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pretty privilege tips?
Pretty Privilege Tips 101
Acknowledging your pretty privilege is simply not acknowledging it. Your pretty privilege is as natural as breathing.
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Acknowledge pretty privilege is ALL about your appearance. Only your appearance because that’s what people see first. I call it the Cinderella and evil stepsisters factor. I’m excused more often, tipped, receive better treatment, etc. due to my looks.
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Cultivate your pretty privilege efficiently to gain more pretty privileged perks. I could always say “eat healthy & exercise!!” as a blanket statement, but that’s SO easy to say with anonymity and an oxymoron since I have a box of Ritz bits in my lap.
Eat when you can & what you crave in moderation, find a fun exercise regimen and hobby to practice, start enjoying your life.
I found my new method of exercising by gardening since it doesn’t feel like exercise! I dug my first hole in the ground for an apple tree a couple of months ago, and I really enjoyed it, so I dug 3 more.
Appearance-wise, make your own challenges for your face and body such as creating themed shower days such as mango mai tai Mondays, Old Hollywood Wednesdays or New Jeans cookie (I have a speaker for my bath) scrub. For my facial care, I always visualize myself preparing for an event, because I am an event.
You are your own goddess.
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Stop acknowledging opinions about pretty privilege that hold no weight to you. “It’s all about pleasing the patriarchy, you’re only a pretty face, men use you and you don’t even know, once you gain weight you’re just like us,” blah, blah, blah.
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If you’re in denial about your pretty privilege, suck it up. Far too many people waste their time concerned about what they do and don’t have.
Prepare for the benefits and consequences you may face being pretty.
“A man being rich is like a girl being pretty!”
In contrast to the feminine energy posts you may read, you need to man up and put in your dental guard. It is more difficult being pretty privileged if you equate it to being aligned in your femininity.
Find out your tricks and trades. Are you a walking siren? To find out your natural disposition, you don’t need to search too hard. If you’re having trouble, you could be hiding your true beliefs due to the opinions of other people or denying your disposition since an article or test said it’s “uncommon”.
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Your seesaw is on top. In any situation, your benefit is the priority.
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Own your pretty. You can feel yourself resisting what you really want to do because of judgment from society. Let the inner woman out!
Flirting should be casual conversation to you, but with your eyes and less words. Many women think flirting with someone they barely like means they share the same attraction with them when I view it as a king of the hill game. Flirt for sport and with yourself!
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Flaunt your attractiveness. Being an apex predator is leaving out weaknesses and self-doubt. If I know I’m the most attractive person I’ve seen, everyone else knows I need a worthy opponent to challenge me.
You need to be on top of situations to gauge your options. A realistic proportion I have is for every 2 things that go right, 1 thing can be wrong and so on. You shouldn’t overwork yourself to project perfection since it doesn’t exist.
Actually have fun.
Most people know how to look like they’ve had fun instead of having fun. Fun is when you don’t care what anyone thinks at the moment or looking back.
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Peacock. Wear your feathers vividly and without shame. Bitter & jealous people want you to paint your feathers to match theirs. Don’t!
Be Luxury, Live Luxury.
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✨ things that make my life feel expensive ✨
Always being curious to learn and actively pursuing knowledge. This is #1 for me. Constantly be trying to elevate yourself with information. There's no better time than now to be able to learn new things. Psychology, theory, fiction, persuasion, finance, history, emotional growth, nutrition, beauty, time management, philosophy, politics, strategy, classic literature, art, high fashion, hard sciences, technology, investing. There's so many things to learn about. There are a lot of free courses out there as well.
Having manners and etiquette. Smile at people. Be friendly. Be especially kind to people working in the service industry, retail, customer service.
Being well spoken. Limit profanity and slang. Don't gossip or say anything about yourself in a negative light. Think before you speak. It's okay to pause, think, and articulate.
Water, tea, freshly squeezed or cold pressed juices in champagne flutes or wine glasses.
Making fancy cocktails (or mocktails!) and putting them in proper glasses, with stirrers. It helps if you have a bar setup too, I have a cute lil bar cart with all the fixings.
Expensive smelling candles. They don't have to actually be expensive, they just need to look cute and smell good.
Fresh flowers.
Taking bubble baths.
Cooking delicious recipes from scratch, and eating at the dining room table with a full setup. Candles, glassware, cloth napkins, jazz music in the background, the whole nine yards. Ambience is everything.
Drinking tea in the afternoon out of a teapot and teacup.
Natural air fresheners. Essential oil diffusers, incense, reed diffusers. I'm a big fan of fresh eucalyptus bundles in the shower too.
Salt lamps and battery operated candles. I try to live off of low, warm lighting and sunlight as much as I can.
Buying cute crystals and setting up an altar to myself. I have a pretty silk scarf laid out on the end of my vanity, with crystals, sage, written affirmations, etc.
Silk robes.
Big fluffy bathrobes.
Sunlight. Get as much as you can, even in the winter. Go outside in your puffy coat if you have to.
Being in nature, in general. Nature walks are essential.
Listening to jazz & classical music.
Reading. There are a lot of free ebooks online, or you can go to the library too.
Cooking with fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits etc.
Trying new hobbies. Ballet, yoga, Pilates, barre, horseback riding, etc.
Maintaining a clean and beautiful home environment.
Wearing perfumes & perfume oils. Right now I'm obsessed with Oudh, it smells incredible.
Wearing jewelry I love.
Trying new recipes out of fancy cookbooks.
Going to wineries and attending wine tasting events.
Try baking delicious and healthy treats.
Fresh, high quality bedding. Crispy, high thread count white sheets. Feathery pillows. Great quality mattress.
Get up and watch the sun rise, if you can. Sunsets are beautiful too.
Get blackout curtains, especially if you live in a city with light pollution.
Fancy coffee table books.
Fresh bread, either from a local bakery or homemade.
Going to farmers markets.
Going to museums and art galleries.
Having dinner with friends. Either at a nice restaurant or having a dinner party.
Sleeping. Resting. Hibernating. Sitting. Napping. Relaxing. Being Present. Single tasking.
Espresso drinks at home, with a milk frother and espresso machine. The cost of a mid range espresso machine will pay for itself in no time if you drink takeout coffee regularly.
Bluetooth speakers in the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen.
Big, fluffy, white bath towels.
High quality, nontoxic personal care products. This goes for hair products, face products, body care, makeup, even toothpaste. Don't throw everything out, just be conscious of your purchases when you buy new things.
Going on picnics in the park.
Dark chocolate.
Days at the beach.
Beautiful lingerie.
Matcha lattes.
Going to brunch.
Going to the library and bookstores.
Reservations at new and exciting restaurants.
Reusing pretty candle jars as containers.
Reading luxurious magazines and newspapers. Some of my favorite are Vogue, Town & Country, Architectural Digest, Food & Wine, Financial Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, and The Wall Street Journal.
xoxo ♥
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Stussy Fall 2022
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if its not luxury or pink i don’t want it .
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“Health, wealth, beauty, and genius are not created; they are only manifested by the arrangement of your mind-that is, by your concept of yourself, and your concept of yourself is all that you accept and consent to as true.”— Neville Goddard.
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10 Pretty Privilege Affirmations FORCED
My beauty brings men to tears every nanosecond
My desirability increases by 10,000% increments at the universe’s speed
I am a show-stopper at every place I visit every nanosecond
My confidence is increasing in magnetism at the universe’s speed
My pretty privilege makes me money every nanosecond
I am immune to low quality experiences every nanosecond
My walk brings traffic to a standstill
I am so stunning, I naturally have a spotlight every nanosecond
I am immune to time wasters every nanosecond
My pretty privilege is opening every door I desire at the universe’s speed
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Mood of the Board: Life of a Trophy Wife
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✨ Currently Manifesting... ✨
Regular facials, manis, pedis, massages, Brazilian waxes, lash lifts. Glowing skin. Glowy makeup. Fluffy curls. Microshaded brows. Laser hair removal. Veneers. Subtle plastic surgery. Intoxicating perfumes. Shopping. Diamonds. Designer bags. Credit card rewards. International travel. Networking. Career certifications. Investing more. Brunch with the girls. Picnics. Farmers markets. Art galleries. Museums. Fresh flowers. Silk scarves. Big sunglasses. Beautiful lingerie. Silk robes. Receiving lots of gifts. Lots of sunlight. Hot yoga. Incredible sex. Nature hikes. Tennis lessons. Green smoothies. Matcha lattes. Candles that smell expensive. Sleeping 8+ hours a night. Bubble baths. Studying foreign languages. Absorbing as much knowledge as I can. Book clubs. Pottery classes. Jazz & classical music. Cooking with fresh herbs, vegetables, and spices. Champagne. Charcuterie & bruschetta. Gelato. Fresh bread. Ocean air. Hugging my loved ones. Petting dogs. Giving lots of gifts. Journaling. Meditating. Gratitude. Volunteering. Donating to charity. Manners. Etiquette. Charisma. Therapy. Healthy boundaries. Radical personal responsibility. Positivity. Self care. Abundant love.
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Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 Low by Virgil Abloh
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