fannyrosie · 4 months ago
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"Sleep, delicious and profound, the very counterfeit of death" -The Odyssey Hence begins my high summer, very hot weather posting (I'll be honest with you, I "read" The Odyssey without reading The Iliad, and by that, I mean I listened to the audiobook read by Ian McKellen.) Outfit rundown Dress: Boutique 1861 Sandals: earth, music and ecology Hair pin: Axes Femme Brooches : thrifted Wedgwood and Design Festa Necklace (that I removed later because even that was too hot for comfort): Axes Femme Parasol : Alice and the Pirates
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ariarosevale · a year ago
Adventures into Historybounding
I’ve been captivated by the idea of historical dress in everyday life since I was a teenager. I even dipped my toes into actually doing it a couple times by making Edwardian walking skirts and getting lacy blouses in my late teens/early twenties but peer pressure eventually made me stop. Fast forward to 2020 and I discovered the CosTube community and the amazing historybounding youtubers that are Bernadette Banner, Morgan Donner, Rachel Maksy, Abby Cox, and Karolina Zebrowska.
I’m 35 and living through plague times with an autoimmune disease so I find myself with a LOT of time alone in my house and the knowledge that this could easily be my last year on earth if I get sick. So screw society and their pressures, I’m gonna dress how I dang well want to. Might as well look and feel fabulous when the world is falling apart around you, right? It’s the little things that get us through. Let’s do this!
I started with a Pinterest board to try and decide how I want my style to look. I needed to narrow down my focus and create a capsule wardrobe to get me started so each piece needs to pair with at least 2 others so I can get multiple outfits out of each piece of clothing. Dresses are great but limit your pairing options so I’ll stick to skirts and blouses for now. But how historical do I want to get with my historybounding? I love floor length skirts but they’re a tad impractical and made me look like I was a super religious conservative or just wearing a costume which isn’t what I’m personally going for. 
Okay, so shorter skirts. Maybe below the knee or tea length. The eras I love are basically anything from the Victorian era to the 1950′s. Edwardian shirtwaists with their ruffles, lace, and buttons in the back are gorgeous but I am not very flexible and have no one to do up my buttons for me so I’ll modernize them by making them front buttoning blouses. Yes please to all the lace, ruffles, and pintucks. If I make a couple waistcoats and throw in a couple 40′s and 50′s cardigans, coats/jackets, and accessories then I think my style is really starting to shape up. 
And then something occurred to me. While doing these Pinterest searches for inspiration, I notice the blouses and skirts I kept being drawn to were actually Classic Victorian Lolita and Vintage Lolita styles. And when I thought about it I realized I was kinda trying to reinvent the wheel a bit, here. Historybounders are not the first to incorporate history into modern fashion. Lolita, Goth, Steampunk, and Vintage styles have all been doing this for decades already.
And when I looked at some of the outfits in these Classic Lolita substyles, I could see potential. If I lengthened the skirts to below the knee and tea length, got rid of the hoop skirt but kept a petticoat, ruled out super busy prints, and overabundance of accessories and trim... you basically get FannyRosie.
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(All photos property of FannyRosie)
People, this lady is a goddamn style QUEEN! This is exactly what I want! So I’m gonna go on a sewing frenzy making all the Lolita skirts and blouses and pairing it with all the smart, elegant 40′s and 50′s hair, makeup, bags, etc. I’ll make sure to post updates and finished outfits as I go. I am so excited for this!
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failsandfortunes · a year ago
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Sketch and clothing practice with one of @fannyrosie ‘s pictures
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thesinfulnun · a year ago
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Imitation of an old Punk magazine.
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ephemeral-lace · 2 months ago
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Fanny Rosie (born in Canada, living in Tokyo) 30 years old, translator, 161 cm Today's fashion theme ● Historical hat, brooch ● 
Jumper skirt at vintage shop ● Juliette et Justine 
blouse ● The Floral Notebook 
bag ● axes femme 
Shoes ● Clarks 
Blog ● http://fannyrosie.tumblr.com Instagram ● fannyrosie
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pulpretropolis · a year ago
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I haven’t been going out at all these past weeks, so I am glad for my big backlog of solo walk outfits. This one is from July, when it was already hot and humid outside. Extra pictures and video on my Insta. Dress: Milk Bag: Axes Femme Umbrella: Alice and the Pirates Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa (I only wore them for pictures and changed them to go out because, as pretty as they are, they’re really uncomfortable) Gloves and porcelain earrings: vintage
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brittle-sketches · a year ago
Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca III....
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But you can call her Dot!💕💕
Reference Photo is by @fannyrosie ! Her outfits are to die for!!💖💖
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fannyrosie · 24 days ago
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In the last week of September, I met with Mia and Madeleine for the last time before leaving. It was still pretty warm outside, so we ate a grilled fish bento in a local parc on Madeleine's antique kilt. We then walked to 好味屋 (Komiya) a very old bakery in Asagaya to buy traditional showa pan (see my Instagram post for those pictures). My wardrobe was already all packed, except for what I would bring with me in my luggages (all winter stuff), so I had very few summer things to wear. Still, we all matched without trying.
Almost everything we are wearing is vintage and thrifted.
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deer-thing · 3 months ago
do you like otome kei? 🦋
I think it’s cute but it’s not my style personally! I really enjoy fannyrosie’s otome coords though c:
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yeahyupnonope · a year ago
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ephemeral-lace · a day ago
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Based on red, the image color of Mary Magdalene Every day we introduce stylish ladies who gather at the "Shining Celestial Holy Maiden Tea Party"!
Fanny Rosie (Living in Tokyo) 30 years old, translator, 161cm Today's fashion theme: Mary Magdalene Hair accessories ♦ Handmade Blouse ♦ metamorphose temps de fille One Piece ♦ Mary Magdalene Choker ♦ Baroque Bag ♦ Moi-même-Moitié Tights ♦ Grimoire Shoes ♦ John Fluevog blog ♦  http: https://fannyrosie.tumblr.com/  Instagram  ♦  @fannyrosie
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