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jodienotmedia · 4 months ago
Jodie casillas is NOT real media. 
Jodie casillas is NOT a Nurse.
Jodie casillas is not a feminist. 
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swift-fated · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Or what about Oprah coaching them on her show as well? Or Bashir instructing Michael on what to say during his “documentary”?
Michael: *literally just standing there*
Martin Bashir narrating: and Michael’s behavior was starting to disturb me......
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whatevergreen · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
The UK's Daily Mail / MailOnline is a right to far-right newspaper and online news service peddling an extremist agenda - heavily padded out with mindless fluff. It is virulently racist and xenophobic, and often homophobic. Don't be fooled by its occasional articles that seem to contradict this. That's exactly what they're there for.
This is the newspaper that openly supported Hitler in the 1930s, and it's recent endless anti-immigrant, anti "foreigner" bile is worthy of Enoch Powell (and probably Hitler and the KKK for that matter).
And the Daily Express is no better.
Now they are so predictably trying to use the queen's covid to back government propaganda: "oh it's very mild and she's getting on with her job". It's not just an insult to intelligence but to anyone that actually works. And to the many who've died because most governments the world over did next to nothing to protect the public.
If you fired a gun in to a crowd of "journalists", you'd have almost no chance of hitting an actual journalist nowadays.
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pathetic3 · 8 months ago
Tom Zebra aka Daniel saulmon & his BF Ricky “bitch ass” Pinzon LIE about breaking a case of a inglewood officer selling drugs. Only people on drugs are these paranoid LOSERS on bicycles.
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sporesgalaxy · 8 months ago
i want to get across just how funny the interview in my dream was though like actually
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ohfugecannada · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
A few good sites/pages for learning some media literacy and spotting online misinformation:
Snopes.com - a site that’s been around for twenty years (long before Google search engine was a thing) debunking urban legands and, more recently, fake news and misinformation.
Checkyourfact.com - a site similar to snopes that debunks fake news and viral “facts”. It’s the place I found out that post about Kraft releasing a rainbow coloured mayo called “Real Gaydo” for pride month was a satirical photoshop piece that was stolen from its original artist’s Instagram and shared around as a real product on Facebook and other sites.
School Library Journal - has a page of resources for teaching students and teachers how to spot misinformation and fake news and improve media literacy.
NAMLE.net - aka the National Association for Media Literacy Education, the leading nonprofit membership organization dedicated to advancing media literacy education in the United States.
Newslit.org - an educational nonprofit that provides programs and resources for learning media literacy. What’s cool about this site is they have an extensive number of quizzes designed to help you test your media literacy skills, which give you tips along with the question answers about how to spot and avoid misinformation and fake news. All of which you can try out for yourself here.
If anyone has more good online literacy resources like this, please feel free to add more!
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louisegluck · 6 months ago
currently yearning for a soft, tender love with someone who’ll make me hot tea, wrap me up in a fluffy blanket and read me my favourite books when i’m feeling down
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arsonistblue · 2 months ago
i hate how snobby people are about e-readers (kindle and such) it’s so annoying constantly hearing “you’re not getting the full reading experience” “that’s not actually reading” when it literally is. plus, they’re really helpful for people with chronic pain/arthritis in the hands or fine motor skill issues. you can connect to your library and read a bunch of stuff for free, and it can save a lot of pain for disabled/chronically ill people since you aren’t fiddling with pages. they’re also portable and can hold tons of books at once so like ??? what’s the big deal???
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balluprojects · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Fake News, 2015
@ Brighton, UK
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freenarnian · 4 months ago
when I like your personal posts I am leaving a calling card with a little heart sketched on the back of it with a silver chatelaine pencil <3
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heartlessqueen · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sometimes journaling is pretty, sometimes is just angry and painful (but it helps a bit)
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ziltoidcoffee · 2 months ago
What's a tabloid read of billionaire Terrance Silver dating a beautiful 18 year old and how soon does the paparazzo who broke the news disappear
Toxic Waste CEO Millionaire Terry Silver Rumored to be Dating Local Karate Champion Daniel LaRusso
Tumblr media
Los Angeles — Terrence “Terry” Silver, millionaire and CEO of toxic waste company Dynatox, is rumored to be dating Daniel LaRusso, a local karate champion, according to a source close to the couple.
The source revealed Silver, 47, has been dating the 18-year-old for around three months, but they have remained fairly private about their romance.
They met through a mutual acquaintance and bonded due to their shared hobby of martial arts. Shortly after meeting, Silver became LaRusso's temporary trainer while he prepared for a local karate tournament. 
The Newark native went on to win the All Valley Championship and used the prize money to expand his small business Little Trees, a bonsai nursery in Canoga Park, that he runs with a Japanese war veteran Nariyoshi Miyagi, 60.
When asked to comment on the rumors, Silver responded via his personal assistant, “He’s the best around.”
Silver did not address the sudden disappearance of his former army captain and business partner John Kreese of the Cobra Kai dojo.
The source of the relationship rumors is also no longer available to comment.
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the-magpie-archives · 27 days ago
Not your bloody monster manual.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cognitosclowns · a month ago
Can I request a fake-dating thing with Gigi? Maybe she needs a date for some big event and asks Reader to be her fake date, but ends up really liking their company? Thanks!!
sfw!! just cuteness. It got long im sorry MSNDMSND
Ok usually she has a System (tm) for events, because when your schedule is as tight as hers, you need to have all your ducks in a row.
Usually she has a Shortlist of people she can ask in case she needs a Plus One!!
 Andre, Brett, Glenn, Myc (if she can convince him not to be too much fo a brat smdns) It's all platonic, usually one of those four can be bribed into an event with the promise of Alcohol and Free Food (and Brett does it Just To Be Helpful,, because,, it's Brett MSNDMS)
and yet, somehow, all four of these ungrateful little bastards can't pull through on this night.
And she can't go alone, for several reasons. In the circles she frequents (read : rich and judgemental) its essential to bring a Plus One, because everyone else is gonna have one, and if she doesn't she's gonna stick out.
Keeping up appearances is essential in her line of work, and she really doesn't need ppl starting a gossip train right now.
(and aside from that, it dissuades creeps so that's a plus)
you are her last hope lmao.
She only vaguely knows you, but tbh she just needs someone to fill the slot. A beach-ball with a smiley face drawn on it ANYONE.
She even offers you 400$ to sweeten the pot!! Plus the usual promise of free food and rich people to laugh at.
Don't worry about getting an outfit, she works in media. She IS media lmao I have no doubt she's has plenty of experience in fashion, she can absolutely help you throw together an outfit and be out the door in like,, 10 minutes flat.
She isn't expecting much but?? It actually goes way smoother than planned??
It surprises her that you treat it like,, an actual date.
Like you ask questions? good questions?? Not just boring Rich People 'I-Don't-Actually-Care-I-Just-Need-To-Pretend-I'm-A-Person-And-Not-A-Walking-Bank-Account' questions??
You ask her about her ambitions? What was her favorite childhood memory? You two get into a 40 minute conversation about a bakery she misses from her hometown that closed down before she could get their cheesecake recipe??
Like oh god you cannot imagine how mind numbing rich people are. Harder than the conspiracies and media scandals and weird social rules is trying to pretend to give a shit about Rich Boy #307's New Golf Course MSNDMS
She literally forgets to mingle.
You mention something about the Gardens and before she can even remember that yes, there was a goal behind her coming to this event, you two are giggling like teenagers running along the pavillion <33
Occasionally it’ll strike her that she’s supposed to be inside, shmoozing, but she just convinces herself that oh well, she can just do that later.
It doesn't even strike her until her alarm goes off that she's spent the entire night just,, talking with you. 
(the ringtone, ofc, being the sound of someone calling her, so that she has a convenient excuse to get out of whatever she's doing and go home)
She decides Fuck It. You two talk for another forty minutes, laying back on the freshly-trimmed grass before a butler eventually comes out to shoo you off the property MNSDMSN
She drives you home!! Well, her chauffeur drives you home, but she sits with you in the back!!
(She specifically asks her chauffeur to take a slightly longer route, so you two can finish your convo about the musical conventions in Sweeney Todd, because she hasn’t gotten to talk about that shit in YEARS SHES NOT PASSING UP THIS OPPORTUNITY)
She still offers you that 400$, because it's the least she could do for you helping her out w/ something so last minute, not to mention having you stay way later than expected, but you turn it down.
You said something about how ‘getting to get to know a woman as sweet as her was payment enough <3′ and just. left.
it leaves her so completely stunned that she doesn’t hear her driver when they ask if she’d like to be dropped off at home. 
She literally just sits there staring at the spot where you were sitting, holding 400$, feeling absolutely dazed. She’s smiling like an idiot and she doesn’t even CARE THAT WAS SO CUTE OF YOU-
She calls you two weeks later for another event, and you say yes without hesitation <3
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sunsetsixx · 2 months ago
ik the majority of crue fans are like gen x / boomers who obviously dont follow this band’s every move like i do but holy fuck if i see one more bullshit article filled with statements that have not been fact checked / are just blatantly false about vince neil in my lifetime & like 1000 trolls who believe every word of them in the comments im gonna start swinging 😃
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i-prefer-base-twelve · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
@forduary 1: sleep An excerpt from journal 4.
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catboy-on-main · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🐌 ✧ c!tubbo stimboard for anon
with happy-go-lucky/cheerful themes and yellows!
🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌
Tumblr media
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