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groovy-goth-gators · 20 days ago
pov: ur goofy ass got nabbed by the creeps,, and Jeff is uh- not very happy
Tumblr media
oh yeah?? well what if I make a y/n's pov crp comic?? huh?? - just kidding,, ~unless~
Tumblr media
b/w 4 the mo0dy vibez
(click 4 better quality)
also js the idea of making a whole ass comic abt y/n's path to the mansion is,, oddly enticing
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hxanaux · a month ago
Tumblr media
𝟖:𝟏𝟕 | 𝐛𝐞 𝐚 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥
Tumblr media
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 : eyeless jack x reader
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 : breeding kink, teratophilia, monster kink, power imbalance, size kink, use of pet names
𝐚/𝐧 : I’m so busy I haven’t been able to write any >- < I promise to get caught up in a little bit because I have a week off of school.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The night kept getting colder as you shivered against the sheets in your shared bed with Jack. You two had been together for quite some time now. Of course you’d till have times when jack is told that he should find someone of. His kind instead of someone like you. Jacks always reassures you when it happens though. He still has his moments as well, allow me to set the scene for you.
Jack had gone out hunting during the night as the best prey is always asleep then, unsuspecting of the horrors that peak from the shadows. It was an annual night for his two closest friends. Suddenly the topic of conversation drifted to mates and then to you. “Do you think she’ll ever meet her actual mate ?” The question was bizarre to him, and he didn’t have an answer he just grunts in response. Throughout the evening it’s all jack could think about.
What if one day you did find the one you were fated for ? Jack wouldn’t allow it, may the gods have mercy on whoever it is. Jack didn’t care who he had to go through, he would have you as his even if the world didn’t think it was right. But the single thought of someone else touching what was his set him on fire with jealousy and rage, a mix that should never go along with a monster. He doesn’t care that he dropped everything where it was or the fact that his friends were calling after him. All he cared about was getting to you, and helping you understand who you belong to.
The door to your home swung open with force causing it to hit the wall beside it. You could hear jacks labored breathing and you heard his zipper of his jacket coming off. The smell that came from him was nothing but lust, this cause you to jump forward sitting up, the blanket finding it’s way brought up to under your nose. His steps were light, his boots long gone. And with each step closer you heart rate speed up in excitement. He opened the door with such gentleness, and before he could take a step into the room you squeaked and plunged yourself backward to where you were hiding under the sheets.
“Princess ? I know your here, I heard you.” He says as he makes his way to lump under the bed, gripping the part just above your torso, pulling it off. His hand goes from the blanket to your cheek as he caresses it with his thumb using his other to support himself. His heartbreak is fast and with each drum he becomes more feral. Wanting nothing more than to use you as his little slut, but he has more respect for you than that. You can see it in his eyes and his scent, it causes you to rub your thighs together as your slick coated your lips. He could smell your arousal and it made his lips twist into a smirk.
His hand went from caressing your cheek to his index finger gliding down to the hem of your nightgown pushing it up ever so gently. Rubbing your inner thighs while slightly grazing at your pussy each time. You can’t help it and moan breathlessly trapping your lips between your teeth to cover your lewd moans from just his fingers.
“I know baby, I know” he chuckles and raises his face to meet yours and presses sloppy kisses into the crook of your neck. Your hands work at the zipper of his pants tugging them down to the best of your ability. When he realizes what your trying to do he coos and pushes them off himself, urning his attention back to you.
He pushes your panties to the side with one hand while the other strokes his hard girth. The size of him makes your stomach turn, he’s huge almost half the size of your thigh. When he first pushes himself through your hole you cry out, of course you had made love before but each time felt like the first time over and over again. “Yo-you’re too big..aha..” you manage to breath out.
He pushes himself farther and farther until he’s all the way inside you and he can feel his balls slap your ass with each hard thrust. “I know, baby, but your taking me so well.” When his finger slides from your panties finding your clit your jaw falls open. Your fingers wrap in his hair as your walls spasm and clench around his cock.
Once he realizes your close his previous rough and deep thrust relaxes in rather gentle ruts, plunging you deeper into the sheets. Once his arms scoop your upper body toward his, putting both of you in a sitting position with his cock still buried deep inside you. When he links your legs around his hips penetrating you further against your g-spot, you hum in profound satisfaction and your squirm under his touch. In an attempt to help you find comfort in your position he places soft kisses on your clavicle. “That’s it love, just keep being a good girl.”
He slowly starts to rut his hips into you upwards. Soon enough you were being bounced on his dick with the help of his hands on your hips, his head pushed between your breast groaning every now and then. Your hands are on his pecks to try feel some sort of stability, closing your eyes in immense pleasure. His hands go from your hips to tracing the small curve in your back. He mutters words of encouragement to you as if you can understand what he’s saying when he’s fucked you dumb from his cock hitting all the right places inside you. “Cum on me, make a mess baby.” His words are like a magic spell because the moment they leave his mouth your gushing around him, your pussy quivering around his cock as he continues to move you up and down riding out his own high. The sensation of his cock pulsing and buttering makes you mewl and Lewd sound leave your lips and his sperm shoots into you “I know baby, I know. Your doing so well.”
He keeps grinding your bud as he slowly pulling out of you, squealing his name as he lays you down to be comfortable. “That’s my good girl, now everyone will know your mine” he says kissing you one last time.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @temegotchi @ilikethunderstorm @mssaddiemay @g0thl3zz @lexi1sblog @egar-allen-hoe @random-furry-art-by-us-dorks @sunsetgrunge @albino-dullahan @corey-is-a-huge-simp @jaythewriter @nestingomega @kyriajade @madeleinerg @horrorapple @kanatos-baby @mspixie @x1nst4r @ilmovor @xxryn @cryaboutitbiotch @crystalisme @maki-shiro @syd-vicious20 @emowhore69 @laertive @weird-ass-weeb @xsh-xrch1ves​ @hi-i’m-gecko @creammeupdaddy @callmescott777 @texan-tazzy @hxneybxrry @arsonisticgoddess @Takoyaki @locknessy10 @multifandoms27-blog @sweetkittendelusion @hardoperatorflaptaco @tamakis-tentacles @nothx-ak @Scooptywoop0 @zerohhhlol @Lexi0w0 @the-withered-system @reneemunson @h0esluvvautumn @couldbegayer1234 @Boohoobub @smallfrypapa @starsworld03 @r1v3rrrr @lightsoff @juniyyah @nbinairyn @onlyperc @chimeryaa @erens-cockslut @catkotabear @yuhyuhfml @nikqlai-gogol
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somewhat-crazy · a year ago
Slender: adopt some children, they said.
*from the other room*
Masky: Now let’s stay calm and not panic—
Nina: *assorted yelling*
EJ: *demonic screeching*
Slender, without breaking 'eye' contact with Splendor: it’ll be fun they said
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morefluid-thanwater · a month ago
Tumblr media
Daily Doodle 309! Nonsense…
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latesogs · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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luvghostie · 15 days ago
Hello can i request for eyeless that has feelings for Y/N for a long time now, how would he pursue his feelings for them?
ɢɴ ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
ᴛᴡ: sᴇᴍɪ ᴀɴɢsᴛ ᴀɴᴅ ᴠɪᴏʟᴇɴᴄᴇ ᴍᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴ
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
EJ is a very soft and gentle person. Yes, he's a killer and steals kidneys but still. Compared to Jeff, LJ, and Slenderman he's the most human-like. Once he saw you something inside him began to warm up. It reminded him of the days he was the happiest in his life. No murder, no sadness, only pure joy.
Jack will talk to Jeff and Seedeater about you. The countless, “why don't you ask them out.” from Jeff was unbearable. It wasn't that easy for him. How would you ever fall for someone who eats kidneys and has no eyes? It seemed that his chances were one in a million. One being that you were desperate and you might cheat on him.
EJ definitely has trust issues because of Jenny. Therefore, it'll take him time to even remotely talk to you and open up. When he does though, he can't stop thinking about you. The way you smile lights up his whole day. He's flirted with you here and there but nothing drastic. Things like complimenting you and touching your hair are normal.
A couple of weeks pass and EJ finally wants to confess his feelings. Jack accepts the fact you might not like him back. In fact, he's prepared to nod and walk away. He still thinks he is less compared to everyone else but it's worth a try. He'd rather know he attempted to be with you than let you slip away.
If you feel the same it'll shock him incredibly. Jack has to ask twice if you're joking with him. Over time you two become the cutest couple in the manison. EJ is still trying to get the hang of being with someone. There are moments he doesn't understand what he's doing. Despite how he might feel about himself you reassure him that he's perfect in every way.
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creepypastawriterandasimp · 4 months ago
Hey! If requests are open could you do eyeless jack with a bimbo/life of the party type girlfriend?
Jack with a poor bimbo girlfriend? Man you are in for a ride!
Jack likes that you're just a dumb attractive bitch who honestly couldn't tell that he was a killer, yes there are very obvious signs of him being a fucking killer but all you worry about is the little gifts he brings you (which he stole from his victims) you just happily take them from him and of course give him pretty much anything because who wouldn't love a tall fucking demon and let him hit a few times?
"Fucking hell having you bent over like this moaning out my name drives me Fucking wild~" jack groans as he bites down onto your shoulder rutting his hips into you roughly as you couldn't help but moan out his name loudly
He'll honestly having you bitch and moaning each time he has you bent over the counter whenever he's having a heat cycle, the privilege of having you as his own personal toy without needing to do much but loving you and spoiling you is one hell of a plus
"Such a dumb bitch for my cock keep this up and I might take you out to that new show you've been dying to see~" He licks the blood off your shoulder from the bite he made. Sex with him was always this rough but you of course loved every bit of it
That was weeks ago and just like he promised he took you to the exact show you been dying to see, and since it was a masked event he blended in very easily, you've seen what he looked like buy you didn't care you loved your demon boyfriend even if you couldn't necessarily go on 'normal' dates with him. Jack leans down a bit and moves his mask to the side a bit and taped his cheek, you smile happily and kissed him on the cheek.
You loved the little moments like these something so small as a kiss on the cheek warmed Jack's cold heart even if you were some dumb bimbo who was dating a killer at the end of the day you still loved him and he loved you. And that was the only thing he wanted from you really... Well besides some good sex
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duskooky · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
some drawings I made for a reel on Instagram xD
I headcanon Nina being a really chaotic girl who’s not the best at keeping secrets or act mature, but she can be a lot of fun to be around. She’s probably be good friends with Jeff, as my version of her looks up to him but ISN’T a fangirl at all
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worm-tired · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some of them colored <3 also Toby’s here now! I named myself after him (:
In order: Toby, EJ, Jane, another EJ because I love him, and BEN :)
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froggymakinsoup · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i am screaminc
[click 4 better quality]
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bugz-writes-somewhere · 7 months ago
Hi! I saw your Kissing for the first time headcannons post and it got me wondering how it would be like with Tim, Brian, and EJ 👀
Only if your comfortable though!! :
//MY!!! FAVORITES!!! Thank you for the support and tons of memes <3 !! Have a lovely day/night!
Warning(s): None??
Content: Fluff, Brian Thomas, Eyeless Jack, and Tim Wright
Tumblr media
Out of EVERYONE, Tim is the most normal. He is still human just driven as a puppet by some demon in the forest. Tim used to be extremely affectionate as a person but getting into this shit probably drove him away.
The first kiss was definitely angsty. One of two scenarios, after not seeing him for weeks on end or in the middle of an episode where you just so happen to walk in on him.
Trembly hands rake at your face in fear of you walking away from him like everyone else did. His eyes would search so deep to see what you were thinking as your panicked expression matched his. Finally, he just lets go, leaving you there to ponder as to why he seemed so terrified to touch you.
After he finally settles down and explains what is going on is when you lean in to finally gently kiss his cheek. His hands would wrap around yours still trembling, but he takes the chance to close the distance finally himself.
In reality, he is very blunt. You probably already know he had feelings for you or thought of you in some special way. He just doesn't understand your kindness and refused to break it.
Therefore, his reaction would be surprisingly honest/uneventful given the fact he is more joyous than anything that you had tried. It really did leave his head spinning but now he refuses to leave the house without one.
A cunt. There are no other words to describe him. Brian is extremely cocky and has ulterior motives so he uses any form of physical affection against you. Unless he just truly is having a hard day and just wants someone at his side.
The first kiss was probably to shut him up or after a hard day. Brian seems to openly talk about his job under the Operatouo it can go into terrifying detail and kissing him is the only way to get him off course. On top of that, he could just have been a bit too cocky that day so kissing him would just throw him off guard.
He would probably be silent the rest of the day if that were the reason. Attempting to avoid you at all costs as he was too vulnerable at that moment.
Deliberately goes out of his way to piss you off to get you to distance yourself from him. Drags bodies around your home tracks mud into your house, and terrifies you by waking you up with his mask on.
Finally, you'll have to confront him. Feeling a bit paranoid in your own home. Brian, being the ass he is, will at first just blame it on you for catching him off guard. Yet it gives him extra time to think on it, using the kiss against you in so many ways just made his thoughts run back to how he felt about it.
When he finally comes to terms he demands it. It's not a sweet thing or intimacy, he just needs some sort of high before going off on a mission, and getting his head reeling due to a kiss sure does help.
A demon who cannot see and probably truly doesn't care about human interactions. Although I also see him as the most romantic since he has that animal side to him. Courting is very important to the demon, so he is 100% the gentleman out of them all.
The first kiss was probably during a time he was being sweet to you. Trying to keep you in the house [it's his territory and prefers you to be there instead of somewhere else] by cooking meals for you out of ANIMAL meat and veggies. Gives you blankets and finally turns on a movie with his ears plugged to not hurt him.
You will probably thank him as he stares blankly at a wall away from the TV due to sensitivity, giving him a small kiss before attempting to finally return to your bed.
That's when he is wrapped around you like a cat. Extremely possessive and asks you about your every move as he stalks you around your home.
It was probably a bad idea to kiss him so sweetly, as he now growls about it lowly and scratches at his mouth in question. He won't let you leave the house or do anything if he doesn't receive one.
Practically lunges at you if you ignore his questioning. He is more romantic than the others but he does not verbalize anything so it's more of a 'read the room' situation...but solely just reading the large demon hunched in front of you growling and scratching at his mouth in question.
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groovy-goth-gators · 4 days ago
ghost stories!!
Tumblr media
lil commission I did 4 a very nice person today :> feat. ej, toby, and their oc ^-^
my commissions r still open! message me 4 details ;0
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splitt · 8 months ago
can you just write some fucking smut with eyeless jack where he’s just so in love with you and you’re in love with him and it’s so passionate . like omg like body worship and just emotion and all of that shit omg i’m a whore for this help
Eyeless Jack x Reader Nsfw
Tumblr media
A/N: i got your back honey don’t worry 🤤 i hope you enjoy ;)
Warnings: Nsfw. Minor’s please stay away. Daddy kink, deflowering, roughcore, breeding, comfort.
“Jack…” small moan escape from your lips as you nuzzle up underneath him “i love it…” warm breath giggled your neck “…when you say my name like that.” He said before attacking your neck with kisses. You feel him on your breasts, squeezing them just to hear you whimper with pleasure.
How did you end up in this situation? Pinned down on his bed half naked, as his hands slowly slipping down to your panties, rubbing and teasing you playfully. Making you needy for his touch. You love it. His brilliant body being this close to yours, his hands wondering all over your body tenderly, the way he purr your name softly.
Jack is the one you truly love. He got the perfect spirit; he is clever, funny, comforting, charm, confident and always tries to be gentle with you, moreover he is extremely attractive with those six packs and biceps, his pretty face, brown messy hair, perfect shaped hands and fascinating voice.
“You’re wet.” Pulled out his fingers “and we haven’t started yet.” Jack said with a sassy grin. “Ngh…Jack…” you moan as he suck his fingers hungrily. He has nothing on but a boxer, which seems like he wants to get rid of as soon as possible. Your panties ripped off and thrown away quickly, causing fear to fill you all over, then he separate your legs with a gentle behavior. Your heartbeat getting faster.
His tongue stroll through your entrance. Chocolate haired man always wondered how you tested like, now he knows, he finally found his favorite flavor. “you taste so delicious butterfly, I should have eaten you earlier.” He said then continue his work. You grab his fluffy hair, softly pushing him, showing that you want him deeper. He obeyed just to hear your angelic moans.
He had been fantasizing about this forever, waiting for you to get under him, touching your godlike body, he had been waiting patiently to get what he desire. He can finally make you his. Only his. Your moans get louder. He grabbed your shaking legs between your hips, “Jack! Please.” You begged. “Don’t worry butterfly, i will make you finish.” And he did what he promised. Jack toke his place above you. Breathing on your neck, telling that he is not over yet without using any word.
“I can hear your irregular heartbeat…” fingers tangled up to your hair, “it always gets faster when i’m close to you butterfly. you thought i didn’t notice, but i did.” He place a hand on your chest, above your heart. Something inside his boxer pressing against your enterance, rebelling to be set free. “You get excited every time.” you couldn't deny it, he spoke the truth. Whenever he is around you can't speak, tounge tied you just watch his moves, counting the footsteps as if you're undder his spell. whenever he enters the room, space and time lose it's meaning.
You reached to his ice cold hand as he hungrily bites and sucks your neck “Your hands.” Your little whisper echoed in the room. “Hm?” He muttered with a confused face, “your hands, they are always so cold.” Jack paused for a second then intertwined his fingers into yours. "oh," he played with your fingers “i’m always cold butterfly…” leading it down to his boxer “i will warm you.” thoughts fly away from the mouth, you didn’t mean to say it out loud, his smirk causing your cheeks to blush “If you please, I would be more than happy.” Placing your hand above his dick, asking you to play with it.
Jack groaned. Your warm hands wondering around his member, small whimpers and confusion of what to do. He could clearly understand that it’s your first time but he would enjoy more to watch how long you last. Sooner or later you’d be asking for help anyways. “Take them off butterfly.” He ordered. You slowly pulled his boxers down, exposing his huge cock. It was not surprising since Jack is also very tall. You were wondering how it would fit inside, especially when you are a virgin.
Jack’s voice pulled you out of the reverie “I finally got you where i wanted you to be…” unholy confessions echoed in the room, “fuck, butterfly you’re so hot.” Whispered as his cock slowly pressing against you, happily teasing your wet pussy. “Tell me, tell what you want me to do to you.” You placed your hand on his heated cheeks, about to beg for his mercy. “Daddy…” it was enough to make him both excited and kinky “Fuck yes, i’m your daddy.” He grabbed the ond on his cheek and kissed it softly “Daddy… im scared.” you cried when you felt him pressing himself deeper, “No no, there is nothing to be scared of baby, it’s okay, you are safe.” Fingers massaging your palm, relaxing you easily with using words and actions.
“It’s my first time.” You finally admit it. As he thought, it didn’t last long. Jack’s handsome face inches away from you “Trust me.” Lips pressed against yours as he pushed it inside. “Ah!” You cried out, but he didn’t stopped. “Hold on to me.” He said as he start to kissing your neck, you did what’s told. Wrapped your arms around his gorgeous body, waiting for pain to go away and biting his shoulder. Pain slowly fade away pleasure take the control, the mixture of both if your moans engraved in your memory.
“So warm, so wet and tight…” he get off off your neck to see your face. “You… mgh… look at you, so needy to my touch.” Grabbed your wrists with one hand and placed them above your head. “You have no idea how long i had been fantasizing about you,” getting harder and faster with each thrust, “now you’re finally mine… only mine.” Tears run down, not because it was hurting you, no, but you got emotional. “Ah… Jack!” He let go of your hands and started to touching your boobs, making you crazier. “More! Oh Jack please, more.” You begged. How embarrassing it is, that laying under your crush and begging him to give it to you more, letting him deflower you and you’re not even dating. Sure he told you that he had been fantasizing about you and stuff, but that wasn’t an i love you.
“Tell me what you want me to do to you, say how much you want me.” He grabbed your things, holding you still so he could fuck you better. “I want you to get harder, i want you so much! Ah! Jack i want you to fuck me untill- untill-!” Your legs started to shiver and your moans getting louder. That was it, you had your first orgasm. Crying with the joy and pleasure. “I don’t care if your legs are shaking, i’m not done yet.” Jack said aggressively. Again he grabbed your wrists and pinned them sides of your head.
His chocolate brown hair soaked with sweat, swinging to side to side as he rock his member inside of your sweet hole. Moaning and whimpering because you feel so good, your tight insides squeezing him. He was the first one to touch you this way, what else could he ask for? Your virgin body under him, whimpering and asking for more. He is so lucky for this isn’t he, to deflower a goddess like you. He wanted it forever, just to stay like this and pause the time. But he was so god damn close to cum, breed you like a bitch and hopefully impregnate you.
Meanwhile you were staring at him with admire. Couldn’t even believe this is happening. “I’m going to cum inside.” He said and you kept your silence, not knowing what to say. The idea of carrying his babies made you so happy. After few more thrusts he finally released his warm sperm inside.
Jack pulled out and lay right next to you, pulled you closer into a hug, you placed your head on his toned chest and start to listen his heartbeats. Both of you trying to catch your breasts. No sound, no light, nothing to bother you or take him away from you. Only his warm body and cold fingers running up and down on the side of your belly. “Did you like it dear?”he whispered to your ear, warm breathe giggled you.”yes.” It was only a whisper. “You must be exhausted my butterfly…” He kissed your forehead and inhaled you. His mumbles was the last thing you remembered before closing your eyes, your thighs were aching really bad.
Hours of sleeping you opened your eyes. Finding yourself still in this man’s arms, it was early in the morning, the sunlight haven’t showed up yet. Jack was sleeping peacefully, you could hear him breathing. You sit on the edge of the bed, thinking about everything happened last night.
You didn’t know what to feel, he knew that you loved him all along, but what about you? You have no idea if he loves you or not. The things he said echoed in your mind, running around your head and drowning you in thoughts. He doesn’t love you, if he did he would say it. Everything he said was caused by lust.
Ice cold hands wrapped around your belly, hot body pressed against yours. He placed his head between your neck and shoulder, “what’s wrong butterfly? You’re crying.” Then he placed his hands on your waist and smelled your body, which is mixed up with his owns. “Nothing, I should better go.” He freeze, adrenaline rushed his whole body. Jack kept his silence until it hit him, a smile appeared in his face. His hand traveled through your hand, holding it softly and massaging again.
“Stay with me,” he whispered, hot breathe giggled your neck before the kiss he gift “because I love you.”
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somewhat-crazy · 8 months ago
canon: jack had actually said this to a victim more than once
Tumblr media
art + quote credit are to the original creators since i have literally no idea
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morefluid-thanwater · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Daily Doodle 285! Ok I'm getting better at using colors and I'm having fun. This is good. This is great, even! *clenches fist* /lh
Today's menu includes some binary with Connector BEN and Grieves, Jeff (ew), Jeff again, EJ and getting reaaaaal up close and personal with Masky. Just taking a good sniff of you I'm assuming wushdidjdj ok desc over
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latesogs · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Bro only wants kidneys 💀
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