poison her with some more of her drug; to ask you to drive for one hour and a half, just to throw you out again after potential harsh words.
“No,” you answered firmly - you wouldn’t give in to her bullshit, not this time.
“What do you mean by no, you brat?” She was getting angry; you could hear it in the way her words became blurred, almost indecipherable, but you didn’t care.
“I won’t fucking bring you your goddamn alcohol. Go to bed and sleep, drink some water and calm yourself down!” you almost yelled, growing impatient, too, your heart racing in your chest as your blood pressure heightened.
You heard her gasp sharply before she stuttered until she could finally form a coherent sentence. “You fucking bitch. I didn’t raise you to talk back like that!”
You looked over your shoulder. Taehyung raised his head, smiling at you before he saw the concern in your face and putting his phone back into his pockets as he stood up to walk up to you. Meanwhile, your mother was still uttering obscene insults at you, words that you should’ve been used to by now. But it was different in this moment.
This evening had passed with so much laughter and giggles, excessive amounts of adrenaline and growing feelings - you couldn’t understand what you’d done to deserve this; why it was so hard for her to just let you live for once.
When a wet drop landed on your bare collarbone, you realized that you had started crying, the goddamn tears streaming down your face, although you had tried to contain yourself so hard. You felt Taehyung’s hand on your back, patting it again, but differently this time than a few minutes ago. You inhaled a deep breath as you spoke into your phone, interrupting your raging mother who just wouldn’t stop.
“I can’t talk right now, Mom. I’m busy.”
“Wha- are you crying now? What the fuck are you crying for, you-”
You hung up. That was honestly all you could and would take, and you’d heard enough. You dried your tears quickly, getting yourself together as you cleared your throat and looked at Taehyung’s worried and silent face. You gave him a reassuring smile before you said, “you’re right. I should probably head home.”
He just nodded, putting a comforting arm softly around your shoulders as he walked beside you. Approaching your home, you were tempted to tell him to just go home, that he didn’t need to accompany you all the way - but something told you that he wouldn’t listen to you anyway. And as minutes passed, your mind shifted back to your mother.
You were wondering if she was okay. Being this drunk was dangerous, especially for someone like her who drowned her sorrows and pain in that deadly liquid almost every night, not knowing how else to cope with your father’s death - even after all the years that had passed.
But you couldn’t leave her alone; you couldn’t drive all the way over to her either. You didn’t have the time.
You took out your phone again, sniffing as you hastily scrolled down to find the number of one of your highschool friends. You knew she still lived near your house and could help you out. It didn’t need a lot of long-stretched words; you pleaded with her to stay the night and take care of your mother - she knew she was always welcome at your house, and unlike yourself, she would never hear a single bad word uttered out of your mother’s mouth that was targeted at her.
Taehyung was still holding you without saying anything. He didn’t know what. Ask you what was wrong? He could, but if you’d wanted to, then you would’ve spoken up already, right? No - he could cheer you up. Or at least try to.
“Do you want me to come up with you? We could watch something, or just talk,” he suggested, his voice hesitant and his words careful.
Swimming in your misery, you had almost forgotten what joy he had brought you today. Almost forgotten how genuine his touch on your shoulder, his expression of concern was. And as you found yourself overwhelmed with hate yet affection for your mother, something in you snapped enough to admit that Taehyung was all you wanted with you at this moment.
“You can. I mean, I - you don’t have to, I’d be fine, but… if you want to, you can.”
He grinned at you - that one boxy grin that always reached his dreamy eyes, brightening up the darkest of nights. “I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t want to.”
He let you go, brushed his fingers through his dark, soft hair as you entered your dorm room. You figured it was late enough for your early bird of a roommate to have fallen asleep, so you tried not to be too loud as you came in, bringing Taehyung a glass of water, and then - surprisingly brave of you - deciding to settle in your room to have your privacy, without risking to wake up your friend in the next room.
You both settled on your bed, crawling under your thin blanket, despite the pressing heat. You had put a pizza in the oven that you were chewing on now, watching a Disney movie on your laptop that laid on your lap while Taehyung contemplated whether it was okay to pull you close to him or not. It had been so easy a week ago; brushing the skin of your face with his fingers and muttering tempting words to you felt difficult now, although there was nothing more that he wanted than to enclose you in his embrace, be your shelter in a moment like this.
Despite his usual confidence, you couldn’t understand what was holding him back now. Although you hadn’t known each other properly until two weeks ago, he felt like an intimate person in your life, consuming more and more of your thoughts as the days went by and having you look forward to the next day when you could, again, spend lunch time with him and talk to him about the most random aspects of the universe and beyond.
And when nothing happened for the next thirty minutes, you shifted, getting closer to him as you put your head on his shoulder. You didn’t see the smile appear widely on his ethereal face. Didn’t hear the way his heart hammered against his ribs violently until the sound consumed his ears. You didn’t know about the effect you had on him.
His arm snaked around your shoulders and his fingers gently settled on your bare arm. When he noticed that you didn’t protest, he dug his nails deeper into your flesh, making you breathe out sharply as he pulled you closer to him. You felt his lips ghosting over your hair, and yourself dozing off slightly.
At some point you just sat there, watching, but not watching the movie, the pictures becoming blurred motions in front of your eyes. His fingers had found your arm, stroking it until you felt relaxed enough to close your eyes and calm your breath that had somehow fastened; on one hand stressed because of the thought that revolved around your mother, and on the other hand growing nervous as you inhaled the soft cinnamon scent of the man who was holding you gently, carefully.
When you woke up - apparently you had eventually fallen asleep - your head was resting on his chest; he was still here, still beside you. He had placed your laptop on the night table and pulled the blanket over both of you, holding you tightly, making sure you didn’t fall apart - not tonight.
You shifted a little, carefully sitting up and noticing that you were still wearing your dress. As you fumbled with the hem of it to pull it down a bit, you heard him groan softly, and as you looked down at him, he had opened his eyes and was rubbing them with the back of his hand.
“Hey, are you okay?” He sat up instantly, looking at your tired face while your hands tried to smoothen your hair until you reckoned you didn’t look like a scarecrow anymore.
“I am,” you answered, putting the strap of your dress back onto your shoulder, “why didn’t you go home? Sleeping in jeans must be terrible.”
He shrugged, putting a strand of hair out of your face as he yawned into his other hand. “I didn’t want to leave you alone like this.”
You nodded, smiling at him gratefully. That’s what you’d thought. It was incredible that he was fond of you enough to stay the night, to look out for you, to make sure you didn’t slip again, didn’t cry all night. You didn’t know if it was your exhaustion or affection towards him, but the next words came out easily.
“Can we do that again?”
You didn’t have to spell it out; he knew. He knew and consequently opened his arms for you to settle into him again, pulling you both down, heads falling onto the big pillow as you pressed your torso against his chest.
Although you were fairly tired, you felt like you wouldn’t be able to fall asleep anymore. Not now that you knew he was this close, his heart against yours, his opal eyes sunk in yours; there was no way you’d miss even a moment of him staring at you like this.
“Are you really okay?” he asked, his breath warm against your face as his hand grazed your back. “You got me worried today.”
You swallowed before you answered, hesitant at first, “I think I’m fine. Just concerned. Mom has this drinking habit, and I’ve tried to deal with her, but I’m just… tired.”
He nodded in affirmation as if he knew exactly what your mother was going through. “Maybe you need to sit down with her when she’s sober and talk through it all.”
“She’s never sober.” You briefly closed your eyes when he brushed a strand of hair behind your ear, grazing over your cheeks slightly before he brought his hand to the nape of your neck.
“One day she will be. She’s your mother, and she loves you. There will definitely come a time when she’ll be willing to talk. Just ask her.” He was whispering by now, and you had a hard time to even comprehend what he was saying, your mind way too focused on his scent, on his eyes, on his subtle touches.
“...Yeah,” you said, eyes wandering down his nose and cheeks until they settled on his beautiful, parted lips.
“Y/N?” he murmured, his fingers still caressing the skin on your neck as he pulled you in closer, just a little, almost not noticeable.
“I just want you to know… that I’m here. Anytime.”
Anytime. Your breath became unsteady, everything in you longing for him to finally press his lips against yours, your skin lighting up where he touched you. And when the tips of your noses finally met, his mouth almost on yours, you closed your eyes, welcoming the moment that was about to come, in three, two, one…
And then you were kissing.
He kissed you tenderly, softly, almost as if he was memorizing each second your lips moved against his. As his fingers traced the skin on your neck, the heat in your cheeks, the fabric of your clothes, you wondered how you’d managed to hold yourself back this long, how you’d gone without tasting the sweetness of the tongue that was making its way through to meet yours.
You wrapped your leg around his waist, your dress sliding up as his grip on you tightened. Your nails bore themselves into his shoulder blades and you were almost scared you were hurting him before he let out a small whimper. No, he was enjoying it.
You felt him and yourself grow needy slowly, the kiss becoming harder, faster, your whole body moving against each other as you moaned quietly. Then, suddenly, he rolled over you, his hands settling on each side of your head as he hovered above you, your mouths still not getting enough of the passion that was flowing through you like electricity.
Almost absent mindedly, he pulled the straps of your dress down again, just stopping for a moment as he gauged your reaction. And when he was sure you were okay with this, he leaned in to kiss you again while his hand hooked your leg around him, stroking the flesh up to your thighs.
He softly nibbled at your lower lip as he indulged in your little sounds, eager to give himself to you completely. He couldn’t get enough of this thought - the girl he had been pining over for months was now under him, her hands pulling up his shirt, kissing him like she was desperate for him.
He let you take off his shirt, impatient, tongue and teeth crashing against yours again as soon as his torso was bare. He slid your dress even higher, bringing it up to your breasts before he lifted you up a little in order to pull it over your head in a smooth motion.
“I’ll help you cheer up,” Taehyung declared as he pulled away, and you laughed, a hearty, soft, beautiful laugh that forced him to join, his heart racing at the sight of you laying there, endearing, beautiful, just perfect.
“Do that,” you said, pulling his face to yours again and tracing his lower lip with your tongue. He pressed his hips against yours, and by now you could clearly feel the hardness against your core. You reached down to open his pants, teasingly slow until he gently pulled your hands away to do it himself.
Slipping out of his jeans, his fingers reached your back, fumbling with your bra until he opened and then threw it aside. Only in your underpants now, you both grinded against each other, you arching your back and him moving his hips as he kissed your neck, nibbling on your sensitive skin and then smoothing it with his delicate tongue.
His hands cupped one of your soft breasts, massaging it while he moved his mouth to your other nipple, sucking and licking it as you became a moaning mess under him. You didn’t care about the fact that it could’ve woken up your roommate; she’d only meet you the next morning and wiggle her eyebrows suggestively.
You tried to pull his shorts down, seeking release, seeking anything more than just the feeling of him through your clothes. He smiled against your skin and helped you to get out of them, finding the way you were struggling to concentrate somehow adorable. In one unexpected movement he freed you of your damp panties too, leaning back as he speechlessly eyed your whole body.
“You’re…” he started, only to trail off as he got caught in the perfect, endless dream that was you.
“I am..?”
“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”
You chuckled, wrapping your legs around him again to pull him closer, his length pressing against your clit, and you let out a shaky breath. “I don’t think so. But I’ll gladly let you think that.”
He smiled, but instead of giving in to kiss you, he moved his body down, leaving a trail of wet kisses on your torso as he went, until he reached your mons pubis. He spread your legs slowly yet hungrily, bringing his face close enough that you could feel him breathing against your wetness.
He leaned forward, only touching your cunt with the tip of his tongue to tease you a little. And when you grabbed his hair impatiently, pushing him into you, he laughed, causing you to giggle with him; but he soon silenced you by licking a hot stripe against your aching core, sinking into you right after as if you were his last meal on earth.
One of his hands released the thigh he was holding to circle your clit slowly with his fingers, a stark contrast to how intensely he was eating you out just inches away from your sensitive bud. And then, he switched, looking at your lustful expression as he sunk two fingers into you, moving them in and out at a delicate pace while his lips sucked on your bundle of nerves. All of this while never leaving you out of his sight.
“Taehy-” you started, but then he crooked his fingers, hitting a spot that sent you into an almost spiritual state. And then, you laughed. “I was trying to speak here…”
“Tell me to stop,” he said, repeating the exact same words he had uttered to you just a week ago. His deep voice and moans against your cunt sent vibrations through your body, and you took a shaky breath before you finally let go, grabbing the sheets under you as you sat up.
He watched your movements intently, letting you push him down onto his back, straddle his legs and grab his cock. You swept your hair to one side as you began stroking his hardness, mouth coming down to lick at the leaking tip, drawing beautiful moans out of him as he threw his head back in sheer pleasure.
He was a little too big to fit him into your mouth wholly; but when you wrapped your lips around him and took him in deeper, your hand took care of everything that your mouth wouldn’t take - and seemingly, this trick did it for him, too.
Sucking his cock was heavenly; not just for him, but also for you. You relished in the sounds that were escaping his throat, his uncontrolled movements that had him on edge, the way his hand sank into your hair tightly, lightly tugging at it.
God, his voice was so deep. He was so beautiful, so perfect.
You continued sucking him to the point he became louder, and eventually, he whined, “stop, stop, stop! Y/N, no more.”
You knew why. His legs had started trembling, his breath was hitched and his cock twitched in your mouth - he was close, but he didn’t want to finish just yet. So instead of keeping up your ministrations, you sat up straight, shifting your body, so you could align your entrance with his throbbing, reddened cock. You rubbed yourself against him for maximum effect until he gripped your waist to still you.
"Do it," he ordered, his hooded eyes darkened beyond belief. You lifted yourself, grabbing his cock as you slowly pressed the tip into you your opening before you sank down on him, carefully, trying to adjust to his length that was just right to not hurt you.
He let out a breathy moan, his hands still on your waist as he tried hard not to thrust up, giving you the chance to settle enough to start whenever you felt ready. He filled you up perfectly - the stretch was breathtaking, every inch that entered you sending shivers down your spine as you looked down to him.
Then, you started to move your hips, starting at a slow and passionate pace that had him close his eyes, his gaze leaving your body for the first time since you had sat down on him. You drowned in the way he was feeling peak ecstatic, enjoying every second he spent with you, every touch you provided him with.
And then his hands wandered up your body, first to your breasts to squeeze them, then snaking around you to settle on your back and pull you down to him. He opened his eyes again, looking at you, your lips brushing against each other's, but not quite kissing yet. You both moaned into the other's mouth, and you whimpered when you felt his hips thrust up to meet your movements, filling you up deeply, entirely.
For a while, the room was filled with lewd and lustful sounds as he picked up the pace, fucking you harder, faster, nibbling at the shell of your ear as goosebumps formed on your arms, his large hands grabbing your ass firmly and stretching out the cheeks deliciously. Then, he sat up, dragging you with him, and you immediately wrapped your legs around him again, half expecting that he was going to push you onto your back to continue like that.
But he didn't - instead, he stopped for a moment, glancing into your tired eyes. Sweat trickled down his temple, and you wiped his damp hair out of his forehead before resting your hand on his cheek that he leaned into. You both didn't exchange a lot of words; the way you looked at each other and the close proximity between you said more than you both could've through spoken actions.
Taehyung kissed you again, just for a second, almost chaste as his fingers explored the skin of your back, coming up to your hair. He pulled you in, almost as if hugging you - or hugging you indeed? -, making your head rest on his shoulder.
You bit into it when you felt him start to move again; now that you both were sitting up, his cock was inside you completely, reaching the perfect spot over and over again as you melted into him. He left open mouthed kisses on your neck, his tongue flicking over the blossoming marks that were already becoming visible, pulling you impossibly close to him.
“Taehyung,” you whispered into his ear, lost at words, just his name on your tongue, the passion burning up your body inside and outside. His pelvic bone rubbing against your clit, his perfect, planned thrusts, his hands on your body, the sounds he breathed right into your ear - everything added together and multiplied with the passion between you by a thousand brought you so close to your release that you dug your nails into his flesh again, leaving new bruises that had him whine in pleasure.
“Y/N,” he called, and you looked at him, all your light make-up surely ruined under your eyes. He swiped at it with his thumb, licking his lips as he put his forehead against yours. “You can let go, baby.”
You could let go - of everything, you thought. Of the negative thoughts, your worries, the hate, the insecurities. Of everything that kept you up at night, everything that ever brought tears in your eyes. You noticed that you had let go of most of these things since Taehyung had suddenly entered your life, although he had always been here, in your reach, in front of your eyes.
Then, he did push you down, your back hitting the mattress as he raised your legs higher, continuing to fuck into you in an almost merciless speed now. Your breaths melded as he came closer, your sounds becoming one, his hair grazing your forehead as he called your name, told you how perfect and gorgeous you were, how he had waited for this moment.
“I’ll take care of you, Y/N,” he told you, setting you on fire with each glance his dreamy eyes gave you, completely lost in you. The expression was almost not one of someone who’d started to get to know you just some time ago; it was of someone who had always admired you from far away. Someone who would look at you and get mesmerized by you, someone who would read a book and wonder what your thoughts about it would be. 
And as he reached down to massage your clit, everything in you exploded like a supernova within seconds as you arched your back and pressed your head against the soft pillow, giving him easy access to your neck.
He whispered more promises into your skin, ones that made you believe him, trust him. Maybe it was the fact that he was one of the brightest souls you had ever met, or maybe it was his ability to feel emotions more intense and realer than anyone else you knew - but you believed every word he said.
As he went on for a few more thrusts, chasing his own high, you held onto these vows, your mind empty, heart thumping and swelling at the thought of this man sticking by your side. How did it only take you two weeks to become this infatuated with him? Was it because you had, despite his seeming arrogance, always admired his intellect, his confidence, his quietness and humility in class, although he could’ve used his popularity in various ways?
Whatever it was - your mind was too occupied to figure this out right now. You felt him come undone with a deep moan, your name on his tongue as his hot cum shot through you. He tried his best not to collapse on you and shifted his weight on his elbows, looking at you as his eyes softened, the lustful darkness becoming a burning ember, liquid velvet, a tempestuous ocean whose gentle waves seemed to carry you away.
“You’re so beautiful,” you told him, your fingers touching his panting mouth softly. You pulled him in for a kiss, one that he put all his affection in, showing you just how special you were.
And as he pulled away, he chuckled a little, bumping his nose against yours. “Have you seen yourself?”
You rolled your eyes. There was no way you were looking anyhow good right now; your hair was disheveled, your make-up smeared and your skin all sweaty. “You’re blinded.”
“Blinded by what?” He grinned at you. He knew what you meant, but he wanted to hear you say it.
What was it? Love? No, not yet.
“By the fact that you like me,” you said, half confidently, half scared that he might stand up and leave awkwardly. And he did, in fact, not answer anything, only smiled at you. You furrowed your eyebrows. “Taehyung?”
“Yeah?” He kept grinning as he pulled out, groaning slightly and laying down beside you. His breathing had steadied a little and he pulled you into a hug, wrapping his arms tightly around you. He brought his mouth to your hair to give you a kiss before he asked again, “yeah? What is it?”
“Are you not going to say anything? It’s kinda… awkward for me.”
He laughed, giving your body a squeeze as he closed his eyes. “I do like you. I thought I made this very clear in the last few hours since we arrived here.”
“I think you might have,” you said, smiling into his chest.
Was this the definition of what characters felt in romantic novels?
Tumblr media
A month and a half later
Taehyung was waiting for you outside. The big, old building in the shady, weird neighbourhood hadn’t scared him off - rather than that, he’d insisted even more to stay here and wait until you were done with what you had come here for.
It had taken so many conversations, phone calls and convincing words to encourage you to finally drive over here to talk to the mess that your mother was, and now you’d obliged, realizing that there would come a day when you would not be able to make things right anymore.
When you left the shabby complex, still not familiar with the new place your mother had decided to settle in, Taehyung was reading a short novel, one that had come out not long ago. And when you opened the door, he smiled widely, noticing how your expression was not demotivated and grumpy at all - instead, you looked like you were happy, despite the redness in your eyes.
“How did it go?” he asked immediately, closing the book and intertwining his long fingers with yours.
“Surprisingly well. She was sober,” you said, grinning, heart swelling at the thought that you had finally sorted everything out with her, “she was sober, Tae. And she said, she’ll go to rehab and try to get better. She even told me she loved me!”
You felt your eyes sting again and brought your fingers up to wipe away a tear before it could escape to roll down your cheek. At the sight of you, Taehyung’s chest heated up, and he remembered how this happiness was the reason he had put his heart in your palms, ready to let you do whatever you deemed fit with it.
“I’m so happy to hear that, baby. I told you it’s worth a try,” he said, bringing your knuckles to his lips to press soft kisses on them. “I’m so, so glad you’re happy.”
“I am. I really am.”
“You know what’s left now?”
You raised your eyebrow in question before he answered. “Introducing your boyfriend to your mom.”
“Patience, grasshoper. She just started to like me again!”
He slapped your forehead, and you flinched, although you had barely felt it. “She’s always loved you, you idiot. What is it with you still not understanding the concept of love?”
You smiled. The everlasting joke had never died between you; he’d always tease you about this, although he knew how full your heart was for everyone around you, how much you loved your mother, what you felt for him.
And he deserved your affection, too. In the last two months, he had shown you nothing but support, kindness and passion. Yes, admittedly, you were still kind of in your honeymoon phase, but the way he handled you and your outbursts gave you the feeling he was the person that’d stick with you.
He proved this not only with small gestures, lovely surprises and sweet promises that he kept, but also with every conversation you’d have about your past, the death of your father, the hell you had gone through after that. Taehyung just… always seemed to know what to say.
You tried to give him all that back, but always felt like it would never do his gracious heart justice. And while you both had not yet used the word love, especially given the fact how early in your relationship you were, a feeling very similar to this seemed to always linger on your tongues. It almost felt like the beginning of it, the start of falling into the depths of what authors described on their pages, in their words and in their metaphors.
“I knew it would work out. I was sitting here and hoping all the time to not see you come out depressed,” Taehyung said, sighing.
“Sounds like you,” you told him, booping his nose to make him smile, “but I do feel like it’s going to be hard. We have a rocky path ahead of us.”
Then, he laughed, remembering words you had once said to him, only to give them back to you now as reassurance. “Where there is hope, there is always hardship.”
You laughed and then you knew for sure.
This was definitely the definition of what felt like love.
Tumblr media
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Halloween Special | Mutual Help
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A part of Mutual Help series! | photo credit
Tumblr media
pairing: mh!jungkook x reader
warnings: explicit language
genre: fluff
word count: 2k+
a/n: this has no plot, basically zero storyline as well but I still hope you enjoy reading this & get more insight into their friendship! this is from the time before their deal!
Tumblr media
“Who owns this house again?”
Can it be even called that? Where you and your friends are currently at is more like a mansion. One you barely get to see in person. The rich neighborhood and fancy cars around is enough of a clue that whoever lives in this mansion is freaking rich. It's the type you only see in movies.
“Taehyung's latest fuck.” Jimin responds, looking around the huge entry hall filled with people dressed in different costumes.
“She's not the latest.” Taehyung beside you rolls his eyes at Jimin, correcting him.
“Does she know that?” you question, met with an amused grin.
“No, why would she?” Confusion curls his features. He's wearing an orange overall, an unmistaken prisoner. “She fucks around too.”
It's not like Taehyung sleeps around with the same person. Not that you know much about his sex life, despite he's not shy to talk about it at all. He prefers to do one night stands. It's easier that way, he says.
“And she still invited you and your friends?”
He shoots you a toothy grin. “I guess she couldn't get enough of this cock.”
“Ew, what the fuck!” you exclaim, scrunching your nose as you push him away from you. Taehyung barely budges, laughing at the look of disgust on your face while Jimin rolls his eyes.
Taehyung refused to put a mask on or paint on his face. “I won't be covering this handsome face.”
That's what he told you when you first saw him. His costume is not exactly creative, but he does look good. But that's because he's already handsome and could pull off anything, not just anyone has this privilege.
“I need to look hot, chicks love this kind of costume.” You remember his voice in a cab on your way here.
As for Jimin, he chose more of a flashy costume and unlike Taehyung, he didn't mind to paint his face. Considering you've painted his face, you will take full credit for how good he looks. No need to mention you've painted it based on a picture he showed you. But still! It's your hands that created this masterpiece.
Jimin isn't one of those scary clowns wearing a big curly red wig. He has stuck to his blond hair, slicked it back while wearing what seems like an ancient blouse and pants. If he wasn't your friend, you would definitely think of him as a hot creature. The few eyes and looks your friends have managed to steal says it all.
And you?
You've had the hardest time to come up with any costume. You didn't want to spend too much money on something you wear for one night. Taehyung's ideas were all… too much.
“You should be a cat woman. You know, the one from Batman.”
One of his ideas.
“Be a sexy nurse, everyone loves that.”
It's over done a lot. Every year.
Despite not caring about Halloween parties at all – because you wouldn't come if it wasn't for Jimin and Taehyung – you wanted to look good and not wear one of those cliché costumes that people wear every year. You've seen two “nurses” already and you've been here for five minutes.
“Be a police woman. We can have matching outfits.”
But then…
“No, actually let's not do that. People are gonna think we're together and I don't want to be cockblocked that night.”
It was a nice idea but coming to a party as a police woman just wasn't the one.
“Be a witch. That would go with your personality.”
He joked and earned a slap to his shoulder.
Trying to stay true to the budget, you improvised and came up with your own costume. Okay, you might've bought a dress for this but it was on sale! Overall the costume didn't cost much. You've put some fake blood onto the dress and the corner of your lips. You're supposed to look like a bride with a spooky twist. It's not exactly original either but so far, you haven't seen anyone else dressed like this. You know you could do better if you truly wanted, get more creative. But there's also a budget you tried to stick to. Plus, you've done your make-up nicely, dark but nice.
“Alright, excuse me now, my friends. I see her and I'm gonna say hi.” He brushes past you, already shooting a wide grin toward a girl you suppose lives in this mansion.
“Do you think he's gonna fuck her again?” you ask before thinking. “Actually, don't answer that.”
Jimin laughs beside you, brushing his fingers through his hair. “I wouldn't put it past him.”
“Want a drink?”
You agree, a drink sounds nice. You don't know anyone here. Taehyung and Jimin are only people you know. And considering Taehyung just totally ditched you as soon as he saw a girl he fucked, you're left with Jimin.
“You can go too.” You make sure to tell Jimin when you make your way to the kitchen. The size of it is bigger than the place you live in.
“Don't be silly,” Jimin chuckles. “We're gonna have fun together. Tae will join us for sure later.”
You don't want to think what he's going to do until then.
“Jimin, I'm not a kid. You don't have to babysit me.”
“I'm not babysitting you,” He frowns, mixing the two of you a drink before he hands you one of the plastic cups. “There are too many people. I'm not saying it's dangerous here, but leaving you alone wouldn't sit well with me.”
You do appreciate his worry. Too bad Jungkook couldn't come. Not that spending time with Jimin and Taehyung isn't fun. But you were hoping he could join you too. You've never really attended a Halloween party before. It would be so much fun if all of you could be here.
After finishing your drink and chatting for a while, you get another one and move toward the living room where the lights are turned off, swapped for some party lights. It looks like a proper party here. There are people dancing. You and Jimin find yourself laughing at some silly costumes. You saw a banana costume and someone wearing a horse mask.
You have a good time. Someone Jimin knows joins you for a moment, one of his friends whose name you unfortunately forgot. It's not your fault though, the music is loud and you felt like an idiot to ask him again.
Jimin goes to grab you another drink, telling you to not move with a warning gaze, as if you would run away. Again, you appreciate the worry.
It's not even a minute later when some guy approaches you, obviously already in a good mood and tipsy enough to think he's the hot deal. You politely tell him to fuck off, ignoring the little scoff he gives you. You didn't come here to flirt or hook up with someone. Maybe you shouldn't scare away everyone. It's not exactly everyone though. You just don't like those types of guys who–
You almost jump out of your skin and curse loudly, palm slapping against your chest as you turn around and see… a Spiderman?
You frown, guard up until the person suddenly takes off the mask and reveals your best friend.
His hair is ruffled from the mask, a bunny grin attached to his lips as he laughs at your reaction.
“What–what are you doing here?”
He said he couldn't come because he had work. A Halloween party is not something you decline the money for, you completely understood that.
“We rescheduled the shoot,” he answers.
“But–wow. Why didn't you say you were coming?”
He grins again, cheekily adding; “Wanted to surprise you.”
You haven't seen him for two weeks or so. Everyone has been busy, Jungkook the most and last weekend you were hanging out with Jimin and Taehyung, he went on a weekend away with Kiko. They had it planned for weeks. So it's nice to see him in the flesh.
“Look at you,” he beams, staring you up and down. “A bloody bride.”
You roll your eyes playfully, “It's such a shitty costume.”
“Don't say that,” he laughs, “You look amazing.”
“I should've tried to be more creative. Just so you know, I could've nailed it. I have this costume in my mind, but I wasn't about to spend a fortune on one night.”
“Smart,” he muses. “What is this costume?”
“I'm not telling you,” you cheekily remark. “But look at you,”
Jungkook eyes himself, looking up with a smile.
His costume makes sense. You've watched Spiderman movies together (all of them) so many times. It's one of your favorite superheroes, both of you Marvel fans, but it's definitely Jungkook's favorite.
The lights aren't too bright but looking at him, you can tell his costume is not one of the cheap ones. It hugs his body perfectly, showing his figure and god–it feels sinful to look from his waist down. You can't do that. He glances behind, turning his body slightly before his attention is back to you. But it's not quick enough for you to not notice his perk ass. But then… Jungkook has always been built differently. He has worked hard for those muscles.
“Stop it,” he laughs at your words, refusing to grow shy. “Behave.”
“I'm not even gonna ask how much it cost.”
“Don't,” he assures you. “Too much for one stupid night.”
You both laugh. “You had a great opportunity to show up as a bunny.”
Jungkook playfully rolls your eyes at your comment, scrunching his nose a little. “Nah. I didn't want to be cute.”
“What vibe you were going for?” you tease.
“The hot superhero, of course.”
“God, you and Tae are the same.” you comment jokingly.
“Where is he anyway? I saw Jimin from a distance.”
“Oh, most likely having his tongue in some girl's throat I guess. Or worse.”
Jungkook laughs at the disgust you show, flicking your nose softly as you pull away. “I'm not even gonna ask.”
“Don't.” you hum, causing him to laugh. “I'm still bummed out you didn't come as a bunny though. You have a face for it.”
Jungkook throws his head back in laughter, shaking his head.
“No, I didn't mean it as an insult! You would look cute as a bunny.”
“We can do that next year. You could be a carrot.”
“Oh god, I'm shutting up now.”
He nudges you, causing you to do the same.
“Kook! Hi! You came!” Jimin joins you, hugging Jungkook right after he hands you your drink.
“Wait, you knew he's gonna come?” you ask. “And you didn't tell me?”
“Kook wanted to surprise you.” Jimin shrugs.
“Yeah, wanted to surprise you.” Jungkook muses, stealing the cup from you as he sips on it.
“Shush, woman.”
You gasp. Jungkook's biceps bulge as he takes another sip of your drink. “Don't you shush me, Jeon.”
Jungkook gives you an amused smirk, turning his face back to Jimin who speaks again. “Where's Kiko?”
“Oh, she's not here. She had to stay overtime at work, too tired to come here anyway.” Jungkook answers.
Taehyung comes like a hurricane, bumping into a few people as they give him a dirty look, some of them changing their expression right after they spot him. You want to roll your eyes again.
“Let me guess, you knew too.”
“Knew what?” Taehyung asks, confused.
“He didn't.”
“Knew what?” Taehyung asks louder this time.
“That Kook is gonna come tonight.”
“Wait, you knew he's gonna come?”
“Yeah,” Jimin shrugs, “You have a big mouth. You would ruin the surprise.”
Taehyung gasps, “You guys act like it's a big secret.”
“It's not,” Jungkook laughs. “But we didn't want to take any chances.”
“Yah!” Taehyung exclaims. “Let's get drunk.” he adds more calmly.
All of you laugh, making your way to the kitchen. For the rest of the night, you hang out with your friends, savoring the moments. Even when Jimin throws up in front of the mansion in some fancy cut out bush, while Taehyung records him. You shake your head, but not be able to hide your own giggles. Jungkook does the same, holding up Jimin so he doesn't fall into the bush.
It's one of the many memories of tonight that joins the other ones you got to spend and experience with your precious friends.
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h0neypjm · 1 year
Confident 04 | jjk
Tumblr media
↳ Summary: After giving Jungkook the best suck of his life he’s left wondering if what you said was true. Was it really your first time? ‘Cause Jungkook thinks you might’ve lied.
↳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
↳ Genre: Smut, fluff, angst, college au, fuckboy! jk
↳ Rating: 18+
↳ Word count: 5.6k
↳ Warnings: profanity, manipulation, verbal and physical assault, slut shaming, sum pining and yearning here and there, some slight jealous kook, also this is kind of unedited? I read through like the first few paragraphs then posted it cos i just couldnt wait !
↳ a/n: finally !!! here she is ahhh thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and patient for this series <3 I hope you enjoy this chapter and of course feel free to leave any comments. Also, i know i alluded to our oc being a total girlboss but i had to rewrite some of those scenes as i felt it wasn't very realistic in terms of her relationship with jk. anyways i hope you guys have a splendid time reading and once again thank you ! <3
↳ Series: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04
Tumblr media
He doesn’t do anything else but stare at you impatiently. You think there is a hint of annoyance there too.
On the screen, Tony Stark’s heart deteriorates.
You don’t know why your own heart feels the same.
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook has definitely had his fair share of angry phone calls.
Majority of them happen to come from the many women Jungkook had slept with. Why you may ask? Well, because Jungkook has a terrible habit of making empty promises. Promising whispers of staying the night and waking up to cuddles and breakfast, only for these women to wake up to an empty bed of lies.
This angry phone call however, was a complete outlier from the rest.
“Hello, Sana?”
There’s a deep sigh followed by a small sniffle that makes Jungkook hold his breath.
“Can you come over please?”
Jungkook stills like a sim waiting for its next instruction before realising he hasn't replied when Sana lets out another sigh. Though this time she’s clearly frustrated.
“Uh, you want me to come over right now?”
Her reply is quick and fierce, “Yes! Why are you busy or something?”
Jungkook slowly leans towards the small opening of his bedroom door to peer out at you lazily blowing stray strands of hair out of your face. It brings a warm grin to his lips.
“Sana, I- I’m sort of in the middle-”
Again, her reply comes quick, “Jungkook, I need you.”
Jeon Jungkook is a weak, weak man, and before he knows it, he’s flying out of his dorm, completely missing the way your whole body drops.
Tumblr media
Sana’s face is flawless, not a single smudge of makeup or hair out of place. It’s definitely not the sight Jungkook expected judging from the muffled sniffles he had heard earlier. It makes Jungkook wonder the true reason as to why he was asked to come over.
Sana doesn’t beat around the bush the second Jungkook steps foot in her apartment. “What are you doing?”
Jungkook scratches his head, “You asked me to come over? Did I do something wrong?”
She scoffs in reply, hands on her hips and a perfectly shaped brow condescendingly raises. “Listen, I know what I said the other day, but I didn’t expect you to go off with her of all people.”
An awkward pause fills the room along with a rising tension that becomes more and more suffocating as the seconds tick by.
“Are you serious right now Jungkook?” Sana rolls her eyes heading towards her desk where her phone lays.
Jungkook remains confused and slightly irritated by the loud clicking of Sana’s pointy acrylic nails against her phone screen. He quickly tries to wrack his brain of any terrible actions he has done recently however, nothing comes up. That is until Sana’s bright screen is pushed towards his face and a grainy picture of you and Jungkook burns his retinas.
Oh, so that’s what she’s mad about.
Jungkook remembers when the photo was taken. He remembers how he so unwittingly grabbed your hand. He remembers how your fingers fit so perfectly in his, your small fingers gripping his tightly. “How did you get that photo?”
Jungkook jumps at the sudden shriek, “Ugh! That’s the first thing you ask? Really!?”
Sana rarely ever irritates Jungkook even when she can be overdramatic and unreasonable. So why has her mere presence suddenly become suffocating?
“Why are you so upset? You’re the one who wanted to stop this...” Jungkook starts, motioning wildly with his hands. “...This complicated friendship.”
She scoffs, breaking the intense eye contact they share because she knows he’s right but is too proud to lose this fight. So she changes tactics, like she usually does because it always works on Jungkook, because she has Jungkook wrapped around her pretty little finger.
“I just didn’t think you’d get over me this easily,” she croaks, voice changing as she begins to fan her face to stop any oncoming tears that may spill out of her misting eyes.
Something feels different, Jungkook can feel it. There is no sudden tug at his heartstrings, no sudden urge to comfort and cuddle her because now Jungkook can finally see right through her act.
How has he let himself become blind to her actions for so long?
“Sana stop, you’re being really immature right now,” Jungkook firmly says as he takes a step back towards her door, and it's that small movement that triggers something red and livid within Sana’s small frame.
She moves with slow and controlled motions, her hands slowly and sensually trailing up Jungkook’s toned chest. She takes one step closer, and then another all while she flutters her wispy lashes innocently in a way she knows will make him crumble. It's her last resort.
Jungkook's eyes widen as he watches his world suddenly move in slow motion. He watches Sana lean onto her tippy toes, her glossy lips puckering up to Jungkook’s stern grimace.
It’s Jungkook’s turn to sigh when he turns his head away from her and gently places his hands on her shoulders as a means to reject her next move.
“Sana,” he breathes out, “what are you doing?”
It's then Sana realises she's lost her very first battle with Jungkook, and she won’t lie, it infuriates her.
Sana keeps her distance while her once dazzling eyes turn into fiery slits. “You’ve changed, you know. Ever since you started hanging out with Jin and the rest of those idiots you never have time for me anymore,” she spits bitterly.
Jungkook’s stomach flips, but not in a way it usually does when he’s around Sana. Jungkook’s stomach flips with anger and alarm. “Don’t say that about my friends.”
Jungkook hates the way she rolls her eyes at him, but he soon finds this hatred growing the second her next sentence hisses out of her venom laced tongue. “I miss the old you, you were so easy. Whatever happened to that Jungkook, hmm?”
Jungkook feels like a fool. The realisation and humiliation hits him at full force, and although he towers over the petite girl in front of him, he is small, powerless.
His next words come out shaky, his throat burns like it's wrapped in barbed wire. “I’m not you’re fucking puppet that you can control Sana.” His vision blurs as his fists clench tightly, “Did you really think of me that way all this time?”
Sana laughs, high pitched and bubbly. It’s sweet as well as sickening. “Newsflash Jungkook! I built you. You would be nothing without me.” She scans his frame menacingly, “did you really think you would become this popular on your own?”
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
“I’m done,” Jungkook states, way too calm for someone who just realised their friendship has been built on manipulation and lies.
“Yeah? Get out then,” she huffs back, a hard scowl set on her face.
Jungkook turns on his heel and does just that.
Tumblr media
Pretty pastel pink icing oozes out of the flimsy piping bag clutched between your hands. The shade is cute, though the swirl you attempted to make was not. You frown.
You won’t lie, you’re still a little sensitive about how Jungkook left you. Granted, your place in his life is non-existent. You’re not his girlfriend, not a close friend. You’re merely an acquaintance that just got too close. So why have you begun yearning for his presence despite the way he treated you so unpleasantly?
“How is my little baker doing- oh God that is ugly.”
A scowl instantly forms onto your face as you stare up at Jin’s disapproving eyes. “Sure, this is your first time decorating cupcakes, but that’s like the fifth one! Surely, you would’ve improved by now.”
Putting down the so-called ‘ugly’ cupcake, you continue to send Jin a deathly stare. “Thanks Jin, you’re really helpful.”
“Ah, I should’ve kept a closer eye on you,” he tsks, “you’ve wasted my precious icing on these hideous-”
Rolling your eyes for the nth time, you pick up a nice, hefty glob of icing onto your finger and rub it into Jin’s expensive Louis Vuitton shirt. You laugh wildly when he yelps, eyes flickering to his shirt and back to you before running to the closest bathroom all while yelling curses your way.
Breaking off a chunk of your cupcake and stuffing it into your mouth, you hear a shuffle behind you followed by two warm hands on your shoulders.
You're surprised by the bright boxy smile and sweet greeting that meets you. “I didn’t know you were here,” Taehyung says, engulfing you in a lung crushing hug which would be entirely uncomfortable if it weren't for the way he sweetly rubs your back and places his chin right on top of your head.
“I didn’t know you were here either,” you reply before further questioning, “wait, why are you here?”
“I was trying to study but my roommate is too loud, and the library is crowded.” He ruffles his fluffy hair slowly like he’s frustrated, and your eyes subtly follow the movement, “plus have you seen Jin’s study room It’s fucking beautiful.”
“Oh my gosh it is! And he never uses it!” you exclaim, turning around to offer Taehyung one of your decorated cupcakes.
Taehyung takes it without hesitation, breaking off a small piece to pop into his mouth. “Mmmm”, he hums, “did you make these?”
“Nah Jin made them obviously, but I did decorate them,” you say proudly, “though Jin said my icing skills are ugly.”
Taehyung studies the swirl you made, shaking his head slightly, “no, they're cute!” he exclaims brightly to which you return with a wide grin. “But, they're definitely not as cute as the person who made them,” Taehyung winks at you, his lips dropping into a smirk.
You look away, embarrassed by his teasing while Taehyung uses your shyness as an opportunity to boop your nose with an icing smothered finger.
Gasping at the sudden interference, you push Taehyung’s shoulder, turning back around to find the piping bag and get your revenge.
Predicting your next move, Taehyung is quick on his feet, running away from your wicked grin. However, Taehyung’s legs are long, so long that it’s quite difficult to catch him. “Taeeee,” you whine out as you attempt to chase after his giggling form.
He stops with a huff and bends down just for you to swipe his nose with sticky icing. “You got me,” he hums lowly, staring intently into your eyes.
Now that Taehyung is leveled with your face, you can’t help but let your eyes flicker down to his lips. He licks them out of habit and you're reminded of the time your own lips had met his.
God, girl get a grip!
“Okay, what the fuck is this,” you jump, gazing at Jin from the corner of your eye as he walks towards the two of you. Taehyung remains smug, throwing an arm around your shoulders, while you keep an awkward smile plastered on your face.
Jin squints at the sight dressed in a new but just as expensive shirt before going back to baking. You’ll never understand why he chooses to bake in such expensive clothes. Damn trust fund babies.
You breathe out looking up to find Taehyung already looking down at you, mouth opening to ask, “do you have any classes today?”
You shake your head, “do you have something planned?”
A cheeky grin spreads across his handsome face when he replies, “there’s a new bar that just opened up and I was wondering if you wanted to check it out with me.”
You just about agree excitedly before a cough interrupts your glee, “don't make plans while i'm right here assholes,” Jin grumbles.
You and Taehyung giggle forgetting that you were in fact inside of Jin’s home. Taehyung dramatically bows, gesturing towards Jin, “well, would you like to come with us?”
Jin hums satisfied, “we should invite the others, I’ll text the group chat.”
A puddle of anxiety begins brewing in the pit of your stomach. “Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Taehyung murmurs, cheeks stuffed with the rest of his cupcake.
“Who are you inviting?” you ask, though deep inside you know what the answer will be.
“Don’t worry I'm sure Jieun will come, which means Yoongi will be invited,” Taehyung voices thinking off the top of his head. “Uhh Jimin will probably come and I think maybe Jungkook?”
You simply nod, the excitement manifesting into something sour as you let your thoughts wonder.
If Sana hadn’t interrupted, what would've happened? Would you have gone all the way, or would you replay that same night you first met?
Your indecisiveness truly frustrates you and it seems like Taehyung has picked up on your change in mood.
Taehyung’s voice is gentle, “what’s got you looking glum all of a sudden hmm?” Taehyung has always been great at picking up when there’s a change in your mood. It’s comforting and is one of your favourite quirks about him.
You shrug, “nothing, just thinking.”
“You wanna talk about it,” he coaxes, stepping closer to create a more comforting atmosphere.
You offer him a smile to cool down his concern, “nah, it’s ok, I’m probably gonna go back to my dorm now and get ready, text me the details?”
He mirrors your smile, “yeah sure, no problem, I’ll see you.”
You give him one more soft glance and shut the door behind you.
Tumblr media
Deep bass rumbles through your body while bright neon lasers point in every direction like some sort of low budget spy movie.
The steamy air around you clings onto your skin and warms you up quick as you search for your group of friends. Drunk strangers bump into with slurred apologies flying your way as you approach the booth your friends sit at.
The wild atmosphere of the club would have made it extremely difficult to spot them if it weren't for Jimin performing a wild lap dance for an unbothered Yoongi who lazily sips on his drink with a giggling Jieun attached to his side.
Jieun immediately spots you, jumping from Yoongi’s embrace to bring you into a tight hug. “Y/N! I missed you soooo much,” she screams drunkenly into your ear as she peppers little kisses around your face.
Her kisses tickle making you throw your head back in laughter before turning into a sharp yelp when she pulls on your hand to lead you to the others.
Taehyung is second to greet you, wrapping his long arms around your shoulders, “long time no see,” he jokes. Rolling your eyes, you playfully push his shoulder before waving at Yoongi and Jimin.
Shuffling towards the round table, you aim to sit next to Taehyung though Jieun sends you a sly wink as she forcefully pushes you down towards the opposite seat.
Jieun’s actions had a purpose and it comes to you when your shoulders collide with Jungkook’s sturdy ones.
His cologne wavers to you and it is a reminder of his warmth, his home, and also the rejection you felt when he kicked you out.
Jungkook pauses in his conversation with Jin, a nervous uneasy smile etched on his face. “Hi?” he croaks, but it comes out like a question more than a greeting.
From the corner of your eye you spot Jieun discreetly smirking at your flustered state. Yes, you were flustered, but not for the reason Jieun seems to be theorising.
“Hi, Jungkook,” you finally mumble.
If anyone can sense the thick tension between you and Jungkook they don’t mention it.
“How are you?” he starts, opening the conversation gently.
Well, you’re hurt, confused, and at the same time you don’t even think you should be feeling this way about Jungkook considering the absurdity of your relationship.
You internally shake those thoughts away, “I’m doing alright, how about you?”
Jungkook nods, “Yeah, I’m okay, uh,” he pauses, breaking eye contact to look down at his fidgeting fingers. “I actually wanted to apologise for-”
“Jungkook! Get your ass over here!” Jimin abruptly yells, motioning to a line of tequila shots.
Jungkook sends a thumbs up as if to tell Jimin, ‘I’ll be there in a minute’ before looking back at you to continue his sentence.
Despite the chaotic stream of neon lights that flicker around the club, you remain a sight for sore eyes.
Your makeup is natural, a dab of blush here and a little line of eyeliner there. Your hair is out and slightly curled at the ends complimenting your pretty collarbones accentuated by thin straps of your dress.
Jungkook is so lost in you that he has failed to pick up on the bored expression on your face. It makes him stumble terribly with his words.
With a slight eye roll you stop him, “Jungkook it’s fine go over there, I’m gonna go get myself some drinks as well.”
You don’t give him enough time to reply, getting up quickly in search of something to drink.
A sigh flutters past Jungkook’s lips and he gets up leaving an awkward tension that disperses between Jin, Jieun, and Yoongi.
Yoongi speaks up for the first time that night, “anyone else notice how weird that was?”
Jieun and Jin simply glare.
You make your way to an empty barstool. One that is far from where Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook down shots like its water.
You also order yourself a few tequila shots in hopes of easing the tension that stiffens your body. The burn stings though it's worth it when you begin to feel more loose and less like someone with a stick up their ass.
You down one more shot before deciding you should head back, the bartender however settles a pretty pink cocktail in front of you.
Confused, you flag down the bartender, “uh sorry, I didn’t order this.”
The bartender points at a lone man who sits four seats away from you, “that man over there bought it for you.”
Scrunching your brows you look towards the man who had supposedly bought you a drink and quietly thank the bartender. The mysterious man meets your gaze and gets up from his seat to make his way over to you.
You still. The man is definitely way older than you, his hair is dark, speckled with grey strands and a glittering Rolex on his wrist.
You crane your neck up towards his gleaming grin, “are you alone, sweetheart?” he says sickly sweet with a soft caress to your hand.
You laugh nervously, pulling your hand away from his hold. He notices, raising a brow and sitting down beside you.
“No, I’m here with my friends, speaking of which I should probably get back to,” you voice hesitantly, an uneasy smile settling on your lips. You slide off your stool nodding your head towards him, “thank you for the drink sir.”
Before you can make your escape, he moves swiftly grabbing your waist harshly. “You know, pretty girls like you should be more thankful. How ‘bout you sit and talk with me for a while?”
You don’t like his tone, the greasy smirk on his face, and the way his hand tightens around you. Twisting in his grip you place your hand on his fingers that continue to hold you with an iron grip.
“With all due respect, just because you bought me a drink doesn’t mean I owe you anything in return,” you proclaim, though it seems he does not like your reply.
“Now, now,” he laughs menacingly, “don’t be a fucking bitch.”
His quick change of tone from sweetness to anger sets alarm bells in your head.
Where was that damn bartender?
You realise you can’t get away from him by being sweet, so you stand your ground, grabbing his wrist just as hard as he holds you.
“Let go of me,” you raise your voice, grabbing the attention of a few other people.
He doesn’t, obviously. He only pulls you closer towards you, whispering into your ear, “hmm? Let go of you? What are you gonna do?”
The husk in his voice is repulsive making you squirm in his hold. Your fear only feeds his desire, his twisted grin staring down at you.
You stare at the people around you, and although some see your situation they are not brave enough to interfere. Or rather they're too drunk to realise what is really going on.
You shut your eyes for a second, a burn of panic rising in your chest. However, the second your eyes blink open, they are not met with an evil face, but a storming Jungkook that has noticed your frazzled state.
You’ll admit, you’re not too pleased with him right now, but as you feel your panic settling, you’re glad Jungkook of all people has noticed the danger you’re in.
With all the strength you could muster you break out of the man’s hold, ready to finally flee. It’s then an unexpected warmth latches onto your waist and pulls you to the side.
The hand is gentle, not at all like how the man treated you, but it isn’t Jungkook that gets to you first. It’s Taehyung who stands tall and protective in front of you.
“Sir, I believe you’re making her uncomfortable, if you could please leave her be we won’t have any issues,” Taehyung presses calmly, not wanting to aggravate the man before you.
“This your little boyfriend sweetheart?” the man sneers, examining Taehyung’s frame. You can tell Taehyung is ready to throw a punch no matter the consequences his actions may cause.
You intertwine your fingers with Taehyung’s, letting him know that you’re okay and that he doesn’t need to result to violence because the man was simply not worth the hassle
Jungkook closely watches the interaction with steady eyes. He can’t help but think he could have been in Taehyung’s position if he was fast enough. But would you even hold him?
Jungkook wasn’t oblivious to the boredom written on your face earlier. He knows it has something to do with how he had left you in such a hurry. He needs to clear it up with you, after all he has become quite fond of you.
The man gets up, puffing out his chest to square up to Taehyung. His attempts to assert dominance are embarrassing as Taehyung towers over him, his fire-filled eyes looking down with disgust.
The man scoffs, sharp eyes locking you down, “next time tell your bitch not to wear such slutty dresses if she doesn't wanna get hit on.”
You swear you see Jungkook’s jaw tick and his hand curl up into a fist. You signal to let the man be while simultaneously tightening your grip on Taehyung’s hand. Let him go, It’ll be better this way, you tell them with your eyes.
The older man takes off in a frustrated manner, pushing people aside. Letting out an anxiety filled breath, Taehyung envelopes you in a safe hug.
You breathe him in, feeling the presence of several other people next to you. Jieun instantly wraps her arms around you and holds your face in her hands, examining your expression. “Oh my God Y/N, are you ok? I should’ve come with you,” she coos, bringing you into another hug.
“Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just glad it didn’t escalate,” you muffle into her skin.
Jieun releases you as Jin hands you your purse and begins to move your group out of the building. It seems the night is over. You’re grateful. You’re tired.
Taehyung pushes Jungkook towards you with a chuckle, “you’re lucky Jungkook noticed you right away, I don't even want to think about what would've happened if we didn’t get there in time.”
Jungkook scratches his ear, shyly looking away from your curious gaze. Taehyung’s right, he was the one who noticed your distress, though he won’t admit it was because he couldn't take his eyes off you. Not even for a second. Your beauty has truly put a spell on him.
You keep a soft gaze on him waiting until his sparkly eyes meet yours again, and once they do you hum out a quiet, “thank you.”
He nods in response as you all continue to walk further and further away from the bar.
“Our Uber is here,” Yoongi announces, sparking the others to discuss their plans to travel home.
Jieun gently grabs your wrist pulling you into another one of her tender hugs. She releases you but continues to hold your hands lovingly, “do you want me to order you an Uber home?”
You shake your head, “No need, the walk here wasn’t too long, I’ll be fine.”
Your answer obviously doesn’t settle Jieun when she fires back protectively, “nope, I’m not letting you walk home alone after what happened tonight, just come with Yoongi and I.”
You reassure her once more that you’ll be fine just for her to whip out her phone to order you an Uber. A protest begins to spill out of your lips when Taehyung places a hand on Jieun's shoulder.
“Don’t worry Jieun, I’ll take Y/N home,” he assures, pointing a grin in your direction.
Wordlessly, you agree, saying your goodbyes to Jieun and Yoongi until Jin interrupts to pull Taehyung aside.
“Taehyung you’ve had way too much to drink, Y/N I’ll walk you home, come on,” Jin vocalises, motioning you over with a shake of his head.
If you’re being honest, you don’t mind who takes you home. Hell, you’re one second away from sprinting off and walking home alone because truly, all you really desired at this moment was to be under your warm blanket, sound asleep.
“What? Jinnnn,” Taehyung whines, causing you to roll your eyes and sigh. “I’ll walk Y/N home, I didn’t drink that much I swear.”
“Taehyung, you can’t even stand straight, in a few minutes you’ll end up like Jimin,” Jin snaps back.
Taehyung huffs looking over to a confused Jimin who stares up into the infinite night sky, his mind completely empty, and body swaying slightly. You too, stare at Jimin, holding in laugh as you watch him point into the abyss with a fretted Jungkook pulling on his sleeve.
It’s like Jimin knows someone is talking about him as his body suddenly snaps in Jin’s direction. “Jin, can I sleep in your bed tonight? I miss those satin sheets,” Jimin pouts, throwing himself onto Jin
Taehyung joins Jimin in their quest to smother Jin while you stifle the laughs that so desperately want to tumble out.
“Oh for crying out loud! Would you two get off me so I can sort everything out” Jimin and Taehyung giggle amongst themselves, and you too would join them if it weren’t for the sudden words that utter out of Jungkook’s mouth.
“I can take Y/N home.”
The sound of crickets and the faint hum of lively music is the only thing filling the unanticipated silence.
All eyes fall onto you, waiting for your answer.
Your answer does not come quick enough according to Jungkook when he backtracks bashfully. “You don’t have to say yes, I didn’t drink much, so I just thought-”
Holding his fidgeting hands lightly, you stop his rambling, “yeah sure you can walk home with me. I don’t mind your company.”
The way Jimin slaps Taehyung’s chest in disbelief makes you want to curl up in embarrassment so you hide it by burying your face into Jin’s chest as you say your goodbyes.
Before releasing you from his grip he leans down to whisper, “text me when you get home ok?” You nod silently, squeezing him to finalise your goodbye before moving on to Taehyung and Jimin.
The two give you the dorkiest smirks, raising their eyebrows suggestively. Rolling your eyes, you hug them goodbye and wait for Jungkook to join your side.
From the corner of your eye you spot Jin whispering into Jungkook’s ear. Jin locks Jungkook down with stern eyes and furrowed brows, Jungkook nods with genuine earnestness before Jin pats his back, sending him off towards you.
There’s a small quirk that raises at the corner of his lips. It’s a quirk that asks if you’re all set to go, and with one final wave to Jin and the two buffoons that hang off his shoulders, you start your walk with Jeon Jungkook.
You don’t really know what to say at first, totally content with listening to the sound of concrete against the soles of your shoes. Unbeknownst to you, Jungkook has a lot on his mind when it comes to you.
He hums softly, grabbing your attention. “I really want to apologise for leaving you so impolitely the other night.”
You only bow your head, waiting for his explanation before you decide if he deserves forgiveness.
“It was Sana that was on the phone,” he sighs, “I’m guessing you know our history and how much she means to me. She has some supernatural pull on me that always has me at her beck and call.”
Jungkook pauses and you let him. He’s a deep thinker, an observer. Although he adores a crowd around him, he’s completely himself when he’s quiet and alone with the space to think.
“I guess it came to bite me back in the ass.” He chuckles, but it's dry, sarcastic, lacking all humour.
You chime in, “what do you mean?”
Jungkook looks straight ahead, closing his eyes for a brief moment that makes you think you have crossed the line. “I didn’t mean to pry or anything, you just seem upset,” you reason.
Jungkook offers a smile. It’s not a happy smile, it’s sad yet warm and you want nothing more than to hug him and shake off that lingering sadness.
“No, no. I would like to talk about my feelings more. Jin always told me that it’s not shameful to talk about my feelings, and you always make me feel welcome too.” Jungkook looks at you with his round doe eyes, his smile shedding small hints of his previous melancholy.
His soft spoken words make your heart sing and your stomach swirl with warmth, “Jin’s absolutely right, whoever told you it was shameful or embarrassing to bottle up your feelings is a loser.”
He laughs at your remark, his nose scrunching up cutely, You inwardly coo at the action while something within your heart soars with adoration.
“Yeah, that person is someone I realised isn’t worth my time anymore, I guess my friendship with her kind of ended today?”
You already know who he’s referring to, and the thought of all the things she has dragged Jungkook through brings new feelings of disgust. “I’m so sorry Jungkook, that must’ve been really difficult for you to go through.”
You stop your walking to hug him. The action doesn’t surprise Jungkook, it only strengthens his fondness for you and the new friendship the two of you seem to be creating.
Jungkook squeezes you like you’re about to leave him all alone, and it's this action that makes you notice something. Hugging each other is something the two of you seem to do a lot. It's almost like your own personal love language. The action is a universal sign that you’ll be ok, because at the end of the day you have each other.
“I feel like the universe brought us together in the most absurd circumstances,” Jungkook mumbles in your hair.
Giggling softly, you look up at him with affection and Jungkook mirrors your grin tenderly. To any outsider the two of you look like a happy couple relishing in their sickening love. For a moment you believe that it's true. What would it be like to date Jeon Jungkook?
He doesn’t have a clean record in the dating scene. That fact alone is enough to scare you, but the way he holds you gives you an insight on what Jeon Jungkook could possibly be like as a boyfriend.
These thoughts are way out of pocket and you release him with a shudder, missing the way he deflates at the lack of your hold. “I live right there in that building,” you point, still trying to shake off the Jeon Jungkook flavoured thoughts running through your mind.
“Oh,” Jungkook didn’t even realise how fast the time flew by. That seems to happen alot with you and maybe that’s a good thing.
You stumble a little, when you say, “goodnight Jungkook, and thank you again for tonight.”
Once again, you are brought into a hug. Jungkook hides his pout while he savours your presence, your smell, you.
Jungkook doesn’t want to let go of you, not right now. Not when he feels so good, so secure, so safe.
He swears it's an accident when he murmurs, “can I kiss you?”
You’re stunned.
Should you? Things are moving too fast and your heart flutters all too violently when you’re around him. But maybe those flutters are a good sign.
You won’t lie, you’re protective of your heart, it can only go through so much before it breaks completely. But maybe Jeon Jungkook is a risk your indecisive heart has space to take.
So, you kiss him.
He gasps cutely into your mouth like he expected you to say no. You hold his face delicately while hands hold you securely around the waist.
His breath is hot when he sneaks his tongue past your lips and you melt, moving your hands to tug on the small curls at the back of his neck.
He kisses you like he has to prove something to you, his soft lips dipping down to meet your hungry ones, his hands holding onto you tighter with want.
Moaning into him, you seperate, leaning your forehead against his to take a breather. Jungkook pants back against you, closing his eyes as you continue to play with his hair.
“Goodnight, Jungkook,” you whisper, looking closely at all the small details of his face.
He shakes his head, holding you more fiercely. “Can I have one more kiss?”
You throw your head back, soft giggles tumbling out, “I'll see you later Jungkook,” you say waving bye as you walk up the stairs to your apartment.
Jungkook lets you go, watching you get into your apartment safely. He waits a couple minutes before looking up into the stars, whispering a quiet “fuck.”
Tumblr media
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I am here, with an update. I'm sorry to make you wait so long but I've had a tough year in regards to my mental health and things of that matter. So i'm sorry for going ghost on ya'll for so long.
I can't promise it won't happen again, but my creativity is stronger these days so I'm hopeful.
Thanks for being here, everyone.
Thank you especially to Hali @haliiimede for betaing this for me, you're a peach and I appreciate you so very much <3
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook X Reader
Genre: Fantasy!AU, Romance, Smut (Like a lot I'm pent up okay?), Fluff
Warnings: Violence, major character death (I'm sorry just read it I promise you'll be okay), angst. Smut warnings: Oral sex (fem!receiving), so much cum play I'm sorry-, creampies, unprotected sex (hey I see you don't do it), dirty talk (seriously they be filthy in this), impreg kink, breeding kink, Jungkook is so in love.
Words: 19.5k (don't look at me like that)
Rating: 18+
Summary: You and Jungkook had been seeing each other for a while. But when new challenges block your way, will you be able to hurdle to obstacles? Or will your differences be too much in the end after all.
*NOTE: This is a continueation of an older one shot I wrote called Witch's Brew, you can read that one if you want but you can also read this as a stand alone.
You and Jungkook had a little arrangement going on between you two for the last seven months. He’d come to your forest while he was out on patrol, or something along those lines and you two would go at it like bunnies before he’d leave and return to his king.
And over this span of time, you’d become rather fond of the royal guard. His sense of duty was honorable, his humor was light but sometimes dangerous, he was sweet as ambrosia in the spring and deep as the oceans to the East. When he was away you longed for him to come back and spend the days with you in your little hut.
Whenever you two would be done with the more... debauched activities of your time spent together, Jungkook would watch you make concoctions, potions and salves and sometimes even charms. But you were an old being, and you were fickle. You didn’t like the prospect of being tied to this hut for much longer.
It was starting to grow stuffy and cramped in the space you called home. You’d been here for roughly a century, perhaps it was time to find a new forest? With new animals and new plants to experiment with.
But doing a relocation spell was tricky, and you never knew where you’d end up... Your mind wandered back to the young Knight who’d spent many nights wrapped up with you in your sheets. Never before had you been so infatuated with a human. Let alone a high ranking official like Jungkook. But, you couldn’t help the way you felt. He was an addictive little sprite, always doing what he could to get what he wanted.
A chill ran down your spine as you thought back on your most recent encounter with the man, making your thigh clench out of desperation to feel him all over again. He’d been gone longer than usual. Normally you’d see him every week, but it was going on near two since the last time you’d felt his hands wandering over your frame. Your body was wired to react to his touch, it felt like. As if Jungkook was the only one that could bring you to the edge of bliss and back again over and over until the two of you were sated.
But there was a darkness growing... You could feel the change as time went on. More murders happening, more plagues and more death. It was all so overwhelming, especially for a creature like you who was so tied to the energy here. You were certain that she had returned... Your damned sister that had been around just as long as you, but more hell bent on causing trouble.
You liked a little bit of mischief here and there, but it was only to make fun never to harm. Your sister on the other hand, she was dangerous... You weren’t sure what you’d do if she was actually back and on the prowl for souls once more. Your mind wandered to the villages nearby and the tragedy that had been striking them. You were able to help curb the plague, with medicinal herbs and potions they had survived. But just barely. You had always been the weaker one of you two and your sister’s magic wasn’t something to be sniffed at.
She was always more driven than you, wanting power and more power until there was nothing left but ashes in her hand. You had taken a more lax approach to your magic. Letting it grow with you instead of forcing yourself at a young age. However, that did mean you were constantly thrown against each other to fight and see who would come out on top.
Sometimes she’d win, other times you’d win. But for the most part, it was her that reigned victorious. Not that you minded, you weren’t overly competitive for the most part.
It was a dangerous world if your sister truly had returned. The last time you two had been together you’d managed to trick her into a magic circle that was supposed to bind her for two thousand years. That was probably a century ago now, seeing as how you’d made your home here shortly after.
But what could’ve caused the circle to break? Lost in your thoughts you didn’t hear the tell tale signs of the hut’s door opening and closing. The sound of armor being removed and you didn’t her Jungkook call out to you.
So when you felt a pair of warm arms encircle your waist, you panicked. Throwing your elbow into the abdomen you whirled around to kick them in the face when you saw the pained expression of your lover looking back at you as he gazed at you in awe.
“Oh! Jungkook!” You gaped, placing your hands on his face and shoulder. “I’m so sorry! You startled me!”
“I... announced myself,” he huffed, rubbing at the tender flesh of his stomach.
“I was lost in thought, are you alright? I didn’t think I hit you that hard,” you tutted, moving his shirt up to look at his flesh. There was a bandage around his middle, it was older. Although it wasn’t there the last time he was here.
“I’m alright, it doesn’t hurt that much anymore,” he said, standing up to his full height above you.
“No? Where have you been?” You asked, wrapping your arms around his neck and falling into the comfort that was him.
“Mmm, got sent out to the outer reaches of the kingdom. There’s been some strange happenings out there and we were dispatched to see what was going on,” he said, bringing his lips down to meet yours for a moment.
“How did you get hurt?” You asked, pulling away to better assess the damage.
“One of my men got... I don’t know, possessed? Something overtook him and he attacked us,” he said.
Blood magic...
That was your sister’s specialty.
“Oh no, is he okay now?” You asked, but you already knew how blood magic ended.
“He, uh... Didn’t make it,” Jungkook said, trying to keep from wincing.
The price of blood magic was steep. The victim would do the master’s bidding, and then kill themselves to ensure that the master wouldn’t be persecuted. Your sister had perfected the skill at the tender age of 120, it had taken you almost twice that to even grasp the concept.
“I’m sorry, that must’ve been hard,” you said, smoothing your hands over his broad shoulders. Jungkook sighed and placed a tender kiss to your forehead.
“You lose people in my line of work, I shouldn’t be so affected by it but... What can I say? I’m a bleeding heart,” he whispered. You knew that he was upset, you could see it as plain as day on his face. So you gave him a soft kiss on the lips, pulling back to assess his features again. Another kiss. And you kept going until he was smiling under your lips.
“That’s better, you’re much cuter this way,” you giggled. Jungkook pressed forward, kissing you deeper this time. You could feel the stirrings of arousal starting in your stomach as he covered your mouth with his eagerly.
“What if I don’t want to be cute? What if I want to be tough?” He asked, raising a brow.
“You’re very tough, kook. But you’re also very cute,” you smiled, pinching his cheeks.
“Ow, let me go,” he pouted.
“But what if I don’t want to?” You asked, wrapping your arms around him tight.
“Then don’t,” he smirked, picking you up. You grinned as he carried you to your bed, laying you down on your sheet before crawling over you. Just as he was about to devour you, he got a weird look on his face. You noticed that he’d stopped moving, so you sat up and leveled with him.
“You alright?” You asked, putting your hand on his cheek carefully.
“I-I don’t want you thinking that all I want from you, is this?” He said, gesturing between the two of you.
“What do you mean?”
“I-I’ve been thinking about it, and, I-uh, want us to... maybe, um... I’ve been thinking about, courting you,” he blushes, face turning pink at the words.
The wind was knocked out of you. He wanted to court you?
“Jungkook,” you began, and he whined immediately.
“This is why I didn’t say anything,” he sighed, sitting up on his knees.
“Jungkook, I’m a witch, if you’ve forgotten,” you said, gesturing at yourself.
“And? Y-you’re a good witch,” he reasoned.
You frowned and looked down at your hands. “I didn’t used to be.”
“What?” Jungkook asked, raising a brow.
“And I’m far from perfect Jungkook. I won’t obey you, I refuse. I don’t want to be tied down to one place. And... You’ll be long dead before me,” you swallowed. That was another thing that was hard to come to terms with. Your life was going to be longer than Jungkook’s. As he aged, you’d look relatively the same. It broke your heart that someday, this loveable man wouldn’t visit you... He’d eventually have to settle down and get himself a wife that would bear him children, something you weren’t able to give... A normal life, a good life. Something that would make him happy.
“I don’t want you to obey me, I don’t want to tie you down but... I want you to be mine, please, please think about it,” he begged.
“Do you really think in these seven months I haven’t thought about you in that way? That I haven’t thought through every scenario in which we could be together? All of them end with death, Jungkook. I don’t want to see that happen to you. I can’t watch you die in front of my eyes,” you whispered, eyes starting to mist with tears.
“If you want me too, then why can’t we do this? We could be together, the King would approve of you I promise,” he said, smiling lightly at the end.
“I seek no one's approval, Jungkook. Not even my own,” you said sharply. Jungkook frowned at your statement.
“Why are you so hell bent on this failing? Do you have so little faith in me?” he asked, looking genuinely hurt by the prospect.
“No, Jungkook. This isn’t about you... It’s about me, I-I have nothing to offer you. No money, no title, I can’t even give you children.”
This gives Jungkook pause.
“What do you mean? You’re barren?” he asked, sounding hurt. But not for himself... For you.
“Jungkook, magic doesn’t come without its consequences. The world must have order, have balance. And if you meddle with the natural order, eventually, the price will come due.”
Jungkook saw the first tears falling down your cheek and he felt his own heart shatter. You were doomed to be alone. Everything you had done together, would just be a memory for you down the road. And eventually, he would become one of those memories. The thought of not seeing you made Jungkook more restless than he’d care to admit. But you were here now, he could comfort you now.
“Y/N,” he breathed, kissing your cheeks gently. “Look at me.”
You really couldn’t. If you did the dam would burst and you could agree to anything he says. Because, you wanted a life with him. You really did. It was killing you to sit here and deny everything you’ve ever wanted and more. But if it got him to realize... You’d say anything.
“I can’t, I can’t do this Jungkook,” you said, wiping your tears. “You deserve a wife who will always be there for you. Someone who can give you what you want.”
“You’re what I want,” Jungkook said, biting his lip.
“No... I’m not Kook,” you said, smiling sadly. Jungkook’s eyes filled with tears of their own.
“I do. I do want you,” he whispered, taking your hands in his, placing them on his chest. “And you want me too.”
You bit your lip, trying to keep yourself from bursting into uncontrollable tears. He wasn’t wrong. You did want him, you always did. But this attraction, this draw to him... It would only end in heartbreak, it already had.
“Jungkook,” you started again, when he cut you off with his lips.
“You want me, you need me,” he breathed, pulling your hair back from your face. “I’ll give you anything you desire. Money, a title, children. Whatever will keep you with me.”
“Jungkook, this isn’t about you not being enough. You’re more than enough. I-I’m the one who isn’t enough for you. I-I don’t-I can’t be with you.”
“Then why? Why did you continue to see me? Why did you give me hope?”
“Because,” you said, looking into his eyes. “Because I wanted hope too.”
This broke him.
Jungkook came forward and embraced you. “I’m not giving up. I’m in love with you. You’re more than enough for me. You’re smart, you’re funny, so beautiful and kind. You make me feel things, I’ve never felt for someone. My heart, it beats for you.”
“What happens when it stops beating, Jungkook? What happens when you die? I'm forced to watch my happiness disappear from my eyes? It’s not fair, Jungkook! W-Why must I always be alone? I-I didn’t know what I was getting into with magic. It’s given me a new life, but it’s a life where I walk alone,” you whispered.
“You never walk alone,” Jungkook said, bringing your head to his chest. His heart was beating hard against his ribs. You clutched his shirt.
“I must...”
“Not with me, never with me,” he said, sounding so sure.
“Make me believe it,” you breathed out. Jungkook’s eyes sparkled for a moment.
“I will,” he growled, pushing you back down onto the bed. “I’ll show you how much I care for you. How much I want this. Want you.”
Jungkook’s lips were soft as ever, taking your breath away with his kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer so that your bodies were pressed against each other tightly. Goddess, this was it. This was going to be the last time you felt him. You had to put everything into this. Remember every detail. The way the light makes his eyes shine. The look of wonder he gets every time he sees your center, dripping and ready for him. You moaned as he ran his thumb against your slit.
“Fuck you’re wet,” he moaned.
“Need you, Kook,” you pleaded.
“You’ll get me,” he encouraged.
“Hurry,” you whined.
“So eager, I love that. Every time...”
He dropped to his elbows on the bed and brought his lips to your center in a chaste kiss. You let out a shaky breath at his tenderness. Normally it was you who took control. But not tonight, Jungkook was in charge of this exchange, and you were more than happy to oblige him.
Slowly, Jungkook pulled your undergarments off and threw them away from the bed. You sighed in pleasure when Jungkook’s lips met your center. Jungkook didn’t like using the potion to eat you out anymore. He got off on the taste, the sweet feeling of your lower lips against his tongue. Fuck, he couldn’t get enough of it sometimes.
His tongue laved against your swollen clit as he gathered your flavor. He moaned into your center, moving his tongue from your entrance to your pearl, taking fat licks to get every ounce of nectar you let him have. “Fuck, Kook, so good baby.”
“I could do this for hours. Until your legs shook and you couldn’t take anymore,” he said, wrapping his hands around your thighs and pulling you closer, so he could get a better angle on your sex.
“Jungkook!” you cried, head thrown back against the pillow. He took his tongue and probed at your hole, testing the waters.
“You taste so good,” he said, nosing your clit gently causing your hips to buck against his face.
“Y-You’re gonna make me cum,” you moaned out, hands grabbing at his hair to urge him along.
“Want you to cum baby, wanna taste it, get you nice and ready for my cock,” he groaned, palming himself through his trousers.
“F-Fingers, Jungkook. Give me your fingers,” you begged. Jungkook wasn’t in the mood to deny you or tease you. Carefully, he slid one finger into your cunt.
“Shit you’re tight,” he whimpered. “Want to fill you with me.”
“I want it, Jungkook, please baby!” you said, trying to keep yourself from falling over the edge too quickly. You wanted this to last. You wanted him in your bed, in your heart, forever... Something told you it had already come true. That he would be in your heart forever... It was so hard giving him up like this.
“Want another one?” he asked, teasing your center with another finger.
“Yes! Yes please!” you cried out.
Jungkook nodded and pushed a second finger in, stretching you out deliciously.
“Going to stretch out this pretty cunt for me. Then, I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t ever think about leaving me. You’ll need me to fill up this beautiful pussy with cum over and over.”
His words sounded strained, like he was trying to keep himself from crying. But, you kept quiet. Let him believe this would save your doomed romance.
He was beautiful.
You don’t think the world had created such a beauty that could rival his. It made your heart ache to know that you’d have to give him up. To let him go, but you couldn’t be selfish. You couldn’t let you stop him from becoming everything he could be. But for now?
He was yours.
Jungkook was licking your pussy with fury. He groaned and continued to pump his fingers inside of you faster. So much so that he was making a mess of you. Your body tensed up, cunt pulsing from his work. You could taste your orgasm. He was so close to giving it to you.