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girly-kei-tips · a month ago
Just a heads up to our overseas readers that Shein just put up a huge amount of replicas from japanese indie brands producing girly fashion. For years now, local brands have been struggling to make ends meet and closed many of their stores (ex: Ank Rouge). Of course, there are many people who can't afford brand releases as they come out, as brand names are typically expensive, but there are other options, such as buying secondhand or supporting smaller creators.
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The low prices make it easy to forget that corporations like Shein are a major contributor to low wages and by buying from them you help increasing the demand for underpaid workers, hurting people just like you. Also, due to the poor quality that does not last, you will have to keep buying new clothes over and over again, which not only does hurt your wallet in the long run but also the enviroment, better save up a little for a quality piece than wasting it. There's also the concern that it has been proven that their products contain various toxic substances, such as high concentrations of lead and softeners. Mass-producing clothing in this dangerous and unsustainable manner directly affects worldwide wages, and is responsible for local businesses and creators closing their stores. Please do not support Shein and other companies similar to it that mass-produce low-quality knockoffs, as it is harmful to you, the environment, and puts money directly into the pockets of those who wish to exploit underpaid workers and artists.
It seems like most are being posted as ROMWE, and Honey Cinnamon, Liz Lisa, and MA*RS have had the most of their designs taken, but they're not the only girly brand replicas SHEIN is making. Please be careful and look out for replicas!
[text reposted from the girly kei Facebook group with permission]
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doktor-plague · 10 months ago
I love how visible mending is becoming popular and people are lovingly mending their clothes, but I KNOW that very soon fast fashion will catch unto that and make clothes that look like they were mended even though they’re brand new
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kilimiria · a year ago
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@/imperfectidealist on TikTok
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probablyasocialecologist · a month ago
As creative industries become more consolidated and more beholden to producing ever-expanding profits for their shareholders, companies stop taking even calculated risks. You get theaters full of comic-book adaptations and remakes of past hits instead of movies about adults, for adults. Streaming services fill their libraries with shows meant to play in the background while you scroll your phone. Stores stock up on stuff you might not love, but which the data predict you won’t absolutely hate.
Consumable products are everywhere, and maybe the most we can hope for is that their persistent joylessness will eventually doom the corporations that foist them upon us.
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envirogoth · 3 months ago
  I already own fast fashion/I can only afford to buy fast fashion, now what?
>Sustain what you buy-sewing, washing, and an attitude that cares about the garment
>Fast fashion can break or wear out easily, you can upcycle the fabric
cut out prints for other projects
use fabric for patches
use fabric to repair other clothes
cut off sleeves/collars/make into crop top
t-shirt bags (an option- but inconvenient to use from personal experience)
other non-clothing crafts
>If you won’t use the clothing item and want to give it away, ask people you know before donating to a thrift store. Thrift stores are already overrun with fast fashion as it is, try not to give them more. But if the only other option is throwing it away, it’s fine to donate it.
>Don't buy excess to what you need. yes you can keep up with trends and accessories but hauls or multiple of an item with the same purpose isn't necessary (ex. more t-shirts than what you can cycle regularly)
>Reduce future fast fashion purchases
If possible consider alternatives such as thrifting, rummage sale shopping, and diy. 
Thrift stores and rummage sales support local economics! Your money is going to your neighbors instead of a company.
Rummage sales are preferable to places such as depop, becasue it involves local neighbors who want to get rid of clothes (that will possibly be thrown out otherwise) They can be much cheaper for much higher quality.
>There’s a difference between not being able to afford any other clothes, and buying hauls of fast fashion to wear for a short period of time only to donate immediately or throw away. Influencers who make hundreds of dollars worth of hauls aren’t the type of people who can say “i can’t afford anything else”. hauls aren’t sustainable. 
>Don’t feel guilty if you truly can’t afford anything else, but please consider your options and sustain what you already own before buying more.
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unfauxgiven · 8 months ago
when we say quit buying fast fashion, quit supporting companies with unethical practices, we're not talking to the single parent struggling to feed their family, or the plus size person who can't seem to find anything from sustainable brands or from thrift shops, but desperately needs new clothes.
we're talking about the folks who have the means to shop sustainably but instead have a different outfit for every day of the year and choose to turn a blind eye to the reality of the brands they're supporting and posting about.
that's all, thanks
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anticonsumption · 5 months ago
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ivie-online · 4 months ago
there really is no ethical consumption under capitalism, but here’s the great news: we don’t solely exist as consumers.
‘no ethical consumption’ has more to do with the working/ownership class dichotomy and the inherently unethical manner under which goods are produced (work or starve) than the circumstances that individual goods (think fairtrade or cruelty free) are produced under.
i made a video where I broke down a lot of the common ‘conscious capitalist’ terms, but for a quick example: a ‘sustainable’ western clothing brand paying foreign workers $100/month to avoid paying western workers over 1k/month isn’t ethical because it relies upon the existence of capitalist imperialism for cheap labor, and in many cases, if the ‘sustainable’ business model had to cover health insurance, retirement, or even just minimum wage in a place like the U.S., it would completely fall apart. any company that requires cheap labor & resources from the global south in order to exist is by no means ethical.
as a consumer, you can certainly aim for harm reduction, but these actions will almost never be definitively ethical, which is completely fine, because under capitalism, we really only step into the role of consumer when we engage with the free market to buy things. you could argue that simply using social media, or watching netflix or whatever is consumption (and you’d be right!) but even so, most of us produce far more than we consume.
we produce not only at our jobs, but on our blogs, in our gardens, and in our homes and communities, for families, friends, neighbors, and strangers. we produce all types of art like music, film, and written works, not to mention the endless crafts and hobbies we dedicate ourselves to. just by engaging with one another, we’re constantly producing and reproducing our very culture itself! it’s in this realm, the realm of production rather than consumption, that we’re able to effect the most change.
now, many of us are going to have to live much, much differently than we do now, and using the ‘no ethical consumption under capitalism’ line to avoid acknowledging this is effectively climate change denialism. the beauty of the sustainability movement is that it provides actionable proof of concept, using the tools and circumstances we have right now. so yes, please do whatever you can to make more sustainable choices! thrift! adopt a plant based diet! question whether you actually need that new thing!
but remember that we aren’t only consumers, or even mostly consumers, so in order to build the world we want to see, we must each deeply understand how capitalism and other hegemonic forces work to undermine the way we relate to each other and our shared environment. to achieve this goal, and to effectively counteract capitalism’s destructive myopia, you can join a union, talk to your friends, start a community garden, join a mutual aid organization. if you can’t find one, start one.
we can’t consume our way out of this capitalist reality, but we certainly can produce a better world.
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dis-a-ppointment · 10 days ago
hand-me-downs are so underrated???? What's better than new clothes? New vintage clothes while simultaneously not supporting fast fashion
In my closet, I have my grandfather's jacket from 1961, a bunch of my mom's sweaters and skirts from 1983, and my older cousins' t-shirts from 2009. I can look like a time traveler if I want to. It's the dream
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unbound-shade · 2 months ago
The anti-fast fashion crowd is one I largely agree with, but I’m fat, and no thrift store, vintage shop, or friend’s closet cleaning day is going to involve a wide variety of 2 and 3XL tops, 44x32 pants, skirts that even begin to cover my fat ass, or a lot of variety in style and color. I can’t walk into most clothing or department stores and walk out with things that fit right. And if I want something fun, colorful, or cheap? Forget it. They want $25-30 for a T-Shirt at the Big & Tall. They got $110 out of me for simple grey slacks I needed for a wedding. I’m already paying out the ass for relaxed-fit Duluth pants and wearing them until they dissolve at the inner thighs. I have t-shirts in my closet that have been cradling my gut since high school. If I want an iridescent crop top and 3 pairs of $10 yoga pants, I’m getting them. Because you know who carries fun stuff in my size? Shitty fast fashion places like Shein. I’m glad you’re thin and have the luxury of wandering into clothes you can really love, but unless I want to be one solid mass of beige, or consumed by heather grey sweats, I’ll shop at the places that accommodate me.
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hoyeonjung23 · 10 months ago
Calvin Klein
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wattson-only · 9 months ago
Octane Headcanons
He’s actually extremely good at math for whatever reason
It was his best subject in school because the numbers didn’t run together like words did
He’s terrible at explaining it though and people just end up more confused than before he tried to explain it
He’s really good at braiding hair, mostly bc Che taught him and made him braid her hair all the time
He can appreciate a good view, but not for long
Says shit like “damn look at that sunset” then goes back to doing his thing
He owns a lot of motorcycles and cars and loves racing and doing stunts on them
Also loves watching racing, even though he’d rather be in it
He likes acting goofy at formal events because he knows it will make his parents upset, but he only does things that he can get away with
He signs titties at fan meets
Tavi has to sleep with background noise because silence makes him overthink
He has a lot of small matching tattoos w Che, including a syringe on their lower backs
He’s had a lot of flings with the children of his father’s business partners and a couple of fans
Once had groupies, but the syndicate shut that down immediately
His nudes leaked on social media once and he was just like “well now you know what my dick looks like”
He has his tongue pierced
He used to fool around with a bunch of drugs when he was younger, but they never really felt right so he didn’t do anything besides weed and stim more than once
He’s not afraid of being confrontational
In fact, he actually used to pick fights with people just for fun
He speaks in a really jumbled mix of Spanish and English when he’s experiencing strong emotions and it’s hard to understand him
You know he’s super upset or excited when it’s straight Spanish
He doesn’t enjoy drinking that much, when he drinks too much he gets sleepy and/or says a lot of stuff he regrets
He mixes shit up all the time and just drinks it for the shock factor
He goes to raves and edm concerts frequently just for the energy
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dreamgrlarchive · 6 months ago
how 2 shop more sustainably 🎀
shop for your body type
don’t succumb to quick trends
shop for what you really like, not what everyone else is wearing
basics will never go out of style
pay close attention to cut patterns and stitching as it’ll tell you if a piece is quality or not
don’t spend hundreds of dollars on fast fashion, don’t even spend ONE hundred dollars on fast fashion
take better care of the clothing you do have
curate your wardrobe
don’t buy knock offs, save for the real thing or find more affordable designers to explore
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why-cant-we-be-solarpunk · 3 months ago
I always get confused when people talk about monthly clothing budgets... How often are y'all buying clothes????
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tiinamenzel · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Good! I hope Shein will have to compensate every single artist and small biz they stole from. I’m not suing (too broke😅) but I’m happy to serve as an example for how Shein operate. The article is behind a paywall but here’s the link👈
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ninamation · 8 months ago
The last... air mender?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bought a fast fashion jacket in a moment of weakness that kept ripping at the shoulders. Mended it with ombre embroidery thread. Gave up once I broke the needle.
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graveyard-kittens · 4 months ago
PSA on second hand shopping
more people need to shop at thrift stores, rummage sales, estate sales, consignment, flea markets, and the like. I don't care if you can afford new stuff, if you think it's dirty, if you don't feel like spending the time sifting through things you don't want. fast fashion and other quick moving industries are killing us.
so many thrift shops are begging people to buy more, and they have to stop taking donations for a while. a lot of rummage sale sellers will throw out what they don't sell by the end of the weekend, and they can negotiate and give you deals..
even if you don't want clothes, chances are you will find something you needed anyways, or find something you didn't know you needed. I promise you can find time in your hurried schedule to make a weekend out of rummage saling, and it's so much more fun then taking a minute to add a new shirt to your cart on amazon.
and while you're at it, set up a rummage sale of your own if you can, even in favor of listing it online. there's people in your community who will take a weekend to check it out, and those people are often in need of cheaper options for things like clothes, shoes, kitchenware, etc.
and please for the love of god if am item is still in working condition, use it as long as possible, or give it/sell it away if you must. do not throw away perfectly good items.
buying second hand saves the earth
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