peashooter85 · 2 days ago
When "Clean Eating" Becomes Unhealthy
from Josh Brett
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snapthistiger · 2 days ago
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exercise 09232022
bike ride to the gym
3 x 10 lat pull
3 x 10 tricep press
3 x 5 dips
30 minutes on the step mill
3 x 10 cable row
3 x 10 cable press
bike ride to visit my Mom, then home
the gym workers received Hershey eggs
top left = nice moth outside the gym
bottom = some of my Mom’s flowers.  i think that plant is a red spider lily
good visit with my Mom.  she was awake and i told her about the election commissioner stuff
hot again today / 95F this afternoon but no rain
i talked to a gas utility technician about a gas leak about half mile from my Mom’s house.  i can smell the natural gas odorant when i drive or ride by that location
grilled ham sandwich and protein shake for lunch
me and Annabelle and Peanut took it easy this afternoon.  too hot to do much outside.
rotisserie chicken and microwave potato planned for supper
hope you have a peaceful afternoon and evening..
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theygender · a month ago
August 11, 2022
I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that 30+ brands of nutrition drinks including but not limited to Ensure, Pediasure, Glucerna, Oatly, and Premier Protein just got recalled for possible contamination with the bacteria that causes botulism, a paralytic toxin with a lethal dose of 1.3 nanograms. If you've purchased one of the affected lot numbers please return it to the store to be properly disposed of as a biohazard but do not accept any compensatory gift cards because that can be counted as a settlement if you need to file a lawsuit for any potential damages caused by this later on. If you have any questions regarding the recall there's a phone number listed in the article above that you can call, but if you believe you may have ingested toxins then please call your local poison control hotline. Stay safe
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ohitsabb3ysfitblr · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Anybody else relate? 😂
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pinkmanthedog · a year ago
Please join my hot new fitness program
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sk-lumen · 2 months ago
The secret to create healthy habits.
Motivation > discipline > consistency > habits. That's the process from start to finish, for changing your life around with healthy choices.
Motivation is only the launchpad to start with, after that you can't rely on it because it comes and goes on a whim! A lot of people make the mistake on relying on it all throughout, and then wonder why they can't stay on track while other people do.
What you need next is discipline: when you commit to something and stick to it even when it's hard, even when you don't feel like it, because that's how you fill the gaps inbetween to create a routine.
And you create a routine by staying consistent. Today, tomorrow, again and again.
When you stay consistent over months, over half a year, it becomes a habit, and when something becomes a habit, it's effortless to keep going because that is now your default setting. It becomes your new normal, the choice that comes easiest to make because you don't even have to make it or think it; you just lean back into it.
Going to the gym regularly becomes like having a meal; if you don't do it, you'll feel restless and off, genuinely craving the movement and the boost of endorphins. When you eat healthy regularly, you feel it right away if you get off track and indulge in too many treats: you'll feel it in your body, in your mental clarity, in your emotional wellbeing and it's so much easier getting back on track because healthy is your new default.
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blackswaneuroparedux · 5 months ago
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शक्तिः दुर्दम्येच्छाशक्त्याः आगच्छति

Strength comes from an indomitable will.
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biiwendy · 7 months ago
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jaubaius · 21 days ago
What the heck did she just do?
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greenstudies · a year ago
Hi! Can you do something for me?
Relax your shoulders. Let them fall down. Now tense them up for a moment really hard. And relax again. Use your hand to massage them gently
Relax your jaw. Open your mouth, stick out your toungue. Let your mouth hang open for a bit. Now puff your cheeks. Relax your jaw again
Relax your neck. Move your head side to side slightly. Stretch your neck muscles a little
Relax your arms. Let them fall by your sides. Wiggle them! Now stretch them a little
Take a deep breath. Hold it for a moment. Breathe out
Straighten your back. Tense it up for a little. Relax
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snapthistiger · a day ago
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exercise 09242022
bike ride to the gym
8 x 10 incline sit ups
3 x 10 lat raise machine
30 minutes on the step mill
3 x 10 pec machine
3 x 10 seated press
bike ride home
the gym workers received mini Reeses
left = pin and keeper i found on the road.
17 year anniversary of Hurricane Rita landfall.  i had 3 huge trees down in the yard and most of my back fence down.  not electricity for 3 weeks.  some of my neighbors had a tree through their house all the way down to the slab.  i was blessed not to have just minor damage.
~95F again today and tomorrow.
me and Annabelle and Peanut taking it easy this afternoon
hope you have a peaceful afternoon and evening..
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daphne-dauphinoise · 5 months ago
 🎀Pink Pilates Princess Workouts 🎀
 Lean & Slim Model Arms
How to get 11 abs like a K-POP Idol
15 min Ab Workout 
Dancer Leg Sculpt
30 min Full Body Barre Definition 
25 Ballet Body Sculpt
No Equipment Real Time Model Workout 
Victoria Secret ‘Train Like an Angel’ 
Full Body Workout for a Model Body 
Victoria’s Secret Model Workout Routine 
25 min Workout with Victoria Secret Model Romee Strijid
Train Like An Angel 2014: Candice Swanepoel Butt Workout
Train Like An Angel 2014: Adriana Lima Core Workout
Train like a Ballerina - Tone and Sculpt 
Ballerina Body Sculpt & Tone
1Hr Train Like a Ballerina Full Body 
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thethirtyproject444 · a month ago
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halfway to friday
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inthedarktrees · 4 months ago
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“Reaching for the sky on tiptoe, the barefoot advocate shows how to keep those curves. Walking is the only exercise Marilyn takes to keep her figure at its present proportions.”
Marilyn Monroe, February 1951
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ohitsabb3ysfitblr · 6 months ago
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glamourbitxh · 7 months ago
Dreams get you started, Discipline keeps you going.
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biiwendy · 4 months ago
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Every day is a good day to WORKOUT 🏋🏻‍♀️
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