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That ADHD feel when you end up losing important items on accident, because you forget where you put them in the first place. And you don't remember if it's because you got distracted and set them down in a place you wouldn't look, or if you just set them down somewhere and said to yourself,"Eh, I'll get this later, I'll totally remember!"
(I found it after an hour of searching though don't worry 馃槶)
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Tumblr media
Be the person Eddie Munsen knows you can be.
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Twilight has up to now in the manga only twice consciously remembered his childhood. To a time when he was the person before Loid, the person behind Twilight.
The first was when he saw Anya cry which led him to remember the cruelties of war and loneliness, and to decide he wanted to provide her a home.
Tumblr media
The second was when he saw Yor鈥檚 strength - but also vulnerability. And given what happened to his loving mother, decided he wanted to keep his home with Yor - as Anya鈥檚 mama, and at his side playing the role of his wife.
Tumblr media
These moments were when [redacted] was at his most truthful. No lies, no embellishments. Just him, the *real* him. And the fact that it鈥檚 his daughter and wife who spurred this in him and allowed him to *feel* is 馃ス
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Tumblr media
Tangled Root & Candlelight
by聽Darius Greene /聽ghost owl attic
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Cosmere Inktober 鈥 8 salute
Well, I have to go Bridge four for that one. The idea was to explore what the salute means by having it done by different characters throughout the books: an affirmation of life, resilient optimism, deep respect, belonging and identity, a feeling of pride and honour, friendship, joy and confidence. All the good Bridge four feels.
---------------------------------- [image description: Row of eight panels of characters doing the bridge four salute with both arms crossed in front of their chests, their hands balled into fists. The first two pictures split it into two rows of four. Also there are two in progress versions of the line-up. One is the are the lines with shading in greyscale and the second with a gradient map coloring of deep red and purples, a blue for the mid-tones and a warm eggshell white for the lighter areas. From left to right: Rock as a bridgeman, although he has already his beard shaved and styled in Horneater style with the top of his head and his chin shaved. The Lopen doing the one armed version of the salute. He also wears a loose shirt, cloth pants and the bridgeman vest with a padded shoulder section. His right sleeve is tied in a knot where is arm is missing. He is grinning broadly. Water containers hanging from his shoulders. Teft is wearing a Kholin soldier uniform. The bridge four tattoo is adorning his forehead. He gives off serious sergeant energy. Renarin is also wearing the foot soldier uniform. His is lit from below like from a campfire in front of dark nightly background. His salute is a bit more cautious. His expression implies he is not necessarily sure of what he is doing but still kind of proud to be part of this. Rlain is doing the salute in tall and broad shouldered warform. His now too small uniform jacket is tied around his waist. The bridge tattoo can be made out on the forehead part of his helmet like carapace. Lyn does the salute in the windrunner uniform 鈥 a long coat with a flare from the hips and white sash around the waist. She blushes in a very happy and proud way in front of bright blue sky. Syl also wears the windrunner uniform, but with Kaladin's rank insignia on the forearms and shoulders. Her laugh is full of joy. Kaladin is a in a simple white button down, his hair in a ponytail. He looks happy and relaxed, casually doing the salute.]
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the AVPD criteria: 鈥渦nwilling to get involved with people unless certain of being liked鈥
what people think: so you just don鈥檛 want to talk to people who don鈥檛 like you? that鈥檚 normal, no one likes trying to be friends with someone and finding out they don鈥檛 like you, why would that be a symptom of anything?
what it actually feels like: i am Not Allowed To Speak Unless Spoken To. if i try to join this interaction before someone directly invites me into it, i will break some unspoken rule and they will hate me and i will be punished for it and it will ruin everything. i can鈥檛 say anything or do anything until someone tells me i鈥檓 allowed to, even if it means i lose this chance at connection that i want so desperately. if i make my existence known right now it will be directly threatening to my safety somehow so my brain has entered freeze mode about it. now i literally have no choice but to sit silently and pray that someone cares enough to invite me in, which i know they won鈥檛 because they think i just don鈥檛 want to interact with them and i am incapable of speaking up to prove them wrong
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Lookin' fly af 馃槑
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Isaiah Bradley
Isaiah Bradley is an American Hero whose name went unknown for too long
Isaiah was one of a dozen African-American soldiers who were recruited against their will and without their consent for participation in human testing in pursuit of the super soldier serum most did not survive. The few who lived through testing were sent on secret missions during the Korean War. During the conflict against all odds, Isaiah Bradley rescued his fellow soldiers and 28 other POWS from behind enemy lines.
However fearful of the ramifications of a black super soldier. Some individuals within the government tried to erase Isaiah's story from history. His family was issued a falsified death certificate and for decades the truth of his unflinching bravery was buried.
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injuries-in-dust 10 days
Have a good day people.
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thatadhdfeel 1 day
That ADHD feel of wanting to fight when a superior at work gets in a bad mood and decides to take it out on you and trying to ban you using distractions/surfing the net, even when literally nobody else has ever cared ever! A nice combination of The Way I Cope In Office Environments and Rejection Sensitivity
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U re so f**k!ng beautiful 2 me.
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tested-and-secure 15 days
Something I wasn鈥檛 prepared for:
Watching Ava become more devout to the cause and her role as the Halo bearer while simultaneously watching Beatrice lose a bit more of her faith each episode, especially after watching the one person she鈥檇 ever loved almost die
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Tumblr media
waiting spell
by聽Darius Greene /聽ghost owl attic
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afandomdreamerwrites 6 months
For @aguilaguerrera10, I鈥檓 so sorry for making you wait this long. But here is the first part of your request. I hope you enjoy it.
TW: ANGST, ABANDONMENT, FEELS, EMOTIONAL. (it's about to be 3 AM as I write this. I'm braindead atm) if there is anything here that triggers you that I didn't mention, please let me know.
Tumblr media
[Art found on Zerochan and it's made by: Smileaotic1]
Tumblr media
Between the two of you, you are the runt.
Your brother had taken almost all of your energy at birth, leaving you weak and frail.聽
It was unlikely that you were to survive. In Talia鈥檚 eyes, that meant you were useless. Ra鈥檚, on the other hand, believed in second chances. He believed that with perseverance and ambition, you would be equal, if not, greater than your brother!聽
That didn鈥檛 matter to Talia. Why waste all that time and energy, if you were going to die anyway? Ultimately, the choice was hers.聽
She left you in an alley on a cold, dark, rainy night in nothing but a dirty, old box.聽
Alone to cry, alone to die鈥
Only a few nights after, maybe less, someone heard your cries and searched you out.聽
A man decked out in a leather, brown jacket, combat boots, and military pants with straps, and holsters wrapped around his legs. A red symbol of a bat is plastered across his chest and his red helmet with angry, pupil-less eyes gave a menacing aura, giving a face to fear for those sorry criminals who knew him.聽
You weren鈥檛 fazed by the intimidating gaze the helmet gave off; you were hungry, you were thirsty, so very cold, and your loud cries had turned hoarse and quiet.聽
Jason removed his leather jacket, picking you up and wrapping your tiny body with it.
Anger bubbled inside him - what kind of monster leaves a child, a baby, to die out here? A slow, agonizing death of starvation?
The vigilante bounces you in his arms, holding you close to his chest, and shielding you from the rain as he walks out of the dingy, dark alleyway where he and you were once in.聽
Originally, he was gonna place you in an orphanage. Jason wasn't fit to be a father, he doesn't believe so. Unfortunately, there aren't any orphanages nearby - none that he could trust, at least. So he kept you at his apartment for a few days.聽
During those few days, Jason had to learn a thing or two about taking care of a baby. He knew the basic necessities - diapers, blankets, wipes - but things like finding the right formula, baby-proofing his apartment, and strollers are things that Jason has no idea about.聽
He remembered carrying you in his arms swaddled in whatever blankets he could find around his home to his nearest grocery store. Jason was unsure, lost, and understandably, nervous. Carrying a baby to the store was very foreign to him, at the same time, natural. With the help of a few kind samaritans and some nice neighbors though, Jason was able to get through it smoothly.聽
You were a very happy baby anyway. A curious one at that.聽
Your eyes would wander everywhere and anywhere. You always wanted to see what鈥檚 going on, you always wanted to know what鈥檚 going on.聽
One time, Jason had come back from a very rough night of patrol. You were fast asleep in your crib, that is, until the door to you and his shared bedroom opened.聽
You had slowly opened your eyes as Jason tiredly and grumpily took off all his gear, throwing them to the side without care. You watch as Jason sits on the edge of his bed, seemingly staring at nothing as he sighs.聽
You were only a few months old at the time, and you didn鈥檛 hesitate to babble out your nightly greetings, making yourself known to Jason.聽
Jason looked over at you, before turning back and sighing, then standing up. 鈥淪orry, did I wake you?鈥 He walks over to your crib where you smile happily and excitedly mumble gibberish.聽
Jason couldn鈥檛 help but smile as well.聽
He had to admit it. You are a pretty cute kid. Your radiant smile was just too contagious.聽
He picked you up then laid on his bed with you resting on his chest. You continued to smile and babble on, almost as if asking about his day. Jason chuckled and simply nodded to whatever you were saying. 鈥淵eah.. I had a pretty rough day..鈥
Your little conversation continued, until he heard a crash below that frightened you. Loud shouting and yelling resumes afterwards, and before Jason knows it, you start whimpering. Jason never liked it when you cried, he found. It ignited something in him, an almost feral protectiveness over you.聽
He tried to comfort you by patting your bum and hushing you. 鈥淚t鈥檚 alright, kid.. I鈥檓 here.鈥澛
But the noises never stopped. It only dragged on with more crashes, more shouting, more yelling. It was so loud, Jason is sure he isn鈥檛 the only one that鈥檚 hearing it.聽
For you, it got to be too much and so you whimpered, and gripped his tank top. 鈥淒ada..鈥澛
Jason stops and looks down at you. 鈥淲hat?鈥
You nuzzle your head into his tank top in hopes you could either block out the noises or hide in Jason鈥檚 arms. 鈥淒ada..鈥
Something erupted in Jason that day. He isn鈥檛 sure how to describe it. Like a spark that fired something up in him.聽
Jason remembered putting back on his gear for a moment and going straight down to where the noises were coming from. You were swaddled in a red blanket, nuzzled to his chest as he held you close.聽
He barged into that apartment and found a couple fighting.
For what reason? He didn't know, and he didn鈥檛 care.
He aimed his pistol at them, and it was all it took for them to go silent.
鈥淲ould you kindly shut the fuck up?鈥 He demands coldly.聽
鈥淭here are children in this building.鈥
From that day on, Jason promised you he would never leave your side. He promised to forever be with you and never leave you alone like he had been his whole life.聽
As you grew, your curiosity and happiness grew with you, culminating into great energy with which you ran around the apartment ever since you took your first steps. Your joy was full of childish innocence and naivety, but your curiosity kept you hungry for knowledge thus making you more aware than kids your age.聽
鈥淲hat鈥檚 that?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 a gun.鈥
鈥淲hat does it do?鈥
鈥淚t shoots and kills people.鈥
鈥...Can I touch it?鈥
At first, Jason thought you wanted to know the basic things that all kids your age wanted to know - which was true, but you wouldn鈥檛 ask the typical questions he expected.聽
鈥淲hy is he in cuffs?鈥
鈥淏ecause he murdered his family.鈥
鈥淲hy did he do that?鈥
鈥淏ecause he鈥檚 a sick man, Angel鈥︹
Jason slowly started to realize you had a morbid sense of curiosity. It came natural to you.
鈥淵eah, kid?鈥
鈥淲hy do men eat other men?鈥
鈥淏ecause they get off on it.鈥
On one hand, he鈥檚 proud of your desire to know everything. On the other hand, he鈥檚 worried that your curiosity can lead you to doing things that could get you into trouble, dangerous things.
God forbid he鈥檒l ever let that happen. So Jason would try to be upfront with you about it. Sure, it isn鈥檛 something young kids should know, but it鈥檚 better that he tells you the reality instead of sugar coating it and letting you find out for yourself. Plus, if it does scare you, it keeps you by his side at all times - it鈥檚 win-win for him.聽
Around ten years old, you wanted to join Jason on his nightly patrols.聽
He outright rejected you. You weren鈥檛 too happy about it, of course, he expected this. But he鈥檒l be damned if he puts you in danger - there was no way he was gonna let some fuck-up criminal come anywhere near his baby girl. If he touches them, Jason, for sure, will see red.聽
But this is Jason. You were raised by him, and although you went along with whatever he told you to do, whatever warnings he gave to you - you weren鈥檛 going to go along this time.聽
You needed to know what it was like - the vigilante life!
A few failed attempts to keep you from home was all it took before Jason gave up and decided 鈥榝uck it.鈥 鈥淚f you insist on doing this with me, then I鈥檓 going to train you how to work with me.鈥
And train you, he did.聽
Jason taught you boxing, karate, taekwondo. He was ruthless in his training, often you came home, bruised and exhausted. He鈥檇 wake you up early to teach you basic defense skills and sharpen your reflexes. He鈥檇 test you on your ability to take down a knife, to incapacitate someone, to pin someone to the floor.聽
All of it was tiring, but you were persistent, and so desperate to know that it ended up becoming your goal to become another hero for the people of Gotham City.聽
By the time you were twelve, you became the new sidekick to Red Hood, going under the alter ego - Scarlet.
You mostly stayed on the sidelines, acting as more of a scout for sneaking into buildings and looking for any possible evidence, ways for Jason to get in, overhearing any juicy drug plans ect.聽
You were kept away from combat, rarely ever getting into fights, Jason made sure of that.聽
You didn鈥檛 mind. The entire experience of hearing and watching all the interesting crime scenes, the investigations, and the cool ways your father took down thugs - all of it was so thrilling and exciting to you!
Jason, however, was paranoid. It was always a risk to send you in by yourself, and sometimes his fear would become too much, and he just decides to keep you on the look-out. Good thing though is that you were a good kid. You listen to your father most of the time, and rarely get yourself into danger. Everything seemed normal, in your own ways.
Then Jason met your grandfather.
He learned of your existence, your birth, your father, and most of all, the parent who abandoned you - Talia.聽
Jason has some 鈥榟istory鈥 with that woman, and he isn鈥檛 really fond of her, but now.聽
Oh, now he despises her.聽
Ra鈥檚 was hoping to take you back, raise you under his wing and become part of his League of Assassins.
Jason won鈥檛 have it. This man allowed his own granddaughter to be left for dead and now he expects to have her back as if he didn鈥檛 let you be killed?
鈥淭hat kid is mine.鈥 Jason spat.聽
鈥淪he鈥檚 not yours. She never was and never will be.鈥 Jason turns his back on Ra鈥檚, beginning to walk away as the man watches him blankly.聽
鈥淎nd if you or any of your little posse come anywhere near my girl. I鈥檒l make sure every single one of you is buried six feet under.鈥
And with that, he left.聽
He never mentioned it to you, but little did he know, you had heard his conversation with Ra鈥檚.
You heard everything.聽
Did that change anything? No.聽
Jason is still your dad, you were his little girl and you two love each other very much.聽
You guys are family, no matter what.聽
And speaking of family, you met your father鈥
[DISCLAIMER: This work and any other works I do is purely fiction and fantasy. I do NOT condone any behaviors like this or other yandere behaviors in real life. If you experience something like this, I strongly advise you get help. Again, this work is purely fantasy and should not be done or supported in real life.]
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yeahh what if,,,
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