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rosavatar · 23 hours ago
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Capricorn stardress... unison raid?!
Natsu’s design is by rellanokid over on Twitter/Insta!
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kaicean · 2 days ago
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permanent scar/reminder 🌕
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xanvasofxords · 2 days ago
Because I Love You
As soon as Lucy takes a step forward, he snarls. It should be intimidating but it somehow isn't. Which encourages her to take another step.
"I said, stay away!" The man before her yells, yet it isn't enough to convince her.
"And I said that I won't."
He groans, almost like he's in some sort of physical pain. Except for the cuts and bruises all over his body, he seems fine.
But he looks so distinct than the Natsu she knows. He kooks like a completely different person, with his claw-like hands and twisted horns.
And his eyes. Glinting red orbs that hold so many emotions- anger, sorrow, pain, regret and something Lucy doesn't quite recognise- that it almost suffocates her.
"Do you really not get, who I am and the threat I posses?" He clenches his fists, as if holding himself back from something.
There's a desperation in his posture.
Lucy answers without a second thought, "I don't. All I understand is that, you're my Natsu."
His eyes widen as she slowly walks closer to him. He growls in protest, as though doing so will make her run away from him.
"I'm an etherious, the master of the Tartarus demons," he rasps, "My flames will burn you. Lke it did to everything around us. I'm not the one you know, this... is my true self!"
Lucy ignores his words.
Lucy ignores the heavy air- with smoke and ashes, from the surroundings being reduced to nothing by his fire- filling her lungs. Her throat burns. She ignores the exhaustion from using up too much magic that her legs want to give out. She ignores the distant cries of people scattered over the battlefield, wanting to be saved by someone. She ignores the fact that they're amidst a war and can be attacked by enemies at any given opportunity.
All that matters, is him.
"If so, I'll gladly burn." As many times as it takes to make him understand, she tells herself.
He stiffens, doesn't say anything. Just stares.
Because he already knows the answer.
In normal circumstances, Lucy wouldn't tell him what she feels for him. For she's too afraid to ruin what they have.
However she will, now. If that's what it takes to bring him back.
"Natsu," she calls his name, reminding him who he truely is. Holds out her hand as she stands in front of him. Not afraid of the flames dancing along his skin.
"Luce, please... I remember them calling me a demon." A tear strolls down his cheek, eyes cast down.
Lucy touches him, as if she knew his magic too well to be hurt by it. Pulls him closer until their foreheads press together. His amber flames enclosing them.
"I remember calling your name, Natsu."
He cries, and asks. "Why?"
You're an idiot, Lucy thinks with a smile. Finally says, "Because I love you."
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nashadragneel · a day ago
It's actually amusing how Natsu doesn't even realise how much he has fallen in love with someone to the point of just casually acting like a boyfriend with no paying attention to the status of their relationship.
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ravewoodx · a day ago
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mettywiththenotes · 2 days ago
The curse of being voiced by Yuichi Nakamura is that fans always think the character is a sex god when in actuality they are probably awkward as shit when they flirt
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underestimated-heroine · 2 days ago
Just stumbled upon discourse I never wanted to stumble upon or perceive in any way regarding Gruvia vs. Gajevy and the person was all up in arms over Gajevy not being abusive. Meanwhile they feel that Gruvia is. Girl....lmao he BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HER and crucified her on a tree after vandalizing her body. That was their first meeting. Don't get me wrong, I like all the "Big Four" ships (I've written Gajevy fics) but you should just admit that every ship ever is conceivably problematic somehow, some way, live and let live, find a way to be unbothered about this, and move on. Of course Gruvia is kind of stalkerish for the sake of the running bit but that running bit ties into their story: juvia loved gray and wanted his happiness when deep down, he didn't feel worthy of either. Gajeel did something unforgivable, but Levy forgave him anyway. They gained a mutual respect for each other which ultimately turned into love.
It is apparently impossible for anyone in fandom to have a normal opinion on these types of issues. Actually, that's not true; people with normal opinions just don't post about this because they are smarter than me, but ffs this gets old, man.
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gruviasama · 2 days ago
I dont know if its okay to request but I adore both Gruvia and Fraxus and I was wondering if you would be interested in writing a Gray and Freed brotp and Laxus and Juvia brotp where they talk about their feelings? I feel like Freed could help Gray to open up more and Gray could also encourage Freed that he sees the bond between Freed and Laxus and Juvia could be so sweet and encouraging to Laxus and Laxus could reassure Juvia. I feel like that would be so sweet and interesting dynamics! 😊
Hi hi! First off, it took me so long to start writing this but when I actually started it literally only took me a little over two days. I was so nervous writing Laxus and Freed tho so I'm scared that I didn't do them well. Please let me know your thoughts!!
Title: Actions
Tags: fluff / humor
The light dragon slayer palms grew sweaty as he waited for the love-struck water mage of Fairy Tail to meet him at a nearby diner. His arms were tightly crossed in front of his chest as he wore the same agitated glare that seemed to be fixed on his face.
The waitress came by a third time with an apologetic glare as she asked if he still wanted the table set for two. He didn't bother opening his eyes and just simply nodded. Honestly, if she didn't show up in the next five minutes, he was just about ready to strike a hole in the roof.
Just when he was about to give up, the resonating sound of a bell jingled as the glass door was pulled open.
"Juvia is here! She is sorry, Laxus-san; she hopes she didn't keep you waiting long?!" The blue-haired water mage explained as she hurried over and took her seat in front of him.
Laxus did his best to contain his eye roll at the girl's tardiness as he shoved the menu in her direction, muttering passive remarks about how hungry he was.
"Juvia already had dinner, but she could go for dessert. Erza-san, this place has great strawberry cake."
"You already had dinner…with Gray?" Laxus asked, trying to seem uninterested. He peered his eyes over the top of his menu and was about to see the sad smile that appeared on Juvia's face.
"No, Juvia went on a short mission with Gajeel-kun, and they ate before returning to the guild. She hasn't seen Gray-sama in a few days."
The lighting mage gave her a sympathetic sigh as he ran his hand up and down his face in frustration. What was Fullbuster's deal anyway? Anyone with half a brain cell could see Juvia was head over heels for the dude, and he always acted indifferent to her feelings even though everyone knew how he felt about the water mage. The only people who didn't seem to know Gray liked Juvia were Gray and Juvia.
"I'm sure you will see the ice boy soon."
"Juvia hopes…"
The pair fell into a comfortable silence until the waitress came by for their orders, and just as Juvia said before, she eagerly requested a slice of their strawberry cake.
The water mage waited for the waitress to collect the menus and move out of earshot before leaning forward on the table. "So, how are things going with Freed-san?" Her eyebrows wiggled suggestively as she grinned eagerly.
It wasn't until she watched the way Laxus face fell further into a deep scowl that she put together why Laxus wanted to meet with her in the first place. "No good, huh?" She asked awkwardly, rubbing her arm.
After the Battle of Fairy Tail, Laxus and his thunder legion knew they owed everyone in the guild an apology. He was young and stupid with ambitions for a spot he didn't deserve. They went around requesting their forgiveness, but there were a few mages they knew deserved more than a simple apology for how they treated them, and Juvia was one of them.
Though she was technically in the guild, Laxus and his team refused to accept her and Gajeel because of their past with Phantom Lord. Freed even went as far as to tell her that she would always just be a Phantom Woman, only to be proven wrong when she sacrificed herself for Cana.
She wasn't a fool; no matter how much it hurt, she knew the Thunder Legion weren't the only ones who felt this way; the other members were just too kind to say it out loud. Juvia just wanted everyone to accept her faster.
After that, no one questioned her loyalty; she and Evergreen became good friends, and so did the others. However, it wasn't until after they woke up from their seven-year disappearance that Laxus finally had the opportunity to apologize to Juvia. She took two hits from his thunder orbs, and as a water mage, he knew it wasn't easy on her, but unsurprisingly enough, Juvia forgave him with ease.
The pair became good allies after that, and they only got closer after they were put on the Fairy Tail B team. Due to their calm composures, minus when Gray came around, they were easy to get along with. Though they weren't as close as she and Gajeel were, they still considered each other close guild members.
"I just…I don't know how to tell him; whenever I try, I just get this strange feeling?"
"What kind of feeling, Laxus-san?" Juvia asked, tilting her head.
"I don't know; it's this feeling in my stomach." He was confused as he recalled the last time Freed and he was alone. In response, Juvia gave him a mischievous smirk that only confused him more.
"Does Laxus-san feel like something is crawling in his stomach…maybe even fluttering?"
He thought carefully and slowly nodded his head.
"Juvia thinks Freed-san gives Laxus-san butterflies; that's why he gets so shy." Juvia teased, raising her hand to her mouth to cover her humorous smile.
"What? No?!"
"What does Laxus-san think it is then?"
"I don't know. A stomach ulcer?"
"Laxus-san." Juvia scolded, disappointingly shaking her head.
"Look, raindrop-" Juvia blushes heavily; the only people who called her this happen to be the two most intimidating mages of Fairy Tail. "I don't get nervous; that isn't me."
"Well, Laxus-san feels so sort of way when he is around Freed-san that keeps him from saying how he feels. Are you shy?"
"Then what?"
"I feel like I'm not good enough, okay!" Laxus shouted, drawing the attention of nearby customers, but Laxus’ deadly sneer warned them to stay out of their conversation. The blond boy ticked his lip and let out a heavy breath to calm his head.
"What I mean is you and Freed are very similar. You both wear your heart on your sleeve and are never hesitant to say what you feel. But people like me, who hurt people, we don't deserve it."
"Juvia hurt people." She whispered, her head falling in shame.
"Juvia hurt people and did whatever her older master asked of her. She was far from a good person in those days. Even when she wasn't trying, she hurt people; she still did with her rain. Juvia was called Ameonna for a reason. She was cursed…" her thoughts trailed as she thought back to those days and the havoc they brought to Fairy Tail, but then she remembered the reason for her salvation.
"Until Gray-sama saved her and became her sun."
"You know Laxus-san, Juvia, and Freed-san don't need to hear it in words."
"While Juvia can't be fully certain that Gray-sama feels the same about her in the way Juvia loves him, she can see that Gray-sama at least cares. She sees it in his actions. When she makes him her juvi-buns, he tries even just a bit to spare her feelings, when he takes her away from Lyon-san when he becomes too much. When he checks in on Juvia when she decides to hover less around him." Juvia looked down at the table as she felt her cheeks heat up while Gray ran wild in her thoughts.
"Juvia doesn't need Gray-sama to tell her with words what he feels because he shows it with his actions. Juvia is sure Freed-san feels the same."
"He likes you back, you know?
"Heh?!" Juvia shouted, shocked at Laxus' change of subject.
"Ice Boy. Gray. You said you weren't certain if he felt the same way as you, and I'm telling you he does." Laxus smirked, taking a sip of his water. Her face twisted up in a shy pucker as she imagined her Gray-sama confession of his love for her. She was going to continue letting her mind run on its full desire until Laxus cleared his throat, snapping her back into reality as the waitress brought out his food and her dessert.
Meanwhile, on the other side of Magnolia, Gray walked mindlessly as he walked through the streets of the town. His hands were shoved deep in his pocket, and he kept his face in a tight grimace to keep people from randomly coming up to talk to him. He didn't have a particular destination in mind, but preferably one away from that idiot flame brain was good enough.
He was focused on enjoying the peace and silence around him that he almost didn't hear his name being called.
"Hey Gray, team Natsu is finally back from their quest, I see."
The ice mage hummed in response as he slowed his steps to give the other mage time to catch up. Streaks of green came into Gray's peripherals as Freed lightly jogged next to him.
"Let me guess, more than half the reward money was spent on fixing the town Natsu destroyed?"
"Yes, that idiot doesn't ever know when to hold back. Even Happy could have taken out the creep on his own, but flame brain decided to go all dragon slayer on him, and it cost us our entire award plus more, so now we own the town jewels!" Gray shouted in frustration, not being about to contain his anger at bay anymore. He was getting heated up all over again to the point he didn't even feel himself begin to strip during his monologue.
Freed laughed in response and patted Gray on the back sympathetically, picking up the other mage's clothes as they walked silently together. This is what Gray liked about Freed, he wasn't a man of many words, and he didn't pry like Cana or Like did, and sometimes Gray just needed a friend who listened without giving their own input.
"How has the guild been?" Gray asked sheepishly, refusing to look anywhere but straight.
Freed gave a knowing smile but didn't push further; he knew the real question he was asking, so he would give him the answer without making him feel exposed. "Everyone is doing well, going on missions. Gajeel, I think maybe Juvia was with him, came back today too from their mission."
"O-oh, that's good." Gray stuttered, shoving his hands further in his pockets.
"Yeah, it's good that she is back, though; you know Laxus enjoys eating her Gray-buns." Freed laughed as Gray shivered at the image of Laxus' eating a pastry with his face on it.
"Well, maybe we should tell her to start making Laxus some Freed-buns." Gray joked as Freed's cheeks flushed in shyness; it reminded him of the timid water mage; they were both so easy to make flustered.
It didn't take long for Freed to recollect himself while fanning his cheeks. Due to his movements, the fabric of Gray's jacket began to slip from his arm and back onto the ground.
"I'll get it," Gray said, bending down to get the material, but as he pulled it back up, a small metal object slipped from the coat pocket, making a clinking noise as it collided with the pavement.
Freed picked it up and twirled it around, interested trying to make sense of what it was for. "What's this?"
Gray quickly prided the object from the rune magic user's hand and hid it away in the safety of his pants. "A clip."
"A clip?" Freed asked, confused.
"Yes, a clip!"
"What for?"
"What's with this interrogation?" Gray snapped, but the green-haired male was unphased as he held his hands up to show he meant no harm.
"I was just curious why you had a butterfly hair clip, but if this is you slow dipping your toes into the world of hair accessories, I won't judge." Okay, maybe he did mean some harm, but it was only because he knew Gray was acting like Laxus and trying to hide his feelings.
"What? No, it's not for me?" Gray shot back.
"Oh, is it for Lucy? But, I got to say, that's a poor choice. You should have gone with another color; her hair is already blond."
"Erza? I know as kids, you kind of had a thing for her."
"Why would I even get this for Erza? She doesn't wear stuff like this."
"Oh, it must be for Cana; she is brunette; a yellow clip would look great on her."
"It's for Juvia," Gray whispered under his breath; Freed was lucky he heard it because he knew Gray wouldn't have repeated himself another time.
"I know." He smirked, content with himself earning a punch in the arm from the demon slayer.
Gray took back what he said about Freed not prying; he was a bigger ass than Loke and Cana.
"I just got it for her because it seemed like something she would like. I was just being nice."
"Mhm." Freed hummed in agreement, but it only made Gray's brows deep even more.
"Oi, it doesn't mean anything special."
"I mean it."
“Seriously, it’s not like that.”
"Would you stop 'mhm' me!" Gray snapped.
"I'm just agreeing with what you're saying. You only got the clip for Juvia to be nice; after all, she doesn't mean anything to you."
"I didn't say that." Gray frowned.
"But you basically did. Honestly, I don’t know how she does it; just talking to you right now gives me whiplash." Freed sighed dramatically, grabbing his neck and making an aching sound.
“You’re such an ass.” Gray tsked, walking ahead of the mage, ignoring how the green-haired man chortled.
“But seriously, Gray, you will have to be honest to her sooner or later. You can’t just expect her to wait forever.”
Freed was right; he remembered when Erza pulled him to the side during the grand magic games to confront him about being fair to Juvia and telling her how he felt. It was more than a year or two later, and he still hadn’t given her an answer, and his guild mate's warnings weren’t wrong; maybe a day would come, and she would finally move on from him. Gray couldn’t help but feel his chest tighten.
“I’m no good, not like this,” the ice mage admitted looking up into the darkening sky. “The way I am now.” Freed kept his gaze directed in front of him to keep Gray from growing nervous; he knew how hard it was for him to express himself to other people.
“I can’t be the man she sees as someone she needs to protect. Someone she would learn a secret blood technique and sacrifice herself for. I need to be a man who can protect her." Gray twirled the hairpin in his fingers, caressing the gems on the wings. Despite how annoying Freed was, Gray always found it easy to talk to the runes magic user. Maybe because their situations were so similar, two men unsure of their feelings while their counterparts waited patiently for them to figure out what they wanted, but for how long? How long were they willing to wait?
"God, you sound just like Elfman, man this man, just be a man who can support her and grow stronger with her. Neither can live to protect the other your whole life."
Gray let out a sarcastic laugh as he turned his head towards Freed's direction. "Says the man who is the leader of the Laxus' protection groupies."
Freed's face turned as scarlet as his coat as he stopped his foot, yelling obscenities about Gray's absurd remarks, which only made the ice mage smirk more, knowing how easy it was to get under the others' skin.
"Gray-sama, Freed-san!" A cheerful voice yelled from the direction across them; the men didn't even need to look up to see who it was.
Juvia ran in their direction, holding a take-out bag with Laxus in tow, her smile never leaving her face as she approached the pair.
"Juvia, Laxus," Gray greeted, nodding his head. Just the simple acknowledgment of her presence drove the blue hair mage into a heart-eyed frenzy. Laxus let out a hum, his focus never wavering from the petite man standing next to Gray.
"Coming from dinner?" Freed asked, looking at the bag in Juvia's hand.
"Yes, but Juvia got this for Gray-sama." The girl blushes, shoving the bag in his direction to take. He glanced at her nervously, reaching out to take it from her hands. The tips of his fingers brushed across the back of her hand, sending a bolt of currents straight to his heart.
"Erza-san told Juvia this shop has good cake, and she was right. Juvia just had to get her Gray-sama one!"
His lips puckered as his other hand fumbled with the clip that was tucked away in his pocket. "Maybe you can share some with me." He spoke with an embarrassed tone. "I mean, it seems like you liked it, so if you want more, you can eat some with me."
"But Juvia got the cake for Gray-sama!" Juvia balled her fist and held them to her chest as she pouted her cheeks. "Plus, Juvia was out with Laxus-san; it would be rude for her to abandon him in the streets!"
"I'll be fine if you wanna go with ice boy." Laxus grimaced at the way the water mage made him sound helpless.
Gray didn't even get the chance to fire a snarky comeback at Laxus, calling him 'ice boy' before Juvia wrapped herself into his side, throwing her arms around him and dragging him along the street in the direction of his apartment. "Well, it was nice seeing Laxus-san and Freed-san; Juvia and Gray will get going now!" She gave Laxus one last look, winking in his direction as if to say, remember what Juvia told you.
Freed let out a content sigh, shaking his head in amusement at the couple. Gray indeed was helpless. "I wonder if he will ever muster the courage, to be honest with her."
"Mhm," Laxus agreed as the pair walked down the dark-lit street side by side, replaying Juvia's words from the diner in his head.
"Juvia doesn't need Gray-sama to tell her with words what he feels because he shows it with his actions. Juvia is sure Freed-san feels the same."
Before the large dragon slayer could stop his actions, his hand came up and patted the top of Freed's head, giving him a light rub.
The runes user jumped slightly at the sudden contact; his eyes trailed up to meet Laxus' who was staring down at him with a gentle smile. Freed studied the lines on his face and the scar on his eye and found himself growing lost in them. Everything about him, his straw blonde hair, egoist attitude, and powerful aura, Freed learned how to love every bit of it. Finally, after a few seconds of hesitation, he melted into the bigger man's side, enjoying the feeling of having him near. Laxus may not be a man with many words, but his touch and his actions were enough.
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celestialrayna · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Fallen Rogue Cheney
I like the Fallen banner in Fire Emblem Heroes and I had the idea... how would Sting and Rogue look like in such a fallen form? So here we go. Tomorrow, there will be Fallen Sting.
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luvsabo · a day ago
𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐊𝐓𝐎𝐁𝐄𝐑 ‘𝟐𝟐 ★! ©luvsabo
Tumblr media
BEFORE YOU CONTINUE! please be aware that this will mostly be dark content! if you don’t like it, don’t read!
Tumblr media
OCT 1! ─  octopus hybrid!sabo CW! jealousy, monster fucking, tentacles obv, oral fixation, kinda mean!sabo!! WC! tba
⠀ ☆ monster! where your hybrid boyfriend gets jealous. 
OCT 8! ─ werewolf!ace CW! primal play, kinda noncon turns to dubcon, size kink, degradation, exhibitionism (kinda, forest sex), scent kink. WC! 1.2k
⠀ ★ in the shadows! where ace just can’t help himself.
OCT 15! ─ demon king!luffy CW! pussy destroyer luffy, oral (fem recieving), fingering, overstimulation, he has horns and a tail. WC! 700+
⠀ ☆ glutton! where luffy wants nothing more than to destroy your pretty little pussy.
OCT 22! ─ dark mage!natsu CW! yandere!natsu, obsession, a little bit of manipulation, drugging (aphrodisiacs), marking, biting, blood kink, guys i totally played favorites with this one. WC! 3k+ (and counting)
⠀ ★ love me, love me! where natsu’s love language is a bit… extreme.
OCT 29! ─ grim reaper!law CW! mentions of death, temporarily dead!reader, virginity loss, corruption kink, kinda dubcon in some parts, fingering, cum eating, creampie. WC! tba
⠀ ☆ deal with the devil! where you and law come to an agreement: you give him your virginity, and he lets you live.
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❤🔥Jerza at day🔥💙
💙🔥Jerza at night🔥❤
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eraciou · a day ago
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erza vs jellal fight on tower of heaven ft that meme
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juv-ans · 15 hours ago
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nashadragneel · 2 days ago
Everyone & Natsu
(From the official Fairy Tail monthly magazine)
What is Natsu to :
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(The second image is esp for the Nawen shippers)
Tumblr media
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bubimon · 23 hours ago
Gray:*lays on the bed with Juvia sleeping on him and reads a book, while it rains*
Juvia:*wakes up and blushes* Juvia is on Gray-sama's chest
Gray:*chuckles* Yep
Juvia:*looks outside* Oh it rains... But not because of Juvia!
Gray:Hm? I know. I didn't said or thought that.
Juvia:*sighs* Sorry...
Gray:It's alright, but you really have to stop thinking like that. I would never leave you and Fairy Tail would also never leave you
Juvia:Juvia knows, but she still getting worried sometimes...
Gray:*goes with his fingers through her hair* You know, I like the rain. It's calm and relaxing. Mostly when you make it yourself comfortable with drinks, snacks and a book or a game. Music would also be good
Juvia:Wait, really?
Gray:Yeah *gives her a kiss on the forehead* If you want, I'll get us drinks and snacks and you decide what we will do
Juvia:Yeah! That sounds great!
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gruviasilversblog · 2 days ago
Nobody knows that actually the reason Erza loves strawberries is Jellal.
In fact, one night at the tower, the boy found some fruits and stole them, sharing them with his friends.
Jellal told Erza that the strawberries reminded him of her, red on the outside and sweet on the inside.
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nanaosaki3940 · 3 months ago
Anya VS Almost Everyone...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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