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rustymaps · 3 hours
New RPG map shows up on
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zinjanthropusboisei · 9 months
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Some "post-it" style watercolor maps (drawn square by square)
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willigula · 11 months
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A dismal map of Ireland, allegedly produced during WWII to dissuade the Germans from invading.
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goldfarthing · 4 months
the map of middle earth on my sketchbook cover – finished! I think next time I'll go larger scale because this was a squeeze 🤧 still can't believe how much I managed to fit on there, and in hobbit lettering no less lmao 💀
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catbatart · 7 months
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UHHH so some of you might remember my Non-Denominational October Art Challenge last year (Encountober.) Aaaand some of you might remember that I basically didn’t post anything about it other than the prompts.
HOWEVER! I’ve been using some of this time to start chipping away at them because I’ve been in a BIG map mood lately. So, these are the “Early Level” encounter maps (CR 1-4!)
These black and white maps will be available in full res on my Patreon for the $10+ tier so you can color the linearts and use them for your own games if you want! I will also be coloring them myself at some point, and those will be available at full res for $5+ patrons! 
And I’ll be picking at LEAST one map to make available to the public at full res once they’re done! 
Obviously the list isn’t done, but feel free to use it for inspiration even outside of October! :P
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fantasymapmaster · 3 months
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As Númenor was so prominently portrayed in the last episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power I think it is a good opportunity to post an old map of mine of said island. This map was also used in the book 'Tolkien et les sciences'.
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pigeon-princess · 1 year
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I have finally completed my updated map for my homebrew DnD campaign! We’ve been playing in this world for over a year and I’m excited to see where the party will end up next! 🗺️⚔️ The party are currently in the swamp city of Idlebor and are soon planning an expedition to Wilds Edge and beyond the boundary of the Ivorian empire!
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spellarena · 2 months
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You find an overturned wagon that hasn’t been fully robbed of its merchandise for some reason. Who could have done this?
You’re traveling to the capital in hopes of finding better paying work there. At one point you find an overturned wagon. You examine the remains of what must have been a small, one-person caravan. The former owner, a merchant, is lying in the bushes – dead. The horse must have escaped. But the realization that the wagon has not been robbed of all goods makes you wonder – who or what attacked this man, and why?
You don’t have to wait long to figure out the answer as you suddenly hear noises coming from the bushes on the left side of the road. You prepare your weapons and magic just in time as a bunch of goblins spring out at your party, armed with spears and short bows. The green-skinned monsters seem to have decided to use the caravan to lure in concerned passersby so they can rob them of even more goods.
However, now that you’re the ones under attack, the goblins’ luck has run out. You’re skilled in the art of adventuring and eliminating monsters, so you make quick work of the noisy enemies. The poor merchant should have known better than to travel alone. This incident is not the first time you have witnessed a caravan that has fallen prey to monsters or bandits, and you suspect it won’t be the last one either.
Get this map on our Patreon!
Adventure Hooks
On your way to the capital you find an upturned wagon with merchandise still lying around. As you wonder who would attack the merchant but fail to didn’t steal all of the items, you are ambushed by a group of goblins. Hopefully, disposing of the enemies will be quick work for skilled adventurers such as yourselves.
You are tasked by the Merchant Guild with finding out why a merchant has not yet made it to Thorwood with the items that the general store requested. You follow the man’s route to that town only to find him dead and his wagon lying on the side. It seems the man suffered a bear attack, as the footprints suggest. You can’t leave the animal to prey on any other caravans, so you decide to venture into the forest to hunt the beast.
You witness a group of bandits attacking a caravan on the road to Thorwood. Before you manage to spring into action against them, they turn the wagon over to act as cover as they shoot arrows at you. But you’re a party of skilled adventurers, so you won’t have a problem getting rid of the enemy, right?
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geminialchemist · 7 days
I’ve always been a little obsessed with maps. I have… one, two… thirteen of them currently in my walls, tacked up or in frames, with another half dozen in shelves and drawers.
So, of course I took a shot and made some of my own. These ones are based on a map from Amphibia.
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I made this one a little over a year ago. My drawing skills were never particularly great, my hands are just so shaky when I hold a pen or stylus, but I have got better as I’ve practiced since then.
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This is the map from the show that was used as reference.
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As well as a greyscale version, and line art version. Feel free to print these out if you want. I find painting calming, so if you want to do a water color of the blank one, feel free! Or crumple it up and throw it in some coffee to get a good stain, that’s what I did for some of the other maps I’ve made from templates before.
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rustymaps · 1 month
🏞️ City Asstes 🏞️
📜 Worldbuilding PNG files 📜
❗Available on Patreon ❗
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zinjanthropusboisei · 6 months
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I’m really happy with how this turned out 😊🐋
I post fantasy maps and other fantasy/rpg related art more consistently on Instagram, btw: I’m @quills_and_daggers there
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aonbarrcartography · 18 days
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Complete Curse of Strahd Map Collection - 75+ completely free maps for Curse of Strahd, with a focus on detail and atmosphere, covering every location from the module, some fan-content, and plenty of locations for random encounters and exploration along the way. I hope you like them! https://www.patreon.com/posts/complete-curse-59475823
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shelandsorcery · 16 days
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I've continued painting these watercolour maps this year - this time by stretching watercolour paper over canvas stretcher bars and painting on that!
I love them, I forgot how satisfying it is to make a fine art ✨object🎶
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catbatart · 2 months
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HOLIDAY COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN AS OF FRIDAY, 9/30/2022! They will be CLOSING Saturday, 10/1/2022 around noon EST!
These will be my Holiday commissions so I will not be opening comms again until next year! 
This go around I will also be offering FANTASY MAPS as an experimental commission type! 
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+If you are a patron, at least one of your submissions will be automatically accepted.
+I will be using Google Forms to manage people’s submissions! Rather than emailing me right away to ask if I’m open, you’ll fill out the form. I will NOT be able to accept ALL commissions, I’m afraid! I get too many each time I open the form, but it is unfair to people with odd work schedules or different time zones to do First Come First Serve! I will email the commissioners that I accept and continue to send WIPs and such via email! I will NOT email those I do not accept. I will make a public announcement of when acceptance emails have gone out. I know these can be disappointing, but please understand that it relieves a lot of stress from me personally.
+Since this is a large seasonal batch of commissions, I will be using Trello again so people can monitor the progress on their commission!
+TERMS OF SERVICE CAN BE FOUND HERE! (Links to the commission form are in the TOS!) 
+Additional Terms of Service for NSFW, Design-a-Character, and Fantasy Maps are linked in the ToS!
(And, uh, as always, let me know if anything is wrong with the forms or the doc links!)
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fantasymapmaster · 4 months
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Underground Hideout, commissioned piece.
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jamesnalepa · 4 months
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My latest project, a map of the world from the Dragon Age video game series.
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