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artsyco3xist 2 months ago
"Rookified" TWST Part 2
Someone in the discord server said this when I unveiled Rook Vil Schoenheit.
"<co3xist>, you are such a talented artist, and yet you use it for Evil"
Guys, you don't understand. I have a gift and therefore must share it with the world. Rook would've wanted this.
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If you have any suggestions on who to Rookify next, lmk and I will unleash my own personal brand of hell :)
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mrsblackruby 2 months ago
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singingvio 4 months ago
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Mmm orange soda
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asterosian a year ago
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This is the funniest fucking thing I鈥檝e ever seen on trans men in sports, like yes, we鈥檙e supermen and we will outperform you in everything. Fear us.
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prettypinkcurls a month ago
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dd-writes 3 months ago
I am your GOD and my depravity is your RELIGION
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yharnamsnewslug 10 days ago
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peachdoxie 3 months ago
Just a reminder that i am evil
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foilflingza 4 months ago
sometimes i say i have a girlfriend and sometimes i say i have a boyfriend. not because i have 2 partners, my girlfriend is just my boyfriend and my boyfriend is my girlfriend. hope that clears it up
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fyeahgrantgust a year ago
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Barry Allen聽in 7x05聽鈥淔ear Me鈥
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elizabethrobertajones 4 months ago
not to gloat but I finished a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner in the exact. same. wash.
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emi-loves-sweets 2 months ago
Don't mind the tags tho
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dapper-lil-arts a year ago
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more kozi commission for @tropicalscream鈥! love this rowdy dog
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signerjarts 2 months ago
Been suspended from twitter for 12 hours because I told republicans they can go choke for using the mass shooting in my country as fodder for their gun-humping narrative.聽
Meanwhile actual hatespeech thrives beautifully. Awesome.
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i-am-tiny-sun 5 months ago
猸愶笍 All aboard the 馃殲thirst train馃殲 y鈥檃ll! Sit your asses down so you don鈥檛 fall out, show your IDs, and enjoy the scenery! Our current stop: Our Beloved Kawatas! Sub headcanons in the actor au format! If you can鈥檛 see the text due to colorblindness, poor eyesight, sensitivity to lighter colors, please tell me so I can change the color of the text to make it easier to read!
Can be found in my masterlist!
Tw: impact play, does this even count as pet play?, overstim, sex toys, choking, dumbification, and dacryphilia. Minors, ageless, and uncomfy: stop coming here! GET OFF THE TRAIN IF THIS PERTAINS TO YOU!!!
Nahoya Kawata
鈥 listen
鈥 he will act out just to see you tick
鈥 this little brat loves to push your buttons 馃う馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 seriously, y鈥檃ll wonder if he just wants to be punished 24/7
鈥 he does
鈥 he鈥檚 someone who loves it when he鈥檚 being pegged in a mating press and y鈥檃ll choke him enough to make it a bit hard to breathe normally
鈥 in light of him and Souya swapping expressions when they eat, Nahoya opens his eyes wide when the dildo hits that one special spot that makes him scream
鈥 yes he鈥檚 a screamer when he gets his first prostate orgasm and now he鈥檚 a complete whore for it
鈥 like first he鈥檒l start off whimpering before the pleasure becomes too much
鈥 loves when you pull his hair while you鈥檙e riding him, will see stars if you choke him in the process
鈥 makes an adorable ahegao face when y鈥檃ll use a vibrator on his dick after he came at least 5 times- he鈥檚 got tears spilling down his pretty face tooooo and his cheeks are stained red cause his skin is so flushed
鈥 loves to ride your thigh and he loves when you ride his without touching anywhere else on his body
鈥 seriously, make him cum at least 7 whole times and he鈥檚 a mess, babbling about nothing useful cause his mind is elsewhere
鈥 he鈥檚 totally into being called 鈥渒itten鈥 and he will put on the cat ears and the tail plug. He鈥檚 a naughty kitty too 馃槖 spank him hard enough to hear his little bell jingle, guaranteed he will more or less behave
鈥 Nahoya鈥檚 especially cute when he鈥檚 being fucked dumb while he wears his cat costume, and all he鈥檚 able to utter is broken little 鈥渘yaaaa鈥漵 since he鈥檚 in that headspace
鈥 secretly wants to be slapped but as bratty as he is, he鈥檚 pretty shy about certain things 馃憖 won鈥檛 ask for it yet
鈥 is great at riding the strap and his favorite one is the thick one that鈥檚 orange with glitter in it
Souya Kawata
鈥 it should be established that both Kawatas are bratty
鈥 Souya鈥檚 just a more well-behaved brat if that makes sense? Like he鈥檚 otherwise a good boy, but sometimes he gets in a mood that turns him into a bonafied brat??
鈥 it鈥檚 no longer a secret (to you at least) that he has an impact play kink, and the first time he asked to be slapped was the first time y鈥檃ll saw how long he鈥檚 been keeping his kink hidden
(Nobody else knows but you)
鈥 I mean think about it: the terrifying blue ogre is a sucker for being slapped around by his mommy? And he can cum from that? What a simp. (According to Souya if anyone else ever found out)
(Sir I guarantee they will not care-)
鈥 again, he and Nahoya swap expressions. If you slap his dick or his face hard enough, his eyes are practically screwed shut because he鈥檚 overwhelmed by pleasure- will cum hard if you slap his balls
鈥 but he also likes to be treated in a softer manner
鈥 loves when you kiss his body and tell him that he鈥檚 your pretty and good boy 馃ズ he has the cutest little giggle when he鈥檚 happy and feels loved
鈥 his nipples are incredibly sensitive 馃憖 suck on them and touch them while neglecting everywhere else and he鈥檚 guaranteed to cum untouched while cute whimpers and high pitched moans spill out of his lips, which are red and swollen from when he bit them
鈥 speaking of kisses, he鈥檚 a sucker for when you kiss his neck while you鈥檙e either riding him or he鈥檚 riding your strap. Y鈥檃ll鈥 he鈥檚 so cute, he鈥檚 the type that鈥檒l try to give you kisses in return cause he鈥檚 so appreciative 馃槶 WE LOVE HIM IN THIS TRAIN STATION
鈥 Souya loves to fuck your thighs with the understanding of who鈥檚 in charge, and he will be a mess the entire time he鈥檚 thrusting cause he can鈥檛 get enough of your thighs squeezing his leaky cock
鈥 will scream if you suck him off and make him cum multiple times- he loves it y鈥檃ll
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ratintank 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Balan SCP AU
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sinister-and-breathtaking 17 days ago
I鈥檓 gonna do it. I鈥檓 gonna write overly indulgent shameless smut for the rarepair I randomly became obsessed with and no one鈥檚 going to stop me.
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