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can you love me again?
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f(x) - Nu ABO (2010)
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Can’t believe I actually have a physical copy of this legendary album. I say legendary because a lot of people say Pink Tape is a gem of a pop album. Considering that this was released way back 2013, the only chances I could get to have this is either to wait for SM to restock or find those who are selling their used albums. I got mine on everyone’s favorite app: Shopee 😂 This isn’t a new one but now I have a rare album with me.
Is this as good as everyone says? Let me walk you through each track.
These are my opinions and you don’t have to agree with everything I say. [ LONG POST AHEAD]
1. Rum Pum Pum Pum
I love this title track. Honestly I’m not the type to listen to a whole album so at the time, this is the only song I know. It’s tune can easily stay in your head, at least in mine. Even for the first time I listened to this years ago, I liked it right away. I have an inclination to Sulli’s rap parts because she’s my bias and It’s refreshing to hear her rap. 10/10
2. Shadow
I honestly thought this was a sweet song. Just listening to it gives it a cheery, sweet feel. Reading the translations though, I get why people say this is creepy. What I thought was sweet and cheery started to sound like creepy whispering. Let’s just say that the lyrics are in the perspective of a stalker. I’ll still rate this a 10/10 because its charm is in its chilling vibe and I still like how it sounds. 
3. Pretty Girl
Not a very memorable track for me. I think the main catch is Amber’s rap but I still don’t have a particular liking to this song. It’s just okay to me. I understand that it may take a long time to warm up to a song but I’m unsure about this. All I could comment is that it’s okay. 6/10
4. Kick 
This is a fun upbeat pop song but it didn’t tug much excitement to me. It’s repetitive so it can have that element of a last song syndrome. Just like the previous one, it’s an okay song to me. One that would familiarize me with the kind of sound f(x) would have but it wouldn’t stand out in their discography. Filler songs exist, that’s what this is to me. 5/10
5. Signal
I’ve got a signal~ I am loving this retro style for f(x). The sound is really funky and matches well with their delicate voices. That combination makes this track alluring. I don’t know what else to say other than it fits them well and I hope they would have more tracks like this. 8/10
6. Step
About this one, I can’t tell if I like it or not. To me it’s really somewhat likeable because the sound is addictive but when it comes down to what makes it special, it’s really just the sound for me. Luna’s main vocal was was definitely highlighted nearing the end of the song. It’s fun to listen to and it has an energetic tone that makes you wanna dance. 7/10
7. Goodbye Summer
Out of everything in this album, Goodbye Summer sounds the most mellow. I think this can be part of an OST. Luna and Krystal’s voice can really mesh well with Kyung Soo’s vocals. Along with Amber’s rap everything worked well together. Overall, this is a well balanced song. 9/10
8. Airplane
Airplane has that electronic music that reminds me of video games. This track is one of those that shows f(x)‘s uniqueness with the quirky and odd sound but at the same time it works. Listening to it seems like it could be a ballad that breaks into EDM. I think I was a bit confused at first, but this is also why I took a liking with f(x) because it’s THEM. It’s their style. 8/10
9. Toy
Like the title says, this is indeed a playful song. Another EDM-ish and electronic sounding track. I couldn’t pinpoint anything special about it but it would be good to note that the lyrics has that air of feeling powerful and fierce. I would count this as another filler track. Sorry. 5/10 
10. No More
One of my favorites from this album. This was said to be a song SM bought from Ariana Grande and I could see how the sound is similar to Ariana’s style in her Yours Truly album, released the same year as Pink Tape (Ariana’s song is actually “Boyfriend Material”). I like how the lyrics was rearranged to f(x)’s style and image but both songs are good. I’ll just be biased with f(x) on this one. Every member’s vocal shined in this song. 10/10
11. Snapshot
Not entirely sure if the intro part was jazz then it transitioned to pop. Throughout the song, it does shift from those two genres. You may imagine that this is another odd and quirky song and you’re right. Another one that I’m not sure if I like right away although it doesn’t sound bad. 6/10
12. Ending Page
Up until recently, I didn’t have much appreciation regarding the flow of a tracklist. I only knew that somehow a style would be incorporated in each song to fit one album without much care about how it starts and ends. Now that I can listen to full albums, I understand how a concluding track makes an impact. Ending Page serves as a bittersweet ending with its sad lyrics. 9/10
Tumblr media Tumblr media
To summarize, I agree that this is a good album although not every track is a hit for me. As I said, there are filler tracks and I’m not sure if they add harmony to the songs altogether. These tracks are clearly outshone by the better songs so I can’t qualify Pink Tape as a no-skip album. 
Was it worthy buying anyway?
YES. I am very much into f(x)’s music even from way before and I got excited to finally get my hands on their album and my first one! I love the packaging, the concept and design. It’s not in its perfect condition since I bought a used album, but it’s still good enough that I could appreciate it in its entirety. SM’s creative team comes up with the coolest designs even until now. 
Tumblr media
🎶 Listen to Pink Tape
🎧 Favorites:
Rum Pum Pum Pum, Shadow, No More
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krystal jung cyber icons
like or rt if saved
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Like if you save
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Pairing(s): Eddie Munson x F!Reader
Summary: You can't get enough of Eddie's cock and he can't get enough of you.
Tags: 18+, rough sex, pwp, p in v, smut, dirty talk, praise kink, slight degradation kink, light anal play, rough oral sex (male receiving), crying during sex, fluff
Word Count: 1.1k
A/N: Started this last night at 1 a.m. and my brain wouldn't let me sleep until I finished it, so, here it is. Also using this as my entry for @huffle-pissed’s Vibes and Valentines challenge (months late, I know, ‘cause I suck) where my prompt was, “You like it that much, huh?”, and that’ll be in bold. Thank you to my darling @makeadealwithdean for beta-ing! GIF is mine. Hope you guys enjoy!
You can also read me on Ao3!
Tumblr media
“Jesussss fuck,” Eddie lets out, low and breathy as he watches you take him all the way in your mouth. You’re on your knees, thighs spread, topless, cheer skirt still on, and Eddie reaches down to brush some hair out of your face when you look up at him through your lashes, gentle and loving, like you’re not gagging on his cock. He grabs himself at his base with one hand before pulling back, and you release him with a soft ‘pop’. “Look at me, honey — good girl — let me see —”
You already know what he wants. You open your mouth and stick your tongue out, keeping your lust-filled gaze on him.
“Fuck, you’re so perfect,” he praises, tapping his cock on your tongue. He moves to drag it along your cheek and you start to follow it, hungry for more. He chuckles deeply. “You like it that much, huh? Jesus.” 
He seems enamored with you, almost, like he can’t believe this is real life even though you’ve sucked him off plenty. You nod eagerly in response and smile with your eyes, your mouth still open and waiting for him. 
“Shit, alright. God, you’re so good, baby,” he says, pushing himself into you again. You keep your eyes on his, tears forming in the corners of yours as his cock hits the back of your throat. “So, so good. ‘Course I’m gonna give you whatever you want when you look at me like that. Shit, are those tears, sweetheart?”
You nod around his dick, and you’ve got about 30 seconds left in you before you’re gonna need some air. You can feel the first few tears running down your face, and you know all too well what it’s going to do to him.
“Fuckin’ crying ‘cause you love my cock so much? Jesus — fuck.”
You take a deep breath through your nose when he finally pulls back, because you know what’s coming. 
“I’m gonna wreck that pretty little throat of yours. Would you like that, princess?”
You nod. Fucking please.
He smirks, grabbing a fistful of your hair, and then he’s thrusting into your mouth with abandon. The room sounds like the audio to one of Eddie’s porn movies — the ones that Steve sneaks him sometimes — gagging and panting and a dirty fucking half-choke, half-gargle coming from you every time he hits the back of your throat. Your mascara’s running, and you feel like you’re on a different fucking planet when he fucks you like this. Spit’s dripping down your chin, onto your skirt, and your arousal is definitely creating a wet spot on the floor where you’re sat. 
“Jesus. Fucking. Christ.” He accentuates the Lord’s full name with three hard final thrusts, pulling out of you completely, grabbing you by your wrist and yanking you to your feet before you can even begin to process what’s happening. He bends you over the bed and flips up your skirt, dragging his cock through your folds once, twice, before entering you with ease. His hand is still in your hair, and he’s pulling your head up off the mattress as he resumes fucking you. 
You whine, turning your head to the side and opening your mouth, sticking your tongue out, because as good as he felt, you needed something in between your lips. 
“Oh, you’re gonna be the fuckin’ death of me. Fuck,” he pants, giving you what you want by placing two ringed fingers in your mouth.
You wrap your lips around them, sucking and humming contently, as he keeps thrusting into you hard and fast. 
“So fuckin’ greedy, baby. Need all your holes fuckin’ filled to shut you up, hm?” He takes his hand out of your hair and moves it down to your ass, his thumb dangerously close to your hole. “Is that what you want?” he continues. “Be fuckin’ plugged up?”
You nod frantically, managing a desperate, “mhm!” around his fingers. He slows down his thrusts for a few seconds, spitting onto your crack, dragging it down with his thumb and circling your hole. 
“Right there?” he teases, and you could start crying again with need. 
You manage something that sounds like a “please”, and it’s good enough for him. He resumes his brutal pace as he sticks his thumb in, and it’s just to the first knuckle, but it’s enough to send you into a near-delirious state. 
“Good girl,” Eddie praises, and you can hear the smirk in his voice. “So fuckin’ good at being so fuckin’ dirty.”
You let out a noise somewhere between a moan and a whine, and he sinks his thumb all the way in in response. 
“That what you wanted? Jesus, you drive me crazy with your fuckin’ whining. Shit,” he speeds up his thrusts. “I give you everything you want and you still fuckin’ whine, you notice that?”
“‘m sorry!” you manage to cry out, full on sobbing now as his cock hits your sweet spot with every thrust; moments away from your release. 
“No, it’s alright, princess. Just can’t get enough of me, can you?”
You shake your head, almost violently, accidentally ejecting his fingers from your mouth. 
“Please, please, please, please,” you chant through more sobs.
“Please what, baby? Tell me what you want,” he pants. His thrusts grow faster and sloppier, and you know he’s close, too. 
“Please, can I come!? Eddie, please, let me —”
“Oh, fuck. You can come, sweetheart —”
You’re pretty sure the scream you let out echoes through the whole trailer park as your orgasm hits you like a fucking tidal wave. 
“Fuck, oh my God — shit, you’re too perfect, I can fuckin’ feel you — ohhh, fuuuuck.”
You’re not even halfway through riding out your high before you feel Eddie filling you up, and you wish you could bottle up the sounds he’s making and keep them forever. 
He falls over you moments later, and you whimper at the loss of his thumb when he uses his forearms on either side of you to keep himself from crushing you completely, placing soft kisses to your nape and shoulder blades as you find your breathing again. He nuzzles into the crook of your neck, placing another kiss there before mumbling, “I mean it. You’re gonna be the death of me.” 
You giggle sleepily, slowly coming out of your daze. “Hey, it’s not the worst way to go.” 
He chuckles, and you feel his chest vibrate against your bare back. “Well,” he places a kiss on your temple, “can’t argue with that… You okay?” he asks, taking in your mascara-stained cheeks and the fucked-out look on your face.
“Mhm,” you reply dreamily. “Think I want ice cream. Throat’s sore… jaw’s sore.”
“I’m so sorry, sweetheart. You need to tell me if I’m being too —”
“I will, Eds,” you interrupt, before he can start feeling guilty, “But I like the ache, I promise.”
He huffs a quiet laugh, shaking his head before kissing your temple again. “You’re such a freak.”
You smile. “And you love it.”
He nods. “And I love it.”
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Can I get some Eddie friends to lovers smut?!
Reader dresses up as Eddie for Halloween and he actually gets turned on by it.
𝔖𝔱𝔦𝔩𝔩 𝔬𝔣 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔫𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝑝𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔 ˚ Eddie Munson x (f)Reader
𝑝𝑟𝑒𝑚𝑖𝑠𝑒 ˚ There's a Halloween party, and you are dressing as your best bud, Eddie. Good luck. ♡
𝑤𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔 ˚ eighteen+ content, minors dni, alcohol use, friends to lovers, handcuffs, dry humping, male masturbation, thigh riding, contains sex, overstimulation.
𝑤𝑜𝑟𝑑 𝑐𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑡 ˚ 7.4k
𝑠𝑜𝑛𝑔 𝑖𝑛𝑠𝑝𝑜 ˚ Still of the night - Whitesnake 87'
𝑒𝑡𝑐 ˚ This request sent me in a spiral...a deep brain rot. I KNOW Eddie had to love Halloween, cmon he loves playing pretend every day. Thank you for the inspiration !! ♡
𝑝𝑠 ˚ Send me requests! Love hearing from yall ♡.
⫘𝐼 𝑑𝑜𝑛’𝑡 𝑔𝑖𝑣𝑒 𝑐𝑜𝑛𝑠𝑒𝑛𝑡/𝑝𝑒𝑟𝑚𝑖𝑠𝑠𝑖𝑜𝑛 𝑡𝑜 𝑡𝑟𝑎𝑛𝑠𝑙𝑎𝑡𝑒 𝑜𝑟 𝑟𝑒𝑝𝑜𝑠𝑡 𝑚𝑦 𝑤𝑜𝑟𝑘. 𝐼𝑓 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑙𝑖𝑘𝑒 𝑤ℎ𝑎𝑡 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑠𝑒𝑒 𝑝𝑙𝑠 𝑙𝑖𝑘𝑒/𝑐𝑜𝑚𝑚𝑒𝑛𝑡 & 𝑟𝑒𝑏𝑙𝑜𝑔 𝑥𝑜𝑥𝑜.⫘
Tumblr media
Your costume was almost ready for the Halloween party. You needed to find a couple more pins to finish off the jacket. The only thing is, Eddie is the only one that would have everything you need for the finishing touches.
Realizing you have to go to Eddies, you rush and pack your things up in your locker. You gotta find Eddie before he leaves. Running down the hallway to get to his locker there was no sight of him.
You see Mike and Dustin talking to each other,
You shout at them from down the hall franticly.
Dustin puts his hands to his mouth to yell back at you.
You shoot him a thumbs up as you run out the school doors to the parking lot. Scanning the lot looking for Eddies van. You see it already pulling out, You start running toward it waving your arms like a crazy person.
You scream. You see the break lights spark up as the van comes to an abrupt stop.
You finally make it to the driver-side window that's already down, out of breath, you hold on to the van, your head down and hold a finger up, motioning Eddie to hold on a minute.
Finally catching your breath you raise your head and shoot Eddie a smile, hand on hip, and raise your brow at him.
"what do you need now?" Eddie says rolling his eyes, knowing you only act like this when you need something from him.
You drop the act and hold your hands in prayer,
"I need to come over, I'm almost done with my costume, and I think that yo-"
"just get in"
Eddie cuts you off of your plead, A big smile grows on your face at him but he's looking away shaking his head at you.
You run around the car, swing the passenger door open and throw your bag in the back and plop next to Eddie.
You both sit for the short ride over to Eddies listening to his tapes at full blast in the car, jamming out like you always did when you were together.
Finally arriving at Eddie's, your mind starts to race, trying to remember exactly what you need. But also you can't take anything too obvious or he'll know what you are up to.
While you are deep in thought Eddie opens the van door for you, you step out and open the back and grab both your bags. Eddie then takes them from you, like you couldn't carry them yourself. You roll your eyes at his need to be a gentleman all the time.
Holding the door for you, you step into Eddies place. The smell of cigarettes and coffee still left out from the morning lingering in the air. You inhale and exhale deeply,
"Ah I love this place, so cozy."
Eddie scoffs at you.
He thinks you don't mean it but you do. Whenever you need a place to go Eddie's door is always open, late night campaigning, movie nights, even studying. Even though Eddie makes it difficult to study since he hates the idea of homework, you still would pick this place over yours any day.
You slip off your jacket and toss it on the chair in the corner where Eddie placed your bags.
"You hungry?"
Eddie asks you snapping you out of your thoughts.
"maybe what are we making?"
You walk over to the kitchen and join him in looking through the cupboards for something to make.
Searching, there wasn't much. A lot of canned soups and veggies, mac and cheese boxes, and spaghetti pasta. You think to yourself spaghetti sounds good, grabbing it.
You close the cupboard to see Eddie looking at two bottles of sauce, contemplating which one. Sometimes its like you two can read each other minds, or maybe you both are just craving some spaghetti.
You bend down to grab a pot from under the sink and go to fill it with water while Eddie is now searching the labels for one to shout 'pick me' at him. You bring the pot to the stove and turn on the burner.
"Eddie just pick one. please it's just sauce."
"but y/n what if I pick the wrong one and I ruin dinner"
you sigh and walk over to help him out.
Looking to see they are both the same sauces, you exhale heavily and look up at Eddie who is dying trying to hold in his laugh beaming at you.
You can't help but smile at his stupid attempts at pranks, you grab the sauce and walk away from him rolling your eyes.
"OH cmon I got you."
"yeah okay ed, sure"
You say to him sarcastically. He has no clue you're going to play the ultimate prank for the Halloween party. You smile to yourself just thinking about it.
Tumblr media
You place a bowl of Spaghetti in front of Eddie sprawled out on the couch.
Holding your bowl you plop next to him. He's got a scary movie playing on the TV, the intense music blaring every time the killer is near.
Eddie yells just noticing the food in front of him. Shovelling spaghetti in his face like a starving caveman you cant help but laugh at him.
You say as you giggle.
He says with a mouth full of pasta at you.
Now you are done with your pasta you look over to see Eddie knocked out beside you. You go and grab him a blanket and cover him up. The trailer is so quiet and peaceful while the beast is asleep.
Turning off the lights, you realize this is your moment to get what you need for your costume without him realizing it.
You creep over to his room, backwards, watching sleeping Eddie on the couch just in case he's faking it.
Making it to the room you search for his pins on the dresser. You grab whatever you see and put them in your pocket, feeling like a robber.
You also notice hand cuffs sticking out of one of the drawers, intriguing you, you grab them. What the hell is Eddie doing with these, you remember that he wears a handcuff belt so you take that too for the costume. You have everything you need for tomorrow now.
You walk back to the living room to shove your new items into your school bag quietly, the only thing is metal isn't quiet. You hear Eddie mumble awake from the noise, You quickly zip your bag and walk over to him.
He smiles looking at you, stretching from his nap,
"hey spaghetti master"
"hey sleepyhead"
His sleepy voice always made your heart sing a little, the rasp in it just sounded so good, that it never failed to heat your cheeks up. You kneel down and sit in front of him since his body is taking up the whole couch.
"when your ready, I gotta go home soon ya know"
"damn it already?!"
He yells dramatically at you making you chuckle.
"yes I need to finish up my costume for tomorrow"
"Just finish it here."
He whines at you. He always gets whiny when you want to go home, and always wants you to stay the night.
You never do, even though this place is your comfort it always seemed weird to you to sleep over, naps yeah but staying the night, just the two of you, never.
"cmon you big baby"
You tease at him, grabbing his keys from the table, and jingling them to get him up.
He groans and drags his body up, grabbing the keys from you.
"lets go princess"
He says to you as he rolls his eyes grabbing your bag.
Pulling up to your house you reach behind the seat and grab your bag.
"Thanks for the drive grumpy"
Eddie cracks a smirk looking out at the road.
"I'm not grumpy, I just wish you'd stay over for once. I don't bite you know."
He looks at you, a small pout painting on his face.
Making your lips curl into a smile, sometimes he was just adorable to you.
"Okay maybe tomorrow, since you'll probably be drinking anyways, I don't want you driving."
His face lights up at you.
You yell as you open the door to leave.
He rolls the window down, waiting for your goodbye, you walk up a bit to your door,
"Thank you good sir"
You bow to him and blow a kiss.
He grabs the floating kiss and shoves it in his mouth to eat it.
You gasp and run inside, hearing him giggling from the car.
Eddie pulls off, now it's time to work on the costume.
Tumblr media
The final bell ringing in your ears like daggers. Finally, it was time to go home and get ready for the party. You rush out of class down to where eddies locker is to see him surrounded by his club members.
“Please no one will even know we're not seniors, just tell us where is it!” One of his little minions pleaded to him.
“I'm sorry little ones, I can't just give you the info, I’m not even sure I'm invited”
You chime in,
“You're invited and you’re going”
His face lights up seeing you walk over to him even though your face is giving attitude.
“Of course, I would be going even if I wasn’t invited, it's HALLOWEEN!”
He yells theatrically as his hoard of members disperses upset he won’t let them come.
“is your costume all ready?”
He asks you as he shoves all his things away in his locker.
“as It’ll ever be, get excited”
“oh I am”
He says with a smirk.
You both head out to his van and he drops you off at home.
“Remember no driving.”
You give him a stern look.
“yes I know it's only like a ten-minute walk from mine anyways, it's longer for you”
He pauses for a second,
“Eddie I’ll survive don’t worry”
“Make sure, if you change your mind I don’t have to drink.”
“shhhhh” you yell at him, climbing out of the van and closing the door.
You rest your arms on the open window and smile at him,
“see you tonight”
He blushes at you, always looking adorable before we part.
“see you”
Blowing him a baby kiss and he catches it and stores it in the glove box.
Tumblr media
You look in the mirror, making sure everything looks right. You got your tight jeans on with the rips in the knees, dangling the handcuffs you found on the side of the jeans, but covered by the shirt. You tore up a hellfire shirt, it's Halloween, gotta make it sexy somehow. It’s got the perfect rip, just enough to see your cleavage.
You have one of your old leather jackets on and you ripped the sleeves off an old jean jacket you had. Adding the pins you stole from Eddie on it. You also add some of his rings with your own. You curled and teased your hair to get that signature Eddie Munson look.
Even did a smokey eye with a red lip, if Eddie was a woman he would definitely be stunting a red lip. You finished off the look in white heels, the only white shoes you had and you weren’t about to steal Eddie's shoes.
You step back in front of the mirror, You actually looked pretty good as Eddie. The freak looks good on you. Excited to finally show Eddie you look at the time, shit, you're late already.
You turn off all your lights, spray some perfume and run out the door.
The fall air smelt so warm but gave your body temperature the opposite, even with the two jackets, the little rips in your shirt was freezing you.
The burn in your heels started to kill, even though you were almost there, you kick yourself for not just wearing your converse. With all the breaks you were taking you knew you were going to be late as hell.
The only thing keeping you from turning back and changing shoes was the fact that you knew Eddie was waiting on you, probably worried, ready to go get the van at any moment.
Finally making it to the party, you wait outside a minute. Leaning on a tree, check on both your aching feet, letting them rest a moment before you try to walk inside and have everyone look at you fumbling.
“No way, you’re dressed as the FREAK ?!”
You hear a voice beside you, one of the basketball players dressed as a zombie arriving and noticing you.
You shoot him the finger with a nasty look.
He says smiling as he walks to the party almost tripping watching you.
Now regretting coming to the party altogether, Eddie really is the only reason you are still here.
Your feet finally start to relax into your heels now that you’re not running a marathon anymore. You check that your hair is still puffy and fix your shirt, ready to go in.
The loud echos of music surrounded the abandoned store your peers decided to host the party at. All lit up with pumpkins and toilet paper, and some of your classmates were already drunk in the front throwing up. Ah, high school parties. You take a deep breath as you open the front door.
Two girls dressed as angel and devil fly by you as you open the door giggling, almost making you fall over. You walk into the party, The music is blaring you can’t even hear any conversations around you. Overwhelmed by how many people there are and the noise, you try to navigate to the kitchen to find a drink, hopefully, to calm your anxiety from just being here.
You hear the same frat boy screaming at you, seeing he has a drink in his hand you go over to him.
“I need one of those to deal with you”
Catching him off guard his face falls and he goes to get you one fumbling through the people.
As you wait for your drink you look around for Eddie, you don’t wanna miss him seeing you. You worked hard as a robber just for his reaction.
A drink waves in your line of vision. Frat boy is back.
“thanks” you grab the cup and cheers him.
“WOOOOOOOO” he screams right in your ear after he downs the whole drink.
You’ve had your fill of frat boys for the night after that. You start to drink, the taste was repulsive, it made the hairs on your back stand up, feeling the burn down your throat.
You keep sipping on your drink as your ears become used to the volume of the music, still searching around for Eddie. Passing by couples making out and people shot gunning beers around you.
Seems you are walking circles around the party over and over now. Maybe Eddie ditched you, you think for a moment you don’t blame him, this place was a lot.
Your drink now dwindling almost empty you walk over to the kitchen and grab another drink. You look down at your feet to see a couple making out on the floor, you roll your eyes and sink down to their level and set into the realization that your friend stood you up.
They look at you weirdly and end up leaving. Like you’re the weird one here. You down your second drink soaking in the sadness of being stood up. You stand up and sit up on the counter, at least to watch everyone else having fun with their friends, instead of the dirty floor. Grabbing a piece of candy from the bowl, you decide to make the best of it, you are already here.
You see all the cliques still sticking together even at a party, it’s like lunch but everyone is babbling idiots even more.
You see your frat lap boy has found you again.
Letting out a deep sigh,
“yes zombie boy?”
“you know you look very hot, VERY hot.”
His words slur and eyes cant even stay open at his own will.
“yes thank you, have you seen Eddie?”
You decide to make use of this idiot, and see if he can help you.
He screams at you making your ears ring.
“Do you know any other eddies?!”
You snap back at him in annoyance.
“It’s sitting in a tree..” you try to correct him but he’s already storming into the crowd of peers still singing the lyrics wrong.
Grabbing your third drink you head into the backyard, Sitting on the steps looking out at the dark forest, the chilly air biting at your skin but not as harsh anymore. At least you know the alcohol is working.
“Have you seen y/n?”
“ew freak”
You hear in the far distance. It has to be Eddie.
You see a cloaked figure going up to clumps of people asking your name.
Excited you try to hide so you can scare him.
You listen closely to the foot steps in the wet grass. Closer and closer they get, until you hear a hand grab the stairs handle.
“BOO” you jump out from the corner right in Eddies face.
Making him jump back almost falling over.
“Y/N !”
You giggle watching him get angry at your prank, waiting for him to look up and see you.
You walk down to where he is and he’s looking at you head to toe. Eyes soaking in the whole costume, raising a brow and the stolen rings and pins.
“no way…”
“y/n you did not dress as ME !!?”
You beamed at him blushing and hiding your face.
So giddy from his reaction, and those drinks.
You do a twirl, “do you love ?”
He watches you biting his lip, tilting his head watching you,
“I love indeed”
You slap his arm,
“Eddie you perv I'm literally you”
Still watching you like your everything,
“you wear me a whole lot better than me”
He says in a low voice making your cheeks burn. He’s never looked at you like that before.
You clear your throat trying to whip out your thoughts, he was just being nice.
“Well look at you !”
You beam at him trying to snap him out of the trance he’s in watching you.
“Vampire Eddie”
You say now actually looking at him, he looks hot. Not in the adorable way he usually does. The teeth and blood dripping down his chin with the stupid cape suited him. You liked what you saw, maybe you had one too many drinks but you were soaking him up.
“I'm here to suck your blood ah ah ah”
Eddie now trying to snap you out of your trance looking at him. He's scratching the back of his neck, He only does that when he’s nervous. You both awkwardly chuckle, the tension between you is so weird. Something foreign, forbidden even.
“ THE FREAKS !!!! “
Oh no not him again. You both look over to the zombie boy making an undead walk over to us with 3 shots in his hand. Once he was close, you both grabbed a shot from him, making him smile.
He orders us, seems he’s on gathering duty.
You and Eddie shrug at each other and walk inside to join everyone else with shots in their hands waiting.
Zombie boy shouts at everyone and the room went quiet as everyone took their shots followed by gross noises of people reacting to the sting of the shot. Your throat burned and your face cringed looking at Eddie, he was perfectly fine, this man took the shot like water.
“Another?” he asks you in your ear softly.
“uh yeah sure.” You smile at him, trying to completely ignore how his whisper made your thighs clench.
Eddie pours you both shots and you sit up on the counter in front of him, his eyes are like arrows, piercing your body, everywhere he looks. You inhale deeply and shake your head at the thoughts racing in your head. Why was he looking at me so differently than early before...
“cheers freak”
He smirks at you,
“cheers vampire princess”
You tease back at him.
You clink glasses and down the shot.
You hear a chant starting behind you, and turn to see everyone watching the two of you cheering you on for another shot.
Eddie shoots you a shrug, “gotta give the people what they want”
Another shot in hand you both raise it for the classmates chanting freaks at you two. Downing another shot, you hear everyone cheer, then go right back to their other party activities.
You're still wincing from that shot, eyes closed and lips pursed.
You feel eddies hand on your chin, “such a baby” he teases you.
“shut up I don’t drink like you Munson”
“ou not Munson she's mad!”
He says chuckling at your sudden grumpiness.
You needed Eddie to keep his hands to himself, your body was starting to crave him. He's one of your best friends, everything about this felt wrong. But the way he’s looking at you, it isn’t the same as before. Maybe you just never noticed until now. Did Eddie like you? His hand was rubbing your knee as you study his every move now, trying to solve the mystery in your head.
He shoots you a smile,
“Let's dance?”
You raise a brow at him, he’s never asked you to dance before, even at school dances.
But your body was starting to feel the alcohol and you really did want to dance.
You put your hand in his and he drags you into the crowd of the peers you both scoff at every day.
Dancing with Eddie was extra fun because he didn’t care what people thought of him, he was dancing like he was in his room alone and you loved it. Inspired you to just let loose and enjoy the music with him, feeling confident you both just danced together, giggling every now and then. The surrounding people just melting away, it was just you and Eddie, beaming at each other, enjoying each other like you always do but, damn he felt so free in the best ways possible.
After dancing for a while, You both plopped on the gross dusty couch in the living room in between two couples sucking faces. You are both heavy breathing from all the dancing, you look at each other and smile. Eddie grabs your hand, “That was fun” lifting it up weakly as you both are limp bodies. You nod to his comment.
It really was fun letting loose with Eddie. You leave your hand in his, loving the feeling and not caring about that weird tension from earlier, this was your best friend, who cares if you thought he was hot, he is. Nothing wrong with that.
The speakers start to blare Thriller, Eddie looks at you enticingly ready for round two of dancing, you roll your eyes and resurrect your body with him and jump back into the crowd.
As the party starts to die down, you and Eddie decide it's time to go. Walking out into the crispy fresh autumn air, finally out of the cramped overheated party. Your skin can finally breathe out here, that old chill now feeling like a blessing over your burning skin, you close your eyes in comfort as Eddies got his arm wrapped around your shoulder guiding you the way to his place.
Once you are done soaking in the sweet cool air you open your eyes and look up at your beautiful vampire. Blushing at how he looks good even from the angle you are at, cramped into his arm on his chest. You wrap your left arm around his waist squeezing him. He chuckles at your touch, you leave your arm wrapped around him. You sigh and let out something you should’ve kept in your head,
“You’re pretty as a vampire ed.”
His silence makes you look up and he's grinning so wide looking straight ahead then down at you,
“you really think so?”
His vampire teeth poking out from his grin, looking so enticing to you,
“mm yes very”
You say as you watch his lips. He licks them pulling in his bottom lip a little, your hypnotized by them.
He looks up to keep guiding you, if it wasn’t for his guidance you'd both be sleeping at the party right now.
Finally, you look up to see Eddies van, and his uncles parked together.
“Wayne’s home?”
“mm, he’s excited to see our costumes before he goes to work”
A ping of embarrassment strikes you. You’re the slutty version of his nephew. Eddie looking at you concerned now because you’ve stopped walking.
“Eddie I’m dressed-“
“stop you look amazing, he’s going to love it.”
He tries to ease your anxiety.
You hold your breath as Eddie holds the door open and you see Wayne sitting watching TV, immediately shutting it off when he sees you, eyes beaming at the two of you.
“You two look great! Stay right there.”
He franticly runs over to the dresser in between the hall, grabbing his polaroid camera.
“Now smile big”
You and Eddie give Wayne some huge smiles and goofy poses. Him just taking our photos makes him so happy he's beaming at us.
“I almost thought I was gonna miss your costumes, I’m running late already.”
“y/n you do Eddie better than HIM !”
“Get outta here stop boosting her ego” Eddie protest at Wayne making all of us smile
“See ya kids in the morning”
He says as he runs out the door franticly, he really waited up for us just to see the costumes.
Once Wayne’s car pulls out, Eddie grabs your hand, twirling you around.
“I’m really loving this costume.”
He starts playing with the pins on your jacket, his brow furrows,
“How did yo-“
“I’m a robber” you confess abruptly.
Making him chuckle at you,
“you’d make a horrible criminal ya know?”
You look at him and shoot him a tongue in response.
“When can I have these back?”
His eyes are pouring into yours as you notice he’s caressing the collar of your jean jacket, slowly. His whole body changing, intense, you were a deer in headlights, stunned at him.
“whenever you want?”
You crack a weak smile at him and squeeze out of his touch. Trying to collect yourself, maybe he’s just drunk. Gotta get him in bed tucked in and hell pass out like he always does.
You walk over to the kitchen to grab a glass of some water for him, you fill up a cup and turn and yelp, he was standing beside you.
Your yelp made him laugh,
“scared ?”
“pft never drink your water”
You hold out the glass to him and he downs it like a shot.
Rolling your eyes, “not like a shot Eddie”
“but I want to suck your blood instead”
He says grabbing your waist and pulling you close to him. You pressed onto his chest, your hand on him to keep your balance.
You smile at his roleplaying,
“you want a stinky metal heads blood?”
Poking fun at him, you'd hope it would offend him.
But he's looking at your lips,
“sorry say that again?”
He's mesmerized? By you? Your lips? You can't fathom it, no way.
You say as you push him off lightly and he flys into the wall dramatically,
He says playfully at you with a grin painting on him. You look at him against the wall, head tilted to the side, fangs poking out of his grin, man he was a sight to soak in right now. His eyes look you up and down. Your nerves spike and send shivers through your body the way he watches you.
You walk over and grab his hand guiding him to his room, planting him on his bed, and sitting up on the edge. He watches your every move, lost in a daze.
You start to untie his silly vampire cape, trying to get the huge knot out that he did earlier. As you struggle, he grabs your hand and squeezes, making it fall. He undoes the knot himself, not even looking down at it, just at you, your body.
He shrugs the cape off himself.
You go to put one of his tapes on but you hear him get up from the bed as you place the tape in. You press play and the music plays just loud enough so you can’t hear where he is now. You turn expecting him to be behind you but he isn’t.
You see him walking back into the room with the glass you gave him before now with more water, “drink” he says to you placing it on the dresser. You drink a little, noticing it’s ice cold, Eddie added some ice for you, just the way you like it.
The small gesture makes you smile, he knows you. He plops back down on the bed and you walk back over to him with your water and place it on the bedside table.
“did you want your stuff back now?” you ask as you stand between his legs.
Looking up at you his eyes lit up,
“Yes lady Munson, I do.”
The nickname makes you twist your mouth into a grin, you cant try to hide that you liked it.
He tugs on your jacket, motioning you to come down to his level. You plant your knees on the floor and lean back into your heels. He's now looking down at you sitting on the floor beneath him, the tiniest curve of his lip watching you for a moment. He starts to take off the pins on your jacket, moving his eyes to meet yours every now and then while you relax and hum to the music. He gathered them all in his hand and dropped them on the side table.
He watched you as he slipped off the jean vest from you, letting it fall to your feet. Something so simple sent a chill up your back.
You try your best to break the tension, your scared of your own feelings right now. Your heart is bursting just looking at him, in this new way. You always thought he was attractive but, you knew he would never see you that way, ever. Him looking at you like this was what you only imagined in your dreams. Feeling dazed watching it happen you are confused if it’s even real or if your imagining things that aren’t there.
He grabs your hand, slowly pulling off each ring. One by one, collecting them in a pile between his legs. Once done with the first hand he places it on his knee to stay. He starts on the next one, you watch his fingers wrap around yours, so soft, pulling the rings off so slow you feel every inch of your fingers being touched by his.
Placing all the rings on the table he tries to move but you grab his hand, stopping him. Looking back down at you, you don’t dare look up. You had no clue why you were doing it back to him but your nerves were shot, you take his right hand and start to pull his rings off. Collecting your own pile now, he chuckles when you go too slow on the last one. You drop his hand and go to the other. The hand you dropped is now caressing your shoulder, pulling at your leather jacket, lightly. You still don’t dare to look up at him, you finish the rings and place them with yours.
Back between his legs, his hand lightly grabs your cheek, bringing your face to look at him, still resisting, you look around the room.
“going shy on me y/n ?”
You say in a low voice, not meaning to but it came out that way.
He tugs on your jacket, you give in shrugging it off to join the vest on the floor.
“I like what you did here”
Making you look at his fingers pointing at your rips in the hellfire shirt.
“your not mad, I disgraced the shirt?” you look up at him questioning
“you look too good to be upset.”
His words confirm he’s been feeling the same as you have, even sobered up a bit makes you believe him even more. It wasn’t just you. Your body heats up, cheeks burning as you realize.
He tugs at the rip right on your chest and peaks in, his face flushes, and you swat his hand.
He's chuckling “I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself,” he says as his hands are in the air.
You roll your eyes at him being a perv, but you couldn’t help that it enticed you, you did dress for him, why shouldn’t he see you, all of you. You blush at your own thoughts.
With Eddie still watching you, you bravely tear the rip a little more, making a small tiny sound, he watches your fingers pull the fabric, inhaling sharply, he knew you were inviting him.
His eyes flashed up to yours in wonder, wondering if you were sure.
You move your hands from the shirt, place your hand slowly and softly on your lips, pressing it in, lifting it to blow him a kiss like you always do, but this one meant something completely different.
His eyes widened at your gesture, and his hand flew up mid-air catching it, bringing his fingers to his mouth and biting his fingers lightly.
You absent-mindedly pull your lip in and bite it, you craved him. You wondered what it would be like to be kissed by Eddie, to have his lips on you.
You decide to get off your knees and stand above him again, he leans back into the bed more, inviting you into his lap, an invitation you accept.
He spreads his legs so you’re sitting right between them, you look at each other like your words are failing you both in this moment, just eyes telling each other everything they want to say, You blushed at the non-verbal affection, you both knew each other well enough to know, even if we never looked at each other like this before, you could just feel it. The yearning for each other, like it’s been suppressed for years, both never realizing the others feelings.
And with one last look in his eyes, his eyes get heavy and so do yours, moving in slowly, you feel his heart beating in your palm as it rests on his chest. You feel his breath on your aching lips, and he crushes his lips into yours, both breathing each other in as your lips combine, holding it, you both let go and look at each other again.
He brings his hand to hold your face, rubbing your cheek with his thumb, you press your lips into him, missing them already. He pulls you off and switches positions with you instantly in one move, you are now under him.
Hovering over you he watches you squirm at your new position, He plants you another kiss, and you can feel his fake vampire teeth poking into your lip, the pain sending waves through you.
You go to touch his hair and he lets you, you always played with his hair when you would relax on the couch, but when you do it in his sleep, he moans, and you wondered if-
He lets out a small exhale as you wrap your fingers in the back of his hair, yeah, he likes it. You blush at his pleasure, the noises he makes always made your thighs clench.
He sits up, looking at you in your costume, scanning your body beneath him, he stops at your waist, his face puzzled, and then wide-eyed in shock.
“Is that my, uh..”
“your handcuffs?”
“um yeah where did you get tho-“
“Why do you have them ?”
You snap back really wanting to know the answer,
Your question seems to have sparked something in him, now he's grinning like the devil himself at you.
He un-clamps the handcuffs from your waists and twirls them in his hand looking at you,
“ you sure you want to know lady Munson?”
Your eyes grow wide in excitement, you really did want to know but you couldn’t utter the words.
He leans down kissing you as he runs the cold metal across your chest making you yelp into his mouth, the cold steel shocking your hot burning skin.
He’s grinning down at you,
He tosses the cuffs on the bed showing you mercy, he starts to kiss your neck lightly as he works his way to your exposed chest from the rip, planting kisses on the half-clothed skin. He runs his tongue along the same spot he ran the cuffs, his tongue so warm you let out a tiny muffled moan. He looks up at you immediately,
“Keep doing that I’ll never stop,” he says to you almost with a whimper.
He backs up from your chest and grabs a handful of your shirt in each hand, he rips it, harshly, exposing your skin to him, he kisses all the new skin, ripping the shirt completely off of you, watching your body as you rub your thighs together, trying to get friction any way you can.
You could feel the strong intense burning inside of you, the want for him. He plants kisses down your stomach until he's at your jeans, undoing them and pulling them off of you, exposing your panties in front of him. He pulls on the side of them from your hip, giving you the tiniest bit of friction, and making you inhale. “I like these too,” he says as he lets it go and it smacks on your skin.
Your brows furrow, your want for him is making you hot and heavy, weak even. He grabs your ankle and pushes it up, the same as the other. He presses his hard budge onto your wet panties, the pressure alone makes your chest spring up, he takes advantage of that kissing your chest, leaving you marks along your skin, as he keeps rubbing himself on you, both moaning from the pleasure, his moans fueling your fire.
You take what you learned from Eddie and switch positions, he's now beneath you, you start to undress him, pulling his shirt up, kissing down his chest, to his little patch of hair, his happy trail, you press kisses watching his head fall back from watching you. You undo his belt, then his jeans, slipping them off of him. His cock was freed from the jeans and tented in his boxers.
Not leaving much to the imagination... you feel your mouth water just looking at him. He sits up to kiss you and grabs you, by the waist with one hand, the other pressing the cold cuff down your stomach making you moan into him, eyes full of lust. He lays you down and your hands wander to his hair his hand stopping you, the cold cuff clamping on your wrist, you look at him, his eyes dark and full like fire, and he cuffs your other hand, swinging the cuff chain behind the bed frame pole, looking at you squirm he smiles, the vampire teeth still poking out, you didn’t mind the cuffs, you loved the pain it gave when you tried to touch him, oddly enough the pain felt good mixed with the sweet pleasures he was giving you.
He watched you trying to satisfy yourself with your own thighs again, smirking at the idea that you think it will work. He slides his thigh between your legs right against you and your clits pleasure makes you moan, you start to grind on his thigh as he watched you, please yourself on him, his eyes piercing into you as your wrist starts to burn, wanting to touch him so badly. “Eddie” you moan his name,
“fuck don’t do that,” he says closing his eyes at your words, reaching for himself, he wraps his hand around his own cock and starts to stroke himself. Watching him please himself made your eyes wander, it was exciting to see like you were watching something you weren’t supposed to.
He watched you as you kept moaning through the grinding as he slowly teased himself, you can't help but stare at his hands around his cock and feel jealousy pour through you.
“Ed..let me..please” you watch his eyes look at you, drinking the vision of you in. He leans in and kisses you, removing the cuffs from you, and kissing your wrists.
Your hands go straight for his cock, using both hands you twist lightly and squeeze up and down his shaft, making sweet moans pour off his lips, you slip out from under him and lay him on his pillow. You bring your lips to his, still jerking him, letting his moans melt into your kisses, “fuck y/n I need you”
His want for you, makes you waste no time, you climb on top of him, teasing his tip around your entrance, your wetness soaking his head, he struggles to find a condom with his free hand while you tease him and toy with him. He finally finds one and lifts you up, sitting himself up. He slips the condom on and you lock eyes with him.
You guide him to your entrance and you press your lips into his. You slowly sit on his throbbing cock, both your mouths open in hard moans, moaning into each other as he stretches you out, your walls consuming him, the pain slowly turning to pleasure as you ride him slowly, seeing him turn into a mess beneath you, kissing and sucking your exposed skin as you push and pull him into you. 
He breathes into your skin as you sit down hard, taking as much of him as you can, making a muffled moan crawl out of you from the painful bliss, The feeling of his cock filling you up drove you wild, and your hands crept over to his hair, he grabbed your wrist,
“Baby, are you trying to kill me?”
You grin at his words, planting kisses all over his sweaty forehead.
He pulls you off of him lightly and presses you into the bed, your ass up in the air exposed to him, you feel his thumb searching your slit, until you let out a moan, finding your clit, he starts running circles, your arousal surely pooling around him now, you feel him bring his hand around your thigh, to keep circling your clit, you feel his cock at your entrance again,
“ready lady Munson?”
“yy-yes e-d” is all you can murmur as his fingers are rubbing your clit, and you feel the pressure building in you.
He pushes himself inside you, deep, the new position giving him access to fill you with him even more, You cry out at his cock filling you, bruising your walls, with the sweet circles around your clit, you were in heaven, the noises coming from both of you was pure bliss. You two were in your own world, lost in each other, pure pleasure.
You felt your burning growing more and more until it became unbearable, you try to mumble to him that you are close,
“I know baby, I can feel you, all of you.”
“cum for me y/n”
“cum all over me”
He coaches you, pleading for you,
It's all you need to send you over the edge, spiralling in bliss as you close your eyes, pure electric pleasure pumping through you, all over Eddie and his moans as you come undone matching yours, you fall apart together,
Waiting a moment as you two throb inside each other still, panting, reeling off of your orgasms,
you both come to the realization.
You just fucked your best friend.
“fuck it was perfect”
You hear Eddie whisper against your back, still inside you, like he read your mind,
“it was”
You agree blushing.
Eddie slides out of you making you yelp small at the emptiness.
He grabs a towel from his drawer, helping you clean up, you return the favour for him, eyes still burning in lust for each other, even after.
You both get in the bed, still naked and sigh relaxing into each other, you start to play with his chest hair, twirling it between your fingers, looking up at him, smiling.. thinking of all the things you two have yet to do together..
“again lady Munson?”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝑢𝑛𝑡𝑖𝑙 𝑛𝑒𝑥𝑡 𝑡𝑖𝑚𝑒 𝑑𝑎ℎ𝑙𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠..
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mad-elia · 3 months ago
Cool As Hell
Tumblr media
Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader
Word Count:
Warnings: Language
Summary: The Hellfire club finds out about Eddie's girlfriend.
General Taglist: @gg-is-a-loser @yesshewrites1
Moots: @iheardarumorthings @thewritingbabe @scandalous-chaos @ddejavvu @winterwisteria @abibliophobiaa @roxetteblack @plumes-de-nuit @sapphireplums
"Is she wearing a Hellfire shirt?" The members of the Hellfire club whispered among themselves as you walked into the cafeteria.
"I've never seen her come to a campaign before," said Mike. "Maybe she's new?"
Eddie walked in a moment after you, grinning. He flung an arm around your shoulder and whispered something in your ear that made you laugh.
"Oh my gosh," Dustin whispered.
Eddie led you over to Hellfire's table and pulled you onto his lap. "Hey guys," he said, running his ringed fingers over your thigh. "This my girlfriend, (Y/N). (Y/N), this is the Hellfire club."
The club members gaped at you.
You waved nervously. "Hi."
"You have a girlfriend!?" Dustin blurted out. Mike hit his shoulder.
Eddie shrugged. "Yeah."
"Holy shit," Dustin breathed.
"Is it really that surprising?" you spoke up.
"I mean…" The boys began to stammer, struggling to explain themselves.
"You're just so… pretty," said Mike, immediately wincing. He scratched his head. "I would've expected Eddie's girlfriend to be more…" He struggled for a way to finish the sentence.
"More of a punk nerd?" you suggested, doe eyes wide.
"Yes!" Mike narrowed his eyes. "No?"
You laughed. "I'm just playing. Don't worry, I'm just as much of a freak as the rest of you." You leaned forward conspiratorially. "I read fantasy novels and play D&D too," you whispered.
Mike and Dustin grinned.
"All right." You slapped Eddie's thigh. "I'll be right back, I need food."
Eddie kissed your cheek and you got up and left. "So, what do you think of her?"
"Your girlfriend's cool as hell, man," Dustin appraised.
Eddie grinned. "I knew y'all would like her."
"So is she part of Hellfire now?" Mike asked.
Eddie shrugged. "If she wants to be."
"But she's wearing a Hellfire shirt."
"Oh, that's my shirt."
Dustin gagged.
"Oh, come on, man." Eddie rolled his eyes. "Grow up."
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bklily · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Anything you wanna tell the class, Yuri?
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navigatingwaters · a year ago
Review of the Red Light album
Tumblr media
To see the Red Light of day...
I’ve made this review of the album rating each song and walking you through them in the order of the tracklist: 
1. Red Light
I have to admit this is one of those songs I didn’t appreciate as much years ago. Now that I’ve listened to it a couple of times, I recognize how this track shows the growth and edgier side of f(x) but the quirk on transitioning different sounds that work together is still present. This is what makes the song interesting. It introduces the album’s concept well although I prefer other tracks. 8/10
2. Milk
From a strong sounding title track, this second song follows a more bright and melodious tune. The way their voices blend together is very pleasant to hear. Milk is one of their creative tracks that doesn’t involve much loud, electro house music and it may have been inspired by a Bollywood sound. 9/10
3. Butterfly 
Something about their vocals in this song is hypnotizing. Like Shadow from Pink Tape, this track displays a bit of sweetness from their voices and yet it’s also quite haunting. 10/10
4. Rainbow
The start and end of this song, specifically Amber’s parts were strong paired with an intense sound. The song mellows down in the following parts  to highlight the vocals of the members and I wish it could have stayed like that all throughout. The intense start and end were really unnecessary to me. Sometimes the simpler a track is, the better. 7.5/10
5. All Night 
My FAVORITE. Out of all f(x)’s songs, I played this the most. If I hadn’t planned out writing reviews, I’d still be bopping to this song anyway. I love it so much. At the time they were doing promotions, I couldn’t get enough of watching their performances on music shows. My favorite is JungLi’s parts. This is an overall feel good song with a groovy sound. 10/10
6. Vacance
This is rather a refreshing song in the pop and rock genre. Didn’t expect this to be a summer track for how it sounds. I enjoyed this track but there’s not much else that I can say about this. 6/10
7. Spit it Out
We got a filler track here. By now we could get that f(x) sometimes incorporates a heavy edm sound and if you want to get a glimpse of their side on electronic music, this is one of those songs. 5/10
8. Boom Bang Boom
Another song that displays the kind of oddity f(x) has in their songs. It’s quite hard to follow the shifts in the beat and rhythm of this song, same with the previous track. 6/10
9. Dracula
To me, this is a good song to be followed by Red Light. These two songs represent the concept of the entire album the most in my opinion. For one thing, Dracula obviously has that creepy, halloween vibe that it reminds me a bit of Thriller by Michael Jackson. I think this song is one of the more catchy and enjoyable tracks in the album. 9/10
10. Summer Lover 
Summer Lover does sound more fun and summery but I think it’ll need more time to warm up to me. Not that I think this track is bad, but I just think that it’s okay to listen to but not to purposely search for and play. It sounds a bit more neutral making way to the last track. 6/10
11. Paper Heart 
I’m quite glad they didn’t go experimental on this one. After a few tracks with an intense sound, it’s great to end an album with something more lighthearted. 8.5/10
This album is definitely one of my favorites from f(x), all from the concept to the songs. I’d have to regard that although this is my favorite, there are skips. Some songs could have been better had it been simpler. If these were released this year, I’m sure some of the tracks would still be a hit. f(x)’s color is really unique. I would have loved if they were still active as a group up to this day.  
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fxstation · a year ago
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krystal jung cyber icons
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You fools. You feeble, small minded, plebeians. Loid would NEVER tell Anya not to date Damien bc he downs his Respect Women Juice by the gallon and wants her to be able to have the freedom to make the choices about her own love life. Tbh I don’t think he’d even give Damien a shovel talk either. BUT.
Consider: Loid, worried that, because of his high status, there’s a chance somebody might try and kill Damien. He can’t have that, that would make Anya sad. So what’s his solution, you ask? Simple. He begins slowly feeding Damien more and more poison every time he sees him in order to build up his immunity. Obviously, Damien does not know about this. This results in situations where an oblivious Damien drinks an entire cup of poison and, to the horror of his would-be assassin, is just chillin afterward.
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*giggling voilently*
credits by me ofc.
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exit light, enter night. || [1.]
morpheus "dream" of the endless x f!reader.
Tumblr media
He’s determined to hate you. Unfortunately, fate has other plans. There’s only so long that one—even Dream of the Endless—can stave off the inevitable.
Reluctant Allies to Lovers. Grumpy x (Somewhat) Sunshine. Unwilling Soulmates.
WARNINGS: Explicit 18+ ONLY; Enemies to Lovers Elements; Slight Tinges of Toxicity; Angst (Honestly, These Two Will Give You Whiplash); Mentions of Blood; Biting/Marking; Vaginal Fingering; Oral Sex; Other Potentially Non-Exhaustive Warnings: Read at Own Risk; The Sandman (2022) Spoilers; Not Beta Read.
Tumblr media
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A/N: Let’s be very clear up front. I am only halfway through the season and I’ve never read the comics. All of this could be extremely innacurate in the lore— but a reminder that this isn’t to be taken too seriously. It’s fanfiction. A bit of fun. I’ve given you this little PSA so you know what you’re getting into.
Tumblr media
"Are you going to let me go yet?" It's a question, but not you're not scared of the answer.
Dream of the Endless may be a god. Silent, mysterious, and most likely still vengeful— but right now, he needs you. It's not often that one comes across someone with the gift of True Sight and Travel. You’re a Lucid Dreamer, as unpracticed as any might be, but it still gives you power in all realms. The ability to untether one's own soul is rare, and all too useful.
So, his reply is not a surprise. "Your Order still has a debt to repay."
That's true. The Magus can't keep a god locked in the family basement for almost a century and expect to get off scot-free. Even you, here and now, can see the sense in that in the immortal’s eyes. And you'll do anything to earn the release of your old mentor from his dream prison.
But that debt nor your power is likely not the only reason that the Endless keeps you at his side. You know that as well as Lord Morpheus does... Even if he won't say it aloud.
It whispers underneath your skin. Simmers in each moment that your eyes lock. Deep and inexplicable, the bond tethering you both waxes clearly when you use your Other Sight. Bathed in moon-silver, and sifting like sand—  unignorable since unveiled by the Fates.
They’d called it a gift. Free of charge. You couldn’t help but feel like his turmoil is already paying the cost.
Knowing that you're looking again, Morpheus visibly tightens his jaw. But still, he can't stop his melancholy eyes from flickering over to look at you once more. Despite the fact that he's never truly touched you, the mere brush of his stare alone makes you shiver.
Soul ties are rare. Even the Endless don't fully understand them. But the Lords of the Realms are not meant to be bound in such fickle ways, yet there it is. With a mortal, no less.
He, obviously, isn't. That is why, you have quickly come to know that while he doesn't quite understand that while you might be powerful in magic, just as much rest and re-fuelling is required to function as with any other human. Given this, you sigh, running a hand down your face and desperately wish for a shower. Shooting another quick, assessing glance at the Endless’s way, it seems that he might be in a better mood right now. 
Johanna Constantine had said her goodbyes only moments ago. His bag of sand now lies firmly within his white-knuckled grasp. Perhaps it will be enough for tonight.
Now is as good a time to try as any.
Moving a bit quicker to keep pace, you turn to him. "If you're not going to let me go, can you at least let me sleep? Or even just let us stop to get a cup of coffee?" 
He doesn't answer, just turns to sweep that cold stare across your face once again. It’s always so heavy. Under it, you sag slightly. The exhaustion of the last few days weighs a little wearier in your bones. 
"As soon as I wake up, you can whisk us off to Hell and I won't complain a bit. I'll even set an alarm to make sure we’re on time. Just a few hours.” A swallow constricts your throat before you finish, “Please."
Maybe it's the plaintive note in your voice, or the sudden waver that infiltrates the tone. Whatever the cause, something in the shadowed recesses of his expression gives ever so slightly. Morpheus dips his head into the fraction of a nod. You almost smile in response - just before catching yourself. 
Whatever. He's still a stoic asshole at the best of times. Not that you'll ever say it to his face.
Yet, as one dark eyebrow lifts in silent challenge, it's clear that it might be a bit late for that.
"Your thoughts could remain more gracious," Morpheus says calmly, and sweeps past you once more. “Remember your place, girl.”
Girl— as if you are lesser somehow. It stings. 
Head lowered in embarrassment, you hurry after his long strides. Yet, under your breath comes a muttered response. "Still learning the ropes, your Highness. I've never exactly been a god’s soulmate before."
His back visibly stiffens at the 's' word, but the Lord of Dreams doesn't comment again. Shoving your hands in your pockets, you shadow his wake - lost in your own head. The bond ripples with agitation. 
And then—thankfully—a series of rustling flaps sound beyond your ear. One-sided weight settles upon your right shoulder. Your lips twist upward in a soft grin, hand already rising to stroke lightly down a feathered head. "Hi Matthew."
"My lady," the raven replies politely, trying his best at propriety. “It’s pretty cold out here tonight for a human. Don’t you think?”
“A little.” Agreeing, your eyes fall somewhat enviously on Dream’s long coat. No doubt the Endless don’t feel this mortal cold— so why does he need it? It looks far more snug than the pitiful blazer you’d thrown on before being dragged to the Dreaming more than two days ago. “But, his most gracious Majesty has agreed to stop, so I’ll be out of it soon.”
Up ahead, his head swivels, eyes narrowing at the undoubtedly mocking undercurrent of your tone. Instead of admitting another trespass, your gaze widens in mock innocence. Matthew chortles as your hands lift in a ‘what?’ motion. Despite the intent, Morpheus can’t fault the delivery. It sounds all too deferential, even if it isn’t. 
A low growl rumbles from the depth of Morpheus’s throat. “Just around the corner.” Pale blue eyes flash as his attention turns to Matthew. “And she’s not your lady. The human holds no titles.”
Ridiculously, the bird opens his beak to argue. “But she is your—”
Swiftly, you pinch it shut with two fingers. His speech muffles, wings flapping in surprise. Morpheus looks at you again. Stilling, you hold his stare. This whole thing is so bizarre. 
A slight smile twitches at the edges of your lips. 
The hard lines of the Endless’s face become less stern, and just for a split second— it seems like he might almost return it.
But then a bus blows past at the top of the street above, horn blaring. He snaps back into cold disapproval at the sudden sound, withdrawing from the moment instantly. A low ache radiates in your chest. 
Once more, Morpheus turns from you. This time, though, it's with finality.
He doesn't speak again until you're mounting the steps of an archaic hotel. Matthew flies off, circling above. Following his upwards track, your eyes take in the facade. Stone exterior. Carvings on the front.
It's obviously stood for many centuries, and you wonder how many times he's been here before. And with how many people.
No. You're not jealous. You barely know the guy.
Inside at the reception desk, you have to dig around in your pockets to find your wallet. Morpheus just stands blankly beside, making no move to cover the cost. Gritting your teeth, you wonder if Endless are just tight by nature, or if he doesn't understand the concept of money.
Some damn stingy boss he is, not even financially compensating your overnight work trip.
His admonishment flares upon instantly reading that thought, and you can't help but think that this little one-way peek into your mind is completely unfair. He's already a god. Does he really need more advantages? But, whatever. It's not worth the headache.
You don't like to fight, after all. Never have. Arguments give you a migraine, but it's harder to resist with him. You have this need when it comes to Morpheus— a burning urge to prove yourself. It can turn the most even temperament into something sharper.
The clerk gives you the card to the room, and off you go. Riding up in the silent elevator, the tension that ticks in the air finally grows too much. Half-turning to face him, you try not to appear too eager. "I can just meet you tomorrow. You don't have to stay."
"Yes, I do," he replies simply.
"I won't run. We made a deal, I'll see it through until my end is finished."
Surprisingly, his head dips in a nod. "I know you will. The possibility of you attempting to flee is not what concerns me."
"Well, then. What is it?"
Another beat of hesitation. It's clear in the sudden tightness to his jaw. Whatever it is, he's uncertain—or perhaps hesitant—about how exactly to voice it.
Finally, he does. "The Fates have unveiled a connection between us. It's going to make you a target. You’ll have more to worry about than this quest. I won't leave you alone here until we’ve succeeded."
"Awwh,” you say, flashing a teasing smile. “Stop it. It's beginning to sound like you care."
Eyes narrowing in pronounced disdain, Morpheus doesn't retort. It matters little, as his unamused glare is more than enough. Thankfully, the elevator bell choses that moment to ding, cogs grinding to a halt as the lift stills. He steps out quickly, as soon as the doors open— and you cover another laugh with a pretend cough.
The room they gave you is large and cast in shadow. Neither of you bother to reach for the light, but those filtering in from the street allow you to see well enough. Hardwood floors stem across the ground, leading to four bay windows along two sides of outward-facing wall. 
It’s at the corner of the building. Intricate gratings protect the lower fringes of the panes, for safety as well as decoration. You can tell that it’s recently been furnished, but the high ceilings still feel old. 
An enormous bed looms against the wall. It’s an antique thing— mahogany headboard reminding you of your room in Fawney Rig. Such thought brings back memories of Alex, of Paul, and your hand instinctively creeps upward to grasp at the amulet hanging from your neck. The pendant was a gift from your mentor on your twenty-fifth birthday. 
He told you that it had been his mother’s. She’d been an Order member too. It hangs now, carved with that familiar sigil.
Dream’s lofty voice brings you back from the memory. "Seize your chance to rest. I shall take the chair."
He doesn’t wait for an answer before stalking away. Your eyes track on his heels as he makes for a plush armchair in the corner of the room, and sinks into it with a slight grunt. Those expressionless eyes find yours again when he notes you’ve yet to make a move.
A slight simmer of nervousness wells in your chest. "Are you going to watch me sleep?"
"I watch many sleep,” he replies, deadpan. “My doing so doesn't make you in any way extraordinary."
God. You want to roll your eyes at him. Instead, you just settle for a winning smile, and a shrug. “Keep telling yourself that.”
Outside, a caw sounds as Matthew circles the building, before rising upwards to rest upon the rooftop. Maybe it’s your bond with Morpheus feeding through in turn to his connection with the raven, but you can see the bird in your mind’s eyes— perched against the night and watching the red tail lights of passing cars down below.
Biting your lip uncomfortably, you shake your head in a wordless bid for courage before stepping towards the bed. It’s daunting, but tiredness weighs heavy in your bones. Pausing, you glance over your shoulder and see that his attention is purposefully cast outward, past the flimsy netting of the curtain to the streets beyond.
He starts slightly as he realizes the intent. Throat constricting in a slight swallow, Morpheus nods his head once, and then his eyes avert. His stare purposefully casts outward, boring past the flimsy netting of the curtain to land on the street outside. 
Trying not to feel the embarrassment that threatens to heat your face, you strip off your blazer first— hanging it off the footboard. Your shoes are kicked off next. When reaching for the buckle of your slacks, just for a moment, you think you feel his gaze begin to tick back towards your body. Bated breath locks in your throat as you bend to push down your trousers.
Yes. You can feel him looking. His stare prickles against the backs of your legs, and then burns across your rear. The cushion of the chair squeaks slightly, as if he’s tightened his grip on the armrests just a fraction. Sneaky bastard.
Unable to help yourself, you look back— just in time to catch the violent whip as his head snaps away once more. Even in the low light, a slightly pink blush dusts his cheeks. Despite having told him not to look originally, you can’t help the huff of amusement that bursts from your lips. 
And inside, your erratic heartbeat whispers that you hope he likes what he saw.
Remaining dressed in your white shirt, you peel back the covers and slip into the bed. A content sigh billows from your lips as your body all but sinks into the thick mattress. Finally able to relax, you can feel every crick and ache that’s amassed in your bones the past few days. 
First thing you do upon going home will be booking a massage. Deep tissue. Approximately four hours, if they’ll let you.
“Is the room to your liking?” His hesitant voice cuts through the silence.
Unexpected. Freezing for a moment, your head lifts from the pillow, eyes locking on him across the room. He still refuses to meet your gaze, staring out the window, but you can feel the weight of his attention upon your response.
“Yes,” you answer after a few extended moments. “It is.”
Almost appearing a little uncertain, Dream adjusts himself again. His gaze falls upon your face. It’s still not soft or friendly, but a little less severe than before. Underneath it, an odd sort of bashfulness fills you, and you snuggle down a little deeper into the safety of your bed.
“I’m glad.” 
He says nothing else. Not ‘sleep well’, or ‘thank you’, or even ‘see you at eight and don’t wake up late.’ Silence spreads through the room, but it feels a little easier than before. Not so strained and chalked with resentment. It seeps into your bones. And then, he starts to hum.
It’s a low, melancholic sound. One that catches you in its current, and casts you back— to falling asleep by Fawney Rig’s hearth after studying late, and dreaming of a man with the cosmos in his eyes.
Finally, after many long days where your only semblance of rest was jolted dream walking under his command, sleep finally embraces you in its thrall.
He thinks that you look peaceful. You’re pulled under, lost to the world. Buried so deep in sleep that you’re not even wandering the Dreaming, even after hours. He wonders if it happens often. Really, you must wear yourself out with all that incessant talking.
Sometimes, Morpheus thinks that it never stops. 
But perhaps he’s just being unfair. After all, it’s not like the bond doesn’t play a part. Your thoughts and memories churn through it— disorganized and messy in that very human way. He hears you even when you’re not speaking. Has since the Fates unveiled the connection.
Except for now, when it’s quiet again. The past few days, he’d often reminisced on this peace with longing. Now, it somehow feels unnerving. He’s grown used to the noise quicker than anticipated. He almost misses not having to live solely within his own head.
His mind has not been the same since his imprisonment. While yours is often pandering, and usually distracted in an almost youthful way, it’s also kind. He can feel your love for others, your sense of justice and forgiveness. The fierceness in which you protect those you care about. 
It’s a nice place to hide at times. Not that he’d ever tell you that.
But, he can also feel your emotions for him. The draw that tugs at your side, always towards him, in the very same way as his does yours. It centres you like gravity. Binds you in destiny. Terrifies you— and he’s not one to offer comfort.
Especially not when it scares him too.
It’s a cruel joke to tether you both so. Everything in him wants to rebel against it. To defy it. But, as he watches you slumber—face soft, lips parted, and breathing deep—he can’t help the despondent ache that runs through his chest, nor the way he rises to his feet without a sound.
The Lord of Dreams crosses the room. Not a floorboard creaks underfoot. No sounds echo upwards from the street outside. Everything takes on a strange muffled quality, as if the rest of the universe has stripped itself away to offer privacy. To let him have this small moment, as he stops at the side of your bed, and looks down.
You’re so close. He can see the flutter of lashes against your cheek. How the nail varnish on your fingers is chipped, and the shirt you’ve been wearing for almost three days has a smear of dirt just below the collar. Haggard lines draw your face. For the first time, he registers that you’re exhausted.
It makes him feel something. Guilt. It laces in whispers through his veins, up into his ears. Tells him that you’re his, and he’s not being good, he’s not being kind—
His hand strokes longingly down the side of your face. He doesn’t even remember lifting it. It happened on instinct, without conscious thought. A simple attempt to smooth the distress from your features, because despite everything, he cares. 
The tip of his index finger follows the curve of your cheekbone. Your skin is so soft underneath his touch. Wistfulness bubbles inside of his chest. His eyes flutter closed. Morpheus can’t help the low, almost tortured sound that escapes him. Grimacing, he opens them again— intent on stepping away from this torment.
Abrupt, he stills. You’re awake. Eyes opened, locked on his face. 
His heart rate accelerates. There’s something in your gaze— wonder, and a yearning that mirrors his own. He thinks that you might speak. Might make another smart comment as you did earlier, a retort that will make it so easy for him to recoil, but you don’t.
Instead, you turn, nuzzling into the palm of the hand that still hovers above your face. Your gentle kiss presses against his skin, soft yet searing like a brand. Somewhere in the distance, he swears that he hears the Fates knell in triumph. 
Then, you move, hand reaching upward to twist in the front of his black sweater. You pull him down, rising simultaneously— and he lets you. The ridge of his nose skates along your cheek. Morpheus can feel your breath against his, the flutter of your lashes upon his skin, how warm your hand is through the fabric upon his chest. 
Should pull back. Should get away. Should stop this.
He doesn’t. 
Your lips brush against his. Gently, at first. The briefest passing, like the skimming touch of a raven’s wing. And again— another whisper. It’s him who leans in truly. Him, who closes that last miniscule distance to press against you, and slides his hand behind to cup the back of your head.
Your chest hitches in response. The kiss deepens. Shoulders relaxing, your head falls back to give him access, to allow him to slip his tongue into your mouth and play in a way that makes you gasp. He thinks that he can taste your dreams. They’re bathed in gold, like the light of dawn. Like the soothing heat that surrounds you like a hearth, and reels him in.
He’s felt cold for years. For decades, ever seen he woke up in the shadowed basement of Fawney Rig. Only with you, here and now, does that chill start to strip itself away. And, Morpheus feels himself beginning to fall.
He’s kissing you. 
You’re kissing him back. It’s more than unexpected. Maybe you’re still dreaming? Yet, you know that even the power of your mind could never conjure a moment that brims and flares like this.
His hand slides from the back of your head to cup your jaw, thump pressing into the hinge to part your mouth further. The Dream King looms above where you sit on the bed. He steals the breath from your lungs, more with each flick and lap of his tongue. But you’re happy to drown under him, to drink him in.
And so, unwilling to let up, to sit back and think, you take it further.
Hungrily, your teeth tug at his lower lip. A moan grates from him, and the sound catches you both off guard. Overcome, you bite down further. Harder than you should have. Instantly, you know it’s a mistake.
There’s copper in your mouth. Blood suddenly tart on your tongue. Morpheus flinches back— the sting lurching him abruptly back to reality. Already, you know that’s about to happen. 
Eyes flaring wife with realization, he tears his mouth from yours. Breathing heavily, the Endless steps back. His hair is gloriously ruffled, and lips still swollen from the crush of your kiss. 
Your heart lurches painfully at the sight. It feels like it's going to beat out of your chest, but his reaction is different. So very different.
Coat whirling at his heels, Dream turns. Somehow, you know that he's going to flee. You can't let him. Ignoring the fact that you're only wearing a shirt and underwear, that your legs are bare and he's a god, you scramble out of the bed, across the room after him.
Your hand wraps around his wrist. Immediately, he wrenches it away, and you know that such action was the wrong move. Eyes bright with anger, he whirls.
His other hand clutches the wrist you grasped, holding it as if scalded. There's no time to be defensive or standoffish. He's past the point of calm.
You'd only intended to stop him. To talk to him. But he had only wanted to get away, to shake the reminder of your effect from his skin, and a simple brush of skin had stopped that. A convolution of emotions pours through the bond.
The Endless's face is contorted in confusion, panic, and anger.
“Don’t dare to touch me” he stalks forward— real, actual fury bubbling to the surface. “You’re part of the.Order. Alex Burgess’s loyal apprentice. Nothing gives you any right over me. To speak to me. To reach for my hand.” Morpheus is eating up ground, looming unnaturally tall, and you’re almost tripping over yourself as you stumble backward.
“Whatever they say you are is a trick,” he seethes. “Some other ploy to unhinge me. To make me weaker.” That animal sheen is back in his eyes. Your heart thuds violently in your chest, so hard that it threatens to catch in your throat. “I will never care for you.” Spittle flies with the words. “Endless don’t have soul ties. This is wrong.” 
Maybe you should be terrified. You’ve never seen him like this. Wrathful. Unrestrained. There should be tears, and begging— but that’s not what’s happening right now. Your pounding heart isn’t due to fear. This response is different. It’s unnatural and so very human at the same time. 
You can’t tear your eyes from his lips. The scent of him—like the sharp clarity of sea breeze in the dead of night— loods your senses. Can’t resurface from the sensation of being stalked like prey, and somehow wanting to be caught. 
And then, it happens.
“We are wrong,” he hisses, just as the back of your legs collide with the bed— and you topple backward onto it. 
Both of you freeze in place.
A slant of moonlight casts across his face. Off to the side, a breeze slips in the opened sliver of bay window, twisting the hem of the curtain. Lightly tousling his hair. The image of him burns through you again— iced fire and want that leaves goosebumps in its wake. 
His eyes sear into you. So blue. Biting. Like frost-tipped spear swimming in poison. Towering above, Morpheus looks down as if he hates you. It’s clear in his glare, the clench of fists at his sides. 
He resents this. Perhaps loathes it more than anything else he’s experienced in his lifetime. And for someone who’s lived so long and endured so much, that says a lot.
But you’re not a god. You’re a woman— a formidable thing too, but no King of Realms. A college drop-out, magic enthusiast. Someone who breaks a little easier than he does, as you lie breathless on your back and drink in his cold fury.
“You’re beautiful.” It slips from your lips as barely more than a whisper. 
Soft and yearning. Wavering slightly as your voice breaks apart on the last syllable. Not a lie, but a pained admission.
Morpheus stiffens.
His lips part slightly, as if wanting to speak but unable to— floundering. It’s caught him off guard. Thrown him for a loop, and he doesn’t seem to know how to retort. One of his hand rise, reaching up to brush the edge of his lips. An image spears through the back of your eyelids.
Somehow, you know that he’s thinking about the kiss. How your lips felt against his, hands gripping the front of his thin sweater. The manner in which the air had tightened in his lungs. It echoes through your own body, an after-effect of his, and the Lord of Dreams breaks the stillness to lift a pained hand. 
“Don't.” He sounds ragged.
The insides of your knees brush against his legs. Despite the words, he hasn’t moved back. You don’t try to touch him again. Not after last time. However, you can’t steal your gaze from his face— and that’s when you see it: His roving eyes passing over the hem of your shirt, ridden up beyond your thighs in the fall.
It pools at your hips, one side fluttering upward to reveal a sliver of stomach. The Endless stares at that bared inch of skin, and then at the underwear below. If this was any other moment, any other man, you’d have been squirming away or crossing your legs— because you’re already turned on, space between your legs tingling. 
His tongue darts out to trace across the line of his bottom lip. Chest heaving a little harder, his breathing grows heavier. Reluctance wars with a tinge of something other in the depths of his expression.
It lurches another admission free. “I think I’ve dreamed of you before.” Not making to sit up, or scoot back— bated breath remains locked in your chest as you wait for him to respond, still laid below. HIs face almost blanches further, the truth striking like a blow. “I... I might have dreamed of you all my life. I just never remembered until now.”
A low growl rumbles from the depths of his chest. Fingertips brush against the outskirts of your thighs. Your knees knock against his legs. Morpheus looms inward, hands curling around the underside of your thighs to lift your legs, angling your body just as he needs. A strangled moan catches in your throat as the hardening swell of his front rubs experimentally against your core. 
It ruts over the damp strip of panties. The friction against your aching clit has you writhing, forgetting your earlier trepidation and reaching for him again. Nails sink into the flats of his trousers as your legs lock around his hips to pull him closer. Morpheus hisses at the bite in your grip but doesn’t move back. He tilts his hips further inward, until you can feel the low pulse of his shaft through the fabric restraining you both as he grinds in.
“I think you may have been made to fit me,” he whispers— and in that moment, you know that the inevitable has happened again. 
His hands travel up to curl around the waistband of your panties. Peeling them free, your breath catches again as he sinks to his knees, guiding them down your legs all the while. Desire coils in the pit of your stomach as his stare burns between your legs, and directly into your now-bare cunt.
"I... I shouldn't," he whispers, but those large, pale hands are already pushing your knees wider apart.
He can't tear his attention away from your core. Propped on your elbow, you can see how wet you are. How you glisten for him in the moonlight, already so prepared. Mesmerized, he leans forward to drag his index finger slowly through your slit.
Wetness gathers on the tip of his digit. He examines it, before shifting forward to push it back inside you once more— index coupled with middle, curled halfway. It's such a practiced motion.
"You've done this before," you gasp, eyes drooping as the sensation of his fingers pushing through your walls takes over.
He doesn't lie. "Yes. I've had mortal lovers. Just never a..." He breaks off, but you already know what he's going to say.
Never someone soul bonded. How could he have, after all? Every being cursed with such a predetermined fate only gets one tie. He's yours, and you are his.
His digits pump inside of you. They're buried almost to the knuckle, pushed and angled so perfectly that you can feel them bumping against the rough spot deep within your core. Your head falls back with a groan, and Dream makes the rarest sound— He chuckles.
It's husky, disused for more than a century. But even the mere hint of the sound has you moan, further aroused by the rough tone of his amusement. How it’s hoarsened by his own building lust, shown in his smug voice as he speaks in a low tone akin to the distant rumble of thunder; "Oh, you enjoy that? Not half so defiant now."
He pumps his fingers again— pushing until your toes start to curl. Those blue eyes are intent upon your face. The darkness of his pupils swallow every twitch and change of your expression, capturing your responses and filing them to memory. He starts out slow, teasing. Only gradually picking up the pace, until you’re on the cusp of begging.
The wet sounds of his fingers delving in and out of your cunt fill the air. The sound stirs across your skin. It catches the breath in your lungs, until each gasp is coming high-pitched and needy. You want to beg, but the words are stuck unformed in your throat. All that you can do is look at him, the plea shining in your eyes. 
He smiles— a small, beautific thing, and that does it.
The coil of heat bubbling within your stomach snaps taut. Spasms rushing through your body, your head falls back— crying out as the climax breaks across. Your cunt flexes upon his fingers, pulsing. Morpheus swears appreciatively, saying something soft in a language that you don’t understand.
But then, he slides his fingers free from your cunt and lifts them to his lips. Enraptured, you watch as he tastes them. One at a time, sucking your slick clean of his skin. His eyes flicker to you as he does, wearing their sheen again. Reminding you of the first time that you truly saw him— a monster inside someone else’s mind.
Just a wrathful shadow upon a darkened chair. But here and now, you’re not a bit afraid of him. You haven’t been once since you laid eyes on him. Not even when he lost his temper. Certainly not when he’s groaning in want at the motion of tasting your cunt, and leaning forward to grasp your legs— draping them over his shoulder.
Without any more hesitation, Morpheus dips inward. 
You can feel the draught of hot air as his breath puffs against your bare cunt. The sensation tickles over your clit, and your hands fist tighter amidst the bedsheets in response. Still, he pauses instead of continuing. Those unfathomable blue eyes tick upward to fix on your face.
The Lord of Dreams drinks in the expression on your face. How your pupils are blown, irises dilated and thin with desire. Although your lips are not dry, your tongue swipes across the bottom line— wetting it eagerly.
Unable to help it, you say the words again, voice tight and hoarse. “You’re beautiful.”
He growls once more. That rumbling, hungry sound. Sharp teeth catch on the side of your thigh, and his bitemark indents your skin in one swift motion. It stings, sinking deep, and another gasp hitches your chest. Surprise wars with arousal.
Down below, your cunt throbs with another bleat of need. You can’t help your reaction to his mark. A brand— one that silently signifies all that he refuses to say aloud. 
Mine. Mine. Mine.
Your whimpered cry distorts into a whimper as Morpheus, watching you intently, leans in. The tip of his nose brushes against your clit. Electricity surges in your veins. Forgetting his earlier admonishment, your fingers descend to tangle amidst his fine strands of dark hair.
The Endless reaches up, prying your fingers open. Barely struggling, he holds your wrists at your sides. Pinning you in place, as he delves in further— invading any remaining space. Reminding you of his rules without saying another word.
His tongue surges through your cunt in careful, hungry strokes, and his lips purse and pluck around your clit. Wrapping around, he sucks harshly. It has an immediate impact, coils of heat snapping inside your lower stomach, and your body bucks in response.
Yet, Morpheus's iron-like grip keeps your arms pinned. There's only so far you can move. Only a few inches to shiver and strive away, and he chases you with each iota of space.
His cheeks brush against the tender skin of your inner thighs. Looking down, his pale face is framed so perfectly by your legs. Another aching moan spills from you at the noise. That animal sheen burns in his irises as arch against him, riding the twists and delves of his confident tongue.
Seeing your response, his shoulders straighten— and he grows bolder. You're so close to the edge, but he won't let you fall again just yet. Wanting to do more, to give more, he changes tactics, burning tongue pushes in and out of your cunt over and over.
A yearning noise grates from the back of his throat. That flash of vision crosses the back of your eyelids again:
You can feel it trickling from him. How his cock throbs inside of his trousers, straining to get out. By now, it’s rapidly, almost painfully hard. The type of ache that can only be sheathed by a deep, fast fucking intent on letting all of those emotions free.
But not just yet. Dream has a different quest to finish first.
Slick is tart on his tongue, and spills down his chin. Reaching down to palm desperately at the front of his trousers, Morpheus savours the taste. He dips in and out. Basks in the reactions of your body and the noises that you make— before rising the tip of his tongue to swirl so playfully against the exposed bundle of nerves at your centre.
The sensations are delicious. Building and building. Driving you higher and higher. Shudders run through your body, the intensity going with each firm lick. It overstimulates your senses, drives you wild. Carries you so above the moment that you don't quite realise the grip has sunk from one wrist, and his cold fingers are now entwined with yours.
And you're so close. So fucking close. Then, you're right there. 
Crying out, keening— body seizing as you shatter right into his slightly smirking mouth. 
He doesn’t let you go. His grip only tightens, so hard that you already know it’ll leave bruises. Pinning you there as he laps every last shudder of release free from you, and licking until you’re dizzy— moaning, eyes blurry and unfocused.
Only then, does he rise. Through half-focused eyes, you see him loom above you, hands seizing your legs to pull you closer to the edge of the bed in one smooth motion. Your heels are still against his shoulders, but now his hands drop to fumble with his belt. 
His expression is wild. Unrestrained. He’s been caged for so long, and now he is not holding back any more. A zipper jerks downward, and he doesn’t even push off his trousers. Just shoves them low enough to delve in and free his cock, pitching forward to brace himself above your body on one arm.
You can't see his cock. But you feel it. He growls, hips tilting, and then a thick, swollen heat pushes through the lips of your cunt. The head pulses against your entrance.
His arm moves, pumping his shaft in preparation. Desire is growing inside you again. You've had his fingers and his mouth but they aren't what you truly need. That's his cock, only his cock— pushing deep inside and claiming you. Pounding over and over until you lose everything but him.
Even now, he teases you still. Swirls his tip around your clit, and slides it up between the glistening lips of your cunt. Mixes saliva and slick with the bead of precum gathered upon his head, and wondering what it'd be like to spill inside of you.
And you crave it. More than anything, you want to feel his body shudder as he spurts deep. The sheer image of it is too much, too strong.
A cry slips from your lips before you can stop it.
Not my Lord, or Your Highness, or Dream— not any of the rest of them. Only his name, his actual name, spilling from your lips. Burst free as he drags his cock through your dripping folds, gaze fervent and half-possessed as it lifts from your weeping slit to your face.
Your expression. The way you look at him. It threatens to end him right there. But then... His eyes lock on the amulet on your neck. It rests between the rise of your breasts, framed by the unkempt collar of your shirt, and he remembers.
Dream of the Endless is adrift in a London hotel room, losing himself between the legs of an Order member.
He’s spent a century in a cage. Decades trapped, by the people that you are a part of. By the man that you love as a father— and that reminder rips through him with the force of a knife. Every single one of his other senses are screaming at him, pleading to sink into the wet heat of your cunt. To claim you, burying himself over and over until there is nothing else in your world but him.
But he can't.
He won't. Not anymore.
Morpheus is supposed to hate you. He does. He hates you. Or does he?
It makes him snap back, recoiling as if struck. All of that vitriol pours back in. Splashes of it aimed at you. Most of the tide crashing over himself. But, his anger and resentment has to go somewhere.
His cock sinks in the slightest inch into your cunt. He feels your head throw back against the duvet. How your back arches, toes curling in anticipation as the burn of him stretching you open begins. Gasping, the Lord of Dreams wrenches out before he can sink even further and stumbles back.
Sweat beads his forehead. All over, his muscles are spasming, body screaming in protest about all that he's just denied. He detests himself. He detests you— and that startled expression on your face as you scramble upright. Your eyes are wide with confusion, your mouth agape in shock. That old anger spears through him again.
"What have you done?!" he hisses, as if it's all your fault.
It is, he tries to convince himself, it has to be.
How dare you sit there, looking so innocent? As if your mere existence doesn't complicate things further. Threaten to ruin the last shred of his old life that he has left. He won’t allow it. 
You’re quicksand, but he’s the Sandman— and he knows how to navigate these soils unscathed. How to free himself, at least for now.
But he can still taste you on his tongue. Feel how your wetness glistens and dries upon his chin. It's too much and yet not enough. He needs distance. Needs escape, and a breath of fresh air.
Needs to get away from you, even for just a minute.
“She-devil,” he all but spits, and then his shadows warps— in the blink of an eye, Morpheus is gone.
You're alone on the edge of the bed. Half naked, and left in a daze as the cold air of night wraps around your naked lower half. A minute passes. Then another. Morpheus doesn't return for either, nor for any of the rest that span out of it.
Already, you know that he's fled back to the sanctity of his realm. Probably locked the fucking door behind him too.
Jaw setting in a mix of anger—and a hurt that you don't want to acknowledge—you slip back under the covers. You’re not sure where your underwear is, and it feels shameful to go hunting around for them. And then, the most embarrassing thing of all happens. 
The trickle of a single tear wets your cheek.
Angrily, you reach up to wipe it away. Nope. You’re not going to cry over that asshole. Irritation—at Morpheus, at yourself—rises thick in your throat, and you cling to the indignation. When he returns, you won’t be so quick to forgive him. 
Rolling over, you release a frustrated sigh, unsure of how exactly you’re going to fall asleep now. Too much is churning around your mind. A sudden, insistent tapping sound from over at the window thankfully steals your attention.
You only pause to retrieve your panties before heading for the window. The pane, already slightly open, is hard to yank upwards but you just about manage. At the next moment, Matthew hops in.
Despite the fact that he's a bird, pity radiates from his expression.
"It sounded that bad, huh?" Despite everything, you chuckle dryly.
His wings flap slightly, uncomfortable. "I think... I think he's just confused. It's a lot. Lucienne said that he's different. Being in that cage changed him."
"Maybe," you respond, crossing your arms over your chest to hug yourself a little tighter— the cold a little more palpable against your skin. "Or it's just always going to be a little too much."
Silence stretches for a few moments until Matthew shrugs it off. He preens slightly, the feathers on his neck rustling. Beady eyes fix kindly upon your face. "Just forget about him tonight, ma'am. He'll slink back in the morning."
"Yeah," you sigh— before tilting your head and fixing him with a curious look. "Do you want to stay? Watch some shitty cable TV?"
The bird dips his head again. “I’d fucking love to.”
A warm hub fills the cafe.
Cup of coffee clutched in hand, you take a tentative sip before glancing out the window. It's a cloudy day. Thankfully, inside the small shop is warm. Across the way, Matthew sits calmly on the top of a bicycle rack. Breaking off a piece of pcrust from the pastry you’re currently between eating, you wrap it into the blue napkin to give to him later.
That's when a draught brushes across the back of your next. 
Pausing chewing, you still abruptly— shoulders tensing in agitation. You know that he's here before you even see him. Can feel the weight of his reluctant eyes, and how the space between you grows smaller as he navigates through the cramped interior.
Graceful, despite everything.
The chair across from yours scrapes out, and Morpheus sits. For a moment, there's nothing but silence. You let it linger, wanting him to be uncomfortable, and focus on tearing your croissant into tiny pieces with your fingers.
Eventually, he speaks. "Finish your meal. We've got work to do."
His tone is brisk. Dismissive. It raises your hackles, indignation bubbling heatedly in the back of your throat.
"Really? That's all you have to say?" Your voice snaps through the air— not loud enough to draw the attention of those around, but enough for him to flinch.
He doesn't respond. Jaw setting, you glare at him. Morpheus returns the frigid stare with burning blue eyes. And then, his eyes flutter closed. One hand raises, thumb and index fingers pinching the bridge. "It was a mistake."
"Which? The running out, or—"
"Participating in the first place."
Maybe your hurt doesn't fully show. You hope it doesn't. Don't want to give him any form of satisfaction, or to see how much those words hurt you.
Squaring your shoulders, you just shrug. "Well, at least get yourself a snack while we're here." Unable to just leave it there, you have to add another pointed remark. "After all, you only ate once last night."
His expression grows thunderous, but you can see how he fights it— the struggle as his hands wind together on his lap. "It was enough."
All that you do is lean back, brow raising, as you fix him with a knowing look. "We both know it left you wanting more."
He averts his gaze. Those lips purse into a thin, annoyed line. But it doesn’t matter— his silence speaks volumes more than words ever could.
Tumblr media
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A/N: And that’s that! I have titled this was [1] because I might do a second (and likely then a third part bc this wouldn’t wrap up in just two) if there’s interest to see more. So, let me know. I’m still on a bit of a hiatus but I’ll keep it in mind 😉
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buckspumpkin · 18 days ago
hate fuck | b. barnes
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairings: bucky barnes x reader
warnings: smut! 18+ only! hate fucking bayybeeee, enemies to loves ( sorta, maybe go a few more rounds ), fingering, choking, hair pulling, degrading, breeding kink if you squint a little
word count: 2.2k+
author’s note: just a repost!
And he hated you just as much right back.
You weren’t sure where the hatred between the two of you came from, hell. You weren’t even able to remember when it started.
You weren’t sure where the hatred between the two of you came from, hell. You weren’t even able to remember when it started.
All you knew was that when his smug little face turned towards you when you were told you had to go on a mission with him as an undercover couple, you seethed.
“Steve, please let me switch with someone else.” You pleaded, refusing to look over at bucky who was sitting across from you at the table. You didn’t want to see the smirk on his stupid dumb face.
“Sorry, y/n. We don’t have anyone else to do this. Nat is out on another mission and we can’t postpone this one anymore. You two are just going to have to put the hatred aside.” You sighed, crossing your arms and letting out a huff through your nostrils. You looked over at Bucky who was sitting back in his chair, arms resting on the armrests and a smirk on his lips.
“C’mon, doll. You know you wanna spend time with me.” You flipped him off as you stood up, grabbing the briefing papers before storming out of the room.
You would rather eat a bowl of nails for breakfast than to be on an undercover mission with him. Let alone be married to him.
“Try and go easy on her, yeah Buck? Maybe actually confess to her this time?” Bucky stood up a few minutes after you walked out, bringing his papers under his arm with a shrug. He couldn’t promise something he wasn’t sure he would be able to keep.
It had been a few weeks of the undercover mission, not getting a step closer to cracking down the men everyone was after. Steve couldn’t promise how long it would take, he knew that they were set up in the house right across from Bucky and you. You were both able to have a full view of “customers” they brought in, how long they were there, and any suspicious vehicles that were brought around.
Aside from the mission, you did your absolute best to not be domestic with Bucky inside the house when you could. You slept in the guest bedroom, kept your schedules with him different so you wouldn’t run into him on the way to the bathroom, even so much as to go to buy your own groceries. It was tiring, but as long as you didn’t have to keep the act up longer than you needed to, it was fine.
Bucky, however hated it. He missed seeing your face as much as he hated to admit it. He loved watching you smile and cling onto his arm when in front of the men the team had been watching, doing your fake wifely duties around the front yard and garage, giving him kisses on the cheek when you would come out to him for lunch and to tell him to take a break from fiddling with the motorcycle.
He found you extremely attractive being domestic with you. He wanted that outside of the mission, but he knew you hated his guts too much for that and that’s when he furrowed his brow.
He didn’t know why you hated him so much, and as much as he’d like to sit down with you and figure it out, he would much rather fuck the attitude out of you.
It would be a lie if he said he hadn’t thought about leaning you over the kitchen island and fucking you from behind, up against the sliding glass door that overlooked the backyard. “Accidentally” walking in on you in the shower and pushing you up against the tile wall and slipping so easily inside of you.
He felt himself harden just at the thought of it while he sat at the dining room table filling out a day's brief for the team. He couldn’t concentrate.
He heard you walking in the front door with groceries, a scowl over your face as you walked into the kitchen. You were hoping you wouldn’t have to run into him, but of course the lucky stars weren’t helping you out today.
“Why the long face, doll?” There was silence after he spoke, he knew you wouldn’t answer him with just a soft expression. He got up from the table and joined you in the kitchen, leaning against the island counter and watched as you filled the fridge with fruits.
“What do you want, Barnes?” Your voice was bitter, it stung Bucky’s heart just a little bit as you didn’t look his way.
“I wanna know why you have such a fucking attitude, princess.” His voice was low, startling you a little bit. You slowed your movement as you pushed the bin of strawberries on the shelf in the fridge, going to hold the handle of the fridge to close, your grip tightening.
“Don’t talk to me like that. We are just trying to get through this mission, not have a therapy session.” Your knuckles had started to turn white before you let out a breath, letting go and turning towards the island, watching as he watched you from across the counter. Your palms pressed against the cooling marble as he shook his head.
“I want to know why you hate me so much, doll. You make it so unpleasant to be around you.”
“That’s so you aren’t around me!” You shouted, glaring him down as he stood from the stool. He rounded the counter and your palms let off the marble, walking back towards the fridge as your back pressed against it, Bucky’s boots toe to toe with you.
“You’re such a fucking brat, you know that? Has it ever crossed your mind that I like you? I want to fix things with you? But you make it so goddamn hard.” you watched his gaze flick between your eyes and down to your lips, back up to your eyes. You didn’t have anything to say, you were speechless and you felt your heart pound in your chest with how close he was to your face.
“Got nothing to say now, huh? Figures.”
“You’re so fucking annoying, Barnes.” You felt his flesh hand wrap around your throat, pressing the sides of your neck as he pressed his lips against yours, your hands reaching for the sides of his face.
The kiss was hot and messy, teeth clashing together, tongues dancing around each other. Hot breath against each other’s lips as you pulled for air, his other hand on your hip as he turned you around and pressed you up against the counter top, hand still on your throat.
He rolled his hips against yours as he kissed you again, making you gasp against his lips when you felt how hard he was against your hipbone. You felt your panties growing wet at the thought of how much this was turning him on, turning you on.
“Gonna fuck you over this countertop, you hear? Then we are gonna figure out how to make the rest of this mission pleasurable.” You could only nod your head as he torn your blouse off, the buttons popping in different directions onto the floor. Your exposed chest was under his gaze, the black lace bra you had put on that morning was ripped in the middle and tossed to the side with the blouse. His hand grasped your breast, a moan escaping your lips as his fingers tweaked your nipple.
“You like that, doll?” You nodded, whining as he dipped his head, mouth attaching to the other nipple. He massaged your left breast and played with the nipple while his tongue and hot mouth sucked the other one. Your hands ran through his hair and gripped the locks softly. You hated how much you liked this, how fucking good his tongue was on your breast.
He took his mouth off, a whine escaping your lips as he chuckled, turning you around and bending you over the counter top you gasped as the cold counter underneath your breasts, and you felt him tug your skirt and panties down your legs with his fingers ghosting over your wet entrance. You heard him curse under his breath as he played with your folds, watching the slick run down your thighs and make his fingers glisten.
“Fuck, you’re so fucking wet. Look at that pretty pussy clenching for something. Dirty little whore.” You moaned as he pushed his fingers in, curling inside of you. You clenched around his fingers and bit back a moan as he thrusted them gently inside of you.
“So fucking wet, this all for me?” You could only nod as you watched him behind you, twist his wrist as he curled his finger. He pulled them out, placing them on his tongue and sucking them clean, moaning as the taste of you exploded on his tongue.
“So fucking sweet,” he stood up and unzipped his slacks, pushing them and his boxers down to his ankles freeing his cock. It was dripping at the tip, a prominent vein under his shaft. You licked your lips at the sight of him, the thickness his cock held made you hungry.
“Please Bucky.. please just fuck me..” he stroked his cock as he moved towards you, placing the tip of his cock at your entrance and moaning as your slick mixed with his pre-cum.
“Because you asked so nicely,” he sheathed inside of you, both of you moaning together as you felt each other. He stretched you out so good, the pain soon mixing into pleasure as your walls fluttered around him and adjusted to his girth.
“Fuck baby, feel so fucking tight. Gonna ruin this pussy so she knows exactly who she belongs to. Fuck the attitude out of you, dove.” He thrusted out of you, then right back into you making your hips bounce softly against the edge of the counter. His hands gripped into your hips, making sure to leave small bruises in the shape of fingertips.
He pounded into you, the tip of his cock kissing your cervix as he went, moaning obscenity’s at how wet and warm your pussy was around his cock. He felt like he was in heaven, all this expectations of how good you would feel around him was blown out of the water. His metal hand gripped your hair and tugged on it, making you moan out.
“God, who knew how fucking filthy you are. Look so pretty as your pretty pussy takes my cock.” He watched as his cock disappeared into your tight pussy, moaning as he heard the wet sounds from your slick.
You felt the tight knot in the bottom of your stomach forming, gripping what you could on the counter as you clenched his cock.
“M-m close Buck.. oh fuck yes.. please..” You weren’t sure what you were begging for, but the harsh tug on your hair by his metal arm indicated he knew exactly what you wanted. His flesh hand reached around and played with your clit, rubbing in tight fast circles.
“Cum for me, baby. Cream all over my cock, you filthy whore. Wanna hear you scream my name.” You moaned at the words, clenching around him as your toes curled and you felt your orgasm wash over You came quickly, the sound of his hips slapping against your ass were as loud as your moans for him. You chanted his name as you rode out your high, listening to him groan above you.
“So fucking wet, holy shit. Gonna fill this pussy up so fucking good. Make sure you remember who fucked you this good.” You bit your lip as you squeezed his cock, his flesh hand coming around the massage your ass and landing a smack on your cheek, gripping the flesh again.
His thrusts faltered, got sloppier with each movement and you could feel him throb inside you, your walls fluttering around him with each thrust.
“Fuck.. i’m coming baby.. fuck..” He groaned as he tilted his head back and shot white thick ropes of cum deep inside you. He kept fucking you just to make sure it would stay inside your pussy.
“Oh fuck Bucky..” you moaned out, feeling the cum run down your thighs as he pulled out.
“Looks so fucking pretty.” He mumbled, pressing a kiss to your ass cheek before grabbing a damp paper towel and cleaning you up, pulling your panties and skirt back up to your hips. He pulled up his own boxers and pants.
He helped you stand up, your hands going to cover your breasts.
“Oh yeah, sorry.” He took his shirt off his back and tossed it over you, as you were now practically swimming in his black t-shirt. The smell of his cologne overwhelming your senses as you looked up at him. He pressed a soft kiss to your lips, your hands over his chest as he gripped your hips and pulled you close.
“Still hate me?” You grinned against his lips and shrugged your shoulders. You didn’t hate him as much, in fact it gave you a little bit of clarity as you pulled away, looking over his face and really coming to terms that you thought he was handsome as fuck. You decided to humor him, though.
“Maybe after a few more fucks, then i’ll let you know.”
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