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jamielovesbucky a year ago
9 years strong 馃挭 馃槀
btw Disney+ uk posted this on their Instagram
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lokigonnakmsforbucky a year ago
I knew I recognized this from somewhere...馃馃
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Loki its your turn :)
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knabyamjj 3 months ago
鈥淛ust Y/n?鈥澛 | b.b x reader |
Tumblr media
Bucky Barns X Reader;
Summary: You moved in to the avengers compound to discover you new roommate/neighbor, but things take a turn.聽
Word Count: 1,722
You moved into the avengers compound earlier that day, filling your new room with cardboard boxes, packed with your belongings. You had some help from some other roommates as well earlier. You already met multiple people in the compound, except your next door roommate, who you share a bathroom with. He wasn't home at all today, yet you didn't think too much of it. though It was getting late, you still had multiple unopened boxes on your floor. Deciding to wrap up unpacking for the day as it fell gloomy outside, you changed into some flowy pants and a tight white tank top. Attempting to get comfortable you also threw your hair into a loose knot at the top of your head. Making your way to your creaked open restroom door, you stumbled over some belongings scattered on the floor. Quickly kicking them out of the way.聽
Entering the room, you had the basics set up, such as your makeup, toothbrush, etc. But you still had a small box on the counter you had to organise. As you were unboxing, you heard a noise to your left. Turning your head revealed a tall fit figure, he was shirtless. His head was looking down as he rubbed the back of his neck. He had plaid, grey sweatpants that just hung past his waist, disclosing his v-line. He had a metal arm, it caught you off guard for a moment, yet you quickly snapped back to reality. It was hot. Everything about him was. You speedily turned your head back in front of you, feeling a wave of heat pass by onto your cheeks.聽
鈥淥h, my bad.鈥 the deep voice spoke. 鈥淚 didn't think anyone was in here.鈥澛
鈥淣o worries,鈥 your head still filled with the image of his toned body. 鈥淐an I?鈥 he questioned. You tilted your head at him, this time meeting his eyes. His were mesmerizing. You were a bit confused at the question asked, until you heard the voices play. He was asking for permission to brush his teeth. 鈥淥h- no, no. do whatever you need,鈥 you replied.聽
鈥淏ucky,鈥 the dark haired mans voice announced.
鈥淛ust Y/n?鈥 he asked,
鈥淛ust Bucky?鈥 you teased. You could see his smirk in the mirror as he stared at you after your snarky remark. You heard the scrubbing of the toothbrush on his teeth as you put away skin oils and lotions under your sink. His eyes were still on you, making your body feel like it was on fire. His thoughts spoke to you again, this time hinting that he was looking at your slightly revealed cleavage.聽
You scoffed, 鈥淐an I help you?鈥 his body was leaned against the door frame, just admiring you. Even after your question, he ignored you, going back to cleaning his teeth over the sink. Eventually, you ended up joining him, also grabbing your toothbrush. The room was silent, besides the sound of wishing from the bristles.聽
鈥淲ell, hopefully I'll see you later, 鈥淛ust Y/n.鈥澛
You chuckled slightly at his teasing, 鈥淗opefully.鈥 you returned the cockiness energy, winking. He couldn't help but smile, dragging his body around and out of the room.聽
Finally, you finished in the restroom. To be completely honest, you couldn't get him out of your head. He was very attractive, you admitted. 鈥淣o, Y/n, don't.鈥 you muttered to yourself, attempting to snap out of this mind set. You couldn't think about anything else. His hands were so masculine, his body was so flawless, not to mention that steel arm. Oh what it could do. You were so needy for his touch. Every part of your body was aching for him, yet you just met the man. You've never felt so desperate.
聽鈥淔uck it.鈥
You sat up out of your bed, sprinting through your room and the shared washroom.聽
Impatiently, you knocked on the other side of his door. Not long after, you were greeted with the attractive man once again.聽
鈥淚 knew I'd see you again.鈥 he pulled you into a rough kiss, wasting no time. You could still taste the mintiness of the toothpaste on his lips and tongue.聽
You followed his lead, backing up into his room. It smelt like expensive cologne with a hint of vanilla. You tried to peek around his room, still melted into the kiss. It was extremely dark, the only light coming from the slightly opened restroom door.聽
He licked your bottom lip, demanding to enter your mouth. You insisted, giving him the perfect opportunity to explore your opening. His veiny hands were on your hips, quickly pushing you gently on the bed backwards, crawling over your touch deprived body. 鈥淪hit,鈥 he groaned into your mouth, his hands touching anywhere they could. You couldn't help but to moan, his sizeable hands teasing your curves.聽
鈥淏ucky-鈥 you whimpered out.
鈥淪hh, we don't want anyone to hear how desperate you are for me, now do we?鈥
He kissed your jawline, making his way down to your collar bones. You laid onto your back comfortably, head on the pillows. He looked up at you, asking for permission to take off your tank top. You nodded in response, squeezing his bedsheets impatiently. You weren't wearing a bra since you were planning on going to bed earlier tonight, obviously that changed.聽
He kissed softly down your stomach, lowering your pants the more he kissed, leaving you only in your thong. His breath hitched, admiring your almost naked body.聽
鈥淢y god, Y/n. Look at you.鈥 his lips made their way back to yours, untying his pants mid make out. Sliding them off, he was left in his boxers. You could see the outline of his hard bulge, begging to be let out. Begging to be touched. Your mouth gaped open as he slowly slid them down, you didn't take your eyes off the sight. Boxers now off revealed his long member,聽
鈥淏ucky that is too-鈥 you attempted to explain your concern, yet Bucky knew how to take care of you.聽
鈥淐ome on, you can take it.鈥 He insisted, putting his head in between your legs. He trailed kisses and hickeys along the inside of your thighs, the teasing was too much to handle. Your head turned, facing the wall from the embarrassing look on your face. Suddenly, you felt a wet feeling on your cunt, causing you to jump onto your elbows in shock, facing him once again.聽
鈥淓yes on me, doll.鈥 his raspy voice growled. The brunette's bright eyes sunk into yours, making the heated energy rise more and more. He removed his head, replacing it with his hard, groin area. Your hands were now gripping onto the pillow under your head, preparing for the pleasurable feeling about to take place.聽
You felt his member slowly slide into you, making you gasp out loud. It didn't hurt at all, you were too horny to feel any pain. You needed him, all of him. From your reaction, he kept doing deeper, starting a stroking pattern as well. You couldn't hold in your moans any longer, accidently letting one slip. Buckys hand covered your mouth immediately,聽
鈥淪o needy for me huh?鈥 He whispered seductively in your ear.聽
鈥淨uieter, unless you want everyone to hear you.鈥澛
His pace became faster, adding deeper strokes. His hand was still on your gasping mouth, in case you let one slip on accident again. The two of you were breathing heavily, eyes meeting each other, then staring at one and others panting bodies. Buckys fingers were now in your mouth, covered in your wet, hot saliva. His mental arm was gripping your hip, matching it with his strokes. You felt overwhelmed with pleasure, he really knew your weak spots now. Not to add how hot his groans were.
鈥淚'm- I'm going to-鈥 You could barely finish your sentence, your body and mind felt so good. You words were extremely breathy聽
鈥淢e too doll, let it go. Let it go all over me.鈥 he sucked on your neck, now pinning your hands above your head. Your legs were shaking as you released all over his erection. He was edging himself for as long as he could, letting you ride out your orgasm. Bucky swiftly pulled out and finished all over your lower stomach not long after. You both stopped to catch your breath,聽
鈥淟et me clean you up. Stay here.鈥 he spoke as he walked into the washroom. Him opening the door caused the light to shine in your eyes. You covered them with your forearm, still laying down with weak legs. The light disappeared slowly, Bucky returning to the bed..聽
鈥淪orry, was it too bright?鈥 he chuckled. His laugh was even perfect. He wiped up his mess with a warm washcloth, 鈥淎re you okay?鈥 he asked. You nodded, still a bit embarrassed of what just happened. 鈥淒o you think I could just crash in here tonight? I don't think I can get up.鈥 you laughed off your embarrassment. 鈥淥f course, I'll get another pillow.鈥 he flashed a warm smile.聽
You saw the bright orange sunlight shine through the blinds, painting the room. To your left you saw Bucky in a deep slumber. His face rested gently against his pillow, lips perfectly pink . you wanted to kiss him, badly, but instead blocked that urge and went to go get some coffee. You threw on a t-shirt, along with some shorts and headed downstairs.聽
You were greeted by Natasha and Steve, the early birds. You weren't much of a morning person, but surprisingly very slept well.聽
鈥淕ood Morning,鈥 Steve smiled, bringing his attention away from his newspaper.聽
鈥淢orning Y/n,鈥 Natasha added after. You gave them a welcoming smile.聽
鈥淢orningg~鈥 you hummed, bring a cup of hot coffee towards, grabbing it mid air.聽
聽聽聽聽鈥淚s that Buckys shirt?鈥 Nat added smirking. You froze, was it? Did you accidentally grab it instead of yours?
鈥淥h, It um- must have been a mix up with laundry.鈥澛
You lied, hoping they would believe it.
鈥淗uh, so that's where that shirt went.鈥 you jumped a little after hearing the raspy voice. You saw Bucky standing beside you.聽
鈥淢m-鈥 Steve mumbled with coffee in his mouth, hinting he wanted to say something.聽
鈥淏ucky, this is Y/n. They just fully moved in yesterday.鈥 He gestured towards you.聽
鈥淛ust Y/n?鈥 He smirked
鈥淛ust Y/n.鈥 You smiled back.
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tonystarkstan a year ago
you know, I鈥檓 actually shocked that Marvel鈥檚 got the guts to take FATWS in this direction. to explore the ways in which the white Avengers have an easier time being accepted by society as heroes while Sam is left to struggle financially and emotionally, and how he鈥檚 even fucking encouraged as 鈥渄oing the right thing鈥 for giving up the shield as if he鈥檚 done the country a service by relieving them of having to look up to a black person as a leader and hero. it is sickeningly reflective of society now and fills me with a very real rage.
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Guys I did something ...
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It had to be done !!!
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yannii04 a year ago
Words can't even begin to describe how proud I am of Anthony Mackie. His portrayal of Sam Wilson is so beautiful; the gentleness, the kindness. Often times black people are depicted as loud, obnoxious, violent, and ignorant. And there's nothing wrong with being Black and being those things, but the intentions on why they do it is the issue. They want to stigmatize and ridicule us. But Anthony Mackie? Anthony Mackie handled this character and this message with the utmost care. Many people aren't going to agree with me, but I like that Anthony is the new captain. Because like he said, the shield means something different in his hands. As a black women, as a black person, seeing someone be unapologetically black and proud and hold a place of power and wants to evoke change brings tears to my eyes. I don't know how else to explain it other than I'm proud, I'm happy and thank you. Thank you Anthony Mackie, you don't know how many people you are impacting.
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jbreenr a year ago
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hot-take-media 21 days ago
Since Marvel phase 4 has come out a lot of people have declared that they are unhappy with the current direction and are leaving the fandom forever. 鈥kay? This isn鈥檛 an airport, you don鈥檛 need to announce your departure. You can just leave, that was always allowed.
Anyway I鈥檒l still be here vibing if anyone wants to join me.
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fandomcentralsposts 9 months ago
this year was the best year to be a marvel fan-
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Happy New Year marvel stans I hope we are just as blessed in 2022
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James 鈥淚 technically didn鈥檛 follow all 3 rules, but I smiled and that was always the hardest part so I feel like I deserve full credit鈥 Buchanan Barnes
Tumblr media
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ineffablesnakeycrowley a year ago
Telling a person of color that he did the right thing by returning the shield, and proceeding to give it to a white dude five minutes later, is the most American thing ever.
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jamielovesbucky a year ago
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I like his cardboard cut out
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artsyalpine a year ago
does a gay little walk that pisses you off
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lokigonnakmsforbucky a year ago
Okay, something I never tolerate is people sending people death threats. I have seen a ton of people saying that Wyatt Russell (left) the man who plays John Walker(right) in the new Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Is receiving death threats for absolutely no reason, other than DOING his job. If you hate his character, he is doing his job correctly which is to act. That does not give anyone the right to send him death threats. Hate his character, not him.
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bucky-bucky-bucky-bucky 3 months ago
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Sebastian 鈥測ou鈥檙e doing amazing, sweetie鈥 Stan and Anthony 鈥減lease stop鈥 Mackie
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aleynaandrews a year ago
Someone should tell John Walker that you can鈥檛 just DIY your own shield unless you are a Stark.
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hereand-whereyou-are a year ago
Sharon said I鈥檓 going to live my best life being a criminal and being a hero is a lie.
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