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fannyrosie · 4 months ago
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"Sleep, delicious and profound, the very counterfeit of death" -The Odyssey Hence begins my high summer, very hot weather posting (I'll be honest with you, I "read" The Odyssey without reading The Iliad, and by that, I mean I listened to the audiobook read by Ian McKellen.) Outfit rundown Dress: Boutique 1861 Sandals: earth, music and ecology Hair pin: Axes Femme Brooches : thrifted Wedgwood and Design Festa Necklace (that I removed later because even that was too hot for comfort): Axes Femme Parasol : Alice and the Pirates
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mossytrashcan · 27 days ago
At work and staring at our wall of taxidermy birds. Literally no one knows why we have this wall. It’s existed longer than I have.
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horsyunicorn · a month ago
bring back autumn I missed the cool weather I wasn't paying attention
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ephemeral-lace · 2 months ago
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Fanny Rosie (born in Canada, living in Tokyo) 30 years old, translator, 161 cm Today's fashion theme ● Historical hat, brooch ● 
Jumper skirt at vintage shop ● Juliette et Justine 
blouse ● The Floral Notebook 
bag ● axes femme 
Shoes ● Clarks 
Blog ● http://fannyrosie.tumblr.com Instagram ● fannyrosie
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ofthecaravel · 20 days ago
Bestie, I was talking to some other gresties about mini josh and we were talking about how Sam would carry him around in his fanny pack. And then I said but imagine mini josh breaking his back to lift up a regular to normal sized people sized dog treat and hefting it out the fanny pack like “oops Rosie a treat fell!!!” To the point Sam is exhausted by it and Rosie only cares about mini josh and now I’m leaving this thought here with you since you are the authority on mini gvf
Tumblr media
"Did you bring your own treat into my fanny pack?"
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nightshiftpodcast · a month ago
It's spooky season so I just have to ask, what's everyone being for Halloween? I can't settle on any single idea for any of them, but I can imagine Seb, Styx, and Quin doing that tiktok ghost challenge that's been going on for the past few years
This is the MOST important question ever asked and we've just spent over an hour deliberating in our production team group chat North: Night Shift Coffee throws a Halloween party every year, and it's a big deal for North, who was born to throw Halloween parties. For 2022, it's Max Mayfield from Stranger Things S4 with white-out contacts. If they weren't working, it'd be The Jackal from the movie Thirteen Ghosts, complete with head cage.
Justin: If Justin had gotten his way, he'd have dressed as Sailor Moon - but couple costumes with his girlfriend are an obligation, and she gets what she wants, so Justin and Celia come as Drogo and Daenerys. Celia loves Game of Thrones and Justin's shirtless, so it's a win-win for her (when North sees him, they get a bit dizzy)
Seb & Angelo: Angelo doesn't do Halloween, but since he's agreed to the party, he lets Seb coerce him into a priest outfit ("It's basically just a shirt with a collar, you won't even notice you're wearing a costume") because it was an easy win and Seb is not immune to hot priest, and then Seb spends like 4 hours on the sexiest demon costume he can put together, complete with eyeliner, horns and a tail
Quin: Quin hasn't really celebrated Halloween before but seeing as everyone around him now is super into it, he gives it a go and dresses as Morpheus from The Sandman because he's had some comments saying that's his vibe
Styx: Styx goes as Seb.
Phoebe & Spencer: Phoebe is always adorable on Halloween so she goes as Bo Peep from Toy Story. Spencer is always intentionally obnoxious on Halloween, so he goes as Jesus. He's extra obnoxious when he sees Seb and Angelo's costumes.
Cam: Cam dresses up as a mushroom, in a cute little white dress with a homemade red and white spotted mushroom shawl that lights up
Diego: Diego has been tempted out by Cam and his budding friendship with Seb (and Styx, sort of) so he's coming as Gandalf - but like, Gandalf the Beer Wizard. Staff made of empty beer cans, beard made of cotton wool.
Jenny: Velma from Scooby-Doo, with added lesbian pride this year, complete with oversized magnifying glass
Lea: Lea fully intends on an extensive costume but she runs out of time because she's working, and ends up throwing a Rosie the Riveter together last minute. It looks great all the same.
Olivia: It's gotta be slutty for Olivia, and this year it's Jennifer Check in her cheerleader outfit with blood all over her mouth.
Mira: There was no deliberation on this – Mira comes in an ABBA disco jumpsuit with platform boots. The coffee shop rents a karaoke machine and Mira and Seb hog it for half an hour
Rafe: To Angelo's horror, Rafe and Seb are friends now, so Rafe's coming too. He dresses up as a Dad. Socks and sandals, knee-length cargo shorts, fanny pack, Kiss the Cook apron. It's dad joke time, ALL the time this halloween
Miles: God knows why Miles is at the Night Shift halloween party but he is. He heard Angelo was going and wasn't going to miss an opportunity to bother him. He's wearing a full suit on his upper half - suit jacket, shirt, tie in a windsor knot, cufflinks - and fishnets and booty shorts with high heels on the bottom ;)
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robiin-buckley · 7 months ago
Go out on a date with Yelena would include...? (I love your fics and hcs. Thanks for all of them, you're an amazing writer)
Thank you so much, love <3.
Here's a deeper look into my opinion on how dates with Yelena would go:
- fact one: Yelena absolutely adores going on dates with you.
- fact two: you will never ever be bored, she makes everything fun.
- dates are one of Yelena's favorite things to do;
- and she's an easy one to please.
- she never had the opportunity to go on dates or be in love, so she cherishes every little moment now;
- take her to see the opera or go to an amusement park, she'll love it either way.
- that doesn't mean she wasn't nervous the very first time she asked you out;
- because it was also the very first time she was asking anyone out;
- but she stood her ground and came up to you with rosy cheeks, and a nervous but overly adorable smile;
- she literally took days to decide where to take you, but you reassured her that anything would be fine as long as you were together;
- she fell harder for you then.
- with Yelena, you'll end up learning to appreciate the little things in life.
- she loves to take you out on "simple" dates;
- walks in the park with Fanny, where she'll swing your hands back and forth while appreciating the view and your company;
- then you will stop for ice cream and she always insists on paying.
- she will want to take you to her favorite coffee shop at least twice a week;
- she likes to sit with you while sipping on a coffee and talking about anything and everything.
- your dates also become very important to Yelena, it's that time of day when it's just you and her;
- and she loves having you all to herself.
- Yelena loves simple dates and just spending time with you, she'll be happy with basically any plan you come up with.
- when going to the movies with her, you'll constantly feel her fumbling with your fingers when certain scenes play;
- she's adorable in her own way.
- she also has a passion for trying new things and different dishes;
- so be prepared to be taken to various different restaurants.
- she's always super fun to be around, always making sure you have the best time.
- and, you want to absolutely melt her heart? Surprise her;
- come up to her with an unplanned date and she will drop everything she's doing with the biggest happy smile, peppering your face with kisses before you two leave;
- she never lets go of your hand btw.
- Yelena also likes being fancy sometimes;
- for special occasions, she will take you to a fancy restaurant and be the best plus one you'll ever have.
- undeniably, she's a person with a lot of presence;
- and that presence only grows whenever you're dressed up beautifully beside her;
- her hand often rests at the small of your back and she keeps on a proud smile for having you with her.
- fact three: the best dates you'll ever have are gonna be with Yelena.
Yelena’s taglist: @alotofpockets
Let me know if you wanna be added to her taglist.
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violent-backed-starling · 9 months ago
Ghosts as Birds
Robin - Kiwi
Tumblr media
Mary - Buffy Hummingbird
Tumblr media
Humphrey - Cardinal
Tumblr media
Kitty - Pohnpei Lorikeet
Tumblr media
Thomas - Mauritius Kestrel
Tumblr media
Fanny - Grey Go-Away-Bird
Tumblr media
Captain - Cape Eagle Owl
Tumblr media
Pat - Lesser Ground Cuckoo
Tumblr media
Julian - European Shag
Tumblr media
Alison - Rosy Faced Lovebird
Tumblr media
Mike - Grey-Headed Lovebird
Tumblr media
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macysparadeblog · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Funny Girl
"This bittersweet comedy is the story of the indomitable Fanny Brice, a girl from the Lower East Side who dreamed of a life on the stage. Everyone told her she'd never be a star, but then something funny happened—she became one of the most beloved performers in history, shining brighter than the brightest lights of Broadway.
Featuring some of the most iconic songs in theatre history including “Don’t Rain On My Parade,” “I’m the Greatest Star,” and “People,” Michael Mayer’s bold new production marks the first time Funny Girl will return to Broadway since its debut 58 years ago." - Playbill
Tumblr media
Some Like it Hot
"The new musical comedy, based on the classic MGM film, has a book by Matthew López and Amber Ruffin, music by Marc Shaiman, and lyrics by Scott Wittman and Shaiman. The world premiere Broadway production will be directed and choreographed by Casey Nicholaw." - Playbill
Tumblr media
A Beautiful Noise
"The story of the legendary Neil Diamond comes to life on stage in a gripping and uplifting new musical featuring his hit songs “Sweet Caroline”, “America”, and “Cracklin’ Rosie”. Directed by Tony Award® winner Michael Mayer (Spring Awakening, Hedwig and the Angry Inch), choreographed by Olivier Award winner Steven Hoggett (Once, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child), and written by four-time Academy Award® nominee Anthony McCarten (Bohemian Rhapsody, The Two Popes). Good times never seemed so good." - Playbill
Tumblr media
The Lion King
"More than 110 million people around the world have experienced the awe-inspiring visual artistry, the unforgettable music and the uniquely theatrical storytelling of this Broadway spectacular – one of the most breathtaking and beloved productions ever to grace the stage. Winner of 6 Tony Awards, including Best Musical and based on the beloved 1994 Disney film, The Lion King brings together one of the most imaginative creative teams on Broadway. Tony Award-winning director Julie Taymor brings to life a story filled with hope and adventure set against an amazing backdrop of stunning visuals." - Playbill
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oleksiak-pettersson · a year ago
Summer Paradise - Elias Pettersson
Because today is my birthday, I've decided to spoil y'all with some of my older smutty fics from my old blog (oh-holy-alien). Love you guys! (There's a bit of smutty stuff in this one, but not full ass smut)
Tumblr media
The sun bouncing off the lake is what wakes you. Elias forgot to close the blinds in his haste to get you to bed.
The summer air is cool as it seeps in from the open window. You can’t help but stretch out and sigh when you struggle to move. There’s an arm wrapped around your waist and it pulls you closer trying to stop your wiggles.
“Stop moving, you’re taking all my warmth,” Elias mumbles, his arm not holding you grips his pillow tighter. Your back is flush against his front, but you turn your torso for a better angle to glimpse him. You can feel every crevice and muscle of his body and it makes you tingle.
“Maybe you’d be warmer if you put on clothes before bed,” you tease, dragging a finger along his cheek.
“I would’ve but I was too tired from fucking you into the mattress.” He smirks, lips pursing to press a kiss to your bare shoulder. He drags his mouth along the length of your shoulder and trails up the side of your neck.
“So crude, mister Pettersson,” you can’t help but giggle at the feeling of his scruff on your skin. “We should probably get up soon.”
“No, I want to stay here with you forever.” He whines, dramatic as ever. You roll your eyes at his childish antics, he may be sassy to the media but he’s your teddy bear. In more ways than one.
You sigh happily and you grab at his bicep, pulling yourself up onto his chest. You cross your arms behind his head, curling your fingers into the long hair at the back of his head. You don’t let yourself kiss him, instead, inspecting his face. The morning light highlights the tan his normally pale skin has adorned so far this summer. His eyelashes are a dark contrast against his skin. The long lashes frame his eyes perfectly, the cerulean blue of his iris is hypnotizing and you find yourself lost.
“What are you thinking about?” He asks, breaking you from your concentration. He’s got both hands gripping your hips and you can tell that he’s straining himself from jumping your bones.
“Just that I’ve got the most incredible view right now,” You tantalize, leaning down to press kisses along his bare collarbone.
Elias’s cheeks become rosy, he can’t help but smile dopily. Moments like these are his favourite. “I’m thinking the same thing. All the more reason to never leave this bed.”
You giggle at that, to emphasize his point he pulls you flush to him and starts peppering kisses all over your face. It tickles and you can’t help but try to wiggle away.
A knock at the door startles you both apart.
“Good morning! There’s breakfast ready when you are.” Irene calls from the other side of the closed door.
You hide your head in Elias’s side, hoping she doesn’t enter the room.
“Tack, mor,” Elias yells back, running a hand up and down your back. He waits until he can’t hear her footsteps anymore. “We should shower.”
“Yeah, you smell,” You tease, pulling your body away from his.
“Hey!” He laughs, pushing himself onto the floor and stretching in all his naked glory. You can’t help but ogle his beautiful form. You can’t refrain yourself as your body slips out of bed solely intent on slapping his nice juicy ass. If anything it was taunting you to hit it.
He turns around quickly, you have barely enough time to feign innocence as he throws you over his shoulder.
“Elias!” You cry out, giggles erupting from your mouth as you try to beat at his back to be put down.
Instead, he brings a hand up to caress your ass as he walks the both of you to the bathroom. He places you down gently on the bathroom counter, turning his back to you to start up the shower.
“Don’t even think about it,” Elias says not even turning to look at you. “Do not touch my ass.”
Sometimes it’s freaky how he can read your mind. His ass is once again perfectly in eyesight and you had been thinking about touching it again. You sigh dramatically, playing up your faux disappointment at the lack of playful contact.
Elias pulls back the curtain, the water inside the shower is streaming down and it’s very enticing. There’s steam rising into the room. Elias gestures for you to jump down, holding a hand out for you to take as he guides you into the shower.
“So are we fooling around in here or not?” You ask, pretending to be serious.
The alien death stare you get in return has you pouting. You turn your back to him and focus on the steady stream that encapsulates you. You focus on the tiled wall in front of you, trying to will yourself to be fully awake. Hands sneak around your waist, gripping at your boobs. They squeeze and massage, fingers moving to tweak your nipples.
You can’t stop the moan that squeaks out of your throat. Elias steps forward to once again press himself flush against you.
“Thought you said we weren’t fooling around,” You smile, turning your head to peak at the blonde.
“We’re not,” He smirks looking over your shoulder at what his hands are doing.
“Okay,” You draw out, “but you’ve got no soap on your hands.”
He rolls his eyes before reaching around you for the loofah. You grab the body wash and hand it over your shoulder to him. He lathers the body wash onto the loofah, before taking his time rubbing it on your body. He purposely takes his time paying attention to areas he normally spends large amounts of time touching.
“Okay, your turn pretty girl.” He says, and reaching over your shoulder to hand you the loofah.
You smirk devilishly, taking the soapy object in your hand and pressing it against his chest. You take your sweet time, lingering your touches. His hand wraps gently around your wrist stopping your actions, you look up slyly at him. You bat your eyes, feigning innocence.
“I know what you’re doing,” he growls, he’s trying not to take you right there, you can see it in his eyes. “We are not having sex in the shower. My family is here.”
“People have never stopped us before.” You whine, continuing to move the loofah lower. You wrap your empty hand around his half-hard cock. You try to start jerking him off but with little success, as his hand grasps yours and it pulls your hand off of him. A whine makes its way out of your mouth. All you want is this sexy man to fuck you against the tile.
“I think they’ve heard us enough for the next little while.” Elias’s eyes flicker shut and he struggles to let out a breath without moaning. He tries to back away from you and get closer to the tiled wall at the opposite end of the shower.
“You owe me,” your eyes narrow and you turn away from him. You go about your usual shower routine, ignoring the large man behind you as he does the same.
When you’re both clean, he reaches around to turn the shower off. He places a gentle kiss on the crook of your mouth, grabbing a towel. Ever the gentleman, he wraps you uptight, double-checking to make sure you’re dry before letting you out of the shower. He grabs his own towel, drying his hair quickly.
It gives you a chance to once again drool over his beautiful body. If he wasn’t being such a prude right now, you would’ve jumped his bones without hesitation but you also understood his wish to not scar his family any more than you already had last night.
“Get dressed,” he says as you make your way back into the bedroom. “We’re spending the day on the lake so be ready.”
“Good morning,” you smile, watching as Irene turns to return your smile. She’s standing in front of the stove, finishing up breakfast. Emil and Fanny also smile up at you from where they’re seated at the kitchen table.
“You look surprisingly well-rested,” Emil jabs, clearly eyeing the singular hickey on your neck. He’s smirking very hard and you can tell he heard you relate night activities. You can’t fight the blush that seems to cover your face at his insinuation. Fanny laughs looking at your reddening cheeks and nudges Emil.
“We slept great,” Elias deadpans, appearing down the stairs. He kisses the side of your head before leading you to the table. He pulls your chair out for you and tucks you into the table, immediately going to check if his mother needs help. “You’re just jealous I got laid and you didn’t.”
Elias smirks, he’s proud of the fact that he had you crying out loud enough to be heard across the house. His mom rolls her eyes, sending the three of you at the table into a fit of laughter.
“Where’s dad?” Elias inquires, he’s fixing up two plates. His mother turns to look at him, eyebrows raised. She’s got a spatula in her hand and she points it towards the lake out the window. Elias nods, fully understanding that his father has already gone fishing.
You can’t help but watch as he carefully and calculatedly places things on your plate, you trust he knows what you want. You wish this could last forever. Having him for the entire summer with no reason to be apart is the best time of year. He’s really a work of art, his intent focus on preparing breakfast is something you could watch all day.
“So, what are your plans for the day?” Fanny asks, pulling your attention from where your boyfriend is prepping your breakfast. She’s got her head cradled in her hand as she perches against the table. Emil is also watching you, you feel a little embarrassed that they caught you lost in your thoughts staring at your boyfriend.
“Oh, uh,” You stammer, attempting to recover from your blatant gawking. “I’m not actually sure.” You look up to find Elias and ask, but he’s disappeared from getting breakfast. A plate is placed in front of you, Elias pulls the chair beside you out and slips in smoothly.
“We are taking the jet ski for a picnic on the other side of the lake,” Elias says, his left arm coming up to rest on the back of your chair. He uses his free hand to start eating, with his fork of course. “What are you two doing today?”
“Going into town to meet friends for lunch,” Emil says, looking at fanny to double-check the plane. She nods, coffee mug in hand as she checks her phone that rests on the table.
“Are you ready to go?” Elias pokes his head into your shared room. He’s got no shirt on, which has been pretty standard so far this summer. You look up at him from where you’re struggling to tie the back of your bathing suit top.
“Almost, can you help me tie this?” You ask, turning and holding your hair up. He makes the short trip from the doorway into the room to stand behind you.
His large hands are cold against the small of your back and he traces the hem of the bathing suit where it rests on your skin. He quickly ties the strings into a nice bow, a hand falls down to trace the curve of your body.
“Will you put sunscreen on me?” You ask innocently, lip bitten between your lips. You know damn well how to work him up in the ways you want. He groans, before attempting to discreetly adjust himself in his swim trunks. You smile to yourself as he fails to do so without you noticing.
You hand him the sunscreen, and he flips the cap open. The liquid is cold as he rubs it into your skin. It’s super intimate as he performs an oddly general task for you.
“Have you put sunscreen on, babe?” You ask, looking at him over your shoulder. His eyes dart to you and back to where he’s rubbing in the sunscreen.
“No, not yet.” He murmurs, his eyes are narrowed on your skin. He dives into his state of ultimate concentration. You appreciate that he’s focusing pretty hard on covering your exposed skin with sunscreen. You really would not like to get skin cancer.
Once he’s done, he hands the tube of cream to you. You take it happily, turning on your heel to face him in order to cover him.
“No funny business,” he says, eyeing you wisely. It’s almost unfair how attuned he is to your thought process. Although you could argue you were equally attuned to his. This request is also based on a prank you had previously played on Quinn last summer at Brock’s lake house.
While the young defenceman had fallen asleep, you’d drawn shapes on him in sunscreen. When he got burnt, as he always did, he’d had small spots of skin that weren’t burnt. Boy was he not pleased. Brock and Elias had thought it was hilarious, there was a very large dick imprinted on Quinn’s chest that required he wear a shirt the rest of the trip. You’d been in hot water with him after three days when he’d tried to hook up with a lovely lady, who upon seeing the sunscreen tattoo, lost the mood and laughed so hard she threw up.
“I would never do that to you,” you roll your eyes. “I value our relationship.” You start to rub the white substance into his skin.
“I value our relationship too.” He smiles cheekily, leaning down to press a kiss to your lips. It’s a welcomed distraction, even though your hands keep moving to cover his body in sunscreen.
“Turn around please,” you finally break away. You pour more sunscreen into your hands and immediately press two hands marks onto his back once he turns.
“You better rub those in,” he says, you can’t see his face but you know he’s serious. You move your hands in circular motions, all without removing them from his back after the initial strike of your hands.
“Don’t worry, Petey,” You smile, knowing he hates when you call him that. “I won’t let you burn.”
The look he shoots you over his shoulder has you shaking in glee, fully aware you got under his skin. You spend the next couple of minutes in silence as you finish lathering him up in sunscreen. You’ve done a surprising amount of touching him in sensuous ways today with a lack of actual sex. Usually, if you had been touching each other in the ways you had been, you’d be three rounds deep, tied up in the sheets.
It’s an odd thought to cross your head as you keep putting sunscreen on him, how you’ve had a lack of sex today. Is there something wrong with you? Missing sex seems to be an odd thought but at the same time, summer is its own world. You can’t really do three or more rounds during the season. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not impossible but not as frequent as it is when you’re in Sweden for the summer.
“Okay, babe you’re done.” You smile, getting the excess sunscreen off your hands by grabbing a towel from the rack. You quickly throw on a shirt and pair of shorts, you don’t feel like just wearing your bikini for the ride to the other side of the lake.
“Thank you, mitt hjärta,” He grabs the beach bag you’ve prepared on the bed. His fingers creep along your hand before they fully engulf your hand. You happily let him guide you down the stairs and out of the house. He only stops walking once he’s reached the dock. Elias lets go of your hand, going to lift up the seat and place the beach bag and the food bag that you hadn’t even noticed he’d grabbed inside the storage compartment underneath.
Elias grabs a life jacket, handing it to you before fixing his own.
“Do you want me on the front or the back?” You ask, standing back as he does some checks. You’re hesitant to get on the machine, it doesn’t look like it’s supposed to fit two people. You rub your hand up and down your other arm.
“You can go on the back,” Elias says, not even turning to look at you. If he had, he would’ve noticed the apprehension on your face. He continues to fiddle with the jet ski.
“Is it safe?” You wonder out loud.
Elias whips around to look at you, finally having picked up on your hesitation. He approaches you slowly, wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you close in comfort.
“I would never ask you to do anything dangerous,” he says, maintaining eye contact. “I promise.”
You feel a lot safer with the reassurance from him. It doesn’t fully quell the fear from the back of your mind but you feel at least a little bit better. He pulls back from you, moving to sit on the jet ski. It’s tied tightly to the dock.
Elias turns to look at you, patting the remaining portion of the seat. You move towards him, stepping gently on the edge of the machine. You hike your leg over the width and snuggle yourself into Elias’ back. Even with the life jacket on, he fits perfectly into your arms.
Elias leans over, untying the rope and pushing off the dock. He turns the key, the engine begins to purr. As the jet ski starts up, Elias smiles at you over his shoulder, pressing a kiss to your forehead before he turns back and starts moving away from the dock.
It’s exhilarating, the wind is in your hair and Elias begins to zig-zag along the water. You can’t help but grip tighter onto him. It’s incredible the way he maneuvers the machine in the way he wants to go.
The way you’re gliding over the water is incredible, you can feel your body relaxing. There’s a small amount of spray being blown at you but it’s welcome. The smile has written itself on your face.
“This is awesome,” you all but shout into Elias’ ear, with your head resting on his shoulder you can see the smile he wears effortlessly.
This is Elias’ happy place and in this moment you understand why. The lake is incredible, the ability to go out on the water whenever is a luxury you wish you had all the time in Vancouver. Elias is at ease here, you can feel the weight of your world almost flying away with the wind.
He takes you around the lake multiple times, before finally settling on a beautiful beach around the corner from any other cabin. You smirk at the fact that he’d chosen such a hidden space.
When the jet ski comes to a stop, Elias gently gets off. He splashes into the water that’s only knee-deep before he guides the machine to rest upon the sandy beach. It’s a beautiful day, the sun beats down perfectly on the little hidden cove. You can’t help the awe written on your face as you take in the beautiful little area.
The water is beautifully blue, the sand seems to glow in the sunshine. There’s a light breeze rolling along the shore and you’re thankful for it. The sun is beating down unobstructed and it’s warm as hell. The sun is welcome against your face, it’s a blissful heat against your wind-chilled skin.
Elias holds out a hand to help you get off the jet ski, instead of letting you walk into the water, he picks you up and walks you to the edge of the sand. Once on your own two feet on the beach, you stretch out your stiff body. Elias grabs the two bags from the storage area, bringing them right to you.
“You want to step the blanket right here?” He asks, handing you the beach bag. He assesses the beach for a possible better spot. The entire beach is flawless and you can’t go wrong picking a spot.
“Sure thing, babe,” you pull the blanket out and shake it out on that sand. Elias places the bag with the food at the far corner, you place the beach bag along with it, after pulling out your phone. You take off your life jacket, Elias doing the same. He grabs both and walks back to the jet ski to hang them off the handlebars.
“Will you take some photos for my insta?” You ask when he returns to sit on the blanket. You bat your eyelashes, puppy dog face in full effect. You know you don’t really need it because Elias would rewrite the stars if you asked him to. He scoffs playfully, pretending to roll his eyes and be annoyed by the request.
“Of course, min kärlek,” He takes the phone from your outstretched hand. You peel off your shirt, slowly and teasingly knowing full well Elias’ eyes are bugging out. His shorts look a little tighter by the time your shirt is over your head. It makes you smirk, you love the control you have over him without even touching him. Your shorts slip off easily and you move towards the water to pose.
“Gorgeous, älskling,” He’s got your camera in his hands and you can hear the telltale clicking of a photo being taken. Elias starts to get the best angles as you continue to pose. He makes the occasional comment about how pretty you look or compliments the pose you’re in. He keeps discreetly adjusting his swim trunks, not so discreetly. It may only be the fact that you know him so well, that you actually notice him doing so.
You move to the beach blanket, quickly grabbing your sunglass before lazing yourself on the blanket for more pictures. You make Elias gets a couple of good ones before you move into your self-proclaimed ‘sexier’ poses. Elias continues to take photos as you position yourself in more revealing ways. He’s stopped trying to hide his arousal. Instead, he’s completely open about the fact that he’s hard as a rock.
You’re laying on your belly, ass on display in the barely covering bottoms you bought specifically for Elias, when you move into your knees. You slip your hand behind your back to undo your top, letting it fall freely to the ground.
Elias almost drops your phone, his eyes wide. He quickly shoves it into the beach bag as he scrambles to get himself on the beach blanket with you. He easily pulls his shorts down, freeing himself and you smile coyly, spitting into your hand. You finally grasp him and start to jerk him off.
“Oh fuck,” Elias cries out, he’s immobile under your touch. His head is thrown back, his eyes closed with his eyelashes resting upon his cheek.
It’s late when everybody finally returns to the cabin. You and Elias had arrived back midafternoon. You’d spent the rest of the day dancing around the kitchen, making dinner for the rest of the group. Torbjorn had returned an hour or so after you, several fish in hand.
You had teased Elias about being tonight’s cook, fish was his specialty and it appeared to be meant to be. It had tasted fantastic and you’d had a nice dinner just the three of you, patiently waiting for the rest to return.
Elias had decided once the sun began to set that a fire was well deserved. He and his father had built a nice burning one in the outside firepit, dragging some chairs around to spend the evening around the ring.
You’re sat in Elias’ lap, laughing along to some childhood story that Irene in the midst of telling. There’s a blanket over top of your lap, Elias’ arms around your waist as he too laughs. It’s a beautiful sound, different than the one you normally hear during the season. It’s unrestrained and boisterous. You’re happy here and so is he. You wish this summer could last forever.
“Are you okay?” He whispers in your ear, catching on to the fact that you’ve definitely zoned out from the story.
“Yeah,” You murmur, turning to meet his eyes, “I’m perfect.”
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fannyrosie · 28 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I currently have a very limited wardrobe while I wait for all my things to be shipped from Japan, but I still managed to do two Halloween outfits and one ghost costume
Outfit rundown Skirt: vintage Blouse: second-hand Drug Honey Belt, shoes, earrings, skull ring: thrifted Other jewelry: various artists
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ofmymuses · a year ago
under the cut, you’ll find a total of 578 name ideas for furry friends sorted in alphabetical order!!   if you find this post useful, please consider giving it a like / reblog so i know ♡♡
Tumblr media
abby, ace, angel, annie, allie, angus, apollo, aries, athena, autumn, avery, alvin, amour, aspen, archie, artie, ava, alice, alpha, aslan, almond, alfie, axel, appricot
baby, bailey, basil, bella, bean, bandit, betty, birdie, betsy, bear, beau, bonnie, blossom, biscuit, blue, bo, boomer, brownie, bingo, bambi, bacon, billie, bubbles, bitsy, boots, bb, buddy, buster, bowser, barbie
candy, callie, chanel, chloe, cinnamon, cleo, coco, cricket, captain, cash, champ, chunky, chancey, charlie, chester, chico, chief, cooper, chipper, cookie, campbell, clove/r, coffee, coconut
daisy, dakota, delia, diamond, dixie, dolly, duchess, dane, dexter, diego, diesel, dodge/r, duke, dexter, darcey, dawn, dainty, dora, dizzy, decker, dallas, dagwood, dew, drusilla
eden, ella, ellie, emmy, eddie, elmer, eli, emmett, echo, elvis, eva, enid, eiffel, easter, elfa, edsel, evita, elzie
fiona, foxy, fern, fanny, finn, flash, frankie, fritz, fairy, fang, fancy, ferris, fey, flo, fluffy, fly, fudge, fuzzball, finch, foster, figo, fidget, frodo, flick, frieza
gaia, gumball, gumdrop, goldie, griffin, gus, georgie, gordon, garfield, glitter, gollum, goose, grover, gremlin, gem, gidget, goober, grumpy, gulliver
ham, harry, hope, hickory, harley, henry, hazel, holly, happy, hunter, hopscotch, hershey, harvey, honey, honeybee, hilda, hutch, hyde, hugo, hiccup, hawthorne, hades
icy, indie, itchy, isla, itsy bitsy, izzy, ivory, indigo, iggy, izzy, ike, ima, inigo, ira, isabella, iman
jabba, jade, jax, jj, jiffy, joey, july, juniper, june, juno, jackson, jagger, jasmine, jedi, jellybean, jack jack, jubilee, jonesy, jimbo, jock, jenkins, jinkies, jazz, janie, jaws, jennie, jiggly puff, jiggles, jodie
king, kai, kaijo, kermit, karma, krabby, kraken, kylo, koko, kali, kash, kane, kenny, kiddo, kimmy, kip, kisses, kit kat, kitty, kiwi, klaus, kleo, koda, kona, kylie, kooper, kimbo
luna, lola, lily, lady, lucky, lovey, loki, linus, lilo, lightning, leapfrog, lemon, lemondrop, lacy, luigi, lavender, lilac, leia, levi, lenny, lewis, libby, little, link, little foot, leftie, lulu, lurk, lydia, lynx, lars, lovebug
m&m, mabel, macaroni, macy, mae, midge, milo, midnight, marshmallow, maisie, mischief, mocha, monster, monty, munchkin, muppet, magenta, magoo, magic, maggie, malibu, maxwell, maximus, max, meeko, melody, mellow, mickey, millie, mimi, minnie, mint, missy, moon, moxie, muffy, muffin, mystic
nana, nanette, nanny, nani, newbury, natwick, nico, noah, nixon, nymph, nyx, nacho, nacia, nibbles, niche, noisy, nessie, nugget, napoleon, nanook, nutella, nellie, neon, neptune, nightmare
oatmeal, ozzy, octavia, october, oddball, olive, oreo, oscar, odie, olaf, oasis, oceana, o’hara, oakley, odessa, odin, ollie, olympia, omega, onyx, otis
panda, pumpkin, pops, popcorn, patches, prince, princess, precious, pepper, paige, pongo, poppy, penny, prudence, polly, priscilla, prancer, paris, pooh, peanut, potato, piggy, peppermint, pancake
ralph, ribbit, riley, rio, raphael, rebel, rex, roo, river, rocket, rosie, ruby, rey, ranger, raven, razzle, red, reese, retro, rhino, rigsby, ringo, rizzo, rocky, rogue, rolo, romeo, ross, roxie, ruckus
spencer, spyro, sadie, sage, sabrina, sugar, scout, sass, sky, sunny, sally, storm, stevie, sammie, scarlet, snickers, sweetie, snow/y, snoop/y, suzy, sookie, sapphire, sushi, sedona, skittles, sparkle/s, sweetpea, skipper, spot, sterling, sox, scar, scottie, scooby, sprocket
tinkerbell, tank, tango, tigger, teddy, taz, turner, toto, tess, topaz, tulip, tomika, tycoon, toki, trinket, tootsie, tarzan, trouble, twiggy, tetra, tia, thunder, thor, thumper, titan, toby, twinkle, twizzler
ursula, unit, urian, ulana, unix, utopia, urmina, unique, ultra, ufo
vesper, velvet, vanilla, valentine, vito, victory, voodoo, vallisa, vallie, valino, vanessa, vandooh, van goh, vega, vee, varro
wolfe, wolfie, wagner, whiskers, wendy, willie, worm, winnie, waldo, woody, warlock, wildfire
x-tray, xandor, xampus, xandrana, xandy, xanta, xara, xena, xera, xisco, xylo
yzma, yoda, yaki, yahoo, yogi, yeti, yenga, yumi, yello, yamana, yeska
zeus, zombie, zara, zoe/y, ziggy, zeke, zelda, zero, zola, zane, zorro, zia, zazu, zip/per, zella, zsa zsa, zadie, zoro, zorra, zephyr
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smilton · a month ago
Albion Proper || September 4, 1923 
Sallie had missed Rosie. Really, she had. 
But it was hard to remember the missing when the girl wouldn’t. Stop. Talking.
They had barely made it off Hickory Hill on their way into town before Rosie was running her mouth in a way that would have turned Ruthie Salenger green with envy.  
Chatter about Mattie’s latest readings, Maggie Andersson’s leaky roof, Rebecca Teivel’s spinsterhood. Had she heard that Ruthie’s pa was shacking up with someone else? 
The walk up Abbott Street was spent bickering over whether they should be talking who was shacking up at all. 
Passing buy Leo’s had dusted up the matter of Fanny and Simon’s marriage which brought them to Front Street and– 
“Opal’s gonna wear her mama’s dress.” A sigh. “It’s such a waste, because they could pay a penny for something a sight nicer. It’s not as if they’re poor.” 
Sallie’s jaw set. “We ain’t poor, Rosie.”
“Well we ain’t rich either. I think she should wear velvet. It should be off white because she’s already pale as an egg.” 
“And I reckon she’s gonna look like an egg already. Some people are saying it’s high time they tied that knot, but other people are saying it’s all ‘cause Opal has a bun in the oven, which is funny since–”
Rosie stopped short in front of Wolgemuth’s (10% off salt– shore up your circle!) and for just a moment, granted the gift of silence. 
But it was, after all, only a moment. 
“Who’s he?” 
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ephemeral-lace · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Based on red, the image color of Mary Magdalene Every day we introduce stylish ladies who gather at the "Shining Celestial Holy Maiden Tea Party"!
Fanny Rosie (Living in Tokyo) 30 years old, translator, 161cm Today's fashion theme: Mary Magdalene Hair accessories ♦ Handmade Blouse ♦ metamorphose temps de fille One Piece ♦ Mary Magdalene Choker ♦ Baroque Bag ♦ Moi-même-Moitié Tights ♦ Grimoire Shoes ♦ John Fluevog blog ♦  http: https://fannyrosie.tumblr.com/  Instagram  ♦  @fannyrosie
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georgiapeach30513 · 8 months ago
Jake & Yelena Jensen Mood Boards
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jake - Gaillardia, Yelena Siberian Fawn Lily, Kira Peach Blossom
Tumblr media
Mango the Sun Conure, Rocky the Miniature Pinscher, Peanut and Fanny the American Akita, Skittles the Rosy Face Love Bird
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virgin-martyr · a year ago
It was said about Fanny that she wasn’t very beautiful, but undoubtedly elegant. Her nostrils were too thin, her face too long, the nose aquiline, and her pallor chronic. Her cheeks were never rosy, not even after a six-mile walk. The history of female beauty is almost always told in the negative.
Fleur Jaeggy, excerpt of “John Keats” from These Possible Lives
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