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allelitewrestlings a month ago
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deathtriangles 6 months ago
I have been watching AEW just since Punk and MJF started feuding and even I know Bischoff is talking out of his ass 馃檭 Since your takes are great, can you recommend a past AEW feud that I should go back and watch? (I saw Hangman vs the Elite by the way! Incredible!)
i would recommend my two favourite feuds in aew history (apart from hangman vs kenny and punk vs mjf) which actually intertwine a TON! my next favourite all time feuds are pac vs kenny omega and pac vs orange cassidy! pac vs omega actually started by accident, when pac filled in for jon moxley at all out 2019 due to an infection in his elbow, and was coming off of an incredible championship run in dragon gate. they have a great couple of matches where they compete to see who the best wrestler is, which eventually culminated in an iconic 30 minute iron man match. pac vs cassidy actually started right after this, and in my opinion, is one of the best comedy feuds in recent wrestling history. pac, a wrestler who is obsessed with winning and takes the sport very seriously, has to wrestle the laziest wrestler ever who wants to win by putting as little effort in as possible. this was orange cassidy鈥檚 aew debut match (revolution 2020!). this later expanded into a full rivalry of sorts between death triangle and best friends, which still gets some matches here and there to this day (btdubs watch penta vs yuta on dark from about a month ago, it was GREAT). these two feuds also fully intersected at double or nothing 2021 in the triple threat title match for the aew championship, which was one of the best triple threats in recent wrestling history imo! pac and orange also had a great couple of spots in the aew anniversary ladder match when they came out at 1 and 2!
if you鈥檙e looking for a great women鈥檚 feud, I can鈥檛 recommend hikaru shida vs serena deeb enough. their matches have been nothing short of great every time! riho vs nyla rose also always worked extremely well together and had a great couple of matches in early aew! riho vs nyla 2 still holds up as one of my favourite womens matches in aew to this day!
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wrestlingisfake a month ago
Ever since MJF's big worky-shooty promo my theory has been that they want to do Punk vs. MJF at All Out for the world title. I figured MJF would make a shocking return and declare his intention to win the title in Chicago and walk out of AEW, just like Punk did with WWE in 2011. (MJF's win over Punk in February would play into this, since it's already established Punk's hometown advantage won't help him.)
Obviously if this was the plan, Punk's foot injury probably screwed it up. They can't do "MJF wants to walk out with the belt" when there are two belts. So I started to think they'd do Punk vs. Moxley on the pay-per-view, but then they bumped up that match to a week earlier. I still don't understand why they're doing that...unless it's to clear the way for Punk vs. MJF.
My gut feeling is the MJF drama from a few months ago won't prevent the match from happening. Whatever legit heat MJF may have had with Tony Khan, I think they reached an understanding by the time Max did his June 1 promo. His absence right now has just been to put doubt in our minds as to whether he'll be a loose cannon when he shows up again.
As for the recent stories about Punk...I dunno. I think there's something to the reports that he's been unhappy with some things, and some top guys are unhappy with him. I don't think he'll walk out of AEW over it, but I can buy that some people backstage believe he could. The primary reason I don't buy that it's some elaborate work is that it doesn't make much sense. Punk randomly going off on Hangman Page when he's supposed to be feuding with Moxley is counterproductive. Planting seeds for "Punk is a prima donna" is counterproductive if AEW is already doing an "MJF is a prima donna" storyline. A lot would have to happen on-screen to convince me that it was all part of the plan.
In short, there's a lot of reasons to think Punk vs. MJF might not happen at All Out. But I still can't shake the feeling that Punk will defeat Mox on August 24 to become the undisputed champion...just in time for MJF to saunter out with his own version of the 2011 pipebomb promo.
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blueonwrestling 4 months ago
people complain about aew having too big of a roster but when a disaster like punk鈥檚 injury happens it helps to have such a big roster for sure.
punk鈥檚 gone, cole鈥檚 hurt for a bit, moxley danielson jericho and so many more can fill up that top slot and people can even have dry runs of a main event push.
moxley vs malakai black could be an extremely fun tv feud.
bcc vs house of black? sign me up.
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aaronpullinteeth 4 months ago
Following on from my last post about Punk's title reign:
This is how I'd go for the booking of his title reign in terms of challengers (obviously things can change over time but as the landscape looks right now, this is my thought)
1st challenge: Kyle O'Reilly - big win over Darby and he's a fresh face in the title scene, a good one for Punk to just have a good match or two with.
2nd challenge: Adam Cole - Owen winner, Punk a massive Hart fan, it writes itself and Cole always delivers in big matches.
3rd challenge: Bryan Danielson - I mean, who doesn't want to see Punk vs Danielson again. Let's see if they can still go together like they could all those years ago.
4th challenge: Jeff Hardy - The history in the feud these two had would be great to dip into again but with Punk as a good guy, it would be a good way to maybe explore different sides to their dynamic.
5th challenge: Wardlow - Let's go into the fact Wardlow was a huge reason Punk beat MJF putting him in the number 1 spot in the first place.
6th challenge: Samoa Joe - Another round in the CM Punk history world tour. It's his matches with Joe that put him on the map in wrestling in the first place.
7th challenge: Jon Moxley - The man who pretty much took up Punk's crown of outspoken anti hero after Punk left wrestling.
8th challenge: Kenny Omega - I feel Omega would be back by this point and you need to do this match before Punk's title reign ends. In fact you could end it here and it would work... Or...
9th challenge: Eddie Kingston - Here's where I'd take the belt off Punk. Eddie deserves it, man and it would put him in a spot I feel he could carry in such a way we haven't seen in years. Plus they have been building the feud between each other in such cool ways for awhile now, it just feels right.
Obviously you have loads of others who could also step in: Hangman again, Jericho, Darby, elevate Jungle Boy or hell, even Hook or Danhausen but for me... That's the road I'd take in Punk's reign.
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pippenainteasy a month ago
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CM Punk vs. Jon Moxley is going to be an incredible feud and I know they鈥檒l have a great match
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dalekofchaos 7 months ago
Hangman Adam Page deserves better as AEW World Champion
The journey of Hangman beating Kenny and being crowned as champion. His reign has been unfortunately underwhelming.
He had great matches with Bryan Danielson, but his presence as champion is constantly been kept on a midcard level and when he does has championship matches, it鈥檚 on the first match of the card.
Let鈥檚 compare that to the former Champions.聽Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega all led AEW from the front. Whether they were instigating wild angles, cutting fire promos or mucking about in skits with The Young Bucks, they all had prominent, featured roles that denoted them as the biggest of deals.
Page鈥檚 reign is in danger of being defined by the champion complaining he doesn鈥檛 get to defend the title enough. The Danielson feud was focused mostly on 鈥淭he American Dragon鈥 leaving Dark Order members for dead. Now 鈥淭he Hangman鈥 is treading water with Lance Archer in a mini-feud that feels terribly midcard.
Compare the Adam Page and Archer segments to the prominence given to Roman Reigns who main events or opens every single episode of SmackDown. If Roman misses a week that鈥檚 a news story!
More importance is being placed on the guys looking to challenge for the title than on the champion himself. Not to mention guys like Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley who aren鈥檛 even in the title picture.
Kicking off a show with a highly-anticipated World Championship match on free TV is as ridiculous as it sounds. Especially when there's no other major match or segment planned for the main event. Viewers won't have much of a reason to keep watching the show, especially if the big matches are followed by a Dan Lambert or Matt Hardy segment. Remember, when CM Punk was in his historic reign as WWE Champion, he barely main evented PPVs and Cena vs Johnny Ace was treated with more importance. We were all outraged by that, so why aren鈥檛 we outraged when Adam never main events a PPV or a single episode of Dynamite?
AEW needs to rethink its card placement for pay-per-view matches. It doesn't make sense for all the highly-anticipated matches to take place towards the end of the show. It has to be spread out throughout the show to keep the crowd lively and awake.
Why did you make Adam Page your World Champion if you constantly treat him an afterthought as champion and put DAN LAMBERT AND BRANDI FUCKING RHODES IN A MORE IMPORTANT LIGHT THAN YOUR ACTUAL WORLD CHAMPION???
聽Hangman deserves better than this shit. Treat him with importance. Treat your world champion LIKE THE WORLD CHAMPION OF YOUR FUCKING COMPANY! Like all you鈥檙e telling the audience by featuring other top guys more prominently than your world champion is that聽鈥渨ow why aren鈥檛 Bryan Danielson, MJF, Cm Punk or Moxley champion?鈥 Like you are dangerously close to presenting Adam as just a transitional champion and he deserves so much better.
Here are simple ways to better feature Adam Page
Have him open Dynamite week after week and cut big babyface champion promos
Let him wrestle every week in the main event whether it鈥檚 in singles or tag team
Any kind of segments with the Dark Order on a weekly basis. Like you鈥檙e telling me you can鈥檛 have Adam hyping up Anna Jay or John Silver?
Build conflict and gear towards a feud with Adam Cole. Like we are gonna get it eventually, but why is Adam dicking around with Lance Archer and why is Adam Cole messing around with Orange Cassidy when it鈥檚 clear the two Adams have history and you could actually build to a feud instead of pointless matches that mean nothing?
Have Adam Page save CM Punk from the near murder from Wardlow and MJF(why did all the babyface women come to separate Brandi and Paige VanZant, but absolutely no one came to the aid of CM Punk?) Like having Adam saving Punk from a beatdown would would also tease a feud with MJF and maybe showing Punk鈥檚 desire for the belt down the line
Hangman and Mox have a segment. Doesn鈥檛 have to be the week that Moxley did come back, but a week or two later, Hangman and Mox have a mutual sign of respect or something. Like I know Jon鈥檚 problems were real and Adam鈥檚 were just kayfabe, but it would work to just have a moment or two to have it look like these two guys respect one another
Have Hangman and Cody do a segment. Cody congratulates Hangman on winning the belt and getting past his demons, Hangman is worried about Cody and feels like he鈥檚 going down a dark path similar to what he went through and this could actually build to a slowburn feud between Adam and Cody
Actually treat your world champion like a world champion
Tony Khan is doing a good job of building up several strong title contenders at the same time, and it鈥檚 not like CM Punk, MJF and Adam Cole don鈥檛 deserve to be featured, but when your top champion feels like a secondary concern it鈥檚 less than ideal.
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jonmoxcity 26 days ago
Oh no, not y鈥檃ll bringing the shield into this when you know damn well shit hit the fan with the whole Moxley vs Punk feud. 馃槶 let鈥檚 throw gasoline into the garbage fire huh
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cmpxnk a month ago
鈽 tomatos are disgusting. also this isn't an unpopular opinion mainly because i haven't actually Formed an opinion on it rly but I'd be interested in yours - for a hot second I genuinely thought Jericho was gonna win vs. Mox like Specifically bc part of me is like "huh. weird to have punk come back and have a unification match that'll def firmly divide the crowd on like who to cheer for". that's neither an opinion Nor a question. idk, invitation to talk abt that booking decision if u wanna, ur so cool, ur wrestling opinions are cool
- and no for real like... jericho is washed up but dropping the sports entertainer gimmick and doing a throwback plus actually making that match seem like a STRUGGLE was very cool and fun to watch, really did think there were points where jericho could win. which was good, aew needs a little more unpredictability
in my opinion like. This probably sets up a punk heel turn? moxley doesnt lose clean in aew really, as our sorta main character, so i would Not be shocked if they continue that trend to set up a heel turn for punk. but also they could play it straight. and punk may not even retain! Im not sure where this feud goes and that's so fun to me because I love both guys A LOT and part of whay made hangman/punk really interesting to me was how divided ppl were :)
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baysexuality a month ago
No disrespect to Mox, but shouldn't the guy who Punk should return to face to unite the titles be a heel? Punk turning heel could work, but no one in 2022-23 wants to boo Punk, especially after recovering from a career threatening injury. So either Moxley loses to Kenny or godforbid Jericovid. Or turn Moxley heel, but who wants to boo Jon Moxley?
Again, not a slight on Mox, but this booking decision kind of hurts Punk's inevitable return
I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 necessary for Punk to face a heel. People are not going to boo either of them and that鈥檚 completely okay because I don鈥檛 believe they need to build up a heated feud for the match to happen. Besides, I don鈥檛 even think Mox is a face, I think of him more of a tweener. The only thing you need is his aggressiveness and intensity vs Punk's return story and that鈥檚 it; you can have a Bryan vs Kenny type of match where both guys are going to get cheered just for the sake of being Jon freaking Moxley and CM Punk. Personally, I don鈥檛 believe it would hurt Punk, because, as much as we all love Moxley, people will not boo CM Punk (especially if he returns at All Out in Chicago).
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reezywrestling 4 months ago
ReezyWrestling - May '22 Awards
Wrestler of the Month - CM Punk
Tumblr media
Match of the Month - Anarchy in the Arena Match - Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, Eddie Kingston, Santana & Ortiz vs Jericho Appreciation Society
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Tag Team of the Month - The Usos
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Women of the Month - Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.
Tumblr media
Event of the Month - AEW Double or Nothing
Tumblr media
Fresh of the Month - Wardlow
Tumblr media
Feud of the Month - Cody Rhodes vs Seth Rollins
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allelitewrestlings 29 days ago
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ueapologist 25 days ago
Moxley鈥檚 promo from Dynamite last night has been living rent-free in my head all day today. He鈥檚 not my absolute favourite wrestler (top 5 though, easily), but god damn do I respect him massively for his attitude in all of this. Every time something goes badly wrong for AEW...
The pandemic
The exploding barbed wire deathmatch finish
Punk getting his ankle broken originally after winning the title
... they just give the ball to Moxley and he makes everything seem ok.
If we鈥檙e building up to Mox vs. MJF at Full Gear later this year then I can鈥檛 wait. Their feud in 2020 was awesome and both of them have only gotten better...
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wrestlingisfake 29 days ago
All Out preview
Tumblr media
Jon Moxley vs. CM Punk - Moxley is the undisputed AEW men's world champion, and is defending that title. Mox's GCW title is not on the line here; win, lose, or draw, he will defend it against Nick Gage on October 8.
This is Punk's first world championship match in the Chicago area since April 29, 2012, when he successfully defended the WWE title against Chris Jericho. When Punk won the AEW title in Las Vegas back on May 29, it seemed inevitable that he'd headline the June 26 Chicago show against Hiroshi Tanahashi. But Punk was quickly sidelined with a broken left foot, and Moxley defeated Tanahashi to become the interim champion. Once Punk was cleared, it seemed inevitable that he and Moxley would have a unification match on this show. Instead, they faced off on August 24 in Cleveland, and the story of the match was that Punk's foot gave out early on and Mox destroyed him in about three minutes.
So yeah, we've been waiting a long long time for our boy to hold a championship in our town county. It's like we're cursed or something.
I wasn't sure how they could convincingly book a rematch for this show, eleven days after the Cleveland mismatch. Mox issued an open challenge on August 31, and Punk's buddy Ace Steel convinced him to nut up and sign it. It feels like the direction is for Mox to heel on Chicago by beating the absolute shit out of Punk (some more), and for Punk to find the eye of the tiger and weather the storm.
It's hard to believe the loser of this match won't turn heel. If Punk fails again, there's nowhere for him to go but to make excuses and blame everyone but himself. After everything Moxley has said about Punk being fragile and weak, he won't take it well if that same guy knocks him out of the world title picture for a months.
I'm up for seeing either guy carry the world title through the end of the year, but it feels like this story is designed to give Punk a Rocky III moment in 40 miles outside of his hometown.
Britt Baker vs. Hikaru Shida vs. Toni Storm vs. Jamie Hayter - This is a four-way match where the winner will be named the interim AEW women's world champion. The official champion, Thunder Rosa, was originally scheduled to defend the title against Storm on this show, but she announced on August 24 that she had an injury. Once Rosa is medically cleared, she'll presumably face the interim titleholder to determine the undisputed champion. This will be the fourth time an AEW/ROH interim championship has been established in 2022.
The women's division feels like it's in complete disarray. I like Rosa and I like her as champion, but it feels like her title reign never got into gear. The originally scheduled Rosa-Storm match felt like an afterthought, and AEW was always running promos with Baker badmouthing Rosa for failing to carry the division. I've seen the argument that Baker's worky-shooty stuff with Rosa is good, actually, but it sure doesn't click with me.
There were reports that Storm was scheduled to beat Rosa for the title, so that suggests she's the favorite to win here. But AEW could take this opportunity to move the belt to Baker to set up a Baker-Rosa match down the line. I think my preference would be to get the title on Shida to keep it away from the Rosa/Storm-Baker/Hayter drama, and then you could actually have more than two things going on in the women's division every week.
Chris Jericho vs. Bryan Danielson - A few months ago Danielson got sucked into the Eddie Kingston vs. Jericho Appreciation Society feud, which led to a couple of Danielson vs. Danny Garcia matches. Garcia's respect for Danielson caused Jericho to question his loyalty. Danielson was like "*eats popcorn*" so now he and Jericho are fighting. For some reason I have forgotten, Jericho will be wearing his Lionheart tights which apparently give him Stu Hart wrestling powers or something. Jericho is 0-1 in AEW with the 1990s gimmick, probably because the 20th century code was updated to be Y2J compliant. Danielson should win, but I'm not certain he will.
Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland vs. Max Caster & Anthony Bowens - Lee and Strickland (Swerve In Our Glory) are defending the AEW tag team title. The Acclaimed (Caster and Bowens) are red hot coming out of their storyline with Billy Gunn and his sons. The Acclaimed's "scissor me" thing was already over, and calling Billy's sons "Ass Boys" was already over, but somehow "scissor me, Daddy Ass" is huge, go figure.
Lee and Swerve should be favored to win, but I heard somewhere that everybody loves the Acclaimed so there could be a backlash if the crowd doesn't accept the finish. Also, the tag title scene has been more chaotic lately, so it's a lot harder to predict than a year ago. I mean, I was pleasantly surprised Swerve and Lee won the belts in the first place, so it feels like anything could happen.
Kenny Omega & Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson vs. Adam Page & John Silver & Alex Reynolds - This is the final match in an eight-team tournament to determine the first AEW trios champions. Originally Silver and Reynolds entered the tournament with Preston Vance, but Vance was sidelined after they advanced to the semifinals, so Page stepped in take his place.
There's like fifteen matches on this show, so there's no room here to get into the extended saga between Omega, the Young Bucks (Nick & Matt) and Page. What counts at the moment is that the Bucks recently started to reconcile with Page. Omega has only recently returned to TV after losing the AEW world title to Page in November, so this will probably be our first chance to see where those two stand with one another. Page's state of mind about his relationship with his opponents is going to be the whole story.
There are other wrinkles to this storyline, but I'm not sure they'll matter right here and now. Will Ospreay, Kyle Fletcher, and Mark Davis clobbered Omega and the Bucks on August 31, so the effects of that attack could factor into the match. With Omega basically acting like a babyface now, I have to think Don Callis is going to turn on him to align with a new meal ticket. Andrade El Idolo offered Preston Vance and Evil Uno big money to flip from the Dark Order to La Faccion Ingobernable, and I don't think he'll take no for an answer. The Bucks have unfinished business with Adam Cole, assuming he can find some new partners to help him with that.
I could see this match going either way, but I think AEW's done as much as they can with Page losing and being depressed about it. So although Omega and the Bucks would work as the first trios champions, I'd rather see Page's team go over.
Jade Cargill vs. Athena - Cargill's TBS title is on the line. Athena debuted in AEW with some neat mechanical angel wings, but Cargill smashed them with a hammer. I think I say something like this every time Cargill defends the title on PPV--I like Athena, but she's fixing to get clobbered in about seven minutes, at best.
Sting & Darby Allin & Miro vs. Malakai Black & Brody King & Buddy Matthews - Black sprayed his poison mist at Miro and Sting, and they're both still pissed about it. King and Allin seem to have been enemies forever. Sting still hasn't lost a match in AEW, and the opposing team has a grown man named "Buddy." You do the math.
Wardlow & Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler vs. Jay Lethal & Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin - Wardlow got into it with Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Satnam Singh, so FTR intervened to even the odds. When this match was announced it was assumed Lethal's partners would be Dutt and Singh, but instead they've brought in the Motor City Machineguns from Impact Wrestling. That should make the match better, although I don't think it'll stop FTR and Wardlow from winning.
Jungle Boy vs. Christian Cage - Cage turned on Jungle Boy on June 15, after about a year of mentoring him and Luchasaurus. Ever since then they've had a blood feud of Cage taking every chance to say something abhorrent about Jungle Boy's family. I'm not sure where Cage goes from here, but I am sure he's got to lose once and for all here.
Ricky Starks vs. Powerhouse Hobbs - Hobbs turned on Starks on July 27. In particular, Starks is mad that Hobbs attacked his neck, since he's very familiar with the neck issues Starks had last year. So expect a lot of neck stuff. I'm a bigger fan of Hobbs than Starks, but Starks is clearly a much bigger deal and AEW needs to push him six months ago. If Ricky doesn't win this I don't know what's going on.
Casino Ladder Match - Geez, this card is huge. I'd be annoyed except I paid to sit in the building so yeah, they better give me my money's worth. Anyway, this is a ladder match where two guys start and then each additional man enters at timed intervals. No championships are at stake here, but I think the winner gets a future title shot at the AEW men's world champion.
Seven participants have been announced: are Claudio Castagnoli, Wheeler YUTA, Penta El 0M, Rey Fenix, Rush, Andrade El Idolo, and Dante Martin. The eighth and final participant will be revealed after everyone else has entered the match. Everybody's going to expect that guy to be MJF, but it makes no sense for him to want to be in this match and get thrown off of ladders. I'm thinking other absent big names, such as Adam Cole or Jeff Hardy, are more plausible. But it could just as easily be somebody like Lance Archer that's cool but not "huge surprise" cool.
I don't see a clear favorite in this field to lose a TV main event. Claudio would work but I don't think they want the ROH world champion fighting the AEW world champion right now. So I guess I'll pick the mystery man to win.
PAC vs. Kip Sabian - Pac is defending the AEW all-Atlantic title...on the pre-show, for some reason. It's Sabian first AEW match since March 2021 After getting shoulder surgery, apparently his master plan was to stand in the front row for months with a box on his head, hoping that AEW would create an all-Atlantic title and that Pac would win it and defend it in the UK, so he could also stand around there and bother Pac. Then on August 24, he finally sprung the trap and hit like one move on Pac. I'm pretty sure this plan won't work and Pac will retain.
HOOK vs. Angelo Parker - Hook's FTW title is at stake in the pre-show. It would take you longer to read this post than it will for Hook to choke out Parker.
Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo vs. Ortiz & Ruby Soho - Another pre-show match. Guevara and Melo are defending the AAA mixed tag team title, after they lost a non-title match to Ortiz/Soho on September 2. AAA booking never makes sense to me, so if somebody decided to move the belts to Ortiz and Soho that wouldn't shock me. However, I think there's more money in Sammy and Tay being insufferable with the his-and-hers title belts.
Eddie Kingston vs. Tomohiro Ishii - Ishii beat Kingston in a New Japan show on May 14, and now we're getting a rematch on the pre-show. It's a little random, but Ishii was unable to appear on Chicago show back in June, so I'm just happy he made it back. I could see this one going either way, although after Eddie's recent suspension I find it hard to believe AEW is going to reward him with a big win right away.
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cmpunkapologist 29 days ago
alright whatever, before i take a nap to make sure i'm awake for the ppv, quick predictions:
Zero Hour:
Tomohiro Ishii vs. Eddie Kingston
Pac [c] vs. Kip Sabian
Hook [c] vs. Cool Hands Angelo Parker
Sammy Guevara & Tay Mello [c] vs. Ortiz & Ruby Soho
Jon Moxley [c] vs. CM Punk
==> duh.
The Elite vs. Hangman Adam Page & The Dark Order
==> frankly, that's mainly what i Want to happen and think would be a cool beat to set up whatever future storyline that's gonna take place between the elite and hangman, plus i genuinely do believe the dark order deserves the spotlight, but. i won't at all be surprised if the elite gets the belts, actually.
Toni Storm vs. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. vs. Jamie Hayter vs. Hikaru Shida
==> i'd be fine with almost anything, but if britt wins, i might throw up.
Claudio Castagnoli vs. Wheeler Yuta vs. Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Rey F茅nix vs. Rush vs. Andrade El Idolo vs. Dante Martin vs. Joker
==> pretty sure about that one. might be samoa joe? which would be cool, because yes, pls run his feud with punk back. or maybe it's morrissey, which. also fine. (anybody but mjf, please, i just don't think that's a kayfabe-consistent booking desicion, i'm sorry)
Swerve In Our Glory [c] vs. The Acclaimed
==> huh. i don't actually know. swerve in our glory haven't, like. Done much? and i'd like for them to have like, at least one feud including an actual storyline before they drop the belts, but idk! idk. the acclaimed are over af, and i'd be fine with either outcome, but i think it'd be cool actually, if they won here tonight? everybody loves the acclaimed, baby.
Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Jericho
==> either danielson wins clean, or jericho cheats to win and danny, after his passionate "he doesn't have to cheat to beat danielson" speech, sees it. i'd prefer the latter, just for the drama and the sad betrayed look on danny's face.
Jade Cargill [c] vs. Athena
==> idk what they're planning to do with the tbs championship now that kris will be gone for. a while. but i can't see jade dropping the title so close to 40 wins with the buildup to this match as it was.
Jungle Boy vs. Christian Cage
==> jb, no, sorry, jack, needs to win this one.
Wardlow & FTR vs. Jay Lethal & The Motor City Machine Guns
==> that would be my prediction even if i was convinced that lethal and mcmg win (i'm not, that's actually the outcome i expect) because fuck lethal.
Ricky Starks vs. Powerhouse Hobbs
==> depends! if they're gonna stick with the starks vs. hobbs feud for a bit, which i think they Could in a compelling way, hobbs needs to win here. ricky is very upset and it's easy for hobbs to get under his skin, plus he's fucking huge and terrifying. let ricky fail and have to go through some more Trials before he can get a win over him. (if they drop the feud right after, ricky should win though, obviously.)
House of Black vs. Darby Allin, Sting, and Miro
==> hob needs the win, i feel like. i think it'd be neat if malakai got to pin sting, to be specific.
other predictions:
willow confirmed to be signed officially??? pls? mr. tk pls?? ohhhhh. oh. oh oh oh. imagine actually. willow getting the belt from jade eventually. 馃ズ
mjf return. (please. i'm begging. i miss him.)
NO shoot injuries. (that's not an actual prediction i'm just always so unreasonably worried about Big Shows.)
cole back, maybe? idk. feel like i heard he'd be back soon, but it would have been neat and made sense to like, have him come out with uhhhh two partners maybe, after the trios champs have been decided, and. well. can't bring him out with redragon; everybody and their grandma know bobby's contract wasn't renewed. ...i miss cole. i want to see matt hate-post about cole being back.
*someone* will bleed all over the place. definitely mox. maybe mox and punk both.
i Won't have to write yet another "stop fucking bodyshaming even shitty people, what the fuck is wrong with y'all" post. please, guys.
idk, i'm not up to date with whoever tk might have signed just because they were free; i'm hardly able to keep up with aew, i don't know shit about other promotions and stopped reading dirtsheets. but probably another signing, tk loves signing people.
ok, goodnight, gonna nap.
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wrestlezon a month ago
liveblog containment post for aew dynamite 8/17
im behind by like 20 minutes because i was waiting on my friend to join me. but lmao when i opened up fite to get it ready i guess they apparently accidentally streamed an HOUR of aew dark elevation on there??? and then sliced it away from me in real time as i was poking around at it???? cmon aew production team lemme benefit from your harmless mishaps theyre cool and fun
HERE WE GO ITS DYNAMITEEE lmao when they sliced away the aew dark elevation they also cropped out like the beginning half of the game of thrones cross promotional intro. Good
oh!! cm punk!!!!!!!! hiiii hi cm punk yayyyyy hes back (edit: lmfao i didnt notice this the first time but he runs up to jump in to the leftside crowd and then is like "mmm naw i dont wanna break my foot a second time" LMAO) yayyyy you cant have a wrestle rematch right now. youre in regular civilian clothes. you cant fool me. im savvy to "wrestling" oh my GOD he is SO MEAN to HANGMAN PAGE!!!!!!!! hes trying to have a character arc punk! don't get him with the devil temptations of the championship title!!!!!!!!!!!! im just so glad to hear punk on the mic again :)c hee hee yayyyy OH SHITTTTT THE MOXLEY DISS???????? THIRD BEST GUY IN ANY GIVEN GROUP :)c hee hee!!!! punk!!!!!!!!! DISSING ON EDDIE KINGSTON NOW???? CM PUNK FIRING SHOTS ON ALL MY FAVORITE GUYS??? YESSS FIGHTTTTT I MISSED YOU PUNNNNNNNNNK HUAGHGHGHGHHGHGH SNOW ANGELS IN THE RING HEEL PUNK HEEL PUNK HEEL PUNK YAYYY I GET EVERYTHING I WANT... hes so full of himself. this rules. i love it when cm punk is rude on tv moxley vs punk having a promo showdown. bruh! hell yes!! moxley's cheeky little foot wiggle when he says punk's body can't keep up hee hee!! KISS??? REAL???? EFFY MATCH UNLOCKED SOMETHING IN MOXLEY (REAL) (INCOHERANT YELLING)
powerhouse hobbs backstage segment! ricky starks gettin threats! qt marshall gettin threats! waowowowow
THEY'RE DOING THE DANIELSON GARCIA 2 OUT OF 3 FALLS MATCH RIGHT NOW?????????? WHAT THE!!!!! kick fight!!! yesss stretching him. yeowch thats gotta hurt for realsies daniel garcia's little taunting head kicks oooo hes pissing him off ooooooo danielson fury kick explosion THE GARCIA COUNTER! ooough! this match is gonna be LONG. its 2 out of 3 falls鈥 there was only 4 matches advertised on the card鈥 did they say there was a time limit dragontamer turnaround counter! nice work danielson OOF piledriver鈥 couldn't counter his way around that one FIRST FALL鈥 garcia choked out danielson again.. whoa
look out youre gonna rip your hammy, garcia鈥 (lmao) oughhh baited danielson onto the concrete鈥 man hes really putting danielson through the ringer. danielson on his back foot this whole match! gosh OOOO COUNTERED GARCIA AND GOT THE PIN! theyre tied now
the ol' kicking my enemy dangling on the corner move ohhh suplexes... omfg danielson's tope right at the camera. whoa!!
lets take turns slamming each other into the ringpost ooooo yea holding chins and yelling at each other look at me when im wrestling at you!!! NOTICE ME danielson: zen mode activated. you cannot kill me in a way that matters YEAH GET EM garcia's turns for kicks. man hes gettin them (the kicks) :O the counters鈥 lmao bryce just giving up on trying to put the gloves on for now. the. the nuzzling. GARCIA LITERALLY NUZZLING DICK RIGHT NOW???? IM NOT EVEN EXAGGERATING look. youre not going to win a headkick trade against danielson. you just cant. punching and punching!!! garcia LOSES!!!!!!!!!!!! to getting passed out heck of a fight tho
lmfao danielson just pointing. "you seein' this rn??" claps!! you got his respect really good dazed selling from garcia here. i have to say, anyone who is a strong fan of garcia or these two's feud in particular must be going absolutely wild at this. just hooting and hollering. (i like garcia too) YOURE A WRESTLER! YOURE A WRESTLER! YOURE A WRESTLER! reject jericho! turn your back on sports entertainment!!!! ITS HAPPENING...
backstage segment with swerve in our glory vs private party my other friend finally arrived and is requesting to rewatch the intro segment that im being vague but pleased about. do i want to watch it a third time so soon? maybe later theyre getting mad at me so im missing out on private party sassing the current tag team champs whoops hold on i skipped too far past the commercial and saw punk and moxley!?!? i HAVE to go back to the beginning now it'd be an actual crime to show them this out of order. i cant believe how instantly the show itself is pushing my hand like this (punk vs moxley鈥 SO good though鈥 it was worth it. im going to rewatch that segment so much anyway)
tony nese fight! is this an unannounced squash match? wait then what was the punk moxley thing i saw??? this must be a hella quick squas-- LMFAO MOXLEY KNOCKING HIM THE FUCK OUT THE WAY IN THE RING??? CHALLENGE??? THERE WOULD BE ENOUGH TIME FOR PUNK TO CHANGE INTO GEAR鈥??? OHHHH!!!!! THEYRE USING MY BASIC WRESTLING SAVVYNESS AGAINST ME ??????? punks still in his civvies they cant be fighting for realsies. but oh my god LMAO CLAUDIO JUST PICKING UP MOXLEY LIKE A TODDLER OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
backstage with the JAS ricky steamboat?? the old men are fighting!!!!! BAD MOVE COOL HAND ANG
gunn club vs varsity blondes i have to say this is the least interesting match on the ca-- oh its over. so HERE is the squash match billy gunn: ok nice squash. im super proud of yall now. family hug wow this sure is resolved huh :) STOKELY APPEARS... OH MY!!!!!!! BROTHERS TURN AGAINST THE FATHER THE ACCLAIMED??????? DADDY ASS RESCUED BY THE ACCLAIMED???? SCISSOR ME DADDY ASS OH MY GOD THEYRE DOING IT 10/10 GAYEST AEW DYNAMITE YET!!! THROUGH THE ROOF HELL TYUESYSYEYSYYESES
video promo with lethal's crew
dude if the "stokely is secretly putting together a team for mjf" theory is true this is going to rule so hard oh my god. we could get (in a fashion) mjf vs max caster. oh god. oh no. IM DREAMING... I HAVE HOPES... DESIRES.... OH NO!!!!!! im going to be SO disappointed when this is not the case
jungle boy promo segment! "wow there sure is a lot of promos this dynamite. i dont have a problem with this at all btw actually i am a fan of the promo segment" <- me forgetting there is a ppv at the end of the month jungle boy throwing down against christian cage!! cage's evil villain black turtlenecks? i love them. cage is so TRANSPARENTLY disingenuous and its in such a goofy way lmfao you would have to have 1 brain cell to fall for this LMFAO the offense GET HIM JUNGLE BOY!!! christian cage's evil plot to make jungle boy evil is working
speaking of someone making someone else evil, remember cmjf? remember that? i had to pause again because i incited a school of athens level discussion about cmjf with my friends again. SO good. coming up with new interpretations of the events we've been paused on this screen of ftr and wardlow for like 20 minutes do you know how fucking funny it would be if it turned out that mjf appeared during this promo?
wardlow and ftr backstage promo! ftr is talkin bout how they got their guy wardlow's back. mjf did not appear during this promo. but can you imagine how ironic it wouldve been for me specifically?
toni storm vs kilynn king my friend thought toni storm was penelope ford for a hot second. i havent seen penelope ford in a long time so ive forgotten what she looks like so i dont know how to effectively make fun of my friend for this. i also didnt watch dark (sorry) telegraphed ass attack that leads into victory lmfao thunder rosa's sad clapping... theyre gonna have to go up against each other...
me, earlier: "wow this dynamite is really good. if the best friends show up in it now then all my favorite guys will be in it and it'll be a top tier dynamite to me" aew dynamite: hey. best friends vs trustbuster video promo 10/10 dynamite (still afraid that the best friends are going to lose to the trustbusters though... ;_; aoughhhhh)
I HAVE TO CALM DOWN AND FOCUS THE FUCKING BUCKS MATCH IS NEXT I HAVE TO FOCUS YOUNG BUCKS TRIO VS ANDRADE TRIO a paper鈥 a script鈥 IS IT鈥 HMM鈥︹︹︹︹. THEY WOULDNT PULL A FAST ONE ON US RIGHT鈥 they ARE heels鈥︹︹. THERE HE IS!!! KENNY OMEGA REAL i LOVE his evil badguy jacket. don callis and jr are bickering THE CROWD RISING IN VOLUME WHEN KENNY'S HAND GOES OUT yay combo moves dragon lee getting stomped on nooo!!! theyre beating up kenny omega!!!!!! yay!! triple suplex!!!!! the young bucks are so cool. i love their antics and watching them wrestle oh no kenny!! your leg... its failing... hes trying so hard... THE DENIAL OF HIS SICK MOVE!! AND THEN STEALING HIS MOVE!!! THE AUDACITY i mean its pretty clear that the young bucks trio is gonna win this, but man theyre making me feel like maybe they wont! nevermind! it was a massive struggle but kenny omega pulled through! perhaps... too trialous... too tribulationy... what will this mean for the future!
andrade turning on dragon lee for losing! ANOTHER MASK BIT???? ANDRADE............ >:(
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heartsoulrocknroll 5 months ago
Here to offer my unsolicited thoughts on AEW Revolution 2022.
Tried to force myself to care about Kingston vs. Jericho, but simply could not.
Jurassic Express vs. reDRagon vs. the Bucks was fun. Of course, I wanted to see reDRagon win the titles. But that obviously isn't going to happen until they deal with this stuff with the Bucks and Cole. Side note, I am no longer able to take the Bucks seriously because of how absolutely ridiculous they look. Which is a shame, because that Nick Jackson can sure go in the ring. Loolol.
Ladder match was okay. Don't really care that much about anyone involved, so it wasn't necessarily my cup of tea. Wardlow wins, setting up material for the impending Wardlow/MJF feud. Whatever.
I want to like Jade Cargill. Maybe I will when she gets a little more seasoned. But I can't get into it right now. Anyway, she keeps the undefeated streak alive.
Punk vs. MJF dog collar match was everything I hoped it would be and more. MJF tries to run in the beginning and finds out he has nowhere to go. MJF grabs the mic and talks shit mid-match. Punk piledrives MJF on the apron!! MJF superplexes Punk off the top rope and into a pile of thumbtacks!!!! The Wardlow interference that we all saw coming a mile away doesn't play out in the conventional, boring way, with Wardlow taking a cheap shot on MJF. Instead, MJF calls Wardlow for an assist. Wardlow "forgets" the Dynamite diamond ring. While MJF is distracted by Wardlow, Punk grabs him and hits the GTS, causing MJF to fall into the thumbtacks!! Wardlow then lays the Dynamite diamond ring in the ring as Punk looks on. Punk drags MJF up. MJF spits in Punk's face!!!! Beautiful!!!! Punk hits MJF in the face with the ring and scores the pinfall. It was very obvious that Punk was going to win this, but I personally think that outcome is boring as hell.
Dr. Baker vs. Thunder Rosa was highly underwhelming. Decent enough match, but I expected more.
Danielson vs. Moxley was a very good match. Good mix of mat wrestling and all-out brawling. Using the blood again after the Punk/MJF match was a little much for me, but I can overlook it. I absolutely hated the finish though. Boring and annoying to see Moxley go over Danielson. And besides that, Danielson's shoulders weren't even on the mat when the ref counted the pinfall? Surely they have to address that? Danielson attacks Moxley after the match, but William freakin' Regal (!!!!!) comes to the ring, breaks the two of them up, and makes them shake hands. Awesome to see Regal. Loved that.
The 6-man tornado tag match was wild. Darby charges full speed at Andrade before the bell! Andrade just throws Sammy abdomen-first onto the barricade!! Private Party hits Silly String on Sammy on the outside!! The Butcher and the Blade show up, and the Butcher holds Darby by his legs and just absolutely slings his head into the wall multiple times!! SAMMY HITS A SPANISH FLY ON ISIAH OFF THE STAGE SET AND THROUGH A TABLE!! STING DIVES OUT OF THE CROWD AND ONTO ANDRADE, DRIVING ANDRADE THROUGH THREE TABLES!!! DARBY SCORPION DEATH DROPS MATT THROUGH A CHAIR, GOES TO THE TOP FOR A COFFIN DROP, AND SCORES THE PINFALL!!! (I will let the fact that the coffin drop barely hit Matt at all slide lol.) HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!
Enjoyed Hangman vs. Cole. Have I mentioned lately that I hate Cole's guts? Anyway, great counters all around in this match. Hangman powerbombs Cole onto the apron, then hits a moonsault to the outside!! Cole nearly falls off the top rope lmaoooo. Hangman goes for another moonsault to the inside, but Cole hits a superkick on him in midair!! Cole lands a Panama Sunrise on the outside!!! Hangman and Cole exchange some beautiful rolling elbows and superkicks. ReDRagon distracts the ref, allowing Cole to land a low blow and another Panama Sunrise. But Hangman kicks out!!!! ReDRagon sets up a table by the ring for Cole to use, but Hangman counters and hits a Deadeye on Cole through the table!!! Hangman hits the Buckshot lariat, but Cole barely gets a finger on the rope to break the pin!!! Hangman ties Cole to the rope with his belt and hits multiple superkicks!! Cole escapes, but Hangman hits his own shining wizard (@ Cole, you know the name of your finisher sucks when I'd rather say shining wizard) on Cole, followed by another Buckshot lariat, and gets the win!!!
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